Welcome to the Endgame – Rebooting with #QAnon. #NEONREVOLT

I’ll admit it: I’ve been off my A-game for some time now.

I’m not trying to play the blame game here, but at least allow me the opportunity to talk about things from my perspective:

Someone mentioned it on Gab a couple days ago; they said I had “postpartum” depression following the release of my book. Upon further reflection, I think they’re correct. I had always heard about this happening to other screenwriters during my time in Hollywood. They would work on a script for so long – for many, it would be years of work to put 120 pages up on the silver screen – and afterwards, they would feel lost for an extended period of time. It was like they had this “baby” gestating inside of them and they put in all this time and energy into pushing it out into the real world, where it would one day have a life of its own beyond their control – so I think the postpartum analogy is correct here.

It doesn’t help that during this time period so many “Anons” decided to heap abuse on me for my efforts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a “paytriot” or a “shill” or a “clown” or a “faggot” or whatever now. In the early days, I think a lot of this was astroturfed by actual shills – this was around the same time I had my initial Facebook page censored (this was very early in the Q-movement, remember), and then, a short while later, all of Gab was attacked and deplatformed (before making a recovery that can only be described as miraculous).

Forget that I helped debunk Microchip when he tried to derail the movement early on.
Forget that I helped move the Reddit community to Voat when Reddit brought down the banhammer on the community.
Forget that I wrote literally 500+ articles on Q.
Forget that I currently run one of the biggest QAnon communities on the web.
Forget that I confronted a literal “Religious Organization” who was trying to attach themselves to the Q movement.
Forget that I wrote what is, honestly, the most comprehensive and compelling “boots-on-the-ground” account as an Anon about the Q movement.
Forget that I exposed NBC, anti-Q “journalists” all over, and worked to help ensure the freedom of an American citizen who had been framed by the Italian deep state.
Forget the hundreds of other ways I’ve been intimately involved in this movement from very early on.

No, I sold some T-shirts to help pay for my server and said some meanie words to some bonafide idiots at some point, so that means I must be a shill/clown/paytriot/faggot/etc!

Now look, to a certain degree, this kind of stuff comes with the territory for anyone who attempts to accomplish anything. It doesn’t matter how perfect one might be; there will always be someone out there who hates you just because at the end of the day, they don’t like the look of your face. But for some reason, this really seemed to amp up during and after the book’s release. I was accused of “stealing” people’s research by people who had obviously never read the book, and generally just shilled against non-stop. One of the board volunteers takes time, whenever another Anon mentions my name on the boards, to go on a sockpuppet Anon account (instead of logging in and showing that he’s a Board Volunteer, to endlessly shill against me. But what really got to me was that so many Anons seemed to be buying into the, frankly, blatant disinfo about me this time around.

To a certain extent, I get it, but at the same time, I expected a much higher level of discernment from Anons.

I think part of that is attributable to a sort of “Eternal September” kicking in across the movement. What started out as a purely “Anon” based movement in the beginning morphed into something much more mainstream and normie-friendly – and with that was the move away from the thought patterns of weaponized autists, to normie-thought-patterns.

And this is something I don’t think a lot of Normies just fundamentally don’t understand. Anons originally went to the chans to escape society and find refuge with, well, other like-minded malcontents – ie, away from Normies who rejected them in just about every other single walk of life. We could talk about our hyper-niche interests, create our own memetic culture, and generally enjoy each others’ company and writings without being constantly judged (and rejected) by the outside world, by the people, the individuals who seemed to have no trouble whatsoever functioning in the outside world.

But what happens when the outside world suddenly takes a keen interest in the Anon world?

What does that look like?

Well, I think it looks A LOT like the QAnon movement in its current state. There’s a lot of noise, a lot of cheerleading, and a diminishing returns when it comes to discernment that frankly, leaves a LOT to be desired.

For me, it showed up as A LOT of normies in my own group and site yelling and attempting to lecture me for being the weaponized autist I am, instead of them realizing that they came to this whole movement late, and should learn to shut up, lurk more, and listen to those who came before them, and who are, frankly, much more capable in this particular arena of information warfare.

It was like the normies barged in to the space I had created, and demanded I suddenly accommodate them, instead of them being humble, reflective, and willing to learn and listen.

I’ll give you a recent example:

Recently, Q reminded us that the NSA gave us an open-source tool capable of decompiling the code used in, well, basically any app on the planet, for any platform:

I can pretty much say that back in the day, circa 2018, real Anons would have been all over this for days.

Today, there is a dedicated “Codefag” thread, with basically nothing in it.

The most I saw “Anons” produce was a notable link to a post on thedonald.win, which evidently a QAnon follower had posted there (given the name of the user was “wwg1warrior”) and they just blindly asserted that Ghidra could be used to unredact redacted documents.


Spoiler alert: It can’t do anything of the sort.

See, there’s something of a belief among the compsci illiterate that computers are magic, and if you can just cast the right spell to hit the right buttons you can do anything.

Well… when you redact a document, the data that’s been redacted is basically zeroed out. You’re not going to recover data that isn’t there in the first place. But that didn’t stop this “Anon” from making this post and a host of other “Anons” from nominating it and posting it up in the notables, undoubtedly sending other “Anons” on a wild goosechase, wasting everyone’s time and mental energy. It’s a dramatic example of a loss of efficiency on the boards themselves and I have to suspect that most of the Anons involved in this are relatively new to chan culture – what Anons who have literally been lurking since 2005/2006 would call “newfags.” But these newfags are very vocal, often very poorly informed, and lacking in discernment. So all this to say – it was instances like this that, replayed a thousand times over the past six months – that really just made me want to throw my hands up and go, “Fine, let everyone fend for themselves.” If people weren’t going to listen, and all I was going to get for trying to help was sh*t on, why should I really bother to put the same level of time, energy, and effort into all of this? Let people learn the hard way, right?

Well… honestly, I just can’t do that.

And I know there are actually enough good people out there who will listen to reason. They may not be “autists” in the Anon sense, but that doesn’t mean we should cast them out (much as their posting habits might make me want to, some days).

But at the very least, I find it necessary now to combat some of the shilling against me, so I’m going to show you just three times Q has referenced my posts, in order to prove to any doubters that I’m actually legitimate. Normally, I keep this stuff quiet, because – despite “popular” belief – I don’t particularly like drawing too much attention to myself. The accusations of “Ego” come from my writing style, which is blunt and to-the-point in a way only a screenwriter possesses, and the reason I purposely write this way is to get out of the way of the complex material at hand. It’s funny, Travis View and the other chucklenuts at his podcast (which still hasn’t donated any of their 10k+ per-month donations to help with the ongoing healthcare costs of one Fredrick Brennan, I might add) put on this “noir” voice when they read my writing, because they are empty-headed and don’t realize that I’m actually, purposely employing a very particular methodology in my writing when I pen my articles – a methodology which has lead to insane virality and popularity. But again, contrary to “popular” belief, I’m not trying to puff myself up when I write, but bring extremely complex and high-level subjects down to a reading level that’s approachable by pretty much everyone, and I consciously employ a number of tools to get that job done.

Because believe me, I could wax loquacious with the very best of them if I so desired, and you would think I was the next Tolstoy. But I don’t desire that; I’m not here to be “seen” and the only reason I even have a “brand” in the first place is so that I can package up something recognizable on a regular basis.

Even so, I feel the need to re-establish my legitimacy in the minds of those who have been mislead and manipulated by the shills and the idiots and the newfags, before rebooting with Q, as I intend to do later in this article.

First, let’s start with an old example, showing the time Q ripped an image right off my site almost two years ago:

I took that screenshot myself, and posted it to an original article I wrote 4 days prior to Q reposting the image. I know this, because as an ACTUAL Anon who made a daily habit out of reading the boards (and who still does) – not just QResearch, but other boards like /pol/, the board this particular screenshot came from. I resized the window on my screen so I could take a screenshot that would work with publishing for the web in the format that I use, and yeah, Q referenced it 4 days later, pulling the image right off my site, and the rest became history.

Frankly, there have been A LOT of other examples of this kind of thing – not necessarily pulling an image, but riffing off a topic I’ve brought up (the Bill Maher/SNCTM posts I made on Gab are a great example, and one I’ve highlighted here in the past), but I’ll point you to two recent examples that, frankly, every single newfag and every single lingering oldfag on the boards missed while they were too busy being butthurt and petty.

First was when I referenced a tweet by BasedPoland back in February on the Great Awakening group over on Gab.

15 minutes after I post, Q posted the exact same thing, with a comment of his own:

Here’s a direct link to the post I made, so you can check the timestamps for yourself: https://gab.com/NeonRevolt/posts/103535122800597563

Secondly, there was the time I addressed the massive DDOS attack that 8kun suddenly found itself on the receiving end of back in February. I had been talking to Codemonkey (with whom, frankly, I talk with semi-regularly), and he had given me some details of the attack to share with the community:

(Gab’s search is still not quite functional, so I’m going to link to QAnonNotables here, who posted a screenshot that got shared thousands of times on Twitter, which he posted roughly around the same time I wrote it): https://twitter.com/QAnonNotables/status/1227460233573928960

Q then comes back about 12 hours later and drops a direct quote from me, even putting it in quotations:


That was the exact term I used to describe the attack, though I imagine Q probably rolled his eyes a bit as I struggled to translate into “normie” what little I had already learned from Ron. Meanwhile, Q, with his brain no-doubt expanded beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, complete with Matrix-style input jacks that allow him to access every single smart toaster in the world, already had a full picture of what was actually going on in real-time.

But given the popularity of this particular post as it spread on Twitter, yeah, I think it’s safe to say Q was once again quoting me here, once again without mentioning my name.

Look, I’m not one to toot my own horn. I don’t do what I do for recognition, and I don’t particularly want fame because that just makes life more complicated and difficult. And I don’t bring these data points to your attention to put words in Q’s mouth, either (so he can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in my thinking here). But I see a trend where, at the very least, it looks like Q is observing what I post, and commenting when he feels the need.

Now some will flaunt the fact that Q has never directly linked to me in order to double-down on their namecalling, But I believe he’s never directly referenced me because not only am I an utterly imperfect misanthrope, but I primarily post on Gab, and if Q was to direct traffic to Gab, that may just work against his larger goals – namely, getting the word out on Twitter. (Again, I’m really speculating here, but at the very least, I think its fair to say that Q is keeping tabs on what is happening with Gab, where a very large community of QPatriots gathers and shares information daily).

It may also just be a sheer capacity thing. Sending millions of QPatriots to Gab might crash the servers for days. That will probably change in the future as Gab grows and gets better (speaking of which, Gab just did a gorgeous redesign, which is feeling very snappy and responsive these days. And they’ve got big hardware and backend upgrades coming, so I recommend everyone check it out) but right now, the Gab servers might be set on fire if Q linked a direct post.

Either way, I’m content to continue working on Gab.

And either way, Shills UTTERLY





But the larger point I’m trying to make with this is that I was here, as an Anon, in the beginning of this movement. I’ve worked in it for a very long time, I have a deep and involved history in this movement, and truly, I want to do everything in my power to see it all the way through to the end. I want to finish this things strong. And as such, I’m going to be redoubling my efforts during these next few months.

Hopefully Q, and the rest of the community, will accept this.

But even if not, I’m still going to push forward.

To that end, I want to bring back regular articles, similar (though not exactly the same) to what I used to write. I want to shoot for 2-3 a week (though at times, there may be more).

I also want to start recording a podcast. These will be different from the articles (though I may end up recording some of these articles, because there seems to be demand for that kind of thing). I’ll probably end up publishing a traditional RSS feed here which you will be able to subscribe to through various podcast apps, and also probably on Youtube and Bitchute.

And I mentioned this on Gab, but I’m hoping to get Revolution Q2 done in short order as well.  I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me.

While it’s clear that the whole Q movement started in the world of Anons, it’s not going to end that way. How can it? There’s just simply not enough actual, legitimate Anons to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. The job of the Anons now is to double-down, get as loud as humanly possible, as we double-down and become more intentional in our outreach efforts.  Anons, I need you to really catch me on this point: All real Anons – not newfags, not establishment types, not anyone else but actual spergy, autistic, sh*tposting Anons who posess a real level of discernment, and who always trust (but verify) should be focused on stepping up their game in this, the homestretch. I want to see bountiful research rolling in once more, and actual gut-busting memes flowing like it was 2016 all over again.

Anons built this movement, and we can’t lose that, even if we are now vastly outnumbered by the Normies. That’s okay, they have their role to play in all this, too.

And if there’s one thing that’s become readily apparent to me over these past few weeks watching Q’s drops… it’s that we’ve truly now entered the endgame of this all.

Criminal charges are coming, and the collusion hoax/perjury trap set by the Obama-deep-state is being exposed more and more with each passing day. We can see the forces of good working their way up the ladder, as each new deep state apparatchik finds their crimes exposed to the world.

I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I make mistakes and blunders and poor decisions all the time, and the only thing I can promise anyone is that I’m doing my best to learn from where I’ve failed in the past and to not repeat the same errors (though I like to think I’ve contributed a lot more than what the shills give me credit for). This movement has affected me in ways I never anticipated, and I want to be here to help this movement in any way I can, just like I’ve tried to do from the start. I want to see this through to the very until the very end, and hopefully you all will find some value in that, as we enter this next phase of the movement, what I believe is truly the endgame.

Hey, by the way: anyone else notice that “Week 10” in the drop above happens after 4th of July weekend?

Funny, that.

If you guys didn’t get a chance, please make sure to watch the interview Redpill78 was generous enough to invite me to help conduct with Judyth Vary Baker.

Judyth was the lover of Lee Harvey Oswald, and her story changes everything you think you know about the JFK Assassination, and the forces and people at work during that time. A prodigy in cancer research, Judyth was singled out, fresh out of highschool, to help a small team in New Orleans research cancer in a secret, CIA-backed facility, where their work was to form the basis for a bioweapon intended to be used to assassinate Fidel Castro. If you’ve followed my posts about Dr. Mary Sherman, or have read the book Doctor Mary’s Monkey, you’re already somewhat familiar with the backstory, but Judyth fills in all the blanks in her book, Me and Lee, with extravagant and heart-wrenching detail. What follows is a tragic story of love and loss that the world needs to hear:



I’m always thankful for the great reviews I receive on my book, Revolution Q. Here’s a recent review I really enjoyed reading:

If you haven’t picked up a copy, you can do so by clicking the image below:

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  1. Perhaps it’s the subconscious link between us imperfect misanthropes, but I’ve found that you’re the only one in the entire semi-public part of the “QAnon Movement” who isn’t completely retarded. Needless to say I wasn’t at all shocked by your need to take a break. I stopped looking at Gab months ago, but perhaps I’ll give it another look. I’ve never been in your situation since I’ve always remained pretty low key, but I’d imagine that it’s a good idea to entirely ignore the barbs thrown by the masses. I’ve never considered you a “paytriot,” but I have gotten a sort of pyramid marketing scheme vibe from some of the figures who’ve started to harp about Q in the past year on Youtube and social media. I’ve accordingly learned to avoid that content like it’s coronavirus. I’ll always read your new stuff, though. I don’t know if there are any other folks out there like me, but I’ve been entirely disconnected since you stopped writing.

  2. Q is a pushing the new age Blavatsky, Bailey, Creme and Spangler movements. Same words same ideals. Meanwhile, Trump pushes Operation Warp Speed of 350 million vaccines to be distributed by the military all while “qanon” applaud martial law like ignoramuses. Time to walk away

  3. A long time reader of you blog. Thanks for the review of where we have been as a anon movement. I forgot the riddit to volt migration! I can only speak for myself but you’ve been invaluable, courageous in speaking truth and will have high regard in all that you have done.
    You are right, it is be time for many of to stop lerking and become more vocal.

  4. I’ve had hopes for some time your site would reopen in this way, Neon.

    There is a level of patriot that observes more than comments who is not necessarily a lurker, normie or autist. I am such a person. I did not get in on the movement until 2017. So, I bought the Kindle version of your book to fill in gaps I needed to know aside from reading Springmeier’s books and many other sources. Extremely helpful. Also, one of the most valuable posts you made recently was the discussion about The Unseen Realm book of Dr. Heisey. So I bought it as well. That filled in gaps in my understanding of the Word that had puzzled me for decades. So much so that I had questioned pastors who were as clueless about the subjects as I was despite their MS and doctorate degrees from seminaries. You see I never had the opportunity to learn Hebrew, Greek, Aramic, and other languages of the ancients. So I had to depend on faithful, knowledgeable sources of information I could trust to gain the full picture so I could be an effective disciple in my faith. Dr. Heisey stated in an interview that was his purpose in writing the book as well as others. God provides. But it was your recommendation that created that opportunity to resolve it for me. See the value? Mind-blowing when multiplied by tens of thousands of readers and participants.

    That’s a lot what we deal with in the movement – lack of understanding key issues. For many reasons some of us who know what we know about Q and where all this is going depend on those of you with more extensive knowledge and time spent in its development. We will never learn the languages, however, we will learn the operations, principles and plans. We only get snippets of it on Gab. When on that site we deal with the same clutter that you have dealt with personally that exhausted you.

    So remembers us, the Barnabas types that glue it together between the Paul’s and Timothy’s when it comes to outreach in the movement. Many of us are preparing the fields for harvest. Glad to have you and your focus back. Your work is greatly appreciated. I look forward to all of your posts on your site as well as the next book. WWG1WGA.

  5. Glad to see a new article, been waiting a long time. Grear that you’re back and took the time to write this article. Hopefully this is the endgame, would love to see some arrests before november.

  6. Fair enough. Self reflection is good to stay on target. I’m still waiting to meet and hear from the perfect anon or autist. It’s why we sauce and share.

  7. I guess I always thought the reason Q didn’t mention you specifically was simply because how explosive your content is. If he mentioned you would it somehow endanger you or draw the attention of unsavory people? No matter—you are a treasure and we appreciate your hard work!

  8. Y, I did notice that week 10 in post 4256 begin July 5th. Interesting coincidence. Not to mention someone created a video of the scene in the 1996 movie “Independence Day” just before the final battle where Bill Pullman (playing the president) gives a rousing speech before leading the pilots into battle. And they superimposed POTUS’s face on Bill Pullman’s.

    Looking forward to Independence Day. 🙂

  9. Oh, brother………….. Neon now thinks he’s a super-elite who needs to tell the rest of us how great he is & how ‘Q reposted me so I’m so super special & you’re all just normies, newbies who need those of us — who breath the rarefied air — to tell you how to read legal briefs, or common sense posts.’ My dear man, this isn’t 7th grade & you’re not the upper-classman who gets to demand our lunch money. This movement isn’t about who believed in Q 1st or how long we’ve been awake to the truth! As for his excuse, for deserting his post & completely ripping into POTUS & Q on his social accts & giving a great deal of ammo to our enemy at the same time, that he claims was postpartum depression after “birthing his book”… I barely know where to start on that. Seriously, I’ve birthed many books & 4 children; trust me, the two in NO WAY compare! The truth is his feeling were hurt because his book was just not that good, his writting was mediocre & in his dreams he’d hoped that Q or Q+ or even POTUS how give him a shout out over it. When it didn’t happen, instead of sucking it up like any good soldier in battle he retreated, gave precious ammo to the enemy, & bashed his fellow soldiers. In any battle there are intelligence officers, infantry, ground pounders, supply chain personnel, nurses, doctors, chaplains & even cooks. However, ALL form ONE Army; one force that works together to defeat the enemy. Some give all they can while others give ALL! Some super-smart intelligence officer (who I’ve no doubt Neon once was) bashing a cook will soon rethink his actions when hunger grips his ribs. What a petulant & arrogant child he is! Okay, fine. He’s discovered his error & wants back into the ranks. However, this is not an Army of 1 & we’ve no room for deserters! Get back in line, shut up, do your job, & know that we are watching you much closer now! His post sounds like something akin to Benedict Arnold just before he was caught; he did many great things, but in the end he became a traitor! Not saying Neon sold out the entire Revolution, as Arnold did, but he certainly didn’t help US with his public cry-fest!

      • You are obviously gazing at your own reflection, DT. You are part of the problem; Neon is part of the solution.

        Why are you even here, if not to be a boil on the ass of humanity?

    • Well said Anna, I couldn’t agree more. I would have been excited to hear about Neon’s podcast because he has a fantastic voice-listen to the RedPill78 show above. However, after this ego-driven insulting rant I won’t support him anymore. I read every word of his book, but found it poorly laid out and difficult to follow. No Revolution Q2 for me, hard pass. I got on Gab just to follow him but was disgusted to see him attack Trump and other members of the movement in the past few months.

      Congrats Neon, you’ve alienated 75% of the Q movement which is made up of “normies” like me who aren’t on the boards but are active on social media. Stop patting yourself on the back so much and get back to work.

      • Give the guy a break,. I totally get it and am stoked you are going to end on a high note.

        This has been a weary process at times. I recall I got a puppy in Oct. 2017 and she sat on my lap in the early days of Q posting. Now she is a HUGE bulldog.

        We can almost taste victory.

        The one’s that guided us in the beginning need to be the one’s to lead the victory parade.

    • Q has always said the corrupt accuse others of what they, themselves, are doing. I see your reply here the same way. It was engorged with ego and sanctimony. You thought you were being witty and smart—the overlord of others behavior and actions, and you really just ended up sounding like someone who disguises envy with anger. Points are made with reason; attacks are fraught with motive.

      Your reply was loaded with spelling and grammatical errors. Most writers take care to write well even in a hastily written internet post.

      Hey, you’re entitled to your opinion. But remember your opinions and the way they are presented say more about you than they do the person you’re writing about.

      I can’t imagine you have much to add to the Q movement. Authoritarian types aren’t very creative. More often than not, they’re just assholes.

      • Foot in mouth time: “Your reply was loaded with spelling and grammatical errors. Most writers take care to write well even in a hastily written internet post.” You have obviously never read any of Neon’s posts!!

        Your comment has no relationship to your first sentence.

    • You know when I read responses like yours, I just remember what my mother said- while trying to rear up civilized respectful contributing members of society. “If you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all”. Neon you are a TREASURE and I hope to meet you one day. You are on my HERO side that I greatly admire!

    • OK Karen, do you want to speak to Neon’s manager now?
      Your rant is a flaming example of both emotional immaturity and emotional incontinence. Let any man talk honestly about how they feel and where they are and you can bet some woman will use it to piss all over him. Maybe when Neon was talking about Normies with no discernment and a lack of maturity it hit a little close to home. Well it looks like you went full Alinsky Projection Mode. Thank you for the perfect illustration of exactly what Neon was talking about. In fact it is such a good example I think I will post both to gab.
      Have a nice day Karen
      ps. My condolences to your children.

    • Now this is the kind of bullshit reply I am talking about. Divide and conquer must be your motto.

    • Karen, enough already.
      I’ve been dealing with this information for decades.
      You go through multiple stages of burnout.
      Neon gets to do it in public with dilettante food tossers.

    • Oh, sister ….I can almost smell the moth balls cat piss and old lace. What a great life you’ve had writing books and birthing obedient clones.Neon owes you nothing and is quite free to endure a bout of depression brought on by your inane demands for free content and talking points to call your own. Your jealousy is obvious, I handed over my lunch money ages ago and received an excellent book.I would love to read yours .

    • Congrats, you just reminded me why I don’t like people sometimes.
      We get one pass through life, the road to humility, kindness and lifting fellow humans makes the most sense to me.
      The road of envy, avarice, purposeful hurt and a general need to bring fellow humans down, not so much.

      Do good.

    • That was spot on.Unfortunately the plan is over and the Q psyop has fizzled out.So much for Durham and all the other distractions.Q kept moving the goal posts and that was a red flag from the beginning

  10. Neon, you forgot to mention the time Q+ wore the NEON pink tie at the presser as a nod to your brilliance!

  11. If it weren’t for you, inevitable17, technofag, methods etc. I wouldn’t be able to endure the newfags and their painful “q sent me” tweets. Looking forward to the podcast!

  12. You must have known that you had to end up at this place;
    “While it’s clear that the whole Q movement started in the world of Anons, it’s not going to end that way. How can it? There’s just simply not enough actual, legitimate Anons to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. The job of the Anons now is to double-down, get as loud as humanly possible, as we double-down and become more intentional in our outreach efforts.”
    Leadership is not necessarily fun. Those being lead don’t always get it. If it took the pain that you have suffered to get here then it was worth it. I appreciate your fondness for the good old days of 2016.
    I have come to the conclusion that the outcome is not certain and your most important work lies ahead. Looking forward to following along.

  13. Hang in there… any time you do something great for God, the enemy attacks. Just like in 1 Kings, Elijah had won a great victory for God, then Jezebel vows to have him killed. Keep up the great work!

  14. Neon – I absolutely wait for your next posting ! I came in to 4Chan back in 2015 and then wandered around in 2016 and it wasn’t until I found your channel that I felt grounded. I can’t express my appreciation enough for all your work. You helped me to vastly broaden my discernment abilities, improve my critical thinking skills and balance perspectives. Thank you !! There is a lot of misinformation out there and I learned so much from you.

  15. Thank God! I’ve been reading the site since forever – and since you stopped posting, there just isn’t another source out there like yours. I’ve bought some shirts and multiple copies of the book to pass out (so not just reading and not giving anything back). I’ve tried to follow over @ gab, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Fuck the haters. Do what you do. Make money off it it (it’s a absurd amount of work that you do) however possible. I would even pay for early access to articles (i’m sure most people would). Whatever you do, please don’t stop again. This is the only place to make sense of all this (unless you have just a shit ton of time).

    Welcome back, we need you!

  16. Being earnest, that’s all I’ve ever thought we have a right to expect from other people, everything else being highly variable and dependent on innate abilities and experiences that have found their way into one’s life.

    And I think you’ve nailed the earnest brief all the way through, in good times and bad.
    I wouldn’t be here if I did not think you were earnest AND insightful though, and that’s why I will stick around.

    (And I know you don’t do it for the pats on the back and kind words, but some here and there might offset the hate!).

  17. It’s about time i haven’t seen a post from you for ages forget about the infighting and insults and get back to exposing the rotten worms in the global community that’s where your focus needs to be how else can we be expected to carry the fight to them that hate humanity it’s only by exposing them that you can focus all the much needed attention on them and away from all the unnecessary squabbling within the movement btw this isn’t the endgame it’s just the beginning of the endgame there is still a lot more that needs undoing before you can call victory welcome back and take care

    • A long time follower here. Too old to qualify as an autist , in technical expertise , but this is compensated for by an ability to spot BS, honed by years of experience.
      Neon is my go-to source for understanding the complex events unfolding in this struggle against an entrenched and evil set of enemies.

  18. Appreciate your post on several levels. The work done by the autists in the trenches has been nothing short of heroic. The rest of us who joined up did so as our eyes were opened and we found ourselves naked and lacking truth. The Q movement has taken on a life of its own – something that those closest to the front lines may not have even dreamed of in its sheer mass and volume. As such, there are bound to be moments of uncertainty and error because it is exponentially evolving into a final product that we still can only see from a distance. Rather like “through a glass darkly.”

    What can we do, then, but bear with one another and offer a hand up in return to those that have already done so much? The veterans in this war have scars of another type. They dug through the dung heap of human excrement that pass for many of those in power, exposing vile behaviors and abhorrent crimes that most people would shrink from.

    So, thank you. Even though the world is currently on its ear, many of us still have faith that things will be set right again, and a portion of that hope stems directly from the work of autists that may forever remain anonymous.

    That makes me smile, and pray for you, Neon, and for all the anons and autists around the world tonight. In spite of all the evil in this world, there is hope, and a common purpose. We are family. God bless you.

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen. He’s back! thank the good lord. The best part of following Q for me had been neons articles. I hope he becomes filthy rich after the the Q is asked.

    mofo daniels from rochester MN. aka guinea pig housing area for mayo clinic’s human experiments.

  20. You did that wonderful article OPEN SEASON FOR WHITE RABBITS, it connected so many dots and new directions of research.

    Regarding our situation right now. The global NWO it was told to us ” you will wake up one day and it will there ”
    Look at this Ole dammegard video for what nearly happened in Europe, its a massive piece of the puzzle
    showing hat they want our future to look like.

    EXTERN VIDEO : Ole Dammegard’s most important video ever.

  21. You have a nasty personality, and you’re a know it all…. show some humility…. You know far less than you think.

  22. I live in The Netherlands, but I could not directly preorder your book last year.
    So I have ordered two copies of your book and let it deliver to a friend in NY,
    who came afterwards to Holland to give me one copy, she could keep one herself.
    I have read it immediately. So much to digress, still trying to catch up.
    I was amazed that my daughter was following Q herself, I was not aware of that,
    so I lent her my copy of your book, but said to her that I want it back, it will become a collectors item!

    Looking forward to your articles and follow up book.
    Do not loose your energy to those that cannot or do not want to follow you.

    We live in epic and confusing times.
    You are one of the few that make sense of what is happening.
    Thanks a lot.

  23. I’m a 42 year old father of three that relies on sites like these to try to grasp the scope of evil that has been hiding in plain sight for long since before I was born. Not sure what my role will be in this movement. I like Veronica p Wolski the woman posting phrases on the Chicago highway overpasses. But I can under stand neon’s ranting, when you put an enormous amount of effort into something you grow passionate. Try to ignore the shills. If people are so easily swayed my misinformation, maybe they’re part of the 4-6 percent permanently lost/brainwashed. I appreciate your effort. Say a prayer for neon that he can focus on the long term goals and ignore the nonsense.

  24. I found my way to Q from a former Marine friend not too long after it started, but the coded nature of the drops and the culture of the boards was a little challenging. Somehow I found my way to your site and your group on Gab and then things started to make more sense. I’m a professional lurker who makes very few comments, but I do share the information that you’ve presented or that is in the Gab group on a regular basis. I’ve been actively engaged in a similar fashion in Catholic circles for years as well.

    IMO, it’s vitally important that average people are made aware of what has been going on precisely so that they can protect and defend themselves. But, I do understand how frustrating it can be when suddenly there are clusters of “experts” everywhere who haven’t put in the time or the research and who then start casting aspersions or causing trouble.

    The work you’ve done is too vital to be derailed by idiots, so I’m glad you’re going to continue.

  25. Your writing and research are an invaluable tool to learning about this movement and the whys of how we got here. Thank you. I always check my email to see if thee is a new post from you…..even though your articles are so long and link to so many other topics that I know they take a lot of time to write!! I bought he book and look forward to reading it when it arrives by personal courier. Amazon no longer deliver to our door.

  26. Neon, I’m glad you’re back. I hope you stick around. Your work has been valuable to me, and was missed. You do have a talent for pulling together days worth of digs in an efficient and understandable manner, tying them into Q posts or Springmeier’s work. I lurk on the boards from time to time, but can’t dedicate the time to them that some anons do.

  27. Thank you for a great, great article. I am ecstatic you cited the book: Dr Mary’s Monkey. My nephew shared the title several months ago and i purchased and read it immediately. It is the eye opener of eye openers in our Republic today! So many secrets in plain site! I join my 80th year next week; keep up the great work! Jesus, God the Son, is indeed coming soon.. You are helping to expose the great evil of this world.

  28. 1 Kings 19. Elijah. He had success following the Lord. But was depressed at seeing the incredible opposition.
    Retired Chicago Copper. Being the Affiant on my Search Warrants, I’d accomplish Some incredible results. After doing a few hundred, what followed The many triumphs was immediate deep valleys. There would be “Complaints” against me/my Team which were unrelated to the work we’d been doing. Very distracting.

  29. Hey Neon.

    Nice words. I’ve followed your blog I think since before the first Q posts certainly it was 2017 I think. I came off FB probably 2015. Never done Twitter. Yours was by far and away the most interesting source of information I had come across that appeared to be well researched and written in a style I appreciate.

    I’m certain whilst there are of course anon assholes who feel the need to try and take you down or whatever it’s more from a position of personal insecurity.

    It’s hard to be secure in ones thinking these days but thinking people do tend to be able to get there. So keep up the good work. I’m by far from an autist, more of a lurking normie, occasional repost of articles I find interesting which tend to get reposted which is encouraging.

    Ignore the haters. I’m sure you do.


  30. Hi Neon, read your excellent book over here in England late last year, I am re reading it once again as you covered topics so well, when it first came I basically scan read the whole book as I was so excited to get my hands on it, However re reading it this second time, I want to thank you for creating such a brilliantly put together explanation to Everybody regarding the Q movement, hidden history Their Agenda and much much more
    cant wait for RQ2!
    God Bless You

  31. Yay, you’re back!! As a normie, but a true lurker, I’ve always followed you. Ordered your book early. Always loved your perspective. We’re in the final stretch now and it wouldn’t be complete without you. Screw all the shills!

  32. yes! thank you brother, for your hard work and perseverance! it will not go unrewarded, especially in the life to come!

    in other interesting news, a certain local auxiliary bishop (Roman Catholic) issued a letter a few days ago to all the clergy in his pastoral region updating them on the whole pandemic crisis, etc. I quote this part for you:

    “You should know that your secret police are alive and well and reporting what is going on in your parishes!”

    It had come to his attention that some priests were actually encouraging the faithful to pray and receive the sacraments. This, he did not like.

    I have the whole document. Let me know if you’d like to read it.

  33. Welcome back, Neon. You’ve expressed exactly how I’ve felt the last few weeks. And as we can see, the shills continue to attack. Pay them no mind, and no one should even respond to them, for that’s all they truly seek, is notoriety for themselves.

    Looking forward to reading those 2-3 posts a week. You’ve filled in a lot of blanks, and I do just as you state… trust but verify… before sharing with others that are ‘normies’ who are still in the learning curve of how to research for themselves. And I could relate so much to your analogy… the gamers’ language and community is something I’m aware of, but don’t totally understand, either, but because I learn more by watching, being quiet, rather than interrupting and asking nonsensical questions that frustrates the ones who are far more advanced than I am, I lurk. My own son-in-law is a serious gamer, software hacker, and his mind thinks on a much vaster level than I do, so I respect him a lot more than I could ever understand. We have our moments of head-butting, but for the most part, I learn from him, just as I do you. I’ve done computer programming, so I guess I would be considered a ‘bridge’ between the two ends of the perspectives.

  34. Thank you for this article Neon, it was needed.

    I understand what you mean regarding Anons. Not that I’m one myself I’ve just been following from the sidelines but I’ve been doing so for a long time now since 2007/08, “depending” on guys such as yourself.
    Anons are unquestionably key in all of this but I also understand that Q needs to reach the largest number and classes as possible. Yes, even dancing old Boomers.

    Damn glad to see your game face back on!

  35. I believe you should make money to support yourself with all the time you take to help us all understand. I do not have the time to research and I thank you for all the information. Ignore the shills, and keep on going.

  36. Thanks fkr the post @neon revolt, always look forward to them, you’ve been at it longer then most, i remember your youtube channel miss them, carry on brother.
    God bless, WWG1WGA

  37. I’m a normie, I guess, because I’m not interested in the bowels of the internet and don’t have the time to do the research that the Anons do here and elsewhere. But I love the Lord, my family and my country, and I have known, for more than a decade, that “there was something wrong with the world” — not just that evil existed, but that my perception of reality was different than that portrayed to me — cognitive dissonance. Oddly enough, my guitar tutor turned me on to the Q movement 2 years ago, and that quickly led to Neon Revolt. What has followed many of you here have experienced…..I have disagreed with Neon on some issues (most recently about the CV-19 virus and HCQ therapy –I’m a physician, and have personal experience in that realm) but at the end of the day, I can’t thank Neon enough for what he has done, and what he is doing; and that goes of course as well to Q, and X22, and Redpill78, and Enoch, and so many others! God bless you all. I’ve bought many copies of Neon’s book, as well as Praying Medic’s intro book to Q, and surprising numbers of friends and family are now followers of the movement too. It is indeed a “cult” that “brainwashes” its followers to think for themselves. I can’t wait for the next installment, Neon….Godspeed!

  38. Very happy to see you back. I don’t pretend to know the level of attacks you went through, but suffice to say, it must have been substantial.

    But let’s not pretend it’s anywhere close to the level of attacks that POTUS goes through daily. Like POTUS, you take a lot of slings and arrows for US. And I, for one, truly appreciate it. Undoubtedly, this has made your skin thicker. Carry on, soldier!

    I’ve been trying to guess how you came up with the moniker ‘NeonRevolt’……neon is a gas, revolt is self-explanatory……revolting against gaslighting?

    Much Love, Patriot.

    • You have an excellent point, most of us just wish we had the balls to handle the POTUS job of Trump for one day. Attacks 24/7 from all sides. A big AMEN to our fearless leader.

  39. Welcome back! Thanks for recognizing that you had been pretty harsh to some of us; it was hard for me to witness honestly, because we are all in this together and we are all trying to help in our own way. I too, have been here since the beginning of the movement. I’ve been pseudo awake for thirty years, but started researching in earnest in 2016. PERSONALLY, I’ve always felt that the Chans/Kun was a sacred space for the true Autists, and the most I’ve done is lurk. I’ve always encouraged the enthusiastic newbies to respect those spaces and stay out of the way.

    There really are levels to this. Just as we normies perhaps do not have the skills to dig as extensively as the Autist Anons, I’d dare say that it’s pretty likely that those same Anons don’t have the patience, or tact that it will take to deal with the general public (nor would they want to is my experience) and that is going to be EXTREMELY necessary very soon. Those of us who are dedicated to learning as much as we can, and avoid the drama at every chance, really appreciate it when an Autist takes us under their wing and helps us develop our critical thinking skills. It is time well spent. What we offer in return is that while good Autists have laser sharp focus, we tend to be very broad brush, collecting many pieces that you guys might know where to place in the puzzle. Magical things happen when those two talents check in with each other periodically! On more than one occasion Q has posted an idea just days after such a team has made the same discovery!

    I too put 12-14 hours a day into this effort and have since the beginning of Q. There are countless others who do as well. We are supporting the THOUSANDS of newly awakened and directing them towards valuable information including your incredible works. Even when I was pretty put off with the way you were treating your team mates, it never diminished the value you brought to the table, and we thank you for lending your talents to humanity.

    In closing to this long diatribe, please remember these things: Most of us want to be helpful. Often we don’t know how. A little kindness and patience goes a long way, and reassurance from the seasoned Anons is SO important because when faced with all this evil, our minds race, we ‘what if’ ourselves way too much, and some direction and reason from some of you helps us to settle down and avoid the frenzy that tends to take over the movement and drive you guys nuts. Face it, there are more of us than there are of you and it’s only going to get worse as the public awakens. You think WE’RE bad? Wait until the Libs start catching on!! LOL

    Let’s recognize and start strengthening the teams now. There are people who are more familiar with Kun who bring the diggers’ material out to social media. Those like me help share that information far and wide. I often take complex concepts and meme them into normie language. While your articles are fabulous, often people won’t take the time to read, so having memes of the important facts is a great compliment and I’m willing to invest the time needed to accomplish that. Just let me know how I can help!

  40. Good article! I’m glad you are back, you sound a lot better. You are introspective enough to know what you should be telling us and how. Don’t let people second guess you.

  41. Great to have you back Neon.

    And good to see your focus turning to the real autists and diggers instead of normies. Obviously more normies will increase the amount of crap posting. But, IMO even with maybe only a fraction of a percent of these posts actually contributing some real info, it will uncover new info and maybe even testimonies just because of the sheer amount. Autists will be able to take this info further then, I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    “In a collective brain hive even the weakest link can provide the missing link, unwittingly even”

    ( also my personal defense for contributing 😀 )

    I consider myself not a normie or an autist. I have always noticed the discrepancies in gov policies worldwide and I have always considered there were schemes that would be behind it. Being from the street you get to know how evil people operate and later in life this was confirmed when I owned a major club and was confronted with even more evil operating at all levels.From the real estate guys, to the security racket, to the staff putting their hands in your cash register. These evil people in government are the ones in the way of real global progress, that’s the way I have always felt about this. That’s why I like Trump, he knows how to deal with these kinds of people on a lot of different levels.

    You know, a lot of liberals have great ideas about society, but their ways of realizing it I had always found naive to say the least, but worse they always seem to have the opposite effect. In reality liberals and republicans are not that different, they both want people to live in freedom and to live out their life the way they want it as long as it doesn’t infringe on this same right for other people. The difference is the way in which they set out to achieve this goal. To keep this short I will put it like this liberals give people fish, and republicans teach people to fish.

    I myself do believe in a lot of liberal ideas like equality for genders, races, religions, etc and this bring me to my point. Recently you posted about being red pilled in a post sou stated there was “no place in this movement for gays and trannies and anyone who thinks so isn’t red-pilled. To me that was clearly in opposite of what I was reading in several Q-drops.

    Divided you are weak.
    Divided you are taught to fight each other.
    Race v race
    Religion v religion
    Class v class
    Gender v gender
    Unity is what gives people strength.

    I made several replies to this comment, that I hoped would get a reply from you, but obviously I don’t even know if you have seen it so here I am. This was my first comment

    “Has Q ever come out against gays? Or has Potus? I am against the worship culture that exists now, but I have nothing against gay people themselves. My little sis was gay and she would have been on Trumps side, and on the side of Q against the deep seeded corruption in our societies.
    Are you telling me that there is no side for these people, where does this leave me. I cant be on either side then. Also I’m not religious, I just believe in doing the right thing.
    So going by your statement I am not red pilled. Where does this leave us, does the movement care about my input trying to inform everyone around me. Should I be doing it at all if this movement would exclude my sis if it became the main movement.”

    Now like I said I don’t consider myself an autist (or normie) but I have been trying to do my part to inform people with the knowledge I have a reasonable understanding of and can substantiate with proper arguments. But your statement has left me wondering on whether I am right or whether you are right on THIS particular subject, specifically considering the last sentence of my post.

    Now since you are positioning yourself more as a leader again, which I do appreciate, trying to rile up the autists because I agree I haven’t seen enough of the gems coming out that we used to. Your particular example of Ghidra is one of them, I’m completely in the dark on what you could do with it, only thing I could think of was cracking those games used for communication perhaps. But I could understand directly that missing info can’t be recovered I mean c’mon. (You don’t even wanna know – guess you do – how hard people from the street are laughing at the actors expenses for them using draft and in game coms, LOL we did that 20 years ago when I was “on the streets” play anarchy online and later WOW daily and you have a great inventory and mission planning to talk about, but looking at theirs they couldn’t even figure that out as an extra layer of concealment and just straight up talked, geeez idiots.).

    So now you are positioning yourself as a leader more again and having your second book coming out I would appreciate it greatly if you could address this issue clearly, maybe even in your book.

    -What is the meaning of those Q-drops (pointing out that he changed sex v sex, to gender v gender in later drops)
    -What does Q 3613 mean saying “… divided people into sex/gender” why say sex & gender
    -Are G&T not allowed in the movement only?
    -Do they have a right to live in society where the movement has gone mainstream, the main POV?
    -What is the general movement stance on G&T

    Now I can go all Godwin with the questions like will they need reeducation, but to be clear I am not flaming here, and after having read a big part of your writings it is really difficult for me to believe that you would really feel that way but that’s where that road leads one way or another. I can see your problem with degeneracy (” I am against the worship culture that exists now, but I have nothing against gay people themselves.”) but I have seen you re-post gay people like Milo Y, thereby yourself making them part of your movement.

    I am double posting this to Gab sincerely hoping it catches your eye and for a reply, and I’m going to leave you with one of my gab posts on an issue in your article.

    I always wondered about this “paytriot” thing. I’m not from the U.S. but does this rule only apply to independent journalists, because I would argue that military personnel , politicians, and everyone else making money trying to do the right “patriotic” thing should also be classified as “paytriots”.
    So you could say a “paytriot” is even more of a patriot because they are out there publicly risking their life and sacrificing other personal career opportunities that may have far greater personal benefit.


    • Well spoken, and it seems to me you took ‘a long walk around the house to get to the back door.’ Your last paragraph said it all at once, great job. I gave the US Army a blank check of my life for 28 uears, miss it every day. Be well patriot.

  42. Glad to see your return and to make peace with your annoyances. I haven’t interacted on the chan’s but appreciate what can be gleaned. Without people like you and other anons I’d still just be pissed off at the political arena without any real knowledge just a gut feeling. Now my anger has a purpose. Us normies can take what we learn and spread the info. on normie platforms. My fb was made when my kids were little and I friended my kids parents and most here in NorCal suffer from tds. You are doing the right thing. God is with you and he has to be with us as well. Peace be with you in trying times.

  43. Don’t worry too much about rewards in this life, Neon. Don’t worry about the critics.

    Your rewards for what you’re doing will come in the next life, and they will be awesome.

    (Got an intense burst of energy when the last sentence came to me; spiritual confirmation. Autists spreading truth will be recognized in their time.)

    I just got my copy of “The Unseen Realm” yesterday and started reading it. I’m not very far in yet, but the first few pages make it look very promising. Let me be yet another to thank you for that recommendation!

  44. When I tried to post this to Twitter it told me that the page was non existent. I copied and pasted. WOW. They are censoring the hell outta you.

  45. Thank God you are back. When I get my Neon notification of a new post, I wait to read it until I have total peace and quiet and a fresh cup of coffee in front of me. I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your work. Please by all means continue!

  46. Buying the book (finally) Tuesday. I’ve been following you since forever, and have defended you countless times. Learned the art of screen shots and have been Tweeting my ass off quite a bit. I have 3500 to 4000 followers, and though smaller than some, I feel that I am doing my part for the movement, despite being in a wheelchair and getting up in age. You have been an inspiring mentor and I often go back and re-read some of your old stuff. Just wanted you to know that I am far from alone in appreciating what you and other long timers have meant as we battle the enemy in the Twitter/yt trenches every day. Thanks for everything.

  47. Hey Neon! The wordsmith is back! Well done, patriot. You gave us a rare candid glimpse of the view “from behind the curtain”. I miss the rough rider autists days when only those that really wanted to be involved were.

    The newbie clutter can get tough some days. Kind of like being a programmer and having to explain how to use Windows to someone new constantly-having to work at two different levels. Your programming productivity takes a nosedive because all you do is explain simple concepts, when you would rather be programming minus the hindrances.

    Or like being in elite special forces and having to work with new recruits most of the time..

    Thank you for what you do. Articles. Research. Gab. Cleaning gab clutter. Slowing down what you love to do to accommodate the new arrivals. Even the things none of us realize that you do.

    We are in a war. Those of us in this war since back when few realized there even was a war get it. Sometimes we get snarky from exhaustion. Its part of the process. As for shills/trolls/karens – they only shriek really loud when you step on their toes.

  48. My thought is as this movement becomes more mainstream and is mentioned in much more negative ways the number of hacks and shills will increase exponentially. A recent example is the Senate candidate from Oregon who recently gained the Republican nomination for Oregon is a staunch Q Anon supporter, and of course the media had a hayday. Sometimes any MSM press is better than none. If we were not successful with the movement, we would never get any mention on MSM outlets. So since I love your book and your articles, no matter whether I agree or disagree with every statement you make, I am in this movement to learn and learning requires an open mind and thick skin. With those two mental reminders we will all progress in our learning and can help Trump win this war. Pease continue to do your magic and understand that if you were not on the target you would not be getting flack, to paraphrase an old Air Force quote.

  49. Neon –

    I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for the movement. I use your library of Q writing as a repository to send people that are just becoming red pilled and are needing to understand Q in larger context without having to do the entirety of the research and dot connection on their own.

    I have #NEONREVOLT in 6 inch letters. on the whiteboard in my office, and it is visible to all 200 of my employees.(less now with kung flu) I keep track of sealed indictments on there as well. I get questions as well and I have a sign on my door with QR codes to various websites and location. Two of them are yours, including your book on Amazon. My people can just scan whatever looks interesting.

    I too feel the boards are a shadow of the original brainpower that had been shifted from Reddit/Voat/4Chan that did spend over a decade concentrating brainpower and then coming to an apex on 8Chan. When Q posted the boards at the time were unbelievable in their hive mind and overall mental firepower to chip away at very difficult puzzles. Any time I felt I could contribute, I did. If not, more weeks of lurking and just absorbing everything I could .

    I feel like the attacks and eventual collapse of 8CHAN, followed by the rebirth of 8KUN did great damage to the hive momentum. It did shatter the collective, or at the very least now spread out again. I spent nearly all free time on 4chan/ 8CHAN absorbing. As 8KUN shifted to TOR, it took a long time to get back, and it no longer has the momentum it did. New people used to find it and lurk, and if the constant shilling/slide/gore/porn overwhelmed them, they had an outlet in Neon Revolt who was able to pick out the red meat and leave the rest behind. Not everyone had the stomach to grind through the constant barrage and sift out truth amoungst the bullshit. Now it isn’t even easy to find.

    I am glad you are coming back. You are correct about how you feel after writing such an amazing book. It is a piece of you that the whole world gets to see, poke and dissect. Just keep on being yourself. Ignore the jealous who can’t do it. If you make money at doing this, it is legitimate, as you are not a paytriot. I know of nobody in the movement that has documented more and brought more. This is because your intent has always be just to write and connect with people. It turns out that this has value that other anons respect and like MANY others, I’m willing to pay. It’s not like you’re selling a $3 t shirt for $40.

    You are selling pieces of your thinking. Perhaps a reminder on money, and how rational people think about it.

    ““To trade by means of money is the code of the men of good will. Money rests on the axiom that every man is the owner of his mind and his effort. Money allows no power to prescribe the value of your effort except by the voluntary choice of the man who is willing to trade you his effort in return. Money permits you to obtain for your goods and your labor that which they are worth to the men who buy them, but no more. Money permits no deals except those to mutual benefit by the unforced judgment of the traders. Money demands of you the recognition that men must work for their own benefit, not for their own injury, for their gain, not their loss – the recognition that they are not beasts of burden, born to carry the weight of your misery – that you must offer them values, not wounds – that the common bond among men is not the exchange of suffering, but the exchange of goods. Money demands that you sell, not your weakness to men’s stupidity, but your talent to their reason; it demands that you buy, not the shoddiest they offer, but the best your money can find. And when men live by trade – with reason, not force, as their final arbiter – it is the best product that wins, the best performance, then man of best judgment and highest ability – and the degree of a man’s productiveness is the degree of his reward.” Rand.

    In this writing, you are looking for validation and justification that you contributed. That Neon Revolt is legitimate. You have an absolute army of fans that believe in you and wait for your next writings. I feel your frustration in this writing and I hope you can just forget about all the naysayers and darkside to this movement and go back to offering light in the darkness like you always have.

    Very few people can get involved in the Q movement and not feel overwhelmed by the evil that is on this planet. Like many others, I have a very hard time with the human sacrifice / children side of this. It changes you. I also have had to step away and regroup. You have taken this further. Nobody has documented this movement like you have, and it has to be soul wrenching when people question your ethics and pick at your content.

    I’ve never met you, but I consider you a friend. I hope you are re-juvinated after your time away. Write because you love it. You are a godsend to the movement. Meditate, center yourself, put on the Armour of God and get back in the fight.

  50. Ok – I may be a normie, but I’m not a retard! 🙂 Thank you for your book and your incessant, relentless pursuit to help bring in the light. The rest of us need to catch up a bit…and I assure you, I’m working on it. My prayers are with you. You are doing something I can’t. Thanks! Those who are bashing do it because they may not have much else to say. You do!

  51. Neon~
    I’m overJOYED you came back to writing again. I was a newbie when Q posted to the chans and found you shortly after that. I have learned so much from you, you’re articles are easy to read and FULL of information I have passed forward many, many times. I’m sure it is discouraging to put yourself “out there” only to be demeaned and critiqued. Pls. keep on doing these posts, they are incredibly insightful. You are INvaluable to this movement. Thank you for your work. It is appreciated.

  52. Neon,
    I know I would be lost without everything you do for us…and no one does it better than YOU! I do expect you to continue because what you offer is so vital and we need more than ever heroes like you during this tumultuous, bewildering and frightening time in our nation and our world. I appreciate your talented and beautifully written works especially your new book. I thank you for your courage and generosity now that I’m awake and praying daily for the best outcome to save us from the dreaded satanic NWO agenda. You are in my prayers and God bless you too.

  53. The outstanding research in your work, dedication to making this Movement get the message across to the people, I`d go as far to say Jacques Cousteau never dived as much as NeonRevolt does.

  54. GTFOH!

    You are exactly the individual Neon talks about although since you accuse Neon of having a inflated ego what is exactly your contribution to the original autists and did all the research and invested countless time only to share their hard work with us for free on the board?

  55. I was there when Mega-Anon made her first post. And when she signed off soon after Q started posting. That’s when I found Neon Revolt. I still can’t recall how I stumbled on this site but I do remember I was here for the first NR article. At that time NR helped me grasp what Q was alluding to in his posts. I’ll always remember the excitement of seeing a new article being posted here.

    I choose to stay out of the drama around the personalities who become known for their decodes. These’s so many Q decoders at this point there’s no reason to waste your time and energy bashing the ones you don’t like. Just go find one you resonate with and don’t look back at the ones that aren’t doing it for you.

    I’m more of a lurker and silent supporter in this movement. But here I am now, super excited to see one of the original decoders back for another round. Thanks for all the work you’ve done for us laymen in this profound movement. If it wasn’t for you, I would probably believe JFK Jr. was going to rise from the dead.

  56. Neon

    I never questioned your truth telling skills. I enjoyed your book so much that I purchased 20 copies and gave them as gifts to those that appeared to be ready to be red-pilled. I thoroughly look forward to your next book and to your articles. I miss the frequent articles that you wrote as it lead me to do more research on topics I had not known about previously.. BTY, I gave a copy of your book to the Hodge twins that I bumped into at an airport last year… count me in t assist on research. I would like to think I’m borderline autist…

    • Holy cow! 20 copies!?? Wow man, thank you. Sincerely Hope they help to redpill those you care about!! WOW!

  57. Thank you Neon, and all true autists that continue this battle. As a normie, we all felt, lived and knew the world was being taken over by evil and dark forces decades ago. The few as myself, tried in our feeble way to discuss agendas and path our Government was leading us, but were always alienated in some form or ridiculed for even trying to pull people from their slumber and bubbles. It is the autists as yourself and multitude of others that gave me strength to dig, research and more. I am now alienated from much of family and relatives for even bringing up facts, seems THEY are uncomfortable facing truth. I find comfort reading, researching and knowing the truth will see light. People as yourself are so badly needed to continue, thank you is just not enough for all you and other true autists do. We must this through if there is any chance to actually save our nation and world.

  58. Thank you Neon I listened to you on two podcasts. One with Judith Vary Baker, and one other podcast. I listened to an intelligent and humble man. The book ‘Me and Lee’ is so capitivating and shocking for those of us who bought the lone gun theory. Over the years I read many books that supported that argument. How could I have been so stupid to beleive such a rididculous lie? I also read ‘Dr.Mary’s Monkey’ , another must read!

  59. Pod-cast? POD-CAST?! Speaking as someone deaf, I begin to wonder whether the Right is not deteriorating, devolving, degenerating into an ORAL “culture” like primitives.

  60. We have to forgive others for not being God. We also have to remind ourselves that WE are not God.

    IMHO, Neon has done a lot of good. That’s the real test. Not whether he’s perfect, or never made a mistake, or that everybody agrees with every word he writes or says. Thank you, Neon: I’ve been waiting for the blog to restart, and loved the book.

    I’ve been fighting in various aspects of the Church-culture wars since 1995. Made lots of mistakes, earned some enemies, had lots of armchair critics pitching rocks– it can be exhausting on the frontlines. Depressing. All-consuming. The battle burns out your passion, and it becomes a grind. Then a nightmare. You rest & bleed awhile, then rise to fight again.

    The battle remains. The truth abides. Get back to it, and stop pissing on each other.

    “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” … Micah 6:8

    “Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” … St. Matthew 16:24-26

  61. Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. I ordered books for two ppl in my family. One of which, is a verrrrry liberal believer. Time and CNN are gospel to this person. Of course, I’m labeled as a conspiracy theorist. I’m ok with that. After this all shakes down, we can sit on the couch, page through the book together, and gently find out WHO is grounded in reality, and who is not. It will be a hard realization for the person who has been treated like a sheep.

  62. Hi NR – I don’t have any social media accounts, this comment section is probably the only way to get this twitter account to you. I came across this from Lisa Mei Crowley’s twitter feed (@LisaMei62) and wanted to share it with you and hopefully you will share it with others on GAB, 8kun, etc. I think it is a great addition to your QAnon group on GAB and other sites………..Ed



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