These People are Sick! #QAnon Confirms #CoronaVirus as a Chinese Bioweapon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

I am so glad Q dropped these posts.

I was in the middle of writing a big article; something of a deep-dive into a Q-related topic I think many will find fascinating, when Q suddenly dropped these posts. I had to shift gears a little bit when I saw them, because I knew instantly I wanted to cover them.

Why? Because it was getting to the point where I started to feel like Mugatu in Zoolander, screaming about taking crazy pills, because it was like no one was seeing what I was seeing; everyone was (not literally everyone, but so many) in denial.

And then Q, glorious #QAnon comes along, and basically validates everything I had been trying to say for so long.

Let’s get this out of the way from the get-go.

#Coronavirus is a bioweapon designed by the Chinese to kill and cripple our economy, and prevent Trump from getting re-elected.

It is not “just a flu” and is much more virulent and deadly than the average flu – so much so that China has already lost over 20 million of its own citizens to it, and had covered it up, in order to deflect blame from themselves.

MelBuffington over on Gab was particularly outraged, as he recounted the threads he had read about the sudden burst in emissions over China:


Here’s a bigger version of the image IntelWave included in his thread. Keep in mind these numbers are older now:


Snopes would have you believe that Sulfur Dioxide is not a product of burning bodies.

That is patently false:

The process of corpse cremation generates numerous harmful air pollutants [], including particulate matter (PM), SO2, NOx, CO, HCl, HF, NH3, VOCs, heavy metals, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs)

O2 principally originates from the combustion of sulfur in the fuel source. A CO interference experiment was performed prior to the determination of SO2, which was performed at the highest SO2 concentration and highest CO concentration. For flue gas purification systems, the deacidification device with an alkaline solution can neutralize and remove SO2. In this study, the emission concentrations of SO2 from the cremators without flue gas purification devices ranged from 3.8 to 350.2 mg Nm-3, with an average of 65.0 mg Nm-3. This level exceeded the standard limit by 116.7%, and it was also higher than the emission concentration of SO2 from the cremators with flue gas purification devices.

Each body produced 113 grams of SO2 when cremated by itself.

What’s more, is that if they’re burning sterile equipment along with bodies – concentrations of SO2 would be through the roof.

What’s astounding to me is I’ve had people on Gab screeching at me every time I post about the Coronavirus who still just do not get what’s really going on here. They refuse to accept that, basically, something the size of three, almost four holocausts just happened in China, and that after China was done cremating the evidence, they just swept the ashes under the proverbial rug.

This is a serious illness, and the fact that China was willing to sacrifice so many of its own in order to keep America down, and try to oust Trump from power shows just how much is at stake here.

The question was asked on Gab why China would do such a thing to its own people – just to hit us in the process.

In China, life is largely considered disposable by the powers-that-be. This is reflected in everything from their one-child policy, to their food standards, to their rules on the road. And this is a case where being a redpilled Anon actually comes in handy. On any given day, you can find threads on /pol/ showcasing hundreds of videos of road accidents in China. Why?

Because in China, if you injure someone one the road, the law there basically says you’re responsible for their medical care.

What ends up happening, as a result of this, is that instead of being forced to pay for the long-term care of someone else, many accidents are made deliberately worse by one of the involved parties, in an attempt to literally kill the other involved person. Because if the other party is dead, there’s now no bill to pay.

And you can find video after video of this happening, over and over and over in China, where cars will back up over pedestrians, or just keep rolling over victims, and it’s absolutely horrific.

The one child policy has been particularly devastating to the natural balance of the sexes in China, where, at least in 2018 (according to WaPo), the men outnumbered the women by some 70 million.

That’s very bad. You generally want your society to have a 1:1 ratio of men to women, so that everyone at least has the opportunity to be paired up with someone. But what happens when you have 70 million extra young men who literally can’t find anyone?

Well, if you’re the Chinese government, you unleash a plague on planet that, at least according to initial reports, targets men more than women, and ends up culling the herd.

Frankly, I don’t think the Chinese government sees this plague as a loss at all.

But again, I’m so glad Q posted this:

Firstly, here’s a link to the actual text of the research journal article Q linked:

The TLDR is that a bunch of scientists in Hong Kong who were spooked over the Coronavirus way back in 2007.

Meanwhile, a bunch of Chicom scientists based at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were basically splicing Coronavirus from bats with AIDS to create something that could jump the species barrier:

Why would you do this, unless you were creating a bioweapon? The answer is: you wouldn’t. This is insane.

Q goes on in his drop to reference the Pence talk he’s previously posted, so watch that if you haven’t already.


And Harvard remains clearly cemented in my mind as a spook-training-ground, given that Q confirms that this arrest back in January is also related to Covid-19:

Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases

The Department of Justice announced today that the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department and two Chinese nationals have been charged in connection with aiding the People’s Republic of China.

And we already went over the 21 Million potential death toll somewhat earlier, but the Epoch Times really lays out the case here that the number of cell phone cancellations is actually more representative of the true death total in China, since everyone is required to have a cell phone there:

21 Million Fewer Cellphone Users in China May Suggest a High CCP Virus Death Toll

The number of Chinese cellphone users dropped by 21 million in the past three months, Beijing authorities announced on March 19. Deaths due to the CCP virus may have contributed to the high number of account closings. Cellphones are an indispensable part of life in China. “The digitization level is very high in China.

The number of Chinese cellphone users dropped by 21 million in the past three months, Beijing authorities announced on March 19. Deaths due to the CCP virus may have contributed to the high number of account closings.

Cellphones are an indispensable part of life in China.

“The digitization level is very high in China. People can’t survive without a cellphone,” Tang Jingyuan, a U.S.-based China affairs commentator, told The Epoch Times on March 21. “Dealing with the government for pensions and social security, buying train tickets, shopping … no matter what people want to do, they are required to use cellphones.

“The Chinese regime requires all Chinese to use their cellphones to generate a health code. Only with a green health code are Chinese allowed to move in China now. It’s impossible for a person to cancel his cellphone.”

But to be honest, everyone should know by now that the sudden cap in Chinese cases was total BS, because this:

Does not happen in a country like China, when everyone else’s curves are looking like this:


Such a line as presented by the #Chicoms would be indicative of them having a cure, if those numbers were true. All evidence points to the fact that they’re not.

The Chinese are cooking their books in regards to the virus, in order to deflect and distract from the fact that they released it in the first place.

And I’ll add this other important article by The Epoch Times which details more evidence pointing to the fact that, yes, Corona is a deadly bioweapon developed by the Chicoms. Worth the read:

Q then points us to a video of Tommy Big Guns calling out the pork the dems are trying to cram into the stimulus bill.

Tom Fitton on Twitter

WARNING: Leftists using pretext of #CoronavirusOutbreak to push unsecure, “vote by mail” free for all, no voter id anywhere for 2020 elections. #HowtoStealAnElection

My gut is telling me there’s not a snowball’s chance that the Dems give up an ounce of ground here, on the economic front. They want to tank the economy, and they have the numbers to stonewall any kind of bill that would give the American citizen any kind of leg up.

Dems want you beaten and hurting, like livestock on a tax farm.

Sidenote: Fitton and Judicial Watch were recently granted the request to depose Hillary Clinton once again regarding her emails. I pray for their success on this front, but wouldn’t be surprised if HRC suddenly came down with a case of the dreaded ‘Rona.

Q then underscores his point, highlighting this thread from Senator Tom Cotton:

And look, everyone knows this is all to stop Trump. That’s how much of a threat he is to the NWO. And you hate to see it, but I think they’re going to really put our economy through the ringer, still. I know POTUS wants to reopen things, I know he wants to get the economy going again, but let’s look more closely at what these choices entail:

  1. POTUS reopens everything now, and millions end up sick and infected, and possibly dead.
  2. POTUS keeps things closed and the market continues to sink, bringing on another Great Depression.

Pick your poison.

Personally, I’d prefer a Healthy Great Depression over being dead. But maybe you disagree with me here and would choose something else.

Either way, brace yourself for things to get worse before they get better. We’re dealing with a bioweapon which is wrecking our economy right now, and exposing, quite frankly, some very big systemic risks. I’ve been saying it for days over on Gab, but even if we found a total cure for Corona tomorrow, we’re in a position now where things could keep tumbling, economically, for underlying systemic reasons. We’re talking about things like corporate bond defaults, big businesses being downgraded, bankruptcies, and more. None of that has happened yet, which means… it’s probably still to come.


This post is self explanatory. It’s just a specific example of how Dems are trying to leave the door open to voter fraud in 2020, by shoehorning it in to the stimulus bill.

POTUS said today during his Fox News townhall that there was no way he would ever pass such a bill.

Talk about a poison pill.

It’s nice to see it getting more traction:

FARRELL: Spygate Could Make Watergate Look Like A Third-Rate Burglary

The Spygate scandal is shaping up to be the most significant political abuse of government power in history. And it may be even larger than people expect. The investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the FBI’s Russian collusion investigation – or as President Trump prefers to call it, the witch hunt – continues to expand.

Earlier last week Sharyl Attkisson reported that, based on her sources in the intelligence and law enforcement communities, the authorizations to spy on Trump functionaries such as Carter Page or former campaign manager Paul Manafort were actually pretexts for a much more expansive web of surveillance that could include anyone in contact with Page, or even anyone twice removed from the ostensible target. Hence, thousands of people could have been unknowingly caught up in the Spygate web and are still unaware that their privacy had been violated under the severely compromised FISA process.

This ties into the whirlwind of “unmaskings” during the 2016-17 transition period. Names of people inadvertently caught up in this expansive web, which ordinarily would be classified and their privacy interests protected, were revealed and information sent to Democratic allies in Capitol Hill for “safe keeping.” Judicial Watch has chronicled how Obama’s United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Adviser Susan Rice, among others, colluded in this effort to bolster the “insurance policy” to hobble the Trump presidency.

Hopefully the Durham investigation will reveal the true extent of the spying operation, and how many innocent Americans had their rights violated and their privacy compromised. Another important question yet to be resolved is when Spygate started. For example, George Papadopoulos was being targeted by foreign intelligence services like Australia, perhaps at Brennan’s behest, months before Donald Trump was the Republican nominee. This raises the question, were members of other then-still active Republican campaigns being targeted in this time frame as well? Was this part of a general push to begin weaving the Russian collusion story against any potential GOP 2016 nominee, and not just Trump? If the answer to that question is yes, then it will be clear that the entire enterprise was not an intelligence operation at all but a criminal political conspiracy of unprecedented scope and impact. It would indeed make Watergate look like a third-rate burglary.

But I do like the throwback to old Q-lingo.

Note: “the key” and “The ‘Start.'” It might help to read these in backwards order, but basically, Q is alluding to the fact that we now have enough people to support POTUS once he declassifies the FISA warrant against him, since, again recall: FISA = the ‘Start,’ as per a number of Qdrops, not listed with the ones below. (You guys know how to use the aggregators by this point in time. I trust you’re capable enough to go review those drops on your own, should you have the desire).

Q is once again holding the threat of declassification above the heads of the Cabal. But he’s going to do it on his timetable, not theirs, and certainly not ours.

Which brings me to my last point.

I can’t tell you how many times over the past few weeks I’ve had people asking me to basically validate their idea that this time we’re in now is “the Storm.”

Hey Neon, do you think the Storm is Upon us?
Hey Neon, are we in the Storm now?
Hey Neon, don’t you think the same thing I think?
Hey Neon, why aren’t you validating my viewpoint?
Hey Neon, why are you such a big fat JERK?

I talked a bit on Gab the other day how I’m seeing, more and more, as people sit in quarantine and watch the economy crumble, how this simply must be the Storm we’ve all been waiting for, because basically, they can’t imagine things getting worse than this, and they’re starting to panic.

Personally, I think things can get much, much worse. It’s why we’re armed and prepared with MRE’s here – just in case.

But in short, no, I don’t think this is the advent of the storm.

Why do I not think this?

Well, mostly because at this point, I think the proverbial storm kicks off in October of this year. At least, that’s what I’m looking for.

Let me lay out the case for you:

You’ll recall that recently, Q had a post with a very specific name and date in the attached image:

GA 2.21.jpg

I was hopeful at the time he dropped this that the filename meant that the Great Awakening would kick off on February 21st, 2020.

That didn’t happen. So what is the obvious alternative interpretation?

February, 2021.

What comes after February?

March. And naturally that will make many Q people think of “March Madness” because Q has posted that marker for years now. But Q raised a very specific point in relation to March Madness last year, and it was that March Madness is specifically about filling brackets in:

AKA, filling in the Killboxes.

That hasn’t happened yet. Not last year, not this year, not 2018… We’re still waiting on it.

My guess? The Killboxes, the brackets finally get filled in post-Great Awakening.

So let’s just, for sake of argument, put a pin in that idea and move with that as a launching pad.

If this theory is true, that means a majority of the American Citizenry will be “awake” at that time. And in order for them to awaken, the Storm has to rouse them first.

How many months do you think that will take?

4? 5? 6? It takes time to educate the citizenry and reach a mass of people.

Count back with me, then:

January 2021
December 2020
November 2020
October 2020

I really think the minimum is going to be four months for the kind of mental barrage that will need to take place beforehand.

Is there anything in the Q drops that seemingly indicates an October kick-off?

Well, yes. Quite a few things, actually.

One I noticed was the potential timing of General Flynn’s case, with Qdrops 1280 and 1281 both saying “Done in 30.”

Obviously, that didn’t mean 30 days. As much as we had hoped at the time… this wasn’t to happen in 30 days.

But reconsider it from a 30 month standpoint…

Starting in April 2018, and moving forward 30 months… That puts us squarely in October, 2020.

Right as we’re all getting ready to vote in the next Presidential election.

Boy, the Dems would sure hate to lose that Flynn (and company) talking point right in the middle of an election, right? Think about the implications: Flynn being acquitted on all charges right before November, and now Trump can go on TV and Town Halls and talk about how the government BIDEN was a part of set up Flynn and so many others in the Trump campaign with illegal FISA spying, and then tried to hire Mueller to entrap them all.

Imagine a stuttering, sputtering Biden trying to counter that on live TV. The psychological effect would be devastating, and just completely burned in, in people’s minds.

Yes, folks, the implication of this all is that Trump is dragging ALL OF THIS into the Election. Forget thinking the Storm had to be before or after. He’s INTENTIONALLY stirring it up for November, at a time when everyone is America is politically engaged on some level, when everyone is talking politics, all the time.

When the implications of everything would be impossible to escape or deny.

POTUS is going to make the Cabal implode on live TV, folks.

When I first fielded this theory on Gab, I was surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) that @MelBuffington had made some similar observations of his own. So full credit to him on these points. They also point to a kickoff in October:

Take, for instance, Qdrop 520, where it’s said perhaps most blatantly:

NOTHING is a coincidence.
The MAP is the KEY.
PLANNED for [3] years.

PLANNED for [3] years.

At the time, I just assumed this meant that the QTeam had been planning this whole operation for 3 years prior…

But what if Q was telling us that the entire Operation would take 3 years?

Recall for a moment, the start date of all this; the very first day Q posted:

October 28th, 2017.

Three years from that date gives us October 27th, 2020 (if you take away a day for the leap year).

What if that was what Q meant this whole time?

Now take this example. Here, Mel speculates that 1A-23x means:

1st Anniversary (minus) 23 days.

First Anniversary of what?

What about POTUS’ election?

That would give us a specific date: October 14th. Basically, the middle of October.

Q would later confirm that the – in the stringer isn’t a dash, but a minus sign:

And then you also have to remember other preconditions Q has hinted at in the past, such as takeover of social media platforms.

Personally, I think this will happen after the election, after the government can accuse them all of blatant election interference, thus giving Q Patriots true freedom to run amok:

So no, friends, I don’t think the Storm is kicking off just quite yet. I think Corona and everything is accounted for in “The Plan” – as much as it may pain some to hear it.

But in case I’m just spiraling into the depths of autism here, here’s an alternative take that puts some of this stuff as happening in April:

Ultimately, we’ll see.

But I doubt we know for sure until POTUS himself finally tweets out:

Hey guys, just wanted to do something a bit different here at the end of the article.

I am always surprised by the amount of comments asking where I went on Twitter, and how people can connect with me, because I’ve said for ages I can be found on Gab. Twitter has banned me twice now, both times providing no reason for the ban, and both times refusing to respond to inquiries about how to reactivate my account. In general, my content has been too dangerous and too effective for the Cabal to tolerate, so on Cabal-controlled platforms, my accounts get nuked pretty quickly.

So I set out a long time ago to build on Gab – a free-speech based alternative to Twitter owned by MAGA-supporting Conservatives. After initially being banned from both Facebook and Twitter in late 2017/early 2018, I migrated to Gab, and within about 10 months, Gab was targeted by the Cabal – much in the same way 8chan was targeted – for deplatforming.

The goal of the Cabal at that time was to shut me up. I was building the QAnon community there, and it was thriving, and the Cabal couldn’t allow that, so they threw everything they had at Gab, leveraging what I felt was an MK asset to attack the Tree of Life Synagogue, giving Gab’s service providers the cover they needed to take the whole site back online.

Gab persisted despite the deplatforming and came back online relatively quickly. They have since become one of the most robust, independently-owned social media companies around, owning their own hardware, their own ISP, and innovating along the way. The past year has seen the rollout of a brand new, open-source codebase, an encrypted chat system, and a user-driven alternative to Drudge called Gab Trends.

In short, they’ve built an entire Free Speech ecosystem, and have much more on the horizon. The biggest upgrades to come will be upgrading their Gab social infrastructure with a newer, more scalable, more efficient code on the backend (which will make the site snappier, more cost effective, and easier to integrate with the rest of their ecosystem), a big visual/user interface upgrade set to be rolled out some time in the Spring, and a new Youtube competitor called Gab TV, set to be rolled out in Q3/Q4. The team has shown themselves to be remarkably persistent, innovative, and agile at a time when the market has never been more hostile to what they’re trying to accomplish.

And again, all of this is based on the principles of Free Speech, so you will not be censored or have your ability to speak freely taken away from you on Gab.

This is why I moved my Neon Revolt operations there back in 2017, and this is why the broader Q-community has thrived there, during this time.

But, I also have some other places you can find me, such as Youtube, Bitchute, and Twitch. This page will tell you all you need to know to connect with me online:

Also, I got a FANTASTIC review on Amazon, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Thank you so much Rajgopal for sharing your thoughts on the book with me, and I’m so glad you found it worthwhile!

And thank you to @Texian45 for sharing with me the impact #RevolutionQ had on your dad’s life, helping him prepare for the very real crisis in which we find ourselves now!

If you want to pick up a copy of Revolution Q for yourself, it’s available both in a physical edition and Kindle edition over on Amazon! Just click the link below:

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  1. I was just reviewing your Palladium series in regards to a current dig on Albert Pike. Was thinking of you and BAM, new article.

    You have been a great resource and a steady voice in the wind of turbulent times. Your insight has been valuable.

    Just an FYI but prayers from you and all of your followers for my father. He was stricken with the Coronavirus and is currently being treated with the Hydroxychloroquine meds and seems to be improving. He has underlying issues an nearly 80 so he’s got a big hill to climb. My hope is for him to be around to see the other side of the storm and all the things I told him about July 2018 when I first introduced him to Qanon.

    Thanks for all your hardwork Neon.

    God Bless!

    • when darkness is here will the piblic know ahead of time, oir jus us Q followers? couldnt really find anything on it…

    • All the best to your dad. Everything I am reading about this treatment is very promising. Dr. Grace from Lenox Hill Hospital in NY has stated that since they started using Hydroxychloroquine on the most severe cases, that they have had no more fatalities and he is getting similar reports from Doctors around the world that he is in communication with.

  2. Sorry bud, You’ve got it all wrong. Find another excuse for them gases in China. The covid virus is fake. Only the deep staters, Hollywood ,Congress Satanics taking Andrenochrome that was tainted with covid 19. Are getting it and or dying from it. U of All people I know, Knows better. Ur going along with the narative. Like Trump has too. U know trump has war time powers from when bush went to war with Iraq. With trump having those powers. He don’t need congress or the dems to get that Money to the people or businesses. Come on now. I thought u were a truther..?? LOL You should be ashamed of yourself calling yourself a Q man. I used to follow you everyday when it all started. U were the only one too trust. But I see why I left you. U went south. Being paid to go along. Even u said it’s your belief in that story u made up. No one. I mean no one is saying anything like what u are. LOL Even my research don’t come up with that far fetched story. War Powers alone proves your wrong. No need for me to say anymore. You’ve been busted. Your lying. War time powrrs Q told us about proves your wrong. I’m done. And stopping your Notifications. I’m just glad I haven’t refered u to anyone lately. Good luck with your bs. It’s why no one believes you. U said it yourself. No one will believe what you’ve come up with. lol it’s because they know ur full of crap. Bye. Traitor.

      • Hey Moor, i wrote this to Neon Revolt, but it never gets posted. Maybe I can backdoor it on your comment.


        After the election the Cabal’s primary objective with regard to the Alternative News was to;
        -Discredit the Alternative News
        -Disrupt and Divide the Truther Community
        -Seize the Narrative
        ‘Patriots Fight’ Qanon (5/18) did all three.

        Q is the worst thing that has ever happened to the Alternative News and Truther Community.
        -The Cabal is PROMOTING Q. And you are watching it happen. Please wake up.
        -Q is promoting the Cabal’s NWO agenda for Iran and 9/11 coverup. Please wake up.

        The Cabal just banned 2 of the biggest channels in the Alternative News; David Seaman, the loudest voice screaming about Pzzagate and connecting the Clintons, Podstas, the DNC, and half of DC to human trafficking, and Alex Jones, the loudest voice yelling for Trump. And their libraries are wiped from YT. And Jones’ library was DECADES of dirt on the Cabal, Deep State, Big Pharma, Government Coverups and Conspiracies. Its all gone. CTs know we lost HUGE.

        And the newbies have no clue what’s happening here. They think they’re “Red Pilled” because they follow Q which is like the Walmart of conspiracy information, that they pilfer from the CT Community anyway, only the newbies don’t know it.

        Because no one working with Trump, or for MAGA would ever, EVER discredit pro-Trump journalists! WAKE UP!

        And yes, the Cabal is promoting Q and you’re watching it happen. So either you aren’t paying attention, or you don’t comprehend what you’re being shown.

        Because the Cabal promoted QAnon into a global ‘phenomenon’ with a full MEDIA-WIDE rollout, starring the most beloved American actor Tom Hanks, and beloved director Steven Spielberg.

        And featuring crazy scary looking Issac Kappey, and angelic Sarah Ashkraft (yes her name’s an anagram, duh) and a prime-slot row of Q ‘authorities’ on Comedy Central looking pitifully ridiculous.

        The Cabal is using the Q LARP to fulfill it’s 3 urgent needs:
        -Repeat to the public that “Pizzagate is a debunked conspiracy theory”
        -Make Trump supporters look ridiculous
        -Show Conspiracy Theorists as dangerous to public welfare.
        Which is especially insidious because CTs never believed QAnon!

        If Q were an actual White House insider leaking secret information, then Q would be a threat to the Cabal and you would never hear a word about Q in the MSM (think Chemtrails and 9/11 Dustification). The Cabal has Q in full-media exposure.

        Ask yourself: Who benefits when QAnon tells millions of people that a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11? Certainly not those of us who have worked for years to get the Truth about 9/11 out. Who benefits, you?

        Oh and newbies, for those who didn’t know, when Q first started they were not anonymous. Here is Jordan Sather introducing “Q” (James Brower) in a coordinated rollout with Tracy Beanz .

        ”Did a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11”?
        “Yes.” -Q


        • Thanks for giving the heads up about this website. I’m a newbie reading up on all the Q stuff, and it’s not adding up. It’s more of a patriot fantasy cult. I voted for Trump and after the SOTU address, I thought he was the greatest president ever. Not so much anymore. Everybody is up in arms about the US enduring a 3 year on-going coup, Hillary and Obama high treason, and now the coronavirus. I’m thinking that Trump is no better than the rest. What good is a great economy, when the country is on a dead course straight for socialism and its already about 30% implemented. Don’t get me started on his coronavirus socialist spending spree. Where are the promised arrests? Where is the so-called swamp draining? Why are Chinese stealing technology in our universities right now? I’m not believing Q anymore, and I’m disappointed deeply in Republicans. The Dems are out in force, marching, showing up at ballot sites heckling, showing up in the streets. But WHERE are Republicans showing up to face them down and speaking out LOUDLY to give them a scare? Republicans, evidently, like to be comfortable, so they spend endless hours at the computer sending replies and bitching and moaning. Oh, and they love the comfort and fun of a Trump rally. That’s the easy mickey-mouse stuff that sure isn’t going to begin turning this country around. The only thing Washington understands is LARGE numbers of people protesting. Like millions all over the country. Numbers scare them. People coming out into the streets demonstrates we are wide awake and have had ENOUGH. We need to be marching in large numbers and a bit rowdy. I’m really appalled at all the ballots across the country in states to take away 2nd amendments rights, but I’ve only heard of angry citizens showing up in Virginia, and even that was limited. I voted for Trump to begin putting people in jail for treason, getting the Marxist indoctrination out of our schools and universities, and especially putting Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schiff and the rest in prison for life. Yet absolutely nothing has been done. NADA. Furthermore, I am having to spend DAYS putting safeguards in my computer to stop being raped for my personal data from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, and 100s of others. And I still want the 40M illegals who are in the country removed. Oh, and I just read 3.4M came into the United States as coronavirus ramped up because Trump was too chicken to close the border and send the national guard down for all the points in between. I can’t even believe the size of the national deficit now – 6T? All of you are sleeping if you think that alone won’t bring the country down within 30 years. So I think Q is just all talk and pure campaigning by Trump. He’s had 4 years, and the MSM is still saying the same crap, and the whole rotten infrastructure is still in place with NOT ONE person from the coup in front of a military tribunal. Hell, Trump even screwed up Epstein, the guy with literally the who’s-who book on New World Order sickos. Epstein is evidently in a foreign country getting extensive cosmetic surgery. I believe Q only when I see it, and I see NOTHING. I can’t believe y’all are still so enthusiastic. Never listen to what someone says, WATCH WHAT THEY DO. Trump and Q have done nothing. But the onus isn’t on them. It’s on us. The lazy, apathetic Americans we’ve become, fat and happy without a care in the world. This WHOLE mess is squarely on our shoulders – we all sat and watched the insanity come down every year for the last 30 years. Shame on all of us if we don’t get out of our chairs, get on to the streets and start demanding change.

        • Interestingly too…
          ‘Q’ also stated that the moon landings were real; However, there are different ways to explain this of course…for example:

          A: Moon landings were real (but the rocket technology wasn’t – meaning the astronauts were ‘assisted’ by other means of transport)
          B: Moon landings were real (but everything the ‘public’ were shown and believed to be true was just a cover – Essentially there were covert landings underway – secret technologies)

          Essentially my point is, is that, ‘Q’ is known for using ‘code wording’, which means that ‘Q’ could be using code for the statement in regards to the moon landings…:/

          And the Pentagon ‘plane’ theory again could be code; the anon comment was – ”Did a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11”?, Q replied – “Yes.” -Q…
          Again, the wording ‘plane’ can be interpreted to mean ‘aircraft’ or something that is aircraft like…a missile!

          Q is very cryptic, so it’s safe to assume that other meanings are in play – remember ‘double meanings’ – Isn’t there many missiles that are ‘aircraft’ or ‘plane’ like in appearance…?
          (Forgive me, i forget the terminology or names of those particular weapons).

          My point is, without truly knowing (viewing) the ‘real’ truth behind these events, it is near impossible to say what is the truth, we only speculate at best. And remember, just because this ‘Q’ (nobody knows who or ‘what’ Q actually is) makes certain posts with comments that for the most part require extensive ‘decoding’??? – You also have to remember that all information is compartmentalized…it is highly probable that this ‘Q’ has very little knowledge as to the real information.

          It is believed throughout the ‘Q’ community that ‘they’ are part of Trumps’ administration; well however ‘true’ that may be, it does not provide any evidence that this ‘Q’ knows the full truth!.

          For me personally, i just play the waiting game; obviously i view/research all the information i can in terms of ‘finding the truth’ but, it is impossible for any of us to confirm anything that either ‘Q’ posts or for that matter…the entire ‘truther’ community.

          As ‘Q’ demonstrates continuously – ‘THINK FOR YOURSELVES’
          That statement has more truth than anything else!

        • I see “StangSally” is here, taking a break from pasting this same wild fantasy on Amazon book reviews that deal with Q.

          You offer no proof of these wild claims. You’re behaving like some cretinous neon-haired college femleft whose best retort when asked for proof is “educate yourself!”

          While documentation (as Bill Cooper urged) may be hard to come by… evidence is another matter.

          The “Q is a larp” crowd have never offered any convincing evidence.

          Try again.

          P.S. The Q team already outed AJ as a fraud. Years ago, 2008-2010, I gave AJ a long look. His information was sound. BUT… what I noticed was that he sold the sizzle, but didn’t give the steak.

    • You are both right. It is deadly…..with the addition of 60GHz RF from 5G. If the launch is prevented, most people will be fine. This tech was used in China, Italy and on cruise ships, where the worst problems took place.

    • Have you read the scientific papers on this virus.China neglected to tell anyone. Its a bio lab weapon. Bat viruses pass to a mammal then humans.This virus is made for humans. Its dangerous for asthmatic kids, can leave young people with pulmonary scares that shorten their lives. Every person of every age with a condition or immune issue is in danger. 21 million phones are cut. Wuhan and another city hid hard by the virus have shown through satellite breakdowns of the chemicals that have been spewing out SO2 and other biological organic burnt matter which points to bodies being burned as the crematoriums could not handle the deaths. this has been occurring on the outskirts of these cities. the numbers we are seeing around the world contest China’s numbers. US is now passed China’s numbers if they are to be believed. If you research through papers a name keeps coming up. A world expert on bats who studied in Australia and Singapore both countries having high bat populations and respective university courses on bats. This expert did the first immune studies on bats and the pathogens they carry. The respiratory aspect of the virus is a feature that hits humans, in cities with pollution and no fresh air. Even if your fit and run in smoggy cities, your lungs can be damaged and makes you a susceptible host.
      Australia had a Hendra virus from bats to horses and passed to humans. Quick containment action and banning horse movements across southern borders. Quarantine of farms and people with extensive testing by doctors and vets. Hazmat cleaning of farms and laws and regulations carried out by the horse industry quickly contained it. With 7 people catching the virus and 4 deaths.
      China CCP’s lack of action and no warnings to other countries spread it.
      CCP Chinese came through Australia like locusts and traveled across rural Australia buying up masks, sanitary dispensers, gloves and other items. This left Australia short on these items.
      Our last mask manufacturing company has our defence forces helping to expand the company and production with training for locals.
      All countries especially countries like the US with resources should be doing their own manufacturing. If this pandemic teaches us anything, we should manufacture in our own countries.
      And not use communist countries that have serious human rights abuses and violently kills its own dispoable population. Example: organ harvesting religious prisoners and Falun Gong prisoners, on call, on an industrial scale, with NO anesthetic, just paralysed. Imprisoning and concentration camps for the countries like Tibet, where they destroy culture and religion and treat the countries China has over ran as second class citizens. They are expected to loose their native language and speak Mandarin.
      China’s CCP military actions, building military bases throughout the South Seas and claiming them as their own. Has threatened the heaviest shipping lanes in international waters they claim as their own.
      China has two economic systems, the yuan and USD it uses for international investment. Its attacks on Hong Kong a major international Financial investment centre, was to move Hong Kong banking into mainland China and use its falsely backed Yuan converted to USD and try and save its collapse. Economist experts on China have been expecting China to crash due to the fake Yuan. The economic tide of China has been mismanaged and they could save themselves by manipulating Hong Kong Banks. This is a nightmare country to be doing business with and whoever set up the game wanted to crash the world at will.
      Q says they have the gold. Which refers to an elusive gold bullion that is for the people and ranges in amounts beyond trillions that could eradicate poverty throughout the world.
      China has bought huge amounts of gold, but not even that economists say will save the economic mismanagement of China.

  3. really well put together as usually, this is where you shine above everyone, especially when you have space and time without interruptions to get to the point and highlight what needs to be put in the spot light.
    i am learning from how you present as well as incorporating my own style whilst i learn.
    Thank you for being patient with plebs like me,

  4. Hey Neon,

    I know this is off topic but I’ve been scouring your site lately for your mentions of Israel, etc. I have to thank you for being one of the only Q researchers who actually talks about the thing we’re not supposed to talk about. The thing Q is “saving for last.”

    I’ve been on board with Q for the better part of 2 years but the complete avoidance of the JQ is something that has not been sitting well with me as of late. Q will expose the Rothschilds and Soros, the Jesuits, Muslim Brotherhood, will even mention Mossad every once in a while. So why avoid the human rights abuses of Israel, the spying on our White House, the sale of our tech secrets to China, the Noahide laws, etc?

    Q wants us to question everything and do our own research. Those of us who DO wind up doing our own research on the unspeakable topic can’t help but begin to wonder how such a critical piece of the globalist puzzle has been glossed over.

    Do you think it’s because any slight criticism of “our greatest ally” would wind up alienating the majority of boomers, or could it be something more sinister?

    I’m asking this in earnest, because you’ve proven yourself to be a free thinker and I value your opinion. Would also love to hear your take on the recent Israeli-Palestinian “peace” deal… my hope is that Trump knows the Palestinian people will never accept such a one-sided insult so he went along with it to appease Netanyahu. I don’t know though, Occam’s Razor would say otherwise.

    Then you have the anti-free speech laws targeting the BDS movement, offering special protections against anti-semitism, with not a word about the Arab Christians being displaced and attacked in their homeland. Not to mention the inaction on the tech censorship issue that the ADL and the SPLC are continually pushing. Am I missing some sort of 4D chess move here that others are privy to, or am I touching on legitimate concerns? Any time I bring these up to other Q followers, they’re summarily dismissed and I’m told to trust the plan.

    The thing is, the only entity I put blind faith and trust in is Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Christian Zionists have been completely brainwashed and you’d think that Q would want to de-program millions of Christians. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it needs to be done. The false “god” of the Talmud is NOT the true God of the New Testament.

    This is not to diminish all of the invaluable information that Q has dropped on the other bad actors involved. Rather, I’m trying to reconcile the lack of information provided about (arguably) the most influential faction involved in this sick plan to destroy us. Israel is allowing pedophiles to return to their country to escape justice in their respective countries. The Talmud allows for the rape of children, as long as they are below a certain age. Soros, Rothschild, Epstein, Weinstein, Wexner, Redstone, Spielberg, Steyer, Bronfman, Feinstein, Schumer, and the list goes on…What do they all have in common? Who runs Hollywood? Who runs the MSM? Who runs Congress?

    My apologies for the length of this comment. You’re just the ONLY Q researcher that I believe has seriously given thought to these topics, and the only one I trust to provide an adequate explanation.

    God Bless, Neon.

    • I liked your write-up/article. I seem to recall the POTUS mentioning one time that he was saving Israel for ‘last’. I never understood if it was a positive or a negative response to the person who asked the question. It didn’t make much sense to me at the time because he had Jewish members in his current family. Still doesn’t make sense. Curious.

  5. Typo? I think your quote from PubMedCentral that currently reads “O2 principally originates” should actually read “SO2 principally originates”

    Thanks for your hard work on this article.

    • Me too. Thank you Neon. Your work has been very important to me and my family. We appreciate the thought, hard work, and research you put into your writing. God bless you!

  6. All very plausible except the numbers. To get to 20,000,000 you have to burn 14,000 bodies about 1,500 times. I’m convinced the Chinese numbers are much higher by tens of thousands, but not tens of millions.

    • Ex NSA asset Jim Stone @ makes your presumed lower number of deaths in China rather ‘comical’ if u have been following him @ all over the last few months mgh imo

      Ps Jim used used satellite imagery, crematoriums capacity, pollution statistics, cellphone statistics, Chinese known electrical outputs, Falun Gong reports, etcetera to buttress his long standing opinion that millions died during& still ongoing coronavirus pandemic there (& Neon just took things much further in his excellent report above ‘proving’ Jim’s original assessments imo)

    • how do I find and receive info from Neon? I am brain damage and pretty slow on pc.
      I don’t even remember how I got here….HELP

  7. Agree with most of this, but don’t think this round with corona will be the new black death the media clearly wants to push at us. For starters, I think this was part screw up and part practice run. All the data is trash at this point, just about. China wasn’t trying to even treat their local victims, and the local government took the opportunity to purge dissidents no doubt. Corona is a nasty lab virus, no doubt, but the kill rate is still pretty low.

    China has hinted there may be a Corona 2 outbreak, and this is where I expect them to really go all out in killing people. I think this one is about testing how contagious it is and getting some live data on that.

  8. Hello Neon,

    While I hope you are wrong on the timeline, just because I want it all to be revealed, I have been folloing you long enough to know you probably right, as usual. 🙂

    Do you have any thoughts on Canada and our PM? For certain he is in knee deep or higher with the cabal. Yesterday he tried a power grab that would have given his party dictatorial powers. Thank God some honest journalist alerted CNDNS. My hope is that, no matter how bad they may be, Trump will not allow any takeover of his neighbour that could endanger Americans. You all might need to invade us!

  9. Neon , I always look at your Gab I don’t have to log in to see it. Am not able to see Great Awakening.

    I found this link this link in comments after A Drudge title over two weeks ago.
    this writer says
    “The Wuhan coronavirus was Made in Japan, and for all the wrong reasons abetted in the USA. The Chinese people have suffered far beyond any lame rationale from brutal Japanese aggression.”

    last paragraph first sentence part 4 of 12 . I think this is worth a look ,Please

    ….the U.S.A. slur speaks to university sponsored research connection

  10. So bored by nonsense. Isn’t it funny how there’s suddenly a virus floating around (everywhere!!!) whose symptoms mimic those of 5G exposure: shortness of breath, chest pain, cardiac pain, death? Hmm. Oh, well. Probably just a coincidence. P.S. Thanks for hyping the “virus” worldwide 24/7 Rothschild Controlled Media. That way we know it’s definitely real!

  11. I purchased 2 of your books in the 1st offering and gave one to a friend. I was so glad when you got it on Amazon because I have recommended your book to many, and know several that have gotten it as a history book. Thank you for all you do! Blessings to you!!!

  12. Hello Neon.
    I’m hoping against hope that you are wrong about the timeline. Unfortunately, you tend to be right most of the time. (Sigh!)
    At least the Hydroxy Chloroquine will put the kibosh on Fauci and Birx vaccine plans, for now.

  13. Neon, made the jump to lurking on gab to keep up with you. Glad to see another long article from you. I would like to see your opinion of the BDAnon info, too. Thoughts?
    Also, thank you for the hygiene guidelines. They are a step above what I use in mitigation work, but make complete sense. It actually adds to safety in the field w/o the current bug. Working to make it SOP.

  14. Great re-cap of the info known to date about the Chinese virus and its spread around the world. If they thought to retaliate against the US and its new trade policy with the Trump admin they miscalculated badly as skeptical countries involved with the CCP and its belt and Road program has caused some really sour afterthoughts.

    Take Italy: Hard hit by the virus the Italian population has soured on the ever increasing invasion by Chinese citizens into Italy after the Mayer/governor signed up to their building this and that not hiring Italian workers but rather importing Chinese citizens while many more are arriving illegally. The number is around 400,000 Chinese and having taken over most of northern Italy. The citizens there are restless if not outright hostile as the cases of deaths and sick rising by the day.

    I think the president is well informed about the Chinese virus and I can’t but think that some powerful politicians had a hand in the release of this virus especially after the impeachment attempt failed. Remember how they timed the impeachment. Soon after that comes the weaponized virus release timed with their plan to implode the economy hoping to implode the re-election of the president. We have Feinstein’s, Biden’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi’s and Romney deeply involved with and in China.

    Then there is the mention by the president about 3 days ago about a daring military raid in Honduras involving the Army Chief of Staff/General himself freeing and extracting a ‘woman’ that was in his words terribly abused. Do you have any idea what that was all about?

    I ordered and received your book and reading it daily. So far its is very detailed with tons of info that is indisputable well explained. I learned that I need to pay more attention to the details as I realize having missed some details from the Q drops.

  15. (This is related.) Does anyone have a link to where I can find the current version of the coronavirus stimulus bill to show people what Pelosi and Schumer, etc., have stuck in it? I need something from an official, genuine website, not the screencaptures, which I’ve seen. Thank you in advance!

  16. Hey Neon,
    Thanks for the new article, I was jonesing for one
    Great info as always.
    I wonder if you have done any research on the meaning behind the red-scarf suicides and the links to the truly bizarre celeb videos from hollypedo weirdos.
    Have a blessed Lent!

  17. That was my first thought about this virus. The timing. It was too obvious. Right after POTUS and China sign first phase of a deal. Impeachment failed miserably. Muellerfailed miserably. Everything they tried failed. Giving up has never been an option. By any means necessary means just that. By any means necessary.

  18. Your book has just arrived from the States. Looking forward to reading it. We’re in lock down here on the south coast of England.

  19. Thank you!! I’ve been asking about the Harvard professor for weeks! No one seemed to connect him and Wuhan even though the DOJ report states it clearly

  20. Neon, Your analysis is certainly plausible, but can the patriots wait that long and risk the cabal coming up with something off script that results in dumb luck success? Personally, I think it is going down now because Trump needs to be re-elected in order for any of the rest of it to pan out. As you point out, it will take six months or so for everyone to be awake and on board with what’s happening so if it’s April that puts the assent to the truth into October.

    Your book was fantastic, by the way. I devoured it in 5 days.

    Watch your six as the deep state plays for keeps. If they want you shut down, there are other more permanent ways than kicking you off platforms, if you catch my drift. Stay safe and keep on serving the Lord Jesus.

  21. I’m mostly with you and admire your intellect and analyses. However, I can’t believe China has hidden a death toll of 21,000,000. That’d be more than died in China during the horrific 1930’s and 1940’s Japanese-Chinese war, WWII, and Chinese Civil War and Maoist Revolution combined!

    Don’t take the Epoch Times at their word, but something like this needs far more true genuine fact-checking

    This is not to say that there is something going on with the Wuhan bioweapons lab and the links of researchers to similar labs in Fort Derrick (US) and Winnipeg (Canada) as reported by Professor Francis Boyle. The Cabal crosses borders – as does the Alliance against it of which Q is the key but not only part.

  22. I don’t see how you have linked the virus to China itself. Not that I disagree with the whole thing I do believe it is man made but it seems more that Q is pointing at the Dems.

  23. Biden could never compete with Donald Trump in a debate in his present condition, so the cabal has to prevent that. Since poor old Joe is currently getting “Me-Too’ed” by some woman, he needs to hurry the fuck up and pick his VP, so he can come down with the corona virus and have that person take over.

  24. Thank you Neon for your analysis with its logical conclusion that the Presidential Election will be the focus for the Great Awakening.

    I want to say I think this is a good thing, but doesn’t it kind of raise suspicions about Trump?

    I mean, in 2016 Trump ran on promises to ‘drain the swamp’. Yet since the 2016 election Trump’s – and much of Q’s – focus has not been on public prosecutions relating to Uranium One (an issue of wide interest to Americans) but rather on election fraud (a partisan issue). A week after Trump was elected in November 2016, Trump said of the Clintons “They’re good people”. The 2018 IG report – an official government document issued under the Trump Administration – published an investigator’s notes stating ‘Hillary Clinton & Foundation crime against children’. This Report has basically been left hanging with no official word on follow up since!

    Is the pursuit of every issue Trump has raised discounted to politics and to the presidential election cycle?

    We are talking about the worst of crimes here – world war and nuclear terrorism (with Uranium One) and child sex trafficking (Hillary and Clinton Foundation). Do registered Republicans and Independents really believe that registered Democrats will start riots if this information is released?

    Where are the public confirmations of convictions resulting from the 150+ thousand sealed indictments? Why aren’t we seeing any unsealing of these indictments? Noone trusts the MSM any more, so why delay the trials even if the MSM won’t report on them?

    There are so many examples of Trump campaigning strongly (and quite legitimately) against the actions of the Obama Administration and then acting in the most limited of ways to differentiate himself politically – not morally – from his opponents:
    * Trump said he would audit the Fed. Three years later the Fed is still firmly in place and trashing American purchasing power and the economy.
    * In 2017 Trump bombed CIA drug labs in Afghanistan. Yet the heroine supply lines from Afghanistan remain firmly in place today.
    * Multiple CEOs and industry leaders have resigned. Yet how do we know for sure that these resignations were not because of knowledge among the elites that the stock market was soon to crash?
    * The Q movement has gotten a lot of us all excited. Yet Trump continues to maintain plausible deniability of his involvement in it – indeed his leadership of it.

    Doesn’t democracy die in the dark? Isn’t justice delayed justice denied? If John McCain was a traitor (pretty clearly he was) then why would Democrats have been up in arms if he was brought to justice in full public view? Doesn’t justice need to be seen to be done?

    So many of us want desperately to believe in a Second American Revolution. If we’re honest, it’s kind of our version of ‘The Audacity of Hope’. But why, more and more, does our politics look like nothing more than two groups of bad guys vying for control?

    Registered Republicans still have way more in common with registered Democrats than any of us do with our political leaders. Right now it seems that loyal Trump supporters are getting none of what they elected Trump to do, and that the Q revolution is little more than a partisan political operation, coldly executed, in observance of the time-honored political maxim ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’.

    Keep up the great analysis!

    • I completely agree. Q is a fraud, Nothing ever happens. Always promises. No actions. Barr has a deep state lineage and passed on the Epstein murder. The DOJ is still full of deep staters that try to block Tom Fitton at every turn. Trump is basically all talk and little real action. His main job is to pretend resistance and let the show go on. He is also helping to divide the country into divisive factions which is another big goal of the cabal. We are all being played. I don’t see any hope that the cabal can be stopped. Scripture implies that it won’t be stopped until the Messiah comes. I have to agree.

      • Thank u for making my day eroache…Here’s another p.o.v. from Maria of Chile for u to trash as well!

        [Maria Angelica Brunell Solar


        Comments 2417 Discussions Recommends

        Discussion on Russia Insider  50 comments

        With World Distracted by COVID, Netanyahu Bombs Syria, Prepares S…

        Maria Angelica Brunell Solar  Billo  13 hours ago

        If he were really subservient to the Zionists, how would you explain Mossad agent Epstein’s arrest?

        1 ReplyView

        Maria Angelica Brunell Solar  UkraineTiger  2 days ago

        One has to understand Trump’s policies as part of a long range plan to get rid of the NWO Globalist cabal. Some of these are PR moves for the Zionists, which look to be in favor of Israel, but ultimately, have harmed it. For example, the recognition of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, both of which have set the Arab World on fire, and put the whole World against Israel. IMO, Soleimani’s assassination was probably done by the rogue CIA. 
        The Patriotic Adm. needs first to educate the US public. This is the main purpose of Q anon. This has already been happening to some degree, for example, with the exposure following Epstein’s arrest. 
        Then, we will have the public trials of the plotters of the coup d’etat against Trump. Afterwards, child and human trafficking and torture, JFK’s assassination, 9.11, etc.
        Since his innauguration, Trump has made clear that his gov’s first priority is human trafficking, and he has arrested more child traffickers and abusers than any other president in history. As you know, this is a blow against the cabal’s core touching their satanic cult.
        Epstein’s arrest was done not just to expose child abuse, but was also the first step in exposing Israel’s role in World politics. Q has said that the last step in the draining of the swamp will be Israel.

        1  2ReplyView

        Maria Angelica Brunell Solar  Trebor Dayne  3 days ago

        I guess Ukraine will be forced to give the Israelis a new home, when their crimes are exposed and the ME countries expell them.

        1 ReplyView

        Maria Angelica Brunell Solar  3 days ago

        Another self-destructive move by Netanyahu and his circle of war criminals. During Trump’s 2nd term, Israel will be exposed, defunded and left unprotected. Then all those that have been looted, genocided, dispossesed of their lands will force Israel to its pre 1967 borders, or even completely expell it from the ME.

        5  1ReplyView

        Discussion on Fort Russ  10 comments

        Indeed! We will soon be seeing all those criminals in handcuffs!

        2 ReplyView

        Discussion on Fort Russ 

  25. Not China. I don’t doubt that the virus may have been created by China, but “cui bono” tells us that the attack came from The Cabal/Israel. Obviously the Luciferian Cabal, they want to take Trump out and it might work, and obviously Israel for the way Iran’s leadership was targeted. Our lack of preparation and slow response is a Q team miscalculation that will be studied for centuries.

  26. You were born for this, Neon Revolt! No one does it better than you! And again and always, thank you and God bless you too!

  27. I lose my faith that anything will ever happen. It is always pushed back. Also what is it with Trump bringing in all those foreign workers to take jobs here. That is a huge disconnect for me. It really seems like these investigations should have been brought into play long before now. How long does it take to catch a crook when you have all the information right in front of you. Also why did Barr not go after Epstein’s murderers. Why are people saying that the FED is being nationalized. That seems ridiculous. Congress would need to be involved for that. Also people claiming the these big ships being sent out are to carry arrested bad guys and bring to gizmo. That also seems ridiculous. The whole thing is getting to be just too much to believe.

  28. People say, “The Chinese wouldn’t do this to their people or economy”. Well, the Chinese did worse to their people and economy during WWII. Think about it this way, this was cheaper, easier, and more effective than Pearl Harbor and a far lower body count than a conventional, kinetic war. The Gulf Wars did one thing. They demonstrated to the world that the US cannot be defeated in a traditional war. Gray Zone Warfare is now the new normal.

  29. People need to stop thinking in terms of countries but more in terms of black market economy. Most deaths are unlikely to be the result of a virus. On outskirts of Europe it’s clear to see the pop up religious orgs with American accents. This is about international drug rings exclusion of those considered to be income sources. Contact me via email for further info.

  30. Great analysis….thanks!

    One small comment as I was a child in those long gone days. Washing machines had wringers (not ringers) like in “wring your hands”

  31. Neon. I heard you were stepping away for now from the Q movement.

    I know you are smarter than almost all of us. But just because the stupid date fagging won’t stop, the ridiculous decodes that make no sense keep pouring in, and all that, is no reason to stop contributing.

    We need you. Your research is extremely valuable. You are one of the top guys in our movement.

    If you feel exhausted by the stupidness, think how Q himself feels? Do you see him quitting?

    Stop being selfish. This isn’t about you. You have a job to do.

    • This is the kind of uninformed response that demotivates me. You should go read what I actually wrote before responding to hearsay.

  32. I realize this article was written a month ago but I’ve read many recent articles that suggest that China’s numbers are so high because they also had 5G installed in Wuhan and like you said, they all have cellphones. I’ve read many articles describing why 5G is dangerous as it can also be weaponized. I’m not saying that the COVID-19 is harmless, it is killing the elderly and others who have co-morbidities, especially those that were treated with anti-viral medication and put on a ventilator. I realize this may be old news as I haven’t read what’s being said on Gab.

    When I read Q’s post, I interpreted it differently. The virus itself is not killing the number that was initially predicted and those being treated with the malaria drug seem to be recovering, but the fear mongering is what has caused most countries to impose draconian measure which is what could affect your elections. I’m in Canada (entire country has been shutdown) but our government is also corrupt and follows whatever the UN advises, and we’re not using that drug because President Trump recommended it. A lot of anti-Trumpers located here but there are some of us that have always liked him and what he’s doing for your country. It wasn’t until I found out about Q that I realized how important he was for you, but also the rest of the world. Thank God for him and your brave patriots, and for people like you who keep us informed.

    Thank you.

  33. I can’t believe you think millions will die if he opens the country. You are unimformed! You believe the false narrative! And a cure? Yes, it’s called hydroxychloroquine. Why are you so uninformed? IV vitamin C, I believe, has excellent results as well.

    • This article is old and I’ve come around to HCQ and such. We should re-open.

      You should also follow me on Gab, where I’ve been over this all already for like a month.


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