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I’m often surprised how many people still don’t know how to connect with me after all this time, so in an effort to mitigate this, I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to connect with me online.

Obviously, this site serves as my own, personal publishing platform. All my major content gets published here, and there are a number of ways to be notified when new articles land.

Beyond that, my primary presence online can be found at Gab is fantastic, free-speech based alternative to Twitter. I’m much too dangerous and spicy for Twitter to handle, and have been repeatedly censored by the Leftists in charge of that platform, so I set out to build on Gab as much as possible. And no, I’m not going to go through the whole process of making new Twitter accounts, only for them to get banned again a few weeks later. Gab is where I’ve been building for the past several years, precisely because it takes power away from the Bolsh-Left in Silicon Valley, by depriving them of user data and ad revenue. It’s my opinion that everyone in the Q movement should have a Gab account of their own and get used to using it, because Twitter is known for censoring whatever it wants, whenever it feels like it, and there’s the added bonus that Gab’s entire codebase is open-source, on top of being based on the principle of preserving Free Speech online.

(It’s also worth noting that Gab is always expanding and growing, and now creates what I consider to be the best internet browser out there, Dissenter (available at  – Gab’s own fledgling app store), and Gab Trends, a remarkable Drudge replacement that’s growing by leaps and bounds, and which allows you to comment on any story online – even if websites have removed their comment sections. More recently, Gab also launched an encrypted Chat platform, at – and yes, there is a group chat I will use for things like Trump rallies and such – which I announce in my Gab group [and which I’ll tell you more about in a second]).

So here’s a link to my profile. Create your profile at and give me a follow:

Gab Social

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Truly, if you’re only following me here on my own site, you’re only getting a fraction of the content I publish, both Q-related and otherwise. So get plugged in to Gab. They’re run by a great team who have been tried and tested – since the Cabal literally tried to destroy Gab in late 2018 in order to stop me from posting about QAnon, and had a number of psy-ops launched on Gab to try and stop the Q movement dead in its tracks. The Cabal failed thanks to the persistent efforts of intrepid patriots and Gab has become a major frontline in the information war.

Along these lines, I would advise you to consider joining the Great Awakening Group on Gab, which has become a MAJOR informational hub for all things Q-related. You’ll connect with other great Q-Patriots, and both learn and laugh a lot. Be sure to read the group rules and lurk before posting, just to get a feel for the community and culture:

Gab Social

At Gab, we believe that the future of online publishing is decentralized and open. We believe that users of social networks should be able to control their social media experience on their own terms, rather than the terms set down by Big Tech.

And before anyone asks – no, there is no dedicated “app” for Gab because both Apple and Google have decided to unfairly censor Gab by removing native Gab apps from their app stores. But that really isn’t a problem because the mobile website for works so friggin’ well and exactly like an App. If you want to be able to click to it quickly from a home screen, all you’d have to do is create a book mark for the site on your home screen, and voila, you’ll have an experience that rivals that of any app, minus any costs and shady user tracking practices.

Likewise, here are some other users I suggest you follow on Gab, as well as some familiar faces, in order to help you get on Gab that much more easily.

@A – the founder of Gab. Christian Nationalist. Defender of Free Speech.
@Gab – the official Gab account on Gab, for product announcements, updates, etc.
@ShadowKnight – the Chief Engineer behind Gab, and all around good guy.

And here are a bunch of great QAnon-related accounts in no particular order:


And honestly there are so many more great people out there, I’m sure I’ll have to severely update this list at some point. Get plugged into the group, and you’ll be able to connect to tons of great patriots standing up to the Cabal every single day.

Secondly, I have a Youtube channel and a Bitchute channel. I occasionally post videos here, and I may branch into doing more multimedia content in the future, but give a follow. I occasionally hang out there now, and do the occasional Game stream, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy:

Neon Revolt

You’ll find extra content too spicy for Youtube over on Bitchute:



And lastly, I have a Telegram channel. I’m not a huge fan of Telegram, but some folks are, and right now, I mostly use it to automatically announce when new articles are published. I can also send out messages if I so choose, but yeah, if Telegram is your thing, you can throw my channel in there for your convenience.

Neon Revolt

Honor, duty, faith, family, and tradition. See more at:

But really guys, right now, the bulk of my activities are found both here at, and over at Gab. I’m going to presume you already follow me here if you’re reading this, but if you don’t follow me at Gab, get on that right away and get plugged into the wider QAnon community. I think you’ll find it’s an extremely valuable resource, and a lot of fun.