WAR! @Jack Seals his Fate by Censoring #QAnon! #Section230 Trending? Plus, New Bunkers for Anons? #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

It’s official, QFam.

Twitter has gone NUCLEAR on #QAnon. ICYMI the announcement, here it is, straight from the official “Twitter Safety” account:

The mere act of TWEETING out about QAnon can now get you banned from Twitter.

The announcement comes mere days after Chrissy Teigen deleted over 60,000 tweets, a handful of which contained a number of very questionable posts concerning minors, after having something of a meltdown online.

Here’s a sampling of the posts that people were (rightly) questioning due to their content:

So now twitter labels people being rightly concerned over these, frankly, disturbing and distressing tweets, as “harassment.” So Teigen gets to put this kind of crap out into the world, but you don’t have the right to say anything about it now, at least according to Twitter.

I’m sure, positively sure, that this move wasn’t coordinated between Teigen and @Jack at all. No, it’s just a total coincidence that the baseball-cheeked harpy suddenly screeches about harassment, and then @Jack swoops in to whiteknight and censor Q all in one fell swoop. Totally organic and uncoordinated.

Of course, as we all know by now, few days later twitter would be hacked and a number of POTUS-aligned accounts would be unable to access their accounts for some time.

Q would later confirm the existence of the leaked moderation tools Twitter used to blacklist and censor both accounts and entire topics, to prevent them from trending:


This would confirm the suspicions many Anons have had about Twitter for a very long time, and I have to wonder if the publishing of these tools lead the likes of Jack to just go “screw it” and drop all pretense of being a neutral party.

In the wake of this new move by twitter, NBC’s resident sunken-eyed #Bugman Ben Collins reported with glee that 7,000 Q-related accounts had already been banned, and that 150,000 others were being restricted as a result of this new and biased policy. Read between the lines and you can practically hear him salivating at the prospect of more QAnon bans in the near future.

Of course, what Bugman Ben, short-sighted as always, doesn’t realize is that this move by Twitter gives major legal ground for the DOJ to completely remove Section 230 protections from Twitter now. It’s become excruciatingly clear with this move that Twitter is anything but neutral, and is in fact acting as a publisher at this point.

So if @Jack and the likes of Bugman Collins want to take away Twitter from Q… I suggest the DOJ respond by taking Twitter away from the entire world.

All my readers should take a moment to message the DOJ and remind them of their imperative to protect free speech online, and remove section 230 protections from Twitter now that it is clearly engaging in mass censorship on a scale never before seen online, and to such an extent that it’s now become a danger to our national discourse to ignore it:

I also want to remind people of Q’s recent post regarding how we should organize in the wake of such fighting online:

Use other platforms as a form of centralized command and control.

It’s clear Twitter is a “battlefield” but Q says here that we should be making active use of other platforms in the effort to wrest control of the narrative away from Cabal assets.

In Anon parlance, these are known as “Bunkers.”

They are strategic “fall-back” positions, outside the enemy’s reach, where we can communicate and coordinate effectively.

And I know what you’re thinking. “Oh great, he’s going to promote Gab again.” But actually, you’re wrong! I want to introduce the entire community to something brand new; something they haven’t seen before.

And that, my dear friends, is Ruqqus:

Remember how great a tool /r/GreatAwakening was on Reddit, before Reddit censored the entire sub from their site? Remember the massive reach the page had, and what a tremendous resource it was for sharing news and research?

And remember what a horror-show it was trying to move everyone to Voat? And how Voat was buggy and laggy and generally just had a crap user experience all-around?

Enter Ruqqus:


Dedicated to QAnon and QResearch== This is a sister site to the “QAnon and the Great Awakening” group on Gab. The rules that apply there, also apply here. Please help us keep spam and low quality/low effort posts to a minimum.

Ruqqus is, frankly, everything Voat failed to be. It’s open source. It’s fast and functional. It’s beautiful and easy-to-use, on top of explicitly supporting free speech and being what I would describe as “chan-adjacent” in terms of the userbase and culture. In fact, Ruqqus has grown to be something like the 6,000th biggest site in America now, in just a short period of time after Reddit went on a mass community-banning spree, culling over 2,000 communities (including r/The_Donald) just a few weeks ago.

Many of those communities – and let’s face it, a LOT of them were Anon-minded – migrated to Ruqqus.

Reddit Bans 2,000 Communities Including the_donald, ChapoTrapHouse

It’s already being called ‘the Great Ban.’

So naturally, I went ahead and created a custom Guild (they’re called Guilds on Ruqqus, not subreddits), for the QAnon Community, and it’s fantastic thus far.


Dedicated to QAnon and QResearch== This is a sister site to the “QAnon and the Great Awakening” group on Gab. The rules that apply there, also apply here. Please help us keep spam and low quality/low effort posts to a minimum.

The ruleset for +GreatAwakening is pretty much the same as what I’ve established over on Gab, but I’m hoping the community will derive a tremendous amount of value from having a stable, easy-to-use, free-speech reddit-like site in our favor.

And while I’m the only Admin right now, I’m more than happy to add more moderators as more come in. I’ve already added Redpill78 as one, and imagine I will be adding more trustworthy members of the community soon. And I pledge that as long as I’m in control of this thing, if I need to, I will remove whatever moderators Q says to remove. Many will remember that Q told us all that the old subreddit had been infiltrated by bad and untrustworthy clown operators. I will not allow the community to become infiltrated and subverted in the way Reddit was. If Q tells me to remove someone, I will do it without question or hesitation.

So head on over, make an account (you don’t even need an email to make an account), check out the stickied threads, and make use of this great new platform. Those who loved /r/GreatAwakening will feel instantly at home at +GreatAwakening.

Secondly, I’m going to add here that I now have a Parler account.

I’m just going to say it up front, though: I hate Parler.

Despite what it says, it’s not actually a free speech site, it has a terrible ToS, its interface is hot garbage, the fact that you need a phone number to sign up is sad, and there’s a whole back-end for ensuring that Gatekeepers can buy “influence” and control conversations, crowding out enterprising upstarts because they have deeper wallets. We already know Bongino is heavily invested in Parler, which is why he promotes it so much, but I suspect a number of back-room deals were made to astroturf Parler among Conservative Gatekeepers. Palms were greased here, and I think a lot of this was due to (the now fired) Brad Parscale, but really, it is markedly worse than just about every other available alternative by every measurable metric.

On top of that, it’s basically a ghost town.

But I have a Parler now, so if you use it, feel free to follow me there.

To be sure, I don’t post there much at all. But if this is the only way I can get articles and videos out to you, I’d rather have you be connected than not.

Okay, now that I’ve given you not just one, but TWO brand new things, I also get to promote Gab yet again to you.

Gab is great. Gab is wonderful. I love Gab, and it is so vastly improved over where it was just two years ago, it’s absurd. And before I hear accusations that I invested in Gab and I shouldn’t be hurling accusations at Bongino because he’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Parler, it’s true. I invested 200 dollars in 2016 during the first Great Meme War, before Q was around, and before any of these events had unfolded, because I cared about Free Speech and saw a scrappy upstart working very hard to preserve it online.

So if you want to hold 200 bucks from 2016 against me as evidence that I’m somehow biased, I’m going to call you a petty idiot.

But, beyond just following me on Gab (which you can do at Gab.com/NeonRevolt, you should ABSOLUTELY check out the Great Awakening Group there:

This Bunker has been… I want to say almost two years in the making now, and has had a tremendous impact on the movement. Long-time users of the group know – Q has pulled content directly from us (though this has gone largely missed in other corners of the internet) and we’ve added something like 2000 users in the past two weeks alone. It’s a great way to see what’s happening and connect with like-minded individuals, and I try to make a point of reposting the best content from the group on a daily basis, so no one misses anything important.

I can say with confidence that the Great Awakening group on Gab is one of the most important Bunkers we have in the QMovement to-date. And Gab itself has become exceptionally antifragile. The Cabal attacked Gab very early on in the movement, and continues to attack Gab, with Visa recently blacklisting not just the site itself, but the site’s OWNER and his WIFE from using their credit cards – a move that should be highly illegal and is, in essence, a Communist-styled social credit score – except here, in America.

Payment processor Visa blacklists free speech software company Gab

Gab has faced continuous hurdles since its inception.

No, Andrew Torba has been run through the mill over the years by the Cabal – precisely because I came to the site early on after being deplatformed by every other mainstream social network, determined to publish my Q-related content online freely, and unimpeded – and as a result, Torba has built one of the strongest Free Speech companies online. The sheer grit and determination demonstrated by the Gab team is like nothing I’ve ever seen, and deserves to be commended and supported. And the site works better than ever. If you’re someone who tried Gab in the past, but left it for either technical or interface reasons – you’ve really got to give it another try now. The new interface is absolutely stellar – with many comparing it to a Facebook/Twitter hybrid – and it’s snappier than ever.

And after giving Torba my book, and Torba watching how the Q community has been treated by the likes of Twitter – it’s safe to say he wholly supports our efforts there now. These posts are from earlier today:

Can you name another single Tech CEO who would so openly support QAnon?

I know I can’t. And that is precisely why the Cabal has targeted Gab so fiercely for so long – because it has NO control over Gab whatsoever.

You don’t have to leave Twitter, Anons. I’m not telling you to do that. But you do need solid Bunkers.

My top picks for QAnon bunkers are Gab and Ruqqus.

(And the best part about both these sites – if, for whatever reason, you don’t like me (thought I am an amazingly handsome genius who is also humble beyond measure [do I have to mark that as sarcasm for the few malcontents in the peanut gallery?], you don’t have to participate in any of the bunkers I run. There are other QAnon groups on both Ruqqus and Gab. The sites allow pretty much anyone to create such groups with ease, but I think time has proven that I have a knack for cultivating the best communities – so I encourage everyone to check them out before passing judgment.

Anons will always have a home online thanks to these brave defenders of Free Speech, and we can leverage these fantastic platforms to figure out the best ways to wage war upon the Cabal.

Because we are at War now. There’s no tapdancing around it now; not after what Twitter did today. It’s out in the open now; they are waging an all-out war against us. And so, how do we respond to this? By coordinating, organizing, and moving together as an effective unit to fight the censorship and awaken everyone to such a degree that they can no longer walk down the street.

I want leave you with the immortal words of Andrew Breitbart, the first real Journalist to call out John Podesta, echoing in your ears. Breitbart had the right mindset, and one we should emulate.

As our first act of WAR against Twitter, I suggest we get #Section230 trending immediately.

Let’s see @Jack censor that.

19 thoughts on “WAR! @Jack Seals his Fate by Censoring #QAnon! #Section230 Trending? Plus, New Bunkers for Anons? #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. IDK why you thing Parler sucks I dont. I like Parler. Fighting Parler is FOOLISH given who is using it. Sometimes it is WISER to use a platform that has significant weight with who is on the platform and using it rather than standing stubbornly in the way.

    • I literally wrote in the article why Parler sucks. The interface sucks. Gatekeepers are able to buy influence (instead of earning it, organically). The privacy practices are atrocious and the ToS is terrible.

      What is not clear about that?

      Parler was a push by Parscale. I would not be surprised to see Parscale getting rewarded with hundreds of thousands in Parler Stock options.

      But as we both now know, Parscale has basically been removed from the campaign. So I fully expect Parler to collapse soon.

  2. Thanks Neon! I’m now on Ruqqus and Gab. I joined Parler, too, and hate it so left it as well. I have been on the edge at Facebook and get “checked” often now, but I persevere. Lost friends and family whom I love in this war. I guess we are headed now into the Big Battle. Will sure be glad when all is won.

  3. Thank you, Neon! You are an incredible asset to the Q community. God bless you. By the way… I’m offering the Holy Rosary for you for 40 days!

  4. Sweetheart, does Q talk to you? No outside comms?

    ” And I pledge that as long as I’m in control of this thing, if I need to, I will remove whatever moderators Q says to remove. Many will remember that Q told us all that the old subreddit had been infiltrated by bad and untrustworthy clown operators. I will not allow the community to become infiltrated and subverted in the way Reddit was. If Q tells me to remove someone, I will do it without question or hesitation.”

    I found this unsettling.

    We are in a spiritual battle. Sometimes you are just going to have to use your spidey sense. I must have misunderstood. Obviously you are wise enuf to weed out any one who is destructive. Without Q telling you.

    Infiltration is real. We need to learn to recognize it.

    This is the spiritual part. Discernment.

    Don’t get me wrong. I get your email. I am addicted to your wordsmithing.

  5. Excellent! I never migrated to Gab, although I had given it serious consideration many months ago, just never got around to it. I have never used Twitter or anything else other than FB and Youtube, but have found all their censorship to be absolutely autrocious! For some reason, I have some hesitation in joining Parler, can’t quite put my finger on why…mostly feel like I can’t trust it. This article though, Neon, has helped me understand the necessity of finding a new platform. I appreciate you giving me the encouragement, the nudge I needed to relocate to Ruqqus and Gab. See ya, and all our fellow Patriots, there!

  6. Well. . … I shared this article on Twitter and will hop over and get #230 posted a few dozen times before I’m ousted:)
    I emailed the DOJ as well. We the People are going to have to be loud, be heard by those who work FOR us. Thank you for the article. I will join you on the new site as well. For #WWG1WGA is so very relevant!

    • Well….reposted and liked by 5 within 5 minutes of posting- I’m a small fish in the Twitter world, many are bigger- let’s push this info out to the masses!

  7. Hey Kid Thank you for the info. Always look forward to hearing from you. We have had to change up some operations on the Digital Battlefield & if anyone wants to join the war info can be found on 8Kun-Research Meme campaign Thread.Thank you for the follow on Parler, sadly your right about that platform- it sucks interface is clunky. I am on a laptop most of the day & its barley usable. You don’t need to promote GAB, I will- if anyone else is reading this, GAB is like a smooth running Battleship compared to Parlers clunky rowboat. . And The Great Awakening group on GAB is a phenomenal group of people who are AWAKE – of course its got an occasional knucklehead who doesn’t read the group rules or reply to NEON’S Gabs (it is his group) and they get booted (like myself) which led me to actually read the group rules talk to NEON & get reinstated.. GAB IS A WEALTH OF INFO. Thanks for the Ruqqus info I just joined & please keep your head up NEON,We cant imagine with our limited human mind whats ahead. Keep on trudging brother. Waiting on a podcast!


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