Breaking Exclusive: The Criminal Complaint against Fredrick Brennan (@HW_BEAT_THAT). #QAnon #8kun #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Update 11/07/19: As Fredrick Brennan noted on Twitter, both he and myself mistakenly referred to the document provided below by a number of terms. Brennan is correct when he says that, in fact, the document is a criminal complaint, which is something that may or may not lead to a criminal indictment, and ultimately, a criminal trial. As such, the article has been updated to reflect this.

Well folks, it seems like the Watkins have finally hit back at Fredrick Brennan, after Brennan’s relentless efforts to repeatedly deplatform their new websites across multiple vendors have come to a head.

For earlier today, the Watkins served Brennan with a subpoena earlier, and Brennan almost immediately took to Twitter to talk about it:

He then took to Kiwifarms to upload a copy of the lawsuit, where the users of the forum immediately began calling it the “#lolsuit.”

But for whatever reason, Brennan left out a number of items in the complaint itself (one can speculate as to why certain items were missing from Brennan’s upload, since he was given the full complaint).

Brennan also mistakenly referred to the complaint as a “civil” lawsuit.

It is not a civil complaint.

It is a criminal complaint, which, if the court agrees with, can will lead to a criminal indictment, then a criminal case, with actual jail time attached, if proven guilty.

To be clear, this is a criminal libel complaint, and if it gets turned into a criminal indictment, the Watkins have to prove “actual malice.”

Given Brennan’s abundant tweeting history (and the number of items attached to the complaint itself), one has to wonder how difficult actual malice will be to prove, especially given items like this:

And in the breaking exclusive of this article, I have obtained a redacted copy of the full criminal complaint Fredrick Brennan now faces, so you can see for yourself the pieces that were previously omitted, for whatever reason, by Brennan:


Should the Watkins prove their case in a court of law, Brennan will be facing serious jail time – because in the Philippines  – unlike in the United States – libel is a criminal offense.

And of course, one has to wonder about what consequences may face any who aided and abetted him in his efforts against the Watkins.

At any rate, it’s clear that the Watkins are now going on the offensive, and are willing to pursue legal action when and where they see fit.

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    • Lay person that you are, your ignorance is forgiven! Too much “Law and Order”; not enough time in the real court system! Wish I could reverse that for myself.

      Criminal actions in court can begin in either of two ways: 1) By indictment by a grand jury or a court; OR 2) By filing a sworn criminal complaint and personally serving it upon and arresting the defendant.

      Either way, the defendant is in for a wild ride and no, justice has little to do with the outcome .

  1. Judges absolutely hate that people do not get along. They ALWAYS want to know what each party did to mitigate the situation BEFORE going to court. Honestly, Fredrick Brennan really looks like he is going to have a problem defending himself after he wrote, “I hate Jim Watkins, I feel wronged by him…”

  2. YES!!!!! This ridiculous and vindictive assault against the Watkins family, 8Kun/8Chan/Whatever HAS to STOP!!! Brennan is a hate-filled little bitch and needs a dose of reality. He isn’t in charge of free speech, and he has absolutely no right to dictate where I can post or read commentary about anything or from anyone. The First Ammendment still stands, and this lawsuit will affirm that!! The Watkins family has evidence on their side… Freddie does not. If they start a GoFundMe page, let us know… I would donate to the Watkins family for the First Ammendment rights of everyone. Money well spent against the Cabal!!

  3. HW just stepped on a land mine, no matter which way he thrust himself, its going to hit wide. JW’s filing will draw in PBI and they won’t be playing patty cake either, especially DU30’s PBI. President Duterte (DU30) gutted PBI of its dirty cops the first year of his term and appointed PDOJ AG Aguire to clean up it justice departments. The new director who assisted Aguire as his ADAG has since taken over and she runs a tight ship. Cyber crime unit of the PBI will be stepping in who will more than likely broaden the investigation, so its not looking good for HW no matter how he spins it. JW iniated the complaint which opens the door for PBI and its very likely PIU will also run a parallel investigation. PBI & PIU generally allows the FBI to join their investigation when American persons are involved, however PBI/PIU & PDOJ retain full authority.

    So Jim just tossed a pebble in the pond that’s going create a lot of ripples for HW and company. Frenz, its not a small matter in the Philippines, its HUGE. HW is going to wish he was dealing with the US DOJ instead of the Philippines. HW, you best distance yourself from shabo because DU30 administration doesn’t take kindly to pedo’s and shabo.

  4. Mr. Watkins needs to start a go-fund me. I know he doesn’t make very much from the 8chan website. All of those that followed Q owe him a debt of gratitude and throwing him a few bucks sure in the hell wouldn’t hurt. I can’t imagine the expense he’s been put through trying to get his website going again and now this lawsuit. It’s people like him who have given so selfishly that I would go out of my way to help..

  5. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. HW, sometime it’s best to let things go and move on with your life. SHEESH!

    • ocularo,

      Criminal actions a can be initiated by a “criminal complaint” issued by a Court!!!. Not every case requires an indictment!

      Or maybe I just fubared the last three felonies I defended on behalf of defendant-clients ……

    • You’d be right if this was the US.

      It’s not. It’s the Philippines, where Libel is a Criminal offense.

      Thus, this is a criminal complaint.

    • You’re so wrong. Criminal “indictments” can be in the form of a Grand Jury Indictment OR a formal criminal complaint from any party. You are referring to US Jurisprudence. The Philippines has their own justice system and clearly libel can rise to a criminal matter there. Research before posting so as not to embarrass yourself.

  6. Non-boomer take here.

    It’s disappointing that the site is still taken down despite it changing most of it’s features, rules, and boards to mirror that of Reddit, but it just goes to show that it’s not worthwhile to cave to people who act in bad faith. Regardless of what change you grant to leftists, they’ll never be content with what you give them as they have no standard whatsoever. Like Mainland China and the DPRK, their overall goal is to have a one party system where they eliminate the rights of their political opposition by labeling them as terrorists. Not an exaggeration, mind you. They’re already starting with the NRA in California:

    You won’t be able to speak against them publicly and privately. They’ll dox you and fire you from jobs if you endorse or fund your political platform in the open. They’ll deplatform sites and content that dares to challenge their contradictory belief system like they did with 8ch.

    Additionally, they won’t allow you to defend yourself. They’ll give a slap on the wrist to their attack dogs that attack you over ideological reasons, while either removing your firearms or imprisoning you for fighting back against them. Don’t believe me? Look at Eric Clanton and PB

    This isn’t to say that you need to give up, mind you. It’s all the more reason to fight for your cause. Not an endorsement of violence, you need to help your allies and your enemies like enemies. Do not trust them or give them money as they’re inherently evil, vindictive, and dishonest individuals who take pride in being sadistic to others that they can’t exploit for their own gain. Pray for friends to recover and your enemies to repent for their evil.

    Would you want a future where your children lose their job for flashing an OK symbol, but where criminals are permitted to shoplift from mom and pop stores?
    Would you want a future where you get jailed for saying a slur, but obtain a equivalent of a parking ticket for intentionally (not accidentally or unknowingly, but INTENTIONALLY) giving someone HIV?

    Would you want a future where criminals are held entirely blameless for their own actions, while you’re held fully accountable for the actions and words of others in the past, present, and future?

    Day by day, they grant more rights to convicted criminals while reducing rights for law abiding citizens. Dumb leftists will accuse me of cherry picking or strawmanning, which is incorrect as they’re willing to platform those views while deplatforming us for talking about something milquetoast as GUN RIGHTS. Regardless, what is wrong with them if they consider theft and the intentional spread of HIV to be less harmful to society than intangible speech? It can’t even be justified as being Christ-like as theft and premarital sex are prohibited in the commandments.

    To be angered at any figurehead is pretty pointless in the long run. Even if they’re taken down or if they stub their toe, there still lies the idiotic belief that you’re responsible for the actions and words of other people. In the “tolerant, intelligent, and non-backwards” secular society, penalties are no longer ascribed to personal error, but to the errors of others that you’re remotely linked with. That means according to those left-wing idiots, you’re all terrorists for posting on that site, even if you didn’t endorse terrorism or those views at all.

    tl;dr You’re in the right because you’re objectively right, the world is getting crazier, and do not submit to evil.

  7. Apologize NR. Didn’t know case was in Phillipines. Still, did not see any penalties listed for libel. What section is that?

  8. This is not an indictment. It is a Complaint filed–to a prosecutor–by way of an Affidavit. While I am unfamiliar with “Flip” law and procedure, I imagine this document still needs to be submitted to and reviewed by a magistrate and, should probable cause be established (which it will, in my opinion), the matter will proceed.

    While criminal violations are alleged here, Wheels is being referred to as Respondent rather than defendant, which indicates to me this leans toward a civil matter; however, the violations could indeed lead to a criminal case.

  9. He means it’s Civil law (French/Spanish Tradition) vs Common Law (English hence American)

    He doesn’t mean it’s civil court vs criminal court

  10. This was filed in the Philippines, NOT the US. Laws outside the US are much stricter. Read the article again. Thx for the update NR


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