#RevolutionQ Now Available on Amazon!

Well, the big day is finally here!

#RevolutionQ has finally released on Amazon!


Revolution Q is now available to the world! Click here to buy now!

Right now, the Paperback edition is sold out due to extreme demand (my team hopes to have more in stock by this Friday, so keep checking back if you’re looking for a hard copy), but the Kindle Version is up and available world-wide.

If you’re someone who has already purchased and read the book: please, leave me a review on the Amazon page! So many of you left wonderful pictures and kind words for me on Gab. You could literally post the exact same blurb (and pics!) over on Amazon, and I would be thrilled to see that. Reviews really do help the book immensely.

While I love the look and feel of the print edition, note the difference in page count between the Kindle and Print versions.

The Print edition is 484 pages.

The Kindle edition is 827 pages!

We finagled every single margin and boundary we could in the print edition’s typeset to cram every last bit of content into just shy of 500 pages, but if we had spaced things out normally, this could have very easily been an 800 page book – as the Kindle version shows! Point is, Revolution Q is JAM PACKED with mind-blowing content. And now, with the Kindle edition, you won’t have to strain your eyes to read it!

Right now, it’s #8 in its category, right next to some very heavy hitters!

And I couldn’t be prouder!

But I think this book can go a lot higher, so tell your friends and family all about it. $9.99 is a steal for over 800 pages of fresh redpilling content.

And if you really have your heart set on a physical print edition (and I can’t blame you; it’s beautiful) – keep checking back. I’ll try to announce both here and on Gab when print editions are available again – and like I said above, we expect them to be back in stock later this week – but I’m not going to lie! Demand is at the point where I’m already looking at a second print run, and when they’re back in stock, they’re gonna go FAST.

Once again, if you’re someone who has purchased and read the book, I’d be incredibly grateful if you were to leave a review. Reviews are so important on Amazon, and I know that when I ask for it, you guys show up in FORCE, cause the QArmy is just amazing like that.

Thanks so much to everyone who not only helped me bring this book to reality via the Indiegogo, but everyone who has purchased, read, and shared this book with loved ones and friends. We’re making history, and this is only the beginning!

Once again, here’s a link to Purchase Revolution Q on Amazon, if you haven’t already!

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30 thoughts on “#RevolutionQ Now Available on Amazon!”

  1. Well by golly Neon you are correct! I saw the notice pop up on my screen. I opened my Kindle and there was REVOLUTION Q already donwlooaded from my pr-order. I look forward to reading.

  2. Awesome! I preordered it on amazon and have it now. I bought the paper version from indigogo and was having a difficult time reading as the print is small and the pages shiny! Beautiful book, glad I can read it now!!

  3. Yeah! Just got my Kindle edition delivered. Can’t wait to dig in – and I WILL leave a review. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  4. I can confirm from my own publishing experiences that reviews help massively to create additional sales. Specifically, in the ‘People who bought this also bought…’ section, Amazon are far more likely to give prominence to books with numerous good reviews, so every positive review will help bring Revolution Q to the attention of a wider audience.

  5. Neon, Enjoyed the book immensely and have others reading my copies. I did find some typos I wanted to email you so you can fix it for future printings. I can’t find a contact email or anything for you so send me an email I can respond to if you read this and are interested. Keep up the fight.

    • Don’t worry about that. Got a running list of leftover typos for the next run.

      If you would be so kind, however, I’d appreciate you leaving a review on Amazon. Those help me immensely!

  6. no way on the kindle. I need the print in my hands. This will be shared with my family. They have endured my 8cha/Q addiction for the past two years.

  7. Just as a warning – my paper version arrived damaged. Back cover bent, a chunk of pages in the middle somewhat spindled, some kind of ink smearing on many pages. I am going through standard Amazon processes to return and refund, and will order from the second printing. Something to keep an eye on in terms of quality standards.

    • It’s true, occasionally a book gets messed up in the printing. That’s pretty normal. Hopefully Amazon will get you a good replacement quickly!!

  8. i ordered 5 copies on amazon on 10/23-24 and the message is now that they have no idea when or IF it will become available again!?!? do i need to cancel these orders or will the books be forthcoming shortly? thanks!

    • Should be in stock and sent for you, soon.

      My people spoke with Amazon directly, and they said they had the pallet in their warehouse, and were just backed up due to Black Friday stocking. The pallet should be in their inventory by Tuesday. Supposedly.

  9. I just got done with Chapter 3, and I’ll tell you, Neon, this is one of the greatest stories ever told, putting this all together. All of the events, the people involved in an understandable way. I honestly think this book is the the what and the why of the IG report, when it drops. The actual report will be the HOW and the actual WHO from these cast of carriers. I can see now why the statement was made, “FISA brings down the House(White).

    you told it in an entertaining, understandable way from all the disorganized pieces of info that have been piecemeals dropped all over thye place, and then tried to be covered up by disinformation.

    Great job, Neon! n On to Chapter4!

  10. this is probably a stupid question for all you advance techies , but …..is there a way to order KINDLE versions of your book to buy as Christmas gifrs? if so how do this for us more ….delay non techies :). thanks and God bless

  11. Just received my book this weekend and starting reading it. Couldn’t put it down. 90 plus pages in one sitting. At this rate, I will finish it in a week. Amazing clarity and great detail. Thanks for writing this. It greatly enhances my understanding, which I will need in order to help my church members along when the time comes.

  12. Just finished reading this book… Thank you! I’ve heard a lot of what you wrote about in small bits but never had it all tied together. This furthered my understanding of what we face and shown the absolute terror we dodged. Thank you so much!

  13. Neon—I bought your book a couple of weeks ago, and have just finally been able to sit down and start reading it for the first time and really getting to take a look at it. Your book is so impressive just from the very start. Super high-quality printing, beautiful paper and pages, the cover, the size and weight—it is by far the nicest Q book I’ve seen. In fact I have quite a few friends who have authored books and this one is really over the top nice just from that perspective. And I know from having read your website regularly for a long time, and from knowing the story firsthand of course, that your version is going to be fantastic! I’m just barely into the first chapter but I can already tell that this is going to be one giant, perfectly researched and analyzed Neon blog post that I have no doubt will give me a ton of new perspectives, as your writing always does. I’m not sure why I waited so long to order it, but I’m thrilled to have it and will try to read it slowly, savoring every page. Great job, Neon—this is going to be read by a LOT of people and I expect you’ll be writing many more editions in the coming years so be careful not to burn yourself out. Thank you for doing all you do—I know it’s time consuming and sometimes not terribly rewarding, but you’re the best at it and I hope your voice is around for a really long time to come.

  14. An extraordinary and compelling read; I couldn’t put it down! I hope there will be a second book in the near future. Now I can follow you on this site. Thank you, Neon Revolt!

  15. I’m almost finished reading your book. I’m impressed with the detail and history research provided in it. It has brought back memories from many years ago that I can’t go into here. If there’s a way I can contact you, please let me know. I thought I was nuts then, now I see I must have had a vision of the future (no kidding). Thanks for making me feel like I wasn’t crazy all those years ago.


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