8chan Bootcamp! Learning to Chan like a Pro! #NEONREVOLT

Well, it’s official.

I’m about to break rules 1 and 2 of the internet.

And that’s okay, because extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – and right now, we’ve got to get everyone in the Q movement comfortable with working and navigating the 8ch boards.

Hold on to your buttcheeks, fam, because I’m about to teach you how to Chan.

We’ve repeatedly talked about how it’s imperative to start to migrate everyone to the boards directly, following /r/GreatAwakening’s ban from reddit. We fully anticipate most of the internet going down at a certain point, and only 8ch being accessible. Though we do not fully understand how such a technical feat could occur, we’re simply taking #QAnon at his literal word on this, and doing our best to prepare for the road ahead.

The problem?

The #chans be more than a little intimidating for first-time users, and often end up scaring people away.

So allow me to be the Virgil to your Dante, as together, we descend into the Stygian Abyss of the Internet, where free speech reigns supreme and Sh*tlords are king.

I’m about to show you step-by-step everything you need to know to navigate these pages, and get you up-and-running like an old-school /b/tard circa 2008. Give a little practice, and you may even become an elite research-Anon.

But before we go anywhere, I want to lay down a few ground-rules first:


If you’re just visiting the chans for the first time in your life, you’re going to be confused by something, at some point. Don’t make it your goal to jump in and participate. Read everything that interests you first (and even stuff that doesn’t). Kick back and explore. Stretch those mental muscles and get used to mentally separating the meat from the noise.

By doing this, you will gradually familiarize yourself with all the different systems at play on the boards.

More importantly, you will learn the culture.

That last part cannot be overstated.

When in doubt, LURK MOAR!

2) Everyone is a Faggot

The chans have been called an “internet hate machine” for a reason. The culture across the chans has been deliberately insular for as long as they’ve been around. #Anons don’t necessarily want you there. They only want good content. So hurling insults is par for the course.

Think of it almost as a hazing.

A brutal, often soul-crushing hazing.

But, the good news is, once that part of you is desensitized, you can start laughing and get in on the fun.

Thus, everyone becomes a “fag” of some sort. Maybe anons on the boards are talking about something related to law, and you just happen to be a lawyer. You might choose to cheekily self-identify as a “lawyerfag” in a response to a thread.

This is far from the only invective you’ll hear, but you’ll soon discover (especially as you learn to mentally filter) that the

3) You WILL be offended by something, at some point.

But to quote Stephen Fry:

The chans are often full of porn, gore, racist content, and general drek.

I can’t tell you how many literal severed heads I’ve seen just scrolling in random threads that have literally nothing to do with that. You could be reading a thread about, say, Jordan B. Peterson, and BAM suddenly, you see police photos of cartel victims.

I don’t say that to scare you.

I say that to prepare you.

It’s not even people half the time posting stuff. It’s bots attempting to derail discussion.

If a bot decides it doesn’t like what you’re talking about…

BAM naked picture of a 500 lb woman!

You think I’m joking but I’m not.

(Now, don’t let this deter you, either. We’ve got a board set up for those who are looking for a more Safe-for-Work 8ch experience, where all gore/porn/and offensive content is moderated – built for the explicit purpose of getting people familiar with the boards – but we’re going to get to that in a minute. We’ve still got one more rule to cover).

4) DON’T Respond to Shills

Shills are often automated bots, and they function like a hydra.

Every response creates more bots.

See, this might be the biggest hurdle some people have, but they need to know that not everyone on the boards is human. There are literally AI bots (of varying degrees of sophistication) programmed to try and elicit a response out of you by posting absurd, insulting, or divisive things.

If you respond, thinking you’re going to get in some kind of Zinger, well I’ve got news for you my friend.

That bot just found a new target, and you will find yourself on the receiving end of a ton of newly spawned bots, all responding to you all at once.

This is bad because the individual threads on the boards have a hard limit on the number of responses they can hold (generally 750 responses).

The faster the thread fills up, the harder the bakers have to work at making new threads.

In short, don’t respond to shills.

You’re not talking to real people anyway.

5) Chans are Ephemeral

Chans erode over time. It’s not like submitting a story to Reddit, where your links and comments are stored for all time. As new threads are created, older threads get pruned.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of capacity, so as long as you’re active on the boards, you shouldn’t miss much, but if you’re linking to 8ch threads or images hosted on 8ch, know they will eventually disappear. For this reason, it’s best to archive the content elsewhere (or take screenshots), and then spread your links.

Alright, it’s go-time people!

Time to go to your first board on the chans – and it’s going to be that moderated “training” board we talked about:

/patriotsawoken/ – A Board for Patriots

Tinyboard + vichan + infinity + OpenIB – Tinyboard Copyright © 2010-2014 Tinyboard Development Group vichan Copyright © 2012-2014 vichan-devel infinity Copyright © 2013-2018 N.T. Technology, Inc. based on sources from Fredrick Brennan’s “Infinity Development Group” OpenIB by Code Monkey ★

Now, understand – I’m not trying to keep you away from /QResearch/. In fact, the end goal of this all is to explicitly get you up and running on that board. At the end of this all, I want you using /QResearch/.

But it’s akin to learning how to swim.

I don’t want to throw someone who can’t swim directly into the deep end.

(Of course, all the concepts I will address here are directly applicable to /QResearch/, too, so if you’re feeling adventurous – by all means, head on over immediately).

Alright, so first thing’s first.

When you get to /PatriotsAwoken/ for the first time, you’ll see something that looks like this:


First-things-first: the link in the middle of the page – the “First time here?” link is worth reading:

Welcome to /PatriotsAwoken/

Since late 2017, Q Clearance Patriot, more commonly known as Q, has led us on a path of discovery about the true nature of the world we live in as global citizens. He’s drawn our attention to events and the cleverly-crafted mainstream narrative about these events that has led to the awakening we are currently experiencing worldwide.

This view is going to give you the most recently active threads. Whatever thread has the most recent comment in it, is the most “bumped” thread.

And you’re not going to see the full thread on this page, either. You’ll see a sort of summary, starting with the initial post from each thread, the thread’s image, the thread’s title, how many replies and images are in the thread, a few options (reply/watch/show all posts), and the most current post in the thread to wrap things up.

Nine times out of ten, if you see a thread that interests you, you’re just going to hit the reply button to jump right into the thread.

But this isn’t the best way to view all the threads on the board.

For that, you want to Catalog, and you can navigate to it by clicking right on the link, highlighted in green:

That will bring you to a page that looks something like this:

Catalog view basically gives you a quick overview of every single thread available on the board right now, and a quick summary.

Personally, I spend a lot of time in the /Research General/ threads on /QResearch/. They are generally numbered and look A LOT like that first post above (which is /PatriotsAwoken/’s version of the same thread).

I’m going to pull the first few posts from a /Qresearch/ thread, just so you can get a better feel of what the Baker’s “Dough” looks like:

For the record, “Bakers” are an army of trained anons who volunteer to set up the various threads, compiling useful information, and ensuring Anons everywhere have an organized location where they can post freely.

And the “dough” is the current template that is always being subtly modified by the bakers, so they can link everything up properly. This dough is usually a long list of links to previous threads, notable posts, Q’s own posts, and more.

(If this looks overwhelming, don’t sweat it. You’ll understand it more as you dive in – and the nice part is, you can hover your mouse over all these links and generate a preview before clicking on anything. I highly suggest you get used to open a LOT of tabs with a middle-mouse click, however).

So, this particular “bread” comes to us from bread #3865. You can see the notable posts listed in order, starting at the most recent, and going to the oldest.

At a certain point, these notables get added by a baker to the /comms/ page listed at the bottom, so even if you “miss” a certain thread, you can always go back and find links.

And this goes on in every thread. This next section is full of links to other useful threads on the board. Don’t be afraid to get in there and explore. We’ve got threads for particular lines of inquiry, for making memes, for researching the #QClock, and more.

And then finally above, you can see a list of resources and tools that are off-site. These include things like Meme archives, PDFs, and more.

(That’s going to be the toughest part to explain. It gets easier from here, I promise).

One last thing before we move on, though.

Because posts are linked, you can expand them all in something called “Tree view.” This can make the structure of the comments and replies easier to read. The option to turn this on is allllll the way on the right of the screen. Just check the little box:

We’re now going to talk about the anatomy of a chan post, using this as our example:

First thing you’ll notice, top left – the word Anonymous.

That’s the “name” of the user.

Ideally, you should always be Anonymous while on the boards. There’s an option not to be… but you really shouldn’t do that. (But more on that in a bit).

Second, you’ll see a timestamp. This is displayed in YOUR local time.

Next, you’ll see a poster ID. Every Anon is assigned a temporary ID. This allows you to track posts from the same anon through the thread, while still allowing the poster to remain anonymous.

In this case, this anon is ID: 198845.

The (2) next to the ID is the number of posts this Anon made.

If you were to click on the ID, it would highlight ALL the posts made by this particular Anon (by default, it turns the background into a brighter reddish/pink color).

Next to that, you’ll see a post number. This is post 3054404. (Yup, there have been over 3 million individual posts on the /Qresearch/ board now).

Lastly, in the small numbers, you will see a list of responses. This post only has one, and if you hover over the link, it gives you a preview of the post:

In this case, it’s another Anon being cheeky. (And you’ll note, I also highlighted this post by clicking this ID, just so you could see the color the default theme produces).

If you wanted to respond to this particular anon, you would click his post ID number – in this case 30544044 – and this would bring up a small window for you to write your response in:

That “>>3054404” is 8ch’s way of knowing which post this is a response to.

If you wanted to include more posts in your reply (for instance, if you wanted to reply to multiple anons) you can just click on more post ID’s, and they’ll be added to the list, or you can type them in manually.

On a more advanced note, if you wanted to respond to a post from a previous thread, you would need to add an extra “>”

(On a more advanced note, if you’re responding to a post from a previous thread, it’s also good form to indicate that to other users by typing (pb) or (lb) after the post ID number [indicating “previous bread” or “last bread].” But don’t worry about that too much right now. You’ll cross that bridge when you get there).

But what if you just wanted to hide a post?

Say some bot is on the boards spamming porn or gore, and you want to hide it all in one-fell-swoop.

Take this one, for instance. You see this ID has made 7 posts, and you’re not interested in seeing anything else they posted. Simply click the arrow before the Name, and it will expand into a menu.

Clicking “Add filter” will allow you to filter out by post, ID, ID+, and Name.

(Generally, I recommend filtering by ID. The others can be a bit aggressive, and end up hiding stuff you didn’t intend to hide).

(And sorry guys, I had to either censor baker girl, or go looking for gore pics. I chose to censor a baker girl instead).

(And sorry to some others, who will just have to use their imaginations now. KEK).

The other important menu item here is “Report.”

If you see something illegal, best to report it.

It rarely happens, so you probably won’t have to worry about it, but if you do encounter something particularly vile, be sure to report it so board admins can remove it quickly. You’ll get a little pop-up window, asking for a reason why you reported a particular piece of content, and a captcha to fill out.

Thanks for helping keep the boards clean.

But what if you just wanted to post to a thread, and not necessarily respond to anyone in particular? Say you’ve just done a ton of research and now want to present your findings. What do you do?

Well, you navigate to the particular thread you want, and then fill out the form at the top of the thread.

(WARNING: If you fill this out on the main page, or on the catalog page, you will start a brand new thread. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might get yelled at by the board admins).

And remember how we were talking about training wheels? The top image is /PatriotsAwoken/. The bottom is from /QResearch/.

Compare them. See any differences?

Notice how /PatriotsAwoken/ is missing a few fields? Name, Email, Subject are gone.

Yeah, that’s so you don’t accidentally go putting info into those fields that would lead to you being doxxed and cataloged.

NEVER fill out a name or e-mail. You will get yelled at. You will get tranny porn in your inbox. And no one cares anyway.

Seriously, just listen to Pepe the Safety Frog:


Generally, you’re just going to be communicating in text, images, and links.

Text goes in the comment field, and uses a markdown system for formatting.

Keep it short, sweet, and understandable. No big walls of text. Be merciful to the other anons and break it up by hitting the enter key.

Files get dropped in the field below. It will either open up a file explorer window, or you can just drag-and-drop.

Finally, if you hit that “Show post options & limits” button, you’ll get a few more advanced options to appear.

For instance, if you wanted to embed a Youtube URL, you can just paste the regular URL in the “Embed” field, and it will attach to your post.

When you’re ready to reply, hit the “New Reply” button.

You’ll have to answer a CAPTCHA (and these are notoriously odd, as far as CAPTCHAs go. You may have to try a half dozen times before it works. And yes, it’s normal to get frustrated here).


And really… guys, that’s all there is to it. This is designed as a handy reference guide, but really, the best way to learn how to navigate the boards is by practice. And there are a ton of little features we didn’t really touch on today, but don’t be afraid to go exploring the settings and start tweaking things to your preferences.

(Although, for the record – I would limit myself to the Qboards exclusively. We’re talking about /PatriotsAwoken/, /QResearch/, and /PatriotsFight/.

I don’t need any of you wandering off and then coming back to me crying that you somehow ended up in /Vore/.

Believe me, you DO NOT want to go there.

Congratulations, Cadet. You just graduated from basic training.

I’ll see you out on the battlefield! 

Hey guys, thanks for reading and sharing my articles today.

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Thanks so much.

93 thoughts on “8chan Bootcamp! Learning to Chan like a Pro! #NEONREVOLT”

  1. “Taking down the Internet” is laymen speak. one way to remove a very large chunk is DNS. Simply interrupted and/or removed/destroyed. For those who don’t know .. DNS = Domain Name Service, is a protocol and service that translates IP addresses into human usable addresses. IP addresses themselves are not too bad but then .. who can remember the MULTIPLE addresses that a major URL may use .. e.g. http://www.amazon.com has literally tens if not hundreds of IP addresses on its front end that are managed by traffic managing devices/switches .. (see F5 Inc.) that not only manage the immense enormity of requests coming into its web servers but also provide for DOS/DDOS and other attack type deflection and protection services.

    But that is only one way/service to weaken/cripple/reduce the Internet. To take it down entirely.. well .. as you alluded to in the article .. would require much much more effort but cannot be delineated here in a comment.

    Thank you for all your work Mr. Revolt .. stay safe..

  2. i hope to hell you see this neon because yesterday, i tried to naviagate 8 chan no luck( disabled vet only 1 hand hard to type) got pissed
    off and left! and low and behold THE MAN CAME TO MY RESCUE(you) god bless you buddy you deserve a medal thank you so much

    • Post = just that post, replies shown
      Post+ = single post plus all replies to that post
      ID = all posts from that ID, replies will show
      ID+ = all posts by that ID plus all replies
      Name = all posts with that exact name

    • As neonrevolt said, don’t worry about it. Name is ussally blank, thus anon so you would filter everything, post+, id+, filter out a more aggresive range of their kind, while id is worth filtering as you know that the id is posting content you don’t like (see the bold number in brackets to know they have another 7 porn pictures waiting for you, or some annoying computer bot or CIA clown)

      So just stick with I’d filter, and keep an eye out for how many posts they are making, so you don’t waist your time filtering also.


  3. Your heart’s in the right place Neon, but I cannot even imagine the hilarity that is going to ensue as a huge batch of normies descends upon 8chan.

    One way or another, it’s gonna be epic.

    Either way though, thank you for undertaking the non-trivial effort that constructing this post had to be.

  4. I had no problem pointing normies to the Reddit board. This simply isn’t going to work, and this is from an experienced chan user.

  5. Thanks so much for the guide. I’ve been using the Qreasearh board when I want to see activity around a Q post but I really didn’t know how to navigate or use it. This is a big help with the uncertainty that is looming.

  6. You make me want to believe in reincarnation…’cause mebbee I’ll come back as a 20-something with huge 1000-watt brain and you’ll be available. Your grasp of it all, and the ability to communicate it thorougly, combined with edgy, cheeky (yourself) fag-speech is amazing! Joking aside, this tutorial has been comprehensive and “archivable” in my own personal tunnel! WWG1WGA, Patriot!

  7. Thanks for all you do! Sending this out to my peeps, and I was wondering what the end of this sentence was intended to be:

    “This is far from the only invective you’ll hear, but you’ll soon discover (especially as you learn to mentally filter) that the” … ?

  8. Neon. You are literally my hero. I have a question about the Chan’s. Can I just use my chromebook or do I need to have VPN’s and all that other tech stuff? Or can I just jump on as anon and be good to go?

    • My words of advice. VPN is great. Tor browser is great. But if you don’t have these its not likley anyone is gonna track down your IP address and conact your service provider unless you post something tottally illegal.

      So just never post any name or identifable material. Unless you were leaky top secret info or something, the shear traffic and anonamous numbering of users at 8chan makes it pritty safe.

      If your just a Q researcher or having a larp, they go for it.



    • I think 8ch.net is pritty good. If you want extra protection you can use VPN or a free option tor browser portable (type into search browser). The fact that 8ch exists means its likley run by good people for freedom of speech. Never identify yourself, use anonymous content. Don’t post anything illegal. Ussally sites like this get requests from the police for ip addresses onlyfor illigal content, last month I think there were 14, all on other boards.

      If your going to post super sensitive material then you may need an extra layer of protection, otherwise if your just diving in to Q reasearch or larping then go for it no hassles. That’s all I do, as I have no money. No sweet.

      Truth is its to much effort to tack down an anonymous user unless its a hangs crime. The fact that the millitary is helping support these boards I think we are pritty safe.

      Use anonymous email also for other places if ever need an email, but never id on 8chan.



  9. Well this is certainly quite the bold action you’re taking Neon, just straight up rolling out a travel center to all these Reddit and SocMed refugees. Hope this doesn’t come back to bite you and us all in the ass.
    I myself am a veteran traveler of 8chan (posting since winter 2015) though I almost exclusively use it as destress/leisure to browse entertainment and “entertainment” boards (/monster/ really lives up to it’s tagline “The Last Bastion of Romance”)
    But I think it’s about time I grow up and start serious engaging with my autism body n a more productive end of the pool, and I guess it won’t be that bad, I definitely enjoyed the debate and vote tracking threads on /pol/ back during the Election. If I can be more actively involved with something even a tenth as glorious as that event, I think it would be worth it.

  10. Awesome content as usual and just in time. I will be sharing with my Q group so they can make the transition to 8chan much easier. Many thanks for all your hard work.

  11. Thank you, Neon, for this road-map through 8chan. I’ve been trying to navigate it alone for several months. It’s very frustrating and massive time-suckage. I’m not interested in commenting. I’m only interested in staying connected for information. Thanks for the help.

  12. so i have something i want to post as sort of a global recap of goings on. Now I’m terrified. Can I post it to you and u decide? BTW, I try to comment on here and about 1/2 time I’m not approved by Akismet – but I’m a legit poster

  13. Thanks, I have some followers on Facebook that I am encouraging to become 8chan users. One just sent me a chain mail. YIKES! I’ll let you know how it goes.Thanks for the SFW site. My folks are innocents. They ARE WOKE, but, computer novices and polite company.

    For me, personally, the chans are too much signal to noise and too much like WORK so I have not embraced them. Oh, well, time to show my adult computer whiz kid that mom can follow Q where ever he goes.

  14. Neon – thanks for the lesson. I only have one question, In the catalog view what do following letters and numbers mean – R: xx / I: xx / P: xx ???

  15. Neon, does 8chan work with the TOR browser and a VPN? I cannot use the TOR browser for everything, like you tube, it just will not work. Thank you for this tutorial, I have been on the 8chan and it was overwhelming to say the least. I am not a computer person, the only reason I know about VPN and TOR is from a guy on keybase chat, he schooled me before they kicked me off of there.

    • I think if you don’t have these things and your just doing q research, go for it. Its too much effort to go after an anon, unless something really illegal. VPN is fine if you can afford it, tor browser portable is great too, but can be slow. As long as you stay anon ans arnt posting top secret files, or live in china, I think your pritty safe. Think of all the traffic to the site, and then you need the warrent police to get the IP address linked up to a billable account, then because it was anon you still don’t know which internet user at that account did the said action.

      So no sweet just never identify yourself. That’s all I do.

      Peace. 🙂

  16. Nice job fellow oldfag! Can’t wait for some new brilliant minds to join us. If possible, please link your article about cabal’s manipulation tactics (for total greens). We don’t want them to shoot fellows in back.

  17. this is just what I needed. Spent most of the weekend trying to figure it out. I only have one question

    Is it possible to make a practice board?

  18. I’m so glad you posted this – i’ve been asking anyone and everyone if there is something out there to explain the chans – BIG QUESTION THOUGH: Do we have to get VPN’s to sign up to the chans? is it safe for normies in the sense of someone being able to “doxx” us – or find out who we really are, even if we don’t put our names or emails when posting?
    This is my biggest concern, and want to know prior to starting 🙂
    a “cadet” wannabe

    • I think we are pritty safe. Firstly we know the military and q support 8chan.

      I read the disclosure last month for 8chan, I think they complied with just a handful of complaints and police filings. Take down notices are for copyright infringements while the police can ask for IP address for chasing after crimes.

      Then send police officer takes the IP address and time and contacts the internet service provider.

      So very unlikley that your gonna get a phone call asking, did an anonymous person post content on qresearch board, if so who at your address! Even if they did just tell them to get lost.

      All recent concerns on 8chan boards where not q related boards.

      Long story short your pritty safe. I am very good with security but just for qresearch, your fine.

      If your ever gonna leak documents then use tor browser, set up a system of fake emails and connect to a proton mail account and send to wikileakes.

      Anyway that’s off topic!



  19. Just a quick read and I have a headache. I have posted there, nobody bothered me, nobody answered me that I know of. The content does not bother me it’s just so confusing because I don’t know how to use it. But I have found some really bleeding edge info in them. Everywhere else is just garbage for me with low info and omission. I will read this 10 times and try again.
    thank you

  20. I haven’t even read it yet, but am so grateful for this post! You have helped this normie so much with your posts already, I KNOW I’ll now at least have a clue (even if that’s all I have!)

  21. NEON,
    Thank you for all that you do. Amazing. I’d be a much smarter human if I’d such great teaching as this. I had a brief stint in applicstions. Education is key and rewarding. I love and admire your work. Thanks again.

  22. Nope. Not happening. I appreciate reading your stuff and look forward to it. And I get where you’re coming from. But two things. First, if the whole internet is going to go down, how is 8chan going to be spared from this? Second, if this is what must happen, that is, all the patriots have to be on the chans, then I’m out. Not worth it. I dearly hope that sites like yours remain up because now that the ga on reddit is gone, this is about all I have. I will be stuck on just reading the Q drops and that’s it. And can I also say that sometimes I think you assume too much of us. You’re clearly extremely intelligent, and I appreciate that. But you tend to post a Q screenshot and then just give a one word or one line summary, as if it’s self evident. Let me be clear: it’s not! You must assume your readers are idiots. They’re not (and I’m not) but if you really want to fulfill what I feel is your calling here, you have to put yourselves in the shoes of the normal people. People who are really keen to keep up with what’s going on, but a) don’t understand everything so easily, and b) have no desire whatsoever to start an internet life on the chans. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for all that you do.

  23. thank you! I’ve been lurking, and you are so right, I was blown away by the language and content, however, as a Christian, and patriot I have to pray not to see that stuff and eyes to only see what it is I need to see to help the cause. Some of us I believed are called to just sit back, read, learn then try to explain Q to the best of our abilities. I had saved a screenshot a while back from Reddit where someone posted when the banning begins find Neonrevolt on Gab!

  24. You crack me up NR! I hope when all of this over and the cabal is in gitmo or grave yards you will write the script for the Qanon movie! Keep up the great work!

  25. Couldn’t hurt to teach the boomers how to boot a linux distro from a flash drive to help protect themselves a little better as well.

  26. NR and other Q followers, look at Comey’s last tweet from today. It is a picture of him at Mount Rushmore and he is standing directly under Lincoln. Nobody takes pics like that! I was just there again last summer with my family. You just line up and try to get all of the Presidents and your family in the pic! Which makes me think this is photo shopped. I think he is signaling to the cabal to try and asasinate POTUS! Read his stupid comment. This is not a coincidence!!! This was just like the missle launch tweets from creepy porn lawyer! This people are sick so please keep President Trump and his families safety in your prayers!

  27. One important factor for accessing the Chans or any website is being overlooked – The Domain Name System.
    I’ve been around the Internet since the Arpanet days. The network itself is fairly resilient – if a path goes down the traffic will take another path automatically.

    The Achilles heel in all of this is the DNS system. Every website on the internet has an IP address associated with it. What DNS servers do is translate website names to IP addresses so that your computer can find them on the network. Think of it as the whitepages. Instead of handing out phone numbers it hands out IP addresses.

    For what I consider some important sites, I also do a DNS lookup and note the IP address. If DNS ever goes away, I’ll still be able to hit the sites.

  28. /b/ used to be so good. I found it around 2009, and for the first time in my life I felt like I had friends. That’s something I want you newfags to understand. For a lot of us, the chans were the only place we fit in. Real life was hell for us. That’s why we attack you when you make it clear you don’t belong. We just wanted one place where the normies would leave us be.

    I know the Q boards really aren’t the place for such attacks but you’re not going to change how battle hardened /b/tards think. You’re in Rome now, it’s time for you to act as a Roman would.

  29. Also for those asking about VPNs, I’d say you don’t need them. I don’t use one because most of them are banned on 4chan. I don’t know if 8chan banned them or not though. Just stay completely anon and you’ll be fine.

    I also just realized I spelt Anonymous wrong in my other post and I feel like a complete retard.

  30. I’m also curious about the need for a VPN, but just thought I’d mention that Opera browser has a free one built into it. If I should decide to post on 8chan I will try it just to be safe.

  31. Neon,

    You MUST give them a bit more primer on how the culture will be. That they WILL be offended at some point, and that they must not mention if they are a woman. They must also know that their feelings do not matter in the least. I think you have also understated just how free the free speech is going to be. They are going to get culture shock.

    Other than the culture issues, great article.

  32. I’ve been watching the boards for months and was always afraid to jump in… now I can bombs away!!!! Truth bombs of course, that won’t hurt anyone I hope… well maybe they might hurt the shills… But I may never know 😉

  33. For those of you normies asking about VPN, let me say that you’re wicked smart… and yes, you should absolutely VPN when you are roaming the chans. I’d advise that you visit https://www.tunnelbear.com/ … it’s free, simple, and made for you old timers or simpletons.



  34. This is a very handy guide and comprehensive for our purposes. I’ve been lurking for about 6 months, still not ready to post. Btw, what is Vore?

    • Addendum: I just got fairly good at tweeting, but I’ve noticed that Twitter is clanish. If you’re not in the “group”, then go away. Not everyone is like that, but enough that I get frustrated. I learn more from my subscriptions and lurking in the Qresearch.

    • I havnt looked at many other 8chan pages accept for political pages, Syrian links and Q boards.

      I accedentley clicked on a deleted board link one day, and so I can guess there is fullon gore and porn content, of all ranging degrees. So be carefully stumbling about, it is hard to erase what you look at.

      Neonrevolt wasn’t joking, be careful. 8chan has a boards page so read the description if you want to stumble around.

  35. Hi, great info…one question say I’m posting on a thread and it tells me I must start a new thread because there are 750 replies already..how to I start a new thread on the same topic? Thanks

  36. Never thought I would see the day a small town farm girl is heading to 8 Chan to save our Republic. Miss you on twitter! I cannot thank you enough for putting the 8chan boot camp info together. I will be sharing this !

  37. Super NR! Lots of newbies coming to the boards.

    I wonder if you’ll show us How to Search on the board.
    I’ve asked others and no kne seems to know how. I’ve tried different ways to no avail.
    I now have loads of bookmarks, because I cannot figure out the search string it wants.

    Example: Anon post on Jan 28, 2017 about “Tip Top” for POTUS in the SOTU speech
    On Easter, POTUS states about the WH being in “Tip Top” or Tippy Top shape, in his balcony speech.
    Q posted – Did you catch it? It was requested.

    NOT knowing the first line. WHAT is the procedure to find it?

    Any help you can give would greatly appreciated.

  38. Federal Reserve License revoled?
    Total nonsense.
    The Federal Reserve was created by an Act of Congress. It doesn’t NEED a license to operate or exist. It exists because Congress brought it into being. It takes an Act of Congress to remove it.

  39. On a more advanced note, if you wanted to respond to a post from a previous thread, you would need to add an extra “>”

    No, that’s for cross-board references: >>>/patriotsfight/263

  40. It’s absolutely cringey to see someone giving advice to literal Normies how to deal with a chan. There’s a reason why Q and you tards were trolled off 4chan, and so had to move to 8chan where you can moderate comments. You ‘global citizens’ didn’t like the black jokes or the Jew jokes, and that weaponized autism you couldn’t control.

    To all you ‘cadets’ thanking Neon for introducing you to a chan where paedophiles are known to frequent – I sincerely do hope you get trolled.

  41. Hey faggot, that’s what Everyone is called on 8. Has Nothing to do with pedophilia. The only one trolling is you. Truth is – 4chan didn’t have the board strength nor the expertise that Q KNEW what would needed go finish the mission.
    Guessing you’ve never been to 8chan by your last comment? Neon is Doing what Q said to do – basically ALL other platforms will not be useable for Conservative voices, let alone Q followers. Teaching them how the boards work, so they don’t get frustrated and leave. I know YOU would like THAT to happen, faggot.
    So, lure moar or run back to 4chan.

    Neon, is doing what is needed.

  42. The siege is on to squelch the Truth from spreading. But the Q repository of Truth is now secure within well fortified castle walls….

    Absolutely brilliant maneuver to harvest the genius ‘autist’ research group-mind from 4chan, into the secure realm of 8chan.

    12 steps ahead, indeed…. and if one steps back to see the bigger picture of The Plan, it’s 4D chess with the masters….



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