At the Highest Levels – Part 3 of 3

Part three of three. Read parts one and two.

Cowards in Congress, and across the GOP? Is anyone surprised by this? Sadly, I don’t think so. In a strange way, we’ve almost all come to expect the men and women in congress to collapse and fail us, each and every time. The question isn’t so much “will they fail us?” as much as it is “how badly will they fail us?”

In truth, it wasn’t so much Rosenstein everyone was afraid of. No, according to our whistleblower, it was the men behind Rosenstein – a group of men brought together by the sudden, apocalyptic rise of Trump – a group dead set on undermining him – even if it meant waiting for four long years before they could strike.

Rosenstein would go on to shelter Rosati whenever he deemed it necessary. A self-serving power-player in a high-stakes role, with an almost neurotic need to apply “the law” as he saw fit (even as he bent and broke the law himself), Rosenstein actually despised both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. White would say that on Rosenstein’s wall was a display highlighting his Whitewater convictions, and while Rosenstein was glad Hillary lost – even as his own wife continued to work for the Clinton Foundation – he certainly saw no future for Trump in DC.

Therefore, he set about to undermining him even if it meant making a deal with the devil:

According to White, after papering over various Seth-Rich-related loose ends, Rosenstein would sign off on illegal FISA warrants, in order to entrap the Trump administration in the entire “Russian Collusion” lie.

This we know, but what we haven’t known up until this point was his motivation.

Why would he do this?

Simply put, because he saw Pence as more deserving of “the throne;” someone whom he could work with, with a more even and pragmatic keel, who would probably overlook his treasonous dalliances in selling intelligence to foreign powers, and who wouldn’t let all that messy, antiquated “America First” ideology get in the way of “progress.”

According to recorded testimony from our whistleblower, Rosenstein, together with Pence’s knowledge and consent, went on to help engineer the entire coup attempt against President Trump – in an attempt to oust Trump, and promote Pence to the Presidency, at which point, Pence would turn around and appoint Rod Rosenstein as VP.

Thankfully, Rosenstein failed.

But he almost didn’t.

Rosenstein testifies he would not have signed FISA warrant for Trump aide if he knew of problems

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified Wednesday that he would not have signed a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant renewal for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page had he known about the since-revealed misconduct surrounding those warrants — while faulting the FBI for its handling of the documents.

You ever wonder how Rod got away with perjuring himself so blatantly?

It’s because no one in DC had the will to truly go after him.

No one wanted to go after him because so many knew what was really going on. It was all about putting on a show for you at home and waiting out the Trumpocalypse that had befallen their little town called D.C. to pass by. The strategy was first to try and wait Trump out. Put on a show about being his ally, but really, you let the opposition run rampant, do whatever they want, hope they succeed, and go back to your successful little political grift, where all you do is put on a show for the CPAC types, and rake in donations and lobbying industry cash.

Worst case scenario – if he failed, well… Pence was still in place.

A living insurance policy, of sorts.

Sometimes, you want to give someone every chance, and every single benefit of the doubt. You want to believe that goodness can shine through and prevail in them, and that when it comes down to the wire, they will come through and make the right decision. You want to believe in the power of redemption and extend every single opportunity for another to do the right thing.

I wanted this for Mike Pence. I wanted him to do the right thing. It was why I penned my last article, which many of you read and shared online, which highlighted the Constitutionally-imbued power of the President of the Senate to choose from among competing slates of electors, in order to preserve the Republic as the last line of defense – a firewall against massive fraud and election theft.

@VP’s Rendezvous with Destiny


Sadly, despite being told by my sources in Washington that Pence himself read this article and initially appeared to agree with it, it seems that Pence has decided to back away right as we come to the precipice; that he will refuse to save this Republic, and has in actuality now planning to betray President Trump at this, the final hour.

I always knew this would be an option for Pence. Should he really desire to betray Trump, all he had to do was keep his cards close to his chest, pretend to be an ally, and then flip at the last possible second in order to run out the clock and prevent Trump from being able to respond at all.

This is what’s happening now. This is where we are at – with a man closest to the President, who – according to our whistleblower – secretly agreed to participate in a coup against that very same President, set to determine the fate of that same President, by getting to decide which slates of electors get counted in this, the most fraudulent election to ever take place in the history of this country.

And this is why I must now write the most fateful sentence I have ever dared to write; the kind of sentence I had always hoped to avoid, but in the face of the evidence I now see, and the situation in which we find ourselves, I must write it all the same.

I hereby call for the immediate arrest of Michael Richard Pence, 48th Vice President of the United States, for Treason.

Patriots – you are all in DC today for a reason.

Make it count.

(And maybe now this all helps explain why Pence got an envelope, too).

43 thoughts on “At the Highest Levels – Part 3 of 3”

  1. Neon do you believe Trump was aware of this information the entire time? If so than the orgins of Q collective must have been kept from Pence. I must admit, I;m not all in on Pence being a black hat. To believe that narrative would require me to understand and believe NOTHING absolutely NOTHING is how I perceived it to be.
    I quite liked Pence, his quiet brilliance and was satisfied he was our VP. If your allegations are true, and I have no reason to doubt they are not, this is a sad story for our country. My guess is, Pence will now be faced with a decision. Spend the rest of his life in Gitmo or support Trump and immediately “retire”

    • The real test of Patriotism. “Do you understand Drug Prohibition.” You can start by tracing the money flows. How law enforcement (even honest enforcement) is key to cartel profits. More enforcement = more profit. Be suspicious of anyone who promises to “fight”, drugs, cartels, gangsters, etc.

      • I can’t call it BS because it opened a LOT of people’s eyes to the lies that have been told for decades, if not centuries. Did it work out like most people thought it would? Nope.. this isn’t a game, and it isn’t Hollywood. We are literally at war right now with a group that hates Freedom, and seeks absolute control. We are NOT done!! Call me crazy, but keep that in mind as you watch future news.

        • You’re not crazy and we see how it all turned out. The Restoration of the Control Faction. And a renewed push toward global ‘order’-which to you and me is an Orwellian Anthill

          • Thanks for thinking I am not crazy!!! LOL Well, I am still not giving up on this Country, and perhaps it would be wise to run down a few ant holes every now and then to observe behavior in addition to digging down our proverbial and never-ending rabbit holes.

      • Q BS? Are you referring to the popular narrative and dinner time game of “Who Is Q”? Only an idiot would get so caught up in “who” that they miss the “what.”
        The nomenclature “Qanon” is as meaningless now as it was in the first unsigned drops. “Q” is all about the Socratic method of “drops” laid like bread crumbs for a society, incredibly, deeply buried in lies, to dig their way out, subject by subject, crime by crime, perpetrated on the world by a protected class of sociopaths. You and many like you can’t see that because you are still plugged into the “machine.” Even your statement is a MSM talking point. Dig your brain out of the drawer you stuffed it into years ago and start thinking for yourself.

        • You qtards are the ones can’t see. Q was a pro Trump psyop, and Trumpstein was a Zionist shill. The pos he pardeoned confirms this.

          Tell us the 4d chess of the pardon if you can.

          • Wow, 5 ad hominem attacks in such a short comment. Probably close to some sort of record among your kind. But to reply, no serious “Qtard” was ever interested in who Qanon is/was. It was always about the drops, the questions, the rabbit holes, the act of investigating people and subjects. So, in order to slow down the amount of people finding out about the dirty little secrets of the elite, their control system [MSM] made it about “who” and pointed to weird people like the so-called Qanon guy at the Jan. 6th event. Their usual game-plan of ridicule, ad hominem attacks, and NEVER offering the link so the viewers can read the drops and make up their own minds. MSM [elite validation tool] is about controlling your opinion. And they do a very good job.

  2. Good morning Neon,

    Your 3-part article/post is a very thoughtful and factually well stated case not only about Rosenstein but also Mike Pence. I’m positive that it will go viral because it must.

    I share your thoughts about Mike Pence and his cowardly decision not to rock the boat. I think back to the funeral of Bush Sr where his wife had the envelope. It reminds me about Q asking to follow the wives.
    I clearly remember that Karen Pence was one of the 7 (I think it was 7) individuals going to a secret location right after president Trump won the 2016 election.
    I have been unable to shake off the thought that Karen Pence runs Mike Pence. The holier than thou Mrs. Pence complained about president Trump when the locker room conversation recording became public.

    Now to Rosenstein: The still pic in the video above shows an angry and irritated Rosenstein. His facial expression showed a narcissist who was appalled being questioned. I remember how he said that he would subpoena the committee members personal info. He’s a schmuck!

    Having said that your post triggered a number of cases that involved Rosenstein and none of them in his favor:
    There was the undercover issue involving Campbell and Uranium-1. He had done and collected over a period of time info on the corruption all around this subject. It took forever by Rosenstein and whomever hired him at the FBI to do undercover work. Rosenstein was the AG at that time. I remember Campbell’s attorneys talking with Lou Dobbs about the difficulties their client had.

    I also remember the railroading of Ulbricht by these criminally corrupt ‘Rosenstein’ agents before he was sent to prison for life. During the trial of Ulbricht it became obvious that these agents were dealing themselves. So much shady stuff.

    It looks like Rosenstein is a spy or involved in espionage based on his activities. He is dirty although we see that no matter what they do it is their best kept secret. I wonder if Barr knew about it and if he did why he ignored it. There are other cases that Rosenstein as AG was involved in and financially benefitted practicing his ‘craft’.

    Looking at this all it’s clear that the rot is very deep while the politicians in both parties are right there stealing from the taxpayers while doling out ‘AID’ to the same swamp rats the Q team planned on taking down.

    This cancerous system aka Federal Government is beyond fixing and should just burn down. Start over!

    I share your thoughts about Mike Pence because his latest dance is unforgivable. It’s not the first time Pence betraying the president. I saw the email chain going back and forth between Paul Ryan and the rest of the rhinos talking about the coup against president Trump. They mentioned Article 9 repeatedly although every date and time changed. I also believe that on the night of the debate with Biden an attempt to poison the president was made. His desk or podium was wiped right before he arrived. Biden’s spot was not wiped. Our president became ill the following day.

    I also believe that Pence intentionally did his part to remove and destroy Mike Flynn. I observed whether there was friendly interactions since Flynn was pardoned. There is none as there is no love lost and Flynn knows.

    This holier than thou man is not a man of principle – he is a rat, traitor and the Judas of our time!

    • Q NEVER touches on drug war corruption. The Drug War is mainly how the destruction of Liberty is financed. From it you get money and thugs.

      On top of all that, they have to make war on abused children to get their money. Their profits depend on child abuse.

      Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel. Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood.

      The origin of leftism is anger. The Democrat Party thrives on anger. And who is more angry than an abused child? The god of abused children is Satan (anger leads to the dark side). The politics of abused children is Communism. Stop child abuse.

      In other words Leftism is God’s curse for not protecting children better and then punishing them for pain relief.


    • I have heard this too, but only anecdotal, word-of-mouth. Does he or has he ever displayed any of the markers? Black left eye, ring with a red stone, red shoes, associations with known pedophiles or cover organizations?

  4. Neon… this is stunning, but it explains a LOT!!! I want Pence and Rosentein arrested!!! They would be a good place to start, and then let the rest of the rats be arrested and tried at GITMO!!! Pissed beyond belief!!!

  5. I stayed up till 4:00 waiting on part 3. Now it is 6:42 pm 1/6 and as hard as it is to say, Neon you were right. My heart is broken, all I hope for now is POTUS will declass and arrest arrest arrest and continue to arrest those who have broken our beloved Country. Patriots I ask you hang on a little longer. My children don’t deserve to live in the hell that is coming and,,,neither do yours.

  6. Will the scales of justice ever be balanced? Now as I type, they are slandering good patriots who are fighting to take our country back. We know it wasn’t patriots who stormed the capitol today. Evidence is already coming out it was antifa but what difference does it make now? Only God knows how this will end. Pray for us all.

  7. Still talking about how the “first arrest” will be the “most shocking”….EYEROLL. I always knew Pence was a snake…..I also figured out a loooooooooooong time ago that ‘Q’ was time-wasting bullshit…..A Psy-Op with which to ‘wait out’ the enraged patriots …May God help our Nation…..

    • Jon B when Trump said the Clintons were good people you knew he was part of the con and all the while the Q psyop moving the goal posts.With Trump it is always someone else’s fault.He granted Bob Woodward an interview and got torpedoed by Woodward.Jared Kushner is moronic and he hired 2 Iran Contra scum Elliot Abrams and William Barr.All the useful idiots bought the T-shirt and coffee mug

  8. Bringing us to the precipice before arresting Pence and Rosenstein? Yes, they should both be arrested together, and then it can be explained to the American people why they have committed treason and how such a man as Pence could never be allowed to preside over a Senate that is about to make the most momentous decision in history. But why wait this long? If their arrests are “bad optics” then it would be that now, just as much as it would have been the Monday after Christmas.

    Trump knew what Pence was when he picked him up. Don’t think they didn’t already have a plan in place for this, or any other eventuality.

  9. Q is NOT a waste of time- it enlightened millions worldwide. Millions connected as evidenced by this platform and so many others. I recall the gentleman who made u tube videos warning of Pence up until his last breath. I am struck that Pence was instrumental in Gen. Flynn’s removal. Lastly, I have taken note of many election signs wherein Pence’s name was removed- for good reason. He is Johnson to Kennedy and Bush (Shertz) to Reagan. 20+ years of planning is not in vain- we are watching a bad movie with shitty actors. This is a pinnacle moment in history- the ENTIRE WORLD will NOT fall to satanic communism. Hold the line– PRAY – PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD! for WWG1WGA

  10. Thank you, Neon, for your measured words. It’s tough being the messenger of difficult truths. I’ve know Pence was part of the Insurance policy since the summer of 2018. I’m trying to find my tweet from over a year ago suggesting Pence would be the first arrest that will shock the world. I truly appreciate your thoughtful approach to this article. I’m grateful your voice is part of the movement for liberty & freedom for all.

  11. OFS Neon, TY!

    There is a reason why Q put a lot of emphasis on the Military MI/Marines/NG, military action does not imply sending fully armed combat troops out on the streets. MI/JAG were already on the job, the only entity that didn’t get corrupt and PDJT is CiC. Berkley I & II demonstrated MI had been dispatched day one, in the army MI & CID work closely with each other, same goes for Navy/Marines MP & NCIS.
    Q drops (starting w/20?) last week of October 2017 thru the month of November 2017 starts to make a whole lot more sense now. FYI there’s the WH Oval POTUS & WH EEOB is where the VP office is situated (2 bldgs).

    PDJT knew about Ryan & Pence plan in 2015/16. It was a very difficult day for PDJT Wed 06 Jan 2021, because he knew, but couldn’t on JAG’s instructions similar to AG advisement. You could see it in his demeanor how difficult it was, knowing what was to unfold, but it wasn’t his call and it is probably Gen Flynn & Powell reassuring him to trust his UCMJ JAG senior staff adjutant general. .

    Loss of life is on the speaker of the house, SAA, USCP chief and its security chief. Security SOP at the US Capital was altered and there are only 2 people to make that call, this was their first time dealing with authorized protest or demonstrations on or near capital grounds. They can’t pawn this off on POTUS! JMO, TY.

    Review Q 85


  12. This would be a good place to start, the arrest of Pence but with Pelosi trying to impeach President Trump immediately who would be left to even call for Pence’s arrest? The evil left is scared to death Trump will pull the rabbit out of his hat. And what about the Military? Will anyone even obey Trump with only two weeks left? He has been usurped while still in power. These communists are too powerful and too sinister! Without a lot of power on the side of right no one can win against them!

  13. Two Things.
    1. The Bush Funeral and the envelope
    2. SOTU with Ice Cream Pelosi and Pence standing Elbow to Elbow. Smiles frozen on their traitorous faces. A proficient lip reader demonstrated, without ambiguity, that Nancy said to Pence (after making sure the mics were Off, “We never meant the COUP d”ETAT for you”
    The 2nd one sealed the deal for me.
    But Surely POTUS knew about Pence? Was it “keep your friends close, your enemes closer?”
    A sad day for America. Someone said THIS WILL BE BIBLICAL.

  14. All those years with Q building things up, and this anti-climax is how it all ends? With Trump being humiliated out of the White House…. Why did Trump tell people to march on the Capitol? Nothing to gain, and it would 100 % obviously be infiltrated by Antifa… Now optics are really bad for Trump and the MAGA/Truth movement… big propaganda loss as it seems now…

    Are patriots still in control? Is Trump trying to “look weak when strong” on twitter still? It seems far fetched at this point. I refuse to believe Q did not know who was a traitor and not all along, but now he’s gone silent. The narrative is now cemented, and the idiotic storming of the Capitol was a watershed moment that seems to have turned the tide in the wrong direction.

    At this point the comeback needs to be nuclear to turn the tide back again for Trump. We were all waiting patiently for that moment when the knock-out punch was supposed to land, after taking a constant beating for 4 long years… Trump leaving with a whimper and the tail between his legs… is that what we all waited for? Really…

    This is really hard to understand… Will he really allow this coup to take place, knowing they will go after him and his family? I just don’t see the play anymore… Military is now the only option, but it will look even more like a coup after this… Either this is next level 7D chess, or the whole plan has gone out the window, if there ever even was one…

  15. That’s a very impressive picture, your website picture.

    Of a statue.

    A statue. Of someone who actually fought.

    Versus all the WWG1WGA who failed to show on the steps.

    A man looks at life in prison. Non men will not help a man.

    Or am I wrong? I hope so.

    Doubtful, as the most Christian and charitable man has been attacked, abused, and wronged.

    But let us see.

    Only one man in this room fought.

    Keep talking. Bravely. Talking

  16. Hi – I don’t do social media other than lurking so I am sending this link to you here. Do what you want with this comment after you check out the link. I saw on your and Swampy’s timeline a short clip of video of retired Lt General Thomas McInerney talking about the Pelosi laptop being taken by special forces. The youtube link below has the full interview starting at the 35:30 mark. It includes more about the laptop along with other interesting topics including the election steal and covid.

  17. Since Gab was unprepared, and is close to broken the last 60 hours, could you perhaps write another article summarizing what people you know have speculated or have actual sauce about. Torba had years to prepare, but I doubt if Gab will be of any use for several more critical days, and maybe more. Even in the rare instances that it comes up, it’s hardly useable. I’m not anti-Gab BTW, just need a tool that works during important times.

    The purges have reduced us to minimal sources, so may have to do without I realize.

  18. Hi Neon,
    I can’t get on Gab. Apple is blocking of course. (Please don’t say I told you so, I know!) I’m trying to get on using laptop, but I don’t have access to the email I used in 2018, I am YKC and a PRO member. Can you please advise? If Gab is down, I assume you will post here. Thank you! I am still remembering you in my Rosary!

  19. I’m a pretty old guy. I’ve been through a lot. Other than TRUMP being elected in 2016, I can’t remember a really huge event happening that was a huge positive for our tattered Country.

    Those ‘hanging on” to a hope that the next huge positive event, prior to 1-20-21 will be the promises made to millions of VERY patient citizens, as in… “arrests will be made” and “the first will shock the world”, will most likely be let down yet again.

    I wonder who, in the cesspool of DC, and in the last minutes of the game, has the courage and authority to make such arrests. Durham’s investigation seemed to evaporate like a fart in the wind. The DOJ/FBI are feckless water-bois, county sheriffs balls have shrunken and all but disappeared.

    Very sad times indeed but, more than that, very confusing times.

    The Dems aren’t acting like they won the game. They aren’t celebrating their win of the White House. Why bother trying to impeach TRUMP 8 days before he leaves office? Why push for the use of the 25th Amendment? He’s only going to be in office for another week and a day? Right? 2 weeks ago Biden cancelled his Inaugural parade.

    TRUMP said he wasn’t going to Biden’s Inauguration and that could mean 2 completely different things. Part of me thinks, “in real life, a deus ex machina never happens”. Then again, TRUMP knows how to build suspense.

    And thank you NR for another great communication.

    • A little update. It seems, from Lt General Thomas McInerney, that Special Forces are the guys that grabbed Pelosi’s lap top and “she frantic.” SF inserted themselves into the mass of people at the Capitol building on the 6th. A little more suspense please.


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