Blood is Leaking from #Jesus’ Burial Stone in #Jerusalem at the #ChurchOfTheHolySepulchre. #OrthodoxChristianity

Update: I’ve been told this video is from 2014, and simply resurfaced. I’m really surprised I didn’t hear about this anywhere.

I’m leaving the post up, because, frankly, it’s still awesome, but be aware; this is 4 years old now.

Back to the original post:

So, this is video from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem – possibly the holiest site in all of Christendom, because inside, it contains, well, the Holy Sepulchre; that is, Jesus’ tomb.

(If you remember, from the old Facebook page, I posted this really great interactive infographic from NatGeo last year:

And now, blood has started to well from Jesus’ burial stone.

And on the Orthodoxy’s Holy Saturday, when Christ is laid up in the tomb!

What a miracle!


One user suggested comparing the stains to the patterns on the Shroud of Turin, and posted some helpful images (though I’m not sure the video is a very good source for the pattern):

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