EyeTheSpy… BackChannel17 All Over Again? #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow

People keep asking what I think of @EyetheSpy (on twitter). So much so, that I thought it worth my time to just write up a quick post and go on the record. So… what do I think of him? Fake. 100% Fake. As a general rule of thumb, anyone claiming to be intel, and who … Read moreEyeTheSpy… BackChannel17 All Over Again? #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow

Yes! Trump did it Again! And a Disinfo Op Uncovered! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I’m glad #QAnon posted this. I grabbed a screen of this anon earlier, saving it for an upcoming post, but it’s nice to see that Q actively watches and engages with the board. Q’s drop was on the 8th. The attack was on the 13th. That’s a 5-day delta. If you go back to April … Read moreYes! Trump did it Again! And a Disinfo Op Uncovered! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Disregard @BackChannel17. #Clown Disinfo Operation Queen. #PsyOps #QAnon

Last night, a stylistically-persuasive twitter account popped up, right as the Syria attack started. This account was named @BackChannel17. This account IS NOT A REAL Q-RELATED ACCOUNT, NOR IS IT A HELPER. It is actively spreading DISINFO, and is, at best, a LARP, or at worst, A CLOWN DISINFO OP. I’m actually hopping mad at … Read moreDisregard @BackChannel17. #Clown Disinfo Operation Queen. #PsyOps #QAnon