Sasha and Malia Obama – Really Barack and Michelle’s Kids?

So, legionaries, in the wake of everything #QAnon has been saying, I’ve just started to really question all my previously held assumptions.

More than I normally do, I mean…

The point is, I’m entertaining ideas I might have initially dismissed in the past.

This is definitely one of those ideas.

Because, come on! Admit it! You’ve thought it, too! Sasha and Malia look NOTHING like Barack and Michelle! It’s almost like they’re someone else’s kids.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks so, and in fact-

Legionaries, meet Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt!

Blanchard and Nesbitt are a couple who have known the Obamas forever, and who are intimately connected to them, and their campaigns.

Blanchard is the OBGYN who claims to have delivered both girls.

Nesbitt was Obama’s campaign treasurer.

Oh, and they’re also connected to Iranian Communist Subversive/Obama handler Valeria Jarrett.

What a coincidence!

Nesbitt, in particular, is buddy-buddy with the Chicago Cabal.

Him and Hussein go back a looooong way.

And you know what’s really odd? As far as I can tell, this is the oldest pic of the Obamas and at least one of their children, together.

There are no baby pictures of either of the children that feature the Obamas, to my knowledge. This is the earliest photo that I know of, of them all together.

And from reports I’ve read, there are no birth records for Sasha or Malia. (I’m happy to be proven wrong here, so if you have evidence otherwise, please present it).

Beyond that,  Blanchard and Nesbitt also just happen to be the kids “Godparents” and have accompanied the family on vacations!

Wow, another coincidence!

Look at Nesbitt’s gait, and compare to Malia’s. Awkward. Lumbering. Tight shoulders… Hmm….

If everything #QAnon is telling us is true, this could be an interesting part of the puzzle.

Q presents Obama as a kind of Manchurian candidate manufactured by #TheCabal.

If that’s true, is it that far-fetched to think that the Obamas basically “rented” their daughters from Nesbitt and Blanchard in an effort to look more like a “regular American family,” with two kids and a white picket fence?

#Obamas #Hussein #NoCoincidences

7 thoughts on “Sasha and Malia Obama – Really Barack and Michelle’s Kids?”

  1. ET Williams aka the doctor of common sense was a youtube channel and he discussed this in length. Youtube took him down of course you can’t let a million people see that!

  2. I have known this for a long time. Hussein and Michelle aka Michael had these two girls on loan since he made his appearance at the Chicago political scene.
    The Nesbitt/Chandler couple are the biological parents of these girls. Have you seen Hussein, Michael and these girls together since they left the white house? Hardly.
    Hussein is a foreign agent, traitor who’s biological father was the Indonesian Subud cult leader involved in the deep state overthrow there. Hussein’s father is responsible for the slaughter of untold innocent people in the thousands via machetes during the deep state caused coup.
    Hussein always was the traitor running a rogue deep state directly out of the white house with Brennan et al. Michelle aka Michael is a tranny ergo unable to have children.
    The many plastic surgeries financed by the taxpayers turned him into what he is today. He never had a brother because he is the brother.

  3. I have no doubt that Michelle is a man, but that picture looks PhotoShop. When you look at their legs they just appear a little strange.

  4. The Dr’s statement of having “delivered” both girls can be taken two ways. Does she mean she was the doctor who “delivered” the girls from their pregnant mother michelle, or does she mean she gave birth to the girls and “delivered” them to the obamas?

  5. I looked Sasha and Malia on They don it connect to Michelle’s or Baracks family tree!


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