Graphika #Pedocrats don Russian Goggles to Demonize #Gab, #Parler, and #FreeSpeech – #NEONREVOLT

It’s no secret. For a long time, Gab has been the subject of smear campaign after smear campaign, with dishonest “journalists” and “academics” cherrypicking a post here and there, in the attempt to demonize the whole site – with the ultimate goal being to stigmatize the site, in order scare the average person away from it, haplessly corralled on sites like Facebook and Twitter, where everything about you gets indexed, tracked, monitored, and if you become too effective – banned. These kinds of stories have been used in the past to try and justify deplatforming Gab, leading to it being dropped by a number of service providers and payment processors – and action which should be illegal, by the way, and which Trump could end in a heartbeat by instructing the DoJ to revise their Operation Chokepoint parameters, since it is now being used by international megacorps to deplatform anyone they don’t like, in an anti-competitive way, and prevent them from conducting normal, legal commerce.

But you’ve heard all the smears before; Gab is racist/sexist/bigoted/xenophobic/white supremacist/nazi/etc. It’s a hodgepodge of all the -isms guaranteed to boil the blood of anyone suitably soy-infused. But the reality is this, and this alone: Gab is a FREE SPEECH site, and on a truly Free Speech site, you will probably, at some point, encounter speech you do not like, which you do not agree with, and which will make you mad. The hypersensitive mind of the Pedocrat-Leftist (because let’s face it: if they’re supporting Biden, they may not be touching children themselves, but they’re A-okay with electing someone who does), rather than simply reaching for the block or mute button in such a scenario, immediately turns to censorship as a means of first resort, since they can not tolerate having their ideas challenged, and rely on entire ideological and institutional constructs to under-gird their worldview.

And this is exactly why Free Speech must be preserved – absolutely – because if we don’t, Pedocrat Apparatchiks who raise money for Antifa in their spare time will otherwise get into positions of power and influence and, at the behest of their monied masters, dutifully rush to move the goalposts as to what qualifies as “double-plus good” and what lands in the strictly verboten category of “hate speech” which must never be allowed – ever, ever, ever – on any platform, lest there be…


It’s why you can’t say “retarded” on Twitter any more, no matter how idiotic someone is being. (Retards are, evidently, a “protected class” now).

It’s why you can’t say Latino any more, and have to mumble over the etymological abortion that is “LatinX.”

It’s why you can’t say that the creeps salivating over Cuties on Netflix are literal, actual pedophiles, but now have to address them as “MAPs” or “Minor Attracted Persons.”

Goalposts get moved every single day by people who not only want to control you, but operate with total impunity, because the simple fact is if they played by the rules of today, they would lose. So they need to change the “rules” – moment by moment, in order to succeed and avoid any kind of accountability, or societal obligation that aligns with the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.

It’s the societal version of Calvinball, except Calvin here has been getting injected with hormones from age six, has mermaid green hair, calls xirself “Zephyr” and needs to dilate 5 times a day.

Got all that, you hateful, privileged bunch of Kulaks?

Good, because today Gab was attacked – alongside Parler – much in the same way it has been before, this time by a group calling itself Graphika, which is alleging that a Russian Influence Network is operating on both sites, and that this is new and unprecedented, and the final harbinger of Ragnarok.

This, of course, comes hot on the heels of a media push to malign Parler, following the recent Presidential debate, wherein Trump was asked to condemn white supremacy – to which he responded “sure” several times – and the Proud Boys – to which he said to “stand down, and stand by.”

The media wholesale ignored the obvious condemnation of white supremacy – despite him repeatedly condemning it over the years and several times at the debate itself – and ran with the narrative that the Proud Boys were a white supremacist organization (they’re not) who were instigating violence in the streets (also patently false and evident to anyone with, you know, eyeballs in their head).

And with this narrative in hand, the media crafted a series of articles all in tandem, all within hours of each other, highlighting how the Proud Boys were jubilant over Trump telling them to “stand down and stand by.” This was, of course, painted as the mother of all white-supremacist dogwhistles – because there is basically no one left in the entire corporate news apparatus capable of telling the truth, it seems.

Several Blablets, including yours truly, noted at the time that this was little more than an obvious attempt by the media to set the stage for Parler to be deplatformed by its various service providers – service providers which all deplatformed Gab in the past. I’ve been saying for months now that Parler was extremely vulnerable to this kind of attack – and it’s as true today as it was when I first said so. The narrative would be that “violent white supremacists” were “coordinating” on the platform, and someone in Amazon’s AWS HR department would go to Parler and say, “Delete these accounts, or we’re going to deplatform you.”

It’s the same tactic which was used against Gab so long ago. It’s sad to say that, in the modern world, Free Speech exists in-as-much as you own and operate your own hardware. That’s just the reality, and that’s why it’s such a relief that Gab recently spun up its own metal.

But you can never launch a proper disinformation campaign from one angle, no!

And this is where Graphika comes in. You may have heard of them in the past. They bill themselves as a kind of research group which focuses on social media tracking. They aggregate data, pore over “influence networks” and generally REEEEEEEE about >muh Russian Influence and >muh Conspiracy theories – which is exactly what they did today in their most recent report on an alleged Russian Influence Network operating on both Gab and Parler.

Russian operators ran a far-right website and social media accounts that targeted American users with pro-Trump and anti-Biden messaging, according to information from Reuters and Graphika’s investigation. This included the first known Russian activity on the platforms Gab and Parler. The operation appeared connected to a recent Russian website that targeted progressives in America with anti-Biden messaging.

The far-right “Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens,” naebc[.]com, pushed the opposite end of the political spectrum from the ostensibly progressive PeaceData site, but the two assets showed such a strong family resemblance that they appear to be two halves of the same operation. Both ran fake editorial personas whose profile pictures were generated by artificial intelligence; both claimed to be young news outlets based in Europe; both made language errors consistent with Russian speakers; both tried to hire freelance writers to provide their content; and, oddly enough, both had names that translate to obscenities in Russian.

Reuters first tipped Graphika off to the existence of the NAEBC website and its likely relationship to PeaceData. U.S. law enforcement originally alerted the social media platforms to the existence of PeaceData. On September 1, Facebook attributed PeaceData to  individuals associated with past activity by the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA).” Twitter attributed it to Russian state actors. Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) have taken similar action to stop activity related to NAEBC on their platforms. To date, Parler and Gab have not taken action on their platforms.

You can read the whole report here if you want but the main gist is that there were SIX accounts on Gab and SEVEN accounts on Parler which amassed some 3,000 and 14,000 follows respectively, and that they were largely posting pro-Trump, anti-Biden stories, and that all these accounts were working together to spread these stories.

You read that right.

Six accounts on Gab, and Seven accounts on Parler warranted a 34 page analysis by this group, which then went on to put the onus on Gab and Parler to “take action.”

For the high crime and misdemeanor of… sharing blog posts.

Notably absent from their report was any analysis of whether the information being shared by these profiles was accurate or not. (No, they feel much more comfortable going after the “who” than after the “what).” But even if not, and these accounts were spreading blatant, bald-faced lies, does that warrant instituting corporate censorship? Obviously not, for people all over the world share incorrect information every moment of every day – even with malicious intent.

Why, Pedocrats do it every day of their lives!

So upon what grounds are they demanding action, exactly?

I would suggest to you that they are doing so not only to bolster the efforts to deplatform the last few remaining Free Speech social networks online, but to aid Biden and the Democrat party directly – and this is because their team is comprised almost entirely of Deep State functionaries who not only have an agenda of their own, and who aren’t nearly the objective, data-driven analysts they claim to be – but are involved in one of the biggest information laundering rings on the planet, as well as – irony of ironies – having direct ties to Russia themselves.

In fact, let’s start there, with the Russian Connection – because this is rich!

That comes to us courtesy of Graphika’s own Science Director, Vladimir Barash. Since the report on Gab and Parler was written by “The Graphika team,” it’s safe to say that Vladimir was involved in some way on the report – but even if not, it’s clear he’s very important at the company, and listed among their featured profiles.

On Vlad’s homepage, he straight up says he was born in Russia, educated in the US, and lists a link to his personal blog stretching back to 2006.

And if you go to his blog, what you’ll find there is a hilarious open-letter apology to one Hillary Clinton, that’s just so wilting and effeminate, it’s hard to believe it isn’t satire.


So, let’s just recap with this right here.

Graphika just issued an online report…

About Russian election meddling…

And the guy who either helped write the report or direct the people who wrote it is not only a Russian himself…

But a Russian who has an undying, even irrational, cult-like devotion to Hillary Clinton.

Define “Projection,” folks.

But do you see the fundamental problem, right from the get-go? Talk about insane levels of hypocrisy. No wonder they signed the report as being written by “the Graphika team,” instead of listing the individual names of the people directly involved in the project. Otherwise, with a simple search, we may just find more examples of this kind of blatant hypocrisy disguised as objective, data-driven science.

Which is exactly what I did.

But not all enemies are foreign. Some are domestic, and if you go to the Graphika website, several backers stand out from the rest: DARPA, The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Department of Defense’s Minerva Initiative.


The ties to the Select Committee on Intelligence are, perhaps, the most telling. These come primarily through their Chief Innovation Officer, Camille François, who was hired by the committee to produce a report on “Russian Election interference” in 2018, in an attempt to bolster the Mueller Report, should it fail to produce any evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. Fail Mueller did, but the ties between François and Warner can not be overlooked.

The IRA and Political Polarization in the United States

Russia’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) launched an extended attack on the United States by using computational propaganda to misinform and polarize US voters. This report provides the first major analysis of this attack based on data provided by social media firms to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).

Warner, it should be noted, wrote a glowing report about François for Time Magazine’s “Next 100” in 2019:


And as recently as just a few weeks ago, the two were speaking together at the FEC:

Mark Warner’s involvement in this can not be understated. Warner has been involved in the Russian Collusion hoax/coup from the very beginning, and all signs point to him being under investigation by the FBI, and possibly even the DoJ right now. In 2018, a number of texts between Warner and Christopher Steele’s lawyer, and Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, were declassified:

TEXTS: Mark Warner texted with Russian oligarch lobbyist in effort to contact Christopher Steele

Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee who has been leading a congressional investigation into President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, had extensive contact last year with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch who was offering Warner access to former British spy and dossier author Christopher Steele, according to text messages obtained exclusively by Fox News.

Christopher Steele, you’ll recall, is the former MI6 agent and author of the Steele Dossier – the dossier which formed the basis of the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative, and which lead to the creation of the illegitimate and ultimately fruitless Mueller Inquisition.

And why do I say illegitimate? Because we now know for a fact that Steele’s primary sub-source for his dossier was one Igor Danchenko – an alcoholic, and someone the FBI itself considered a likely Russian Spy. And drunken spy’s testimony formed the basis for the dossier which was then used to brand Carter Page – a former US Naval Intelligence officer working on the Trump campaign – as a Russian spy, which then allowed the Obama administration and intelligence apparatus to issue FISA warrants on Carter Page, and then, because they’re allowed “3-hops” under FISA guidelines, essentially spy on the entire Trump campaign.

Oh, but Carter Page was also actually an informant for the CIA the whole time as well.

Picture shaping up for you? Treason can be a many-layered thing, as swamp creatures try to hide their tracks.

But now you also have to throw this into the mix: You may recall the arrest of James Wolfe, former Security Director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, on June 8th of 2018. Wolfe had been sleeping with Buzzfeed #Presstitute Ali Watkins, and leaking her classified intelligence to her, which formed the basis of basically all her reporting while at Buzzfeed:

Ali Watkins (alimwatkins) on BuzzFeed

Ali Watkins (alimwatkins) on BuzzFeed – Ali Watkins is a national security correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in Washington, DC.

Well… who was Wolfe working with to obtain this intelligence in the first place?

In all likelihood, Mark Warner.

Sundance, over at The Conservative Tree House, made the case here:

Within the Mark Warner text messages you’ll note the SSCI Vice-Chairman went into the SSCI Secured Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) on March 17th, 2017, shortly after 4:00pm.

Within the declassified and released FISA application you’ll notice the copy date from the FISA clerk for the FISA application was March 17th, 2017.

The information within the three events (Warner Text release, Wolfe Indictment release, and Carter Page FISA release) shows the connection of the events.  James Wolfe took custody of the Carter Page FISA, delivered it to the SCIF, it was reviewed by SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner, and then leaked by James Wolfe.

The DC Cover-up That’s As Big As Spygate…

Former U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie Liu, is scheduled for a Senate confirmation hearing this upcoming Thursday at 10:00am. There’s also an unreported background story connected to the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein and Ms. Liu so controversial, it’s as big as Spygate. In the event any Senator on the approval committee would be brave enough to…

In other words, Mark Warner not only helped funnel along the fake Steele Dossier, but then helped leak classified information to the press through the use of a classified SCIF – because Wolfe was indicted for leaking Carter Page’s FISA warrant to Ali Watkins at Buzzfeed.

And now, we recently learned – thanks to a declassification effort by DNI John Ratcliffe – that US Intelligence agencies knew as early as July, 2016, that Hillary Clinton was planning and funding an effort to tie Trump to alleged “Russian hacking” of the DNC.

Warner would say to reporters, in response to the declassified report being released:

“It’s very disturbing to me that, 35 days before an election, the director of national intelligence would release unverified Russian rumint.”

“Russian Rumint.”

Sounds more like someone is getting very nervous, to me. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the DNI dropped this basically a week after Warner would have undoubtedly spoken directly with Camille, given they were speaking together at the same event.

So, Clinton funded the whole “Russian Collusion” hoax/coup from the very start (and believe me, there’s a LOT more evidence I could cite to bolster this claim, but I’m not going to do it here, because that’s not the main focus of this article). Warner supported Clinton’s framejob in the SSCI, to the extent that he had direct contact with the perpetrators and helped seed specially selected classified material through lackeys in order to generate a media narrative that withheld certain, inconvenient truths from the public; truths that would otherwise implicate this Pedocrat Cabal. And when it looked like Mueller was failing, Warner contracted Camille François to help bolster the case against Trump.

You know, to get someone to “smooth over” the data.

After all, work it long enough and you can make the data say whatever you want. And what they wanted was Red Scare 2.0 to dethrone the king, architected by our very own “leaders” in DC.

It’s also worth noting here that the reason François may have been tapped was due to her previous work at Jigsaw – formerly Google Ideas. Jigsaw was founded by Jared Cohen, who previously worked for both Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton as Policy Planning Staff (read: swamp creature extraordinaire!)

In an article from September of 2018, I wrote this about Cohen:

Cohen, at age 24, started as an intern for Condoleeza Rice, moved into the State Department’s Policy Planning group during the Bush Administration, and was kept on in Policy Planning by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This guy basically honed in on the strategic use of Social Media to advance “American” interests, worldwide. In 2009, he had Twitter CEO @Jack hold off on system maintenance, in order to foment revolutionaries in Iran. He would later leave the State Department in 2010, and join Google (as the head of Google Ideas/Jigsaw), and the Council on Foreign relations, where he would co-author this piece with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, arguing in favor of the use of private sector companies to advance US foreign policy:

So Camille François previously worked for a Clinton lackey, at an organization that shills endlessly for Clinton, and then was hired by a Democrat Senator to craft a report which Dems had hoped would support the eventual Mueller report – all of which was part of an elaborate plot by all these establishment players to entrap and bring down Donald Trump.

Does the label of “Deep State Functionary” apply to her, yet?

Notable as well is the fact that Camille François sits on the Advisory Board at the Cyberpeace Institute – An NGO funded by the likes of both Microsoft and Facebook.

Perhaps those Silicon Valley giants are feeling a bit anti-competitive, and want “their people” to target competitors like Gab and Parler, given both platforms’ recent success and growth?

I’m not saying that’s the case. It’s just very odd when the Chief Innovation Officer at a company produces a hitpiece on your site, while simultaneously working for another group whose two biggest corporate supporters just happen to be competitors in the same sector to the companies you just published your hit-piece on. Any editorial room in America would call that a “conflict of interest.” Even if there’s “nothing there” – you still wouldn’t be allowed to publish your story (assuming your editor was doing their job).

And it must just be another wild and wacky coincidence that the head of security policy at Facebook, Nathaniel Gleicher, is also tweeting out Camille’s work against Gab and Parler, at the same time his company is also funding one of Camille’s other employers.

Just another WaCkY cOnSpiRaCy tHeOrY, right?

But the rabbithole doesn’t end there.

Two more names pop up that are of interest: Ben Nimmo, and Chris Hernon.

While you may have heard of Nimmo and his work for the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (which has been responsible for deplatforming a number of QAnon supporters recently), both these men previously worked with something called The Integrity Initiative – a group whose tagline asserted that they were “Defending Democracy against Disinformation,” and which was the product of a UK Intelligence think-tank known as the Institute for Statecraft.

Of course, that last bit – about it being run by the Institute for Statecraft – was kept secret for years.

The Integrity Initiative was founded in 2015 and asserted it was a wholly independent charitable organization, when in fact, it was funded entirely in secret by the Institute for Statecraft, a group which was itself comprised of former NATO members, Atlantic Council members, and UK Deep State types – and which actively promoted Russophobic reporting, in the hopes of… basically igniting a second cold war.

If you’re reading this thinking that this sounds a heckuva lot like the LCILP where Mifsud tried to entrap George Papadopoulous, you’d be on the right track.

But starting in late 2018, and running into early 2019, a number of Integrity Initiative Leaks took place, with “Anonymous” taking credit for the leaks and posting several tranches of documents online. Of course, this leak, while largely ignored by the media, was blamed on Russia during the few times it was actually mentioned.

And this is because, what these documents revealed was an entire network of “academics” and “journalists” who were controlled in regional clusters – who could be summoned by this group at any moment to “echo” the talking points being put out by the group.

Chris Hernon’s name was mentioned in Leak number 4, as the “point_person_name_or_email” for Jonathan Beale (a BBC Reporter), Howard Gethin (also BBC, specializing in “Russian Media monitoring,” according to his LinkedIn, and Johnathan Marcus (also of the BBC).

Does this modus operandi look familiar?

That looks pretty blatant to me.

A further breakdown of the various tranches is available at wikispooks – and it turns out that, yes, these guys were also funded by Facebook and the Atlantic Council:

Integrity Initiative

The ” Integrity Initiative ( II) is an organ of the UK Deep state, controlled through the Institute for Statecraft. It was exposed in 2018-19 by 7 sets of leaked documents. Craig Murray blogged that it offers us a glimpse into the very dirty world of surveillance and official disinformation.

Writing on his personal blog, former Senior UK diplomat-turned-whistleblower Craig Murray would write of Ben Nimmo, describing him as little more than Facebook’s personal hatchetman:

Facebook has deleted all of my posts from July 2017 to last week because I am, apparently, a Russian Bot. For a while I could not add any new posts either, but we recently found a way around that, at least for now. To those of you tempted to say “So what?”, I would point out that over two thirds of visitors to my website arrive via my posting of the articles to Facebook and Twitter. Social media outlets like this blog, which offer an alternative to MSM propaganda, are hugely at the mercy of these corporate gatekeepers.

Facebook’s plunge into censorship is completely open and admitted, as is the fact it is operated for Facebook by the Atlantic Council – the extreme neo-con group part funded by NATO and whose board includes serial war criminal Henry Kissinger, Former CIA Heads Michael Hayden and Michael Morrell, and George Bush’s chief of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, among a whole list of horrors.

The staff are worse than the Board. Their lead expert on Russian bot detection is an obsessed nutter named Ben Nimmo, whose fragile grip on reality has been completely broken by his elevation to be the internet’s Witchfinder-General. Nimmo, grandly titled “Senior Fellow for Information Defense at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab”, is the go-to man for Establishment rubbishing of citizen journalists, and as with Joseph McCarthy or Matthew Clarke, one day society will sufficiently recover its balance for it to be generally acknowledged that this kind of witch-hunt nonsense was not just an aberration, but a manifestation of the evil it claimed to fight.There is no Establishment cause Nimmo will not aid by labeling its opponents as Bots. This from the Herald newspaper two days ago, where Nimmo uncovers the secret web of Scottish Nationalist bots that dominate the internet, and had the temerity to question the stitch-up of Alex Salmond.

Nimmo’s proof? 2,000 people had used the hashtag #Dissolvetheunion on a total of 10,000 tweets in a week. That’s five tweets per person on average. In a week. Obviously a massive bot-plot, eh?

When Ben’s great expose for the Herald was met with widespread ridicule, he doubled down on it by producing his evidence – a list of the top ten bots he had uncovered in this research. Except that they are almost all, to my certain knowledge, not bots but people. But do not decry Ben’s fantastic forensic skills, for which NATO and the CIA fund the Atlantic Council. Ben’s number one suspect was definitely a bot. He had got the evil kingpin. He had seen through its identity despite its cunning disguise. That disguise included its name, IsthisAB0T, and its profile, where it called itself a bot for retweets on Independence. Thank goodness for Ben Nimmo, or nobody would ever have seen through that evil, presumably Kremlin-hatched, plan.

No wonder the Atlantic Council advertise Nimmo and his team as “Digital Sherlocks

Nimmo’s track record is simply appalling. In this report for the Atlantic Council website, he falsely identified British pensioner @Ian56789 as a “Russian troll farm”, which led to Ian being named as such by the British government, and to perhaps the most surreal Sky News interview of all time. Perhaps still more remarkably, Nimmo searches for use of the phrase “cui bono?” in reference to the Skripal and fake Douma chemical weapons attacks. Nimmo characterises use of the phrase cui bono as evidence of pro-Assad and pro-Kremlin bots and trolls – he really does. Most people would think to consider cui bono indicates a smattering more commonsense than Nimmo himself display.

Such fast-and-loose data practices make a mockery of real research. Just as conflating six accounts on Gab, and seven accounts on Parler to an “influence network” makes a mockery of real research.

I think it’s clear by now: both Gab and Parler are the victims of a disinformation and demonization campaign, funded by their competitors and greenlit by the deep state. These people have histories. They have observed patterns of behavior, and they are not operating in good faith or with even a modicum of objectivity. Why, the conflicts of interest documented here alone are enough to dismiss all of their claims, out-of-hand. Even moreso, when you consider the contact one of their operatives has had with a Senator who may in fact be participating in a treasonous criminal coup against the President.

This is gaslighting on an industrial scale to such an extent that Graphika should be buying carbon credits and funding a few polar penguin wildlife refuges. And what’s more, they’re guilty of the fundamental accusations they hurl in an effort to shut others down. Their own Science Director is a politically motivated Russian with an undying devotion to Madame Death herself.

Perhaps Graphika should work on dismantling it’s own, internalized Russian Influence network before attempting to point the finger at others.

I was never one to expect fair treatment from an enemy, but this is just so transparent it needs to be called out. Why, it’s so blatant and evil, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point some of these deep state functionaries get swept up in broader investigations, such as the work Durham and his 400-odd investigators are conducting right now.

In the meantime, I can say I’m glad Gab isn’t going anywhere. Torba’s response has been an absolute joy to witness:

Because this is what you have to do to those who refuse to operate in good faith, but try to claim moral high ground in order to weaken you. You tell them to take a hike, refuse to back down, and go “Aww, too bad, so sad!”

And what are they going to do about it, when you refuse to kowtow on demand?

Cry on twitter.

That’s what they’re going to do.

They’re going to cry on Twitter, because ultimately, they have no power over those who refuse to give in.

So, in closing, to “the team” at Graphika:

Enjoy wearing our “Russian Goggles” because you’ve got Eight More Years of Trump coming down the pike.

Yes, Eight.

Dispatch your data monkeys to help you wrap your inelastic brains around that one, if you even can. And go to sleep knowing there’s nothing you can do to stop this from taking over the next decade of your lives.

I would suggest getting out while you still can.

PS to my Q people out there – these are the same folks demonizing Q as well. They’ve already issued several reports on the movement, which have been widely disseminated and cited by the MSM in their trickle-down-hit-pieces (since modern “journos” don’t do real research any more, and need to be spoonfed by “think tanks” (read: deep state affiliated propagandists for hire) like Graphika.

So yes, the group affiliated with Mark Warner is working to produce reports to demonize the movement that just so happens to be outing the illegal activities of the corrupt senator.

Go ahead, check them out at their site for themselves. And then laugh at these clowns, because you know there’s a cold cell waiting for them at Gitmo.

Interpreting Social Qs: Implications of the Evolution of QAnon

The past few months have seen a wealth of mainstream news reporting on the conspiratorial social media movement known as QAnon. Some of these news pieces have charted its growth in the Covid-19 era, documented the presence of its supporters on Twitter and Facebook and covered the recent actions taken by these platforms to restrict its influence.

Q-Tips: Measuring the Mainstreaming of QAnon During the Pandemic

Journalists and researchers alike have observed the undeniable growth of conspiratorial content during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their important work shows the increased volume and frequency of sharing QAnon content across social media platforms over the last seven months.




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15 thoughts on “Graphika #Pedocrats don Russian Goggles to Demonize #Gab, #Parler, and #FreeSpeech – #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Fantastic article… another well researched picture of how deep the “swamp” really is. Your closing comment… “Enjoy wearing our “Russian Goggles” because you’ve got Eight More Years of Trump coming down the pike” is intriguing. Will you explain later, hopefully.

  2. Two kinds of people in the world:

    Beleavers and Beliars.

    Beleavers hear a lie and leave it.

    Beliars hear a lie and love it.

  3. Warner slinked back into his dark corner while Wolfe goes down, but he had insurance and a deal is made. From his dark corner he found (assumed) the coast was finally clear. What Warner probably doesn’t understand is when MI gets on your tail, you can’t shake them. MI’s youngsters thrive on challenges, covertly dogging their prey/preys and they know all the ins/outs of the dirty lawmaker Warner. One day Warner’s little circle of criminals will start going on prolonged vacations with staggering check-in calls that eventually go dark one by one. No doubt Warner isn’t sleeping well these days, because he can’t answer the who and one day he will find himself taking a long chilly ride in the trunk of a car hitting every rut on the way (if that hasn’t happened already). MI/JAG knows FISA goes both ways and they don’t leak. JMO

    Keep on hunting those evil bastards, honest journalism will need to be ushered in with a whole lot of banging noise come January 21, 2021! likesx1000’s

  4. I have been (slightly) critical of neon at times but seriously this is a fabulous piece of work. It is worthy of a Pulitzer. Unfortunate that a Pulitzer is worthless these days.

  5. The key logo in the group is – Cornell University. Why does Cornell have a location in Qatar along with Georgetown and a few select others? What is Weill Cornell? How are Fauci and Gates connected? What is the Sphinx Head Society?

    How is Cornell connected with Racine, Wisconsin? Why is Racine, Wisconsin the “root”, key hub and model for Agenda 21 and 2030? How is Racine connected with Knights of Pythias, NXIVM, Atlantic Council, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Club of Rome, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, Center for American Progress, DOD, NASA, FLDS, Scientology and on? Why is the great deception of Sustainability the foundation to forge the Agenda?

    Why did Paul Ryan really resign? Why was That 70s Show was set in Racine? What is a Red Fez? Who is head of Shriners? What is the Racine Legion? Why is Racine the original Chicago? What is The Path of Souls? Why did SenateAnon say to “keep digging into Racine”?

    The Truth has been shared since The Beginning.

  6. As always – great summary and analysis of these one sided indoctrinated fools trying their best to win the election for Biden like they tried in 2016.

    Once again pointing all their fingers towards Russia all-the-while China is our biggest enemy. Why are Thousands of Chinese military men in Canada and why are they also in the thousands in Mexico. We know that Renegade on his way out of the door elicited the help of the UN Blue Helmets and China’s assistance.

    I remember a couple of years ago Pelosi explaining about their ‘Wrap up smear’ against all their opponents. It worked well for them screaming about Russia, Russia and more Russia but not a word about the danger of China.

    They sold us out to China and the three hard drives involving Hunter Biden’s laptop tells the story.

    I think its time that we get more active as we are and protect Gab, Parler and others who remain free to opine without being harassed. We must find a way to do more.

    Bag is a great place to hand out and interact with people likeminded. I have not seen to date a CEO like Torba who interacts with his clientele in such a positive way.

    My question is this: What can we do – what can I do – to protect GAB?

  7. Remember back to 2018? You predicted a Red Wave. You were right and didn’t know it. I know that was a tough time. Keep the faith and keep turning out articles!


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