The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 2: Fentanyl Floyd, Money Laundering, and how the Media Lies About Everything.

The Neon Revolt Show
The Neon Revolt Show
The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 2: Fentanyl Floyd, Money Laundering, and how the Media Lies About Everything.

Welcome back to the Neon Revolt Show! The strange case of George Floyd is about to get a whole lot stranger as we dive down this new rabbit hole together and enter a world of money laundering, drug trafficking, and worse as a new potential scandal begins to unravel before our very eyes.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Neon Revolt Show, I am your host Neon and today, I want to talk about the state of our nation and what I think we can expect to see manifest relatively soon as both white hat and black hat continue to make move and countermove.

But before I want to begin, I just want to thank everyone who helped make the inaugural episode of this show such a great success. Over FIVE THOUSAND of you tuned in within the first week, and that’s what I consider a tremendous success for a brand new show. Hopefully as I get better and better at this, things will continue to grow, because really, I just want to deliver the best content I can to you guys. So thank you for helping make this a success.

I originally had wanted to write an entirely different episode to follow up on what I spoke about last week, but as I’m sure we’re all aware, a lot has changed in the world since then, and I’ve had to put my original idea on the backburner for now.

And that’s fine; I can come back to that original idea pretty easily, and I think it’s important to speak to what we’re seeing happen now in our cities and on our streets and in our communities.

At the same time, I wanted to give this mess a few days to percolate because, I’ve learned over the past few years, a general rule of thumb is to give Trump a few days to see how he reacts and what he does. This episode would have turned out vastly different if I had tried to tackle it just a few days ago, and waiting, watching, and withholding judgment helps remove any media spin and disinfo that may be circulating – such as the recent and more popular narrative that Trump ran and hid in the White House bunker as a rioting mob loomed outside his doorstep. Turns out that’s not true; that’s a total fabrication by the MSM to make Trump look bad and weak in the eyes of his supporters – and really, is anyone surprised the media jumped on this narrative?

Believe me, the White House has things like Miniguns and Snipers stationed on its roof. Believe me; we’d sooner see a re-enactment of Kent state than Trump cowering in his basement like a beat dog.

And as if to underscore the point, Trump made a bold move following his speech in the Rose Garden and walked the streets of DC, Bible-in-hand, to visit St. John’s Episcopal church – the same church that had been set on fire by looters and antifa the night before.

And of course the media took the opportunity to jump on him for that as well – a President who was not hiding, but who was striding out in the open carrying the word of God with him – labeling the moment a photo op designed to curry favor with his evangelical base.

In truth, those of us who follow Q know that this is more than just a mere photo op, or a political statement, but a direct declaration of war to the Cabal: the most powerful man in the world stood there, out in the open, declaring his allegiance with good and with truth and with light – and this combined with his determination to see it through to the end – their end – must have terrified them at a moment when they are trying their hardest to spread fear around the nation.

Q’s repeated reminder that “It’s going to be Biblical” rings loudly in the ears.

But reflecting upon this point only served to underscore for me how the media manipulates and lies to every single one of us, every day, every chance it gets, in order to control us. The jabs at Evangelicals by the likes of Anderson Cooper on CNN reminded me of recent reporting about George Floyd by none other than the magazine Christianity Today – a magazine founded and once ran by none other than Billy Graham, but which lately, has gone so far off the rails as to become a parody of what it once claimed to be.

I want to read you an excerpt of the article they published on their website in the wake of the death of George Floyd, which was entitled:

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston

and ran with the subtitle of:

As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

“The rest of the country knows George Floyd from several minutes of cell phone footage captured during his final hours. But in Houston’s Third Ward, they know Floyd for how he lived for decades—a mentor to a generation of young men and a “person of peace” ushering ministries into the area.”

“Before moving to Minneapolis for a job opportunity through a Christian work program, the 46-year-old spent almost his entire life in the historically black Third Ward, where he was called “Big Floyd” and regarded as an “OG,” a de-facto community leader and elder statesmen, his ministry partners say.”

“Floyd spoke of breaking the cycle of violence he saw among young people and used his influence to bring outside ministries to the area to do discipleship and outreach, particularly in the Cuney Homes housing project, locally known as “the Bricks.”

“George Floyd was a person of peace sent from the Lord that helped the gospel go forward in a place that I never lived in,” said Patrick PT Ngwolo, pastor of Resurrection Houston, which held services at Cuney.

“The platform for us to reach that neighborhood and the hundreds of people we reached through that time and up to now was built on the backs of people like Floyd,” he told Christianity Today.

Further in the article, the writer, Kate Shellnut, would go on to say:

The viral video of Floyd pinned to the pavement by a Minnesota police officer joins a devastating canon of cell phone footage depicting police using force against black men. His friends in ministry said that when it turned up on the news they weren’t ready to watch another clip so soon after the recording of Ahmaud Arbery being shot while jogging in Georgia and the video of a woman calling 911 on a black man watching birds in New York’s Central Park. But then Lillard texted: It was Big Floyd.

The article ends by comparing all the deaths in this supposed canon to the death of Able in the bible, therefore, and by extension, comparing all those supposedly “guilty” to Cain, the first murdered in the Bible.

Well, at least Kate got two things right: George Floyd was from Houston, and “Big Floyd” certainly was his nickname. But it was a nickname he got from his career in the porn industry, working namely for Houston-based porn company,

I don’t recommend you visit the site unless you absolutely have the need to see a dead man naked on a grimy, dimly lit porn set.

That’s not to stand in judgment of Big Floyd, either. The gospel does change people, so perhaps this was from a time before his conversion. Maybe he had truly changed and walked away from a life of darkness. Maybe he was trying to be good.

But this is where the plot thickens, things become that much more interesting, and the hyperbolic, manipulative conniptions of the media become that much more apparent.

Let’s go back to the Christianity Today article for a moment, because there’s an interesting line in the middle of it:

“Floyd moved to Minnesota around 2018, his family told the Houston Chronicle. He was there for a discipleship program including a job placement, according to pastor Ngwolo. “A ‘Bricks boy’ doesn’t just leave the Third Ward and go to Minnesota!” he said. Floyd told Dunn he had plans to return this summer.”

The Daily Mail would go on to report that he had actually moved there in 2014 to start a new life, following nine separate convictions and five separate jail sentences ranging from things like theft, to possession of controlled substances, to aggravated assault, to one once instance in 2009 where Floyd had entered a woman’s home and pointed a gun at her stomach while searching the premises for drugs and money.

So Floyd had been trying to leave his troubled past behind, and he did so by trying to pursue honest work, starting over as a bouncer at a local club in Minnesota.

But this is where it gets interesting:

It turns out that Both Floyd, and the police officer who allegedly killed him by choking off his air supply, one Derek Chauvin, already knew each other. In fact, the two had been co-workers, with both working security at that same club, a Latin dance club named the El Neuveo Rodeo club in Minneapolis. And this makes sense: Chavin had his police experience and Floyd was a big guy, clocking in at some six feet, six inches tall, so both fit the job description. Clubs need security, and so they were bound to have known and interacted with each other during their years working there. But that’s a heckuva coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

So Anons started digging on this club connection, and it turns out that the club is owned by a Somali-owned company called Omar Investments Incorporated. Now remember, Minneapolis has a huge Muslim population, and in particular, the largest Somali population in the US, most of whom arrived there following the Somali civil war in the 90’s, and because of both these factors, the area has a huge issue with terror recruitment. A number of Isis fighters have actually been born here, on US soil in Minneapolis, and then been recruited by the terrorist organization as fighters. So to combat this, there is a huge national security presence in that region; the largest in the United states, in fact.

Anyway, to get directly to the point and not belabor things, Anons began to suspect that club itself might be connected with some of these same intelligence operations.

The primary connection came from the owner, one Muna Sabri. In 2001, it turns out a close relative of Muna, one Basim Sabri, a real estate mogul in Minneapolis, was caught by the FBI trying to bribe Minneapolis Councilman Brian Herron, to help assist with the development of a hotel on Lake Street and Second Avenue.

The Latin Dance club that Floyd worked for? Located on East Lake Street.

Sabri would be tried and convicted on three counts of bribery, fined 75,000 dollars, and would serve 17 months in a federal prison.

And an eagle-eyed Anon would note that this would be the exact time Officer Chauvin would begin working at the El Nuevo Rodeo.

It stands to reason that this Somali-owned Omar group, which has owned the club since 1996, was potentially involved in some shady operations for some time. Bribery usually just doesn’t happen out of the blue, and when you’re involved in real estate and commercial properties, you’re dealing with a defacto monopoly on land when it comes to local governments.

So yes, from time to time, you will hear about back room dealings such as this incident with Sabri trying to bribe the councilman for favorable zoning approval or whatever.

But what if this club was being used as a front for these kinds of back room and criminal dealings? After all, we’ve seen this kind of thing before. Think Carlos Marcello and The Beverly.

So what if the club was in some way involved with money laundering and counterfeiting?

Well, on December 14th, 2019 – so really just a few months ago, before all this Corona-madness started, Customs and Border Protection seized a shipment of some $900,000 dollars in counterfeit bills, from a rail shipment originating from… China.

In this case, it was 45 cartons of one dollar bills – two short shipping pallets’ worth – which is in itself quite unusual. Small denominations aren’t usually the target of counterfeiters – though the one dollar bill certainly is the most insecure in terms of anti-counterfeit printing techniques, and thus, the easiest to manufacture. Usually, you hear about fake fifty and hundred dollar bills. But for one dollar bills like this, you can imagine they’re going to someone who has a need for lots of singles… perhaps a business dealing with a lot of cash, or wanting to get a lot of counterfeit cash into circulation, quickly.

What if it was cash for bribes? Cash that would avoid raising suspicions, like bigger denominations normally would?

Or perhaps it was going to someone with ties to financing terrorist organizations?

Could a club potentially be used to front for any of these activities? Well of course. And to be clear, that’s not proof of anything, but it is circumstantial and it does raise an eyebrow and warrant further digging.

So let’s track this a bit and see what we can infer from this intercepted shipment of counterfeit singles:

I was able to track down a map from The Department of Transportation which shows all the freight lines in and through Minnesota, so reading that map shows that this particular shipment came through Canada, on the Canadian National railway.

Given that we know the shipment originated in China, this means it probably went through the port in Vancouver.

If the shipment had gone undetected, it would have done one of two things: it would have either continued going south-east and stayed on the Canadian National railway, and gone through Wisconsin before giving it the opportunity to turn back West towards Minneapolis at Ladysmith, or it could have been transferred to the BNSF line, and made a direct bee-line towards Minneapolis.

Either way, it’s likely the shipment was intended for Minneapolis.

Now recall the incident that precipitated Floyd’s death and what caused his run-in with the police to begin with:

He was trying to use a counterfeit twenty at a deli to pay his bill.

Why was Floyd using a counterfeit 20?

Well, we can speculate. Either Floyd is entirely innocent and just happened to have been passed a counterfeit 20… or, potentially, there was something shady going on at the club and Floyd had helped himself to some extra counterfeit cash on the side, saving it for a rainy day.

And with the advent of Corona, everyone – including Floyd – was out of work. Clubs like his were shut down, so it was that proverbial rainy day. But Floyd got caught with this bill, and then the police were called…

Where it just so happened that Officer Chauvin worked. So Chauvin just so happens to get a call about a 6 foot 6 black man passing off counterfeit bills. And having worked for the club for 17 years – up to 6 of which had been with Floyd – do you really think his appearance on the scene was random?

Is it possible that Chauvin was working at the club for so long as some kind of asset? Is it possible that the Minneapolis police were in on what was potentially happening at this club the whole time, and were in on the counterfeiting?

That implies a staggering level of corruption, but again, we’ve seen that kind of thing before – corrupt police forces working with three letter agencies and local businesses with criminal ties. In these kinds of relationships, everyone’s wheels get greased. Hiring cops keeps good cops off the scent of the trail. Laundering money helps smooth things over with corrupt local politicians. If the FBI is involved, this helps them maintain surveillance on communities where terror recruiting is common. This kind of stuff is old-hat for “conspiracy” buffs, so if any of this were to turn out to be true, I’m sure few listening to this would be surprised.

So did Floyd using counterfeit bills out in the open like that jeopardize the whole operation?

Was Chauvin brought in to contain the situation before it got out of hand?

Again, the two knew each other, but the odd thing was, you wouldn’t know that from the video. They had worked with each other at the club for years.

Was Floyd trying to avoid being “disappeared” by corrupt police officers working in tandem with a criminal enterprise, only for things to go disastrously wrong for Chauvin and the whole operation?

Did the media make a martyr out of Floyd without realizing the deeper implications of what would happen by putting the death of this man in such sharp focus on the international stage?

Was the MSM so desperate to race-bait (after repeated failures in weeks prior, such as with the Ahmaud Arbery case) that they leapt at the chance to use footage of a man with an officer’s knee on the back of his neck saying “I can’t breathe” that they accidentally pointed the national spotlight on a deep state criminal money laundering operation?

And the kicker in all this, of course came with the coroner’s report. The Hennepin County Medical examiner would release its toxicology findings to show that George Floyd had died, not from suffocation, but from cardiopulmonary arrest while he was being restrained by Officer Chauvin.

And the reason for this heart attack? George Floyd had both Fentanyl and residual meth in his system. Put under stress that, frankly, wouldn’t normally kill an otherwise healthy man, his heart gave out.

Now, look, the video is hard to watch, and I’m not trying to justify the actions of Officer Chauvin by any stretch of the imagination. All reports seem to indicate that he was a terrible cop with numerous complaints against him, and if this theory is correct, he may have been involved in covering up a much larger criminal enterprise – so it should come as no surprise that he is now on “suicide watch.” but we need to be honest with ourselves here. George Floyd did say he couldn’t breathe, but after uttering that phrase, he continued to talk to the officers for quite some time, presumable because he could breathe, albeit, not as freely as he would have liked. I’m sure it was difficult to breathe in that position, I certainly wouldn’t want to be in such a position, but it’s clear from the tape that he wasn’t being choked off from his air supply.

And for those who might be wondering, his blood flow was not restricted, either. That position doesn’t restrict blood flow, and regardless, the body has numerous ways of delivering blood to the brain; it’s most vital organ.

Presumably, everyone interested in this is interested in the facts, and the facts are that Floyd’s heart gave out when under stress due to the fact that he was on fentanyl, a very deadly drug manufactured primarily in… China.

Did Floyd also secure fentanyl along with counterfeit bills, at his workplace?

It’s a question that should be asked.

And that’s really where we’re at in all this: left with a lot of unanswered questions – the kind of questions real journalists used to ask before they were co-opted by Operation Mockingbird and became compromised and corrupt mouthpieces for non-stop agitprop. Which is why the task has now fallen to the likes of Anons and the few honest reporters left in the media.

I’ll only add here that Dr. Michael Baden has now been brought in to conduct a second autopsy on George Floyd – to what end, I’m not sure, but this is something to keep a careful eye upon because this is the man who conducted the autopsies of both President Kennedy and Jeffery Epstein. Is he a Deep State asset? I don’t know, but at the very least, he did say that Epstein’s death was a homicide and not a suicide.

But the larger point I’m trying to make in all of this is to show how the media – even supposed faith-based outlets trusted by millions of Christians – was used to race bait, and subsequently launch a wave of destruction in cities across America.

We’ve all seen the footage of the rioters, spurred on by Antifa (which is itself funded by George Soros), and the destruction. The media is now running with the lie that these are peaceful demonstrations, but that just doesn’t hold up in the age of social media, when anyone with a phone can prove them wrong and broadcast it to millions in mere seconds. No, the MSM just ends up looking like the clowns they are.

I’ll also note here that Christianity Today recently published an entire podcast dedicated to denouncing QAnon as fear-based, gnostic, and even dangerous, capping off their episode by saying,

“If there’s a lie from Satan, it’s that conspiracy theories are neutral and they’re fine, or that you’re better off leaning into them and believing them then you are walking away from them”

For the record, Christianity Today published an interview with the CIA as far back as 1975, so I think it’s safe to say they are far from neutral in any of this, despite appearances to the contrary, and even as they parrot Leftist talking points with an occasional gee-whiz golly gee wilikers Evangelical spin. I’ll include a link to that particular article in the show notes.

If I had to venture a prediction in regards to the case of George Floyd and the illegitimate rioting going on around the nation, it would be that this case starts to fall apart very publicly, but the media will try to counter with another story along similar lines. It won’t take much for another tragedy to suddenly manifest itself on camera, and the media will do everything in its power to amplify that story and sow even further racial division, chaos, and discord.

The left hand always tries to distract from what the right hand is doing, after all.

The only real question I have is how long is everyone willing to let democrat cities burn? Because make no mistake, that’s what’s going on here; Chinese-controlled governors and mayors are allowing the chaos to fester and spread in their cities. True, they run the risk of this backfiring, and say, a Bill Deblasio getting caught up in a swarm of a thousand violent rioters, but I think that’s a risk these Cabal types are willing to take at this point.

It’s hard to say, but I don’t think Trump is ready to mobilize the military yet via the insurrection act (though he definitely has signaled – and Q has said that he’s willing and will do so past a certain point). The key here, however, is to make Trump look like a savior, not a dictator.

Because there’s nothing the MSM wants more right now than to promote the narrative that “Literally Hitler” is rolling tanks through the streets and shooting innocent, unarmed protesters advocating for racial equality.

I think that at this point we can only pray that things tip in Trump’s favor, that the fake news narratives get utterly exposed and discredited, and that Q’s multi-year Antifa-mapping project is just as robust and effective as it sounds. Because we’ve been tracking those sealed indictments for sometime, and if the numbers are correct, that alone would signal the collapse of one of the biggest subversive Communist networks in America, and secure the prosperity of average, hard-working Americans for a generation or more.

And then, of course, there’s the bevvy of evidence on the Q-front suggesting that an arrest for George Soros may be imminent.

That would certainly signal where this all was headed, and I, for one, would jump for joy. But I’m not going to get my hopes up for that.

And just as I’m about to wrap this all up, Jesse Watters publishes a clip on his Twitter feed about everything we’ve spoken about here today, so I’m going to leave you with his words:

Well Keith Ellison knows a lot more than we do, Dana, and he’s got investigators looking into the relationship between the officer and Floyd. Because if you think about it – and I’m only speculating – you don’t just jam you knee on to the neck of a guy you don’t know for no reason. Yes, maybe he’s some insane racist that wanted to kill an innocent black man. It’s possible! It’s just not likely, in my opinion. From what we know, they worked together at the same club together. People should be looking into the night club – was it a front for something? Was there any sort of trafficking going on? They worked closely together on a regular basis. Also Floyd, rumored to have moonlit in another industry which is kind of provocative. There could be a lot of reasons that their relationship became controversial, let’s just put it that way. And maybe Floyd knew something he wasn’t supposed to know. Maybe there was an operation that we’re not aware of that’s soon going to be investigated because if you have a guy kneeing a guy in the neck like that over a counterfeit 20, and you have the rest of the crew standing around and watching, it looks like a premeditated hit. And then when you have the first report that came out and said “Oh he didn’t die that way. He had a bad ticker and was on methamphetamine and all sorts of narcotics in his system” – that’s highly suspicious, cause then other reports came out directly afterward contradicting that so there’s a lot of things at play. So you could find at the end of the day that this is not racially motivated at all. This was some sort of criminal thing that went haywire and this was a hit that was executed extremely poorly and they thought they were going to get away with it while the rest of the county runs wild and tries to capitalizes on the energy from coming out of a lock-down and knowing that Biden is not going to ramp up that kind of energy, they’ve got to ride this out until November.

This episode of the Neon Revolt Show was entitled Fentanyl Floyd, Money Laundering, and how the Media Lies About Everything. If you enjoyed the show, please like, share, and subscribe. I’m trying to build this up more and more, so I truly appreciate each share this gets. You’ll note my first episode was a bit longer than this one; I’m trying to taper things down and package these episodes more succinctly, so I can get more focused content out the door to you more frequently.

I also tried to add more graphics to the video version of this show. I know some people grew tired of the moving background, so I tried to spice things up for you a bit for you here.

Links to all the articles we talked about here, as well as a full transcript of the episode can be found in the show notes at

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That’s all for this, the second episode of the Neon Revolt Show. Once again, my name is Neon Revolt. Thank you for listening.

Until next time.

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Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters)

“If you have a guy kneeing a guy in the neck like that, over a counterfeit 20, and you have the rest of the crew standing around watching- it looks like a premeditated hit.” #TheFive

31 thoughts on “The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 2: Fentanyl Floyd, Money Laundering, and how the Media Lies About Everything.”

  1. Thanks for your work, I am so wondering what the hell is going on in the world. I just watched a video by Amazing Polly about Floyd and the owner of the club and her story is very different from yours. This was the first time I watched her and she seems sincere, so I think you should check her story out. We in the Q community need to get our facts straight and not be misled or mistakenly assume stuff. I know it’s hard when there is deliberate disinfo out there. Her story is that the owner of the club was an activist Latina who merged with a radio station recently. Maybe both versions are true, but I thought you would want to know about this. I suspect the video was staged and it was made earlier so as to be ready when the deep state needed it. The video starts out before the policemen even arrive on the scene. The photography is high resolution and very professionally done and looks like the view was from the second floor of a window, not a bird’s eye point of view, or a bystander’s smartphone which would have been choppy in the movement or blurry at times. I think Chauvin was in the CIA and the CIA has infiltrated many police depts as well as media. CIA has made many fake videos to manipulate public, goes back decades. How would the photographer know that there would be an incident there??? I’m just a nobody but interested in what’s going in the world. I will check back with you to see what you come up with. Best Wishes.

    • She was the previous owner. The club was sold in 96 and she was kept on as a kind of frontwoman.

      If you read the original Anon digs, Anon suspected she was kept on to deflect attention away from the real owners.

      • Thank you so much for replying. Makes sense. Why would the staged event be done so openly???? Just too convenient, the riots just too organized, the response(defund police, bail-out money from Hollywood and big corporations, memorials to milk the event and shove the meme down America’s throat) just too co-ordinated also. It’s all bullshit. Tx again.

  2. Doc Baden was requested by Trump to do the second autopsy as the 1st one by the deep state Cabal would have gotten the Cop off scott free. So Doc Badens proved that Floyd died of aphexia bought on by the force of body weight bearing down on.him

    • Wow. Want to believe that Trump requested this, can you show proof? I’ll do some research but no time till tomorrow, Thanks so much! Involved in some major family battles over this.

  3. Excellent! I was just reading Jesse Water’s speculation last night and this filled in a lot of gaps. I think anyone with half a brain can see how coordinated all of this is and how much info, is missing, being lied about, etc. etc,. Buckle up – cause it’s only going to get worse! Thanks, Neon!

  4. I think that the ‘Omar Inc.’, somali enterprise, MN…Has no one related all that information to the Democratic representative Ilhan OMAR? Somali ?, Omar Inc.? Oh come on! There must be some connection there …

  5. Believe it or not, my first theory was about counterfeiting out the back of the club. Amazing what getting off of fluoride will do.

  6. I have questions, on two basic lines:

    One: Look carefully at all available video. The policeman in the video with his knee on George Floyd’s knee doesn’t look to me to be the same man as the one in the mug shot of the policeman that they arrested for the act. Which one is really Chauvin? Was the kneeler an authorized imposter sent to very publicly get rid of Floyd, with the mug shot man taking the fall?

    Two: In previous years, was Floyd scamming the Christian ministry in Texas, infiltrating it? Or was the ministry infiltrated by others, trapping Floyd in their net? Or did Floyd lose his way for some years and recently fall into a trap while trying to reform his life, only to be killed for trying to do so?

      • I thought the same thing. Neck-kneeler guy kinda looks like a cleaned-up Ted Nugent without the eyebrow wings. Mugshot guy looks a bit younger than neck-kneeler.
        And I’m in agreement with the others who immediately noticed the name and thought, “as in chauvinist”?

  7. TY Neon. GREAT ARTICLE. I would only disagree with the fact that the officer’s knee on the neck of Mr. Floyd WOULD indeed stop air to his brain. Not all air which is why it took so long. Martial Arts experts and medical professionals have come out and said that they couldn’t believe he lasted as long as he did. I have COPD and Asthma. I have been choking and unable to get my breath but could make sound. But I do think you have nailed the rest of it. I did a thread on it and said this looked like intentional murder. Wonder if the Somali Omar in your article have any ties to Ilhan Omar? She and Keith Ellison have many ties to CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood as you know. Love hearing your voice over reading the article so that I can do so while on the move. Keep up the good works you are doing.

  8. Hi Neon. Love the new podcasts. I’m a normie trying to learn how to do my own research, so I have two questions:

    What sites/databases should I use to find info that’s not censored to the MS narrative?

    And what boards are people talking about, for instance, George Floyd on? The Q boards are nothing but memes and arguments now so I’d like to figure out where to go to actually see research and discussion. Thanks

    PS just finished your book and I’ve been evangelizing… I know two others who have ordered it now!

  9. Dangerous knowledge found below…

    I was curious why does the Babylon Death Cult hate Jesus so much when compared to other religions?

    Their highest “truth” is that Lucifer is the Grand Architect of the Universe.  This actually may be true but where does that leave Jesus?

    Jesus is the shepherd… I had a dream that Jesus is here to bring us all back to God (which seems to line up with the prophecy).

    But what does going back to God mean?  It means obliterating the illusion..  ending the universe and merging our souls back to God.  Is this why they are SO scared of Jesus?  AND if true… it makes sense why they fight so hard to protect their existence… it’s all our existence (on the illusion called earth at least).  If this is the case then “right” and “wrong” is much more complicated to grasp.  If you take Jesus into your life, you are de facto asking to end this universe and destroy everything to merge back to God…

    Another interesting point.  Satan grants power to followers through rituals and spells.  This power is WRESTED from God.  Like a cheat code in a video game.  Jesus GRANTS power to worthy peoples… which is why I can’t seem to find any “good” magic or “white magic” (so don’t bother looking and don’t ever think there is such a thing as “good” magic.  It is all satanic because it is power STOLEN thru spells like cheat codes in a game)

    If you want power ironically you must be granted it by your merit. Symbols like yin and yang become so perfectly true it is insane.

    The large white is pure goodness and the big black is pure evil. The little black is the evil inherent in goodness (pure good will lead to destruction of our illusion/universe, the proving ground for the soul improvement, and our playground).  The little white is the good inherent in evil… the good about our illusion is that it allows us to learn… to go back to God WITHOUT FORCE… BY CHOICE.  

    Asking Jesus to come is somewhat ironic.  It would mean that all those souls that didnt make it essentially “lost” the video game.  Maybe merging back to God by force is unpleasant?

    Sympathy for the satanist?  CRAZY… they believe they are the “good” in evil.  They believe they are here to save us all by creating a construct to improve the soul and find God.  Because no matter what, we’re allowed to go back to God by CHOICE.

    We won’t be ready for Jesus until SIN is purged.  And SIN is just desire.  It is not the act of fulfillment of desire.  It is desire itself.  Desire for something means that you put the illusion above God.  I see desire EVERYWHERE and I have my own desires along with everyone else… maybe we aren’t ready for Jesus to return…

    • Hi, Thomas Paine, nice to meet ya. I’m just going to get straight to the point and say that you have a lot of Buddhist/Hindu nihilistic (and other) beliefs mixed up in your attempt at understanding Jesus and what His coming for humankind really means. Let me share what Jesus told an important man in the religious circle of His day from the Gospel of John –

      “Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Jesus at night and said, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.”
      Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”
      “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”
      Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit b gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

      As to Jesus being the good shepherd, here is what He had to say about that, again, from the Gospel of John –

      “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.
      “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.”

      Jesus also said” I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. a They will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

      If you have had a dream of Jesus, you are being called. If you are willing (or even willing to be made willing!) to put everything about your life into His hands and follow Him, you will be born again Your spirit will be alive, and not dead. And believe me, you will be able to tell the difference. The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, longsuffering, self-control.
      Wonderful things!
      We don’t meld into God and disappear as others teach – we are ourselves forever, and our destiny in Christ is to live redeemed, forever, WITH Him. He loves us enough to take us exactly as we are – but He loves us enough nit to leave us there, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we are made into the likeness of Christ while remaining our unique, loved selves. It’s great, and I sincerely pray that you answer that call that is on your life in the positive.

    • Hi, AY. I just spent the last hour crafting a reply to your post, and when I hit “Post” it disappeared. This one will be shorter. Maybe. I said that you have a lot of Buddhist /Hindu nihilistic concepts in your belief system – having to merit power, Satan wresting power from God, becoming “one” with God (that we are no longer our individual selves), that all desire must end, etc. None of those things are true, and I say that because that is what Jesus said. I will give you a few of the conversations Jesus had in the Gospel of John –
      “Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Jesus at night and said, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.”
      Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”
      “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”
      Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

      You mentioned the good shepherd, and here is what Jesus said about that –
      “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
      I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.
      I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.

      If you had a dream about Jesus, you are being called. I pray you answer the call with a “Yes!”

  10. Amazing presentation, voice and content. And, hopefully truth. If this became public knowledge, it would STOP the protests. Thank You, so much.

  11. Thanks Neon. Great work! That Christianity Today podcast pissed me off. Satan lies about how believing “conspiracies” is good, and not walk not away. Give me a break. Jesus’ resurrection was a conspiracy at one point. Without critical thinking about hard issues and information, the truth can’t be uncovered. But they hide behind the credibility of decades of Christ followers, and teach to cast aside pursuit of truth. The evidence of Satanism by elites at this point is plainly seen by anyone who looks closely. They are clearly comped resource at this point.

  12. Some thoughts…

    You said it yourself: “…the odd thing was, you wouldn’t know that from the video. They had worked with each other at the club for years.”

    I see this leading to two possibilities:

    Option 1) That the killer “cop” in the video wasn’t actually Derek Chauvin, but a look-a-like spook sent to kill Floyd. Why else wouldn’t Floyd have pleaded with him BY NAME? Because it wasn’t the same guy. So he wouldn’t have recognized him. I mean, he DOES look a bit different in the mugshot photo (hairline, etc.). So the real Derek Chauvin would be the one in the mugshot photo — knowingly as part of it all, and agreeing to be the fall guy, because he will walk. And why will he walk? Because Minnesota Attorney General KEITH ELLISON elevated the charges against him to second-degree murder, which will fall apart in court, by design. And cause even more riots. By Antifa. Which Ellison endorses (and probably coordinates over, to an extent). And it was all a psyop from the get-go. With Floyd as the unwilling victim/target they had planned in advance.


    Option 2) That it actually WAS Derek Chauvin there in-person, and the reason Floyd doesn’t acknowledge him, is because they were all IN ON IT, and it was all a BIG STAGED FALSE FUCKING FLAG from the get-go. And George Floyd is still alive. I mean, he did have a closed casket funeral, after all… How convenient…

    EITHER WAY, SO much about ALL of it just seems so ODD and STAGED. Look how QUICKLY all of the “organic” protests/riots started. Antifa and BLM were PREPARED for this. All of the nationwide coordination. All of the mystery stacks of bricks popping up in cities. All of the instant T-shirts with Floyd’s face on them.

    And when you watch the video, why is it that they had the paramedics come in the first place? Did they call WHILE he was choking him out? No, it would have been before. Which doesn’t make sense either way. Why not take him away in the police cruiser to begin with? And when the paramedics arrive, one of them APPEARS to check Floyd’s pulse WHILE Chauvin still has his KNEE on his NECK. Were they even real paramedics?!

    I’m sorry, but the idea that the MSM has accidentally put the spotlight on this case and opened up a can of worms just doesn’t sit right. If this was truly JUST an assassination ordered by some shady nightclub owner, then why would it have been OUT IN THE OPEN FOR ALL TO SEE? A cop KNOWINGLY choking out a black man for EIGHT MINUTES AND FORTY SIX SECONDS in front of MULTIPLE CAMERAS AND EYE WITNESSES? Not much of a quiet assassination to avoid suspicion, if you ask me. I think it was a PHOTO OP for the world to see. This has all been a planned hoax by the cabal to start a civil war and blame it on Trump.

  13. Again, no mention of massively having coronavirus wrong and your view of mandatory vaccines….wrong! Looks like you’ll never get around to telling that secret story

    God wins, Neon. For your current loyal readers, I was once a loyal reader but I learned during coronavirus that Q has not highlighted one of the Q movements “biggest sites” (according to Neon) for a reason. I’d caution y’all to be very careful about taking in anything from him without doing your own research. In fact, I’d recommend just finding a more reliable source.

    • Hey, idiot! I talked about the coronavirus stuff in the first episode of my show like two weeks ago. Not my fault if you’re not paying attention.

      And I never advocated for a mandatory vaccinations, so now you’re embellishing to justify your own butthurt.

      And on top of that, you should really read this article – – because it talks about the few times Q actually quoted me and even pulled images off my site, which again, you must have missed because you weren’t paying attention.

      Go be a butthurt boomer somewhere else, Karen. You’ll get no genuflection from me.

    • Oh, and I’ll be more than happy to toss your fat rear to the curb on this site, too, since it seems you haven’t learned your lesson yet. You can go back to clucking with all the other fat Karens on Facebook1, and you can regale them with your stories about what a big dope I am for not listening to your trenchmouth screaming at me the second I said something you happened to disagree with. Because apparently, you’re so insecure in your beliefs you need me to repeat them back to you verbatim 24/7, otherwise its meltdown city in mold-town.

      In fact, don’t come back, Karen. You’re speaking to the manager here, and you’re officially getting the boot AGAIN. On top of this, all your braindead comments got caught in the spam filter where they belong, so yes, I got to see the rusty gears in your head turning as you tried to rephrase the same comment seven different times in the vain hope that you would get through to the other end and spread misery here – because that’s the mark you need to leave on the world in order to feel important, I guess.

      But you and your gamma behavior, on top of your serial idiocy, and your carpet-bombing with F-bombs are now permabanned. Yeah, suddenly the F-bombs disappear when you’re trying to lecture me on my “big ego” and about how “God Wins.”

      Maybe it’s all the mold you huff. Go take your meds, you disingenuous nutbag.

  14. You did a great job Neon. Kudos.
    Here in Aus our media is just a reflection or regurgitation of Washington post and CNN talking points.
    So great to get a more in depth repot on all this.
    Keep it up and we will continue to follow.

    Still wearing your QANON caps we got what seems like an age ago:)

  15. Venezuela seems to fit under these terms. 20$ 5$ and 1$ are basically what moves the economy. Plus the bolivar it doesn’t exist. I mean, is useless, the thing is that there is no access or banks where you can ask or cash out. So, what gives you access to cash when you broke the oil industry? Gold, Drugs, money laundering counterfeiting platform secure and access to non West traditional allies and radical movement`s. Irán, Cuba, Perú, Russia, China, México, Spain, Turquía. Add Bitcoin to all that and boom! The Old 100 bolivar bill was classified as high quality paper. Which was the only bill in 2 monetary bill redesigns and 4 devaluations. It was use as the base to fake dollars in Perú. Some case hit te news around mid 2019 about some containers in paraguay with venezuelan 100 bills. By the way, the BLM Opla Tometi, was is Caracas with Maduro on 2015. It´s all connected somehow or is just my head fitting narratives, but it out there.


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