Caught Up In The Crossfire! Things are Going QUANTUM! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

One of the ways I know Q is a team, and not just one person, is the sheer volume of information going on in the drops.

QTeam just don’t stop – even when I do! Seriously, I’m not feeling too hot today (and in truth, I probably did it to myself. I recently went full Keto, and what can I say? Carb-flu is a very real phenomenon. Combine that with the intense workouts I’ve been doing lately, and yeah, I might have overdone it just a tad).

So I’m going to be leaning heavily on previous research done by anons already. If you’re up-to-date, this article might not be as ground-shaking as what I typically like to produce, but it will still be a good resource, and worth the read.

Let’s get into it with some lulz first:

Catching up here on some #QAnon:

Whoops! Sorry Q! He came back to remind us to check PACER for Podesta-related docs.

#Anons were on the case immediately:

And here’s the whole PDF:

Another Anon added this (and I cut this image off, because there’s a lot of personal phone numbers included – and I don’t want to risk publishing that for legal reasons. I’m not quite sure of the implications there, but you can find the post if you’re smart enough):

If you have a PACER login, you can access the doc here:

I do not have a PACER login, so I can’t see that doc, and just have to trust what the #Anon above says.

This was not a post for us.

This was a post for any lingering Black Hats on the board. Q is trying to convince them to take the higher road.

This post speaks for itself.

Before I add the image Q posted, I’m going to contextualize with this tweet:

Does the Democratic resistance to her appointment as head of the CIA suddenly make sense now?

Look at how long /ourgal/ has been working her way up the ranks.

YEARS of planning have gone into this. TREMENDOUS!


Weiner’s warrant was just unsealed.

Note, this is NOT the indictment.

What’s fun about this is who ordered the unsealing:

This anon actually looked at the name of the Judge who signed the unsealing, one Hon. Denise Cote:

The implication of all this is that AG Schneiderman wasn’t able to hold this up, and that, presumably, acting AG Barbara Underwood was not a roadblock.

Q confirms here = Pickle is a reference to the CIA.

In case you missed it, that was previously expanded upon here:

MAKE THEM SUFFER, Q! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

The whole “disclosure” in the NYT about “Crossfire Hurricane” was an attempt to diffuse the “bomb” that’s about to explode.

Remember, the “Deep State” involves massive collusion with #LegacyMedia providers. They need to control the narrative to keep us enslaved. To keep the “feeders” in line.





And then Q drops this:

Do I need to say it?


The Fast and Furious coverup was so unbelievable and egregious, precisely because it ties directly back to Hussein.

And this is even bigger than we realize, because I can almost guarantee you the cover story for it is total bunk.

The cover story is that the Obama administration was basically allowing the sale of illegal guns to buyers/agents in Mexico, hoping to trace them back to Cartel members, and arrest them.

Yes, Hussein and Holder would have us believe that…

Yeah. Not buying it, especially given their track record.

Guarantee you they were arming MS-13.

Which brings up another point I wanted to make.

Want to know who has recently been appointed to help go after MS-13?

I’ll say it again:


And the #DOD seems to agree:

(A note here: I didn’t skip a post).

(There was an error with the number system that made post 1396 count twice. So Post 1398 is really 1397, and so on. I’m sure the github programmer will fix it in the coming day or so).

Q reminds us yet again to trust all these guys.

Wonder if he’s prepping us to weather some disinfo about some or all of them.

And then he hones in on his previous post about Huber.

Q is getting at the illegitimacy of Huber’s initial appointment by Obama, and the legal hoops they had to jump through to get him legally appointed. Remember – Obama wasn’t a legitimate president. He stole the office with the help of the Deep State, so every action he took while in office is technically non-binding.

Which means if Huber started his investigation as a holdover Obama appointee, his investigation would technically be void.

And given how key his role is, they are NOT risking Obama getting off on a technicality.

We’ve been over this info in the past, but one Anon gave a helpful line-by-line, if you’re interested in that:

QTeam getting antsy?

Can’t say I blame them!

Besides trying to pre-empt the story with their comped mouthpieces?

False flags.

Stay aware. Stay armed. Stay safe.

#TheCabal is MORE than willing to sacrifice you to accomplish their nefarious ends.


The PURGE had to happen, first!

And #64? Q is nice enough to not even make us have to look it up!

IG report comes out AFTER the DOJ and the FBI are fully purged of all Cabal forces and influence.

Which… I’m thinking means any day now.

Well now… what is this?

Amazing anon comes in with an explanation. It’s a SWIFT Bank Identifier Code:

Just to be clear, this is more likely a routing number, combined with a SWIFT identifier.

In other words… we’re now tracking the movement of money overseas.

Money was moved to China… but for what?

A note about this post, too.

It was originally posted on Q’s private board, /patriotsfight/.

It was the 87th post.

It is now deleted.

In other words, 1-87 is missing.

Think back. We never found the other missing NYPD Detective.

Well… I might have, but I never posted it on the board (there’s only so much I can do in a day, guys, come on). So I’ll go post that now…

UPDATE: Posted the question. No response from Q, so I’m thinking this is a dead end.

And yet, from China, Q rips us back to London for something of a sightseeing tour:

No, we’re not here for the royal wedding…

Do you know what these images are?

They’re images taken from a phone of course… but…

Well… just look at the file name: Fsurv_londonps1


FBI surveillance.



Peter Strozk.



This shot, despite what the sign says, was taken at Piccadilly Circus. Checked it myself. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Part of me thinks there’s a CIA/MI6 field office somewhere near here… because it’s not the first time CIA agents have been here…

At any rate, I just asked Q, so we’ll see if he comes up with an answer:

Q is telling us this was all conducted a WHIIIIILE ago.

Probably YEARS ago.

But with whom did Strozk likely meet?

Meet Stefan Halper – a man who has both US/UK citizenship, and who works for the CIA and MI6, and who has family relations in the CFR.

Two big payments (at least) were uncovered to Halper, from the Obama administration – ostensibly for research, but what actually ended up happening was he was paid millions to spy on Trump:

Halper seems to be the mastermind here…

This is worth reading, as well, and gives something of an applicable timeline; a timeline that would fit with Q’s seasonal implications in his pics:

Of course, all of this money was part of a larger project called Future-Space-Wargame:

If Strozk didn’t meet with Halper that day, he met with someone in awfully close proximity to Halper. I guarantee it.

And as soon as we arrive in London, Q pulls us BACK to CHINA, again!

And that’s when Anon comes up with a theory:


Let’s get a blown up version of that pic:

So my theory from before was close. You can read that here, in case you need to get caught up:

Has the Rice Queen Donned a White Hat? #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I just picked out the wrong “targets” for the phones. I assumed Trump team and white hats would need new phones, assuming they were on the defensive. I was so wrong. They were on the offensive.

Those phones were for The Cabal! And they were totally compromised, so QTeam could listen in on EVERYTHING they’ve been plotting.

Ahahahahahahahahah this is incredible.

Note the titles: Foxconn and X10. As in, the iPhone manufacturing plant, and the iPhone 10.

Ahahahahahahahhahaha HRC’s face, reading these Qdrops:

And these are the pallets…

Boy, that’s a lot of pallets…

How many Deep Staters you think are hanging themselves right now, upon seeing this?

Next, Q flies us to…


Ahhhh, now the picture is becoming clearer.

LV was a Deep State attack thwarted because The Cabal’s comms were compromised!

This was so long ago, I don’t think I’ve had a chance to post anything about it on the site, but long time readers will know what I’ve said about Las Vegas on other platforms.

/Pol/lacks always know what’s up. You can’t manipulate us, and you can’t gaslight us.

But first, there was the warning:

And then, there was the “Q” breakdown of the attack.

Now, these is an apocryphal Q, so some details might be incorrect (either due to LARPing, or Deliberate interference), but I still find this really compelling:

(If you need a full version of that, just click here:

So it was an attack on the Saudi Crown Prince, in order to derail Trump’s negotiations with Saudi Arabia.

But it didn’t work, and we eventually got our Sword Dance.

And actually, one quick detour… you’ll notice “Q” here signs the drops “Quantum” at the end.

I just ran across this “Quantum” related post on the boards:

But with all that in mind… it actually looks like ANOTHER false flag attempt in Vegas might have just been thwarted!!:

These people are EVIL!

And now, as if to outdo himself, Q takes us from Las Vegas, all the way into SPAAAAACE!


Actually, I’m kidding. We’re back in California!

Specifically at the Endeavour display at the California Science Center:

One anon speculated that the meaning of the file name, X2, was to go back and look at the two posts in which Q mentioned NASA:

Now, I’m not so sure that’s the correct interpretation, but they’re worth reviewing regardless, especially with Trump’s repeated assertion that we need a new branch of the military – The Space Force!

We may very well be getting an announcement about this in the very near future.

And then, Q delivers the coup de grace for the evening:

“Weaving spiders come not here…”

Symbolism will be their downfall.

Remember, the Chair serves the Master.

The Master is who protects the Pope.  And that’s likely the head of the Rothschild family, who are engaged in what can only be best described as this Babylonian Mystery Cult.

It’s basically Ba’al/Satanic worship.

Maybe… maybe I need to back up for a moment here.

Q has had A LOT of posts about Owls, “Y”, the need for symbolism, etc.

The Owl itself is a symbol of Minerva; aka Ishtar.

Istar was an ancient Babylonian fertility Goddess, and the feminine counterpart to Ba’al. You may have read about “Ashera poles” before. There was a whole system of temple prostitution revolving around the bearing and sacrifice of Children to Ba’al. The Temple prostitutes would bear children, and then these children would be offered as a sacrifice upon a superheated bronze altar to Ba’al, built in the shape of a calf.

That’s the most basic, ancient form of this Babylonian Mystery Cult.

The cult has continued through, to this day, and because of it’s utter amorality, controls a great deal of capital, control, and influence.

We’re going to go back in time here, because I know I’ve posted about the Mason-Anon who came online back in 2016, and started dropping a ton of info. This stuff used to give me the real heebie-jeebies, so don’t be surprised if you walk away from reading this feeling pretty spooked.

Full-size versions:

And of course, this cult manifests itself in many different forms and groups around the world. For instance, there’s speculation that every Planned Parenthood is, to this day, dedicated to Ba’al.

But as you can see, the symbol of the Owl permeates almost everything this group does.

And believe me, these people are totally amoral:

But to tie this back to the Pope…

I believe Q is telling the Pope that he no longer has protection.

Don’t be shocked if you see the Pope stepping down in the coming days and weeks.

And that’s where Q leaves us for this evening.

But to finish up with some GREAT NEWS!!!

This is SO HUGE, and a tremendous step towards, not only saving the lives of the unborn, but turning off the Democratic money-laundering machine. Taxpayer funds go to PP. PP donates millions every years to Dems. This seriously helps level the playing field, because now, PP won’t have those taxpayer funds any more! Fantastic work, President Trump!

#NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #TheVatican #Pope #Rothschilds #NWO

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