UNIROCK Made a Video Out of my #5thAveAnon Post!

Thanks to UNIROCK for covering my post.

One note: WW = World Wide. It’s a common QAnon abbreviation, but understandable that you missed it. Still, I don’t want to understate how awesome it is to see something like this!

Unirock – If you have any questions about abbreviations or whatever, reach out.

This video is part 1 of 2, and has already reached over 4000 people! Thanks for helping to spread the message!

If you missed the post this video is based on, check it out here:

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Crypto Mining, and Neon Revolt

Guys, I have to post this because I’m getting a ton of messages. If the site is setting off alarms with your antivirus/antimalware software, it’s because I run a simple crypto-mining script on the site. The script is perfectly safe! It’s not doing anything malicious to your computer. It simply uses your spare computing power … Read moreCrypto Mining, and Neon Revolt


There are so many #BOOMS, happening right now, Legionaries. And I’m so excited. Start with this Anon’s post, because it’s what #QAnon directs our attention to, first: That’s not the #BOOM, though. Are you ready for the #BOOM? Wait for it… Net will be… paused? Wow. They’re talking about taking down major, major, major internet … Read moreBARRY WITH AN AK! BARRY WITH AN AK! BARRY HUSSEIN WITH A KALISHNIKOV! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Site Slow? Don’t Worry. 8ch/QResearch/ Discovered My Page Last Night

Site seem slow? That’s because 8ch discovered my site last night! Glad to have anons here, appreciating the work. I’ve been participating on /Qresearch/ for a while now. Made the notables more than once, too. Still hoping to contribute something valuable enough for a #QAnon shout-out, though! (Sorry, that was basically pornographic. AND THIS IS … Read moreSite Slow? Don’t Worry. 8ch/QResearch/ Discovered My Page Last Night

Neon’s Quick Rundown:

(For a long time, I struggled with explaining #QAnon to new folks. One day, after some posts went viral, I wrote this. It too, went viral, and I stickied it on my page, where it reached over a million people before the Zuckenning. A Legionary actually saved the text and passed it back to me. I … Read moreNeon’s Quick Rundown:


Press F to pay respects. I should have taken a screenshot when I had a chance! At my last count, there were over 9100 subscribers, and in less than one week alone, the page had reached over half-a-million impressions, (with it reaching 100k-200k on a regular, weekly basis). That last bit, the ATH, I do … Read moreNEON REVOLT: THE RETURN OF TRADMIN!