Battlegrounds, Bunkers, and the Biden Switch – A Conversation with Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab – #FreeSpeech #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Hey folks,

Been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

This is going to be a sort of hybrid mini article. And we’re going to start with a video, after which, there will be a few things I’d like to take some time to address

I had the privilege of being invited to speak as a guest on Gab Radio yesterday, the relatively new show launched by Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba, which keeps abreast of all things tech, political, and the latest developments happening with Gab itself. We had a great conversation today about things like Internet Censorship, the upcoming election, the QAnon movement itself, and the explosive growth Gab has experienced in the wake of both Twitter and Facebook coordinating take-downs of QAnon-related accounts.

Because, I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that we’ve seen thousands upon thousands of people head over to Gab and join in the discussion lately, especially from the wider QAnon community.

I’m write more about that in a moment, but you can watch the full episode here:

All in all, I thought we had a great discussion. Andrew isn’t a Q guy himself (yet, though I think its fair to say that perhaps that’s changing), but he’s the kind of guy who, I think you see, is intellectually honest and curious enough to be genuinely open to collect data for himself, ask questions, and try to figure out what’s going on. (And let’s be honest: how many tech CEOs do you know [which is well beyond the regular 40 hour work-week most people have] are even trying to understand these issues, let alone willing to let Q Patriots make ample use of his platform?

And this is one of the reason I chose to build on Gab ages ago. I had observed what Torba had built way back in 2016 and what motivated him; I saw how he was a Free Speech absolutist (as the Founders intended), and made the determination that this guy had the sheer grit and skills necessary to build the kind of platform that could be used to help usher in the Great Awakening, and spread knowledge and research well outside the reach of Silicon Valley, or the legacy Mockingbird media.

And for those who know their history, that is of course why the Cabal launched the deep state attack on Gab, in the form of Robert Bowers – something Andrew and I had talked about during our conversation. Unable to censor the likes of me like they had before, the Cabal resorted to murder and defamation in order to try and deplatform Gab from every single service provider all at once.

And honestly – Andrew is probably the only guy out there who could have survived such a coordinated attack, and since then, gab has only grown and thrived all the more. Gab has grown stronger, more resilient, more antifragile – and now, in the wake of mass deplatforming by both Facebook and Twitter – companies which march in lockstep with each other – Gab is proving, once again, why it’s such a valuable tool for the QAnon community:

Because they can’t control it.

Note the pattern:

The media strikes, and tries to provide justification for censoring people, en masse:

QAnon groups have millions of members on Facebook, documents show

An internal investigation by Facebook has uncovered thousands of groups and pages, with millions of members and followers, that support the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to internal company documents reviewed by NBC News.

A short while later, “due to media pressure,” these companies cave and millions of patriots find their tongues cut out:

Facebook removes hundreds of QAnon groups, thousands of ads

Facebook on Wednesday banned about 900 pages and groups and 1,500 ads tied to the pro-Trump conspiracy theory QAnon, part of a sweeping action that also restricted the reach of over 10,000 Instagram pages and almost 2,000 Facebook groups pushing the baseless conspiracy theory, which has spawned real-world violence.

We’ve seen this pattern time and again, and these massive Facebook bans come hot-on-the-heels of Twitter’s own mass censorship campaign:

Twitter Removes Thousands Of QAnon Accounts, Promises Sweeping Ban On The Conspiracy

Twitter said on Tuesday it has removed more than 7,000 accounts associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory, a loose group of online provocateurs who support President Trump and spread absurd claims about forces supposedly attempting to topple the president.

I said it in the interview, but I decided long ago that I would never again be under the thumb of these unelected Tech Oligarchs who, at the drop of a hat, could silence me; that these individuals could not be trusted to protect Free Speech and the open exchange of ideas online, and that the only real way to fight this was to control the platform or otherwise control the data myself. It’s why I started this site the day after I was permanently banned from Facebook. It’s why I feel comfortable on Gab knowing that, if – for whatever reason – I ever needed to, I could pull all my user data off that site and spin up my own version of Gab on my own server, and keep publishing as I saw fit. (Gab is open source software, based on the Mastodon codebase, so literally anyone can spin up their own instance, anywhere in the world, at any time).

You want freedom online? You need to control the data. Because you can’t trust the likes of Jack and Zuck.

And Andrew said it in the interview, but it was actually all the censorship of QAnon that has actually caused him to double back and take a closer look again at what all this QAnon stuff is about. He’s seen and observed it for three+ years now, and he now sees how the MSM and Silicon Valley are treating good, honest Patriots and how it’s exactly from the same playbook as what they previously did to Gab itself, and to Trump. And my reaction was to say that this is exactly what is happening to so many right: that because the MSM and Silicon Valley are pushing so hard against Q, they’ve said to themselves “Gee, maybe I should take another look at all this.”

And this was his response to the massive waves of censorship against QPatriots:


Here’s a further sampling:

Here’s a link to that episode, if you want to hear his thoughts on the subject:

Gab Free Speech Radio Episode 17: QAnon Silenced By Big Tech

Join Gab CEO Andrew Torba as he discusses how Big Tech and the mainstream media have smeared and silenced millions of QAnon supporters.

I challenge anyone out there to name another C-level exec who would take such a principled stand when it came to the subject of QAnon, let alone one who would directly interact with the community like Andrew has.

In the past month or so alone, the Great Awakening group on Gab has grown by about 50% – the fastest its ever grown – as more exiles from other platforms hear about the group and begin to migrate over, realizing what a great community we have here, and what a resource this whole platform is.

I’ll also note here that many big QPatriots have recently come back to Gab as well.

Among them:

M3thods (@M2Madness) *

The latest Gabs from M3thods (@M2Madness). Twitter – YouTube –


Lisa Mei Crowley (@lisamei62) *

The latest Gabs from Lisa Mei Crowley (@lisamei62). AF SMSgt (ret), Defense Contractor, Conservative, Christian, Mom, Singer/Songwriter, Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. Opinions expressed are my own.


Methods is mirroring a lot of his content from Twitter (something I advise all big accounts to do, because that way, all your hard work doesn’t just disappear the moment the likes of Jack drops the banhammer) and Lisa Mei Crowley has been crossposting between Gab and Parler in the wake of Jack locking her Twitter account – and I think it’s fair to say she’s having a lot of fun and success on Gab – free from the ever-looming specter of censorship, shadowbanning, and deplatforming.

Gab is a natural fit for many who have found themselves summarily silenced by the powers that be. Part of the reason I made the group was because – frankly – there’s too much news and info for any one man to post in a day. I don’t have all the answers or information, and I’ve never pretended to. But all of us – if we have a place where we can meet and share freely – are able to contribute, and truly, the best stuff rises to the top each and every day. And one of the broader points I want to impress upon the reader today is that this fits exactly within the parameters of the instructions Q himself gave us a while back:

Did you catch it?

Use other platforms as a form of centralized command and control.

In Anon parlance, these would be known as “Bunkers.”

Sometimes people accuse me of trying to pull digital soldiers away from the “frontlines.” That’s not the case at all. I completely understand Gab’s role and function right now (though I do hope that POTUS will join one day, and give Twitter the big, fat finger – and that droves will follow him over). But right now, Gab serves the broader QAnon community as a bunker – and has served as a bunker of supreme importance for quite a while now.

For instance, what better way to mirror content then to put it somewhere where Jack can’t squash it? What better way to inform other Anons about your latest Twitter Sockpuppet account? What better way to spread news and memes?

Bunkers serve a purpose, and that is to provide direction and resources for the front-lines. Gab has excelled at that.

I also believe the Q-team monitors the Gab bunker – given how content and quotes have been pulled directly from it before (something I’ve highlighted here on this site in the past, and which active Gab users in the group know very well).

Another Bunker, which is newer and smaller, though which has tremendous potential, is the Ruqqus Great Awakening site. Ruqqus is a free-speech, anon-adjacent Reddit-clone, so if you liked the functionality of /r/GreatAwakening before Reddit censored it, jump on board there and get involved.


Dedicated to QAnon and QResearch== This is a sister site to the “QAnon and the Great Awakening” group on Gab. The rules that apply there, also apply here. Please help us keep spam and low quality/low effort posts to a minimum.

I’ve been accused of shilling too hard for Gab in the past. Some people ask “Are you invested in Gab?” And this is odd, because I’ve been very forthcoming time and again in that regard: I’ve long disclosed that I invested the grand lump sum of…. 200 dollars way back in 2016, when Gab was running its initial fundraiser and bootstrapping everything – note: well before QAnon had ever even posted.

That’s right, folks, I forked over a whole 200 semolians almost five years ago at this point.

Why, I could buy groceries for an entire MONTH with that!

In all seriousness, Gab itself is chan-adjacent, and as an actual Anon who isn’t just faking it like some kind of grifter, I saw the need for a free-speech alternative to Twitter WAY back in 2016. And yes, I threw 200 bucks at Gab because I liked what they were doing – not even so much for myself, but to help support the cause of preserving Free Speech online (though A-class shares are nice to have, even if they’re not tradeble anywhere yet. For those who don’t know, Gab is not publicly traded; there’s been no real IPO yet, so all shares are held privately by those who, frankly, really believe in free speech and wanted to support Gab’s efforts, early-on).

I had no idea that just a short while later, I would be using the site so heavily myself, let alone to help support a Military Intelligence initiative to save the Republic itself.

So yes, you can accuse me of bias in that regard, I suppose. But please, if you’re going to do that, please just be consistent and go after the likes of Dan Bongino as well, who has supposedly dumped well over six-figures into the flaming dung heap that is Parler. Because if you’re going to try to call me out over two hundred bucks, at least show some integrity and go after those with real skin in the game.

(And for the record, if Gab ever has a big, public IPO, I don’t plan on selling anything. I plan on buying).

The reason I push Gab so hard is because it ultimately wrests power away from Big Tech and their allies in the media, while giving everyone a level playing field. There’s no favoritism, no shadowbanning, no reply deboosting, no manipulation. It’s organic community rooted in free speech.

And in that kind of environment, truth wins.

A level playing field was all I ever needed.

And this is why the Mockingbirds are starting to swoop down and attack:

QAnon supporters are celebrating after Trump publicly praised the conspiracy movement for the first time

Supporters of the far-right QAnon movement appeared jubilant after President Donald Trump praised them in public for the first time. The movement’s supporters have largely been barred from mainstream platforms, but they shared celebratory messages and memes on alternative networks like Gab.

In late July, thousands of pro-QAnon accounts were removed from Twitter. Facebook followed suit this week, banning thousands of accounts and groups.

But on fringe platforms such as Gab and Parler, where many supporters have regrouped, they were jubilant following a moment they seemed to have long anticipated.

“Trumps answer yesterday has me grinning like a madman, even hours later. It’s been a great honor observing and participating in this movement!” one supporter wrote on Gab, an online gathering space used often by the far right.

“It’s not over yet but I just had to share my feelings on this watershed happening.”

Other supporters celebrated the news with memes.

Both that quote and that meme came from inside the Great Awakening group on Gab. For instance:


Brilliant journalism, MSN. Highlight a hilarious meme showcasing how inept and biased the Press is while trying to convince people that we’re the bad guys for pointing this out.  Great strat you’ve got there.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, however. Did you know that DC itself provides Gab with most of its traffic these days?

The Media and the Political establishment are positively glued to Gab, on their phones, their tablets, and PCs – and the best part about it all is – they are completely unable to control or influence anything about it.

All of them are too cowardly to actually come there and engage. Gab is like the Thunderdome; and all these people would get crucified the second they tried anything. So they lurk in the shadows as non-participants, screeching as they continue to have narrative control wrested from between their slippery fingers.

The best they can do is conjure up hitpieces like the above, and attempt to skew observers’ perceptions – but again, that just backfires these days and ends up bringing more attention to the group. The media has done nothing but lie and manipulate for years now. More and more people know these days to basically just believe the opposite of whatever the MSM is saying. If the media says something is bad, it’s probably good.

And note: they didn’t even directly link they quotes or the meme here, like they would by embedding a Twitter post. You can embed gab posts just like that, or take screencaps like I do, but no, they copied them over and removed the names of those who posted them – precisely because they’re PETRIFIED of people clicking the links and going to this group, and interacting with the good-hearted (and often hilarious) patriots engaged there.

This is what total loss of narrative control looks like.

Heck, they may ultimately try to attack me at some point. Historically, I’ve observed that the MSM generally avoids linking to my work or mentioning me by name – precisely because I bring the goods in response. I can out-write them, outwit them, and generally run circles around whatever mental midgets they send my way. And when you’ve got a body of work like mine to support everything you say, well… let’s just be honest: they’re all just generally outclassed.

But on the off-chance they were to, idk, mount some kind of effective response to me as an individual (I can’t see that happening, and as I like to remind them all from time to time: the Knightfall protocol is still in place to ensure a massive level of Mutually Assured Destruction) – it wouldn’t matter. I have a faithful mod team of dedicated patriots who could take over everything at any moment’s notice, thus rendering their attacks ineffective.

No, their strategy is one of containment – to mock and ridicule and try to get people to believe the “normal” narrative is one-sided.

Bunkers prove them wrong and destroy their narrative, day in and day out, 24/7, without stopping.

And that is why I support Gab, which is building in a way few companies are building these days.

For instance, when we recorded this interview, we did so on Gab’s upcoming Zoom alternative, Gab On.

Zoom, as we know, is basically Chinese spyware, and it illustrates perfectly why the work Gab is doing is so important – because they’re building silicon valley alternatives with free speech embedded in them at the organizational level. And it was a great experience. We literally opened up our browser, logged in, and in seconds we were chatting. Nothing needed to be installed. Everything worked out of the box. The episode was recorded and streamed with OBS, and the whole thing went off without a hitch.

Gab’s biggest launch (which I hear is coming in a week or so) is going to be GabTV. I was lucky enough, after the interview, to get a sneak peek at the project provided by Gab’s CTO. Because if you think that the censorship is ending with Facebook and Twitter, you’ve got another thing coming. I didn’t get a chance to watch it, so I can’t speak to the actual content, but the recent Shadowgate censorship illustrates this perfectly. Within 24 hours, the whole thing had been censored from Youtube.

Well, in about a week or so, that won’t matter any more. Gab is going to have an excellent alternative to youtube, and one which stands for Free Speech.

Long story short, if you’re not involved with Gab yet, I invite you to come and check it out. Free Speech is worth defending, and everything I’ve seen from Gab has shown they are a team of smart, savvy, and dedicated developers who are willing to extend 1st Amendment protections to all, during a time when the Cabal would cut all our tongues out.

Well, these self-appointed oligarchs don’t get to control us, and I think it’s high time we all spit in their faces and begin to operate well outside their reach.

And after November 3rd, we can start talking about which cell they’ll get down in Gitmo.

Hey guys, just a couple things before we go here.

In the interview, I cited a Qpost and a Hill article that, for whatever reason, has received very little attention.

A Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket to replace Joe Biden? Is it even possible?

Desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures. For the Democrats, a truly desperate time could come if is forced to withdraw from the presidential race. While the former vice president is the presumptive Democratic nominee to face off against in November, his nomination is still far from official.

For those reasons, and a few more, might we envision Biden being privately talked into retiring from the race or voluntarily doing so himself? Let’s assume that happens just before or just after the party’s convention, in whatever form it is held. What would happen then?

The process is actually fairly straightforward. If Biden quits the race right before the convention, delegates would select a new nominee. If he drops out right after the convention, members of the Democratic National Committee would pick their replacement candidate.

Who might be in consideration to become the new nominee — and who would be selected as the vice presidential running mate? Several likely combinations come to mind, starting in many minds with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but one particular, truly out-of-the-box combination stops the discussion in its tracks: Hillary Clinton as the nominee and Barack Obama as her running mate.

How can you provide the perfect cover those this kind of shakeup?

Come on, man! You don’t think Biden’s mental health is really declining naturally, do you?

That’s my prediction right now. Biden will stroke out before the election, “forcing” the DNC into the “unfortunate situation” of having to pick new candidates. And in response, they go with the ticket with the most name recognition – calling up those “noble servants” to once again “serve their country.”

Or so the spin will go.

I also mentioned in the interview a GREAT video ReallyGraceful did on John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth – and how it’s basically a Cabal program to take smart kids and groom them for roles later in life:


You’d be shocked by how many famous and prominent names were brought here, and once again, I’m surprised this hasn’t made more waves. Basically, this looks like “Clown college for kids” and for the Q-minded, challenges many of the narratives we’ve been told to believe about how these individuals got to where they did in life.

It’s absolutely worth the watch.

Before we go, I just want to make everyone aware of my new T-shirt designs available from my Teespring store:

These are available on a number of styles and products, so take a look, and if there’s something you like, I always appreciate when people pick something up. It helps support my efforts, and hopefully raises the bar for what can be done design-wise for the Qmovement.

Also, I received this great review of Revolution Q from a longtime reader, who, even though he had been following Q from the beginning, still loved the book and found a ton of value in it:

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Revolution Q, you can do so here – and I suggest anyone on the fence do so soon, because I just received word that there are only about 1000 hard copies left right now – and that’s the end of the first print run. I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to publish more – and obviously, digital copies will still be available, but if you wanted it in print, you’ve basically got to do so now, because they literally are running out as we speak:

Thanks much to everyone who continues to support my efforts!

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  1. i still want a signed co[y for my collection. tell me how: kasikirby of facebook, twitter messenger parler or gab

  2. I have been lurking on Gab for a couple of years, because I have almost nothing to say, and much to keep learning.
    As a teen in the early 80s, I was invited to the John Hopkins Center and wasn’t able to go. Looks like I dodged a bullet .

  3. I left Twitter when it was absolutely clear to me that it was run by people who would see American be rid of faithful Christians who hold to the political philosophy of Life, Liberty, and Property. Gab was the only place left for free-thinking people to go, and due to the diligence and hard work of Andrew and his team, it is now capable of being a real alternative to Twitter.

  4. One must be eligible to serve as President in order to be a Vice President. Obama is no longer eligible to serve as President.

  5. Sanders did not quit, and he did not release his delegates. He only suspended his campaign.
    If there is going to be a different nominee, the DNC Club first has to deal with Bernie.

  6. I have bought 10 copies of your book and given them out to people who are now onboard/red pilled. I’ve also recommended your book as well as your sites on Gab and Ruqqus to everyone I come across on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Parler, and Discord. Red Pilling is my mission.

  7. Josh Petty [CEO of Twetch] is exceedingly based – even tweets (and Twetches) about the pedos. I believe he is on board with Q.

      • Well, Eddy boy if u trully were interested (& Neon is kind enough to repost this) ~ Here’s your answer below⚡


        In order to help many of you deal with relatives and friends who you are trying to educate about the ongoing election process or maybe help relieve some anxiety, (someone else) put together a parable that you can use.


        I know this election operation is hard to grasp. We’ve never, in the history of the county, had an operation that was so in-your-face. This makes it hard to believe; even when a loved one is trying to explain it to you. So… let me try:

        Let’s pretend you are a police captain and you want to catch a world-class bank robber and have him convicted for first degree robbery and he’ll get life in prison. This bank robber has gotten away with it for YEARS. Nobody has ever gotten ANY charge to stick, let alone, FIRST DEGREE robbery.

        BUT!… you get a break. You find out in four years this very thief is going to rob the First National Bank of Metropolis on November 3rd 2020 between 2 and 4 am. What do you do?!

        Well, first, pretend you’re not on to him and even act a little naïve. Second, you establish surveillance to start mounting evidence. Third, you close off routes and entrances to the bank only leaving open the ones you can control. Fourth, you add electronic surveillance along the route and in the bank. Fifth, you mark the money to be stolen. Sixth, you plan a press conference to inform the public that the bank was robbed everything will be ok. And lastly, you arrest the world-class thief in his apartment with an early morning raid catching him with the marked cash.

        Now, as a great police captain with four years of planning into this sting, would you close down the bank so it can’t get robbed? No. The objective is to have him prosecuted to FIRST DEGREE ROBBERY.

        Would you arrest him when he’s looking up the bank schematics online? No. No prosecutor is going to try that case, let alone a first degree robber charge.

        Would you arrest him when he’s standing in front of the bank with a bag of tools wearing a ski mask? No. It’s suspicious but he’s not going to jail.

        Would you arrest him trying to break into the bank? No. He’ll go to jail for trespassing and attempted breaking and entering but that’s about it. His grandma will still love him.

        Do you arrest him when he’s in the vault taking the cash “catching him red handed”? NO! His high priced lawyer is going to explain he HAD to steal the money of the mob would’ve killed his grandma. No first degree robbery and grandma really loves him because he did it for her.

        OR!… Do you wait until he robs the bank, has the marked cash, goes home, you hold press conferences for the next month showing the world the bank has been robbed but not to worry because you’re on the case AND THEN raid his apartment catching him with the marked money? YES!… with all of the evidence and world watching, EVEN HIS GRANDMA will convict him… for… first degree robbery.

        SO, how does this apply to the current election operation? Well, the bank has been robbed and we’re showing the world.

        Where We Go One We Go All


        • Leland,Q was a psyop and the continued trust the plan and moving of the goal posts was the red flag.John Durham was another part of the scam

          • Eddy boy…Your ongoing ignorance is ASTOUNDING as the Kraken is revealed. Who do u follow? Here’s one news source that just might help u think better:

  8. I sure liked it and will share it as much as I can. The masonic stuff is sorta new to me, much of it I am familiar with,but I still learned new info. It makes me feel solidarity with our Patriotic military, and grateful for them.


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