The Enormity of the Implications of #QAnon. #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

It’s been difficult for me to write about #QAnon for some time now.

When I started this site, I never expected it to dovetail with the #QMovement quite like it has. And who could have possibly predicting such at thing? I was just an angry /pol/lack exiled from Facebook, looking to assert my presence online in a censorship-free environment. I was frustrated with the deplatforming that was going on, and was determined to start publishing my content in an arena where I had total control over what I posted – even if that meant I had to build the platform to make it happen myself. I covered all manner of Anon-related topics; not just Q. I started to cover Q because it, like so many other conversations, were happening in the world Anons occupied. I had no idea this Q thing was going to grow like it has, nor did I fully realize the vast implications Q would have on the world at the time when I first built this site. Truly, it was a confluence of being in the right place, at the right time.

I was simply pursuing what interested me, personally, and pouring that out to the world, in the best way I knew how. And in a weird way, I suppose I was searching for some kind of hope for the future. Anyone who read my book knows that, frankly, I didn’t have much at the time. I, like so many others, was swept up in the cultural drama – looking for a solution, a way out. And the more I began to dive into what Q was saying, I realized that Q offered that, in some sense – or at least, in a greater degree than anything else. In my mind, if the world was going to come crumbling down all around us, I at least owed it to myself and everyone else to give what Q was saying a shot. Nothing to lose, right? Things at the end of the Obama era had gotten so bad, I figured either we all die in the Great Boogaloo, or we can give Q a shot. If this whole Q-thing works, all the better. And if it doesn’t, well… at least we gave it the old college try. Or so spirals the logic.

But – I almost hate to admit this, and undoubtedly this will be used by naysayers against me – I’m not sure I’m really interested in Q any more.

Okay, let me qualify what I mean by that radical statement, before this goes off the rails.

I used to do these articles where I would go through the drops – almost in a rote fashion – and try to present any relevant analysis either I or other Anons could provide. It was my way of trying to help make some of the research that was going on more accessible to the broader population. And for a while, that “worked.” It felt right, and natural to approach things that way. But over time, that feeling faded. The drops seemingly became more repetitive and granular (not that that’s a bad thing – but it doesn’t make writing fresh articles easier). I’m reminded of that time Q posted all the #FLAGSOUT drops, reposting all these photos from Twitter. That’s great and all, but… what do I have to add to it? The answer? Nothing.

And I’ve never been a fan of “adding to the noise.” These an old Switchfoot song that’s stuck with me through the years for one line, where the singer goes “If we’re adding to the noise, turn off this song.” Well, that’s the way I’ve long felt about my writing. I didn’t want to add to the noise. I wanted to contribute actual value and move the needle in some tangible way. And the only real way I know how to do that is if information is hitting me fresh; where it excites the dendrites and I get to pass on the latest revelations to others who may not know how to dig up this stuff on their own, or who might otherwise lack the time.

And in a unique way, it worked (for the most part), I think. Why was this? Well, I think it was because I approached it like a job when, frankly, I didn’t have one.

After all, Q recently posted, in #QDrop 3751:

How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?

Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?

So while others were working in their normal jobs, I was sitting at my computer, absorbing everything I could, giving me the background needed to really hit the ground running early on. In essence, my work became a way for people with normal lives to better understand what was happening – and I’m more than happy to have been able to provide that for people.

But after over two years of publishing articles in that style… I don’t want to say that the format has entirely lost its luster (because it’s still very much an effective communication tool), but it’s almost felt like things have really shifted in the past few months. And that shift requires something quite a bit different from me.

I’ve actually done this several times now – where I shift tactics and formats in order to better address the challenges at hand. One of the things I did, when drops became more granular, was I shifted a lot of my content over to Gab. I could have just as easily switched to a smaller, more frequent posting pattern here on my site; something like what Vox Day does, and I’m sure I could have grown this site even bigger than it’s already grown. But the format Gab allows me to post in is great for addressing the granularity of the Qdrops, as well as for interaction with readers. It’s one thing to be a lone nut posting on your own site. It’s another thing to cultivate and be surrounded by an entire community every day.

I also, of course, wrote my book – which serves a different purpose from the site. That was a tough balancing act, because I had to appeal to both old and new, as we geared up for the impending Great Awakening.

I think you take my point: different scenarios require different tools and tactics. I suppose I could have maintained a rote kind of output, where I addressed each drop here on the site – but again – I’d guess that 95% of my readers know how to use the various Q aggregators out there already (or otherwise get the drops delivered on their phones) – and if I don’t have anything of value to add to them, I don’t want to add to the noise.

But beyond all that, I’m at a point now where, personally, the enormity of the questions presented by QAnon VASTLY outweigh my interest in the individual, granular drops we’re receiving about the day-to-day political drama we’re witnessing play out – and I’m in a place, personally, emotionally, spiritually – where I feel quite alone, and part of it is because I’m not quite sure if the broader movement has quite wrestled with the implications of some of the “bigger” drops just yet.

Call ’em “hang-ups” if you need to, but the questions I have are so massive – I’ve actually been surprised more aren’t asking them. So it occurs to me that… maybe people haven’t properly grokked the implications of all Q is saying. (Or maybe they have, and I’m just being extra spergy about this).

In either case, that’s the topic I want to tackle today – and hopefully, you’ll find some value in it.

Because this has been the fundamental problem I’ve been running into with all my attempts at writing articles, recently. I’ve got a number of articles I just started and couldn’t finish, sitting in my drafts folder, because I keep running into the same issues over and over: that the enormity of the broader implications of Q far outweighs the (in comparison) minor details being revealed in Q’s drops.

(I’ve also been dealing with a pretty serious lung infection, and managing general burnout, tax season with the book, and other responsibilities, but that’s not what I want to talk about today).

To get back to the topic at hand, the implications of Q’s drops right now are so immense that – just logically speaking – it would be easier for me to walk away from the table entirely at this point and dismiss QAnon as the most effective and engaging LARP to have ever existed on the planet, than to admit he’s telling the truth… (And a big part of me hopes he’s not telling the truth, as the unreliable narrator he may be at times).

So that’s the level of #disclosure we’re talking about here. Which leads me to the obvious question:

Why haven’t I just walked away and dismissed it all at this point?

Frankly, it’s because the #Qcoincidences and the #Qconfirmations keep piling up. Why, just a couple days ago, we had two big confirmations from #POTUS himself, where he retweeted out a big QAnon account on Twitter (and long-time reader of this site, I might add), CJTruth. (The #Quisling reaction was about what you’d expect – complete with the rehashed lies about being “targeted” when the meme merely listed him and others, accurately describing the treasonous, coordinated nature of their disinfo efforts):

But if that wasn’t enough, POTUS then went the extra step and retweeted out a tweet loaded with Q-related hashtags:

And then again, today, POTUS links two more Q-related accounts in his Twitter feed:

And recall that this was all on top of a recent, prescient Q-post, wherein Q predicted the timing of Durham’s statements disagreeing with the findings of the #IGReport:

And this is all on top of the piles and piles of #QConfirmations we already have, which have been documented in great detail elsewhere.

Because, let’s get one thing clear here: while “disclosure” is part of this whole Q operation, the real goal of Q (as far as I can see) is to gather a critical mass of people large enough to effectively countersignal the media apparatus of the existing worldwide power structure. We got a hint of that a little while ago, when Q linked Jesse Watters’ recent segment on QAnon:

There was also the bit about Laura Ingraham dropping in on the boards and posting:

And Q confirming, a couple days later:

(Twitter link to video:

And wouldn’t ya just know it, but as I’m writing this, POTUS tweets out a quote from Ingraham!

So, we all understand now what Q means when he says “You are the News now” and to handle this responsibility with care.

And like the Watters’ report says, we’re over 10% of the population of the US now (and personally, I feel that’s a very conservative estimate). 10% doesn’t sound like much, but that’s THIRTY-FIVE MILLION PEOPLE when you do the math.

This isn’t some obscure, estranged thing any more.

This is a critical mass.

Many will remember, in the article I posted… gee, it’s gotta be almost two years ago now… I referenced this clip from Derek Sivers about Leadership and the Dancing Guy:

Watch the whole thing again.

Cause right now, I’d estimate that the QMovement itself is at the equivalent of 1:17 in the video. With all the drops we’ve seen – it really, finally feels like we’re at that tipping point. And frankly – though this is only anecdotal – I’m seeing it everywhere. From people on the street to conversations I’ve had in my local barbershop – the Great Awakening we’ve been building up to is imminent.

And this is especially remarkable – given some of the more extraordinary elements of Q’s message which – again – can’t be ignored, and can’t be understated (though I think, for many, they have chosen to ignore these aspects which we shall talk about shortly).

And then there’s this:



And in case you didn’t notice – there are only 10 days left in 2019, as of this writing.

So, if Q is planning on delivering on this, well… it’s bound to happen within the next week and a half.

And Q already told us about what will follow the unsealing of these indictments:

T-minus 10 days (MAX!!) until “mass pop awakening,” guys. In reality, it may be much sooner than that.

The threat towards Obama is obvious: change we can believe in was his campaign slogan, after all. And look at how wonderful all that “change” turned out to be. So I find this to be delicious – especially when you consider that Durham is going through all of John Brennan’s private records and communications right now, to find any disparities between his private communications and his Congressional testimony.

And Q already told us this leads back to Obama. The orders to spy on Trump (and Cruz, and others) came from the Oval Office. So, like a kid who already snooped out what his parents bought him for Christmas, I’ll pretend to be shocked when I find out that Obama was the one who authorized it all, and that Brennan’s own records will prove this beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt.

Q has been getting us ready for this to go public in a big way for some time now:

(As a sidenote – do you see how it’s easier for me to thread the narrative needle after having several weeks to process the themes in all the drops?)

So it’s looking more like our collective impending Q-Day is almost upon us…

And as I alluded to earlier, I’m not quite sure the broader community has quite grasped the epistemological implications of what that means for the human race just yet.

Because if you read Q long enough, a few fundamental propositions about the nature of reality emerge. What are these propositions?

Put simply:

  1. Reality itself is a simulation
  2. Alien life exists
  3. Q can see across space and time

Many in the Qmovement are profoundly religious, and profoundly Christian, and as someone who at least tried to be one myself (though, am often not very good at it), I don’t think it should be a surprise that I’ve struggled to reconcile these three tenets with my Christian faith. And this is what I mean when I say I don’t think the broader community has quite grasped the full implications of Q just yet. Many, I dare say, probably think the Lord is going to return in the next 50-100 or so years, and that we’re living in the much fabled “end times.”

At the same time, they’ll whole-heartedly believe Q (given the evidence we’ve all seen) – while ignoring that Q says we’re basically hooked up to a giant machine, and other entities inside the machine exist on other worlds, and he can also see the future (which is, itself, a god-like power).

So… how do you reconcile all this?

Well, let’s look at the drops where Q makes these claims and see what we can glean from them.

But before we do, I want to address one thing.

There’s a famous “New Atheist” by the name of Richard Dawkins who was all the rage on Plebbit about a decade ago or so. The so-called “New atheists” are all deterministic materialists and empiricists. Dawkins, in particular, is famous for a line where he says:

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

But he’s wrong about this.

See, “extraordinary” isn’t an empirical term. It’s a subject term. What’s extraordinary to us is ordinary to the next generation.

When electricity was discovered and harnessed, and you could suddenly produce light at the flip of a switch – that was extraordinary… at least until it became mundane.

Before the Wright brothers, man was earthbound. In fact, some “religious” folks of the day thought it was evil for man to try and harness the power of flight, because if God wanted man to fly, he would have – in His wisdom and prudence – given man wings.

And yet here we are, in the 21st century, where human flight is common – and even mundane. Heck, it’s turned into a job like any other job. And one that’s not all that pleasant.

No, the reality is there are only claims, and there are only evidence. Our subjective reaction to a phenomenon has no bearing on whether something is true, or false.

In fact, “extraordinary” claims can be validated by quite ordinary evidence. The mundane would suffice to prove the “extraordinary” claim.

So Dawkins makes a categorical error, but unfortunately, that pithy turn of phrase has somewhat penetrated the collective consciousness and lead people to some incorrect conclusions.

So let’s dive into where Q makes these claims, and what kind of evidence we see for them:

Reality itself is a simulation

The bulk of this claim comes from one drop in particular, Qdrop 749, where Q, with tongue placed firmly-in-cheek, insinuates that we’re only really scratching the surface here:

It’s funny, in Epistemology, there are a few schools of thought. The classic one which practically everyone knows is the classic line from Renee Descartes.

I think, therefore I am.

Cogito ergo sum.

Us moderns often miss the profundity of this statement, because it’s actually become a cliche now. But what Descartes was doing was attempting to get down to the most fundamental reality he could discern using the “equipment” he had. It was a reductionist thought experiment in which he was trying to discern that which he could actually be certain.

And to do this, he actually invented the concept of an Evil Demon, here to deceive him at every turn – thus turning all his senses against him, rendering them useless. After all, he may very well think he exists in a world, but that would itself could be an illusion rendered by this Evil Demon. He may think other people exist, but those too may very well be the evil demon in disguise. He may think his very body actually exists, but this too may be a clever trick by this powerful foe.

So of what could Descartes truly be certain?

In the end, he could only be certain that he, himself existed. He may be a brain floating in a vat somewhere, but at the very least, he knew he was a thinking thing. Therefore, that thinking thing existed, in some form, somewhere.

Cogito – I think.

ergo – therefore.

sum – I am.

I am a thing which thinks. Therefore, I exist.

This lead to the establishment of, what’s known in the philosophical community, as properly basic beliefs. Properly basic beliefs must meet a standard of “warrant,” and from there, dependent beliefs are established.

Other properly basic beliefs include things like:

I’m a thinking thing which exists, and I believe other thinking things exist (ie, other people).
I find the external world consistent and stable, operating according to sets of natural laws. Therefore the world exist.
I find that all logically complete systems by necessity must have their point of origin outside themselves; therefore, the world has a point of origin, and possibly a creator.

Of course… there are some who reject all those claims as not having enough “warrant” to meet their own personal sniff test, and those people are called Solipsists. They genuinely believe that other people don’t actually exist, that the world doesn’t exist, and that they really are just a lone brain in a vat somewhere, interacting with various illusions and delusions being presented to him from god-knows-where.

(Very few people are actually true solipsists – and rarely act like it, because the true end of solipsism is nihilism, in which nothing actually matters, since everything is either an illusion or a delusion anyway).

But what Q proposes here is actually just an extrapolation of Cartesian philosophy. That you and I and every human being on planet earth truly exists somewhere else, outside of this world – and that this world itself is some kind of neutral simulation – in essence a “server” where all the active (read: living) “players” congregate all at once.

Before you dismiss the theory out of hand, listen to what Musk had to say about it a couple years ago:


I can testify to this, personally. I’ve recently had the opportunity to explore VR gaming a fair amount – most recently with the new title Boneworks – which was just released.

Boneworks, for those unfamiliar, is one of the best “real world” VR physics simulations to date. Weight, momentum, body presence – everything is simulated inside the game. I pop on the VR googles, and suddenly, I have a different body. I rotate my hands, and I see, in real time, hands which look and function like my own, but are not my own. I love to the left, the simulation tracks it. I step to the right, it does the same. I can run and jump and the simulation will emulate that all, in real time.

It’s an uncanny experience – but the effect -that which my brain perceives – is that I’ve just done a 1-to-1 replacement of my entire body:

To be clear, some of this stuff wasn’t possible even just two years ago. This is largely thanks to advances in hardware and interface tech that allow this level of interaction. (Frankly, what I think is going to be the next big leap is mastery over “gravitics” which will allow users to physically touch surfaces of objects, and even run and move about in a limited space: ie, the Holodeck from Star Trek).

But what you saw above was really just the work of a small studio. The big-boys are getting involved, and this is currently what they’re producing, as a AAA+ flagship VR title:

Clearly, there’s a leap in graphical fidelity between Boneworks and Half-Life Alyx. There’s also more polish on some of the mechanics involved (though, from what I understand, much of this was due, in part, to Boneworks existing in the first place, with the team who developed it travelling to Valve, showing off the tech, and the Valve dev team being very impressed all around).

But the reason I’m showcasing this is to show you how close we currently are to the realities Musk is describing. We’re not talking about a pixelated Mario stomping on Goomba heads any more. We’re talking about creating entire systems of reality and interaction which, when layered upon each other, are effective replicas of reality itself.

To quote William Gibson:

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.

And it’s demonstrably true, in this instance. Right now, I bet only 2% of my readers have VR headsets in their home.

Give it 5-10 years. That number will be closer to 100% and the tech will have progressed exponentially by then.

This won’t be the only “simulation” point I touch upon in this article, but the broader point I want to make is that we’re seeing this simulation hypothesis play out in real-time before our very eyes, and this all has its roots in some very old philosophical thought experiments.

And really, how different would this ultimately be from the classical Christian conception of “heaven?” (Or rather, the afterlife).

Full disclosure: I had a problem with the Western conception of Heaven and Hell for the longest time, however – and I mention that because I know I’m writing to (mostly) Protestants and Catholics (ie, Western Christians). The reason I had a problem with it is because, frankly, you have to erect a whole system of Penal Substitutionary Atonement around it – in which Christ basically takes on all the wrath of God which we deserved for our sins – in effect, taking on the punishment of Hell in our place.

And a lot of Western Christians believe that as Gospel without considering that:

  1. It makes Wrath, not Love, the defining characteristic of God.
  2. If makes God fundamentally unjust. If someone commits a crime, and I as a judge punish a completely innocent person instead of the criminal, well, no person on planet earth would say any kind of justice was carried out, no matter how willing that innocent person was. No, it’s still clear I wrongly punished an innocent person.
  3. It also sets the persons of God against himself, turning God into something of a schizophrenic. I mean, really, if God the Father, and God the Son are co-equal and in perfect alignment, what benefit is derived from God punishing himself?
  4. It’s not actually in the Bible. It’s an extrapolation made by some theologians who come much later and get more than a few things wrong.

And with that, I can already hear the REEEEEing coming from a certain corner, who have made certain “Systematic Theology” texts the cornerstone of their lives. But the fact remains – all this was an extra-biblical “innovation” which, at best, you can track to Anselm (Augustine, if you have no understanding of how the words he used were understood in his time, and how our understanding as modern Westerners differs).

No, I had to dissect and uproot this system of incorrect, perverted doctrine and return to the original teachings, which was Christ, the God-man, entering our world in humility, bearing our sufferings, conquering sin, and trampling down death, for all time – all because of a superabundance of love for his creation. The work is on-going, and the ultimate hope of the Christian is for when Christ remakes the heavens and the earth, and we experience a bodily resurrection – which is why Christ himself had to rise. He was not held down by death, but rather, gave his life up willingly, and had the authority to take it back up again.

This older, orthodox doctrine is known as Christus Victor – Christ the Conqueror – and by all objective measures predates all western conceptions of “substation.” It’s the original doctrine of the Church Universal; end of story. Everything else is a fraudulent doctrine which only serves to diminish the power of the Gospel message by either perverting the character of God, or the means by which this victory was accomplished.

And in this conception, there isn’t so much the dichotomy of heaven and hell as much as there is the afterlife – where all will experience the uncreated light of God, unfiltered and unobscured. And your experience of that uncreated light will be determined by the condition of your soul upon death. If your soul is right and repentant, joy will be yours. If your soul is rotten, wounded, and afflicted by all manner of attachments – the glory of that light will be like hellfire.

This is where the ideas about Heaven and Hell originate. It’s not so much that they’re distinct places, physically separated from each other by an unfathomable chasm, as much as they’re reflections of the reaction of our true selves to the unmitigated reality of being in the presence of the being which knit us together.

Which means what we do in this life matters very much, indeed.

So… how does the “simulation” hypothesis Q presents fit with this? I think it should be relatively evident from what I’ve laid out here, thus far, but the overall gist is that this world, this universe, this creation by an intellect far greater than our own – is part of a giant “machine.” And when we die, we exit that “machine” and come face-to-face with that being.

As for Angels and Demons? Potential helpers and corrupted, renegade “robots” in this system – ones which can interact with our “minds” on an insubstantial level. Archons might be a helpful term, here.

And it’s no coincidence, I think, that Unix programmers named background processes which ran on their computers “daemons.” The term is still used to this day in all *nix-based systems. But why even have them in the first place, if reality itself is a simulation?

Well, even demons can serve the will of God. After all, it was Martin Luther who once said the devil was God’s devil, and anyone who has read Job has been forced to wrestle with this idea.

And in a scenario like this, the advent of Christ himself becoming incarnate, taking on flesh, and sharing in our suffering to fundamentally alter our condition is akin to the Admin of a server taking control of a character and stepping into the “game server” itself.

So, the idea of reality being a “simulation” actual falls in perfect alignment with ancient Christian thought on the matter, as far as I can see. It just colors some of what those teachers are in a radical new coat of paint, I think.

Alien life exists

(Q for Q: Highest classification: COSMIC-MAJIC?)

I’m surprised more didn’t just up and leave Q when he dropped this tidbit on the boards. I know I almost did. I was only the experience of seeing (and recording) a TR-3b “Black Manta” with my own two eyes that opened me up to the possibility that Q was telling the truth here. You might remember the article I wrote at the time, where I posted the clip I had recorded showing the triangular craft performing a hovering maneuver:

This one drop combined with my own personal experience of seeing that craft lead me to months of pulling on a thread that challenged me in ways I never expected to imagine. Because the traditional Christian view is that man is the pinnacle of creation, made in God’s own image – and that’s literally all there is in the universe. “Alien encounters” are often dismissed as “demonic activity” and those who experience them as being possessed or oppressed in some way – rather than with serious consideration for an experience that might be outside the realm of their own experience.

While it still may very well be true that we’re made in God’s own image, frankly, I don’t see any reason to exclude the possibility of alien life having made contact with the human species – or limiting God to only creating mankind. In fact, if I were to be truly objective on the matter, I would need to fully examine the claims being made, and what I’ve found is generally the exact opposite of what I expected to find. I was expecting lunatic fringe – and that does certainly exist, but alongside that, there are many calm, rational, intelligent people telling remarkably consistent stories, the more prominent/recent/relevant of which I tried to compile and examine in this article here:

Many of my readers will recall, earlier in the year, my dive into the topics presented by the likes of Bob Lazar, William Tompkins, and later Dan Burisch. I even asked Q directly on Gab, I want to say it was six, or maybe eight months ago about Project Looking Glass (which we’ll talk about in the next section) – though I can’t check because the search feature is intentionally broken on Gab right now in order to keep vindictive “journalists” looking to harm Gab from dredging up posts they don’t like to defame the whole thing. My long time readers, however, will recall my posts from when I was plumbing the depths of this rabbit hole, and coming back with… well again, we’ll talk about it shortly.

But even if you’re not ready to look at the evidence for intelligent extraterrestrial life, there are a number of publicly available documents and events which have occurred which demand consideration and explanation.

We all know that Q has made a lot of callbacks to the “B2 Bomber.” A coded reference to Bill Barr, the actual B2 was a blacksite project which was only declassified in 1988.

And yet… for some reason, a lot of people think that blacksite projects just… stopped, for whatever reason.

Really, folks – do you think the US Military stopped developing top secret projects? Or do you think we’re more likely on the cusp of a new wave of declassifications?

To better illustrate this point, I’ll point my readers to what CleanupPhilly over on Gab had to say. He posted an excellent post along with an excellent photo of what is (supposedly) a TR-3b photographed in broad daylight (I believe this was taken over Washington State).

When the B2 was made public finally it was because far more powerful aircraft had already been born due to billions if not trillions in development and production to supplant it, and there were enough in the sky to rotate the B2 from the frontlines.

Northrop-Grumman went public with the B-2 “Spirit” in 1989, and aviation writers confirmed it used classified electrogravitics tech. By 1992, the Government admitted that the B-2 used electrostatic charges on its leading wings and exhaust. Dr. Paul LaViolette traces this back to earlier work by Thomas Townsend Brown. The effect is radar evasion or cloaking by electrostatic charging the leading edge and exhaust. This theory applied to a plane, as Brown and LaViolette’s work both confirm, makes the B-2 an antigravity craft that slips into the spacetime in front of itself like a fish that displaces water before it swims forward, then sheds any water that slows it down so there is little drag.

What craft took the place of the B-2? It is tough for a civilian to say but it is public that there are iterations of the Joint Strike Fighter F35 that have stealth tech, read, antigravitics. The Lockheed A12/SR-71 Blackbird can cruise at Mach 3.

But what certainly replaced the B-2 were the craft that came out of Project Aurora. Three craft did, and calling them planes is not quite accurate since unlike Blackbird they flew above 16.7 mi/88k ft.

The SR-75 flies a Mach 5 plus, and is the mothership for the SR-74 Scramp that flies at Mach 18. The old SR-71 Blackbird, still a legend, flies at Mach 3.3. But the mother and Scramp can place satellites. While still hybrid propulsion, they are spacecraft using electrogravitic propulsion in the mix.

The third craft in Project Aurora is the TR-3B by Rockwell, first known as Astra but now in many iterations. The TR-3B uses a Magnetic Field Disrupter and estimates were that Groom Lake had 3 in 1994, but it is likely far higher. This is where the SDI money went. The tech was available in the 1980s. The photo below was taken in Washington State.

The TR-3B is a big leap forward because of the the MFD. The MFD generates a spinning vortex field that neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass in its proximity by 89%. Then any other system is used for propulsion: jet engines, scramjets, or electrogravitics as with the ancestor craft where a repulsive force is created like magnets do permitting propulsion.

So imagine Bill Barr is the B-2: Cloaking, stealth, electrogravitics – a stingray in the sky. And then they go public with him because what they have to do battle with now is next gen.

[From Dr. Michael E. Salla, “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs.”]

And this isn’t new news, per-se, but some might still not be aware of it, so I’ll share it again here. The US Navy filed several remarkable patents earlier this year, one of which is for an aircraft that not only looks exactly like what we’ve come to call the TR-3b Black Manta (which the Navy calls a HAUC – or Hybrid Air and Underwater Craft), which supposedly flies via a working anti-gravity system – and what’s best described as a “force field generator.”

Hybrid air and underwater craft?

Sounds a lot like what Bill Cooper – the author and Cabal researcher noted by Q very early on – described seeing when he worked for the Navy:


The Navy also filed a patent for a portable fusion generator – which could be installed on a ship like this and which is capable of producing up to a terawatt of power.

To understand how much power that is – you’d need just 15 of these devices to replace the power consumption of the entire planet. And they’re not much bigger than a few feet cubed.

(And I gotta say here, h/t to David Wilcock for talking about these in his recent documentary. I knew some of the details, but watching it really cleared up some of the specifics, so thank you David!)

The exceptional thing about all of this is that the Navy itself attests to the fact that these aren’t hypothetical craft – but, as detailed by the first article linked, actual working craft.

So now we’re talking about gravitics being used in US Military Blacksite projects for, potentially, decades – and this just now being made public now, part of a rolling declassification effort by the Trump administration.

Many readers may recall from my earlier article on Bob Lazar that he claims he was tasked with reverse engineering the gravity drive on alien spacecraft the government had collected through the years, at site S-4 at Area 51 in the 80’s. How the government got these crafts in the first place, Bob never tells us, but he has gone into great detail about how the mechanisms work:

Assuming they‘re in space, they will focus the three gravity generators on the point they want to go to.  Now, to give an analogy:  If you take a thin rubber sheet, say, lay it on a table and put thumbtacks in each corner, then take a big stone and set it on one end of the rubber sheet and say that’s your spacecraft, you pick out a point that you want to go to – which could be anywhere on the rubber sheet – pinch that point with your fingers and pull it all the way up to the craft.  That’s how it focuses and pulls that point to it.  When you then shut off the gravity generators, the stone (or spacecraft) follows that stretched rubber back to its point.  There’s no linear travel through space; it actually bends space and time and follows space as it retracts.  In the first mode of travel – around the surface of a planet – they essentially balance on the gravitational field that the gravity generators put out, and they can ride a “wave,” like a cork does in the ocean.  In that mode they’re very unstable and are affected by the weather.  In the other mode of travel – where they can travel vast distances – they can’t really do that in a strong gravitational field like Earth, because to do that, first of all, they need to tilt on their side, usually out in space, then they can focus on the point they need to with the gravity generators and move on.  If you can picture space as a fabric, and the speed of light is your limit, it’ll take you so long, even at the speed of light, to get from point A to point B.  You can’t exceed it – not in this universe anyway.  Should there be other parallel universes, maybe the laws are different, but anyone that’s here has to abide by those rules.

[T]he craft does not create an ‘antigravity field,’ as some have surmised:  It’s a gravitational field that’s out of phase with the current one – it’s the same gravitational wave.  The phases vary from 180 degrees to zero … in a longitudinal propagation.

In other words, Bob tells us that the craft he worked on bend spacetime itself, in order to move “downhill.” And the element powering the generator needed to make these craft function, worked on a fuel called Element 115:

Inside the reactor, Element 115 is bombarded with a proton which plugs into the nucleus of the 115 atom and becomes Element 116, which immediately decays and releases, or radiates, small amounts of antimatter.  The antimatter is released into a tuned tube which keeps it from reacting with the matter that surrounds it.  It is then directed toward a gaseous matter target at the end of the tube.  The matter and antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting to energy.  The heat from this reaction is converted into electrical energy in a near 100% efficient thermoelectric generator…

Element 115 is a superheavy element found probably on a planet of a binary star system.  Supposedly the craft uses 223 grams, cut to a triangular shape, within the reactor structure (in a cloud chamber it was shown to alter, by gravitational forces, the paths of released alpha particles).

Rare elements making it possible to harness huge amounts of energy, in order to bend spacetime itself.

It was big when Bob went on Joe Rogan’s show back in June, and while you should listen to the whole show, I want you to listen to a specific clip, which I’ve linked below.

This clip should start at 1:51:22 . Listen for a few minutes:

Did you catch it?

Bob named Project Looking Glass and he also noted that Gravity affects time.

When I first heard this, my jaw hit the floor, because it was one of those obvious “holy crap” moments I hadn’t ever considered before – but when he spoke it, it all became so obvious.

See, most people tend to think that a second is a second everywhere in the universe. It’s as though the whole universe is tuned into the same clock, and if it’s 4 AM right now here on earth, it’s also 4 AM on a planet circling Zeta Reticuli.

This is false. In fact, the only “constant” in the universe is the speed of light, and time itself is relative.

What is time relative to?

Gravity, which is related to mass.

The larger the mass, the more it pulls on spacetime, and the more gravity is produced.

The more gravity produced, the “slower” time is.

And this isn’t just high-minded, theoretical mish-mash. This is a demonstrable reality right now.

See, we have satellites up in orbit right now, and the clocks on those satellites have to have their clocks tuned slightly slower than the clocks we have on earth in order for them to remain synchronized.

(EDIT: A clarification: When dealing with satellites, you’re dealing with both gravity (general relativity) AND velocity (special relativity) – both of which affect time. Higher velocity objects experience time slower, but objects in lower gravity experience time faster. The net effect of this is that the gravitational input is much stronger than the speed input – given the size and proximity of the earth – so time still proceeds faster, in geosynchronous orbit. If the satellites were to increase in speed, the clocks onboard would have to be tuned slower).

You read that right: if we had two identical watches set to the same time, and we put one on a satellite and kept one here on earth, when we brought that satellite back down, the watch inside it would be ahead of the watch that remained here on terra firma.

(And of course, you also have to account for velocity – because the faster you move through space, the slower you experience and perceive time).

Weird, right? But it’s true. And it’s something all of the Military has to keep in mind, since they maintain the planet’s GPS networks. Without accounting for this reality – known as time dilation, which is itself a part of special relativity – our satellites would be an expensive trash heap orbiting our planet.

So while the first application for researching gravitics might look just like flight… to the educated mind, secondary applications – such as control over time itself – quickly manifest themselves.

And this is what initially lead me to Dan Burisch. (But again, more on that in a moment).

But regardless of how one feels about the likelihood of ET life existing, the simple fact is that the Drake Equation asserts it’s statistically probable that other intelligent life exists in the universe. I believe this is what Q was referring to when he said “Consider the vastness of space.”

And what’s more, is you see a chain of causation here, with remarkably similar stories being shared by various insiders and whistleblowers and disclosures. If the HAUC exists (and the Navy says it does) it means that there was a blacksite project that worked on gravitics. If there was such a project, and Bob Lazar has been saying so for over 40 years now, and that project was successful in reverse engineering this tech, it means 1) aliens have been to earth and interacted with humans, and 2) we now have the power to manipulate gravity… which means…

Q can see across space and time

Much has been written about this drop since the day it came out. I do believe I was among the first to freak out when Q dropped this, because I had been down this rabbit hole as I was learning about Lazar, and Burisch, and all the implications of this:

Admittedly, I shouldn’t have called it a “time machine” as that paints a picture of people sitting in something, going to different eras. I was just kind of freaking out that Q actually confirmed this, and wasn’t thinking of the best way to communicate the reality of what was going on. In fact, I had no real idea how to even approach the subject – which is why you didn’t really see an article on this at the time. There was just… too much to unpack – at least, for me, at the time (which was during the launch week of my book, remember).

That said, there’s been considerable work done since then.  Where We Go One We Go All on Youtube had an excellent video summarizing the main points of the subject which most following this will be familiar with now. Basically, the central claim is that there’s a device in Area 51 that basically creates a “lens” through which different potential timelines are displayed. And as the video says, this certainly puts a new spin on Q’s refrain of “They never thought she would lose.”

I recommend you watch this before continuing with the article, if you haven’t already:


But there’s something that’s bugged me about all of this – and that’s that the main video that got passed around at the time – the one featuring that Navy Seal, Bill Wood – was actually something of a fraud/disinfo operation. Bill (and admittedly, I haven’t looked into this nearly as much as I should have) was supposedly forced to admit later in court that he never was a seal to begin with… which is kind of critical to his whole backstory.

That interview is here, but the part that concerns Project Looking Glass starts at 1:38:00:


But I was struck by how quickly that video propagated across various social networks – and not Dan Burisch’s videos – which are not only older, but again – verify so many of the things that Bill Cooper said about groups like #Majestic12, and correlated Bob Lazar’s testimony about #S4 at #Area51. Most of the central claims have been documented by the same channel, Project Camelot, in their documentary series “Out from Under Majestic.”

That said, Dan’s testimony is not without its own problems, and his credibility has been called into question, too (see: And George Napp – who is a big proponent of Lazar – doesn’t like Dan. Lazar himself has supposedly said Dan has the “biggest bull***t story I have ever heard in my life.” Make of that what you may.

But it just struck me how one side of the story (Bill Wood’s side) was being propagated and shared, while Dan’s was being ignored.

Now, who knows who’s telling the complete truth here? It’s hard to say. Perhaps Q will provide some insight on this point. There are, however, a number of consistencies between both versions of the story.

  1. The Looking Glass functions by manipulating spacetime to create worm holes in spacetime.
  2. That the Looking Glass itself was built based on very singular, ancient Sumerian cylinder seals.
  3. The device itself is probabalistic, showing possible futures.
  4. In the end, those using the device were only ultimately able to see two potential timelines that humanity could choose, T1 (which included mass disasters which killed billions) and T2 (which is, supposedly, what we’re in now).

So… maybe the first question you have is – what on earth were the Sumerians doing with plans for such a device?

Burisch offers an answer, and frankly – it’s not for everyone.

See, much of Burisch’s testimony revolved around his friend with someone he calls “The J-Rod” (If you’re going “Where have I read this name before?” it was a bit of an inside joke I made a while back when dissecting the FBI field agent’s fraudulent report on 8chan. I was hoping Q would pick up on the reference, at the time, and maybe spill some beans).

In Burisch’s testimony, he says that the J-Rod was actually a human being from the year 52,000, who had evolved quite a bit, and resembled what we would stereotypically think of as a “grey.” The J-Rod suffered from a degenerative neural disease, but could also communicate through “entrainment,” as Burisch calls is. J-Rod was from the T1 timeline – which lead to the deaths of 3/4ths of the planet.

And as Burisch tells is, other J-Rods from the year 42,000 were the ones who planted the Sumerian seals with the plans for the Looking Glass, so that future generations would find it, create the device, use it, and create the cataclysm found on T1, which would eventually have humans evolve into J-Rods.

In other words, the J-Rods were trying to create themselves.

And the “Illumined” of the world were fine with this scenario, because it allowed them to plan things out and retain power for themselves.

(Starting to see shades of the “16 year plan to destroy America” here?)

(Bonus round: You know who Dan claims was holding the cylinder seals in the years before the Looking Glass devices were assembled? Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein. In the words of Q, “bake your noodle).”

Burisch would even go on to say that time-travel by the J-Rods have created paradoxes; what Burisch calls “Newtonian superimpositions” – which lead to paradoxes such that we’re starting to take notice of it all. I note this because it might be a possible explanation for some of the “Mandela effect” phenomenon we observe in reality – such as the who Shazaam/Kazaam debate. If what Burisch says is all true, I can definitely say I know for a fact there was a Shazaam movie! (At least, in the timeline I was in, before the “superimposition” occurred – if such a thing actually did occur).

So… Where does that leave us? Well, for one, I’m not saying I’m committing to any one of these “whistleblowers” interpretations. I’m really just presenting the information in as succinct and relevant form as I can, and trying to help the community weigh it out and dig more. I’d love for more clarification on all these topics from Q.

(In a “strange loop,” potentially. But that’s a talk for another time).

Which brings us back to… a conundrum.

See, we know President Trump isn’t just creating the Space Force from scratch here. No, he’s actually disclosing much of what was already in place.


What is out there, in space, that we would need to confront it with “force?”

Could it possibly be that J-Rods from 45,000 and beyond are coming to try and instigate the destruction which would create them, themselves?

(And I completely realize how far into Sci-Fi territory that sounds, but remember what Q said:

Now comes the ‘conspiracy’ label.

Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

Oh, you thought you were getting a regular drop dissection article from me today, didn’t you! LOL!

But I think you’re beginning to see why I had a very difficult time trying to compose an article about the Qdrops when topics of such enormity were on the table. Like I said earlier, I’ve been diving into these subject for quite some time now – so when Q confirmed Project Looking Glass during within a week of my book being released – well, on top of the burnout, the exhaustion, the sickness, the general difficulties that come with running a large Q forum, and the holidays – my brain just kind of said…

“Nah. Nah, bruh. Come back later.”

If ever there was a moment I wanted to walk away from Q, it was that moment. And yet, I couldn’t. I’ve seen too much of it which convinces me Q is still true otherwise. I may not be able to sort through all the specifics. I may be dealing with a near insurmountable amount of disinfo to sort through as well. But I’m still buckled in for the ride and wanting to see what comes next.

(Which, again, supposedly are indictments. Indictments – plural – in 2019, remember? If that doesn’t happen, and the can gets kicked down the road again – I may just walk away then – because I think that’s going to be a real moment of truth. If it doesn’t happen – absent a really frickin’ good explanation – I’ll probably be done, because I’m certainly not sticking around for video posts of convulsing grandmas).

All this is a bit overwhelming, and frankly, more than a bit loony-sounding, but I had to compile it all here to show the enormity of the information I’m grappling with. I’m completely aware of Its not just one extraordinary claim we’re talking about here, but multiple extraordinary claims layered on top of each other, in one nearly-unbelievable sandwich.

Because – just to recount and summarize all we’ve been through – Q is basically insinuating that:

We live in a simulation built by a massive intelligence, which is potentially one of many parallel simulations, which can overlap, collide, merge, and perhaps even tear apart with each other, and these simulations are populated by intelligent entities which are entirely other from us and which have deeply affected our history (and possibly even our evolution), and there are entities outside the simulation which affect us, and we now have the power to fundamentally control one of the most defining aspects of the simulation; spacetime.

Got all that?

Or put otherwise, it’s like playing Rust with admin privileges and extra NPCs… if God was running the Rust server.

And now, hopefully you see why I had to refute Dawkins in the beginning of this article. Because even though these are extraordinary claims, to believe them would only ever actually require ordinary evidence. And while we don’t have nearly as much evidence as I would like right now, we do still have reason to believe Q, and judge Q as accurate.

For now.

(Again, if those indictments don’t land in 2019 like Q said… I’m going to have SEVERE issues moving forward following all this).

But what keeps me going, what keeps me pressing in to all this, I suppose, is honestly my desire to know more. I want to know the absolute truth about the reality of our universe. I want to shake an alien’s hand (assuming it’s friendly). I want to bend the laws of the universe. I want to see the face of God.

The end won’t be for everyone.
That choice, to know, will be yours.

Show me everything you’ve got, Q! Cause I want to know!

Well guys, it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it? If you’re not keeping up with all the happenings over on Gab, be sure to do that. Here’s a couple links about Dan Burisch that I couldn’t fit into the article itself, but which you may find interesting: 1, 2. Believe me when I say there’s a LOT more to his story than I was able to include in this article today, and it may warrant a more thorough follow-up at some point.

And of course, if you haven’t done so yet, pick up a copy of my book, Revolution Q. Reception to the book has been overwhelmingly positive, and I think that’s largely because I designed the book to be both a crash course in Q for any newcomers, as well as a powerhouse of information for long-time followers. This is the kind of book that’s made to be given away – which I think will be especially valuable moving forward, into the future (especially if Q’s timeline for 2019 indictments holds true). I think it makes a great Christmas gift, and will be a valuable redpilling tool for all who read it.

You can pick up a physical copy on Amazon, or an ebook copy on all major ebook bookstores. Thanks so much.

149 thoughts on “The Enormity of the Implications of #QAnon. #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. “I want to see the face of God.”

    I think that feeling is mutual … a Dutch poet once wrote this wonderful piece of text, that I will try to translate as best as I can:

    Closure of the day

    Actually, I believe nothing,
    and I doubt everything, even You.
    But sometimes when I think that You are truly alive,
    then I think, that You are Love, and that you must be lonely,
    and that You are looking for me with the same despair
    with which I am looking for You

  2. Neon, you just totally blew my mind! It’s burnt out like a light bulb right now! I don’t believe I have enough intelligence to understand all of the things you just put out there in this article. All I can say for certain is that I’m still aboard this crazy ride, and Q is at the wheel. You are riding shotgun! I’m trusting the plan, steadily noshing on popcorn, and voting Trump 2020! God bless! Merry Christmas!

    • Check out Chuck Missler’s videos at Koinonia House on youtube. The titles “Time is a physical property” , “States of matter” and “Quanta and basic particles”. He explains a lot about space, time and gravity.

  3. This stuff feels difficult to digest because we’ve never thought this way before, but we are very adaptive creatures and we’ll be just fine. Eternal goodness and truth are ours if we choose.

  4. Hey, @NeonRevolt… appreciate what you do. Here’s a piece of sauce for you: I used to work for LTG Flynn. He had a speech he gave to the troops several times where he used the clip you cited by Derek Sivers about Leadership and the Dancing Guy to make the point about first followers… so there’s that for you. 😉 Cheers.

    • Hey Neon I always look forward to reading articles you put out, so I hope you stick around a while longer. I kind of know what you mean about tired and exhausted. I haven’t done near the amount of research you have in the last couple years, and I am exhausted. I thankful for all the digging you and others have done to piece all of this together. As I watch friends and family continuing on with their lives blissfully ignorant to everything going on, I have to admit I feel a bit jealous. I believe we have come to that point of the movement where the veil will be lifted for all to see.

  5. Very sceptical of the alien visits / tech angle to all this, but hey, it’s certainly food for thought. Trying to game it out, and this is what I get:

    It’s largely true, and the US Space Force has been, or at least can soon go to, places at FTL speeds (by cheating via warping space). I think I can stomach being wrong, because damn that’s cool!
    It’s disinfo for whatever purpose. A few Anons dig down dead ends, but aside from some wasted efforts by a few weaponised autists & some people turned away from Q, it doesn’t hurt much (witness the >=10% of the US population that follows Q – I don’t think the whole “aliens” angle has hurt the Q movement much!).
    It’s largely false, but has enough nuggets of truth in it (more below) that it’s a win.

    Regarding the nuggets of truth, consider these by a certain USN-affiliated inventor:
    a. A car-sized fusion reactor would be a huge game-changer, no question.
    b. Generating a powerful EM field around a sub or plane to allow for superior hydro- and aero- dynamics (but without it being a genuine Bergenholm** inertialess drive) would be a great asset for the USAF & USN, and could also be a legitimate defensive measure.
    c. Room temperature superconductors? Hell yes. Eyes his water-cooled PC…

    Related to #2 and the nuggets in #3, it could also be a long-term ploy to get the Chinese in particular to go down some blind alleys & waste R&D / espionage assets. “If Q was right about the political stuff / fusion reactors / whatever, could there be more in the other stuff?” might waste a lot of effort, especially for people like the Chinese, ie those who are almost infamous for being not terribly innovative or inventive.

    As to the religious stuff… I dunno. I don’t see any contradiction between a loving God and one who punishes us (he’s also a just God, and from the parental perspective, parents punish their children because they love them), but hey, I’m of those dreadful double-schismatic Protestant types 😉 . I don’t worry myself too much about that stuff though, it’s too much like in-fighting over the proverbial number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.

    **What do you mean, Neon, that you haven’t read the Lensman books? Here, go enjoy some classic space opera from a guy who helped the USN beat the IJN in WW2:,%20Edward%20Elmer%20(%27Doc%27)
    Best to start at “Galactic Patrol”, as the previous two books are more like prequels, and you can ignore Masters of the Vortex as it’s in the same universe but unrelated to the main storyline.

    • Forgot to mention, but get onto Owen Benjamin’s DLive streams sometime if you can. He loves all this conspiracy stuff, and I reckon the two of you would get together like a house on fire.

  6. Hmmm while I COMPLETELY disagree with your analysis of the Bible and BTW doing so not from systematic theology in my head – I think u may have blundered in venting/ranting/waxing eloquent/whatever else u would call it – about Christianity. I fully believe everyone should have the freedom of religion, etc. But in a Q analysis/post to spend so many words on your flawed analysis/understanding/belief about the bible —- well I and I am sure others didn’t “come here” to “listen” to that. What ends up happening is….. static…..static…….disconnect.

    • Amazing, you want to tell me I’m wrong – but you can’t seem to name my error.

      Don’t bother responding unless you can show me my error simply and succinctly.

      • Love you Neon & I love your work. I disagree with your article scientifically and theologically its all bunk I know but I still loved it. Im the biggest sci-fi fan I know, I love the places it takes my imagination – space and aliens, time travel, gravity, space-time, FTL travel omigosh (squeezes nipples)
        Sci-fi is why I studied engineering and science in college and I read the latest white papers for fun. I even know the only scientist I’m aware of that was granted a US patent for an anti-gravity space-craft. I worked with him our offices were next door to each other. It was a good theory since we don’t even know what causes gravity yet but his theory (sub-atomic gravity particles) proved wrong in the end. Out of respect I won’t say his name (I did say it on Gab) but if you google search it he’ll be the first name I’m sure. I will say he has a Russian name.
        All that to say we don’t know what causes gravity yet and therefore can’t manipulate it.

        Again I totally love your work man even this article that I absolutely disagree with. It’s more work than I and the haters do I’m not naysaying or bitching I say please keep doing all this great work you’re the most interesting person I follow. As I said I’m a huge fan love you bro and this critique of your theological argument is meant in the vein of iron sharpens iron-

        If we could see the future we would witness the day and hour of the Lord’s return. But no man knows that. Even if the looking glass has a limit to how far ahead it sees at some point we’d catch up and be inside that limit to see the future day of Jesus’ return. I don’t think God will allow that. I could be wrong God has a record of manipulating things to create realities we thought weren’t supposed to be possible biblically but I don’t think He will here for other reasons. (Mainly because it forces mans belief and not out of love His primary motivation.)
        The reason there can’t be aliens: they die. Man wasn’t designed for death. Nothing in the universe was. If you don’t believe the Biblical reason for the death and fall of the universe (Adams sin) then what’s the basis for believing Bob Lazar or other people in the alien truth movement? Are they more valid or honest or true? How do you decide who’s truth is more valuable?
        I think their claims are outrageous but the Bible’s claims are outrageous too.
        Why do you pick the one you pick? One worldview is more interesting or holds the things you hope are true more than the other but they can’t both be right.

    • I disagree with ICUBUD. I very much appreciated Neon Revolt’s perspective on the religious aspect and correlation to The Matrix and MMORPGs. I have been having a challenge understanding certain aspects of Christianity and Biblical accounts of Jesus as the “Son” of God and the ever present Holy Ghost. I will definitely be discussing this at my church’s Life Group after service this Sunday.

      Granted I am now going to have to go and confirm Neon’s claim that the “Hell” of Christianity is not even mentioned in the Bible and is just an “extrapolation made by some theologians”. However, this concept perfectly fits with my research into Jane Roberts’ Seth (God = All That Is, Physical reality is an illusion, Afterlife is whatever we believe it will be, no Hell but your own making, and there is no Good vs. Evil in the non-physical, it is all Experience of all possibilities/probabilities/feelings/etc. because we are all a part of All That Is.)

  7. On earth, element 115 has only been made a few atoms at a time. Depending on which isotope was actually formed, the half life seems to be measured in fractions of a second. Element 116 has even shorter half lives, again somewhat dependant on the specific isotope. In both cases they decay by alpha particle (ie proton) ejection. Had they produced anti matter of any sort it would have been noted in the scientific literature with great excitement. For more details see where these particular elements can be found towards the bottom right corner.

    On the face of it, I therefore find the power section of your propulsion schematic to be unbelievable unless you assert that the whole of atomic science has been subverted right from Einstein’s proposition of E = mc^2 which is a long long time to keep things hidden. Surely Epstein couldn’t have been blackmailing EVERY scientist to keep their mouth’s shut?

    I would also take issue with some aspects of your understanding of Christianity, but it would require far too long an essay than would fit in a WordPress comment and anyway I do not have the time at this moment.

    • Bob Lazar says as much about 115 – and talks about how what they had was a stable isotope of it; not what we synthesize – as you say – a few atoms at a time. This is why his binary star explanation is so important. He theorizes it comes from a place (specifically, around Zeta Reticuli) where this heavy element would be found in abundance.

      • Hi Neonrevolt,

        This is the second time I have felt the need to respond/reply or comment. However, if you dont mind I'd like to leave you with a little food for thought. Can you picture in your mind the Holiness of God? He said no flesh can stand in His presence because of His Holiness and when he created us He made us to be eternal because He is and He made us in his own image and likeness. And at the same time He desired for us to know Him. Which also leads me to believe the angel's in heaven are free agents and choose to love God and we have that choice as well. Gods Word also says that when John was on the isle of Patmos he was caught up into heaven and God showed him the things that would take place in the future he said whether in body or not he was not sure. So that statement made by John proves John was able to move into the future and yet still be here on earth physically. I’m not sure about aliens or not but one thing I know for sure is that God loved us His creation so much and desired for us to know and have a relationship with us. He humbled Himself came down from heaven taking on human form uncloaking Himself of His position and walked among us in the flesh knowing He would have experience the agony of the Cross as His Word says without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. He shed His blood so that He could bridge the gap between us and God pathing the way back to original relationship He desired with us. But because of His holiness and righteousness only He could provide the way back to Him. The fact that we dont have all the answers to me is proof there is a God. Also, there is absolute truth and if anyone says there is no absolute truth just proves their admission that there is by their own words stating there is absolutely no absolute truth. Jesus mentions in His Word that we search the scriptures looking for Him but are not willing to come to Him. Before you can ask God to forgive you you first have to understand that you are lost and in need of saving. There’s something very powerful in our words and that is why there is a great attempt to silence them. So there is great power in our word alone. God spoke the world into existence and made us in His image. All the things that you have mentioned just proves to me the vastness and how wonderful God and we and we are just a small but very important part of His total plan and purpose to redeem us back to Himself only because of His great love for us. He made the only way which was through Jesus (the perfect Son of God) and His sacrifice. Another small thought to ponder, look at the mechanics of a watch, or better yet our bodies and how they are made to heal and the anatomy of a man or a woman everything knit together perfectly. The miracle of birth, the beautiful sun, moon, stars, universe, oceans where their proud waves can only come so far, valleys, mountains, birds, snow, rain, wind, oxygen, and so many more awesome wonders of God. Creation alone screams and celebrates there is a God and He owns it all and gave it to us to take care of. The only thing creation does is freely gives and stands in perfect harmony. When you come to know one thing about the sun for example. God gives us the knowledge to know so much more that surrounds the sun which are are planets and stars and I could go on and on but I need to bring this to a close. I want you to know that I appreciate all the hard work you do and have done, I have purchased your book and I follow Q but this that is happening now is a God thing and it has been told to us through His Word. That is our road map to what is and will happen. God is pulling back the veil and exposing the darkness and He will deal with this. Some things we will never understand and others He will give us the wisdom and knowledge to know. We just have to trust that He is not worried He alone knows the end from the beginning and guess what? We WIN!! Or should I say we have already WON!! Take care you are doing a great job!! Keep going and never give up!!

        • What you said works for Neon’s concept of God. Think of God as the creator of this game we call Physical Reality on Planet Earth. He created everything. LINUX computers have what is called “SUDO” (Super-User Do) which basically places a system user or administrator into “God Mode”, but they are not GOD, so you should not be believe these “gods” are THE GOD… who by the way could and would probably create his main characters in the game in His own image. 😉 …and it is totally conceivable that GOD the Creator could easily (and most definitely) create and play his own character in the game (hence Jesus Christ) and would play it to be perfect per His game plans. As for Jesus dying on the cross for our Sins… yup! Just like if the creator of (name your favorite MMORPG) created his own game character… you would bet they would die in some horrifically memorable way… not like GOD really feels that pain, He just wants to experience it through His game of life.

          Anyway… nothing in the Bible goes against this concept. But, as game characters, we are only supposed to know what the Creator wants us to know… otherwise it would screw up His plans.

          P.S. The Looking Glass can easily exist… GOD can create anything in HIS world/universe. Many revision series create multiple endings so as not to have the series finale (or season finale) spoiled by spoilers from insiders. Why not have 2 (or more) possible endings to our Human Life series/season?

  8. This is what I look to you for—not evaluations of Q drops ad nauseum. Thank you for all you do—the time and passion you give to us does not go unnoticed. Your voice is so important right now and I suspect well into the future Into my timeline anyway.

  9. If there are 2 Primary Timelines (one dystopian/dark & the other beneficent/light) & allowing that time can be manipulated, I fail to see how the 1st would ever survive when interaction with the 2nd occurred. The fecundity of the successful timeline would spread throughout reality & cancel out the stagnation of the 1st.

    Truly, Dark to Light.

    • Time is not linear. Think of it as an author writing a novel. After a rough draft, which may or may not have been stream of conciousness, the author returns and starts filling in detail, characters, plotlines, etc. A previously written ending could very easily be completely rewritten and incorporated into the earlier chapters during rewrites,e editing, and finalizing. Maybe the producer didn’t like the dark ending and requested a happy ending. To the characters in the story (us), however, time appears linear.

      Now, imagine this book being an MMORPG that we are all contributing to the story and keep returning to previous game save points and then trying different choices… but, no matter what we do, the Creator of the game/storyline has ultimate “God Mode” control of the Genesis and Revelation of this particular world He created.

  10. That is why I hang on as well. Keep thinking I’ll walk away and let my grand kids tell me about the outcome. But….I want…need to know whatever Q and the “others” say we will know if we want to know the truth. I’ve made it this far and I’m starting to believe I will get to see the light and good come back to the world as the majority.

  11. Neon: have you ever happened upon They have been researching corruption since 2010, and their research is ongoing. I started to read their posts with #1. Holy Crap Batman! The enormity of the corruption is beyond comprehension! And that was what I read in post #1! I’m on post 10 of 60 some. My ears are bleeding! Check it out. Painter out

  12. Fantastic article. Your ability to synthesize this information is really remarkable. I appreciate all you do for the community.

  13. I appreciate all of your hard work. People who preach the gospel often earn their living by the gospel, and I hope you are able to live well from your labor.

    It does not surprise me that we have been kept in the dark about many aspects of God’s creation. God has his glorious plan that He reveals as He sees fit. The gospel was kept a “mystery” for thousands of years until the Messiah showed up, a complete surprise to the Jewish nation that was built precisely to help usher HIm in.

    All that said, I disagree with all 4 points you made about what Western Christians haven’t considered. I can tell you that vast volumes have been dedicated to those very considerations.

    I know you do not claim to be a theologian and are simply voicing your thoughts and your reasoning. There are many reasons to be frustrated with all of the various wings of Christianity over the centuries. However, I would simply caution you against stating in any way that Jesus didn’t die to purchase our salvation. No man comes to the Father except through the Son. Those who do not put their faith in the Son face wrath. Wrath that is Just. God is loving, but he is also righteous and just. None of us deserve heaven, we deserve hell. We are only reconciled to God through Christ. If you don’t believe there is a heaven or hell, or that Jesus’ sacrifice was required for our reconciliation to God, then you are lost. You don’t believe the Word of God, and believing the Word of God is the only path to God.

    2 Peter 1:20-21
    But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation , 21 for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

    The Word of God is carefully crafted and clear as to the necessity of atonement and of faith in that atoning work being essential for salvation.

    I don’t pretend to know all of what you have researched over the years. I enjoy reading your work and learning from you about these matters. However,I do know the scriptures. There is a heaven. There is a hell. There is a judgement. Not because I think there should be, but because God has said there is.

    Brennan, Comey, Obama, the Clintons, etc., deserve the wrath of Justice. However, God would gladly welcome any of them into His kingdom if they accept the gift of His Son. He does this out of Love.

    You stated:

    Full disclosure: I had a problem with the Western conception of Heaven and Hell for the longest time, however – and I mention that because I know I’m writing to (mostly) Protestants and Catholics (ie, Western Christians). The reason I had a problem with it is because, frankly, you have to erect a whole system of Penal Substitutionary Atonement around it – in which Christ basically takes on all the wrath of God which we deserved for our sins – in effect, taking on the punishment of Hell in our place.
    And a lot of Western Christians believe that as Gospel without considering that:

    It makes Wrath, not Love, the defining characteristic of God.
    If makes God fundamentally unjust. If someone commits a crime, and I as a judge punish a completely innocent person instead of the criminal, well, no person on planet earth would say any kind of justice was carried out, no matter how willing that innocent person was. No, it’s still clear I wrongly punished an innocent person.
    It also sets the persons of God against himself, turning God into something of a schizophrenic. I mean, really, if God the Father, and God the Son are co-equal and in perfect alignment, what benefit is derived from God punishing himself?
    It’s not actually in the Bible. It’s an extrapolation made by some theologians who come much later and get more than a few things wrong.

    And with that, I can already hear the REEEEEing coming from a certain corner, who have made certain “Systematic Theology” texts the cornerstone of their lives. But the fact remains – all this was an extra-biblical “innovation” which, at best, you can track to Anselm (Augustine, if you have no understanding of how the words he used were understood in his time, and how our understanding as modern Westerners differs).

    All of this is simply not true. Everything you state is “extra-biblical” is clearly stated in the Bible itself.

    Rom 3:21-26

    But now apart from the Law the righteousness of God has been manifested, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, 22 even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe; for there is no distinction; 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus; 25 whom God displayed publicly as a propitiation in His blood through faith. This was to demonstrate His righteousness, because in the forbearance of God He passed over the sins previously committed; 26 for the demonstration, I say, of His righteousness at the present time, so that He would be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

    Rom 5:6-11

    6 For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. 7 For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. 8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. 9 Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him. 10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. 11 And not only this, but we also exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received the reconciliation.

    Isa 53:5-6
    5 But He was pierced through for our transgressions,
    He was crushed for our iniquities;
    The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him,
    And by His scourging we are healed.
    6 All of us like sheep have gone astray,
    Each of us has turned to his own way;
    But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all
    To fall on Him.

    I respect you, admire you, and hope and pray that God will continue to use you for His glory.

    • I loved your comment. For some reason, I instantly took a liking to Trump, Neon Revolt, and others. And it is for these people that I pray most fervently.

      For if Romans 10:9-10 lays out the two-step process of salvation, emphasized by Matthew 10:32, Luke 12:8, 1 John 5:4-7, and Revelation 3:5 (beautifully illustrated by the account of the two malefactors in Luke 23:39-43)…

      …Then I suspect that my favorite president is not saved.

      But we are to live our lives as a witness: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

      Who knows, perhaps like Daniel and his three friends, whose witness introduced Nebuchadnezzar to the God of creation, who then converted him (2 Peter 1:21 -> Daniel 4)… Our witness will win others in these last days.

      It may get better for a while, but Revelation 5 and following has not yet occurred (I’m looking for the start sometime in the next four to six years).

  14. As someone who was an Indy car engineer I always found Bob Lazar to be credible.
    He does not care or want the spotlight and he speaks in ways in which I find compelling.
    Now for Neon, this article is what I call a mind stretcher, hard to process but will require deep thought of many “normal” anons. ( thats kind of funny,huh?) Anyway, I think I want to see some “action” in this timeline, I mean McCabe lied under oath, he should be in way deeper trouble than Roger Stone.
    I find myself trying to see how this will unravel in the next year and hope we can grapple with it.

  15. I was hoping that you would someday lead us on a tour of the view from 50,000 ft., and it’s been worth the waite. I’m not on bord with your take on redemption, as the oldest theological takes aren’t necessarily the best, because the Holy Spirit has continued to refine and develop the Church’s understanding of revalation: you can’t cram an oak tree back into its acorn.
    As for heaven, because the human soul separate from its body has no sense organs, souls in heaven are directly dependent on the power of God in the beatific vision to sense their “outside” reality until they are rebodied at the Second Comming, so I think your right on with that analogy. And I’m surprised you didn’t bring Plato into all of this, as I know that your well aquented with his writings, but I guess you may not have wanted to distract folks with the history of Idealism. But I think that what Plato and Atistotle had to say about the nature of forms and ideas could help explain the role eternal truths amidst all of the quantum fuzziness of alternate time tracts etc.
    As for all of the new Physics that may soon be revealed, the part about electromagnetic forces being capable of polarizing gravity and generating gravity waves I find almost inexplicable. That with all the electric screwing around that our physical science has done in the last 200 years, that no one saw any of this effecting gravity even subtlety is just crazy. And the massive magnetic fields around some neutron stars should have produced detectable changes in their gravitational fields and orbital dynamics. Oh well, I like the rest of us can only waite and see.
    Anyway thanks again for all of your hard work for our community (and mankind!) in the midst of all of your suffering. And may our Good Lord light your way through these crazy times.

  16. Yes, finally scratching the surface of what the Bible describes as the universe. Well done! Survivors have described people like Steve Jobs being granted access to this tech . Which makes one revisit iStuff in a different context.

    Don’t lose your faith in Christ Jesus. Keep digging further. It does get worse.

  17. I am right there with you. Grappling for 3 months on similar questions. SB2 has written that when POTUS says “illegal aliens” it means exactly that. Are these the J-Rods? I also wondered what the glowing round ball that POTUS had his hands on in the picture while in S.A. where we began the Alice in Wonderland drops. Is that the looking glass? Was that picked up and moved during the Las Vegas incident? As to church and the infiltration and dissemination, I have no doubts that the Illumadonkeys got in there too. So…if everything has meaning, and Christ came at the point in time where they were performing cruxi-Fiction which really was not that long a time span, was that on purpose because the cross itself is representative of our way out? As in phillip head screws? Drop the meat suit and your soul/consciousness can escape through the open screw hole so that you can be reborn in freedom? Or is it being dismantled so the entire box will open? At this point, the only amusement I find is the idea that Bevis and Butthead are the ones trying to run what to them is found alien technology! Blessings to you and yours.

  18. I fully understand what you are saying and what you mean by saying you are one step away from bailing on Q trying to get to the facts about all these people claiming to have exceptional knowledge about exceptional projects is impossible and as Q has stated question everything you are not the first to question reality and you won’t be the last my advice for what it’s worth is proceed with caution because this can drive you nuts unless you are able to confirm anything you’ll just end up with more questions than answers learn to accept the fact that you live in an imperfect world with imperfect people and be grateful that HRC is not President and is never likely to be President and pray the conservative winds of change turn into a raging hurricane that will sweep the satanic left from the face of the earth it is the best outcome any of us can hope for presently

  19. Would love “Indictments 2019”, but find it hard to believe.

    1) Q3354 The Storm Sequence of Events: Horowitz IG Report > Comey Report > Declas of FISA > Indictments
    This implies two big events before Indictments, and 10 days is not much time to squeeze them all in.

    2) Barr mentioning recently that the Durham report(s) won’t be out til at least spring. Durham’s working on criminal cases.

    OTOH, why not throw Schiff in jail right now for knowing the OIG report via the Gang of 8 meeting 2 years ago, and lying to the public ever since.

  20. The observation that we are possibly just simulations inside some celestial server is interesting…trade your rabbit holes for worm holes.

  21. To help establish a little credibility, I would like to contradict your assertion (you were taught wrong) that clocks in orbit run slower than clocks on earth. It is just the opposite due to clocks on earth being accelerated at 9.8 m/s^2. Acceleration is the key.

    Everything is waves of nothing.

    A sine wave is a circle in time.

    Waves are spin, or helix’s more specifically.

    Mass is spin.

    Time is (our) observing the direction of spin. Observations from outside see the past and observations from inside see the future.

    The future seen from inside has unlimited degrees of freedom, only constrained by Quantum Mechanics. The past seen from outside is a wave function collapsed into a singularity. That is the essence of the double slit experiment.

    By ‘observing’ the past we see collapsed wave/functions. The ‘future’ is created by the observer collapsing the wave/function in the present.

    What we choose to ‘measure, observe’ now, determines the future. AI has the ability to ‘observe’ and steer us to the future it determines.

    Look at Robert Mercer.

    Q is a magic trick, designed to free us from the past and let us ‘observe’ a new future.

  22. Neonrevolt (I don’t know your name)
    I strongly suggest you attend Steve Quayle, Gensix conference in Branson this July. You hit all the high points, Steve really does provide concrete answers to your quest. Love you book!

  23. Great article! Wow. I’m so in sync with your line of thinking here. I’m in the exact same place with it and I suspect that many other thinking people are as well. I’m giving a little more wiggle room for the present day political outcomes though.

  24. The sign of wisdom, Neon, is the willingness to consider that others hold truths that may be just as truthful or more so than those we hold. Jason has posted a very factual, straight from the Word, response to your assertions about those who disagree with your viewpoints. It is fully within context. To continue to hold onto your tenets of faith on your site is certainly your right. To denigrate others over their tenets of faith will not win people to your view if that is a goal of yours. If not, carry on.

    We appreciate your insight and glean from it for what we find useful; not as disciples who are being led into the light by a prophet or sage. When it stops being informative, we stop, since we are seeking truth. And yes, I purchased the Kindle version of your book and found it to be helpful. For that I thank you as well as for many other observations you have made that help the Q movement. I pray for your health to improve and well as your perception of the intelligence and understanding of humanity. I hope you find your peace and mission in life.

  25. Outstanding article. I am going to have to read it again. Parts of it I felt like Senator Kennedy reading the IG Report…that I was on an acid trip. As a Buddhist, I don’t understand heaven & hell as places, but conditions of life. There is actually 10 worlds or conditions of life, then it goes deeper….and I am on acid again. Justice for negative thoughts, words or deeds (how one creates karma) is not limited to a single lifetime. People limit karma to just the negative as they limit the compassion a being receives when they go through an effect in a future existence. I believe in UFOs & people from outer space because my mother saw a UFO. If you cannot believe your mother, then you really got some challenging karma. I love the Q community & not put off that they are Christians at all. I live in a blue state and a majority of my Buddhist community are raging leftists. So yes, I feel closer to the Q community. I am patiently waiting for the BIG thing or event that will be beyond leftist dispute & reduce their numbers. Thank you so much. Keep writing.

  26. You write ALL that confirming Q and then throw in ‘i’m out if indictments don’t happen in 2019″!? Really!? After all the dates have come and gone SO MANY TIMES, the next 10 days is your deadline? Come on, that just doesn’t make sense at all. But you do you.

    • Christy, I think I agree with you that relying on a timeline at a “time like this” is very limiting. I believe it was one of the first, if not “the” first Q drop that said Hillary would be arrested forthwith, but she wasn’t. And we are all still following Q. Remember, sometimes the information is not for us, it’s for disinformation. I have to believe the indictments will come, or this was all for nothing, but I’ve learned better than to believe that everything can fit neatly into a “time package.” If we were the only ones playing the game, we could maybe set the time frames, but the other guy gets to play as well, and that can affect time frames. But, oh, wouldn’t it be nice if it did happen this year?! O Happy Day! Perhaps Neon is a little burned out. With the amount of research he does, it’s understandable. Neon…….take a beach vacation and soak up some sun!

  27. Initial thoughts…from a complete Jesus freak.

    Time is something God created for us, He doesn’t ‘live’ in the same constraints. One day a thousand years. Alpha and Omega. He is there at the start and the end at the same moment. Can’t understand it really, I live in time world that He created and that’s all I know for now.

    When my kiddo was almost 5, they told me about God, I wasn’t much a believer at that point. “God talks to me, not like Hey I’m God but thoughts in my heart” “God helps me get up when I fall down in the play ground” Me, being me asked “Why did God make flies?” “Because He like them and you shouldn’t ask questions like that” (lol) Then kiddo started telling me, we are down here but we are also up there with God at the same time. Ok, too deep for me kiddo, but it did get me questioning/searching and to become a very deep believer.

    I don’t know if the arrests will be 2019, 2020 or when, I do believe they will happen. I can’t put a time on anything Q plans because it just doesn’t roll like that. There is no set time that I would walk away, this movie is freaking fascinating, zig and zag all the way. 2019 would be great but if delayed, no big whoop to me.

    The alien stuff…I’m open to seeing it played out but until then, I’ll keep praying for God to save His chosen and to choose more…

  28. As regards God, I’m not “religious” and I’m aware that The Bible was cobbled together by various factions, each with an agenda. Much of the Old Testament refers to ancient “gods” (mistranslated as “God”) who came to Earth with advanced technology and ruled in their own, cruel way. But enough of The Bible. It contains interesting clues to our history but that’s all.

    Matter consists of spinning vortices of energy. Nothing more. Solid matter is merely a perception and is dependent on the speed of spin (“frequency” or what some call “vibration”). Energy is conscious. WE are made of energy, hence our consciousness. God is the sum total of all energy in all universes. WE (energy souls) occupy “physical bodies” (matter comprising spinning vortices of energy) for a limited time. When the physical body ceases to function, WE separate from it but continue to exist (forever). We then occupy a dimension slightly separated from the one in which our current physical reality exists (resonating at a slightly higher frequency.

    This description isn’t totally accurate but it’s near enough for the sake of providing an overview.

    • Einstein suggested it is E=MC2 (sorry can’t do a superscript). What if it turns out to be CS=E=MC2 where CS is conscientiousness and the E, M and C are an illusion within Creation? Whether it turns out to be sub-atomic particles, quarks or super-strings all of us and the chair I am sitting on are made of exactly the same stuff. So why is my chair not sending you a reply?

  29. Trump said during his comments before signing the document establishing a space force that space represents the ultimate high ground. To me that means potential enemies of the USA are on earth and not from another galaxy or planet.

  30. I can personally attest that the Mandela effect is real. I can see the changes. All the alien stuff is old hat to those of us who have been around for awhile, except Q’s drop about project ‘Looking glass’. I had never heard of it before, and in researching it, it looks like evil incarnate. Elites of the world controlling timelines to keep the masses down. We need alot more than Q is presently providing. Why the Q holding pattern? Surely the time is now, before Trump is removed and while we have a window of time to actually change things?

    • No one is questioning whether Q is real or whether Trump is part of the cabal. There are certainly indicators–lots. No matter what we’re being told, we are not seeing proof. And no matter what, everything is about reducing God and His infinite power while telling us that we are our own gods. I’m done with this Q movement. Where are the supposed arrests? Oh, right. Things take time, although we have more than we know…

      • I am losing faith in the Q movement as well. Scroll down and read my comment and let me know what you think. I feel this is all tied together and we are being deceived, by the great deceiver.

  31. My head hasn’t exploded yet but most likely will when I digest all of this. The Looking Glass Video crystallized some of the past Q drops that I had no normal rationalization for. When Q predicted NoName’s death to the day/minute, well I just accepted it like a lot of the other confusing drops. But now we have an explanation that actually makes sense as to how he would know this. If the good guys were in control of this “tech” then why did they let JFK Jr. die? A million questions now arise if we accept this. Scary thought is that the witch had her own to use and with her desire to control the world, she was more than dangerous. How did Q overcome that?

    NR thanks for all the time you put into this research. You have been my goto source for all things Q and you haven’t disappointed here. Hope you feel better soon.

  32. .
    HOLY F*CKIN’ SH1T!!!

    Reading this blew my mind! What if this is all true? What if even a percentage of it is true. This is probably the best article I’ve read by Neon… and I’ve read almost ALL of his posts, even on Gab. Man, i’m still trying to process all this. Jesus Christ.. this is intense.From Telsa to Q, all while connected through the Trumps. And I thought the live action Cloak & Dagger drama on Capitol Hill was better than anything ever put on the big screen. Wow… part of me wants this to be true, but the other part is scared of what reality really looks like when it’s unveiled.

    What if Trump from a young age KNEW he would be president at such a historic time? He would have known he would be the one to save the world. That’s a heavy burden to carry around regardless of what age he was if he did learn about his destiny.

    • Personally, I think Trump knows EXACTLY how this ends, and it’s all good. The reason I say this is that nobody, nobody could take the abuse that he has taken for 4 years now, without knowing it’s all good. I don’t care how megalomaniac you are, or narcissistic as he’s been called, nobody could continually take it AND look the better fir it, physically and emotionally, AND actually GAIN energy from it.

      So maybe he was made privy to Looking Glass. Then it would be pretty easy to shrug it all off, and absorb the dlingd and arrows, as he says.

    • Crash Landon, congrats, you must have absorbed an astounding amount of information my man.

      “Going Forward To Look Back”

      So they take one of these craft that are capable of near light speed and put a walkie talkie or a cellphone on it and fly it at 99% light speed out to pluto or alpha centauri, turn y

  33. Gotta say this: I think “ETs from outer space” is most likely cabal-derived propaganda bullshit. I say this as someone who saw a big glowing multicolored blob floating in the sky which blinked out instantly one evening. I became obsessed for many years and absorbed as much information as I humanly could from all the sources listed in this article.

    I call foul on ETs because I’ve since come to believe the earth is most likely covered by an impenetrable firmament (see: Operation Fishbowl) and is most likely not a ball spinning at tens of thousands mph. I know. I know I know I KNOW. But the lack of curve can and has been demonstrated many times over by intelligent and credible people searching for truth. In fact many “flat earth” researchers started off with the singular intent to debunk FE and in the process had to concede that there actually is no evidence of a curve, or that the consensus math is egregiously wrong.

    IF there is truth to either or both there being a Firmament and the earth being a flat plane, that throws a YUGE monkey wrench into Q and the Great Awakening (as a military intelligence operation to disseminate truth to the masses). In fact I would have to seriously consider the possibility of a Great Deception. I don’t like thinking along these lines at all, but I cannot dismiss the empirical data that exists.

    Just something to think about. I’m not claiming to be right here, because I can’t know for sure one way or the other. I guess we’ll see what happens, or not.

    Peace on earth and goodwill to all!

    • A running theory is that aliens will be part of the great deception used in the end times to convince the majority that there is no creator, and evolution was right all along. The fact that q is pushing this really concerns me.

    • Until someone can propose a genuine way something physical can move faster than the speed of light anything from elsewhere is an inter-dimensional phenomena. Remote viewing likely represents baby steps in this area.

      “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Shakespeare understood.

    • I personally believe and know that when Q says “We Are Not Alone”, we aren’t. I believe the so-called aliens are demonic entities that we are told about throughout the Bible and the inspired books deliberately left out–specifically the Book of Enoch. The fallen angels and their nephilim offspring are bound to the earth until Judgement. These are what the Globalist Cabal worship and what they receive their power from. As for Q mentioning the “Vastness of “space”; we know there are “spiritual realms” where there are different physicalities, i.e. alternate planes. Yes, people are REALLY going to be astounded when they begin to understand that everything they believed their reality was based on was based on a great and terrible lie(s). Many will choose to believe the lie and will be deceived as so many continue to be and an even greater deception is coming BECAUSE of the exposure, imho. Gird up, people.

  34. I purchased 2 of your books gave one to a friend, she bought one and gave to her friend. The Lord bless and keep you in good health even as your soul prospers and all of your needs come quickly.

  35. Neon: Have you read the Seth Materiel compiled by and with Jane Roberts. Only material that I have read on the nature of reality that has made sense.

  36. What if Warhammer 40k is an alternate timeline we are preventing by taking record of ALL the wrong choices that were made with the intent of making ALL THE RIGHT ONES?! What if Earth/Terra becomes “Ground Zero” in our galaxy in creating a New Eden that thrives off the symbiotic relationships between our intra/intergalactic neighbors??? What if EVERYONE else has been waiting on Humanity to get this going and are ready to act as soon as we show our UNITY…

  37. Neon, thank you for this article. I have been feeling the same way about Q lately and have had a curiosity in all the other areas you’ve touched on for many years now. (I’m 69) but I was discussing much of this and the feeling of muddiness around the mass conscious right now just yesterday with my daughter. And lo and behold what shows up today??!! Your article has helped me put into words that tingle of discontent. I kept saying, “YES! YES!” all while I read it. Don’t abandon we less articulate people who admire your mind. Hugs..

  38. Concerning prophecy and predicting the future, there’s one story in the Bible about King David, on the run from his enemies. He asks God if going into a certain city will be dangerous and God replies “yes” and that he should go somewhere else. That seems to indicate the God is aware of different timelines and potential futures. Oftentimes in the Bible, the future of people or of a location will depend upon the actions of certain people in the present. That too, would seem to indicate that God leaves the future open; that nothing is written in stone until humans make their choices. The waveform (timeline) does not collapse until the choice is made. Therefore, free will exists, and the choices we make matter.

    I was wondering how the recent BDAnon’s assertions fit into Q’s assertions. Someone in the last BDAnon thread made a handy list of his claims:


    Claims to be insider
    some sort of 007 intelligence asset currently in middle east
    ayys (aliens) are real
    area 51 has made alchemy real (creation of gold)
    asteroid supposed to hit earth by 2030, this is the reason for creation of space force
    DUMB near/on/in yellowstone, shadow war battle happened and now it might blow in 4 months
    some sort of biblical plague brewing in california
    he’s married to a mossad asset
    wwiii about to break out, flashpoint is iran/iraq border
    black hole based age regression
    has personal convos with trump
    q is real but motives unclear

    I don’t know if this is a LARP, a disinfo campaign, or part of Q’s plan. I’d hate to draw attention to someone trying to stir the pot or sow doubt in the ranks, but I wonder if you’d consider writing an article on BDAnon one of these days?

  39. My mind was reflecting on many things reading your article. Some of those things were when I was a child and wondered how things worked. I explained magnet trains to my psychics teacher 20 years before Japan started to create them.

    I agree, that Q is deep, very deep. But along my path, I found a book called “The Adam and Eve story, The History of Cataclysms” by Chan Thomas, only 120 pages. I have the original scanned book. This talks of Genesis and the true translation of Sumerian text. (i.e translated from Sumerian to English and not into Hebrew, greek and then English).

    The strange thing is the CIA kept the notes from a meeting with Chan Thomas “classified”.

    But, this book coupled with Graham Hancocks books “finger prints of the Gods” made me realise the Truth was being kept from us. It is my opinion, that aliens are not aliens (they do exist, they must) but advanced civilisations from Earth that reside in space. Past civilisations existed and since submarines we can now see whole cities and Countries that existed before us.

    None of us can know the whole truth, not yet, as anons. But I think we will… soon. BTW, I think Cataclysms have happened and will happen again, I think they know when, they can’t stop it, they can only get us up up and away to save our species as we know it, Cataclysms have absolutely FA to do with Carbon… oops!

    Graham AKA Daddy Dragon

  40. Dark to light is not a quaint expression from Q. Jesus is the light of the world. John 8:12

    35 years ago I knew(epistemology) I had a savior when previous to that moment I knew not.
    From no god to Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    I’m far far far from perfect but by believing in Him I believe as far as the east is from the west that’s how far He has removed our transgressions from us.

    I’ve read your article and the consternation all of these disparate channels of thought cause in ones mind and soul. I’ve not been of this world so to speak for a long time. If anyone has the time I highly recommend the above article and have posted a mainstream news source. Here is a YouTube of Bruce Van Natta’s testimony.

    Looking glass may exist but the maker of heaven and earth truly is.

  41. How do you read Hebrews chapters 9-10 and come to the conclusion that Christ does not gives us a substitutionary atonement for our sins? Christ is the perfect sacrifice, He is the perfect high priest who renders that perfect sacrifice, the sacrifices under the law were a shadow and an imperfect metaphor for what was to come in Christ, we are made Holy through the sacrifice of Christ and makes the specific and direct distinction that while the blood of bulls and goats cannot take away sin the sacrifice of Christ can. Hebrews 9:15 specifically calls Christ a randsom for sin. In Leviticus in describing the sacrifices to be made anytime sin or guilt is involved blood must be shed specifically as a penalty excepting only the cases of extreme poverty such that an animal cannot be provided.

    To say that penal substitutionary atonement isn’t in the bible is simply absurd when there are Levitical sacrifices that are demarked specifically to be penal atonement and Christ specifically is said to replace them. Is Christ’s death and resurection deeper and more wide-ranging in it’s effects and purposes than JUST penal atonement, yes. But that is a part of it and to deny it is to deny that God was just in the giving of the old covenant.

  42. You are missing a lot of research in regards to UFOs .I’m not entirely sure of why you’ve gone off on this tangent and in the back of my mind I’m thinking you’ve been David Icke’d and ‘Santos Bonnacci’d too ?!? However….I’m hoping it is just because of what I said firstly..
    UFOs are from our time before , we reached phenomenal heights with our use of earth energy and utilising our energy too. This is our 3rd time here so maybe they are from the first time even ?
    There is life outside of our galaxy of course but we’ve not been visited for millennia since we did the experiment.
    That experiment thrust us into this loop.
    As we are spiritual beings those who remember can and do connect with many energy’s and can and do see things .
    Convinced for years that when Q says we have more than we know…keystone etc it is about us. The Bible is a story about us , churches built in reflection of us , God is within , Christ is the oil made in us once a month- either goes to heaven -Head or hell-heel. You’ve written about the pineal gland I think ?
    We are powerful as individuals and when we use love more than anything else that is what will change our world. Trump knows this. It is glorious. Gods love to you Neon.

  43. God Bless you, Neon, you have truly done yeoman’s work throughout this whole movement.

    I think Q has clicked with so many, because frankly, deep down, most of us good, normal folks have just had a sense that something is a bit “off” in the world, like everything is a game with loaded dice, yet we’ve had no mechanism to call it out, much less punish it. Evil always has the upper hand; the only way to avoid it is to keep your head down and not make too much fuss.

    Q has certainly hit on a number of fantastic things that make the “way the world is run” kinda make sense. It’s the “fantastic” quality intrinsic to phenoms like time travel, ancient cults, aliens, God, religion, etc, that gets us hooked – like 1980s fans waiting for the next Indiana Jones installment.

    But then there are the more mundane things, and here I admit that the bloom is falling off the rose a bit. Like you, I am focused on the declaration of 2019 indictments.

    Ten more days.

    Look Q, if you can successfully predict 93 days of darkness and the IP address of a newly extant chan, then you simply can’t fail at something as simple as “indictments in 2019.”

    I dearly hope this does not become another case of hype – of over-promising and under-delivering.

    I am willing to even go as far to say that the gloves don’t really come off, full reveal can’t start until Trump’s second term. Patience I keep telling myself. I’ll grant it, provided the other side of the deal is met – truth.

  44. Quite an article you put out there. I’m like you, it made me laugh when you said you wanted to know it all. Because that’s exactly what I said when I in fact entered into the presence of God, the Light. And surprisingly enough he said but ask and you shall receive. It showed me. And while I remembered alot, about HOW all of time and space and everything in it is connected, what I don’t remember is the ALL of that connection. I did at the moment, and yelled out Holy shit!! The Light laughed out loud, huge laugh, and responded HOLY shit, indeed. And I didn’t want to leave the “place” when it said I had to go. I begged not to but it said I had to, it wasn’t my time. Just before the Light winked out, it consoled me. It said, directly, “but don’t worry, you’ll be back”. Sort of like a see ya later. That was 35 years ago, and I’ve not forgotten any of it, except for the details of what I was shown that was not my purpose to retain.

  45. Great thread! I, too, want to know the absolute truth – though reconciling with Christian belief is a challenge. Thanks for what you do.

  46. Q writes disinformation as well as information, and we don’t always know which is which.

    Q writes not just for us, but for our enemies as well.

    I do not believe the overarching purpose for Q is to lead us into a portal of new extraterrestrial knowledge.

    I do not expect indictments by the end of the year, and I do not hold Q accountable for that. This is an amazing ride, we don’t know everything (we know very little), and things are happening. That’s enough for me.

    I imagine it is a disappointment for those who purshased the Q book to know that its author can lose his faith in the movement over something that has happened a number of times before. We are on the cusp of many of Q’s predictions coming true. IMO, this is not the time to bail.

  47. “and he can also see the future (which is, itself, a god-like power).”
    See, but not control, this distinction must be made. I strongly believe that God would never allow man to control time which brings me to The Looking Glass. Remember that Woods and Dan Burisch, spoke about an ultimate scenario that is inevitable.

    “This one drop combined with my own personal experience of seeing that craft lead me to months of pulling on a thread that challenged me in ways I never expected to imagine.”
    Disclaimer: What I’m about to say is not meant to be taken in a way that I consider myself a genius because I’m not, I’m far from one but….

    When I read statements like this all I can do is giggle a little because I’ve been watching UFO documentaries, reading Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, etc. material for a long time now and I see this type of information as old hat.

    I’ll put it like this—we as a civilization have in our possession the technological means to literally live out Star Trek. It’s the greedy, monopolizing, child molesting, Satanists who keep these types of technology away from us “useless eaters.” Which always reminds me of how God refers to us as his Kings & Queens. We are royalty, they are despots.

    “Alien encounters” are often dismissed as “demonic activity”
    Because they are and there is plenty of evidence to promote this hypothesis. Believing otherwise could open you up to the Great Deception further down the road. You should at least be careful about these types of claims.

    “I don’t see any reason to exclude the possibility of alien life having made contact with the human species – or limiting God to only creating mankind.”
    I do, I see reason to exclude it because if God didn’t mention this explicitly in his word, humanity would be bamboozled by this news. If only there was a verse to describe that exact scenario…Mathew 24:24…

    “And as Burisch tells is, other J-Rods from the year 42,000 were the ones who planted the Sumerian seals with the plans for the Looking Glass, so that future generations would find it, create the device, use it, and create the cataclysm found on T1, which would eventually have humans evolve into J-Rods.”
    So, the plot to Terminator 2? (sigh)

    “If that doesn’t happen, and the can gets kicked down the road again – I may just walk away then – because I think that’s going to be a real moment of truth.” And “(Again, if those indictments don’t land in 2019 like Q said… I’m going to have SEVERE issues moving forward following all this).”
    I agree, and I may also leave which I don’t want to do for a plethora of reasons, some selfish, some selfless.

  48. [2019] in a “kill box” means 2019 is dead and no indictments are coming in 2019. You have to be stupid to make a hard decision on any post. Durham won’t be done until summer. Then Trump gets re-elected and has ALL the moles and sleepers outed. Then the great “unsealing” can begin. Remember, we’re going after thousands of years of corruption. An institution this ingrained will need to be ripe before the harvest.

  49. This is an article of great depth and wisdom
    All of us feel this way at times with Q
    All of us want your last three sentences

    I can’t wait to finish your book
    2020 is going to be Project Looking Glass Year, think Mirror

  50. Second thoughts, after reading again. There is a book A Wrinkle in Time that I must of read a hundred times. When I think about time travel, I think of this book, this story. I’ve thought of this book a lot with regard to the ‘darkness’ so intent on total control and total power. Just my second thoughts, lol 🙂

  51. @NeonRevolt, regarding your lungs, take the supplement NAC, N-Acetyl Cysteine is good for overall lung and body health. I take two 600mg capsules twice a day. Look it up. I recommend it to everyone and especially smokers.

    Regarding the simulation universe, I think you are looking into Q drop 749 and the Matrix movie too much. I don’t take that drop as stating we are in a simulation. The people are a crop (blood and organs), their minds are controlled by the MSM.

    Again try NAC (and any who read this), it is great stuff. It guards against flu and colds and a good for overall health.

    Q is a believer and has seen it all, so it is ok to struggle with your beliefs. We all have to do deal with what we believe. I am not a Believer in Gold, blasphemous I know. You don’t have to believe in God to do the right thing and run into a burning building when the time comes.

  52. Just came up for air after a 3 hour dive into this and related rabbit holes!! Thanks for your hard work Neon. Don’t put a timeline on Q. The timing has to be right for that perfect day.

  53. Many so-called alt-media pundits have picked up the gauntlet and have been reassuring Trump supporters that the 2020 election is in the bag. That’s the biggest fraud of Trump’s presidency so far. It’s guaranteed that these carnival hawkers already have their responses written down ready to be posted for the edification of their sheeple should Trump lose. Gullibility is such an ugly thing, but necessary if only to keep some from going insane.

  54. Isn’t that simulation theory the premise of the 1999 film, “The Thirteenth Floor?”

    I’m hoping that the anti-gravity stuff is real. If we can tap that physics, this will will change as profoundly as it did with the invention and utilization of the airplane in the 1903-1910 era. By 1914, because of proven flight this became a much different world than it was in 1902, just 12 years earlier.

    Great work, NR. Your conjectures, like Dr. Joseph Farrell’s “Giza Death Star” website and his fine alt history books, keep me coming back to your website to keep searching for the real answers.

  55. Exactly. These are the unknowns that have torturing me all along.

    These hints. These hints are destructive to the inquisitive mind. I’ve always manifested anger at Q for frivolously dropping these mere hints without at least delivering “a punchline”.

    A great introduction always outlines the conclusion.

    The “I know something you don’t” Q approach, on such fundamental information, destroys one’s life, grinds one’s spirit into depression and complete alienation.

    I know I’m not the only one suffocating, it’s all over the forums. Many have picked on what Q has mentioned that is truly meaningful, none can find the answers in the open-source toilet bowl.

    While the majority are obsessively focusing on the political frontline and on the gore of CP (sheeple are addicted to reality-tv, social media and the likes), those that have always understood —I’ll say from birth!— that the fundamental questions remain unanswered can not turn off their mind, roaming in the background with these —and other— transcendent Q drops.

    It’s torture.

    The amount of information we are dealing with doesn’t help, either, I often need to walk away because of overload. There’s just too much of it. Add all the disinfo on top of that… I don’t take part anymore, I’m just becoming a good consumer instead of a truly woke, active, participating member of the movement.

    I’ve been fighting in the trenches of the net for over 20 years, researching, communicating obsessively, demanding Truth, Justice and Liberty. All my time was devoted to that. All of it.

    Now Q is putting me back to sleep by demoralising and depressing me with his hints.

    I know only very few in the movement will understand what I’m saying.

    Most of those that call themselves “woke” are no different from the sheeple, and just as aggressive. I don’t care.

    I too, want to see what comes next. But my soul is shattered, Q’s delivery is demoralising… and he’s already warned us it’ll be 80-20 anyway, so “same old shit”, right? What’s the point, then?

    • That goes to show you that man will always want to have power and control over others. Isn’t it interesting that Q and team gets to decide what we can handle rather than letting us decide for ourselves?

  56. You are right about Western churchianity—but perhaps ignorant of Christianity.

    Not Protestantism, which broke away from Roman Catholicism a few hundred years ago, or Roman Catholicism, which broke away from the Church in 1054, but the true historical church, Eastern Orthodoxy.

    Eastern Orthodoxy, for example, does see heaven and hell as ontological. And we see time in a way similar to what you describe. We see scripture as historical and moral, but also in mystical ways profoundly (cosmically) more mind-blowing than what you describe here.

    I hope you will check it it out.

    Thanks for the great work on our behalf!

  57. @Neon Revolt

    In the Joe Rogan podcast you link to, Bob Lazar specifically states that the 8 craft he saw (one time) while working at S-4 were reputedly (that is, he was told by his colleague) discovered during an archaeological dig at an unidentified location and date, and were fully recovered from there by the In light of that, it isn’t necessarily true that “aliens” interacted with humans, at least not with humans we would necessarily recognize as such with out aid of a good biology lab.

    Absent further evidence/testimony, about the most we can factually assert is that there reputedly exists physical evidence of non-human technology within present-day human possession. From this we can reasonably assert that at some point in time (yes, I know, that’s become a rather slippery euphemism, hasn’t it?) other-than-human entities existed, and that’s about all we can say with certainty. All else is, at best, weakly supported speculation.

    Thanks for all your hard work to date, Neon. Now go forth and “enjoy” the traditional reward for good work. 🙂

  58. Love your articles! Thought provoking with more questions than answers.
    Hoping for incitement’s 2019 but there’s always disinformation. All can read Q posts.

  59. Probably one of the most thought provoking and intelligently reasoned articles I have read recently… have surpassed your own stellar standards of research Neon……Congratulations. I was riveted for hours absorbing everything you wrote and watching the clips. I just wish we could Clone you and sprinkle your intellectual DNA like Stars among the Firmament of Mainstream Reporters. Is there an Annual International Gold Medal Award for “Conspiracy Theorist Reporting”?…..because there should be so you can receive it. Thank you for all your hard work. I will re-read and reabsorb it all again tomorrow because it is of a standard to do so. Why is it you always make me feel you are leading us all to the threshold of our own Minds……..

  60. Neon,

    I’ve been reading your articles since I randomly found the 666 article about Kushner.

    I disagree with your conclusions about Q. Number one being aliens.

    The question posed to Q was – “Are we alone in the universe”

    Highest classification
    Consider the vastness of space.

    You assume Q’s answer is referencing aliens.

    I believe Q is speaking about God.

  61. Thank you for your clarification on Orthodox Heaven and Hell. My daughter came to this conclusion herself by reading the Bible then taught it to me from the scripture. Yes, I see it also. The truth is found in the “fire”. Would love to discuss the End of the Age and the Return of Jesus with you sometime. I differ VASTLY from most.

    Regarding the things Q posts, I’ve followed (but not researched like you) Q since very late 2017 (just after Christmas) I’ve wanted to call him the most sophisticated Larp in the history of the world but something keeps pulling me back. Remember last year when an anon posted 2018 “already is Glorious” after Q had been posting, “2018 will be glorious” for all of 2018? Then Q corrected the Anon and said, “until those responsible are dead or suffering it will remain “will be” ” .Post 1966 ? I was CERTAIN we’d see arrests in 2018, now 2019 is nearly over, no arrests. But like moth to flame I keep following… with significantly less interest these days. If Q’s gonna unseal some indictments, make an arrest, make someone suffer or see that someone is dead, just do it. If Q’s responsible for Epstein and McCain, and ol’ Ruth’s cancer, say so. Cause the promises and patience are wearing quite thin.

    As for the other stuff… aliens and alternate realities … well, maybe. But what I want to know is, are aliens and the future interested in justice? Do they care about punishing pedophiles? Do 45,000000 years in the future evolved humans give a crap about societal meltdown and endless wars to profit political miscreants? Does the looking glass show Corney’s grandkids eating out of dumpsters?

  62. I really liked your book – best book on Q currently out there imo. Largely agree with all of this article – though I am coming at the subject matter from quite a different life trajectory (for example – I was not raised or saturated in Christianity, or religious doctrine of any kind). Q does indeed seem to be ‘true’ – certainly more true than the legacy media lies that dominate our species conversation still; and these deeper ‘truths’ may well contain clues to a quite fantastical human future compared to most contemporary projections, assumptions and beliefs. With you on all of this – open to and awaiting further data.
    However – I really don’t grok why you are placing so much emphasis on whether there are indictments by the end of this year; why is this so important to you? From my point of view this could easily be disinformation, precisely because of the potential effect of the fear of imminent arrest on the cabal and their minions. This ‘battle’ has been unfolding for a very, very long time, and the timetable is not dictated by what you, I, or any individual ‘wants’ to be happening. If you feel you need a break, subjectively, from this material, I can fully sympathise – you have contributed immensely – but I am perplexed that you would raise your own subjective desires as relevant in any way regarding the legitimacy of the Q project if it doesn’t match your immediate timetable.

  63. Several Biblical scriptures and observations spring to mind.If light is the only constant,that makes sense because the Bible says,”God IS LIGHT !!!”.Also, your analogy of the rubber sheet is akin to Psalm 104:2,Isaiah 34:4,Isaiah 44:24,Isaiah 45:12,Isaiah 50:3 and so on…There is something called the Bible code in which events happening daily can be found incoded in the Pentatuch using equa-distant letter sequences,but you can only use it in retrospect to confirm events that have already happened.It cannot be used to predict future events.That way it only proves that thefe IS a GOD and that he’s outside of time in eternity (the constant) and that he sees and knows what will be.He can travel back and forth in and out of time because HE ALONE IS MASTER OF TIME !!! The computerised Bible Codes only verify this fact which is their purpose.GOD would not entrust fallen mankind with the ability to time travel because it would be used for great evil.The Sumerian connection is found in the book of Enoch..GOD’S rebellious sons gave forbidden knowledge to mankind for THEIR OWN ENDS !!!THEY ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE GOD’S IMMUTABLE SPIRITUAL LAW OF “REAPING AND SEWING”Because as fellow CREATURES with us,THEY ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THIS LAW.So they are trying desperately to evade their judgement and impending damnation !!!They could care less about us,they just use us like pawns for their amusement and in an attempt to wound GOD.Of course they want to time travel and FLEE THE WRATH TO COME !!!The thing about time at differing speeds is in the Bible as well but the Bible characterises it as bowls filling up with deeds done at differing speeds for every creature(especially fallen “angels”or Sons of God-they don’t hold equal rank with Jesus who is the very words of GOD,WHICH ALWAYS COME TO PASS.GOD’S “WORD”BECAME FLESH BECAUSE HIS WORD WAS,”BECOME FLESH(HUMAN-MATERIAL)The devils knew it was GOD in the flesh,when they cried out from their place in Legion the Gaderene,”What have we to do with you Jesus?HAVE YOU COME TO TORMENT US”BEFORE THE TIME?This presupposes there is a set time for their judgement,and they were terrified when they saw God Himself in the disguise of Jesus,that the cup was full,and their”TIME WAS UP”The Terry Gilliam movie,”TIME BANDITS”is a satirical take on what the rebellious,fallen, Sons of God are attempting to do in reality.Remember,in the book of Revilations it says Satan(HALLAL)is cast to Earth right before the end(where we are now)and he is enraged and frenzied because he knows his time is short.The bible also states that it will get so horrible that God accelerates time for the sake of Christians to get it over with sooner.Jesus talked in Matthew that time at the end would “accelerate,”LIKE BIRTH PANGS”which come at increasingly rapid intervals,and are more and more intense.That is why knowledge is increasing in quantums,and chaos and catastrophies are happening. more and more frequently.WE ARE AT THE END !!!IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN,YOU ARE COVERED BY GODS OWN BLOOD FOR PROTECTION.IF NOT,”IT SUCKS TO BE YOU !!!”THE SAME OFFER OF SALVATION AND ESCAPE IS OFFERED TO ALL,SO MANKIND IS WITHOUT EXCUSE !!!

  64. I can deal with not knowing where we currently fall in the space/time continuum. Q can start with something simple. Like arresting all these criminals. I’m getting tired of the whole “The public needs to be educated” part of “THE PLAN”. Durham has been putting cases together for 3 years. Trump’s term is nearly over and there’s no guarantee of re-election. I’ve talked to so many on the left who won’t believe facts in any way if they come from the republican side. They will not have their minds changed. ARRESTS NOW PLEASE.

    • You see everything that’s going on, the blocks, the games, basically treason, and you just want arrests to prove Q? Sorry. Not. But I already knew what would have really happened to us had she won. It’s why 2 years ago I chose my side as Q. No going back. I’m content to wait as long as necessary. Would I LIKE it to be sooner than later? Of course. But however long this takes assuming it’s getting there, I’m good.

      • and you just want arrests to prove Q

        No, I want arrests for treason. Q keeps saying they’re going to do it. I don’t care who does it. It shouldn’t be taking 4 freaking years.

        • You have zero understanding of the scale of the problem. The entire world is run by a number of consortiums whose leaders are way higher in the chain than, say, the Clintons, who are merely puppets. Arresting puppets at present would be counterproductive.

        • We all do. But we have ONE shot at this. I don’t care really, how long it takes as long as it’s controlled, and we get them all.

    • The only logical conclusion for me at this point is that both parties share the same puppet masters and they’re all in on this deception. Until Trump proves otherwise–until he can do what he said, I am left with no choice. I refuse to be deceived any longer…

  65. I don’t know Neon. I think all things Q has done you well. Gonna bail if timeline isn’t met? So you say as you walk to the bank. Counting your green. Courtesy of Q. Quit pouting. You signed up for this. Chin up son. You chose this path. It’s benefiting you. It’s benefiting us. You’ll continue to reap the rewards of your efforts. Patience grasshopper.

  66. It is easy to tell that SOME of your posters believe [ live-by ] they have never been wrong. I have been wrong before, and certainly still need to “rightly divide the word of truth” on various subjects. This has resulted in the realization that we all are in different states of development, and must learn to be patient with each other.

    Enjoy :

  67. I read this column early this morning, been thinking about it off and on all day. In the meantime I prepared for the Bible Study that I facilitate this afternoon. Things like this always make me measure my faith against a new (to me) idea. Here’s where I’ve come to Initially as I’ve been processing this today;
    The interesting thing in all meta stories is the common denominator of Good vs. Evil.
    Whether you are talking about Jesus who conquered sin and death. He is “Team Good Guy” he is represented by Light, Love, and Life. He is the embodiment of “how to be the most that a Being, can be”. And the opposite of Jesus is an idea or entity that is “Evil”. “Team Evil” is opposed to “Team Good Guy”. Team evil uses the tactics of death, destruction, lies, darkness.
    You may be talking about a different representation of “Good” … like an alien, or a cosmic light but, invariably this “good” is a source of Love, and there is an opposing force of “Evil” that wants to destroy the good. This new information, that you’ve presented to us, an evil outside our realm, from space or a different gravity, is still the same dang story. And in the end, the evil seeks to destroy and wipe out the good, and the good seeks to encompass and envelope the evil and see it transformed into good.

    Biblical goodness is measured in a morality outside of oneself. It is Love.
    Biblical evil is universally accepted as pain in some form meted out on an innocent.
    This same plumbline is used when discussing the activities of modern man, or Alien beings.

    The bottom line is the truth in every story. IF Jesus is a myth, if aliens are a myth, … the MESSAGE of the myth is the same: Good conquers evil with love.

    I’ve yet to hear a meta story that has a different message.

  68. Here I am reading your mind-blowing article and then stopped to listen to a RedPill 78 and Tru Reporting interview with Johnheretohelp who was talking about the Project Looking Glass and Project Pandora but also about another project he worked on that was my blowing…he called it Project Deep Space 9 – the Voice of God. It is like all these things are falling in my lap to open up to greater things! NR – I truly appreciate your honesty in your writings about your frustrations with the q drops over time. It is healthy to hear those, be skeptical, still see the evidence and keep unfolding in life. I hear ya about wanting all the truth – I think that is so many people’s feelings in the q movement. Seeking every possible thread and rabbit hole to find out what is really going on! Thanks!

  69. Actions need to be taken BEFORE the primaries begin or they’ll get written off as election interference.

    From what I’ve been reading online some believe AG Barr isn’t going to start unsealing indictments till spring 2020.

    I have another theory if you have the time to read and investigate it.

    What if Q was created to keep us from rising up and stopping the immigration that’s currently taking place.

    Please keep in mind that the Greater Israel Project is suppose to be completed by 2030 according to some online.

    That means that everyone NOT of Jewish decent from the region MUST be relocated somewhere else.

    Everyone in the Arabian Peninsula SOUTH of the Tigris-Euphrates River and Sinai Peninsula MUST be relocated.

    Everyone from Egypt to Kenya EAST of the Nile river must be relocated.

    This includes everyone in Palestine/Israel NOT of Jewish decent.

    Where are those people currently being relocated to? Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. All the white European countries are being flooded by Arabs and Africans.

    If there wasn’t a plan to wipe out the European people, shouldn’t the Africans be relocate to different African Nations instead of the European ones?

    Now let’s look at President Trump’s action in regard to Israel:

    They asked Trump to move the Embassy to Jerusalem. He did.

    They asked Trump to declare Jerusalem the capitol of Israel. He did.

    They asked Trump to declare the Golan Heights stolen from Syria to be declared a part of Israel. He did.

    In return, Bibi renamed the Golan Heights Trump Heights in recognition for all of what Trump has done for Israel.

    Remember what Q told us “Israel is last”.

    What if “The Plan” is to keep us docile till Trump is impeachment proof, then they drop the hammer on us all.

    But Walter, what about the news media attacks on Q? What about 8chan being taken down? Isn’t that proof Q is legit?

    Let me give an answer from a military perspective.

    You create a psyop using valid information to make it seem legit.

    It runs for a little over a year (Oct. 2017 – Jan. 2019).

    The iron is at it’s hottest Jan./Feb. 2019 for actions to take place but nothing happens.

    People start peeling off to find someone else who will actually take action on the information provided.

    Q needs to reel those people back in, so Q has the news media start openly attacking to make Q seem more legit.

    It works for a short while.

    Then FISA is delayed. Declass is delayed. A larger group starts to peel off in hopes of finding someone else that will take action on the information provided.

    8chan is taken down in order to reel those people back in and make Q seem even more legit.

    So where do we go from here?

    What happens if nothing happens in the next 9 days and the bulk of Q’s followers begin to peel off in mass in the hopes of finding someone who will take action on the information given?

    Sadly, I don’t have the answer to that one…yet, but it will come and you will see it if you’re paying attention to detail.

    There have been over 800,000 children that have been raped to death in California alone and there are 50 Republics that make up this grand republic called America.

    Can you even wrap your head around what the national number would be?

    Remember all the children Obama brought in by train from Central America? Where did they all go?

    And yet, no one is even discussing this issue. Q just glazes over it.

    That’s all the time I have for now. Gotta get to work.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this if you made it to the end.

    • I do believe we need to shift to a “what if..?” and “just in case” posture if nothing happens by Jan 1st 2019.

      Q doesn’t even have to make arrests, Trump or someone could just reveal some evidence. There is supposedly tons of it. So they could give teasers (i mean Juicy teasers) to at least let the fence sitters know that we arent crazy, and maybe have a few guys in fatigues do a news interview, idk…

      They say Obama did secret pardons, why can’t they declassify those so the American people will know he did that?

      I’m in full agreement that we have to hedge our bets. Especially if our enemy can predict with such accuracy. I don’t want to believe its true, but, what else are we supposed to think? It’s been long enough & we aren’t even asking for an arrest.

      • Thanks for the reply Beerdrinker 420. This is the kind of response I was looking for.

        We military vets have an old saying “Hope for the best, expect the worst until proven otherwise.”

        Merry Christmas everyone!

    • You are spot on. If we could all reason this way, get mad enough and revolt as a very large group of those wanting what’s good in the world. Unfortunately, I don’t see this in sight. The truth is right before our eyes. We The People have been bamboozled…

    • Walter, no is talking about 5G, either and that will likely kill off most people. Trump secretly met with the telecom “giants” while the Kavanaugh circus was happening. The green light was given to roll it out quickly, giving more power to the giants than cities and municipalities. So here we are. West Palm Beach (Mar-A-Lago) has a 5G ban. So does Israel. What does that tell us?

  70. Neon, do you believe in the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus in the consecrated Bread and Wine of the Eucharist? I do, not just because it’s taught in the Bible and the Fathers, but because I actually EXPERIENCE Him when I commune with Him, in the presence of the archangels, angels and the company of heaven. Heaven does actually descend and envelop us during the Divine Service, and God does actually show us His love by communing with us in body and soul. Worship is not a thought experiment (as believed by a large swath of American Protestantism, whether it’s the ‘memorial meal’ theory or the ‘spiritual meal’ theory), but a very true reality embodying the physical and spiritual. I look forward to the Sacrament with great desire through the week, and thank God for satisfying the needs of my soul by His grace–my need for forgiveness and renewal–every Lord’s Day.

    That said, how does the model of reality that you suggest reconcile with the Eucharist? To me, the Eucharist is an eschatological reality that is a foretaste of the beatific vision and the wedding supper of the Lamb. We shall see God in our souls and resurrected bodies at the resurrection, and feast with Him. How does the spiritual get programmed into reality? Am I only imagining that I am communing with my Savior?

        • Ron, I’m Lutheran. Neon is Orthodox. Like Rome, we confess the Real Presence of the Body and Blood in the Eucharist, which is the historic and Apostolic doctrine. Lutheranism explains it a little further than the Orthodox, who take it simply by faith. Rome, however, added the dogmas of perpetual sacrifice and transubstantiation, both of which Lutherans deny. (BTW, Lutherans don’t teach “consubstantiation” either. Our doctrine is defined in the Book of Concord. )
          Without the Real Presence, the Lord’s Supper is merely a thought experiment, similar to a virtual reality simulation. I used to be Presbyterian, and I’m never going back.
          Try dropping by an Orthodox or Lutheran Divine Service. Come with an open mind. Experience Jesus. We love you, brother.

          • Hi Jeff, While I’ve never been to a Greek Orthodox service, the base chaplain at Quantico was Lutheran while I was there in ’93-94 (He introduced himself as one of God’s “frozen chosen”).

            I don’t hold to any particular “confession” or “creed.” Nominally a Baptist, I would profess to being a Bible Christian, as defined by Romans 10:9-10 (and illustrated by Luke 23:39-43).

            In my case, the term “Bible Christian” means I believe the Bible is true, as written, from beginning to end. Further, I believe that Jesus is my God, my king, and my priest, through whom I have access to the throne of the most high, before whose throne I may “come boldly” to obtain mercy and help (Hebrews 4:12-16) and… pursuant to vs 12-13 of Hebrews 4 (+John 1:1-2), that Jesus and the Bible are one and the same (I do not understand it, but I believe it).

            For me, the Lord’s supper isn’t a thought experiment either, but a time for reflection (Luke 22:19 & 1 Corinthians 11:24).

            It cannot be the real presence of the body and blood, as that would violate one of the 4 (and only 4) extra Biblical commandments we have under the new testament, wherein we are told to abstain from blood (Acts 15).

            It would also violate Hebrews 10:10, wherein we are told that “we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

            Relevant to the Q phenomenon, I am (apparently there is a term for it) a “historic pre-millennialist.” Which means I expect his bodily return, and subsequent ‘one world government.’

            TL;DR this takes place “at the last trumpet” Revelation 11:15 (which I speculatively expect, 2,000 years after his ascension to heaven in Acts chapter 1).

            It is a long way from the bright optimism of January 20, 2017 to Revelation 13:7. Particularly since the patriots seem to be winning, and the servants of the snake seem to be in retreat… The changes that would need take place to get from here to the horror of Revelation 13:7… are big, to put it mildly.

            Kinda like “Hunt for Red October,” where Ryan asks himself “how do you get a crew to WANT to get off a submarine?”

            My guess is “disclosure,” followed by invasion (Revelation 12:7-12… and from our perspective, Revelation 9:1-11).

            In the meantime, Satan and his angels are prepping us via “channelers” (mediums) who are playing host to familiar spirits, masquerading as “entities,” “Pleiadians,” “ascended masters,” etc. Folks like J.Z. Knight, David Icke, H.P. Blavatsky, Jane Roberts, David Wilcock, and hundreds more.

          • Ron, thank you for your service to our nation! “Frozen Chosen” indeed… your chaplain was truly a Lutheran. 🙂

            Thank you also for your perspective of current affairs in the light of the Book of Revelation. Have a blessed week, brother.

  71. I wrote this for a friend so it’s ‘aimed’ at answering their questions.
    Still it might prove ‘useful’, or not.

    Q is addressing the ‘masses’ most of whom are christian based, which means he is using the terms and language of the masses, ie god, jesus, satan, the devil etc. So in this context god means all that religion holds up as ‘righteous’ and true and god fearing etc.

    If Q were to tailor his language to those who are ‘awake’, the majority of the available ‘boots on the ground’ would not ‘join the ranks’ and the shear numbers of “digital soldiers” would be ‘insufficient’ for the task at hand.
    And the military, especially when it comes to ‘intelligence ops’ are VERY adept at steering all of the facets of the entire playbook and manipulating when and where adjustments need to be made.

    It’s a dynamic unfolding scenario and in this case not only are the lessons previously learned being used against those who developed and have been using and refining them, there are ‘new’ (aka home) additional ‘inputs’ into the ‘Q’ operation.

    And I figure the one factor that the institution of intel ops is simply blinded to is spiritual ‘development’ aka the return of our normal/natural state of being.
    This includes the return of our ’Super Powers’ and the institution has little to no experience dealing with it, as it is unfolding before ALL of us now.
    Well this is a disadvantage for ‘them’ and an advantage for ‘us’.
    A most crucial and freeing advantage, and there is no counter, especially if you take the long view.

    IOW Q is operating on multiple levels all at the same time and steering not just 1 or 2 groups, but ALL of the players.


  72. The part where Bob Lazar was talking about a pinched rubber sheet—how a destination came to the stone, that is more evidence that “aliens” are not intergalactic but are other-dimensional entities from a realm/field that’s out of phase with our current one.
    I know a man (heard personally, not from a YouTube video) who had an out-of-body/NDE experience with Jesus. Jesus was showing him several places in heaven and the “pinched rubber sheet” was exactly the way the man described the destination coming to them. As wacky as this stuff once used to sound to me, a science major with honors, the science and the spiritual are supporting each other.

  73. It’s a detail but I think Timeline 1 is the good one and Timeline 2 the chaotic one. Probably one where she got elected and setting the stage for WW3.
    The way I see it, Indictments 2019 did not mean unsealed indictments in 2019, necessarily. Maybe Q was pointing at important indictments that were sealed in 2019. Maybe they’re even bluffing. Remember Q is not here for our entertainment, and not even our information: it’s a military intelligence operation and anything they say could be disinfo or bait for the cabal. And at this point they’ve certainly reached critical mass and don’t have to fear losing followers – especially after NXIVM and Epstein, what do you make of those unsealed indictments? Nothing is happening.

  74. Dear NeonRevolt,
    I am a frequent reader of your work. I have been following the Q phenomenon since early in 2018. It didn’t take me long to be convinced that Q is indeed connected to Trump or/and his administration. I have been a long-time researcher on all these non-mainstream topics. Any way, you have too much to read already, so I’ll try to be brief.
    I believe that life is way too complex for it to have come about by pure chance. Even Dawkins was willing to accept the theory that life on Earth could have come from outer space instead of from chance. He just refuses to accept the concept of a Grand Creator because of his bias. But it really is illogical to think that chance could produce life, let alone the abundant and beautiful variety that we enjoy around us. Cogito ergo Deus.
    Now if God exists, he could choose to communicate with his creatures as he sees fit. Many of us that have studied the Bible in depth, have become convinced that it is indeed the way our Creator chose to do this. However, it does need decoding. And for proper decoding, you need his help (John 6:65). There are important reasons for this. Remember, the Bible itself say we are at war. (Ephesians 6:12) And, just like in the Q boards, not only the friendlies are reading.
    Once you come to accept those two facts, that God exists and that the Bible is his word, you are in a much better position, yes you are firmly grounded, to understand what is going on around you, and to avoid being misled (John 17:17; 2Timothy 3:16, 17). For example, on the topic of disclosure, as you write, there are many conflicting stories. However, the Bible can prove to be a very good guide to help you discern misleading claims. The Bible talks about a spiritual realm that we are not designed to perceive with our physical senses. It talks about creatures that inhabit that realm. And it has several examples of spiritual creatures adopting a form that can be seen and felt by us. (Think for example of the angels that rescued Lot from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, etc.)
    According to the Bible, many of those spiritual creatures rebelled against the Creator. They decided to live in the Earth and enjoy its riches, something that had not been granted to them by the Creator. This happened in the days before the global deluge. The Bible says precious little about it, but it confirms the fact that it happened. (Genesis 6:1-4) Now, we can speculate about what incredible advantages creatures like those would have over mere mortals. They could have lived as gods, each one taking its own part of the Earth as its domain. They were present during the creation of the physical universe. So, they would have knowledge that would allow them to, for example, build flying devices, incredible architectural buildings, and maybe even very powerful weapons.
    On the interview you linked above, between Bob Lazar and Joe Rogan, Bob mentions that he was told that, “at least one” of the so-called space crafts was found in an Archeological dig. I personally think they were all found that way. You see, it makes perfect sense. They are remains of that ante-diluvian world. There are other many other remains being finally identified or recognized as such. (See the work of Brien Foerster in that regard, for example.) It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Antarctica was the location of one such archeological site.
    The Bible tells us what happened to those rebellious spiritual creatures.
    (2 Peter 2:4) Certainly God did not refrain from punishing the angels who sinned, but threw them into Tarʹta·rus, putting them in chains of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment.

    When Jesus was resurrected as a spirit creature, having given up his human body and spent part of three days dead, nowhere to be found in the universe (hint, hint ;-)), he confirmed to them the sentence of destruction.
    (1 Peter 3:18-20) For Christ died once for all time for sins, a righteous person for unrighteous ones, in order to lead you to God. He was put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit. And in this state he went and preached to the spirits in prison, who had formerly been disobedient when God was patiently waiting in Noah’s day, while the ark was being constructed, in which a few people, that is, eight souls, were carried safely through the water.

    So, clearly, those spirit creatures are not dead, but are restricted in some way. They evidently lost the ability of materializing bodies for themselves. They became known as the demons and the Bible has quite a bit to say about them. Most importantly, it teaches us that they are dangerous and that they can still exert quite a bit of power over people that come under their influence. Do not trust them. They are liars and deceivers. Today, they are pretending to be from another planet. They are not. They are from another dimension and their time is short.

    Anyway, I could go on, but I said I would try to be brief. I would love to continue this conversation if you like. I have a lot more to share. You have my email, so contact me if you like.


  75. Gnosticism is cringe and ghey bro, you’re smarter than that. Also, Christ wouldn’t mention Heaven and Hell/Gehenna multiple times – speaking of them as real, existing places – if it was all just an elaborate metaphor. As well if any one part of doctrine had been perverted and unpreserved by the Church, then Christ would have to have been lying when He said the gates of hell wouldn’t prevail against the Church.

    Stop flirting with heresy or Imma have to go over there and beat it out of you (we’ll grab a beer afterwards tho, my shout)

      • Catalinafresh has some serious religious hang-ups. (Clearly needs to get some counseling or at least learn when to delete her snarky posts.)

        You are right, Adam Everson. Jesus did discuss heaven and hell often. Those with faith and the Holy Spirit understand what he is talking about and how his parables point to spiritual realities. The arrogant and learned of his day did not understand him and mocked him and his disciples. So you’re in good company.

        To Neon—once again, great article. Much to process and consider. Thank you!

  76. You’ll find this comment on time travel with formula interesting from George Van Tassel at 15:20 :

    When you refer to Lazar’s interview with Rogan, he mentions magnetism. So does Van Tassel – Apparently the time events are “recorded” or preserved in the earth’s magnetic field and one only needs to dial into the frequency of the particular event with the right tech or human tuning ability, ie viewing akashic records I’d assume.

  77. Can anyone reconcile the simulation with their Christian beliefs? I think so. “And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place.” (Gen 2:21).

    Interesting side note: “Closed up the flesh in its place” could be literal but also metaphorical. Securing and containing the realm of the flesh where it belongs, in place ‘below’ (acted upon and subject to) the spirit, just as a lower dimension would be kept in place below a higher dimension.

    This is the beginning of the simulation. In reality we are still with God in spirit and in truth. The entire concept can be contained in this: ***** That which is true and real is permanent. It cannot be threatened. **** (As an old hymn says: “There is no shadow of turning with [God].”). All fear, ego, conflict of any scale, the suffering which results — its all a shared illusion of mankind, a dream in which we imagined separation from God. Is this not the maya (illusion) of Buddhism? Doesn’t the wheel of life-death-rebirth speak of mankind being stuck in a cycle, with nirvana and deliverance “outside of the simulation”? Didn’t Christ say “the Kingdom of God is within you” — implying in many other places that man needs to be awakened from sleep (born again) and that God wants us to have life and have it more abundantly?

    Yes this opens a can of worms about our duty to those who are suffering. How to respond to those caught deep in the web of lies of this simulation? But love and prayer have never been meant to destroy our obligation to behave in a benevolent way. Giving and helping those in need is a lesson for the giver just as much (or more!) for the recipient. The suffering may be illusory and transient but the souls are not. And if we belong to a higher reality, then compassion and truth lead us to give even while recognizing the simulation. And helping others recognize the simulation if they will be see (Christ gives sight to the blind!)

    Note: if you are not a believer in God, then consider this: if God exists, a higher power of spiritual love, then what can truly hide from/ escape from/ be separate from such a power? Only dreams of separation can laughably attempt to exist outside of God’s love.

    Temporary / fleeting nature of the simulation is described over and over worldwide. Here is a short list of examples from the Bible.

    1 Peter 1:24
    For, “All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall,

    Job 14:2
    Like a flower, he comes forth, then withers away; like a fleeting shadow, he does not endure.

    Psalm 90:5
    You whisk them away in their sleep; they are like the new grass of the morning–

    Isaiah 40:6
    A voice says, “Cry out!” And I asked, “What should I cry out?” “All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flowers of the field.

  78. Fascinating thought that Looking Glass technology was “set aside” (disassembled, not used, stored in disparate places to preclude its use) for more than a decade to prevent catastrophe. I gathered that from one of the video links posted in your article. I think I understood that correctly. And not that time of peril has drawn to a close and the technology is in use again?

    • Correction of last sentence: “And now that the time of peril has drawn to a close the technology is in use again?”

  79. I’ve followed Q almost since the beginning and here recently things started coming together for me. There is a movement in the many of the churches today that started back around 1940. One thing it was called was “The Latter Rain”. Today many know it as “The Prosperity Gospel, or “The Name It and Claim It”. The actual name is called the New Apostolic Reformation. It is the religion that calls itself Christian but is not. They have taken the Word of God and twisted and turned it into nothing ore than heretical teachings. This is a movement talk by false teachers such as Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Todd White, Paula White,Joyce Meyers, Creflo Dollar, and the list goes on and on. They believe that because we are created in God’s image that makes us little gods. They also have began teaching God and Allah are one in the same. Many including Rick Warren have signed a pledge that says as much. They also believe we need to unit with the pope (not capitalized on purpose) and merge with the catholic church and their heretical teachings. They believe and teach crazy interpretations of the Bible, but claim to have gained new knowledge from God that is not in the Bible. They also believe that there is a revival that is going to take place and it is their job to help get the world ready to receive Jesus Christ’s return, but it will actually usher in the “Son of Perdition” AKA the Anti-Christ. The Bible says the world will get worse and worse before Christ returns to earth. Not better as they teach. This is where I connect the Q stuff. That there is coming A Great Awakening. What I see coming is a Great Deception by Satan himself and all his demons( ET’s). The following is a list of fast facts concerning this new movement.
    Also known as Dominionism, Third Wave, Latter Rain, Kingdom Now, Joel’s Army, Manifest Sons of God, Charismatic Renewal, Charismania.

    Its founder was C. Peter Wagner who claims that the Church of the 21st Century will be ruled by Apostles and Prophets. Wagner has anointed himself NAR’s “Presiding Apostle.”

    Linked with the Kansas City Prophets “who brought grandiose claims that a ‘new breed’ of super prophets were beginning to arrive on planet earth who would change the world forever”; likewise Word Faith and Pentecostal movements.

    Not governed by an official denomination, it is led by alleged apostles and prophets.

    Teaches that the new apostles and prophets are to be the government for the emerging “New Order” church.

    Claims there will be a reformation greater in scale than the Protestant Reformation.

    Claim direct revelation from God and many allege that Jesus and angels visit them in person. Some of them declare that they have visited heaven many times and had conversations with Jesus as well as the Prophets and Apostles.

    NAR’s extensive mission outreach throughout the globe has caused the astonishing church growth that’s happening in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

    Denigration of the Bible and Sola Scriptura.

    Experience oriented theology and based in emotionalism.

    Steeped in mysticism.

    There is no such thing as a modern day Apostle. An apostle was one who was commissioned by Jesus Christ and sent out to teach the Gospel.

    I just feel all this Great Awakening and the NAR are all somehow tied together and instead of a Great Awakening we may be witnessing a great deception which many will accept as the truth. The path to God and Heaven.

    • Grits, I think you’re absolutely right. There is more false teaching and bad theology out there than there is good. But of course, he warned us that this would happen.

      I too worry that the Q movement will be subverted by the newage forces of darkness. I’m seeing code words pop up in the Twitterverse that lead me to think it’s in progress “light workers,” “a new light dawning,” “love and light” (very popular with familiar spirits). You can see it in the apotheosis of Trump in some quarters. Still others have begun to push lies on par with “ancient aliens,” “lizard people,” “seed of the serpent” (satan had sex with eve), and other such nonsense.

      The movement is afoot. We may well experience a time of peace and safety as a result of what the patriots are doing. But it will not last.

      Stick with the Word. I would also recommend a YouTube channel by Michael Hoggard (a guy who pastors a church outside of Saint Louis, MO). He’s solid, gets his doctrine from the Bible, and regularly delves into topics that other churches won’t touch (Aliens, Giants in the Bible, Freemasonry, cryptozoology, etc).

  80. Hi Neon,
    I’m on your track for sure. The giant stuff and gravity differences are mind boggling.

    I did want to share with that I have been looking at early Christianity for the past 15 years. Approached as an agnostic but found the answer through their knowledge of the bridal chamber. This experience of the pleroma opens the door to another plane of reality already around us (no I wasn’t tripping) It is achieved by undoing Canaanite programming(we work on daily), developing a mental understanding of the divine feminine, & desiring a new consciousness. (9 month process). If you experience this other realm then you wonder no longer, you know what the Gospel of Philip is talking about. But much like Jodie Foster’s little trip in Contact, you can’t prove it & it’s your word only.

    The Canaanite bishops took over Christianity by 200 after gaining control of the scripture after losing to Valentinus in 150. They altered to slander women & solidified into the Bible. They went on to become the Vatican & we continue to see child sacrifice today.

    The early Christians were carving out that dimensional reality as the bishops shut them down. They removed the tools from us forever the tools to access & continue this. At least until the Nag Hammadi was discovered. We are so imbued with Canaanite programming we are unable to approach this literature now since our mythic mind is so extinguished.

    I continue to share this & push us toward that goal on Twitter if interested @jushangininther

    I have your book & love your work!


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