The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 5: The Netflix Problem #CancelNetflix

The Neon Revolt Show
The Neon Revolt Show
The Neon Revolt Show - Episode 5: The Netflix Problem #CancelNetflix

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Welcome to the Neon Revolt Show, I am your host Neon.

More than 700 girls. That’s how many girls, ages 10-13, auditioned for film Cuties, now airing on Netflix.

What you’re seeing now is footage from one such audition, easily discoverable on Youtube, in response to the original casting call for the the film, and what you see here is a relatively normal scene – a young girl talking about herself, her interests and hobbies, drawing and piano – and then doing a little dance and demonstrating some of her more acrobatic skills. A normal girl doing normal girl things for a girl her age.

There’s nothing particularly exploitative about this audition and that’s not the reason I’m showing it.
Albeit in French.

Casting calls are often pretty generic-sounding, with no indication of what the end product will finally look like – just types and roles boiled down to their essential parts.

No, I’m showing this clip precisely because this is the kind of girl that was passed over for the making of this film – because this kind of girl, with normal, healthy interests, and normal, healthy mannerisms – wasn’t the kind of girl they were looking for.

The herd was culled by the production team – which included a cinematographer who, in 2019, filmed a short film about a 7 year old girl running around naked in France – and only those who danced in a way that can only be rightfully described as inappropriate, were selected to move on to the next group.

Those girls were then brought in by the production team to presumably audition in person while being recorded, and then from this, the selection was narrowed down further – until you had the cast which we’ve all seen by now on that infamous Netflix poster for the film.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of the auditions looked similar to this. Parents filming their child on their phones, sending in a short clip on the off chance that they may have what the casting director is looking for – like so many supportive parents would do after reading a generic casting notice – a notice, which, if my own time in Hollywood is any indicator, probably read something like this: “Seeking actresses, ages 10-14, of all races, to work in an exciting new independent dance film by an upcoming visionary director.”

And so hundreds of clips are sent in until they found the kinds of girls they were looking for – the kinds of girls they could exploit – because let’s not mince words here; that’s what they did – for profit.

Such is the gall of Netflix, is almost impossible to satirize at this point, as recent headlines by The Babylon Bee demonstrate:

But this is not the first time Netflix has had a pedophilia problem.

In 2018, Netflix acquired the rights to stream the film Girl, a story about a “transgender girl” which featured full-frontal nudity of a 15 year old boy at the time – the actor who played the eponymous Girl in the film.

That didn’t cause nearly as much controversy, because… how do I put this? Society, by and large, doesn’t care when underage boys are sexualized. It’s why, 97% of the time, when you see a headline about a young schoolteacher engaging in sexual activities with one of her male students, it will usually say they had sex, instead of calling it rape, whereas if the sexes were reversed – where you had a male teacher and a female student involved, everyone would call it rape from the get-go. The assumption is boys want it; therefore, it’s not harmful.

So Girl came and went and basically nobody cared, despite it’s extremely explicit and pornographic nature.

Then, this caused much more of a stir, not only because the victim was female, but also much younger – Netflix acquired the film rights to the film Desire, which featured a scene of a 9 year old girl accidentally masturbating to orgasm on a pillow. pretending to ride it like a horse while watching a cowboy film on the TV.

Another series big on exploring this subject matter is the hideous Big Mouth, which features a number of animated children talking to animated genitalia, and, it’s just a hideous Cal-Arts abomination, I don’t even want to talk about it.

And right now, there is an entire series going into its third season on Netflix entitled Baby, which glamorizes teen prostitution as “fun” and “edgy.”

There have been other instances of Netflix cultivating pedophilic content for their services. As reported by Enty over at Crazy Days and Nights:

This streaming service actually was upset over a scene in a recent episode of a brand new hit show to the service. They wanted the underage sex scene with multiple actors portraying underage people to include graphic nudity and sex. They said since the show is not where its family members are that it should prove it by going full out.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Another Blind item would read:

This streaming service is going over the top with their sexualization of teens, based upon the title for an upcoming series. That is what is going to happen more frequently though. Low budget, high clickbait stuff. Gone are the days where they would spend $100M just to get some “buzz.” They need viewers and to give them cheap content. The original stuff that people actually watch is apparently anything to do with sex and teens.

And that series was Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters which would later become Just plain old Teenage Bounty Hunters.


And yet another Blind item-

Based on the preview, signs do not look promising for the streaming documentary about the billionaire pedophile to name big names. They have made too many deals with important people whether with production deals or people who sit on their board.

That is in reference to Netflix’s Epstein documentary.

So no, this latest scandal with Cuties is nothing new to Netflix. It’s just the latest assault on the family and society by those who wish to sexualize children and send us plunging that much further down the slippery slope…

But what’s different about Cuties is… they’re not getting away with it this time.

For whatever reason – despite their previous efforts at normalizing all this – Cuties is hitting people in a way that their earlier films and series simply did not. You can speculate why that is – maybe it’s because so many of us are home that much more, and have nothing to do but watch Netflix. Maybe its because of high profile arrests like Epstein and Maxwell.

Maybe it’s because of the poster Netflix made for the series.

Maybe it’s all those things and more, causing people to just wake up.

Whatever the reason – Netflix isn’t getting away with this like they have in the past, and it’s starting to cost them big-time – because an entire segment of the population just because aware of how slippery the slope is, and how fast society is riding it down.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the slippery slope is very much real, and very much a thing to be feared, for at the bottom of the slippery slope is hellfire and damnation itself.

And if you were an elite trying to enslave people, that is a good thing for you, because a morally bankrupt people is a weak and divided people – think about it – families wouldn’t even be able to protect their own children for fear of being labeled “bigots.” And you, as an elite, can send people down the slippery slope… so long as they don’t actually realize they’re on the slope, so long as they’re lulled into complacency.

But if you make that incline a bit to hard and a bit too fast, that’s frightening, and you suddenly jolt them awake. That – again, for whatever reason – is exactly what has happened with Cuties.

These recent tweets illustrate exactly where we, as a society, are on this slope:

What’s come out, as a result of all this mess, is the sudden realization that… while it’s horrible and exploitative what’s happened to the kids in these IPs – what’s really happening is that all of society is being groomed by these corporate institutions. The nation itself is being conditioned through the exploitation of these little ones.

And I think it’s that realization that is really driving the backlash Netflix is now experiencing and will hopefully continue experiencing for the foreseeable future.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

Listen to the words of a Youtuber who goes by the name of Mr. Girl, and who has recieved quite a bit of, in my opinion, well deserved disgust and pushback over what he entitled Cuties: an Uncomfortably Honest Review.

If you found that review disturbing, what’s more disturbing is how many talking heads and Twitteratti sound just like him.

“Child sexuality.” The Telegraph’s words – not mine. That’s how they’re trying to frame this. Not as a crime that exploits a victim, but as though the children are empowered by engaging in these behaviors.

To be clear, this is just a short step away from asking, “bUt wHaT iF tHe ChIlD cOnSeNts?”

This isn’t Victorian Handwringing. This isn’t Puritanical moralizing. This is where we are at right now. This is what is being pushed upon us all.

And like our favorite backchannel has said, the Blue Checkmarks swarm to enforce the digital echo. Here’s Doc Gu, who you’ve undoubtably seen pinned to Trump’s Twitter replies by whatever hackjob algo Twitter has in place:

That’s right, bigots. You have to watch the snuff film to know if murder is really bad.

You never know, you might just like it if you tried it.
And here with the, you’re-racist-for-being-against-this-film, the Soros Rentboy himself, while also calling for the likes of the ADL and SPLC to intervene and stop any legal moves against the film and against Netflix:

Watch the child pornography, BIGOT.

And of course, if you’re against this film, CLEARLY, you must be a CRAZY QANON CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

Uh-huh. Well, she gets a 0 out of 10 for originality.

That’s right guys, you being MAD about this raw sewage being pumped into nearly every home in America is really a CONSPIRACY itself.

And that Conspiracy is to make all the pedos look bad, and Q look good to normal people… who will… then… VOTE TRUMP or something.

And you can always count on the sunken-eyed Bugman himself, Ben Collins, to come up with the most idiotic takes of all, here responding to Tulsi Gabbard over her tweets against the film, which contained an image of the film’s infamous poster:

But the most ridiculous take I’ve seen comes from one John Pavlovitz, in response to Matt Walsh

It’s like that old counter-signal meme come to life. I swear, it’s basically impossible to satirize these people, they’re that far gone now. You’re not a Christian if you don’t accept corporate giants broadcasting the exploitation of minors.

That’s what they want you to believe. These people have no scruples, no standards, no backbone. They’re tossed by ever shifting cultural tides, handed down to us by Elite, Cabal, Monied masters, hoping we’d remain blissfully unaware that these elites have an agenda of their own.

How do we know this?

Look no further than the wikipedia entry on one of Netflix’s founders, Marc Randolph:

Freud and Bernays – who was himself a “double nephew” of Freud. Much has been said on Freud over the years, but I find Bernays the more relevant connection of the two in this scenario. Bernays – the so called “Father of Public relations” was, in my opinion, a probable clown who saw humanity as a herd with dangerous, instinctual impulses that could be harnessed by Elites, by those in power, through the use of Propaganda, to steer the herd in whatever direction they wanted, that is, primarily towards profit. Not necessarily monetary profit, but towards whatever end they saw as advantageous. In his words, “Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos.”

Order out of chaos. There it is again. Is anyone surprised? Bernays was a Central Planning advocate – what one might call Corporate Socialism – and men like Goebbels would go on to read and employ all of Bernay’s ideas in their own work.

Writing in an essay entitled Reception of Bernay’s Doctrine of Manipulating Public Opinion, Marvin Olasky would cite Leon Whipple description of Bernay’s central ideas:

Often unconsciously so…

“Bernays himself added some gasoline to this fire when he argued, as did Goebbels, for the necessity of strong men, human gods, to emerge as influencers of public opinion; for instance, in a speech to the Financial Advertisers Association in 1935, Bernays said that the main answer to financial problems is ‘to acquire an entire new set of outstanding human living symbols that will hold public confidence…Publicists, economists, leaders in research, the heads of great educational institutions can and should be made the human symbols to bring new faith and strength.’ Journalists compared statements of that sort by Bernays to the thoughts of Goebbels or, alternately, Stalin.”

Sound familiar?

All these principles are at play in Netflix, and as their pattern of behavior and the recent blind items reveal – Netflix is a propaganda engine, and all of society is being groomed by it.

I’ll be honest. I’ll be shocked if the outrage we’re seeing from politicians is little more than empty saber rattling to score easy points with their respective constituencies. I doubt we’ll see any serious action from any of them on this front: Jim Jordan disabused me of the notion of ever receiving any kind of progress from the legislature after his memo on Big Tech leaked, proving that the various, endless committee hearings they held with Silicon Valley technocrats were little more than Kabuki theater for the masses, designed to protect the very targets of their so-called inquisition.

The important thing right now is to realize – this isn’t where this ends with Netflix. They will undoubtedly try to push the boundaries again. And again. And again, because they think you’re cattle, and will just eventually accept “pedo-sexuality.”

Just like you did with Gay marriage.

Just like you did with Trans-acceptance.

Because they think you’re a dumb animal that can be lead around by the nose, and they want you to think slope isn’t that slippery.

How soon until Netflix is streaming the likes of Pretty Baby into every home in America, and you’re being called a hate-filled bigot if you think that’s awful and degenerate.

Oh wait.

What were seeing right now is an attempt to normalize the unthinkable and it’s not going to stop any time soon. Netflix will wait until the outrage dies down, and then release the next offensive thing. And the next. And the next. Because it’s about conditioning you for the time when…

All is finally revealed to the masses.

End on Obama image with Nixon

The least you can do is stop paying for it.

Lord have mercy on this nation, and expose this darkness.

This episode of the Neon Revolt Show was entitled The Netflix Problem: Grooming Society to Embrace the Slippery Slope.

In case you missed it, check out my last episode on the Transition Integrity Project, which dissects the Cabal’s strategies for stealing the election in 2020, while also proposing a crowdsourced solution to help us all #FightBack.

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And lastly, a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review for Revolution Q. It’s currently sitting at nearly 500 reviews, with what is effectively a 5 star ranking – and that’s almost unheard of – so again, a gigantic thank you to everyone who has left a positive review for the book. The book is an invaluable redpilling tool, and it’s selling out fast, so pick one up before the entire 1st print run is gone.

That’s all for this, the fifth edition of the Neon Revolt Show.

Once again, my name is Neon Revolt.

Until next time.

8 thoughts on “The Neon Revolt Show – Episode 5: The Netflix Problem #CancelNetflix”

  1. I hate to say this,but WWIII seems like a necessity to rid the globe of this trash especially when the political class finds it acceptable to portray kids as sexually desirable and normal not to mention all the other abnormal behaviour that has been forced on society through legislation

    • Thank you Neon for exposing these degenerates for what they are. The day this story broke I wrote the following emails to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission(FCC):

      “I was informed through media sources that Netflix aired a program last night called “Cuties” which contained pornographic images of minor children. The IMBD description of the program says “legally defined scenes of pedophilia are seen.” Please prosecute the people responsible for this illegal conduct and more importantly stop the exploitation of the children appearing in this lewd program. Thank you for your prompt response.”

      • My husband and I canceled our subscription to Netflix over “13 Reasons Why.” If Netflix had responded responsibly to the public outcry over the series, we would have not canceled. But they didn’t, so we did. What has amazed me Eben more than Netflix’s slimy,, predatory programinf has been the fact that so many basically good people we know (including fellow Christians and even pastors) – people who completely disagree with a good deal of Netflix’s major thrust (pun intended – but nonetheless, not an attempt at humor) – dark hint this disgusting company their money! And still thinking in interested in hearing about what they saw on Netflix the night before. What?? I tell them we won’t give them so much as a dime of our money and that I couldn’t care less what was on, but they seem not to get it. And I REALLY don’t get that. We should be putting them out of business the old-fashioned way – complete abandonment. We don’t have to wait for someone to pass laws to make that happen. Tell me I’m wrong.

        • It’s me again. I’m re-posting what I wrote above since I couldn’t find a way to edit. My cats were bugging something fierce to feed them and I didn’t realize what a mess the post was before I submitted it. My apologies.
          My husband and I canceled our subscription to Netflix over “13 Reasons Why.” If Netflix had responded responsibly to the public outcry over the series, we would not have canceled. But they didn’t, so we did. What has amazed me even more than Netflix’s slimy, predatory programing has been the fact that so many basically good people we know (including fellow Christians and even pastors) – people who completely disagree with a good deal of Netflix’s major thrust (pun intended – but nonetheless, not an attempt at humor) – still give this disgusting company their money! And still think I’m interested in hearing about what they saw on Netflix the night before. What?? I tell them we won’t give them so much as a dime of our money and that I couldn’t care less what was on, but they seem not to get it. And I REALLY don’t get that. We should be putting them out of business the old-fashioned way – complete abandonment. We don’t have to wait for someone to pass laws to make that happen. Tell me I’m wrong.
          There. All fixed.

  2. Call me a conspiracy theorist,(everybody else does) but I’ve had my suspicions about Jim Jordan for some time.
    That whole “ordinary guy” persona he projects with his chinos, rolled up sleeves and messy hair, reminds me of “W”, down on the ranch, riding around on a tractor with his Mexican ranch hands, clearing brush.
    If he’s a sleeper, he needs to be exposed now.

  3. The clip at 13:46 shows youtube user paymoneywubby and he is condemning the movie and the normalization of it. He exposes a lot of this type of stuff on his channel, including the proliferation of pedophilia on tik tok.


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