Breaking Exclusive: Fredrick Brennan (@HW_Beat_That) Goes Fugitive as @Playboy Readies to Attack #8Kun! More Surprises in Store for Fred from the Feds? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Well Anons, I’m finally able to not only bring you this long-promised article, but to break the news that Fredrick Brennan has indeed been indicted by Filipino authorities, and is now a fugitive residing in the US.

First up, here’s the actual arrest warrant:

Order of Arrest (Brennan)_Redacted

When I originally wrote this article, I expected Brennan to post bail and be out in a day or two (given the processing time of the Filipino justice system), after which I expect he’ll attempt to flee the Philippines, but – as you’ll see in a short bit, Brennan really has nowhere to hide since the charges against him now are nothing compared to what’s coming for him down the pike.

Truthfully, I had him pegged for Guam (given his rant about US influence over Guam on Twitter), or maybe Vietnam, but no, it seems Brennan has suddenly opted to come back to the land of the free and the home of the brave:

Unfortunately for him, that was possibly the dumbest mistake he could have made at this juncture.

Out of the frying pan, and into the proverbial fire… as we’ll all see in a bit.

Originally, I was going to publish the first part of this article about Fredrick Brennan as one piece, in and of itself. There was enough there for most readers to chew on and process for days.

But then, I also caught wind of the fact that Playboy, out of all the degenerate, God-forsaken rags on the planet, was – shocker – busy writing a piece on #8kun and #QAnon, under the guise of examining the current state of “free speech” online.

And that would be exceptionally generous of them, after all, especially considering that QAnon himself has called out the parent company of Playboy, Rivzi Traverse (and Playboy itself) multiple times, as being Deep State-run operations, with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner being a clandestine CIA operative running a blackmail honeypot out of the Playboy Mansion (much like #Epstein did out of his Island), and Rivzi Traverse tied to all manner of international criminals – and potentially even Epstein himself.

See these older digs for more on that topic:


But again, I’m sure that forthcoming Playboy article is going to be totally objective and totally unbiased in their reporting, right? Especially when it’s written by squeegeemen like this:

Boy… sure would be a shame if someone came along to tell the whole story about 8kun, instead of just printing intentionally misleading vertical slices of truth, huh?

That’s the writer of this upcoming article, by the way. This same writer recently tried to lionize the domestic terrorist movement known as Antifa in his previous article…

Wherein, after glazing over the fact that Antifa put journalist Andy NGO in the hospital with a brain bleed, Farley opines:

People who do antifascist work are not, by and large, participants in the so-called black bloc, whose masks and sometimes aggressive presence at rallies are a magnet for media attention. Antifascists are doctors, parents and baristas. They’re your neighbors. There are so many grandmothers involved in anti-fascist actions in Portland alone that they have their own organization, complete with monthly meetings and a Facebook page. At the Occupy ICE PDX protests last June, directly in front of federal agents dressed in riot gear and holding rifles sat a row of grannies. One of them was knitting.

So why has antifascism become demonized by the right and shunned by the left?

Farley ends his article by largely claiming that Antifa are just nice, everyday people – literally conjuring up images of knitting grannies – albeit they must be grannies with a PR problem stemming from “problematic” slogans (my words, not his) and the unfortunate actions of a few bad apples.

You see, they’re not radical, violent Marxists with a backwards, Satanic, authoritarian ideology, whose activities have been formally classified by the DHS as “domestic terrorist violence” since 2016.

No, no, no… you’ve got it all wrong!

Forget that Antifa has a literal bodycount behind them. Forget that the Ohio Shooter Connor Betts was a member of Antifa, following all sorts of Radical Bolshevik Anti-Q “Journalists” on Twitter – including #Butthurt Ben Collins, and #SorosRentboy Jared Holt.

Antifa are just… misunderstood. Or so Farley would have you believe.

So yeah, I’m sure this new Playboy piece was going to be totally fair and unbiased.

But before we talk more about that, I want to go back and talk about why Fred is in even bigger trouble now, which as you’ll soon see, goes hand-in-hand with the forthcoming Playboy article.

If you’ve been following the drama surrounding the return of 8kun, you know that the site had been struggling to stay online for some time before achieving a more significant level of stability on the clearnet.  Early on, the site was repeatedly taken offline in large part due to the deplatforming efforts and letter-writing-campaigns lead by former founder of 8chan, Fredrick Brennan:

As predicted by an overwhelming majority of observers (including yours truly), Brennan’s deplatforming efforts – just like his case in the Filipino courts – ultimately failed, and 8kun has been able to achieve uninterrupted service for quite some time now.

But one of the more interesting developments to come out of this whole saga has been resulting legal battle that has sprung forth as a result of the online battle between Brennan and 8kun, with Brennan making a number of statements about the site’s current owner, Jim Watkins, as well as his family and staff.

This resulted in Jim Watkins filing a criminal complaint against Brennan in late October, accusing Brennan of Criminal Libel (the Philippines, where both Watkins and Brennan reside, has made libel a criminal offense). Brennan originally released a version of the complaint against himself with certain sections (which some might say portrayed Brennan in a negative light) selectively removed, prompting the release of the full complaint to correct the record:

Of course, as with any court case, the accused gets their chance to tell their side of the story and defend themselves. After initially skipping his first court date (perhaps to buy some time?), Brennan filed his counter-statement to the Watkins complaint in early December.

This leads us to Mid-December, when Jim Watkins then had the chance to file his own counter to Brennan’s counter and present more evidence to bolster his case.

And I will say this much: the counter-claim is certainly not lacking in evidence. If anything, Brennan spent the better part of several months essentially digging his own grave by tweeting (what I personally feel are libelous claims) at a break-neck pace, giving Jim Watkins more than enough evidence to present to the criminal prosecutors and bolster his case and claims significantly.


This complaint might go a long way in explaining the decrease in both the volume and vector of Brennan’s tweets. Instead of tweeting about 8kun and the Watkins, he was suddenly back to tweeting about topics such as his Fonts for a time (which, I will admit, are actually rather good. He’s a talented designer in that respect, and I like his typewriter font he recently created. Who knows? Maybe I’ll use it in a screenplay one day ¯(ツ)/¯).

But today, I’d like to report on criminal activity conducted by Brennan (and an minor accomplice) in the US (and by extension, it’s territories), and why Fred just made the mistake that could seal his fate for years to come by trying to evade arrest in the Philippines by fleeing as a fugitive to the United States.

I have obtained evidence indicating that the individual behind many of the repeated Denial of Service attacks against 8kun was actually Brennan himself – by his own admission – and this amounts to a cybercrime in both the Philippines, and in the United States as well.

As we covered in the original article about Brennan, Brennan likes to use an IRC webchat service called Rizon, which allows a user to easily access various chat rooms via a web-browser. These rooms are publicly viewable by anyone, and on this service, Brennan refers to himself by the username of “Copypaste.”

To be explicit in what these logs contain: herein lies an admission by Brennan to not only being the one to committing this crime against a legal US entity, but hiding behind a minor to accomplish this task.

Let’s dive in. Remember again, Brennan’s username here is “Copypaste.”

Nov 05 20:54:51 <Tjark> Q boomers don't use IRC
Nov 05 20:54:59 <Tjark> it's of no use to Watkins
Nov 05 20:55:03 <squid92> apparently everything illegal is fair too, with how you've been organizing attacks on the site and all
Nov 05 20:55:04 <copypaste> I do not care
Nov 05 20:55:08 <copypaste> the OFFER is what matters
Nov 05 20:55:31 <copypaste> it doesn't matter that the offer wasn't, or would never be, taken
Nov 05 20:55:45 <copypaste> the OFFER in and of itself strengthens their hand
Nov 05 20:56:04 <copypaste> squid92: how dare you sir. I am not attacking 8kunt! :^)
Nov 05 20:56:13 <copypaste> maybe i'm giving every skiddy who asks tips

Note: I’ll interrupt and add in descriptions whenever helpful. “Skiddy” referenced here by Brennan is “script kiddy” – a type of wannabe hacker who runs other people’s code to cause disruptions. Brennan is saying here he’ll help every script kiddy he can to attack 8kun – which, of course, echoes exactly what he said on Twitter on October 17th, just a few weeks prior:

Nov 05 20:56:16 <copypaste> but attack it myself?
Nov 05 20:56:18 <copypaste> no way!
Nov 05 20:56:25 <copypaste> i am innocent of these charges
Nov 05 20:57:31 <squid92> suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
Nov 05 20:57:36 <PatMan> ^

Ah, the feigned incredulity.

Not even Brennan’s “friends” are buying it.

Nov 05 20:58:12 <copypaste> let's say I were attacking 8kunt
Nov 05 20:58:20 <copypaste> do you think I'd stop after a week?
Nov 05 20:58:22 <squid92> in minecraft, yes

Here’s where the convo gets interesting, because one user, “squid92” makes the situation “hypothetical” and thus, “safe” to answer.

What follows would be like OJ Simpson saying “If I killed my wife, I’d use a big old knife, and stab stab stabbidy-stab her. In Minecraft, of course…” with a big, old grin on his face.

Nov 05 20:58:22 <copypaste> a month?
Nov 05 20:58:24 <copypaste> a year?
Nov 05 20:58:27 <copypaste> right, in minecraft
Nov 05 20:58:43 <PatMan> I guess it'd depend on your resources
Nov 05 20:58:48 <copypaste> do you think I'd ever stop packeting them or asking for as many CAPTCHAs as possible via Tor?

Here’s Brennan’s second big mistake, because here, he cites a very specific vector for attacking a public-facing subsystem of 8kun – the Captcha system.

(For those who don’t know, Captcha’s are those distorted text fields you have to fill out first, in order to post on 8kun, as a way of discouraging spammers/bots. You’ve all seen them, and 8kun isn’t the only site who uses them).

And it’s worth noting – picking right up from the above tweet – Brennan made quite a few posts on Twitter about how “vulnerable” 8kun’s Captcha system was, over the course of several weeks:

OCR, for those unfamiliar, is text recognition software. Brennan was proposing, in the posts above, a technical way to easily automate the “breaking” of captchas, in order to flood 8kun’s captcha server with non-stop requests, made over the dark web.

This would have the effect of shuttering the site.

In other tweets, Brennan would claim to be an “expert in this field,” saying it would take him “minutes to figure out if a CAPTCHA is vulnerable.”



Brennan’s conversation continues:

Nov 05 20:59:26 <copypaste> do you think I'd ever stop flooding via Tor, long after the media has stopped caring?
Nov 05 20:59:37 <PatMan> You've said that you don't have the financial resources to hire a lawyer...
Nov 05 20:59:41 <copypaste> if I were doing it in Minecraft, the answer is no I'd never stop
Nov 05 20:59:54 <copypaste> false
Nov 05 21:00:09 <copypaste> I said that the cost of hiring a lawyer is higher than the value of all my US assets combined

What follows is Brennan’s admission of how he finances the nonstop, highly illegal attacks on 8kun:

Nov 05 21:00:23 <PatMan> How is that different?
Nov 05 21:00:40 <copypaste> so it makes more sense to represent myself pro se, because the case is very easy to win
Nov 05 21:00:48 <copypaste> and if I screw up, a default judgment in Texas wont' really hurt me

Well, maybe not with the Filipino case against him, no…

But an open FBI case?

More on that in a hot minute.

Nov 05 21:01:13 <PatMan> Oh wait, you have foreign assets
Nov 05 21:01:14 <PatMan> Right?
Nov 05 21:01:22 <PatMan> In PH
Nov 05 21:01:23 <Tjark> you can be poor and own an IoT botnet. it's not impossible

Sidenote: an IoT botnet is a botnet composed a group of compromised devices swarming to make requests against sites. Think “smart” refrigerators, appliances, lightbulbs, etc. Those can be hacked and added to a botnet.

Nov 05 21:01:44 <copypaste> that's true too
Nov 05 21:01:51 <copypaste> in Minecraft of course Tjark!
Nov 05 21:02:01 <copypaste> silly goose ^*^
Nov 05 21:02:29 <PatMan> So, what you're saying is you're not going to stop making an effort to DDoS 8kun
Nov 05 21:02:39 <copypaste> PatMan: in Minecraft, hypothetically...let's assume a little boy founded 8chan, and people donated Bitcoin to him.
Nov 05 21:02:51 <copypaste> and then in Minecraft those Bitcoin increase in value!
Nov 05 21:03:01 <copypaste> what a happy day in my Minecraft game

When Brennan founded 8chan circa 2013, he originally took Bitcoin donations to help with the costs of running the site.

That wasn’t a big deal at the time. Bitcoin were worth mere pennies/dollars. So he accumulated quite a pile of Bitcoins from eager donors.

Then, Bitcoin’s value went up over time. The current value of bitcoin places it sitting above 10,000 dollars per coin, as per this writing.

Here is the address of Brennan’s original Bitcoin wallet, to get a sense of the kind of cash he potentially still has, to finance this kind of criminal attack against 8kun in the current day:

Blockchain Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH

The most popular and trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine.

If he still has those 51 bitcoin spread throughout other wallets, he currently has over $500,000 dollars at his disposal, with which to fund his criminal activity.

(To all the very smart research-minded Anons out there – there’s potentially much, much more than this, just waiting to be uncovered on the Bitcoin ledger. Look for outputs to exchanges and mixers. The reason for such will become clearer, shortly in this article).

Nov 05 21:03:16 <copypaste> then I use those now valuable Bitcoin for whatever I want
Nov 05 21:03:16 <PatMan> Ah, so you have bitcoin money
Nov 05 21:03:34 <copypaste> including, perhaps, packets! Of Sczihuan sauce, of course!

Packets here means packets of data – like the kind a botnet you hired on the dark web with cryptocurrency would fire nonstop at an “insecure” captcha server.

It doesn’t mean packets of “Sczihuan sauce.”

Nov 05 21:03:38 <PatMan> Which you're spending to DDoS
Nov 05 21:04:16 <copypaste> That's your inference, not mine
Nov 05 21:04:20 <Christistheway> copypaste: I must say I'm a little concerned for your mental health lately and this current conversation isn't assuaging any
Nov 05 21:04:24 <squid92> please, please, represent yourself pro se, i want to see you flame out like maddox
Nov 05 21:04:39 <Tjark> >asking for as many CAPTCHAs as possible via Tor
Nov 05 21:04:41 <Tjark> don't they have dedicated servers and shit?
Nov 05 21:04:59 <copypaste> well, the little bird doing that attack told me it's working

A “Little bird” is the one performing the attacks, huh?

When does a bird sing, Brennan?

I’ll tell you all when, in a bit.

Nov 05 21:05:11 <copypaste> guess not, or guess they're stupid
Nov 05 21:05:16 <copypaste> (shock)
Nov 05 21:05:34 <PatMan> ...You don't have infinite bitcoins, copypaste
Nov 05 21:06:04 <copypaste> do you want to talk in some more hypotheticals PatMan?
Nov 05 21:06:19 <PatMan> You can talk in "hypotheticals"
Nov 05 21:06:31 <PatMan> I will talk as I talk

This is one of Brennan’s biggest mistakes, and possibly the height of hubris for him, as now he’s going into very specific detail about exactly the kind of attack 8kun was sustaining:

Nov 05 21:07:15 <copypaste> let's imagine a 100Gbps sustained packet storm costs 90 euro per month
Nov 05 21:07:21 <Christistheway> I'm still in London folks.
Nov 05 21:07:22 <copypaste> figure from here
Nov 05 21:07:34 <Christistheway> Flying back to USA this weekend
Nov 05 21:07:37 <copypaste> that's actually 125Gbps, but, let's assume 100Gbps
Nov 05 21:07:42 <copypaste> fatty's bad at math
Nov 05 21:08:21 <PatMan> uh
Nov 05 21:08:36 <copypaste> if 1BTC was donated in Minecraft, and the in-game value is 10,000 euro for 1 BTC, that's
Nov 05 21:08:40 <PatMan> That's 90 euros per hour
Nov 05 21:08:47 <copypaste> oh is it?
Nov 05 21:08:56 <copypaste> no it isn't
Nov 05 21:09:07 <PatMan> It says 90 euros for 3600 seconds
Nov 05 21:09:15 <PatMan> 3600 seconds is an hour
Nov 05 21:09:15 <owo> being this bad at opsec

“owo” here is the only one with common sense. He can’t believe Brennan is spilling this much detail, out in the open.

I guess he didn’t count on anyone watching the convos. ¯(ツ)

Nov 05 21:09:31 <copypaste>
Nov 05 21:09:35 <copypaste> which image are you looking at?
Nov 05 21:09:42 <PatMan> The same one. The thing on the way right
Nov 05 21:09:42 <copypaste> this is the one i am
Nov 05 21:09:48 <PatMan> 90 euros for 3600 seconds
Nov 05 21:10:10 <PatMan> That's what that means, right?
Nov 05 21:10:34 <copypaste> oh, having used these services before in my youth I can assure you there's a cooldown. basically you just have to re-request it every 3600 seconds, you have one concurrent attack
Nov 05 21:11:19 <copypaste> a script can do that rather easily

Brennan admits, above, to having used illegal DDOSing services in the past, and having the knowledge of how to script one together, today.

Nov 05 21:11:38 <PatMan> Ah, OK.
Nov 05 21:11:39 <copypaste> that's assuming you're using one of these services and not just contracting a DDoS-for-hire on like dark0de

Dark0de was a cybercrime/black market residing on the darknet, which got busted in 2015 by the FBI:


dark0de a.k.a. Darkode, is a cybercrime forum and black marketplace described by Europol as “the most prolific English-speaking cybercriminal forum to date”. The site, which launched in 2007, serves as a venue for the sale and trade of hacking services, botnets, malware, and other illicit goods and services.

Nov 05 21:11:49 <PatMan> So if you have a bitcoin, you can get away with that for like 5 years.
Nov 05 21:11:55 <PatMan> Er
Nov 05 21:11:57 <PatMan> 4 years
Nov 05 21:12:12 <PatMan> Rounding it off at 100 euros a month
Nov 05 21:12:16 <copypaste> correct. if you have just one bitcoin in minecraft, you can indeed get away with it for four in-game years.

In other words, Brennan got a ton of bitcoin from early 8chan users, socked them away, let them accrue in value, and has now decided to spend a minimal amount of them to potentially keep the attack against 8kun going for upwards of a year or more.

Nov 05 21:12:17 <PatMan> That's like 100 months
Nov 05 21:12:23 <owo> didn't i remind you a few weeks ago that DDOSing is illegal
Nov 05 21:12:58 <owo> so you're confirming that you're willing to break the law

And here comes the clincher, of how he’s pulling this off:

Nov 05 21:13:13 <copypaste> and if you use tor to contract the DDoS, and you convert your bitcoin to monero, and use monero to pay for could definitely cause a sustained DDoS in Minecraft

Bitcoin, despite the hype, isn’t actually anonymous.

It’s only pseudonymous. Transactions from wallet-to-wallet can be tracked – and if you know who owns the wallet, you can piece a picture together with careful research.

But there are a handful of coins which offer greater anonymity – one of which is called Monero, which is preferred by cybercriminals around the world.

And you can exchange Bitcoin for Monero, for a very minimal fee.

So here, Brennan is saying he hopped on the Dark Web, converted some Bitcoin for Monero and hired a botnet on a dark market to DDOS 8kun…

“In Minecraft,” of course.

Nov 05 21:13:17 <owo> dense
Nov 05 21:13:25 <copypaste> oh no owo. i am just talking in hypotheticals!
Nov 05 21:13:31 <copypaste> read whatever you want into it though

Of course. “Hypotheticals”

Nov 05 21:13:37 <PatMan> I mean
Nov 05 21:13:44 <PatMan> We're all assuming that this is exactly what you're doing
Nov 05 21:13:52 <copypaste> and that's assuming you only have one Bitcoin!
Nov 05 21:13:53 <PatMan> That's what anyone who reads these chatlogs is going to say
Nov 05 21:14:18 <copypaste> so what?
Nov 05 21:14:21 <PatMan> Uh
Nov 05 21:14:22 <copypaste> public opinion doesn't matter to me
Nov 05 21:14:30 <copypaste> especially not channer or kiwifarmer public opinion
Nov 05 21:14:32 <PatMan> copypaste> oh, having used these services before in my youth
Nov 05 21:14:40 <PatMan> Isn't that an admission that you've done this before?
Nov 05 21:14:46 <copypaste> indeed i did boot people from videogames in my youth
Nov 05 21:14:51 <copypaste> the tender mistakes of the young!
Nov 05 21:15:08 <copypaste> oh, what happy, simple days to which a return is not possible
Nov 05 21:15:12 <Tjark> must have been an awful childhood
Nov 05 21:15:15 <owo> i was under the impression you had been in a courtroom before
Nov 05 21:15:25 <copypaste> I have been, multiple times
Nov 05 21:15:32 <owo> you seem very naive
Nov 05 21:15:50 <copypaste> I would love for this log to be read out on the record

Something tells me Brennan will now get his wish… Though I’m not sure he’s going to love it, given his current living arrangements.

Nov 05 21:16:27 <owo> would the manifestos become irrelevant if they added "in minecraft"
Nov 05 21:16:35 <owo> you know the answer
Nov 05 21:16:53 <copypaste> no, because they actually went out and committed a crime :-)

And somehow, Brennan thinks this isn’t tantamount to an admission of a crime all because he appended “in Minecraft” to the end his sentences.

I can see him before the judge now – “No, your honor, see, I said ‘in Minecraft!'” Therefore, none of this is real!


Nov 05 21:17:03 <squid92> owo, g'day, cunt! in minecraft...
Nov 05 21:17:10 <copypaste> i'm an IT professional, of course I know how DDoS for hire works
Nov 05 21:17:10 <owo> glad you understand
Nov 05 21:17:58 <PatMan> And you've used them before
Nov 05 21:18:11 <PatMan> Like you said earlier
Nov 05 21:18:23 <copypaste> so are you thinking i'm going to be arraigned for booting people from videogames when i was 16?

He couldn’t even win in video games on his own back then, so he had to cheat.

Is this a pattern of behavior for Brennan? When he can’t win on his own, he resorts to criminal activities?

Nov 05 21:18:34 <copypaste> unfortunately not all crimes are prosecuted
Nov 05 21:18:38 <copypaste> the State's hand is busy!
Nov 05 21:18:54 <copypaste> thankfully they won't be prosecuting nine year old crimes
Nov 05 21:19:18 <squid92> the admission that you've done it before establishes a pattern of behaviour
Nov 05 21:19:36 <copypaste> i'm reformed! :*
Nov 05 21:19:43 <PatMan> Hardly
Nov 05 21:20:09 <squid92> hallelujah! praise the anti-pope, copypaste is reborn!
Nov 05 21:20:14 <copypaste> :D
Nov 05 21:20:32 <copypaste> gotta run kids. hope to see these logs on KF
Nov 05 21:21:32 <PatMan> They'll get there somehow.

Oh, the hubris!

Brennan’s friends would go on to remark on how incredibly stupid it was for Brennan to talk about such things, in public, appending the painfully-thin-so-as-to-be-nonexistent “veil” of “in Minecraft” to every criminal admission:

Nov 05 21:24:35 <PatMan> ...I don't get why the DDoS economics work like copypaste says they do
Nov 05 21:24:59 <PatMan> But that's because I don't understand the image
Nov 05 21:25:06 <PatMan> I am not an IT guy
Nov 05 21:30:13 <squid92> if he wasn't lying, then he just spilled his spaghetti all over the channel, offering up evidence for legal action against him
Nov 05 21:30:30 <squid92> is he really that fucking desperate for attention?
Nov 05 21:30:32 <ranix> tortuous interference
Nov 05 21:30:51 <PatMan> uh
Nov 05 21:30:56 <PatMan> Isn't the DDoS more, y'know
Nov 05 21:31:07 <PatMan> super fucking illegal?

Why yes, PatMan, it is “super f*cking illegal.”

DDOSing a site is a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1030.

One set of charges I found leveled by the FBI at a a pair of DDOSers read:

The maximum statutory penalty for conspiracy to cause intentional damage to a protected computer in violation 18 U.S.C. § 1030(b) is five years’ imprisonment, three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000, plus restitution if appropriate. The maximum statutory penalty for causing intentional damage to a protected computer and aiding and abetting in violation 18 U.S.C. §§ 1030(a)(5)(A), (c)(4)(A)(i)(I), (c)(4)(B)(i) & 2 is 10 years’ imprisonment, three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000, plus restitution if appropriate. However, any sentence following conviction would be imposed by the court after consideration of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and the federal statute governing the imposition of a sentence, 18 U.S.C. § 3553.

Nov 05 21:31:26 <owo> thinking that adding "hypothetically" to your confession somehow indemnifies you is dumb af

Why yes, yes it is “dumb af.”

That kind of playground logic may work on internet forums, but never in a court of law.

Nov 05 21:31:28 <PatMan> Like I am not a person who understands Tortuous interference or whatever
Nov 05 21:31:45 <PatMan> But I understand that the DDoS is super fucking illegal
Nov 05 21:31:45 <squid92> in the US, definitely, in the philipines, i fucking hope so

Why yes, DDOSing also happens to be supremely illegal in the Philippines, as well!

Nov 05 21:32:05 <PatMan> And some of that wasn't even with "hypothetically" added to it
Nov 05 21:32:35 <squid92> i tossed the minecraft statement out there as a joke, i didn't think he'd actually bite
Nov 05 21:32:52 <owo> lol

Once again, Brennan’s friends are shocked he just admitted such much, publicly.

Nov 05 21:33:00 <PatMan> I wasn't even trying to get him to say anything like that, I legitimately didn't know what I was looking at
Nov 05 21:36:05 <owo> he may be betting nobody here cares enough to relay what he says
Nov 05 21:36:20 <owo> i wouldn't make that bet in minecraft

He bet poorly.

Nov 05 21:36:44 <squid92> he was outlining the logistics of a ddos attack along with its costs, and suggesting that he has both the time, and the will to keep it up indefinitely
Nov 05 21:37:29 <owo> he alluded to orchestrating one in a Twitter post a few weeks ago
Nov 05 21:37:39 <owo> maybe more idk
Nov 05 21:37:42 <owo> i don't read it
Nov 05 21:41:33 <PatMan> owo, I don't believe that. He even said "hope to see these logs on KF"
Nov 05 21:41:45 <PatMan> I think he knows people are sharing these logs
Nov 05 21:42:11 <PatMan> I don't get it. I don't get what he's getting at. What's his motivation for coming in here and acting like that?
Nov 05 21:43:13 <squid92> Patman:
Nov 05 21:43:13 <YT-info> YouTube » The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy: GAMMA (12:31) · by Voxiversity on 2019-03-20 · ↑1,745 ↓105 · 44,233 views

This is actually a great video – and if you’re wondering why I’ve taken to calling Mike Rothschild “Gamma” over and over – it’s because of his assumptions of superiority, his assumption of the correctness and accuracy of his judgements, and his general attitude that he is better, smarter, and more capable than everyone else (especially those durn, Trump-lovin’ MAGA-tards in flyover country!) are so painfully obvious to all reading it (which is why even after almost two years of anti-Q grifting, he can barely muster more than 13k followers on a mainstream platform like Twitter), that he can only be the lowest of the functioning low – the Gamma male. Even those ostensibly on his side; those who would agree with him, run away in disgust due to his personality (or rather, lack thereof, since smug, barely-repressed rage is no substitute for a personality).

This, besides the Gamma’s serial dishonesty, is the defining characteristic of the Gamma: the belief that they are a “secret king,” and that one day, everyone will bow before their “greatness.”

And you certainly see that character trait with Mike the “Gamma Grifter” Rothschild (and to an extent, with all the angry anti-Q Grifters haplessly bouncing around in the media). And its here that Brennan’s own friends are invoking the trope against him, while he’s offline.

I’ll leave that judgement to the people who ostensibly know him best.

Nov 05 21:51:42 <\x> what happened lads
Nov 05 21:51:52 <PatMan> cripplekike totally sperged out man

Well, that’s one way of putting it.

Nov 05 21:52:05 <\x> fucking fuck what
Nov 05 21:52:16 <PatMan> tl;dr
Nov 05 21:52:30 <PatMan> "I'm ddosing 8kun in minecraft with my minecraft bitcoins. :^)"

Again, it’s kind of amazing that he thinks appending “in Minecraft” to all his confessions will legally indemnify him, is it not?

But to dispense with any sense of lingering security Brennan may have, recall what Brennan himself said:

Nov 05 21:04:59 <copypaste> well, the little bird doing that attack told me it's working

Now, we fast-forward a few days – to a time when, well… a “little bird” makes a sudden appearance:

Nov 09 20:42:23 <Atlantic> The NYTimes is gonna ddos 8kun
Nov 09 20:42:31 <Atlantic> Then we will ddos the New York Times for 3 hours straight
Nov 09 20:42:33 <MarkMann> fuck the NYTimes
Nov 09 20:42:36 <Atlantic> ^
Nov 09 20:42:38 <Atlantic> ^^
Nov 09 20:42:41 <MarkMann> they're fake news
Nov 09 20:42:47 <nanotech> Atlantic, actually that was me
Nov 09 20:42:52 <PatMan> Is the NYT actually admitting to that type of thing?
Nov 09 20:42:57 <nanotech> I was the one DDoSing the captcha

(Emphasis mine).

An individual going by the name “Nanotech” admits, on the very same server just mere days later, to being the one DDOSing 8kun’s captcha system.

Again, I repeat:

Nov 05 21:04:59 <copypaste> well, the little bird doing that attack told me it's working

And again, recall Brennan’s original tweet:

“How does an open source flood script sound? I won’t run it myself, of course.”

Nanotech is the kid Brennan got to run his little “open source flood script” to attack 8kun.

Nanotech is Brennan’s “little bird.”

And who is Nanotech, exactly?

Well, Nanotech is Brennan’s #2, a position to which Brennan himself “elevated” Nanotech earlier that very same day, on Nov 9th, 2019.

See, for whatever reason, Brennan likes to issue these really cringe-worthy “edicts” outlining things like power hierarchies in online communities. He’s done this a number of times, where he even cryptographically signs these “edicts” with his PGP key (thus proving they come from him), and posts them up on Pastebin for the world to see.

It’s usually just awkward and cringe, but in this case, it’s also damning, because here Brennan explicitly names Nanotech as his #2 subordinate in the 8chan IRC channel on Rizon (which is not owned by either Jim or Ron, but is literally just the IRC channel that Brennan cybersquats on, and where the conversations cited in this article all took place):


create new paste /deals new! /syntax languages /archive /faq /tools /night mode /api /scraping api privacy statement /cookies policy /terms of service /security disclosure /dmca /contact cookies policy to enhance your experience.

Hash: SHA256

Series of 2019
#8chan Sovereign Government

Whereas, despite all unresolved transgressions between me, the relentless traitor JEWS,
co-conspirators, Jim and N. T. Technology, gallantry in these turmoil times has
been noticeably lacking and as such, the Government is to instil a new CEO with a
gynocentric vision.

Whereas, on 9th November 2019, the #8chan access list looked like this:

Num Lev Nick
1 9999 gr3y
2 10 nanotech

Whereas, having consulted with persons residing outside of the nation, full access (+ao)
is to be granted to a devoted subordinate, and with whom is to be contacted when
and if channel conflict is not conducive to the desired environment. gr3y and nanotech
are to be terminated with immediate effect.

Whereas, the desired environment and new citizen etiquette, with the full confidence of myself,
is to be hereby decided upon by the CEO.

Approved on 5 November 2019, 12:05AM, in the holy City of Quezon, Manila,

Rizon nick: copypaste
#8chan channel registrant, sovereign

`''''-'-; % % % % %'-._
:b) \ '-.
: :__)' .' .'
:.::/ '.' .'
o_i/ : ;
: .'




So Brennan names Nanotech as his #2, and then later that day, Nanotech comes onto the 8chan Rizon channel and flat-out admits to DDOSing 8kun, just out in the open. No “in Minecraft” appended to it. A blatant, open admission of being an accomplice in committing cybercrime.

After that, Brennan hops on. He deflects a bit, tries to change the topic – and I can only speculate as to the private messaging that went on between him and Nanotech, but Nanotech doesn’t say a word for about 8 minutes in that public IRC chat room.

The very next thing Nanotech says, some 8 minutes later, is this:

Nov 09 20:50:45 <nanotech> niggers

He then either leaves the conversation, or logs off entirely, but is not heard from again for some time.

But again, who is this Nanotech, precisely?

Well, that’s something I can’t share with you, because as I said earlier, Nanotech is a minor, and I’m not about to disclose the identity of a minor caught up in the criminal schemes of an adult.

I will reassure my readers here, however, that the authorities are fully aware of who Nanotech is, what he’s done in the past to incur their wrath, and his history of, well… dressing up in French maids outfits:

To quote Fredrick’s “Equality Act,” “A gynocentric vision” indeed…

I’m sure that will go over well in Prison, huh, Nanotech?

But of course, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Personally, Nanotech, if I were you – I’d tell the authorities everything you know about Brennan on the matter. That way, you’d be cooperating with the authorities, and you can say you were just a kid making a stupid mistake online. You’ll probably get out of any kind of sentence, since you really were being manipulated by an adult with criminal intent. And the sooner you told them everything you knew, the better for you.

But if this wasn’t enough, you have to remember, while Brennan has been charged in and fled from the Philippines, his troubles don’t end there.

All of this and more has been submitted to the FBI, and if you’ve been paying attention at home, you’ll recall that the FBI released a slew of declassified Gamergate-related documents.

Throughout these documents, Brennan’s name is redacted.

Here’s one such example:

Odd thing to redact, is it not? Everyone knows that Brennan used to run 8chan. You can look it up on Wikipedia. Why redact this now, in the current day – especially when he no longer runs that defunct site?

Is it possible that there’s an open, ongoing FBI investigation into Brennan’s admitted online activities?

Gamergate Part 01 of 01

Administrative Policy Procedures – Anti-War – Bureau Personnel – Civil Rights – Counterterrorism – Foreign Counterintelligence – Frequently Requested – Fugitives – Gangs Extremist Groups – Gangster Era – Miscellaneous – Organizations – Organized Crime – Political Figures Events – Popular Culture – Public Corruption – Supreme Court – Unexplained Phenomenon – World War II – Violent Crime

What’s even more amazing about all of this is how none of those in the MSM have bothered to investigate any of this! Why, they’re just completely clueless, and what’s more, have been citing over and over “8chan founder Fredrick Brennan” in their hit-pieces against 8kun, where they promulgate falsehoods in order to stoke “Red Scare” fears, such as when CNET senior producer Dan Patterson – a man ostensibly hired for his tech savvy – incorrectly stated (either due to his own ineptitude or perhaps due to malice) that 8kun was hosted in Russia, when nothing could be further from the truth:

QAnon conspiracy theory spreads to political mainstage

What began online in the remote corners of the internet has now gone mainstream. QAnon refers to a number of right-wing conspiracy theories that are showing up on the 2020 campaign trail and in college classrooms. CNET senior producer Dan Patterson explains why law enforcement is concerned about the violent trolls associated with the movement.

I want my regular readers to now think back to every QAnon hit-piece (Of which, there have been over 1,500) you’ve seen:

Think about how many of these have cited Fredrick Brennan as an authoritative source when attacking 8chan/8kun, QAnon, and the Watkins.

Think about how Brennan was busy committing cybercrimes WHILE they were promoting him as an anti-Q figurehead.

Were they complicit in propping him up? Well, according to one source (which frankly, I haven’t been able to verify), I was told that none other than the Washington Post itself was funneling payments to Brennan during this time – effectively providing financial support for Brennan while Brennan turned his bitcoin into monero, logged on to a dark market, provided a minor with a DDOS script, and paid for an illegal botnet to disrupt the daily operations of a Free Speech website. But again, while I haven’t been able to verify if whether the Washington Post provided financial support to Brennan during this time, so I suppose that will be left to whatever criminal unit is investigating him.

What is clear, however, is that the media didn’t do any of their due diligence when propping up Brennan. These chat logs were public. They were made back in early November. You’re telling me not a single global media conglomerate assigned even a so much as a lowly intern to monitor the public channels of one of the guys they’ve been referencing as an expert in these matters?

So tell me, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT (and every other media scumbag lurking my page today, desperate to figure out what just happened to their favorite anti-Q source) – how come I was able to piece this all together, and you weren’t?

Could it be you have an agenda?

Could it be you have a preferred narrative you wish to manufacture and promulgate?

Or could it be you’re all dishonest hacks serving, wittingly or unwittingly, the NWO?

Actually, I promised earlier in this article to address the Playboy article that’s slated to be published in the Spring issue (since Playboy is now relegated to being printed just 4 times a year), and I think this is a perfect opportunity to expose the two-faced agenda of you so-called “journalists” because this can be seen quite clearly in the direct messages between the Antifa-fellating hack known as Donovan Farley, and Codemonkey himself:

Here Donovan introduces himself and says he’s writing about “the future of online free speech” for Playboy. Keep that characterization, that pitch in mind moving forward – as well as Playboy’s parent company being called out by Q very early on in the movement.

The conversation continues:

Donovan then sends over his questions:

Notice how he admits he already talked to Fredrick Brennan here.

Yes, Playboy does have a history of twisting free speech laws to keep their little CIA honeypot operation going. But Donovan, the Commie-lovin’ Antifa-shill, pinky-promises he wouldn’t ever, ever disparage Codemonkey.

Now read his questions like, “Do you feel any guilt about the role the mass shootings that 8chan/kun has played a role in,” and keep in mind that the Ohio Shooter Connor Betts was an Antifa member – a fact mysteriously absent from Don’s article.

Totally not a hitpiece, maaaaaan. Just tell me how guilty you feel over mass shootings, how crazy you think your userbase is, and how financially vulnerable you are.

Which is why, again, one needs to circle back to his earlier tweet to see how Donovan is already forming the hitpiece for Playboy:

Ron puts off the questions for a bit, but Donovan persists:

Ron finally decided to respond:

Some of these images double-up on the content here, but I’m sure you’ll find it easy enough to follow along:


Ah, see how the article that was ostensibly about “the future of online free speech” has now morphed into an article about #QAnon?

Who could have ever foreseen such a turn of events? Who could have ever predicted that this guy would suddenly pivot in his line of leading questions?

If you needed a good laugh, just remember that Sen. Wyden will be featured in this article, on top of Caged Brennan.

I’m sure he, of all people, has no vested interest in trying to end 8kun and stifle QAnon. None whatsoever, right?

Spring issue, huh?

Well, shame how the narratives presented by a slow printing cycle can be pre-empted by digital these days. And after your company spent so much money on all that paper almost a month ago. And think of the shipping costs! It must be infuriating to watch a story get completely flayed and deboned by a digital presence presenting the real facts before it can even hit the shelves and mailboxes – and at such great expense, too.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving organization, frankly.

Meanwhile, one of Playboy’s “expert sources” for this article, Fredrick Brennan is now a fugitive, and unwittingly flew back into a world of legal hurt, as the full force of the US Government looms over his head.

And I know you’re going to hate me for this, Brennan, but really, these are the consequences you now face for your own actions – actions you, and you alone chose. No one forced you to do what you did.

If there’s anyone you should be furious with, it’s yourself. Not me. Not Jim Watkins. Not Ron. Not Q. Not any lingering daddy issues you may or may not be wrestling with. Just yourself and your own utterly hate-filled, misguided choices.

And to the “Journos” reading all this…  Q recently repeated that you represent a “clear and present danger” to the United states. You were all complicit in propping up Brennan as your useful little puppet – some more than others.

Many of you already know that any serious investigation into Brennan will lead back to you. And if and when it does, some of you can undoubtedly look forward to getting to know Brennan even better.

From an adjacent jail cell.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy watching you literary hacks flounder without your precious little puppet.



Recently, I received a great review of my book from @Texian45 over on Gab for my book, Revolution Q, and I wanted to share:

Getting GREAT feedback from those I gave to for Christmas this year! My dad now texts me to tell me when Trump is on TV, and asks me questions like, “What has Q said about this?”, “Will Trump confront is accusers tonight in his SOTU address?”, and “You listening to Trump at National Prayer Breakfast?”.

He went on a men’s retreat, was talking about his Christmas gift on the drive there with one of his good friends, and found out one of he (former marine) follows Q, too. So that helped a ton I’m sure. His friend found Q on his own somehow, and he said that I was the only other person he personally who was following Q. I’m going to get a copy of the book in his hand too ASAP (probably go ahead and gift an electronic copy for now).

is doing more than just awakening people @NeonRevolt, it’s helping bring families closer together over things in life that matter. In my case, it connected me with someone else in my life who’s also following Q. Wouldn’t have known otherwise.

When I started following I had no idea what a blessing this movement would be in my life. God wins and we do too! I’ll never be tired of .

The photo you see here is from @AlienToMars, and I just really liked the composition of it, as well as seeing that beastly rig being built in the background. Thanks to both Texian and Alien for sharing!!

If you want to share your own pics of Revolution Q, please do so using the #RevolutionQ hashtag. Obviously, Gab is the best place for me to see them, but I periodically check other social networks as well, and it’s always great fun to see where the book is going!

And of course, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy but want to, you can do so right here:

31 thoughts on “Breaking Exclusive: Fredrick Brennan (@HW_Beat_That) Goes Fugitive as @Playboy Readies to Attack #8Kun! More Surprises in Store for Fred from the Feds? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. ThankQ for another informative blog Neon. Reading the pastebin convos were eye opening to me & had led me to asking the following question … Q post #3876 had a link to pastebin – do you think it could have been dropped to lead others to the above conversation piece?
    Cheers, Barbara

  2. FB’s ego has flaws like Captcha. I wonder what the REAL motive is behind FB’s efforts to stop 8Kun? “The Watkins family tried to launch 8kun, while Brennan tried to block their effort in order to keep “Q” from resurfacing”

    • Thankfully you are able to answer those questions by browsing Neons archives right here, but in short, FB has some major mental and daddy issues. FB and JW have an extended business relationship regarding 8chan, FB mismanaged it, JW bailed him out of it keeping FBren on as techy and in the end Fbren Fks up again, again and again. All that history of this situation is right here and the fault lays directly on FBren’s shoulders, as noted by Neon.

  3. He wanted everyone to know he did it and now they do.
    Proverbs 16-18
    Pride goes before destruction,
    And a haughty spirit before a fall.

    Is Minecraft Prison anything like a US Federal Prison or Philippine jail?

  4. I’m glad you’re back to writing in this format. at least for today. Thank you so very very much for educating us on the realities of this crazy life.

  5. Brennan would be better to use the handle of ephialtes in all of his musings, given that he’ll be known in history of a coward who betrayed his own, but instead of launching his wheelchair off of the cliffs of the Hollywood Hills, he will continue to self-sabotage and destroy himself through poor ego-driven choices.

  6. The FBI needs to send an imposing black man to interview nanotech. Why is our side accused of being the racists when these guys drop two racialized epithets in the course of this article? It’s maddening.

  7. Wow, his IRC buds really said it best once pint sized Fred fled the chat… Is it really that simple for one with such had instincts for this kind of thing to obtain a cash handout from the CIA/WashPost? Rip lil Freddie I’ll spare this forum my usual nicknames for ya squirt

  8. Did a nuclear bomb just hit the presstitute bordellos?

    Heffner’s mean, ugly, nasty daughter is married to a sleazy lawyer who used to stink up the Illinois General Assembly which closeted homosexual Indonesian Muslim non-natural-born US citizen and CIA stooge, Barry Sotero, stunk up. Donald Trump never backed down from his claim about Sotero’s CIA created citizenship because he was correct. My brother met with Sotero when Sotero was stinking up the Illinois GA. He said he’s really dumb and has a mind controlled glazed look in his eyes as if his soul is missing.

    Chicago Kosher Nostra billionaires created Sotero out of nothing. Their relatives were also involved in JFK’s murder conspiracy. Hefner’s nasty daughter and her husband run in that tribe and now one of them, who looks like Barney Rubble or Fred Flinstone is Illinois Governor, JB Pritzker. AN Pritzker was, according to the FBI, a gangster. His ugly granddaughter propped up Sotero. She had a cabinet post. She tried to get a friend of mine’s home in Lincoln Park in Chicago on the cheap so she could own the whole block. He said she’s a total POS. JB Pritzker had toilets ripped out of a mansion he was rehabbing so he could illegally claim it uninhabitable to save $300k on prop taxes. He’s a low life.

  9. Long but very informative article. Gives me a lot of insight into Brennen. So eager for attention he’s willing to compromise himself online. Hope they catch him soon. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Ha!

  10. Is he really that careless? Is he protected by someone else perhaps and doesn’t think he will have to answer for his crimes? I don’t really know his online persona so I’m genuinely wondering how could someone be so dumb.

  11. I love the “cripplekike” comment by his friends. lol
    What a sleezebag! I wonder why he changed his position from promoting Q to trying to quash Q. I mean, he created 8chan for Q, no?

    • I got the impression that Q came along after he sold out to the Watkins’ and he’s really jealous about what it all turned into. I could be wrong though.

  12. Neon – Kudos was on another informative, educational article. You do an amazing job of taking the audience through unfamiliar territory and lifting the veil. I am finding the same while reading Revolution Q ! I have it on Kindle but will be ordering the book for redpilling friends and family. You were made for this moment to be a perfect part of Gods plan! Much Love

  13. Neon hello- I figure your book will someday be either worth a fortune or classroom reading material. Hopefully both. Maybe someday you can sign my copy. A first addition no less. I wish I had a first addition of Bill Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse. What a collection to hold! When the rest of Humanity awakes I will do what I can to help. God Bless!

  14. Great exposé on the duplicitous manner in which media hacks operate.

    I worked in journalism when I was 17 years old. I was a high school student. It’s not a difficult profession to learn nor master.

    Those who receive promotions and pay raises are the same ones knowingly pushing fallacious narratives in place of facts.

    I appreciate what you do.

  15. Excellent info as always. You are masterful in pulling all this together. Yes, looking forward to Ron Wyden getting booed and booted someday. He is a hypocritical left-wing pious pasty-faced prune.

  16. Thanks for the article, before your book, I had no idea who this sleazeball even was. I have already gifted several of your books to normies like me. I really had no idea how deep down the rabbit holes anons really are. I have followed Q for almost two years and watch many of the YT channels that help with decodes. But I have to say, your book brought so much more context to the movement! Please know that your efforts in this war are very much appreciated and respected. Keep up the good fight and keep doing what you do best!


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