Who is QAnon? An Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Who is QAnon? An Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Just a quick preface before we begin. Part of the reason I wrote this was because, well, we’re all expecting the internet to go down at a certain point. This article is designed to be something of a lifeline, and it may just be something you’ll want to print out and share with friends, or those who are new to QAnon and looking for more information. You can get a beautiful PDF of this article for printing, by clicking here:  https://mega.nz/#!Z1xy3a5Q!uVA5CQQNFj_M-XAZ7EJXPtIx7HKgsHTUDlzcJZ9aFN4

UPDATE: It also came to my attention that I had an error regarding the timestamps and the one quick “Q Proof” I offered in the article. That error has since been corrected, and the attached PDF updated as well to reflect this correction. Thank you.



Quick Rundown

If you’re here, reading this article, I’m assuming you’re not one of my regular readers.

You’re someone who has come looking for information. You’ve just heard the term “QAnon” – maybe from a friend, from a relative, a post on social media, maybe a billboard on the roadside – heck, by the time you’re reading this, the Mainstream media might even be talking about this mysterious individual only know to as “QAnon.” But regardless of where you first heard the name, you want to know more.

And I wish I could help you. I really do.

But the problem is, if I just come out and say it… it’s probably going to be really hard to believe anything I have to say, even if you are politically aligned with me. Why? Because the information Q presents requires such a dramatic paradigm shift, such a radical realignment of any and all presuppositions you had about the state of the world, because it requires such a prerequisite level of knowledge to truly understand, it is often easier to just dismiss it outright and avoid any pesky cognitive dissonance that would otherwise emerge altogether.

See, I myself – as well as my long-time readers – have had the benefit of having eight whole months to digest the 1600+ posts that Q has given us over that same period. The sheer size and scope and depth of the information is hard to process in a day, let alone eight months. If I just come out and say it, you probably won’t believe me.

Not that my goal is to have you believe me. No, no, no – don’t misunderstand me here. My goal in writing this is not to convince anyone. Knowing what I know, I believe there will come a point when no matter what you currently believe, you will be forced by certain events to accept everything I’m about to explain. My goal here is to bring you up to a somewhat serviceable level of knowledge to help you understand what’s happening during what will undoubtedly be a volatile, confusing time.

And already, I can hear some readers getting frustrated with me. “Just come out and say it! Give us the goods!”

Alright. Alright, fine.

But don’t be surprised if you feel a bit incredulous after reading this:

The world has long been held hostage by a group of power-brokers I have collectively labelled “The Cabal.” They sit in seats of power around the world, making sure they control governments, wars, money flow, and even the lives of individuals like you and me. They see us as disposable pawns, a sort of natural resource they can spend at will, and this Cabal seeks to grow and expand its power every single day through all sorts of subversive action, be it class strife, fomenting economic instability, or sending us to die in foreign lands under the guise of patriotism and duty.

The Cabal is not entirely monolithic, but features many different branches. Despite this, they work together and their goals are much the same: the destruction of the West by any and all means, and the creation of a global mega-state.

A large portion of The Cabal are members of a Secret Society that is little more than a Neo-Babylonian Death Cult, and the higher you advance in the cult, the more mutual blackmail is required of you. You see, the higher ranking members want the ability to destroy the lower ranking members at any time should they step out of line and attempt to challenge the authority of the higher ranking members. This is achieved through several means, but recording individuals in honeypots, pedophilic acts, and participation human sacrifice are the primary ways in which this is achieved.

That’s not to say this is done against the will of the individuals being blackmailed. Often, they are willing participants in all this, and enjoy performing these kinds of evil deeds. Such is the face of depravity.

Hillary and Obama are two such members of this Cabal, and though they were high ranking, they are not top dogs (and certainly not since HRC’s failed presidential run in 2016). That day cost them so much power and influence they didn’t even know what to do. Remember – Hillary didn’t even give a concession speech that night. That was because they never expected her to lose.

Together, as we’ve since learned from the Q drops, they were plotting the complete destruction of the USA (and Russia). And I don’t mean that in some esoteric sense of empires collapsing, balkanizing, and coalescing into new states across time, like the murmurations of flocks of birds across the sky. No, I quite literally mean nuclear war, mass drought, disease, and food shortages. I’m talking roving death squads in the streets. The goal was to wipe out two of the biggest threats to the Cabal by making them fight each other, and rule over a fragmented, atomized, neo-Fascist global mega-state, made up of whatever was left over (mostly Europe, the Middle East, Africa, parts of Asia, South America, and Australia).

Remember when I said don’t be surprised if you feel incredulous when reading this?

And yet this is exactly what we’ve learned over the past 8 months (as of this writing) by listening to Q. This, in particular, is something he’s called the 16 Year Plan to Destroy America.

And when you start reading the Q drops, you come to understand that this was exactly the Cabal’s plan for years, going back decades. Obama was a Manchurian President, groomed from his youth as a subversive agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hillary; she is a literal practicing witch, who once had three “dining” rooms named after her on Epstein’s Pedophile Island – the same island where, until recently, stood a sacrificial temple to Babylonian fertility gods like Ba’al and Minerva. And I call them “dining” rooms because… they weren’t eating anything you’d find in a normal supermarket. No, these people are pedovores, and they are profoundly sick and twisted.

Hey – I tried to warn you this was going to be a hard redpill to swallow. What happens when you read Q is you quickly learn that almost everything you think you know about the world is wrong. It’s more than just wrong. It’s a deliberate lie, made to perpetuate the power of this Cabal.

And again – I’m not particularly interested in trying to convince you here – because at a certain point, undeniable proofs will make their way to the public – such as the photo of Obama holding an AK-47, while dressed in full Muslim garb, and shooting what Q calls “red, white, and blue” (but which is probably a person, and not just a flag – though that last bit is just speculation on my part, and it very well may end up being something like a flag).

Furthermore, Q lays out very clearly how all these scandals – like Uranium 1, like the Iran Deal, like the Paris Accord, like the North Korea situation – all tie into this plan to this 16 year plan, and once you truly grasp what he is saying, you come to understand the sheer level of subversion and evil that has been hidden from Americans for many decades – and conversely, how great things can yet still become once this evil is purged from our lands.

There’s so much to Q, it’s hard to sum up in any one essay. In fact, you would need a book to do it all justice (and that’s exactly what I’m attempting to write, at the moment, believe it or not).

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here. Maybe I need to back this train up for a moment and answer some rudimentary questions as best I can, as someone who was been watching, studying and interacting with this whole QAnon phenomenon since the beginning.

So let’s start with the most elementary question of them all:

Who is Q?

QAnon, often called just “Q,” is someone with Q-Level security clearance and a history of Military Intelligence working within the Trump administration to disseminate information to the American people directly.

As for the specific identity of Q – no one really knows for sure (save for a few people in the actual Trump administration). And while I just kind of implied that Q is an individual, in fact, it’s clear that Q works with a team of individuals in the intelligence community, and there may be more than one person on that team posting as Q.

Where does Q post?

Q originally posted on an imageboard known as 4chan, starting back in October of 2017, notably on the /pol/ board (aka, Politically Incorrect). /pol/ was a major hub of operations during the Trump campaign, disseminating Trump memes at high velocity, and directly influencing the election in very tangible ways. There was even an occasion when Trump himself came online and spoke to the Anons there (oh, that was a glorious day).

(And while I may be spoiling part of my book here, I’ll be cutting up a larger infographic to make this flow a bit better for this article – because you absolutely need to see this).

So Anon notes a Trump retweet of a Pepe Account:


Someone claiming to be Trump comes in and says:

Anon asks for proof:

And proof was delivered:


And basically NO ONE in the MSM covered ANY of this. This is far from the only example of this kind of thing happening, but the important thing to remember is that this was happening DURING the election, and unless you were THERE, on the boards, you didn’t have any clue this kind of communication was happening.

So why did Q select this platform?

Because it was one of the last mediums of truly free-speech online. Much like the Newsgroups of a bygone internet age, 4chan was a rowdy, unruly bastion of free speech organized by topic of interest. Often referred to as the “underbelly of the internet” (usually by those who don’t understand the culture), anyone could come here and say exactly what they wanted – unlike on regulated, policed, and sanitized platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If some mouthbreathing goon working in a spare storage a closet at Twitter doesn’t like your tweet for whatever reason, he can take it down, disable your account, and effectively silence you. And make no mistake, that kind of censorship was, and still is, rampant across these controlled platforms. It’s even happened to yours truly.

Not so on the chans. ANYONE can post and speak their mind whenever they want. Because of this, you tend to get a crowd of people who not only have a thick skin, but have a certain kind of intellectual rigor not found among the general public.

Everyone who posts on a chan is Anonymous (unless they choose to identify themselves), and therefore, when going back and forth in conversation, users will refer to other users as “Anons.”

Because Q signed all his posts “Q,” he became QAnon.

After an initial wave of posts, and increasing curiosity from the community, opposing forces started to disrupt Q’s threads. Shilling increased dramatically, and it took such a turn that eventually, it came out that all the moderators of the /pol/ board had been compromised by the Deep State, and that the platform itself was no longer suitable for Q to post any more drops.

Working quickly, Q and his team migrated to 8chan, which, as you can imagine by the name, is very similar to 4chan in terms layout and functionality. See, these kinds of imageboards run on very similar software stacks, so it’s relatively easy to start your own “chan” website and build something very similar. 4chan and 8chan are the largest of the chans.

Followers of Q quickly got their own boards, Q adopted a “tripcode,” which is a way of preserving and verifying his identity, and (barring some moderator drama and other minor technical speedbumps) the movement kicked into high gear from here.

(A final word of caution about the chans: While you can go there and seek out the relevant Q boards for yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re brand new to all this. On top of them being purposefully hard to use (in order to keep the “normies” out) you might end up seeing things you might otherwise not wish to see. Remember how I said these platforms are free-speech forums? That means that literally anyone can post just about anything – and that means bad actors, too, attempting to derail researchers with all manner of pornography, gore, shilling, etc. If you’re not seasoned and somewhat desensitized to internet culture, you probably walk away feeling a bit sick. Best to leave it to the weaponized autists, who can filter this kind of stuff with ease, and seek out information on other sites – which, we’ll get to in a bit).

How does Q communicate?

I’m assuming that, if you’re reading this, you’ve seen at least a few of Q’s posts – even if you didn’t fully understand what they mean. And that’s fine; for our purposes right now, all you really need is a bare minimum of exposure to Q. (And even if you don’t have that, don’t worry – that’s coming later in the article).

If Q is who he says he is (Military Intelligence – which, for those who don’t know, is an intelligence agency akin to the FBI, or CIA, only not corrupt) this implies he has access to a ton of intel beyond what the average American citizen has.  This intel is of course classified, and therefore subject to all kinds of National Security laws.

However, this does not stop the average person from being able to make connections on their own; connections which mirror what that intel has to say.

This leads to a Socratic style of posting, where Q will often present two (or more) seemingly separate topics, and challenge us to see if we can establish a relationship between the two, to “connect,” as he often says.

This allows him to side-step these laws, and create a sort of crowd-sourced narrative that is, at the very least, closer to the truth than anything being reported by the MSM.

We’ll take a relatively recent post (as of this writing) and easy-to-understand Qdrop, as an example (and one which my regular readers will no doubt recognize).

Here, Q posts one of #POTUS’s recent tweets, and adds his own lines below:

These questions lead to certain, inevitable conclusions such as: Imran Awan squealed on all his criminal buddies during this case, in order to defend himself. However, because many of the details used in his defense were previously classified, this created a situation known as graymail – whereby previously classified intel has now entered the public record by way of criminal defense.

Because of this situation, Q comes back the next post and links to part of the legal code known as CIPA.

This shows us that agencies, when confronted with the reality of graymail, may then use that as legal grounds to basically declassify whatever they want.

Furthermore, it was then uncovered that the plea deal stuck by Awan does not apply to other attorneys – attorneys such as Huber – implying that there is no way Awan is getting away with his crimes.

So you can see, there’s a consistent logic to the kinds of things Q posts, and a definite purpose in the direction he’s leading. This is just one example, and a relatively easy one to understand at that, but we’re going to be seeing many more of these later in the article.

Furthermore, because Q is posting publicly, it attracts the attention of bad actors and so-called “black hats;” people both within the intelligence community and deep state that do not have our best interest in mind. They have an array of technology at their hands which has been used to try and disrupt Q’s communication lines (as well as to try and trace him), and they are perpetually kept on the defensive by trying to understand these drops and counteract whatever they think is coming. Unfortunately, this has sometimes manifested as attacks on Americas at large, such as when the train carrying all the Congressional GOP members to a retreat struck a garbage truck:

Train carrying GOP lawmakers to retreat hits truck on tracks, 1 killed

A train carrying members of Congress to a Republican retreat in West Virginia slammed into a garbage truck Wednesday, throwing lawmakers from their seats and leaving at least one person dead, officials said. Authorities identified the person killed as Christopher Foley, 28, of Louisa County, Va., one of two passengers inside the truck.

That was not a mere accident. The area was blocked off to cross traffic, and the truck was only spotted thanks to a drone flying in front of the train, which gave the train enough time to slow down and avoid a catastrophic collision.

Furthermore, as you get deeper and deeper into the drops, you begin to recognize patterns, repeat phrases, certain abbreviations; essentially what you might call “layers of meaning.” Sometimes, it’s a barb at black hats, such as when Q calls the CIA, the “C_A.” Why does he do that? Because they’re missing intelligence. Pretty funny if you ask me.

You’ll see “markers” in Q’s post such as “Alice & Wonderland.” Markers are repeat phrases Q uses to either hint at a hidden meaning, or reinforce an idea in relation to what he’s presenting. So, with the Alice & Wonderland marker, Q was referring to himself as Alice, and Saudi Arabia, later, as “the bloody wonderland.” This was during the time when Trump went to Saudi Arabia, met all the leaders there, and brokered an absolute ton of strategic deals, topped off with a sword dance.

Additionally, you may see things like  “5:5” which typically means “loud and clear” in terms of radio terminology, but it’s also a reference to “the clock” which is another concept Q has introduced to us in relation to “the plan.” (Can you see why Q can be difficult to understand, let alone explain?).

What you need to know to understand that whole last paragraph is that, as part of Military Intelligence, Q is but one part of a larger plan to restore America to greatness. Actually, Q is part of what you might call plan A. Remember how I said Q was Military Intelligence? Well, while we mere mortals may only be hearing of some of this intel for the first time, Military Intelligence has known all this for quite a while. Remember everything I told you above about the 16 year plan to destroy America? Obama’s subversive actions as part of the Muslim Brotherhood? The loyal Generals of US Military Intelligence knew all this as far back as 2013, and debated engaging in a military coup against Obama. They knew who all the good guys really were, and who all the bad guys really were, and they thought for a moment that it might be wise to just cut off the head of the snake, impose martial law for a time, and let God sort ’em out, so to speak. But they chose otherwise. They chose to counteract what damage he was doing, when and where they could, move their people into position, and wait.

Wait for what?

Why, the 2016 election, of course! They quickly formulated a plan, and it needed a few things. It needed to be an honest election (or, honest enough). Soros controls the bulk of the voting machines through shell companies. He needed to be cut off.

They also needed a candidate that could not only run, but win. They needed a patriot, and someone relatively clean. Enter: Citizen Trump. That’s right, he was asked to run.

Had all this failed, there is no doubt in my mind that we would have seen a full-blown military coup during the Hillary years.

And this is partially why Q is always telling us to “trust the plan,” and that all these different variables have been accounted for – to such an extent that they actually have a timeline laid out, with key events set in stone (the deadline being 11/11 for this plan to really wrap up – which, no coincidence, is the day of the scheduled Military Parade. With that in mind, you can actually lay out Q’s posts (and the timestamps of those posts) on a chart – which lines up with a clock.

And what letter of the alphabet does a clock look like when both hands are on the 5’s?

That’s right, it looks like a Q!

And I haven’t even talked about how some of his drops actually end up looking like chess pieces when you center-align them:

Yeah. Layers upon layers of meaning going on here.

But don’t worry if some of that flew over your head right now. My goal isn’t to get you bogged down in all the minutiae that we’ve come to understand over the past many months. By all means, it’s worth seeking out more information on your own – especially if you want to get a handle on the actual state of reality around the world – but it’s beyond the scope of this article today. I’ve got a ton of articles you can go through, here, on the site, but will be listing a bunch of other great resources momentarily.

What is Q’s goal?

Q’s goal, simply stated, is to create a crowd-sourced parallel construction for the general public to see and understand. Q works with the NSA, and the NSA has, for a while now, sucked down every digital communication form conceivable. In other words, they already know who all the bad actors and criminals are. They already have all the evidence. The problem is… none of it is usable. Why? Because of a legal doctrine known as the “fruit of the poisonous tree.”

At its most basic: evidence has to be obtained through legal channels in order for it to be admissible in court. This kind of bulk data collection isn’t admissible.

Now, make no mistake, the good guys really do have all the admissible evidence they need to put these crooks away for good. Lately, Q has taken to reminding us that “We have the server” over and over – a phrase which must put the fear of God in the hearts of the Cabal. No one is getting away here. The real problem Q faces is getting the general public on-board as well. It requires a complete narrative switch, and in order to do that, in order to usher in “The #GreatAwakening,” you have to systematically take down every single support structure those who profit off the Cabal’s narrative have put into place over the course of decades.

We’re talking politicians, we’re talking the media, we’re talking overseas banking, we’re talking pharma, we’re talking criminal organizations, we’re talking human trafficking, we’re talking about CIA operated nations and military bases – we’re talking about a systematic purge of evildoers from the face of the earth.

Think about it from President Trump’s perspective: if Hillary and Obama and so many others really are the criminals Q says they are, and you already have all the evidence you need… what would stop you from acting on it?

Put simply: you need to get the public on-board. And you need to do it in a way that’s publicly accessible to all, and undeniable. You need to shake the great bulk of the American population awake, and disabuse them of any lingering vestiges of the narrative that’s been fed to them by The Cabal for years, and years, and years.

You have to understand: the Cabal’s goal has always been death, destruction, division,  chaos, and control. If Trump was to just send in the military to arrest these criminals, there would be immediate chaos – only furthering the Cabal’s goals. Riots, looting, insurrection – even possible civil war – make no mistake, that’s the stranglehold the Cabal has had over the minds of so many Americans. How else do you get hordes of men and women to dress up as genitalia and march against Trump? It’s total demoralization. It’s absolute brainwashing. And it needs to be reversed (at least among a certain percentage of the population: a “tipping point” if you will) before the real work can begin.

So yes, you’re going to see (and are already starting to see) bad actors purged from every area of government and media imaginable. You’re also going to see an increasing number of legal decisions eroding the Cabal’s power structure. For instance, Trump has been at work chipping away at Planned Parenthood’s funding through different avenues. Planned Parenthood is subsidized by the American taxpayer, charges for their “services” on top of that, as as a result, donates double-digit millions to Cabal-affiliated politicians year after year. Trump is working on starving the beast. You can also look at the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that allows government workers to opt-out of their related Union dues. Government unions function in a similar fashion to Planned Parenthood, by supporting Cabal-affiliated politicians with all manner of donations and networks of support. With one ruling, the Supreme Court just gutted their “legal” money-laundering schemes. And this is very good news for us in both cases, because it’s not you and I these politicians are helping, but themselves and the monied pals.

On top of this all, keep in mind that you can’t just have these criminals facing charges in DC, where they have all their buddies in the court system; not with everything as it is now. No, you have to set up separate Military Tribunals far away from DC, and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure these trails go off without a hitch.

Even then – if you drain the swamp, successfully prosecute, and sentence all of these Cabal members… you still need somewhere to lock them all up (at least the ones you’re not sentencing to death).

You can see how many layers, pieces, and players are involved in this, and why Q always tells us to “trust the plan.”

But the good news is the good guys are winning. Justice is coming to America, and there will be a great restoration for ALL of us as these evildoers are removed from positions of power and influence, and even from the face of the earth. The anons on the boards, the very first ones to bear witness to Q, are here to help you along as the vanguard of the Great Awakening. This is the role Q himself has given us. It’s why I started this blog, which is now filled with hundreds of valuable articles. It’s why I wrote this very essay: to help you and others heal and understand and help bring peace and prosperity back to the nation.

Just as I have done my best to help you understand, it will soon be your job to help others understand, and I hope you’ll come to see this article as a valuable resource for that valiant and most valuable undertaking.


Q resources?

Before we get into some actual Q posts, I want to take a moment to give you links to some very useful QAnon resources. No, I won’t be linking to the boards today. Why? Because we’ve been specifically asked by the board owner that no one link to the board. Don’t worry though, I’m going to give you a plethora of amazing resources that will bring you up to speed and keep you current with all that is happening.

First, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention https://qanon.pub/

QAnon.pub is a Q aggregator which gathers and archives all of Q’s posts in real-time, as they happen. You can browse, as of this writing, all 1681 of Q’s posts, going back to the very beginning on that website. You’ll also find links to thread archives on every post, as well as “Answers” on some of these posts, where Anons have had some of their own decodes added to help make sense of some of the more cryptic-sounding posts.

Second, I have to link to the absolutely outstanding QMap PDF by @IAMBECAUSEWEARE, with the most current version (as of this writing) available for download here: https://mega.nz/#!4zB0AYTT!LPaBjK3mX2tuly_FF229ly3xAEiL9jPn8b92mrewi4I

The PDF is an indispensable resource spanning over 1000 pages now, going into great depth about all of Q’s posts. I consider it mandatory reading if you’re really looking to understand QAnon.

Thirdly, GermanArchiveAnon has a great archive of past threads, important files and videos located here: https://mega.nz/#F!LPZxEIYJ!N5JwCNoxOxOtAoErKdUgvw!qLBRWRAB

Fourthly, you can’t ignore the work of the great patriots over at reddit.com/r/GreatAwakening. Anything notable that happens on the boards gets mirrored there almost instantly. It’s a treasure-trove of valuable information with some great personalities hard at work, every day.

Lastly, I’ll direct your attention to https://www.qproofs.com/. Looking for hard evidence of Q’s veracity? You’ll find it here, in easy-to-understand graphical form.

And now, without further adieu, we’ll get into some of the most important posts Q has ever made.



The Top 15 Q posts

Odd number, 15, I know. However, given that there are almost 1700 QAnon drops now, you can imagine that it was very hard for me to pick just 15 as “the best,”  let alone stick to a number like “top 10.” So, for our purposes, we’re getting a top 15. Maybe someone would have picked other drops, but in my mind you can’t go wrong with these drops.

Really understand though, all of Q’s posts are valuable and worth your time. However, not all are equally valuable for someone coming to Q completely fresh. I picked these drops to help you begin to understand the scale and scope of what’s really been happening in this silent war. Again, I’m not writing to convince you as to the truthfulness of Q. I’m also not writing this to give a line-by-line decode of all these posts. Those already exist elsewhere (with many of my own on this site) and are easily accessible with a little search engine ingenuity.

I’m writing this under the assumption that there will come a point in time when the truthfulness of Q will be undeniable to the general public. These drops are listed here to help the general public find their moorings as their world is about to be flipped upside-down.

And with that in mind, let’s get into it, starting… where else? At the very beginning, with Q’s first two posts:

If you’re not familiar with the way the chans work, the bottom portion of the drop above was the bit written by Q. The part written about Hillary being arrested between 7:45-8:30 was written by someone else with no real knowledge of what was going on. This line has been mistakenly reported by many in the media as evidence that Q is a mere conspiracy theory, who has made wrong predictions like this from the get-go.

Not so. Those so-called “journalists” were just idiots who didn’t know how to read a chan thread.

But if you’re reading Q’s bit now, note… he specifies a date for National Guard activation: 10/30… but he never specified a year in his drop. This has lead many anons to believe he was indeed talking about October 30th of 2018, not 2017.

On to drop 2:

Q, in drop number 2, is introducing us to, not only himself, not only to some foundational concepts, but the way he will continue to reason with Anons over the coming months. There’s his trademark Socratic style; his way of leading us with questions to the answers he wants us to see. There are the abbreviations (in this case, AW = Anthony Weiner, who, for the record is in a federal prison, as opposed to a state prison, so as to prevent him from being assassinated by black hats). And there are the double-meanings (in this case, Huma not only means Huma Abedin, Hillary’s assistant, but is a cue to anons to begin researching HUMA – the Harvard University Muslim Alumni group – and investigating any associations with the Muslim Brotherhood).

What we will come to learn from this and other drops in the coming months is that the entire Intelligence Apparatus of the US has been corrupted, save for Military Intelligence and the NSA. Furthermore, we will learn that it was the Military who asked Trump to run his Presidential campaign, it was the Military who helped secure the 2016 election from election fraud, thus securing Trump’s incredible, odds-defying victory, and we will learn that because he is the President, Trump has access to every last bit of classified intelligence the NSA has at their disposal.

Perhaps, most importantly, we learn that the Republican and Democrat career politicians (members of The Cabal) never thought they would lose, leaving them wide open and unprepared for the Storm that was about to come their way.

Q really starts to really lay out the reality of the situation here, first by invoking SCI[F]. Scif stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, and it’s basically a secure room for viewing sensitive and classified information. You’ll recall HRC had one built in her NY home – the same one which conveniently had a fire break out in it not that long ago. Through later drops, we would later learn that Hillary was selling access to the SCIF to foreign governments.

This is also the first instance of Q’s “killbox,” aka – whatever is between the brackets. In this case, it’s [F]. It is my personal belief that, in this case, Q was telling us that Hillary’s SCIF had been targeted and wasn’t as secure as she would have otherwise liked to believe – though this has yet to be verified by Q or anyone else.

We also get introduced to a few patriots who had previously made the news – Admiral Rogers, who informed Trump that the Obama administration was actively spying on him, and Gen. Flynn, who plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit, in order to get a ton of evidence entered into the public record as part of his testimony. You’ll see his charges dropped soon, and he’ll be rejoining the Trump Administration shortly thereafter.

And here, we start to see the workings of the Cabal – how Soros funds operations like AntiFa to engage in domestic terrorism, and how they sow the seeds of division. As it’s most basic, if the American people are divided among themselves, they’re not fighting globalists like Soros.

Q’s intention is to awaken Americans to that fact (and many others), and get us focused on our real enemies.

I chose this drop because it highlights very effectively the divisive tactics of the Cabal. They target one group, and reinforce a demoralizing victimhood narrative through the media (as part of Operation Mockingbird) in order to not only gain votes, but to create an underclass that is effectively enslaved and helpless without Government assistance. There’s a reason why black neighborhoods have suffered so much, and it lies largely at the feet of the Cabal and Poverty Pimps like Maxine Waters (though she is far from the only one).

Furthermore, you have Q here openly acknowledging the existence of a “pedo network” within Hollywood. Every day we learn more about that, through things like the NXIVM story, and through drops on sites like crazydaysandnights.net.

Q hints now at the level of intel to which he has direct access. The only person with more access would be someone like #POTUS himself. He also implies that he knows everything about the true nature of the Uranium 1 scandal; the ultimate goal of which was to destroy America and Russia in a nuclear holocaust, by funneling nuclear materials to an Iranian base, operated by the CIA (yes, the same one that was exposed and destroyed by POTUS in Syria not that long ago). We will soon come to understand this criminal plot as “The 16 Year Plan” to Destroy America, and it was brought to us by none other than Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and their many cabal underlings.

If you didn’t believe Q before, you had best start now. If you truly want to understand nations like North Korea and Iran, you have to first understand that the CIA is not your friend and that these are CIA-operated nations used to hold the rest of the world hostage. Until very recently, Kim Jong-Un was a slave to the Cabal in North Korea, like his father before him. We would learn in a later Q drop that North Korea has nuclear capabilities since 2004, and that this is where Eric Schmidt, of Google, would go to set up a private Gmail server for Obama and Hillary and the Deep State, so they could communicate using Gmail drafts.

Why would they communicate using Gmail drafts? To try and avoid detection by the likes of the NSA.

At least… that’s what they tried. It didn’t work, and POTUS ended up bringing home the Cabal’s Gmail server as part of his North Korea deal.

With this drop, you start to see the rats scurrying. The Podestas are in panic mode, and Obama has been trying to find a new handler (his previous was Valerie Jarrett), as well as trying to pre-empt/follow-up Trump’s overseas visits to reassure Cabal members overseas, and help retain their loyalty.

Q begins to especially highlight Saudi Arabia as a cornerstone of the Cabal, what with all it’s oil money, and its past history of terrorism. Q even implies here that 9/11 truly was an inside job, with members of the bin Laden family being cleared to fly out of the US on 9/11, as well as Bush II being awfully chummy with the Saudis.

MS-13 are stormtroopers for the Cabal, and the worst kind at that. They are absolute animals, as Trump says; exceedingly violent and reprehensible. And they were brought here to carry out hits and intimidation for The Cabal.

After all, we would soon learn that it was the Cabal who paid two MS-13 members to perform a hit on DNC email leaker Seth Rich.

Beyond that, Q discloses that the investigation into Hillary’s e-mails would have lead directly back to Obama, because he was using a private alias on their private server as well, so he OK’d stopping the investigation – in order to save his own treacherous hide.

As for the markers at the end – Snow White refers to the seven supercomputers run by the CIA, and Godfather III, in all likelihood, refers to the Vatican’s direct involvement in child trafficking, given this quote from the film:

“The only wealth in this world is children; more than all the money, power on earth, you are my treasure.” – Michael Corleone

Again, we’re really only scratching the surface of these drops, so if you’re feeling a bit disoriented at this point, I would first take a break from reading before coming back to this, and second, highly encourage you to look at all of the Q drops at a later date. My goal here is to give you the 40,000 foot view and help you make sense of what might otherwise feel like very crazy and troubling times.

Remember when I talked about the Neo-Babylonian Death Cult all the way back in the beginning of this article? I wasn’t joking. Q gets into the money-masters here, and how they fund their insidious operations. +++ is the House of Saud, ++ are the Rothschilds, and + is Soros.

But to get back to the drop at hand, Q is confirming “conspiracy theorists'” ideas about The Cabal – how they are all members of this cult which engages in human sacrifice, pedophilia, human trafficking, and even the cannibalism of children.

I challenge any of you to go back and re-read some of Trump’s older tweets – especially the ones about Barack Obama’s birth certificate and name change. (Oh yes, Q addresses that and promises that one day soon, a picture of Obama will be released where he’s wearing full Muslim garb, and aiming an AK at someone. Heck, by the time this article finds you, such a picture may have already been released). But the point is… Trump knows, and has known for a very long time. Just as there are black hats perpetrating evil deeds on the world, so too, white hats have been fighting the good fight – and if you go back through Trump’s history, it becomes clear that he’s been in this fight for a very long time.

This post was… almost like a flowchart, with each line finding causation in the previous. So, if you start out and read it all in plain language, SR (Seth Rich), and he gave the DNC files to WL (Wikileaks). Word gets out, and Obama hired DNI for damage control. James Clapper was DNI’s director, and he goes to John Brennan, the CIA’s (Clowns in America, as Q often calls them) director. They formulate the basis for the Russian Collusion hoax together, to cover the DNC’s behinds, and hire Google and Crowdstrike to perpetuate this lie, that the DNC was hacked by “Russians.”

A hit is then asked for by the DNC (who was chaired at the time by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz). 187 is California Penal Code for murder, and then Q tells us that the two MS-13 gang members who were hired for the hit get taken out themselves as part of the cleanup. The FBI and DOJ assist with the cover-up. “Insurance” is a reference to Peter Strzok’s texts, where he said:

I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.

Q then gives us an image of a pyramid with the top knocked off. Again, this is a reference to “the cult” (think “eye of providence)” but also a deliberate note that they’ve lost power and control. To try and regain control, all these Democrats go into overdrive, and eventually come up with the “Russian Dossier” which tries to link Trump to “Russian Hackers” in order to kill two birds with one stone. They go through the Five Eyes members, and end up working with Christopher Steele of MI6. They produce this phony dossier, with Steele’s primary points of contact being John Podesta and Eric Holder (and a few others). Meanwhile, Obama uses this phony dossier as “evidence” to justify spying on Citizen Trump’s presidential campaign.

John McCain then leaks the dossier to Buzzfeed in an attempt to shape the public narrative.

Astounding, right?

And they all almost got away with it.

This is an incredibly important post. Why? Because at the end of the day, what Q is teaching us is how to stand up for ourselves again. The reason the Cabal wants population control, and advances wars, disease, plague, famine, etc is because… they are few. In terms of sheer numbers, we truly do have the power. These spiritual vampires hide in darkness, but they are relatively few and weak.

It’s a numbers game. All it takes to defeat them is making sure everyone is not only aware of their crimes, but actively demanding justice while working to rebuild the country.

I think the reason some people have a resistance to #MAGA is that superficially… it might look a bit selfish, but the truth is, it’s totally communal. It’s about strengthening your families, your communities, your neighborhoods, your towns and cities, and shaking off the shackles of these self-appointed overlords who consider us little more than sheep, just another resource to be spent for their own advancement.

And now… for the biggie:

This is the “16 Year Plan” I was telling you about before. There is so much here, but the fundamental thrust of it all is that every single action taken by Obama was taken to deliberately weaken and divide the American people. And he was making major progress on that front, make no mistake. And Q lays it all out here, from leaking classified military assets, to removing Generals from power, to weakening the NSA with the Snowden leaks, to targeting Conservative groups with the IRS, to opening the border and allowing the likes of MS-13 to filter in, in droves, to killing NASA, to funding Uranium 1, and even calling for the assassination of Justice Antonin Scalia.

And that was just phase one. Hillary was supposed to be phase 2. But remember… “They never thought she would lose.”

Hillary was to oversee the utter collapse and starvation of the US economy, while simultaneously disarming the population AND opening the borders. She’d stack the Supreme Court with her picks, have the constitution rewritten, remove the electoral college, and censor news outlets that didn’t fall in line.

And this was all before the nukes they had funded and had manufactured started falling. That was going to be blamed on Russia, too, remember – which would have the “nice” little side-effect of starting WWIII, and obliterating the last two nations on earth who had any hope of independently resisting the influence of the Cabal.

When Q says Pure EVIL he means it.

There’s not much I need to add to this. Q is speaking very plainly in this drop.

But did you catch that at the end? 60% must remain private for humanity’s sake.

The evil we’ve uncovered – even with all the talk of human sacrifice and worse – is just scratching the surface.

Just rest assured that many good individuals have risked so much to put these people away for good.

And finally… we’ve reached my number 1 pick:

I’m not going to lie: the last few decades have been hard. Really hard. I’ve felt it, and I know you’ve felt it, too. The last few decades, but especially the Obama have years have felt like a constant erosive force against the spirit of America; a sort of weakening, a collective deadening of our souls.

That was deliberate.

The excellent news is that the highest heights we will achieve during the Great Restoration of America will be so much greater than the lowest depths those small-souled men and women of The Cabal tried to drag us down into. The criminals who attempted to murder and destroy us will face justice, and We the People will send the worst among them to meet their maker, where they won’t be able to hide in darkness, where they won’t have any backroom connections to bail them out, and where they will have to answer for all the lives they ruined.

When Q says “The choice has always been yours” he is telling us that we don’t have to go along with the decline; that we can reject it from the very depths of our souls, and that if we strive for it, a new day will dawn over this nation, and we will be greater than ever before. The possibilities, the hope for the future – it’s all there for us like never before, with Our Father in Heaven smiling down upon us.

GOOD is about to TRIUMPH over evil in a major way, and it will be like nothing we have ever experienced before.

Welcome to the QAnon.

Welcome to the Great Awakening.


Whew. That post is, I think, the longest post I’ve ever written for the site. The PDF itself clocks in at 32 pages (albeit, with all those images, but still, quite lengthy).

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Thanks so much.

114 thoughts on “Who is QAnon? An Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. “Sometimes, it’s a barb at black hats, such as when Q calls the CIA, the “C_A.” Why does he do that? Because they’re missing intelligence. Pretty funny if you ask me.”


  2. I have been following Q since Q was an Anon but it was still worth the read, thank you 🙂 as always great info….

    One question I keep coming back to in my thinking is if the military planned to get Trump into office (simply by preventing HRCs rigging [which is why she never expected to lose] of the ballot boxes, and that’s why the polls were so much in her favour as by being so much in her favour any win would have looked perfectly normal given those polls)

    So as I was asking if the military had backed Trump then why does it seem that things never really took off until Admiral Rogers visited Trump at Trump Towers and the day after Trump moved his campaign team out of Trump Towers.

    What I can’t grasp as I think of that is why if the whole campaign was part of the plan then why was there a need for Rogers to visit Trump and let him know of the surveillance and FISA abuse etc? Or rather why was it so public?

    So far my only thought was it was part of setting the stage and part of the public narrative…?

    What’s your thoughts on that mate I’d be interested to know?

    • Just spit balling here but:

      Adm R visiting Trump’s Campaign HQ was just part of the script. There needed to be a “Reason” the Trump campaign moved so abruptly for the media show. They (Trumpers) knew the joint was bugged and spoke appropriately. We’re talking cameras, voice and data bugs.

      It would look extremely odd if the Campaign just “Up and moved for no reason” as well as the need for some “Conduit” that Trump could use to tell the world, “Obama is bugging me!”. The media, Cabal and Dem’s were on that like flies on shit with their speculation of Adm R’s visit.

      I could be wrong but that is the most logical answer to me.


    • Thank you for explaining Q to an old lady. Fortunately my memory is good; sometimes bits of info collected over time start to fit together to form a picture like an ancient mosaic. Many pieces may be missing but enough is there to mentally see the whole.
      The pedo stuff turns my stomach. It makes me want to put these people through a meat grinder, but God forbid I should descend to their level of depravity. George Soros’ phone number was stored on Antony Weiner’s cell . . . . .

  3. I’ve been linking your articles on FB, it seems the hardest pill to swallow for folks is the Bush is dirty and 9/11. The evilness of hillary, yeah, no prob. This is a great introduction, simple, concise but still very deep. Job well done, you!

    • But if the C_A is in against no such agency, all the way up to their eye-balls in corruption, then it follows that they, at a minimum, sat back and let 9/11 happen when it could have been stopped.

      The Bush family’s Never-Trumperism, S&B connections, and so much more, paint a pretty dark picture of Bush. One thing I’m struck by when you step back and look, is how much every president since Reagan looks the same, if you just consider the actual actions, what gets done by government, under them all. In fact, Obama looked like George Bush the Third to me. That’s literally what I have called him dozens of times on social media. That’s not a compliment to either one. It’s just how similar they are in practice.

  4. nice job NEON
    I believe
    there is so much to talk about here
    it reminds me of the Mengele effect
    or was that Mandela effect
    looking back on my life and on my parents and grandparents lives that I know of I feel a certain manipulation has been taking place in all our lives and multiple realities must exist
    there appear to be 2 chess players call them good and evil and a 3rd player in the shadows
    evil has held sway for a long time and humanity has suffered
    the GOOD GUYS are not alone they do have help and similar resources to the DARK side
    either they manipulate events or have access to the future and past a good film for this THE LAST MIMZY think past and future for that film
    p.s. what else was the Mengele effect think freezing technology and turkey basters

    one more today I met one of the mi actors and he mentioned that jesus had a sense of humor
    any thoughts on this

  5. Excellent content as always! Already downloaded the PDF and saved to multiple flash drives and printed a hard copy.

    While I hate to be “that guy” – the grammar A-hole – if this is something that is going to be released to the public-at-large, it needs to be grammatically perfect and free of typos. This is by no means a negative criticism of the content but a strategic observation. Normies will be looking for any reason not to swallow the Qpill. Minor errors like typos in the first full paragraph will satisfy their defense mechanism, leading to full rejection of the content despite its veracity (“Oh, well there’s this grammar error / typo / etc., so the whole thing must mean it’s all false. Yes, it’s all made up. Pass.”) Yes, it is absolutely petty and narrow-minded but that’s the reality in which we must operate.

    Would it be possible to add a link (at least temporarily) to get the original Word/OpenOffice/etc. file that was used to create this outstanding PDF? It would be good to get a couple extra eyes on it for the minutia since you’ve already crushed the heavy lifting. I’d be happy to help in any way I can (provided I have enough sleep to be laser-focused… which did not happen last night…) as I’m sure others would, too.

    Again, outstanding work, Neon. We are with you 100%.

    • Friendly advice: Don’t be “happy to help”, that just means you’re not helping, yet you want to feel happy. If you want to help, then help. You can easily copy-edit the linked PDF file, and send it back to NEON. That would be helping.

      • You are correct, Darwinite, and I started editing an hour or two after I posted that first comment. The intent was not to impose, sound critical or ungrateful but then I thought, “I have an opportunity to contribute. It’s not much but it’s something.” I should have commented again to state I’d begun editing but I got slammed with work. Neon is a great writer so there’s not really that much to do but, as stated above, getting it rock-solid on the little stuff may help reduce rejection on matters unrelated to the actual content.

        I’m about a third of the way at this point. Slow, but it’s what I’ve been able to do with limited availability (haven’t been able to edit today at all.) Should be able to complete all/most of it by the end of this weekend. The girlfriend will be out with friends tomorrow evening so that will definitely help with productivity.

        • That’s awesome, sir. You’ve got a great attitude towards constructive criticism, and I salute you for it. WWG1WGA.

  6. Booyah! Thank you for dedicating so much time and effort into this – shared on FB for the newbs but I think that PDF link should have a scannable code, too (QR, is that it?) so that it can be added to the slick business card format distributed on the chan for home printing and leaving stacks here and there as one travels. Or wee stickers for bus stops for city folks…regardless, love this and thank you!

  7. Fantastically composed! I too, am a long time follower of Q and feel blessed to have found your site some months ago.
    I read this article bc frankly…. I’d read anything you write! I learned why the ‘I’ was missing – lol, somehow that had escaped me.
    I just want to remind fellow readers that we can all support the collection/distribution of this info by chipping in a mere $1.99 (less than a cup of coffee) to Neon Revolt.
    Thank you Neon!!!!!

  8. Great post! Although I been following you for a while I think this info is best used by sending it to friends who may have heard of Q but aren’t really in the know. Makes it very easy to spread the knowledge.

    Also, I love the Q t-shirt. Thanks.

    Jack Ketch

  9. This was an excellent read. I do appreciate the work you do! I did not find the WWG1WGA poster of the navy man boarding the ship on your website? Is there a place I can purchase it?

  10. Great job, Neon! I really want to send this to others, but I hesitate… The introduction is a lot to swallow right off the bat, without having read the foundation the rest of the article provides. Not to nit-pick, but the intro about the Cabal should be a bit gentler and more vague, to ease the newbie into Qdrops and to hook them, making them want to continue reading undeterred. To be frank, if I was a Q-skeptic, I probably wouldn’t make it past the intro. Otherwise, this is the best Q overview I’ve seen! WWG1WGA

    • Great article! I have only been following for a couple of months and learned a lot. Thanks
      I do agree with the other poster though. I hesitate to share with others because the deep stuff being in the beginning. I don’t think my family and friends would be open to read the rest and that would be ashame because you share a lot of great and we’ll written info! Thank you so much for writing these great articles! Love the website

  11. Best article I’ve read so far! Thanks so much. I know you couldn’t cover everything but I suggest you update this and cover the sealed indictments/Huber (40,000+ as of July) and Dec. 21 executive order establishing a national emergency against human trafficking and global financial corruption. Those are two pretty important red pills easily verifiable using official govt sites (pacer and whitehouse.gov). Not only would they help establish credibility but they would also point out how the media is completely turning a blind eye to big news!!!

  12. I was reading this essay with a dual purpose: for my own edification and evaluating it as a tool to present to newbies/normies. What struck me most in a high level look is that Q posts look somewhat like English but with coded abbreviations. Without knowing what the abbreviations stand for, large parts of the message are lost. So my first thought was a Q dictionary was going to be needed. I know I’d like a Q dictionary and would use it.

    Then it occurs to me that the people I know who I would like to introduce Q to just flat out are not going to flip from a Q post to a Q dictionary, back and forth, several times per post. I can tell folks this is important, give links or hard copies of Q posts (and a Q dictionary if it is created) but what are the reactions going to be? A few will smile, read a few posts and not follow up on their own. Most will look at it and dismiss it, walking away (more on this aspect later).

    A total translation of Q posts, where all the abbreviations are replaced only solves part of the problem. Sure, people won’t need to flip from post to dictionary to find out VJ is Valerie Jarrett. But aside from a few who might remember Roseann tweeted and lost her show over a gorilla reference to Valerie, most are going to say “Who is Valerie Jarrett?” with a subtext of why do I care?

    The answer to “Why do I care?” almost certainly will be: I don’t care. A follow on thought, like “Should I care?” just will not occur. Flat out, the thought will not occur because people today are not curious about things. The school system has indoctrinated out most capacity for independent, critical, logical thought. Heck, most people trying to read Q’s posts may need dictionaries for the non abbreviated words since most can’t read well enough to pass what used to be the 6th grade.

    So is NeonRevolt’s work in vain? Not at all. He is fighting the good fight. And that is always worth fighting. In fact, the good fight is the only fight worth fighting. But, and I would love to be proved wrong on this, don’t expect his work or Q’s posts to result in a mass awakening. At best it will spark a response here and there. If not with folks I know, then perhaps with some you know. If we get to the 3-10% range of awakening I will be surprised and delighted. The balance, to win elections, is going to have to come from sloganeering and sound bites, the traditional tools of politicians. The newest sound bite tool, Twitter, is one President Trump has far out mastered his opponents in for swaying the masses. The Boards are the equivalent tool for the thinking, logical person. Those kind of people will be a minority for generations after the school system is changed from indoctrination to education. In the mean time, it is still the good fight.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Just wanted to repeat your point that a TV star lost her show for a joke about Valerie Jarrett. Things that make you go hmmm.

  13. This is a great idea and I would love to distribute them. But, not before I try to correct the typos and grammatical errors that only serve to dilute your message.

    I offer this constructive criticism in all charity. If you’re going to go to the trouble to produce something this elaborate with the intent to convince others, you simply must take the time and effort to proofread carefully and repeatedly. Ask others to help if you don’t like to do it, but it’s non-negotiable. Many will stop reading after the first error. Please go back and correct the errors in this so it’s not a waste of your time and talent. Or, let me do it for you; I used to be an editor. The content is great and worthy of a pristine presentation. Thanks for putting such a document together and for sharing it.

  14. When Trump went around the panel at the debate pointing his finger at each of them and said ” I gave to your campaign, I gave to your campaign, I gave to your campaign….” I knew he knew it all. The lies, the deceit the child sex, the vileness of it all. When I started watching The Apprentice, I was not a big Trump fan. I was an Entreprenneur watching out of curiosity to see how he dealt with people, how he thought, how he achieved goals. What he valued. We live in exciting times. This was an EXCELLENT layout and breakdown for new people. Thanks for all you do. WWG1WGA

  15. Neon:
    Two quick things to add that are important I believe.
    1. It’s not just Democrats that involved. It involves Republicans also.
    2. The E.O. of 12/21/17 for Human Trafficking and Corruption declaring National
    Emergency and the Seizure of Assets.

    Just a Suggestion. GREAT Work. I found this site a couple months ago and am hooked.

  16. Fascinating information and I realize now how much of the past events now make sense. But I can’t help but think, if this is public, then it means they are seeing it as well? Same goes w/ the videos, etc. Won’t that hinder our efforts as they will always be one step ahead if they know what’s coming? Just curious.

  17. Wow, this was much needed for me and probably many more. I’ve been following Q for some time but this post was very much needed. I feel so much more enlightened by your writings that if I don’t see a new post from you every other day or so I start to get withdrawals. I check your site every day, sometimes two or three times a day hoping to see your next post. Im helplessly addicted. So appreciate your time and dedication to the Great Awakening. Godspeed my friend.

  18. Before Q, I had read the basic ideas, but they were not put out in the 8 and 8 format like now. I remember from the 60s, the Ayres types, with the need to kill millions, the Agenda 21, the 2030 UN plan with the smaller population all moved into urban blocks with green space between….

    And before that, of course, the books like “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” had the same information… so some of us who are older have been following this since the late 60s and early 70s…. I believed it then, and also, like many, I felt like I was screaming into the dark for 8 years — Can’t you see what O is and what he is put in place to DO???

    But can you help me with a few questions?

    Why are people remaining free to destroy evidence and threaten or intimidate witnesses? Why are we told every document from the memo to the IG report will break it all open, but it always turns out to be just more covering up? Why aren’t informants telling us “Chill, it’ll be a year till anything happens” instead of “get out the popcorn; it’s all happening this week.”

    Now it’ll be another year till the next report, on the 320s comes out — and odds are, it’ll show “no intent,” just like Comey said about HC and Huber said in his report. So now the IG joins the long list, starting with Comey, of people that we were assured were “the most ethical men in America” etc..who turned out to be part of the cover-up. The Awans go free, Page and Strzok just say “no” to congress…HC talks of running again.

    Meanwhile, people on our side are getting stalked, harassed, threatened, shot at, beaten up…Guess my question is, why aren’t the White Hats protecting people and stopping evidence from destroyed?

    Well, if this gets seen by you or readers or maybe even printed, I hope people can help me out here. Love what you do and am praying constantly for our leaders and our country. MAGA!

  19. Hi Neon!
    I agree with Lisa and ERock in re: editing. I also know how hard it is to “see” your own typos and misspellings…always good to have another, fresher set of eyes on what you’re writing.
    Speaking of eyes, my brother is a bit of a historian and was researching our family history in Rhode Island and it’s other early colonists. Interesting that there are two branches of Gardner…some that spell their surname “Gardiner” and others that spell their surname as “Gardner”. The joke is, the Gardiner’s side, refer to the Gardners as the “Blind Gardners”…because they have no “i”. (I am not a Gardner, nor am I a Gardiner, my maternal side of the family are direct descendants of Roger Williams, through John Alden and Priscilla Mullins).
    So, when I see the missing “i”, I think the C_A has no intelligence and most likely, as they are missing an “i”, they are “blind” as well!
    I love your articles, Neon! I find them very thought provoking and intelligent. You lay out the Q drops and your thoughts and ideas on them, in a manner that makes them ingestible for us normies…and for new normies playing catch up! Thank you for all your hard work…and no doubt, many sleepless nights!

  20. Bravo! Well done. Will be sharing this. Just hope the pedophillia/human sacrificing stuff doesn’t turn a bunch of people away. They need to know that this is REAL.

  21. Hey Neon,

    I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that FreeRepublic.com has put together quite a Qdictionary. which helped me when I was first on board with Q. Being a newbie, I’d read a drop and ask myself…now who are they referring to again with those initials and codes…ya know…until you get to know them and can just read along.
    And to be honest, as a newbie, I went everywhere for Q info, Patriot Hour, Praying Medic, Deception Bytes and many, many others. I still do. But Neon, I love your fresh approach and the “clock” was the killer! It was brilliant!!! (I’m aware that it’s the work of another anon…but YOU explained its significance to the Q drops, so well!, ThanQ you!). And I love the recent Alice in Wonderland article…it’s awesome, potent imagery!

  22. Excellent addition to the growing body of those providing an introduction to people just now coming to the Q phenom. Very impressive, my friend. Thank you.

  23. Q was arrested last October by the Mueller team. His posts are actually coded messages for those in the know about the Trump investigation. That is the truth, as painful as it is to believe. Of course, no one here will admit that plain fact.

  24. More Bacon Than The Pan Can Handle !

    An artful and comprehensive synopsis of a profound and treacherously blessed phenomena that is Q.

    Right right, good good, old man.

    This calls for Bagpipes.

    Bagpipes confuse and irritate the zombie rabble; and stir the soul of the righteous.


  25. Word of a photo of Barack Hussein in moslem garb aiming an AK47 reminds me of the claim by the honorable pastor Dr. James David Manning that the young Obama spent his college years NOT at Columbia but in the training camps of the taleban [mujaheddin]. I wonder where the former Harlem preacher enemy of Obama-turned- ruthless accuser of Trump got his information? Still, Columbia class president at the time Wayne Allan Root insists he knew every student on campus but never saw Barack Hussein once. Personally, I could not see Barry in Pakistan, even as a CIA agent. He was raised in Djakarta, and more likely could have passed for a southeast Asian than a south Asian, but there you are.

  26. Hey Neon.
    Love your posts!
    Is it ok if I take a copy of this and translate to swedish? I will absolutely link to you and make sure readers know it is a translation of your original post!!
    High regards

  27. Thank you for all the work you do for us.. I am Q new and was really frustrated trying to figure the whole thing out until I found this site. I just come here now because really some stuff is Chinese like the Clock.. OMG than damn clock..

  28. Excellent work. Great read.

    There might be a small typo.

    “No, you have to set up separate Military Tribunals far away from DC, and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure these trails go off without a hitch.”

    Trails she TRIALS?

    Just a thought!

  29. Brilliant analysis. I have been around since the inception. Lancifer/aka the Pastor from from various boards.Carry on….carry on….

  30. I’m going to be straight up honest with you. I got a real condescending vibe from this.

    I wander from blog to blog, and I’ve seen stuff from AangirFan, reallygraceful, and other places that talk about everything that Q is talking about. Everything about the Cabal, Rothschilds, Soros, Illuminati, all that jazz. It’s there. But the one thing I find extremely suspicious is when people pull the ‘I know something you don’t know, ha ha ha’ line. It was really evident here.

    You answer your own question later in the post:

    “We’re talking politicians, we’re talking the media, we’re talking overseas banking, we’re talking pharma, we’re talking criminal organizations, we’re talking human trafficking, we’re talking about CIA operated nations and military bases – we’re talking about a systematic purge of evildoers from the face of the earth.

    Think about it from President Trump’s perspective: if Hillary and Obama and so many others really are the criminals Q says they are, and you already have all the evidence you need… what would stop you from acting on it?

    Put simply: you need to get the public on-board. And you need to do it in a way that’s publicly accessible to all, and undeniable. You need to shake the great bulk of the American population awake, and disabuse them of any lingering vestiges of the narrative that’s been fed to them by The Cabal for years, and years, and years.”

    At one point, the Left was telling you about the CIA influencing elections. Fidel Castro did. You didn’t listen because they were the ‘enemy’. No one went after the CIA – they only went after Russia and the socialists.

    But let’s talk about the scope here. We’re talking massive data dumps. Q says he’s got the server; that he’s got dirt on everyone. But there’s been no massive data dump. Only shreds and cryptic messages and begging the question. Earlier in the post there’s an allusion to the intelligence community watching Q’s activities. Q is still there. He’s still alive. He’s not posting anything that is directly a threat.

    Q says the Rothschilds, for example, are worth 2 trillion dollars. But that’s not the ‘real amount’ because their true net worth is never recorded. So where did he get this number? Once I heard it was 900 trillion. No matter what the number is, we’ll never know, because their bank accounts aren’t going to be emptied and their wealth isn’t going to be broached.

    You want the public to ‘wake up’. That’s the same thing the filmmakers of Loose Change, Zeitgeist, and other like-minded media has said for years. You keep telling people to wake up to a truth you admit you don’t have all the answers to and they’ll roll your eyes. You have the evidence? Dump it all. Piece by piece. No cryptic language, no hints. You want to break the Cabal, you hit them where it hurts. Not by demanding the public do the job for you.

    Does the public have all the evidence? No. You don’t, either. And evidence that may contradict you (like Trump being in Epstein’s black book and knowing Roy Cohen and working with Soros) is ignored.

    Data dumpers don’t need t-shirts. Their work speaks for them. If the Cabal is threatened, I’m sure with knowledge of all their inner workings, price tags, bank accounts, and whatnot not being investigated by at least the believers shouldn’t be a problem. Why rely on a public you consider ‘unenlightened’? JC Denton took on the Illuminati on his own. Why not you?

    But hey, maybe Q can merge with Helios and bring in a new world. We’ll see, won’t we? We’ll see with the data he provides – the hard data.

    • Q himself has answered a couple of the questions you pose. First, as to why Q doesn’t just begin dumping what he or she already has, Q posted this a while back in response to multiple anons’ complaints about the lack of visible arrests of high profile perps:
      “Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.”
      One of the purposes of Q posting on the chans is to create a “parallel investigation” in a public forum in an effort to counter the “fruit of the poisonous tree” problem inherent in information that comes from the NSA/MI. They truly do “have it all”, but they can’t use it in a court of law because of where it came from. By dropping leads, or “crumbs” as they are called on the Q boards, in a Socratic dialog style, Q enlists the autists and other researchers to scour the internet to find publicly available information on, and confirmations of, the questions he wants answered. These questions and confirmations are usually produced through a hive-mind process, creating a “six degrees of separation” level of distance from the original NSA and Military Intelligence data. Once the answers and confirmations are disseminated in other public forums, like Facebook or Twitter, or in the alternative or main stream media, they eventually become part of the public dialog. It’s a brilliant strategy actually.
      Q has said that the Rothschilds have disclosed wealth of 2+ trillion, but that NSA/MI know that it is orders of magnitude higher than that. On December 21st, 2017, President Trump signed an “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”. That same day Eric Schmidt resigned as chairman of the board of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think? Perhaps Eric realized that his involvement in the cabal put all of the assets of Alphabet at risk, just as all the assets of everyone else involved in the cabal, in human trafficking, or in other forms of corruption are now at risk. The Rothschilds’ trillions will soon be put to much better use. Here is the link to the executive order referenced:

  31. I need to make one comment before I read more. I think it’s really important to note that everything we’re learning can be found out without Q. It’s not like people have been clueless, along comes Q, and we’re going, “Crap! Really?” Maybe some are, and that’s good. And that’s been Q’s benefit to society, FINALLY getting out the red pill in a public sense that has been so needed. Q is simply congealing together, along with “the most massive, public intelligence drop in history”, the knowledge and the plan that you are highlighting for us Neon.

  32. Is Q real or not? Does it matter? Why? Or is the answer really contained in the purpose. The purpose is most relevant. If you knew had 40k+ sealed indictments. If you knew the mainstream media was fake news and totally controlled opposition. If you knew your 40k+ sealed indictments implicated very rich, high profile, connected criminals who were flight risks. If you knew that arresting them could create panic chaos and anarchy in the streets. Then how would you prepare the public?

    Reading Q posts and listening to the various decodes is entertaining and intellectually stimulating. But only the purpose is relevant. Is the public prepared for the most massive arrests of high profile criminals in the history of the USA?

    Is it a conincidence that the start of the build to 40k+ indictments and the massive resignations to now 3000+ CEOs & Govt officials began the same month Q started posting?

    I think not. Focus on the purpose. Enjoy the show.

  33. Talked to a friend yesterday…fellow patriot…that I haven’t spoken to in several months. She has been very upset…depressed…stated QAnon was a LARP didn’t believe anything would ever happen to the bad guys. I calmed her down…and then I forwarded her THIS article. I sent her a link to the Q posts site (not 8Chan) and also sent her a couple of names of YouTube channels that really do a good job decoding Q drops (Praying Medic and DeceptionBytes). She emailed me last night thanking me for sending her your article…read the entire thing…asked for more. I told her to go back through your other articles but that I would copy her with links once you have new ones up there. She was so thankful we talked…said she felt better and that we needed to talk more. There are so many people out there like that…they don’t see anything really happening…and because they are impatient they have believed the deniers out there. Thanks for all you do!!! HEY HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT Q JEWELRY? I don’t like T-shirts…I only wear them when I paint and garden, etc. I’d love a nice pair of Q earrings though.

  34. I am particularly interested in the role of the Banking system in all this. Q has implied that the Rothschild’s control the central banks in every country in the world (bar 3) including the Federal Reserve and Bank of England. Also, banks like HSBC and the Vatican Bank have been helping the Cabal to launder money. Every country has built up huge debts in fiat currencies as the Cabal have plundered the system.

    So in order to bring in prosperity, the whole banking system needs addressing and Q does not reveal the plan in this regard. I have seen a lot of speculation but nothing from Q. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  35. Leave the words directly affect the election out! do not give the evil people ammunition. Bernie is suing Hillary for just this same thing. I know it is true, but you cannot post this on the web. Let evil people get OTHER evidence, if they are so inclined.

  36. New reader (in the U.K.) of your blog and first time commenter. Just seen this on 8Chan. Don’t know if this Anon is for real, I’m a lurker not a fag. Don’t know how to do a link, so this is a cut and paste.

    Recording of NATO press conference: https://youtu.be/0ixazvcS0FU
    At 23:05, Trump is asked “What about Q?”. As if on ‘Q/Cue’, a female reporter,
    stage right, immediately starts asking a question, but Trump dismisses her.
    Then, as if on a second ‘Q/Cue’, during his dismissal of the femail repoter,
    a male repoter from Romania, without being called on by Trump, and with very high
    quality audio track relative to other reporters, starts asking a question about what Trump would
    tell Putin about the summit. Trump responds with (select quotes):
    “[NATO] is more coordinated, there is a better spirit for NATO right now then perhaps they’ve ever had”
    “It is richer than it ever was”
    “The committments are made at a higher level then they have ever been made”
    “And the money to be paid out faster, far faster”
    At 23:45, Trump makes a ‘Q’ sign with his hand (with a curley Q bottom), and
    this is when you know his response is pre-planned and he is really responding
    to the Q question. He continues with (select quotes):
    “The ‘2 (Q) percent’ was a range, a goal, it wasn’t something they were
    committed to, now it is a committment, there’s a big difference.”
    “It (the 2(Q)%) was just sort of like this amorphous number out there, now it
    is a committment, a real committment”
    “I think He (‘Putin’) is going to see, that there is great unity, great
    spirit, great ‘espri decour’ (‘spirit of the body/group’, or is it a
    double entendre?)”
    “It all came together in the end. Yes, it was a little tough, for a little
    while, but you can ask anyone in that meeting, they are really liking what
    happened over the last 2 (Q) days, there is a great great spirit leaving
    that room (a second double entendre?).”
    Later on he mentions having ‘added 8 trillion to the value of the country’, a
    possible hint as to the magnitude of seized assetts? Couple that with his
    comments on the ‘money to be paid out far faster’, could we be looking at a
    major reduction in national debt?

    Watching Trump here in U.K. is great fun. We love him. He is trolling our PM about Brexit and says he will talk to Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, despite being told not to by May. Would love to know what he and Q have to say to her and our ‘Queen’. Teresa May will not be leader for long. We can only hope we get our own mini Trump team to sort out the mess the Cabal has made of our country.

  37. Trump : ” I’m a Stable Genius ”


    Baghdad / Al- Sabah

    headed the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Wednesday, to the Belgian capital Brussels to attend the meetings of the international coalition against “Daesh”.

    “Abadi went to the Belgian capital Brussels to attend the meetings of the international coalition against the terrorist gangs that will be held today,” a press statement of the prime minister’s press office said.

    Abadi, according to the statement, will meet on the sidelines of the conference with a number of officials in addition to NATO. ”

    The NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, announced that the new NATO mission to train security forces will contribute to preventing the return of terrorism to Iraq.
    “This mission, which is due to be approved by the members of the alliance, will be non-combatant, but it will help Iraq to prevent the revival of the Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups,” Stoltenberg said in a press statement.

    “The training mission in Iraq will include hundreds of NATO trainers and will help establish new military schools and increase the professional capabilities of Iraqi forces

    ,” he said

    Abadi and the Minister of Defense to Belgium to participate in the Brussels Conference 11th July, 2018

    Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that its minister Irfan Hayali went to Belgium to accompany the Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces , Haider Abadi , at the Brussels Conference.

    “Al-Hayali accompanied Abbadi to Belgium to attend the international conference on terrorism to be held in the capital Brussels on July 12,” a ministry statement said.

    “Abadi and Hayyali will meet on the sidelines of the conference with a number of officials in addition to NATO

    The Brussels conference against terrorism is attended by important figures from different countries to discuss the security of the world and how to reduce terrorist cells.

  38. “If you knew the mainstream media was fake news and totally controlled opposition.”

    That’s Fake News.

    “If you knew your 40k+ sealed indictments implicated very rich, high profile, connected criminals who were flight risks.”

    Q said their wings are clipped. Meaning they are NOT going to leave the country.

    “If you knew that arresting them could create panic chaos and anarchy in the streets.”

    EXACTLY what the storm is all about!

    “Then how would you prepare the public?”

    You OWE it to the public for those indictments to be released NOW.

    “But only the purpose is relevant. Is the public prepared for the most massive arrests of high profile criminals in the history of the USA?”

    And when those arrests do not materialize, how does Q and the rest of the conspiracy theorists spin it?

    • Q has reposted this message multiple times, and it explains why there have been no arrests of high profile perps yet:
      “Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.
      It will happen as soon as they can fulfill those conditions, or at least to the greatest extent possible The last thing they want is to precipitate fear/riots/chaos. There are still rogue operators out there who can cause loss of innocent life. They have to be neutralized in so far as is possible. Over 40,000 sealed indictments have been filed within the US court system, an unprecedented number of sealed indictments. A sealed indictment is the product of a secret grand jury hearing, so much has been happening behind closed doors, awaiting the right moment to unseal. I predict it will happen between now and the mid-term elections, because it has to, ready or not.

  39. July 12 – August 11, 2018 “Surpassing”

    We make order out of the chaos of the matrix in which we are awakening. Our consciousness turns to something else — something beyond.

    To help, here is a brief summary of highlighted days for “heads up” and knowledge; I will update periodically as needed through the month: Laura Walker The Oracle Report . . .

    July 12, 2018: New Moon at 10:48 pm ET

    July 13, 2018: heightened anger (Moon conjunct Mars), communications highlighted (Moon conjunct Mercury), control issues – especially in relationships, taking responsibility, financial markets highlighted (Venus trine Saturn)

    July 15, 2018: critical of self others (Moon conjunct Venus), beginning of Sun transiting opposite the Black Moon through July 20 (shadow sides, Black Moon Days)

    July 18, 2018: destiny, finding purpose (Mars conjunct South Node)

    July 19, 2018: excellent energetics for the US-Russia summit

    July 20, 2018: repairs, repairs to communications, hyper emotional, welling up from the underworld, exaggeration (Moon conjunct Jupiter)

    July 21, 2018: Venus begins transit opposite Neptune through July 24 with heights of creativity and beauty but also potential for “volcanic explosions” of various types

    July 22, 2018: Sun enters Leo and begins to conjunct Mars – anger rises, potential for narcissistic behavior, creativity, fun

    July 24, 2018: war/warpath/aggressiveness, archons on parade (Moon conjunct Saturn); love (Venus opposition Neptune)

    July 25, 2018: spiritual assistance for transformation and change, Black Moon Day (Moon conjuncts Pluto)

    July 26, 2018: glimpse of future, wanting to be heard, rebellion and revolution (Moon conjunct Black Moon for the last time in Capricorn); Mercury stations retrograde

    July 27, 2018: Full Moon conjunct Mars and South Node – judgment of past, surprises, take extra care to drive safely, turn off appliances, and extinguish flames; the ancestors speak

    July 28, 2018: potential for issues with communications, electronics, travel; trains and tunnels (Moon square Jupiter)

    July 29, 2018: rely on experiences, sober and noble choices; see also July 28 as there is a repeat (Moon opposition Mercury)

    July 30, 2018: things happen that put other things in place but we often don’t see it until a later date (Moon sextile Saturn and Uranus)

    July 31, 2018: maintain pure thoughts and intentions, aim high (Moon conjunct Neptune and Moon oppose Venus)

    August 1, 2018: spirit of Renaissance, false flag potential higher (Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn)

    August 2, 2018: fiery — take care with words and actions, use nourishing words (Moon trine Sun, Moon square Pluto)

    August 3, 2018: global(ist)moves (Moon square Black Moon); wounding, healing, teaching, changes, alignments, accidents (Moon conjunct Uranus)

    August 4, 2018: storm may be strong (Moon opposition Jupiter)

    August 5, 2018: watch communications; Divine Inspiration; Mercury retrograde day (Moon square Mercury)

    August 6, 2018: 2:54 am ET – Black Moon enters Aquarius and begins conjunction with Mars; 7:28 pm ET Venus enters Libra and begins transit opposite Chiron – huge day, strong energy

    August 7, 2018: manipulation or sincerity (Moon oppose Pluto)

    August 8, 2018: 4:18 pm ET transference of light (Venus opposition Chiron)

    August 10, 2018: head rushes, don’t rush, keep the faith (Moon opposes Black Moon and Mars) – another huge day

    August 11, 2018: New Moon in Leo

    Read more and audio By Laura Walker . . .

    Bumped -Up

  40. Hey neon,

    i translated a large portion of this whole article to german.
    can you pls get in contact with me, as i don’t know, what to do with it?
    (i have no blog or anything, but surely would like to redpill some germans though)

    would also appreaciate to read & translate your book 🙂

    Thanks, jay2k

    • I’m working on proofing and updating the article, so let me get back to you after I’ve finished that, and I’ll see what I can do.

  41. Great stuff as usual, Neon!
    Thanks for putting out this introduction-level information. This is something I think will have success with some new eyes that we are all trying to pry open. We all need to get creative with methods to grab the attention of folks that are not aware. It’s a challenge to be sure.

    Neon gives himself a hard time about his article’s length, but it is so difficult to create an introduction piece at this stage in the game. As “high-level” as you intend on keeping the information, you find yourself wanting to dive into almost everything “Q” has covered, otherwise feel like you are ignoring critical info…..it’s very challenging because that is just way too much for those unaware to swallow right away.

    So, hat’s off to Neon, because it looks like he was able to touch on the right points and keep it at the “Overview” level and not let it turn into a runaway train like I would have done. 🙂

    Thanks again Neon.

  42. Neon, 45 meeting Put in. ConDems going mad, to cancel meeting. They know that Puts goin to tell 45 info on 44s secretary and all that shite. A gift. Good relationahip under superficial tough sstuff. Flush more sewage into the open. 45 many moves ahead – just look. they know it and thats why all the shite suddenly in the news about the siber at tacks. MI with 45 to receive hintel direct.
    4D check mate ahead, just a few moves now.

  43. …….”Jay j ” could also be a well meaning o.t.E. poster, using a translator prgrm.

    Lionel guitar bit left me cryin’.

  44. Ok…just tried to follow you on Twitter. But, it says your account has been suspended. Must be hitting some marks!

  45. Did you research the source for the “Dogs Are Loose” email? Could you please site the source and post it here to debunk the debunkings that it is manufactured? Thanks!

    • There’s a lot of speculation on the origins of that e-mail. The “official” Qresearch stance (inasmuch as you can call it an “official stance)” is that it was leaked by white hats, but in such a way as to create plausible deniability.

      It may also be faked by white hats, but representative of what’s actually been going on behind-the-scenes. I tend to lean closer to that view.

  46. I printed this off and read it. I’ve been researching since 2013 and found Q in Jan 2018. This filled some gaps for me. I will be checking out the links you posted. Qresearch has too many voices, it’s like trying to to listen to a speaker while the crowd is talking, so I hope the links will be more focused.

  47. Is this a soft announcement of the Gold Back Standard
    made by Prime Minister May standing beside Trump?

    Listen carefully at the 3 minute mark.

    President Trump: Return To Gold Standard ‘Would Be Wonderful’

    March 2, 2018
    Is Trump Serious about Returning to a Gold Standard?

    Banksters, Gangsters & the New World Order | Federal Reserve Documentary



  48. If it hasn’t been previously mentioned, the Mega pdf version has some text and a Q post missing in the vicinty of page 13. ( the “citizen Trump” reference is missing)

    • Yeah, I’m in the process of updating. The PDF will be v3 when finished, and I’ll post an update to Gab.

  49. “There is currently a big flap and spurious talk of Trump causing a “Trade War” with China and talk that this hurts American workers by increasing the cost of Chinese goods.

    What these critics don’t say is that China has enjoyed an outrageously beneficial position with respect to the Trade Policies set up “for” us by the vermin who have been planning to move their operations to China since 1922.

    China has had free access to our markets, while keeping their own markets virtually closed to American goods and services.

    In this way, China has built up a huge “Trade Surplus” — meaning that they sell us a lot more stuff than we sell them.

    Because they have been allowed free access to our market while keeping their own closed, their industry has thrived and ours has declined.

    The once great American steel Industry, for example, no longer exists. The only reason for this is cheap imports of steel from China.

    Cheap steel is a benefit in some respects, but it also means the loss of American jobs and leaves us dependent on China.

    So, all you Trump Critics — here is the quid pro quo: cheap steel versus American jobs and independence. Mr. Trump chose American jobs and independence.

    In the days to come you may look forward to a much better work place for American workers, higher levels of employment than you have seen in your lifetimes, a burgeoning economy, the resurrection of American industry, and the “Made in America” label being back in style.

    What Donald Trump is doing is profoundly good for America. He is playing for our team — not theirs.” Anna Von Rietz in Paul Stramers website 7/14/18 (Akismet doesn’t like Paul’s website the last time I check)

  50. Awesome introductory to Q for those who are new to him. Very well written, keep up the good work, thanks!

  51. Wow…. as in… holy shit…

    I’ve been a fan of PDT since the beginning, being redpilled years ago I saw immediately the mistake my countrymen made by electing Trudeau.

    Not trusting the MSM I’ve always looked for alternative news sources and my research has led me to believe the rot ran deep – politics, media, entertainment, the Church, academia… but I had never heard of QAnon.

    I’m dumbstruck… I’ve been down this rabbit hole for 2 days straight reading it all.

    And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized….

    God Speed to Q+

  52. Your explanation and information are unbelievable–I am so glad I found this link! There IS still hope for “us good people!” One surprise that I didn’t see coming–Q’s post on 1/21/18 where he states “Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.” I couldn’t believe it at first–but Q is saying they work for the Russians??!! I’d like to see who and how arrests are done for those two!!

    I need to tell you, too, I did pose the question today “Who is Q?” on a Patriot’s Twitter page. He’s a strong Trump supporter…..Have not seen any replies yet…should be interesting.

  53. If you want to read washington compost articles without paying or logging into their site just block javascript on their page or when you visit their page. Unblock when you leave. That is how almost all of the blocking is done.
    It works for me 95% of the time.

  54. Looking for info on Qanon, before finding this site, I had one after another MSM link in my search results calling this all a conspiracy theory. The true conspirators and the kings and queens of lies, call this a conspiracy! Made my stomach turn. In any event, I just really wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for the time you took to lay this all out. i’m no newcomer to the destruction of the left, but Qanon has only recently been brought to my attention and I just had to understand more fully – thanks to you, I now do and am totally in support of them. Godspeed to all and may I somehow be able to add assistance with my humble and limited assets.

  55. I appreciate this post, Neon. When I finally got around to looking into what this “Q” stuff was all about, I found your website first and have stuck with it (while also watching the occasional YouTuber, as well). I am still on the fence. One the one hand, there are definitely Q posts that seem to suggest he is really a Trump admin insider (or insiders, if it is more than one individual). On the other hand, extraordinary claims call for extraordinary evidence, and the evidence that Q is real isn’t extraordinary enough to match his extraordinary claims of child sacrifice and cannibalism. Not even close. Unfortunately, I have observed that when people question Q’s legitimacy, they are often dismissed as shills or Deep State operatives or concern trolls or some other thing…despite the fact that, as you said (speaking as a Q believer), “if I just come out and say it… it’s probably going to be really hard to believe anything I have to say.” That being the case (and it IS the case), probing questions from people like me should be expected, not treated with suspicion. By the way, I’m not saying that happens HERE. I am saying it often happens in comments sections that address the Q question. Q believers should expect and welcome questions and challenges, since they believe Q is real and can withstand such challenges. So, as a “normie” who is trying to determine whether this is real or not, here are two questions that nag at me:

    Doesn’t a fair reading of Q’s first post suggest he was endorsing the idea that “Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM EST on Monday – the morning on Oct 30, 2017”?
    Doesn’t his follow-up post suggest Hillary was already being detained?

    It has been almost 2 years since those posts and HRC continues to be as free as a bird.

    Any Q believer should be able to understand how a normie sees those first two Q posts as dramatically undermining confidence in the admittedly intriguing proofs Q has offered. Add to them the frustrating fact that Q always seems to suggest something is ABOUT to happen, but nothing all that helpful (toward punishing the Deep State, much less punishing a bunch of pedo cannibals) ever actually HAPPENS. He promises that, metaphorically speaking, we’re on the verge of being given a mountain of gold coins, but all he has delivered in two years are pennies that were also predicted by people who don’t claim to be insiders (people like sundance at TheConservativeTreehouse). Do you agree or disagree with me on that? It’s been two years of “It’s coming!” promises, but “it” never comes. At what point can one safely conclude that we’re just being strung along and none of it is real?

    • I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but Q DID NOT TYPE THIS LINE:

      “Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM EST on Monday – the morning on Oct 30, 2017”?

      That did not come from Q at all – full stop. That was from some random person posting on the chans, to whom Q was responding.

      (And check your clock – it’s been less than one year).

      Furthermore – I hate the phrase “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” That’s New Atheist rhetorical BS. You can’t quantify “extraordinary.” It’s not an objective measure. It’s a subjective, emotional, irrational measure. What’s “extraordinary” one day, is passe the next.

      The simple truth is this: “extraordinary” claims would only require ordinary evidence. Your incredulity has no bearing on the matter.

  56. You wrote:

    “I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but Q DID NOT TYPE THIS LINE: ‘Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM EST on Monday – the morning on Oct 30, 2017’?”

    I didn’t say he did. What he did do, however, is quote it (thereby bringing it to everyone’s attention) in his very first post, and without challenging any part of the claim. On the contrary, he shared it and professed to add more detail:
    “HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am.”
    One would have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to conclude that Q’s intended message at that moment was something other than that Hillary Clinton was about to be arrested on Oct 30, 2017, that steps had been taken to immediately extradite her if she tried to flee, and that her passport was “flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am.” The post he quotes and his claims are 100% consistent with one another. He went on to say, “Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated.” Does this read like he’s talking about something that will happen someday, or about what is about to happen?

    His second post says, “HRC detained, not arrested (yet).” My (admittedly limited) understanding is that the Supreme Court has held that 20 minutes or so is a reasonable time-frame for detaining someone. What was the purpose of detaining her for a very short period of time, and why would that lead to “massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur” (and where were those riots?)? Why would the “US M’s[…]conduct the operation while NG activated” if we’re only talking about a 20 minute detention and no riots? And why did Q say, “POTUS will not go on tv to address nation. POTUS must isolate himself to prevent negative optics” if he wasn’t talking about something big that was immediately about to happen? Clinton was on stage at The Human Rights National Campaign Dinner less than 1 hour and 15 minutes after Q posted about her detention, so nothing big seems to have happened before. Did it happen afterward?

    As for your take on the idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence having something to do with “New Atheist rhetorical BS”, I understand where you’re coming from in one sense. However, your position is music to the ears of every charlatan in the world.

    Q might be real. The quality of your response isn’t proof he isn’t. But it is a surprisingly hostile follow-up to a post that is allegedly intended to bring people up to speed on the Q phenomenon. It essentially says, “Here’s the truth! No questions allowed, you dummies!”

    I’m not asking that you approve this post to appear on your page. It is intended to be seen by you as a reply. I don’t care one way or the other if anyone else reads it. I’m not trying to undermine your efforts (since Q might be real).

    Our disagreement notwithstanding, I wish you well and appreciate your efforts.

    “And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness.” – 2 Tim 2:24,25

  57. Excellent Q intro, Neon! I think it may be fruitful in your introduction to inoculate those on the fence against the ‘crazy conspiracy theorist cult’ line of attack. In my own humble garden I’ve explained it like this:

    Absorb all these claims while trying to keep a perspective on what has happened. Keep an open mind. Over time, you will begin to see things in the news, in your timeline or twitter feed, from friends and strangers which relate to some event or fact and fits into the information you have absorbed.

    When you’re ready, don’t be afraid to come out and stand as a Qanon believer. Everything I’ve read, which has been substantial, indicates this is real. But be cautious! Some people are simple – the conclusions they draw are not always rigorously logical. The chans have produced many theories and it is easy to get lost in the weeds.

    But in the end – trust your gut. Mine says this is real, everything I’ve seen since mid Nov 2017 fits into the Q narrative so far. And you know what? It is the sum of my hopes for truth and justice! It is what I and many others have prayed to see – and maybe it is a LARP. Maybe we are all being fooled. But you know what? I’d rather stand for the hope of justice and good over evil and be called a nutcase – and be fooled by what would be the most epic LARP of all time – because it would only cost me admitting I’d been fooled.

    However, day in and day out, as new drops come, as we see how the MSM reacts – the pattern emerges, this is the real deal, the hand of God himself is moving and I am alive to witness it all!

    So I ask you, my friends, to keep your mind open, when it seems there is some push/proof to discredit Q, just wait – keep reading – the hive mind will answer, or Q will. Each time this has been the case over the past 10 months.


  58. What a load! “Q” is hoping to spread the word by talking in cryptic codes rather than speaking plainly. Oh, and the same guy who can’t help himself from tweeting the nasty thoughts at the front of his mind is somehow exhibiting all the control in the world by not making a single mention of all the ‘plot points’ in this Q fantasy? I haven’t heard Trump accuse HRC or BHO of pedophilia… but that’s at the CORE of the Q story. I repeat, what a load!

  59. I was thinking about the abbreviations too, and have a thought. If, next to each Q post that has abbreviations, there was a translation right there, it would make the posts easier to understand. For example:
    In a line that has VJ, BHO, HRC, JC, and LP, you could have “VJ – Valerie Jarrett, BHO – Barack H Obama, HRC – Hillary Clinton, etc.
    Those translations could be done in a very small font next to the line, or below the post in the order in which they appear.
    I would be willing to do that if you agree it would be of help. I would also be glad to be a backup editor, as two sets of eyes are always better than one. I agree that the minutiae in writing can lend credibility, and as I read it, I didn’t see anything except for a typo in spelling here and there.
    I also am encouraging everyone who has the means to hit the store and support Neon Revolt. Personally, I’m going to print this out and give a copy to each of my sons, along with other significant accountings of these historical times we’re experiencing that I’ve saved for them.
    Thank you so much for such a well constructed journey through the past, and a glimpse into our future. Surely, God has blessed you with your gift of writing, and as a result, He’ll use this in so many lives.

  60. Wow! This explains a lot but get your old way of thinking that the government as we know it the last 60 years or so, is not on our side. The Cabal/Deep State rules in the efforts to form the New World Order. Wow! It runs DEEP AND LONG! Think of it as a double spy. They put on a front to let the people hear what they want to hear to corral them up to thinking as they WANT them to think. Remove the true meaning of FREEDOM AND LIBERTY from the sheeples minds. Slowly put in place “give us yourselves and WE EILL take care of you” – Enter Government GIVES AWAY to you free money, food, housing. Don’t worry about working and making it on your own anymore- just play your games, be entertained by us and leave the rest to us” SICK. THROUGH THEM MAKING WARS, raising prices, making it harder for the little man to make it, we’ve fallen for it. Sick. Satan is the father of deception. God says “Beloved Do Not be ignorant “. Wake up, shield yourself with His word and don’t fall into the world’s temptations that will distract you from the road we must race. Jesus told us this in His word through Paul and John. It’s deep. We need to stop being Sleeping Beauty’s Living in our fantasylands. Fantasyland is keeping us from the real truth of the evil they are doing while we sleep and play. Not all as it seems. Pass on to wake up others. Pray and trust in the Lord’s plan that He gave us long ago.

  61. Donde va uno vamos todos, la injusticia en cualquier parte, afecta a la justicia en todas partes…..luego de limpiar la casa de esta plaga, no se olviden de nosotros, que los estamos mirando desde URUGUAY aquí también están y pocos se dan cuenta de ello

  62. Thanks I’m working on finding the way to obtain an ‘anon’ #’d screen name rather than another made up name…is this the place to join? (Joined on many Q sites already but…no ‘anon’ tag.

  63. BUT YOU POSTED MY NAME ANYWAY! Please moderator do not use my post! Sign in said you don’t make it public! Best check that.

  64. Good job … fb just today banned me from posting on groups for a week when posting this …. Art is a popular resistance tool, like singers with millions of views at yt.
    How do you transfer the views into street walks?
    Maybe several of them give concerts together at the same time in stadiums.
    Combined they will fill stadiums, as Bernie did.
    Bernie is stuck with the democrats.
    The resistance has to find another venue.
    Jessie Ventura as the Green candidate makes a lot of sense.
    Maybe under a different flag because the Greens tried many times and it is not easy to rupture the duopoly.
    Maybe Jessie convinces Q to have him run with Ron Paul as VP and Dennis Kucinich as the director of the CIA candidates.
    Than artists like these below will support Q to fill stadiums by singing some songs during the breaks.

    Immortal Technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Oy9lBJ-Zqo
    Disturbed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV4oYkIeGJc
    Rage against the machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_vQt_v8Jmw

    Collecting street level support for Q.

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