The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 4: The #Pedocrat Blueprint for Chaos

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In this episode of the Neon Revolt Show, we analyze a recently leaked document outlining many of the strategies being employed to subvert the 2020 election, and at the end, I propose a solution for Anons to stop the evildoers dead in their tracks!

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Welcome to the Neon Revolt Show. I am your host, Neon.

It’s been a while since I made one of these, I know, but if there’s one thing I hope my readers and listeners understand, it’s that I’m not a fan shoveling content out the door just for the sake of grabbing people’s attention. When you come to my show or my articles, I want to impart something of value to you, some kind of insight, something you can’t get anywhere else. So while I realize some are frustrated that I don’t follow any sort of set schedule, when I do put out a new article or a new episode, I hope you know that it will be worthwhile.

Think of it as my way of cutting out all the fluff for you.

That said, there is something to be said for short-form content – videos in the 5 to 10 minute range, and I’m hoping to explore that more in the future, but for now, I think most people appreciate the density of news, analysis and information they get from the content I produce.

In the meantime, if you really miss me that much, you can always join me over on Gab, where we’ve got an incredible community, and where I post constantly, all throughout the day.

If you missed it, I recently had the chance to interview with Gab’s CEO, Andrew Torba, over on his channel – and our discussion was so spectacular, so insightful, so utterly invaluable, the legend, John C. Dvorak himself, clipped a segment from our show to feature on his own show, the No Agenda Podcast – one of the biggest and longest-running podcasts in, quite literally, the entire world – exceeded only by the likes of Joe Rogan and a scant other few. I’ll link the interview itself and the clip in the show notes, so check those out after the show, and I’d also like to take the opportunity to extend a big thank you to the No Agenda crew for including our little segment as part of their show.

Okay, so the big story of the past week – and perhaps the most important story to understand moving forward into the election season – revolves around a little known group which calls themselves the Transition Integrity Project – a sort of think-tank which, when you dig into who exactly is involved, quickly reveals itself to be an unholy alliance between Anti-Trumpers from all ends of the political spectrum – from Cuckservative Inc. Never-Trumpers, to Establishment Democrat players, to seasoned Color-Revolution operatives – they’ve all come together to “wargame election scenarios” in order to take down the incumbent Trump campaign Behemoth.

And to top it all off, it’s backed by Soros, and connected to the Communist Chinese government. That’s not “conspiracy talk” here, either but objective fact. You’ve got the likes of John Podesta, Michael Steele, Donna Brazile, and Bill Kristol (among many others – over seventy in fact) all working together, with Soros and Chinese Communist backing, to strategize and war-game how to best take down Trump in 2020.

Many will undoubtedly have already read the stunning Revolver Expose published on the group – I’ll be including it in the show notes, so if you haven’t read that yet, you should take the time to do so because that article contains a lot of important background information to really understand what’s being attempted by this group, and the Color-Revolution-inspired templates they’re employing.

And while I wouldn’t go so far as to call this the Cabal’s last stand, it certainly is one of their last lines of defense.

Key to understanding this defense is understanding the strategies being employed by the Cabal to try and peel away every single vote they can, by whatever means they have at their disposal, right down to the local level.

There are a number of pillars to this strategy, and it’s my desire and intention to expose these strategies today, so as to help prevent a Constitutional Crisis.

To this end, I’ve gone through a recently leaked document from the group entitled Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition – Don’t worry, I’ll be including full pdf in the show notes as well – and identified a number of these strategies, which is what I want to talk about today.

Because what you have to understand above all else right now is that The Cabal is like a cornered animal, which means it’s more dangerous than ever, and it’s willing to do whatever it takes to win. So despite all the high-minded talk of electoral fairness, these are ruthless, amoral, unscrupulous people who are willing to destroy the nation if it means they still come out on top, with their heads still attached to their bodies by the neck.

Because that’s the reality of the situation for many of them right now. If they don’t win – they die. Those are the stakes. So we are all collectively facing an enemy who is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

To that end, the first strategy you have to understand – the one that acts as a tentpole for all their other strategies and tactics – is to try and drag out the electoral process as long as possible.

Nils Gilman – co-founder of the Project alongside Soros-alum Rosa Brooks – says as much in this interview with the publicly funded Democracy Now

You heard it yourself. He says it quite plainly: the first pillar of their strategy is to try to convince the people that this isn’t so much an election day any more, but, in his words, an “election season” – and to accomplish this under the guise of “fairness.” As though having set time limits on an election somehow makes this all “unfair.”

From the leaked document itself:

“The concept of “election night,” is no longer accurate and indeed is dangerous. We face a period of contestation stretching from the first day a ballot is cast in mid-September until January 20. The winner may not, and we assess likely will not, be known on “election night” as officials count mail-in ballots. This period of uncertainty provides opportunities for an unscrupulous candidate to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the process and to set up an unprecedented assault on the outcome. Campaigns, parties, the press and the public must be educated to adjust expectations starting immediately.”

You get all that? Because there’s so much double-speak in that one paragraph alone, I’m almost not sure where to start. Let’s go with the “unscrupulous candidate” assertion. Clearly, the writers of this document want you, the reader, to understand that this can only ever apply to Trump. Biden would never, ever be considered unscrupulous for casting doubt on the “legitimacy” of the election. No, only Trump can be “unscrupulous” in these scenarios they’ve wargamed.

When Biden challenges the election, it’s fair and just.

When Trump does it, it’s unscrupulous.

See how that works, this one way street of moral imperative?

But are you tired of Covid and Rioting? Tired of quarantine and an anemic economy?

Well get ready for at least 5 more months of unending Pedocrat nonsense folks – because before anything else, before they even get to outlining all the other crap they’re about to pull, they want everyone to know up front that they’re ready to sink their teeth in and drag the process out for the entirety of fall and well into winter. This is their gameplan for the next half of the year, from September, all the way through to January.

And this right here is the clarion call of the Cabal to all their assets: to everyone in the media and in silicon valley; that they need to get on board with this strategy, because this is really the only hope they have right now – to pretend and manufacture the narrative of election illegitimacy, and then drag the procedure out for months on end until everyone is so tired they just give up and move on and accept that they can’t change things; that a Democrat win is an inevitability.

That’s not an exaggeration, either. Take a look at this insane paragraph from page two:


In other words, prepare for a war of attrition, and to wear the entire nation down with every means at your disposal.
The primary weapon that will be used during this time is the mail-in ballot. We’ve all been watching the battle for weeks now over mail-in ballots, oh-so-conveniently brought to our shores by the Chinese plandemic, and here the strategy being employed by The Cabal is made plain:

I think you can see where this all leads: If Trump refuses to count ALL the mail-in ballots – which will just so happen to oh-so-conveniently filter in over the next 4-12 weeks after election day, the vast majority of which will just-so-happen to contain votes for the Democrat ticket – then he is to be portrayed as a Tyrant who is corrupt, authoritarian, and engaging in electoral interference, who then must be ousted from office by force – despite the fact that this is literally how election day is enshrined in the law. So for sticking to the long-established rules which everyone knows up-front, Trump is a now dictator.

And get this – the so-called “mysterious phenomenon” of all these mail in ballots all containing just enough Democrat ticket votes to turn the tide in key regions happens so often and is so well known, its even already got a name of its own:

Blue Shift.

What is Blue Shift?

I’ll let the inimitable Razorfist explain, in a way that only he can, having observed it happen in his home-state of Arizona, firsthand in 2018.

And a fair word of warning – Razorfist’s rants are as expletive laden as they are insightful so if you’re listening to this around young children, you may want to plug in a pair of headphones or otherwise skip ahead a bit.

I’ll give you a moment to do whatever you’ve got to do before unleashing verbal nuclear fallout on your home, or workplace, or car, or wherever you may be.

Good? If not, pause now, cause here we go:

Blue shift happens when Democrat pawns are put in strategic positions of power to paper over legitimate votes with systematic fraud, all in the name of electoral fairness.

When a virus has a provable death rate of .2% – Mail in votes serve one purpose and one purpose only – to usher in a fraudulent Blue Shift the likes of which has never been seen or attempted before under the guise of electoral legitimacy.

And if Trump alleges “fraud” in the face of, well, unprecedented fraud, then he’s suddenly portrayed as a tyrant and a conspiracy theorist and a Russian puppet, and a danger to our democracy.

Of course, this is where strategy one – mail vote fraud – meets strategy two – Complete Narrative control. Or as I like to call it – LIE AND DENY.

Most of my audience will already be familiar with the typical mockingbird characterization of the Legacy media – how they all march in lockstep with each other and repeat the same lines to the masses ad infinitum to conjure up the appearance of plain and immutable truth. But with this leaked document, we get a rare opportunity to see the narrative being manufactured and coordinated in advance – and they do it on two fronts. According to the document, these media mouthpieces have to:

So this is what they’re planning to do – treat voter fraud as “virtually non-existent” and pretend that Trump voters are violent and irrational actors, who represent a danger to our democracy.

The document goes on to say:

Foreign intelligence operations, huh?

I’ll give you one guess as to which nation they’ll blame.

Imagine writing all this with a straight face, even as the footsoldiers of the Left, BLM-Antifa continue to burn down half the country with the backing of Soros and the Chicoms.

And now you begin to see the strategy behind the moniker of “peaceful protester.”

This is gaslighting of a sort rarely seen, because it’s so audacious and absurd. It’s Lie and deny, lie and deny, to the extreme. And already, we’re seeing the next steps of this strategy at play. CNN is already actively seeding this narratives. Zachary Cohen writes:

An intelligence bulletin issued by the Department of Homeland Security warns that Russia is attempting to sow doubt about the integrity of the 2020 elections by amplifying false claims related to mail-in voting resulting in widespread fraud, assertions that have been repeatedly pushed by President Donald Trump, according documents obtained by CNN.

“We assess that Russia is likely to continue amplifying criticisms of vote-by-mail and shifting voting processes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to undermine public trust in the electoral process,” the bulletin, first reported by ABC News, reads.

The news comes one day after Attorney General Bill Barr condemned states for encouraging mail-in voting in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Barr also downplayed Russia’s well-documented attempts to help Trump in presidential elections, including in this election cycle, instead pointing the finger at China despite the fact intelligence agencies have not said Beijing is actively meddling in the election.

Got to have that barb at Barr in there, too. That’s another tactic detailed throughout the document: Demonize any action Barr would take as Attorney General to prevent voter fraud as bogus and partisan and illegitimate.

The document goes on to say that:

Note here, the inclusion of Social Medias role in all this. You may recall that Facebook recently said they will not allow President Trump to “falsely declare victory” on election night. You see, it isn’t just Podesta and Soros who have been war-gaming election day scenarios, but all the big Silicon Valley Tech Giants as well. And I know Anonymous sources aren’t too popular today, but I can now say that I’ve received word that both Twitter and Facebook now both plan to activate the kill-switches they have in place to censor and cripple Trump’s accounts to prevent him from speaking, on or immediately following the election.

Whether they have the cojones to go through with it is another story, but Think about it from their perspective. We already know from Trump’s backchannel that many of these tech giants are going to be slain in the coming months years. Their only chance to prevent that is to participate in this narrative/mail-fraud coup – and they only get one ace to play – total account censorship and termination.

When do you play that ace?

You play that at the ultimate stage of the game, when it would have the biggest impact. You play it when it would put your opponent at a maximum disadvantage.

You play it hoping to prevent him from taking control of the narrative away from him – the narrative that Trump didn’t actually win, because we’ve got all these other votes to count still in the mail, and anyone who says this isn’t fair is violent and a tyrant, or supports someone who is.

In short, they’re hoping to cut out Trump’s tongue after they’ve manufactured a scenario where he’d need it the most.

And if you still had any doubt that they’re all in on this strategy, look no further than this clip posted by the Google Whistleblower, Zach Vorhies:

This clip should remove any doubt over whether Zuck is on board with this specific plan. If the Mockingbirds are set to lie and deny in lockstep for the next 5 months – no matter what reality actually looks like, no matter what it costs their reputations – Social Media giants are about to embark upon the largest narrative quarantine they’ve ever attempted.

And this is why sites like Gab are so important – because they are completely outside the establishment’s control. This is why I’ve been telling you all for the past three years – and why I’m going to keep on telling you – to just create an account and start using Gab if you haven’t already. You don’t have to use it exclusively, and you don’t have to give up your precious Twitter or Facebook accounts where you get to ride in the back of the bus in order to check out Gab. It’s just one more tool in the toolbelt, one more arrow in your quiver, and a brilliant one at that.

But back to the leaked document. The whole point of the document is to describe how this group went on to play 4 different scenarios they war-gamed out to try and bring Biden the victory.

Reading through them all, one thing stood out to me: there was one unifying factor between all these scenarios – and that was the goal of setting the Popular Vote against the Electoral College.

In fact, that’s one of the main ideas behind all these strategies: to portray the Electoral college as an illegitimate tool used, not to decentralize power away from population hubs where fraud, grift, and establishment corruption abound, but as the means by which the true voice of the people is subverted and silenced.

From the very first page, the Transition Integrity Project speaks of the electoral college as “defying the popular vote.” And then in three of the four wargame scenarios, Biden is presumed to have won the popular vote, with the fourth being a scenario where they winner is unclear.

Notably, there was not a single scenario wargamed by this group where Trump won both the Electoral and Popular vote.

But if they were really interested in seeing every possible scenario at play, they should have wargamed a complete Trump sweep out, right? They did that for Biden, where he, in their own words, “won both the popular vote and Electoral college by a healthy margin.”

So why leave a Trump sweep out of your mix?

Seems like an awfully big blind spot, no?

Unless you were confident enough in your other schemes to rule out such a possibility.

The other possibility is they did wargame a Trump sweep out, but found the only real recource they had in that scenario was to suddenly book lots of flights to countries with no US extradition treaties.

But in all these scenarios, the Democrats relied on all manner of gaslighting and manipulation to try and steal votes away from Trump. If Trump countered increased rioting with Federal agents, the Dems were going to call them “racial justice protestors” who were being “suppressed.”

If Trump deployed agents to “blue swing states” to ensure election integrity – they would cry electoral intimidation.

In one paragraph, this group outlines a strategy of Biden questioning the “overall legitimacy of a system that doesn’t require the winner to get a majority of the popular vote” and then, just a few paragraphs later, they would claim that Team Trump would encourage chaos and violence in the streets in order to provoke Team Biden into subverting norms.

So basically, Biden gets to have violent footsoldiers in the streets causing chaos right now and through January, and can subvert the Constitutionally established Electoral College if he wants – but Trump is already guilty of imaginary threats which haven’t happened, and abiding by the Constitutionally established rules which have been in place for GENERATIONS makes him and him alone, somehow illegitimate.

Makes perfect sense in clown world, right? Suddenly all the suppression polls we’re seeing right now make even more sense.

It’s also clear from the doc that Biden sees Democratic governors in swing states as valuable assets that will come to his aide in his time of need.

And get this, after questioning the Constitution, stuffing mailbox ballots, and having Leftie brownshirts burn down American cities for months on end – Biden is going to organize a bipartisan “National Day for Restoration of Democracy” and a ”National Day of Unity,” – because managing perceptions of having the moral highground is foundational to all these strategies.

And this is on top of recruiting “moderate” Republican governors to create an “Election Protection Coalition” and organizing massive labor strikes across the country, in order to force all corporate leaders to insist that “all ballots be counted.”

Do you see what scum these people are, yet?

And if that wasn’t enough, the Biden team even has the audacity to, in states with Trump wins but Democratic governors, purposely contest those votes in those states… not to flip the state, but to eventually accept Trump’s win in those states – if the state legislatures enact a number of “permanent structural reforms.”

There’s no word on what those permanent structural reforms would entail, but the point is clear: they’re vowing to hold legitimate, undeniable Trump wins hostage, in order to bypass the will of the people and inject legislation all around the country.

And by their own admission, the Democrat ticket, in every scenario, always relied on massive rioting, looting, and street violence to get their way. From the Doc:

And finally, this brings us to the end; essentially where this group tries to stuff the horse-head in Trump’s Mar-a-lago sized-bed and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Basically – after attempting to make life so difficult for Trump, they want him to know that there will be an easy way out if he just wants to take it.

Folks, if it’s not clear right now, the plan of these people isn’t so much to prepare for a contested election – as it is to CREATE a contested election through legal, extra-legal, and illegal means. In about a week from this video going live, BLM-Antifa are planning a 50-day-long siege of the White House – I think the hopes of creating some kind of martyr, whose memory will then be leveraged as the basis for a new wave of violence – much in the same way Fentanyl Floyd’s memory was leveraged in order to heighten racial grievances and foster riots and violence around the country.

Guys, in case it isn’t clear – what we have here is the Pedocrat Blueprint for Chaos in 2020 and beyond.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all this, this multi-pronged attacked concocted by swamp creatures so slimy and disgusting, they make Cthulu and the great old ones look like a box of kittens, there’s one last section of this report I want to show you… and it deals with some of the things Trump may do to counter their dirty deeds done dirt cheap:

In short, these people are terrified of Trump’s executive powers – and there’s a LOT of commonality with Qdrops here. I think this is why we recently saw the fake story circulating about Trump insulting our fallen soldiers, in order to try and undermine Trump’s authority within the ranks themselves. That story was quickly exposed, but don’t expect that to be the last push on that front, either.

Of course, not everyone in the Military is on Trump’s side. Trump said as much himself and reposted a slew of retweets about Eisenhower’s warnings about the Military Industrial complex. And while I think it’s safe to say that most in the Military would obey the orders handed down from their commander-in-chief, there certainly are a number of bad actors in positions of power, and scattered throughout our military, who would prove disloyal if ever their loyalty was tried.

And then, of course… there’s one last thing we have to consider in all this. One last wildcard not covered by this document, and one which may not be evident until the final moments before the election… and that’s the potential replacement of the Biden/Harris ticket with a Hillary/Obama ticket.

I covered this in that segment that was highlighted by the No Agenda podcast, but the important take-away here is that if Biden were to suddenly drop out and be replaced with a new ticket, such as a Hillary/Obama ticket – all the same strategies that applied to Biden, also still apply to Hillary, though perhaps with more liberal grievance tossed in, like kerosene on top a grease fire.

Hillary can engage in every dishonest tactic outlined in the document, and do so with greater effectiveness in some regards – due to her witch-like ability to stir up outrage, and the desire she’ll inevitably inspire to prevent another 2016, and “correct the record” in 2020.

What better way to rally your useful idiots than to manufacture a crisis and demand they all come to your aid in whatever way possible, at the last second, because everything hinges upon this moment?

Guys, if there’s one thing I want to impress upon all of you, it’s to not underestimate our collective enemy here. Towards that end, I’ve tried to outline some of the tactics our enemy is currently engaged in to try and steal the 2020 election away from President Trump. And while Trump does have a number of very powerful tools at his disposal, he must be exceedingly careful in how he uses them. Meanwhile, we can not and should not just be sitting back and expecting him to do all the fighting for us.

Everyone is going to have to get involved to protect the 2020 election. What that looks like for you is going to be different from what it looks like for me, but the point is, the Leftist march towards power cannot go uncontested. In 2016, I teamed up with several Anons and we built a robot that bombarded every single election office in the country with non-stop messages – emails, calls, and letters, from Trump supporters, around the clock, for weeks on end. There were camera-people filming election commissioners, and we had these cowards so utterly petrified, they were issuing statements left and right to try and contain the fire we had started.

We overwhelmed the opposition with a massive show of force, clogging their phones lines, emails, and fax machines. We threw our bodies on the gears and wheels and upon the levers” – and we gummed up the works so bad, election offices around the country could barely respond. They were terrified of us, with some refusing to leave their offices for fear of confrontation waiting for them outside.

Well guess what? Anons, despite all their planning and all their wargaming, in reviewing their strategies, I realized that the Cabal just made a MASSIVE miscalculation, and has made so much EASIER for us to completely ruin their plans this time around – because rather than relying on fancy technology, they’ve gone primitive in the hopes that the material Fuggernaut they puked into existence won’t be stopped.

But… that’s just it. We don’t have to stop it, Anons.

We don’t have to stop it at all. Leave that task to Trump and the executive branch.

What we can do is slow the Fuggernaut down for long enough that it becomes completely powerless and ineffective.

Catch this, because this is how we do it, Anons:

We organize a massive counter-mailing campaign around the country starting the day after election day, and carrying on as long as necessary, to bog down the Postal Service as much as humanly possible with an unprecedented level of civilian mail.

Oh, they want to drag out the election season, do they?

We Anons now have the chance to rake the entire cabal establishment over the coals, using the very systems they put in place, the very systems they hoped to exploit this so called “election season!”

So how do we do this?

What does this require?

Just a little bit of dedication and a roll of postage stamps.

Think about Anons around the country sending 5-10 letters a day each, for weeks on end.

Do you know how many Anons there are out there?

Do you realize how many Q-Patriots there are?

There are literally MILLIONS of us, and if we each commit to mailing 5-10 letters a day for the entire month of November – that will bring the Postal system to its knees.

Here’s the math.

The Post office is a seasonal business, and its busiest week is the week before Christmas, when according to the New York times, it handles some 2.5 billions pieces of mail.

We know that at LEAST 10% of the population are QPatriots. That’s roughly 30 million people.

If all those QPatriots commit to sending out 10 pieces of mail a day for 30 days…

That turns into 9 BILLION pieces of mail.

And this, at a time when Thanksgiving and the Holidays are just around the corner, sales catalogs, cards, and mailers are going out, and mail in ballots will be flying.

Do you see the potential here yet?!?
We – collectively – have within our power the ability to completely CRIPPLE AND CUT OFF the Cabal’s supply chain of phony ballots for months on end – and we can do it legally, because guess what? The election is legally over on Election day. Any mail that just so happens to be in the postal system is legitimate service being rendered to paying customers and taxpayers. It’s not our fault if that just so happens to delay stacks upon stacks of phony ballots, preventing them from being delivered in high enough volume to manufacture a blue shift around the country, thus rendering them useless and ineffective.

If we do this, this could be the greatest prank ever conceived by the chans, and I can guarantee you will see nation-wide REEEEEing from mockingbird mouthpieces all over the news.

And it doesn’t matter where these letters go. You can send them to whoever. You can send cards to friends, or relatives, or neighbors. You can print out a bunch of Q flyers to ship to randos. Or heck, you can send Punisher logos to all your favorite Pedocrat politicians. You can do this all with no return address, and by dumping them into public mail boxes if you so desire, so your identity is kept safe and anonymous. (You’re still wearing your facemask, after all, right?)

Blue Shift? Meet black hole, brought to you courtesy of millions of patriots mailing millions of Freedom Letters for weeks on end, in a glorious salvo unlike anything the Cabal ever anticipated.

They literally made it so easy for us this time, I almost can’t believe it.

By having just one lane upon which the all their plan rely – and by turning a completely blind eye to any kind of organized, civil MAGA resistance – note how NONE of their wargamed scenarios ever anticipated any kind of spontaneously organized Civilian response to any of the crap they’re trying to pull – but only Trump This and Trump that – this has the potential to not only completely blindside them, but slow down their plans to an absolute crawl, and force them into a scenario where they are deprived of their ammo, the phony ballots they need to maintain the veneer of plausible deniablity while committing massive voter fraud.

Anons have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to completely disrupt their fraudulent supply chain and change history.

And all it takes is going to the supermarket, buying a roll of stamps, and committing to mail a bunch of print-outs every single day for a relatively short amount of time.

Call them Freedom Letters on social media if you like. The solution is simple. And everyone can contribute.

And believe me – the cost of stamps now is much cheaper than the cost of ammunition later.

Guys, I speak from experience when I say our foes are evil and intelligent, but they’re not invincible. It’s been said that everyone had a plan until they get punched in the face. Well, I was one of the privileged few who felt like I got to personally bloody Soros’ nose back in 2016, and in 2020, I can’t wait to send him a single, solitary message sent by an entire army which won’t ever back down or compromise: that we are inevitable, and nothing can ever stop what is coming.

General Flynn and Q have been saying it for weeks. We need to #FightBack. And after examining all the strategies and tactics they laid out for us, this is a viable way to do something tangible, and FIGHT BACK to help POTUS secure total victory in 2020. So I now need you to help spread the word, spread the initiative, and run wild with it. Use the hashtags #FreedomLetters and #FightBack – get others informed and get everyone you know involved.

Because we are not helpless, hapless victims destined to be robbed of our rightful victory by lying, twisted Cabal assets, but an absolute force of devastation that can not be stopped, so long as we band together, and push in a unified direction.

And Q, hey, if you like this idea – let the people know, okay? They’ve whittled down my reach over time, and if you like this plan, it probably could use the boost and will be available across multiple platforms. So take your pick.

This episode of the Neon Revolt Show was entitled the Pedocrat Blueprint for Election Chaos.

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Until next time.


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  1. Things are serious world wide, hope your mail plan works it’s a good plan if enough people participate especially the punisher logo to the anti Trump brigade, kick some ass in the name of freedom and God bless from South Africa.

    • seems to me that they will all post mark their ballots sent by mail before midnight the 3rd so Im not sure it will work BUT IM IN ANYWAY I will be mailing 5-10 letters
      a day

  2. I absolutely love your plan Neon. Obviously not every one of the 30m Q Patriots would get involved, but every little helps.
    I’m based in England (UK), so I can’t help directly. BUT, I would like to help financially (e.g. to help those who can’t afford to spend money on stamps. I’m no billionaire, nor would I like to be one, but I will gladly donate $1k to your cause).

    In the UK, it seems like people hate President Trump more than they do in the US, and I’m finding it hard to convince people that the covid scamdemic is primarily about stopping Trump.
    Some believe me when I talk about other covid agendas (vaccines, digital IDs, tracking, power, money, even 5G etc), but very very few believe me when I tell them that the primary agenda is to derail Trump. I’ll keep trying though.

  3. I’m not trying to be annoying, but I can potentially see the Mockingbird Media and the gullible Trump haters hearing about politicians being mailed The Punisher logos and saying, “See! All these Trumpers/Q-tards are violent terrorists!” Just something to consider. After all, some of these weirdos think it’s the Proud Boys and ordinary cops (as opposed to cops belonging to some powerful fraternal organization and/or provocateurs dressed as cops) doing ALL the rioting and looting.

  4. To monkey-wrench their mail in ballot scheme it would seem that it should start in mid-October. Most of the ballots will be mailed out in October and then returned by the end of October. If the objective is to prevent them from being counted, then the system needs to be clogged up in October. Am I not seeing this correctly?

  5. You couldn’t keep it up long enough to deter them. They are willing to let this run through 20 January 2021 because if no winner is declared, the Speaker of the House becomes President… and their minions have already been bragging about this all over social media.

  6. Nice thinking and will act/engage!

    Thought: what if the USPS decides to “prioritize” mail handling (you know, for “the good of the country”) and single out mail-in ballots as top priority, to process ahead of all other mail…? Ballots would be easy enough to recognize and single out.

  7. I worry that they’re planning an assassination attempt on Joe Biden, which they’ll try to pin on a QAnon follower. Biden’s so far gone already, that I could see them deciding to “take him out” and replace him with Hillary/Obama at the last minute.

  8. I love your #FreedomLetters strategy. The P.O. started removing mailboxes under Obama and they’re now hard to find, but here’s a site where you can find those close to you: I certainly wouldn’t leave a clutch of letters for the letter carrier to pick up at my residential mailbox because if (s)he knows about this scheme, those letters could get tossed.

  9. Ok I have a question, if the elections results are held out , wouldn’t evil pelosi become president by default? Where is that addressed, please explain how she couldn’t take the presidency?


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