@VP’s Rendezvous with Destiny

I’ll be upfront right now.

I haven’t known how to write about anything in long-form, for a very long while now.

This season has been the hardest span of time in recent memory. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment, but it’s been exceedingly difficult for me to make heads or tails of anything substantial for a while now, beyond following the minutia and day-to-day happenings on Gab. The 40,000 foot view has been nearly impossible to discern through the fog of war, and with so much silence from those we depend on, it’s often felt like we’ve been flying blind for some time now.

Needless to say, it’s been very easy to get caught up in the mental maelstrom of this past year. The ever-present temptation to overdose on Blackpills, which have “magically” made themselves both abundant and free over the past few months, is ever present. And it’s no exaggeration that this “dark winter” has worn itself very bitter and heavy around the neck of the nation, attempting to grind down what little resolve it seems to have left at this moment in time, until we all just capitulate and accept the next 100 years of “Progressive” regimes trampling over our lives, our friends, our families, our communities and churches, before blending us up and extruding us out into some semi-human golem, bound to forever serve the will spoken over our lives by our would-be masters.

Slaves. All of us, living as little more than slaves. Exploited for generations to come.

2020… has been a thief.

All of us have been robbed in some capacity by this year, and as we prepare ourselves to bid this awful year farewell… the unspoken fear among many of us, the one thing no one wants to say for fear of actually damning us all to such a terrible fate, is that nothing will change for the better in 2021; rather, that things will only continue to get worse, and that we will need to accept this new life, whatever it is, in this reduced and anemic capacity.

January 20th will arrive, as the deliberately-chosen narrative goes, and the entire Trump Administration will be escorted out of office in shame, to be remembered as little more than an aberrant detour in the march of history. Meanwhile, cackling leftists will gleam with pride as they invent new ways to actively punish anyone who dared stand in the way of their agenda, finally embarking upon the revenge fantasies they’ve let fester in the depths of their hearts since their crushing and humiliating defeat in 2016 – seeking to impose suffering upon those they’ve deemed enemies of progress, in the hopes of finally killing off any of the lingering vestiges of that valiant spirit that previously conquered them, determined to leave those who still posses it in some measure in such a weakened and pathetic state that they can never rise up to mount a serious offense against them ever again.

And yet, one phrase keeps ringing in my ears like a klaxon.

If their victory was assured, their propaganda wouldn’t be necessary.

Or perhaps for the GoT fan in the Trump White House:


“Any man who must say ‘I am the king,’ is no true king.”


And yet we see the proclamations every day, often coming directly from the mouth of the bumbling, senile, impotent, treasonous, corrupt-beyond-compare Pedocrat who dares peddle the fiction of the non-existent “office of the President Elect” not only to our own citizenry, but to the entire world!

Every day, he is joined by the constant refrains from the treasonous media apparatus – all repeating the same poisonous sentiment that would plunge us all into generations of ruin, ad infinitum:




Every day, I see more of my brethren fall into despair. It’s easy to fight when you’re well fed, well armed, and have overwhelming numbers and resources. It’s far harder to fight when you’re being demonized on multiple fronts, when the money’s run out, and you feel you haven’t the strength to go on.

That’s what 2020 has been about. Our enemies plotted to steal, and rob, and destroy everything in order to bring us, and our children, to our knees. To control our future. To demand we bow down before their throne, forgetting that the spirit of Thermopylae still animates some of us; those of us who will never back down, no matter the cost.

It’s been said that Great Men of history are those of exceptional character and ability, somehow made of stronger and better stuff than the rest of us, and who manage to bend the world around them by sheer power of will.

This Neitzschian perspective couldn’t be further from the truth.

The men who change history are the yielded ones, who give themselves over as vessels to the divine δύναμις ενέργεια, the life-creating energy of God, and answer “Here am I. Send me.” These are the ones who are willing to stand out, to look foolish, to make themselves objects of mockery and derision and hate in order to take back territory from Evil, and vanquish it, in order at the end of their lives, when they are judged, they will hear “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

You see, humanity by itself is little more than weakness and brokenness, with history itself often being little more than a compilation of moments akin to Isildur failing to cast the one ring into the fires of Mt. Doom; moments when all our abilities were misused, our virtues tossed out the window; moments the strength of men failed.

And that would be the totality of the story of mankind… Failure. Weakness. Selfish betrayal… But for the advent of one promised child upon the earth, whose birth we all just celebrated a few short days ago, so that we could overcome these flaws and failings, and be more like the One who created us in the first place.

It’s true, God does give men certain capacities and abilities, but more than that, Great Men are forged in critical moments, and by the size and strength of their opponents. It’s why, in the old Bible stories, you often hear talk of “giants” – unholy hybrids who relied on the strength and power supplied to them through their demonic bloodlines – and an otherwise helpless and hapless people – sometimes whittled down to just one man out of all of them who had the courage to obey God and entrust Him with his life – who would eventually vanquish them all.

I want you to understand, you come from a line of Giant Slayers, Mr. Vice President. And it’s not by virtue of any superior quality which you may or may not possess inside yourself.

It’s by virtue of the call on your life, and the One backing you.

For the past four years, President Trump has been the most powerful man on earth.

For one day, on January 6th, you, Vice President Pence, will be the most powerful man on earth.

On that day, you and you alone will have the power to set not just America, but all of humanity free – or you will have the power to sentence us all to slavery.

Which side are you on, Mr. Vice President? The side of truth? The side of the people? Or the side of lies, and all those from which they emanate?

I do not envy your position, sir. This is not how I ever wanted this moment in history to ever play out, and I would give just about anything to have it go any other way.

But it seems to me that you have a rendezvous with destiny, Mr. Vice President.

On that fateful day, Mr. Vice President, I expect you to rise to the occasion, and I suggest you start by throwing out the entire fraudulent tally from the Chicom-colony of California, and their 55 electoral votes.

And then you can work your way down the line, tossing out every other fraudulent state tally until the liars and thieves are all vanquished and wailing and deposed, and the rightful leader of this nation, who won without fraud or thievery and who wants the best for her citizens, sits for another 4 years.

You have a choice, Mr. Vice President. Either you will rise up with courage and become the hero who saved the Republic, or you will spend the rest of your days reviled in ignominy as your children, and your grandchildren, and their descendants end up as little more than chattel on the global plantation.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating the stakes. Go with God, Mr. Vice President. Fight for the people on that day. Strike the giants, and cut off all their heads. If you can be entrusted with this immense and Constitutional power – to safeguard the Republic on that day when our enemies would snatch it away from us – we, the people, will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can trust you in 2024 and beyond.

Steel yourself, Mr. Vice President.

Greatness awaits.

79 thoughts on “@VP’s Rendezvous with Destiny”

  1. Your letter is fantastic. An amazingly accurate grasp for how we as a people are feeling. Faith has to come before the action. Believe one more day, one more hour, one more minute. Trust God to move the VP to do the right thing. God bless you, and God Bless America. Pray!!!!!!!!.

  2. Thank you for this.

    Many of us have warned that the night will grow darker, but were prepared for what that actually meant.

    May God bless us, one and all.

  3. When G-d called to Abraham, Abraham answered with what is considered one of the most famous lines in the Old Testament, (Her-nay-nee). “Here I am”.

    Neo- you have the heart of a warrior. You have the vision of what is to come if we don’t win this battle.
    Your weapons are the knowledge of History, human nature, and a deep belief in G-d Almighty, and communication skills.

    We may be scattered out here physically, however perhaps as much as the Internet and social medial has become a ruination for so many reasons, without it we deplorables would not have a way to unearth all the evil
    that has been done for generations. This is what enables us to gain strength from each other and to persevere.

    Never give up, never surrender. HOLD THE LINE.

    I am a mere grandmother of two toddlers sitting at my computer. I am unable to testify to my adult children what is going on as they are not like me. They don’t question, and they are just following the path of least resistance and have drunk the cool aid.

    I have been trying since March to turn them around regarding Covid. No matter what I bring, they do not believe it. Climate change, Trump, all of it, I had to drop in order to pick the one thing, one single thing to nag about.

    So far with my son whose wife is a PA and who thinks she is on top of all things, he has not challenged her on the vaccines. He asked me if I was an anti-vaxxer. He also once asked me if I was talking about Q. I must have said some words that gave me away, however I denied it as he believes I am a conspiracy theorist, and poo poos what I say.

    This new “vaccine” or as I call it the DNA changer that will be the turning point in human development to the detriment, is the hill I am prepared to die on.
    So far I have mentioned my concern to my DIL, she says she wants the vaccine ASAP. I said, it may interfere with Placenta development. She said, the Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians said it is safe for breastfeeding moms, and pregnant moms. WTF????

    This is my own private hell that I am living in right now.
    HOWEVER, I will NEVER, EVER EVER stop talking about it. I will never stop praying that the day will come when my kids will turn to me and ask me….What do you think mom?
    Red Pilling them is out of the question. It will destroy my relationship with them.

    I have tried with the transgender stuff – it was awful. Apparently I have right wing Christian views (even though I am a practicing and faithful Jew, which is basically the same thing. Our values lie in the same realm. So………….

    You are a guiding light Neo and I am so grateful to you!!!
    Pray for VP Pence to do the right thing.
    The little video of Chris Miller calling him a mentor during the most important and complex military operation that has ever been is a clue. It keeps me grounded.

    • I totally feel for you regarding family that will not (at least, not consistently) think for themselves. Especially regarding your daughter in law, maybe you could remind her that the FDA and drug companies also said the following were safe: Fen-Phen, opioids, Round-up, etc.
      I’ve been seeing people “debunk” the argument about not knowing the long-term effects of a mRNA vaccine by saying that mRNA has been researched for years. They are just reacting from pure fear and not even wondering why we never had mRNA vaccines in use before now. If some trusted authority or science figure says it won’t change your DNA, then that’s good enough for them (in the absence of years-long studies with larger population samples, etc.) Sooooo frustrating.

    • You are not a mere grandmother. I am too and I share the same view. You are a light in the wilderness for me. Everything you described I understand and am experiencing. My son and daughter are in denial. I cannot be the matriarch, the teacher or the best friend to my grandsons because our realities are different due to this infiltration of evil.

    • I pray for you and your family, I know first hand how frustrating it feels to not get through to loved ones about all of this, my own husband and sister do not think like you and I. May God lead VP Pence to do what’s right for our country and keep our great President safe.

    • You could have written my story. I just pray that after the Lord takes me home in the rapture of the church that something I said will ring true and my family will be saved from the tribulation coming upon the whole earth.

  4. So good to read your “art” Neon … a masterpiece of wordcraft, full of heart and the fury of the American warrior. Well done, sir!

  5. Neon, YOU inspire me. That was EXACTLY how I feel. Thank you for expressing so eloquently what I could not put into words. You truly have a gift. Blessings for this coming new year. WWG1WGA

  6. Hank Kunneman prophesied that God said there will be recompense coming. Emphasizing “Pence” will bring recompense. If you look at the definition of recompense : To award compensation to. To award compensation for; make a return for. Amends made, as for damage or loss. I think God will speak through Pence and put Trump back in the White House for 4 more years and set up Pence for a 2024 presidency victory <3

  7. DJT will be in office the next 4 years.

    We all have to keep standing, praying, and encouraging just as you are doing, Neon. Some of us have fought this battle starting decades ago before most people even realized there was a battle to fight.

    When I saw fight, I mean FIGHT. Those who have fought this battle a long time are still fighting, and others have passed on to the Lord God Almighty.

    This battle is fierce, but we will be victorious. Be encouraged, Neon. The Red Sea didn’t part until there was now where else to go and danger was sure to destroy God’s people.

  8. Neon, that was by far the most powerful, effective message you have ever written.You have eloquently described our common feeling of anxiety and fear wonderfully. You have inspired and motivated us all to keep standing. And of course, I pray that the VP reads what you have shared with us all. Know that you are God’s messenger to our hearts today.

  9. Very, very good.
    Trump seems to have called The People to DC on the 9th to help Pence see the stark choice before him. Let there be no mistake: the VP’s decision could have dire consequences for him and his family whatever he chooses to do. It is past time for political calculations. This moment will be a real moment of truth for him and for us all.

  10. Oh Yeah, this is the good stuff. Either way Trump is not leaving the White House, but we will see if Pence has any substance or balls in the process.

  11. Hey Brother, Im skeptical of Pence for a few reasons. 1. He is the one who stated that Flynn lied to him. 2. As COViD head, he never once addressed the facts of alt medicine and its statistics. 3. The MSM has never said one bad word about him. 4. The cabal always threatens your whole family if you dont do as your told. Please, any thoughts to ease my mind would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

    • I’m not NR, but I am willing to try to answer your questions with hypotheticals. Right now, the only people who truly know what is going on are POTUS and those closest to him…if even that. All we have is speculation.

      “Optics are important. Enjoy the show. Disinfo is necessary”. Any and all of these work in this scenario due to operational integrity. In the video below, Sec of Def Chris Miller is practically choking up while thanking him for his leadership and character. We all know Miller is Flynn’s guy, so…


      Before we knew that this pandemic was “their plan to regain control”, decisions that affected billions of lives had to be made. Pence was put in charge of a massive task force that was supposed to fail, but didn’t. For now, our healthcare system relies upon allopathy, whether we like or agree with it. My Dr. doesn’t speak about or recommend naturopathy, either, so I’m not sure I understand why this is a factor in determining if Pence is a white hat or not. I’m not expecting this kind of disclosure before we even get the truth about the virus.
      Yes they have. It got ugly for a while when he was chosen to be VP.
      This also applies to POTUS and those working for and with him. The stakes are high enough that extra precautions and measures are most likely being utilized to protect the inner circle, IMO. Honestly, just because Pence’s family hasn’t been dragged through the mud doesn’t mean much to me. Not if they are the kind of family that has very conservative Christian values, or he’s been around long enough to use that excuse as to not put himself in a compromising (and blackmailable) position.

      Now, here is my 2¢. I don’t really know either way what side he’s on. What I do know is that there are some VIP’s that DO trust him, and my feelings about that aren’t more important than their knowledge or working relationship with the guy. I have yet to see any real legit evidence that Pence is dirty – only rumors and possible connections with other swamp creatures, much in the same way Trump has those same connections. For now, I’m going to have faith and expect there to be several contingency plans aside from Pence’s role on the 6th. I’ve been listening to ToreSays and Millie Weaver to keep my sanity, also.

  12. Good. Now, may angels carry the message to Mr. Pence’s ears. Supernatural intervention, through the Spirit is humbly requested. Lord, we are on the precipice and pray for mercy. Please spare us the horror of the demons who want to see us destroyed, and bring victory to the remnant of believers. Amen.

  13. Well said, Neon Revolt,
    God often allows his people to experience darkness. During this past year, I believe it was not only to expose our own weakness; to allow His enemies to finally reveal their true intent, but also by showing us truth in its ugliest forms, to allow His frail and mostly weak people gird themselves to conquer this evil for future generations. Just like our founding fathers did years ago. I believe “we the people” supported by army will rise up and free our country from bondage again. 2021 will be the year we show the world GOD IS by our actions.

  14. They came of age the heirs of ruin,

    When remnants of the West were carrion

    To a ravening madness, a fear whose name

    Their fathers knew but feared remember, for shame

    Had so unmanned them, and degradations

    By degrees for generations

    The Enemy bred them to embrace and cherish.

    The virtues of their forebears so would perish,

    And with them any memory of their worth

    As nations or the race from whom came forth

    A civilization peerless and sublime.

    To this end the Enemy over time

    By sophistry, by trickery and theft

    Had sabotaged their minds, until bereft

    Of truth the sons of Europe were slaves

    Most base, slaves who swore on their lives

    They were free….


  15. This is why I follow you….your words are touched by God who looks over us all…..prayers for VP Pence and all of humanity that is patriot.

  16. As you have so eloquently stated it is a moment of destiny for VP Pence and on his decision alone may rest the fate of all God fearing and upright people left on planet earth.
    May God grant him the fortitude needed to make the correct choice and install the rightful president DJ Trump back into the White House to do the will of the Almighty God

    • Stuart,Trump hired Iran Contra scum Elliot Abrams and William Barr.Sure the Q psyop and trust the plan helped sell books and t shirts.The first red flag was Trump declaration that the Clintons were good people.

  17. This is the best thing I have ever read.Thank you.I hope and pray he does the right thing.you have spoken for me and all of us so beautifully.and u r a true patriot and Thank you for all that u have done.

  18. Those Who Make Revolution Halfway Only Dig Their Own Graves (French: Ceux qui font les révolutions à moitié n’ont fait que se creuser un tombeau

  19. Mike Pence professes to be a Christian. You cannot serve two masters. If he is a Christian he will support President Trump on January 6. If not, Mike Pence will be serving the Adversary. If he is a Christian, he knows what is at stake spiritually. He knows the satanists run the deep state and are trying to pull us all into Hell. It’s very difficult, but it’s not complicated.

  20. Neo, using Silver Sunday’s name given to you, I want to tell you’ve kept me on an even keel tonight. Since I’m recovering from a minor stroke last year around this time, I’ve lost a lot of my cognitive skills and I must say, Thank You from the bottom of my old heart. You’re a wonderful being for “Tellin’ it like it is.”.

    I must say that I hadn’t checked your blog in a while so, forgive me for that. Your dissertation was read in its entirety on IPOTs channel just now. I follow him as well.

    God be with you and our Vice President Pence in the coming days. Hopefully, we’ll all be celebrating that day.

  21. Pleasantly surprised to learn you finally wrote a new piece and boy was it worth the wait. Sending prayers and much love to you brother, we need you in these tumultuous times.

  22. A short one by your depth of writing skills & knowledge, however short, punchy and to the point.
    It’s Time to stand up, be counted.

  23. YES!!!! It’s about time we stood above the document that truly holds us back. PENCE should ignore the constitution as you have stated. AND ensure only our GOD approved votes get counted.

  24. Could it have been said any better? I’m in Australia, but it makes no difference–the eyes and hopes of the world are on VP Pence for the 6th. God strengthen his will.

  25. pence doesn’t have to ignore the constitution. just enforce it and the law. he needs help and guidance from the OGE.


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