Facebook Purged the Admins of God Emperor Trump #DeleteFacebook #DeleteFB

Zuckerberg is up to his typical tricks again, this time scheming against the largest pro-Trump facebook page, God Emperor Trump.

Back in January, the page had been hacked by Pakistani hackers. Facebook soon rectified the situation, but just two days ago, without warning, removed all the admins of the page and it looks like they handed control of the page BACK to the Pakistani hackers.

Subsequently, the page had been loaded with anti-Trump leftist lunacy, and terrible attempts at memes.

I’d tell you to go “unlike” the page, but it was just UNPUBLISHED by Facebook.

I have to say – this is a really roundabout, obfuscated, cowardly way of censoring content they don’t like. It’s one thing to censors a page. It’s another to use third parties to hold it hostage and create a situation where deletion can occur, due to nothing you did yourself.

It’s actually straight-up mafia tactics. “This is a pretty nice page you have here. Be a shame if something were to happen to it!”

For now, God Emperor Trump II is still under the admins control – but I HIGHLY suggest to the admins of that page that they join Neon Revolt in migrating to other, less antagonistic platforms – platforms like Gab and MeWe.

(If you haven’t followed Neon Revolt there yet, you can find us at:



You guys already know how I feel about #Cuckerberg and his spying platform, so if you want keep up with the latest on the GET situation, you can find out more here:



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