The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 3: Raz, Chaz, and the Fall of the Soy Caliphate of Antifastan

The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 3: Raz, Chaz, and the Fall of the Soy Caliphate of Antifastan
The Neon Revolt Show

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In this episode of the Neon Revolt Show, we trace the madness that has befallen Seattle and discover how an upstart warlord has already seized power over a fledgling Communist breakaway state which had, as its original intention, the goal of separating from the rest of the US – only to discover how quickly they want back in now that reality has set in, and how the Left is already attempting to clone this failed experiment in cities across the US, just so they can spite President Trump.

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Welcome to the Neon Revolt Show.

I am your host, Neon and boy… have I got a doozy of a show for you today.

Before I begin, just want to give a special shout-out to both Redpill78 and Methods; It goes without saying, they are friends of the show, we’ve worked together a number of times and I am big fan of everything they do, so a big “thank you” to both of them for spreading the word about this new show I’m doing; and also, a big thank you to everyone who has tuned in, and to everyone who has subscribed and shared the shows I’ve made thus far. The last episode of this show – keep in mind, this is the second show I’ve ever done – has hit well over 34,000 views – which is just phenomenal for a brand new show. So clearly, there is a demand for this kind of content, and I thank everyone for making this show a huge success already.

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Alright, so today I want to talk about something that’s gotten, surprise surprise, very little attention in the news, but which is all over social media, and that’s the fact that Antifa, also known as the Bolsheviks next door, after weeks of rioting and looting and even seizing a police precinct in the area, have taken over six blocks of Seattle in an area known as Capitol Hill and declared this an autonomous zone.

Now I’m sure most of you have heard the term before, though I doubt very many of us have seen anything of the sort attempted on US soil (at the very least), this is essentially Antifa stealing a portion of US land and declaring themselves an independent nation.

In the middle of Seattle.

Somewhat ironically, the first thing to go up were borders complete with armed guards, and the Bolsheviks got to work organizing their newfound utopia. This was started primarily an anti-police protest, so no police were allowed on the premises. Armed occupants of the Zone essentially enforced “the law” of the land.

And I’m not sure how this particular individual was chosen to lead this newfound community but a transgender individual who goes by the handle Anarchomastia on Twitter was evidently suddenly put in charge of the whole thing.

And with a level of comic predictability rarely found in reality, within 24 hours, all the food was supposedly gone.

Anarchomastica would start to send out tweets begging for people to import food. To the autonomous collective. Which is supposed to be autonomous.

>Alert Number 2: the homless people we invited took away all the food at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

>We need more food to keep the area operational. >Please if possible bring vegan meat substitutes, fruits, oats, soy products, etc. – anything to help us eat.

Alongside this were please for things like soil bags, and food plants, so they could turn areas of the street – this is all city pavement after all – into gardens. Their plan was to place enough soil on top of the asphalt and begin to grow plants so people living in this upstart autonomous collective could eat.

Simultaneously, other branches of Antifa were bringing in food to the Zone.

And within short order, an official subreddit for the breakaway state would be set up at /r/CapHillAutonomousZone/ where all the occupants of the Zone could coordinate digitally, and where they held – of all things – a flag contest. Because, as we all know, you can’t have a country without a flag.

Most of the designs were reflections of the Antifa-based roots of the newly formed community.

And before anyone asks, no, there’s been no word yet from Reddit corporate yet on it facilitating the illegal seizure of land from the United States goes against their terms of use, even as Reddit’s own C-Level execs boast about how they wish they had censored /r/TheDonald – the single largest Donald Trump community online – sooner.

Section 230 can’t be revoked for them soon enough.

But this calorie-restricted paradise was not to last, it seems, for several hours later, an argument unfolded on Twitter between Anarchomastia and someone who was evidently one of their ex-lovers, who claimed that Anarchomastia has been both physically and sexually abusive towards them, and was thus, unfit to run the CHAZ. Anarchomastia reportedly decided to resign as leader of the Autonomous Zone, and, again, with a rapid vector of hilarity rarely seen in reality, Anarchomastia decided to join the 40% and kill xirself.

I don’t think, however, this individual actually went through with this decision, but has since locked up their entire twitter account.

And in the interim, Anarchomastia’s father would show up on /halfpol/, providing proof in the form of original pics not seen anywhere else, describing how his son’s fascination with transgenderism began after playing the game Undertale, and that when he lived with them, the FBI had actually come to their door over “threatening tweets” Anarchomastia had evidently made online. The father went on to say that Anarchomastia had issues with his mother, frequent anger issues, and speculated that most of his behavior was the result of rebelling against his father’s politics. On top of this, the father said Anarchomatia had moved out the moment he had turned 18, and had since basically cut contact with his family.

There was one thing Anarchomastia did manage to accomplish during his short-lived stint in power, however…

This tidbit comes from an Anon who evidently lives in the Zone (though he plans on leaving as soon as possible) – a big thanks to Liberty Renaissance on Gab for making me aware of this thread. ChazAnon, as he came to be known, would explain to halfpol that Anarchomastia and the collective that had originally backed him had driven every single white gun owner from the premises.

So now the police were gone, and all white gun owners were gone.

But what was left in the wake of the collapse of Anarchomastica’s short-lived regime was a power vacuum… And we all know nature abhors a power vacuum, so this vacuum would come to be filled by a man, but not just any man…

This was Raz.

Raz Simone, Seattle’s very own African Warlord, is a Seattle-area rapper signed by record label 300 Entertainment who is a BLM and Antifa sympathizer whose music features many weapons, alongside scenes of violence against cops. In a music video published just five days ago on Raz’s channel, called “They Don’t understand” Raz would claim he started running guns in the 8th grade, flashing an armament that would seemingly back up this claim.

Raz was essentially the only man left in the Zone who was armed. And when I say armed, I mean armed to the teeth, and descending on the Zone like some kind of flamboyant 80’s action movie villain.

Raz became the defacto authority in the Zone, both deputizing and arming his friends and allies.

While people were screening the Netflix-funded agitprop “documentary” by the Soros-and-Blacklist Affiliated Ava Duvernay, Raz was taking to the streets to assert his authority.

Police Clip

“We are the police of this community now. We are the leaders of this community now.”

Raz then assaults the graffiti artist punching him, kicking him, and breaking his glasses – evidently for not behaving as an anarchist should in an anarchist commune.

Raz’s reign of terror would continue – and yes, if this area looks familiar it’s because –


-and this time, Raz was upset with occupants of the Zone beginning to resent his use of force against them. They had worked so hard to remove the police from the Zone, now they had this heavily armed gang claiming to be the police and leaders of the community. Many started to feel like they had just swapped out one legal police force for a vigilante police force.

In particular, Raz seems to get upset about this one streamer from inside the Zone saying that his car looked like a cop car.

The conversation quickly breaks down, on livestream, when Raz decides to suckerpunch and assault the man he’s confronting.

And in the ultimate of ironies, people from inside the Chaz would now start to actually call on the police – the very police they had kicked out some 48 hours earlier – in order to try and reign in Raz.

In response, the police say this territory belongs to the CHAZ territory and they can handle the situation on their own.

And so, this is where we are at now, with a literal African Warlord essentially holding six blocks of Communists hostage. They’ve got barriers in place at the border, complete with guards deciding who gets in and who gets out. They’ve got limited to no food.

And it’s clear that the party that has been able to leverage the greatest threat of violence against all others is now running the place.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone might the most spectacular failure of communism to date. It went from Communist Utopia to widespread famine, to being rules literal flamboyant 80’s action-movie warlord, with its occupants begging for outside help, in just 48 hours.

The comments on official sub-Reddit of the Zone quickly became hilarious in response to what everyone could see happening.

(Notew to the reader: The full text of the included reddit excerpts can be found in the video).

Meanwhile, Washington State governor Jay Inslee gave a particularly infuriating and telling statement about the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone during a press conference.

“Well that’s news to me.”

An entire set of city blocks in one of Washington State’s biggest cities had been taken over by Communists, and Governor Inslee pretended to know nothing about it.

Meanwhile, he was more than happy to tweet out:

>What happened in Georgia yesterday is not what democracy looks like.

>Every American in every state should be able to vote by mail. We’ve made it a reality in Washington and it’s time to make it a reality across the nation.

In response, President Trump would tweet out:

Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before. Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stooped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!

Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle, run by Radical Left Democrats, of course. LAW & ORDER!

And unfortunately, this is where the comedy really has to end, because while watching Communists try and basically fail to take over a swathe of an American city, essentially being forced to lie in the bed they made by reality, bigger, more serious consequences are now unfolding as a result of this scenario.

It’s my understanding that certain factions within the Zone are threatening to begin burning down adjacent sections of the city. Small business owners who just so happened to be positioned in that area are being adversely affected by all this. And what’s more, talk has emerged, on Wikipedia, of all places, that a child has died in the Zone, and that their body was disposed of in a dumpster.

Milo Yiannopoulous over on gab brought up a great point today, and it’s this:

Why does the Chaz still have power and water?

At a time when any small businesses attempting to reopen are getting railroaded by Democratic-run state governments… why does this section of the community still have municipal support?

I’ve heard that things like Seattle’s sanitation force is still running into the Zone to take away the squatters’ garbage. Did they take away the body of a child in the process?

And if you believe BDAnon, here’s what he had to say about the situation:

And not to be outdone in all this, Portland Communists are now trying to establish an autonomous zone of their own.

Who knows how things will play out down there, but one thing is clear, this country is, quite literally, splitting apart at the seams and occupied by a number of individuals who are not only sick in the head, but regard all things American as evil and worthy of being ripped out, disregarded, and replaced through so-called “revolutionary” action. But as The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is quickly learning, they didn’t understand how good they actually had it beforehand.

And I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this, but Trump repeatedly tweeting out Law and Order every other day or so in response to riots, looting, chaos, and now literal land seizures, leaves a lot to be desired.

And yet, I have to remind myself, his hands are tied in a lot of ways. Look at how David Rothschild is practically salivating as he hurls accusations of dictatorship at Trump. This is the angle that the MSM would take non-stop, if Trump actually sent troops in.

I said in my recent Article that Trump would be willing to let something on the scale of letting the White House burn happen, to get the people on his side before invoking the insurrection Act.

Some dummies in the peanut gallery – and let’s be honest, there are always some – thought this actually limited Trump to the literal White House. But at the same time, most of you were able to pick up what I was putting down and saw the bigger picture I was trying to illustrate:

Trump basically has to let the Left run rampant, and the damage to accumulate to such a degree, that the people universally demand he act. I’m not sure it can happen any other way. It’s an election year and the Left is engaged in the ultimate game of brinksmanship.

I would not be surprised at all to see much more chaos in the coming weeks and months, even as more Autonomous Zones attempt to spring up in Democrat-run cities around the country.

And If you’re in a Democrat-run city, I would advise you to get armed and out as soon as possible. Because you won’t be able to count on the authorities should anything like this manifest itself in your neck of the woods.

This episode of the Neon Revolt Show was entitled CHAZ, RAZ, AND THE FALL OF THE SOY CALIPHATE OF ANTIFASTAN

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Once again, my name is Neon Revolt.

Until next time.

Show links:

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone * r/CapHillAutonomousZone

Subreddit for Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, established during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

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    Also, you should different on here than redpill78 lol

  2. Absolutely love the show. I know this is of no importance, but how bizarre was the hand signer for the Governor, jumping up & down as he was signing? What the hell was that about? Just never seen anything like it. Then again, I’m seeing quite a few things I never imagined seeing these days.

  3. Neon,
    You rock. I’ve pointed everyone I know including folks online to your site. I’ve bought over 20 of your books and given them to everyone I know and a few I don’t. You can read your blogs and I’d listen. In’ fact, I read parts of your blog on my videos sometimes. I tell anyone that asks that you are the best Q analyst with a blog out there.
    I stopped watching your site for a bit after I thought you were quitting, but I’m glad you didn’t and I’m here. Folks in 5 states I’ve pointed to your site in the last 2 years.

  4. Enjoyed your videos. Please! Your constant use of the neon goalposts in the water are overwhelming & distracting! A little bit in the beginning is fine, but… everyone comes through with each change of saying is distracting. IMHO

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  6. Neon:
    II would like to suggest you do an interview or connversation with DDJ from the youtube channel Misandry Today, most of what he does is MGTOW, but he also does research on Antifa and the left on their financials. He’s a lawyer and is probably the best researcher online for that stuff.
    I made a shortlived series of videos called Patriot Review a year or more ago that did like you have done, intor to Q fr newbies. In one episode I explained hte difference online between the Q folks, the Reporters, that simply tell you what Q saisd the Researchers that take a Q drop and run with it. this is DDJ, he’s a lawyer IRL and has done some of the BEST research on antifa and other leftists that link orgs together like you wouldn’t believe. And Analysts, that take Q and others and pull together facts that’ll blow your mind. This is you.
    I can’t tell you how badass it would be to get you two together for one of your blog episodes. and I’d love to do what I can to make the introduciton. I am not competition to either of you, and you two are in different areas him a researcher and you an analyst. Most of his stuff might be MGTOW, but he also does these exposes, like only a lawyer can.
    Please, let me know I think that’d be a bad ass episode for both of you.


  7. Neon. I understand what you have been going through. Questioning the Christian faith because of new information that has been given. I am just as frustrated. I heard you on Repill tonight. He did not help much and alot of people attacked you in chat. I am so sorry. I cannot talk about this to anyone because I don’t want them to go thru what I am going through. I have talked to rdoc thru emails back and forth…he is a fount of knowledge but still won’t tell me what to do which is what I want. Someone to tell me what to do. That Jesus was real. God is definitely real…that I do know…so now I pray to Him. I worry because the unforgivable sin is turning your back on God. But if you still believe in God but not Jesus is that still under the unforgivable sin? I’ve been a believer all my life. I’m 50. And this information has rocked me to my soul. Learning that the Bible was probably written by the greeks is horrendous knowledge. My whole foundation has been rocked. I have brought up all my children in the faith. How do I tell them? We are to think for ourselves. We do have free will. Stay strong brother..Keep questioning. That feeling of the ultimate frustration hopefully will quiet for awhile.

  8. I heard your conversation with Red Pill on Saturday. My heart broke over what you were saying. First I am. Christian. I base my world view on the Bible. Second I do read what annons put out about Q posts. Sometimes I think that they complicate things. Guess I just see things simply. I would love to have a conversation with you. No judgement. I think that God has a Word for you. Promise not weird. How can I contact you?

  9. First, thank you for providing the transcript. Since I am, for all practical purposes, deaf, podcasts are useless to me.

    Second, even from the very first, I have no use of any social media. The very underlying concept offends my taste.

    Third, from the outside looking in, it appears to me that the only other Q-following site (whereof I know), the Anonymous Conservative blog, is under some form of attack. The last four times I tried to access that site, it crashed my browser. If you can investigate this, I think I am not your only reader who would like to know.

    But, please, keep up the good work.

  10. Yuge and long time fan, Neon. While I greatly enjoy reading your work, the audio versions are fantastic. I usually hear/pick up something I overlooked in my reading.
    I was an early buyer of your book. It is wonderful and I will remind others- should be the “must read for summer 2020”

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    Just a thot.


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