Fast and Furious on Steroids? #DoDAnon Exposes the Pohlad Shell Game and @AmyKlobuchar’s Missing Billions. #GreatAwakening

The Chans have a long history of insiders dropping intel to the Anons. From MegaAnon, to FBIAnon, to QAnon himself, the army of decentralized weaponized autists are always ready to dig and meme… if the insider is able to prove he’s more than just another LARP vying for people’s attention.

Cut to the evening of the 29th, when a new insider appeared, and subsequently made some staggering claims:

So Anon is claiming there is a shell corp that is affiliated to a politician running for President, which is also connected to pro-Sports, Hollywood, and which he and his team have been able to trace over 10 billion dollars of undelivered Navy equipment to, all located in West Georgia.

Staggering claims, to be sure – but exactly the kind of thing that engages Anons’ autism.

I’ll be calling this particular Anon #DoDAnon for the duration of this article (though yes, he’s only an auditor, and not an official employee of the DoD).

I originally posted the thread over on Gab, so some of my readers will have undoubtedly already pored through this thread, but I wanted to take some time to write up a more thorough investigation into the claims being made by DoDAnon here.

I’ll add here to expect unfiltered language from Anons in this thread. I’ve had to put this disclaimer in before: just because I’m posting screencaps of what Anons said, it doesn’t mean I personally agree with them. I’m adding their uncensored posts for context, and for thorough reporting purposes. This should not be seen as an endorsement.

And of course, as always, Anons take everything with a grain of salt. These may be interesting claims from DoDAnon, but bona fides of some sort are always required:


For whatever reason, Anon doesn’t trust the Inspector General, and prefers to leak to Anons.

We can speculate as to the motive here, and that’s always important; to see how the intel being dropped fits into the broader gestalt, but for now, let’s continue and see what DodAnon has to say:

DoDAnon then comes back and actually delivers proofs:

Not bad proofs, if you ask me. After all, there is only so much DoDAnon can say without giving away his ID, and thus, jeopardizing his safety.

Anon then asks DoDAnon a question:

Bread and circuses they may be, sure… but I think DoDAnon is a bit blackpilled on this point, frankly.

Anon asked DoDAnon to prove he was actually taking the pics he posted, and not just grabbing them off a search engine.

The way to prove it is to write something related to the thread on a piece of paper, and take another photo with the previous items – in this case, the coaster he had photographed the DOD lanyard against.

This does at least prove that the photos are current.

The thread gets a bit complicated here, because Anon actually hopped IPs, and got a new ID: KKpU69En. I’ve tried to include relevant Anon posts for context, where appropriate:

lol DoDAnon is a savage.

Same agency as Stephen Paddock??

I had to double-check this one.

Wikipedia validates this claim.

It might be worthwhile to leave this link here, in case anyone needs more background info on this agency:

Defense Contract Audit Agency

The Defense Contract Audit Agency ( DCAA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense under the direction of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). It was established in 1965 to perform all contract audits for the Department of Defense. Previously, the various branches of military service were responsible for their own contract audits.

Note the different regions involved. If what DoDAnon says is true, this has crossed state borders several times, and must be big.


Anon claims he’ll be on TV on 10/1.

We shall see. That would be the ultimate proof.

85 was the year Paddock was employed.

DoDAnon asks a surprising question here… but perhaps even more surprising is the answer he would soon give:

Interesting connection, no?

Fits with a lot of what Q has told us, and what Anons have dug up over time. Consider, for instance, the strange case of the Knights of Malta, as documented by Anons on the QResearch board:

Rothschilds, Windsors, and the IMF, all in one photo. Lovely.

And art sales being cited as a “legal” form of money laundering, once again:

Some may recall this post (and the linked post on Voat) from 2018, which thoroughly dissected this topic:

The meme here, for those who might not be familiar with the lingo, DoDAnon is referencing is that India has a problem with open defecation. That’s why he’s calling them “Poos.”

He’s saying India will be conscripted in any kind of fight if it ends up boiling over into England vs. America.

It’s a theory, to be sure, but we’ll see how that works in practice.

This is true, actually, and has even been acknowledged by the MSM for some time now:

Bush, They Say, Is Indeed a Connecticut Yankee From King Henry’s Court

This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Please send reports of such problems to [email protected].

Burke’s Peerage today released a report tracing the Vice President’s family tree to the 1400’s. The study by Burke’s senior genealogist, Roger Powell, and an American colleague, William Ward, found that Mr. Bush has more connections to British and European royalty than any President of the United States. Queen’s 13th Cousin

For example, Mr. Bush is a 13th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and is related to all members of the British royal family, according to Burke’s genealogists. Moreover, he is related to all those who have married into the British royal family, like the Queen Mother, the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York. Mr. Bush is also related to all current European monarchs on or off the throne, including the King of Albania.

And of course, we’ve all seen by now the other reports how over 40 Presidents are all related to each other – including Obama to the Bushes.

So yeah, essentially, what DoDAnon is implying here is Merovingian bloodline stuff.

Oh boy. The Merovingian rabbit hole.

I talk about this some in my book, Revolution Q, but for our purposes, there’s a great writeup by David Icke which will give you all the essential pieces for understanding the basics about this bloodline:


The Windsor-Bush Bloodline

by David Icke I have recently been sent a series of genealogical charts which detail a bloodline and its off shoots that will be highly relevant to the readers of The Biggest Secret. I had no idea of their existence when I wrote The Biggest Secret.

I will say here, I think the fundamental mistake Icke makes is in calling this a “reptilian” bloodline – and that’s a fatal error for him. For some reason, Icke actually believed in literal reptilians, and that people like the Bushes and the Windsors are shapeshifters of some sort.

In reality, I believe it’s much more simple than that: an ancient chaos serpent cult that stretches back in time simply known as the Brotherhood of the Snake. (Again, I go much more in-depth on this subject in my book).

No shapeshifting subterranean species of lizardmen required.

But with that said, much of his info in that piece is spot on and verifiable through other sources.  So read it… but read it while not making the same fatal leap into lizard territory that Icke makes.



DoDAnon got proper spooped by his investigation.


Anon hops routers and changes back to his old ID:

Interesting bit of codespeak from DoDAnon there:

“Things happen in twos a lot.”

Keep that mind moving forward.

Anon was looking at the Defect Contract Audit Agency offices on Google Maps.

DoDAnon confirms what I suspected; that this is indeed crossing regional lines, and thus, a big case.

DoDAnon then switches IPs again, to call out a British Anon:

Anon immediately thought of the missing trillions Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11:

It’s interesting that DoDAnon seems to refer back to the “Tranny” issue repeatedly. I know it’s not a PC thing to say, but transvestites are the ultimate form of tax cattle. They’ll never have real families, since you absolutely need gender roles for a family to truly function in a healthy and complete manner. As a result, they’re often rootless. They’re also often chemically or surgically gelded, so they have no real future beyond whatever entertainment they can draw out of the present moment. They’re atomized human beings; utterly weakened from the inside-out.

If the family and the church have traditionally stood in opposition to Government overreach and tyranny, the Transvestite welcomes it with open arms, since they essentially have no alternative.

“his being outed tomorrow?”


Does DoDAnon know of more Biden news incoming?

More breadcrumbs. The above image is from the film 12 Years a Slave.

Anons started digging:

DoDAnon comes back with a Q-related image, basically confirming what Anon would write about River Road Entertainment:

That narrows it down quite a bit, as we’ll soon see.

And this is the kind of connection that you need to know about in advance to be able to write drops around. That’s the funny thing about intel. You need to know it inside-out, if you’re going to try to communicate it to others. (And I speak from experience, what with my previously #BlackListAnon drops, which many of you will remember).


Klobuchar definitely seems to be the candidate in question.

The Pohlad Companies website offers a wealth of corroboration:

Who we are

We are a diverse group of businesses united by a proud legacy, creating value and opportunities for our employees, customers and communities. Founded by Carl R. Pohlad in the 1950s, and now managed by his three sons (Jim, Bob and Bill), the organization has grown and diversified over the years.

Anon got the PaR Systems part right, here, which, I think, prompted DoDAnon to respond. More on that in a moment.

As for DoDAnon’s picture, that comes straight from the Pohlad site, and is of Bert Colianni:

Bert Colianni oversees the numerous and diverse operating companies and investments of Marquette Companies, LLC. Bert has been with the Pohlad family since 1982 when he began work as a controller in their banking organization. He has served in numerous executive positions and industries for the Pohlads including as CEO for their previously owned and large banking organization, and 20 years of experience overseeing their commercial real estate services, finance, and investing businesses. Prior to joining the Pohlads, Bert was an audit manager for Coopers & Lybrand, now called PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Bert maintains extensive commitments working to support the Twin Cities community. Bert serves on the executive committee of the board of Greater MSP, as board chair of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library of St. John’s University, and as a trustee of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Minneapolis, MN. He also serves as board chair of Optum Bank, an industrial bank subsidiary of United Health Group. He has served as chair of the boards of the University Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation, Breck School Board of Trustees, the Downtown Council of Minneapolis, and CommonBond Communities. He is an active fundraiser for many civic organizations, foundations, colleges, and other charitable organizations and has served on many other such boards.

Bert graduated in 1976 from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a B.B.S. in Accounting, and he received the school’s Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award in 1996. Bert received his C.P.A. certificate in 1978. In 2017 Bert and his wife, Suzie, were honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Minnesota Chapter with their Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award. He and his wife live Minneapolis, Minnesota having raised four children and now enjoying their eight grandchildren.


Sounds like he’s implying some very serious things here, about this man in particular… I don’t think I need to say more to my readers, as they can figure it out from the context of the drop. Needless to say, it’s not good.




Anon picked up on the PaR thread again, and DoDAnon responds with a “dig dig dig” gif.

PaR Marine – Ship Technology

PaR Marine, a division of PaR Systems Inc, includes the companies Jered LLC, Marine Systems Technology (MST) and PaR Marine…Read More…

Anons did start to dig, and one immediately found the shared location of the shell companies almost immediately:

Anon provides a street view:

Anon notices that the location may even be strategically placed:


Far cry from Springmeier’s “13 Bloodlines.” But in all fairness, if you’ve ever actually listened to Springmeier speak, he basically says that there are A LOT more than 13, and that 13 was just kind of a memorable number which helped him get the message out.

Bingo. Direct tie between the Pohlads and Klobuchar.

Anons would soon add:

DoDAnon’s story seems to be panning out indeed.

More from Anons and DoDAnon about the pacifying nature of modern entertainment; electronic bread and circuses.

Anon then compiles the research thus far into one summary post:


DoDAnon seems to be reiterating his impending TV appearance.

That’s a picture of a mantis shrimp, for the record. More signalling from DoDAnon, it seems.

Anons would continue digging in a subsequent thread, and some of the posts are quite worthwhile. I’ve compiled some of what I think are the most insightful posts below, starting with Anons speculating about how closely Klobuchar is involved in all this:

Fast and Furious on steroids, lads. The conversation continues:

Anons above are bit too blackpilled for my tastes, frankly, but it’s understandable why.

Anon notices that Jered LLC may be the perfect cover, given that they’re a certified supplier:

And Anon sums it up once more for us:

So, what to make of this?

We’ll see later today (perhaps). But much of what DoDAnon said was verifiable. And it’s the minutiae of it all that convinces me there’s at least some significant degree of truth to what he’s saying.

As to whether this ever makes it to the news, we shall see. I certainly hope so, and will keep my eyes peeled for that kind of verification, as will Anons everywhere, but if this is true, this is a portends the unraveling of a mega-scandal the likes of which we’ve rarely seen in the past – if ever.

And if nothing else, /pol/ and Anons continue to live up to their reputation:

78 thoughts on “Fast and Furious on Steroids? #DoDAnon Exposes the Pohlad Shell Game and @AmyKlobuchar’s Missing Billions. #GreatAwakening”

  1. It gets even more interesting . . .apparently Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, is the daughter of Edward Roderick Davies. According to Wikipedia “in 1946 he co-founded a maker of heavy equipment for marine use, Jered Industries” and “Jered was sold to the British engineering firm Vickers in 1980, at Davies’ retirement. (The division became an independent entity again in 1997 and was acquired in 2005 by PaR Systems.[7])”

  2. Carl Pohlad’s wife Eloise is an O’Rourke, but I could find no connection to our favorite fake Mexican candidate from El Paso. Beto’s ancestry is pretty well documented, but I could only find the names of Eloise’s parents.

  3. The declaration of Independence tells us that the thing to do when those that govern greatly abuse the powers entrusted to them is to desolve the existing government AND FORM A NEW ONE !!!THE TIME HAS COME !!! NO MORE SATANIC,PSYCHOTIC INTEL AGENCIES WITH THEIR BLACK OPS,THEIR “PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY”AND THEIR DARK INSCRUTABLE ACTIONS HIDDEN BEHIND A SCREEN WITH THE WORDS “NATIONAL SECURITY”security for who?Bill and Hillary ?Jeffrey Epstein ?The Bushes?(you know, ALL the people who HAVE preyed and WILL prey on US !!! THESE AREN’T THERE TO PROTECT US,THEY ARE THERE TO PROTECT THE POWERS THAT BE AND THEIR OWN POWER !!LORD ACTON WAS INDEED A PROPHET AND A SEER WHEN HE OPINED ,”ABSOLUTE POWER CORUPTS ABSOLUTELY” YOU SAY THAT IF HILLARY GOES DOWN,THE WHOLE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT GOES DOWN ????? EXCELLENT !!! Then perhaps those of us still standing can endeavor to….”BUILD A MORE PERFECT UNION”!!!

  4. Amazing how to influence bank accounts and get away with it, yeah i’d say it’s shtf time soon both in the U.S.and South Africa. I always wondered why the Brits have a hard on for us here on the Southern tip of Africa from the Boer War right up to the present day.
    DoD Anon gives a good backdrop to how this is intended to play out with America,just imagine all the wealth these maggots have stolen from both countries, our gold,diamonds and platinum for the last century, and all your tax money for who knows how long,not to mention what else is still to be uncovered.
    Thanks Neon great reading as always
    PS don’t underestimate the importance of India the East India Company has been revived or never truly went out of business worth a dig perhaps ?


    • That’s Sam Hyde, a comedian, with an arm wrapped around a female fan, you moron. It’s an ancient meme.

      This is what happens when Clueless Boomers try to interact with Chan culture, and immediately get offended when they see something they don’t understand. Stop being a moron.


      So if you meet me
      Have some courtesy
      Have some sympathy, and some taste
      Use all your well-learned politnesse
      Or I’ll lay your soul to waste


    • Nobody censored you, you moron. This is a small website. Comments get checked by the spam bot to see if they’re spam before being posted. Nobody is censoring you.

      But it would help the spam robot if you didn’t TYPE IN ALL CAPS like some kind of Boomer Grandma who just discovered the internet for the first time.

      Seriously, get a clue. Learn some netiquette before posting here again, or I’m banning you from the comments.

      No, really. Go to your favorite search engine and search for “netiquette.”

      Read the basics of how to interact online, because right now, you’re acting like a spoiled, childish boomer who doesn’t even know how to work so much as a calculator.

  7. Up for work. Could not stop to shower before reading the entire article. I need two showers. I’m just absolutely stunned. My God this is so deep how will we ever get it all cleaned out. Ty Neon.

  8. The IG report from Horowitz is another nothing burger…..Q just another PSYOP..more nonsense articles to lead you down the rabbit hole.. Don’t forget to vote and buy the book..

  9. Smyrna turned on my Bible senses…then it turned out to be Brunswick, which is just a swamp hole.

    But at least Mantis Shrimp: ,

    It seems our biggest issue is getting free of those who have turned the US back into a colony. And the Indians must be dealt with and removed from the nation, since they are absolutely here as parasites to assist their previous oppressors (much like the blacks teaming up with the Jews). The tech industry seems to be big in whatever plans they’re shooting for.

    The list of folks who need to be banned as ethnic groups or religions that are actually political ideologies is getting long.

  10. Neon’s article summarizes money laundering and fraud operations in large institutions. In this case, the large institution is the US Navy. What is the easiest way to compromise large institutions? Change out their leadership with compromised people.

    Remember how Obama changed out all of the agency heads? What he was really doing was changing out agency heads to compromised puppets, so that they could engineer money laundering and fraud in formerly noble large institutions, such as the US Navy.

    We fix the world by exposing and removing corruption from large institutions. That results in smaller, more competitive, institutions which will tend to behave.

    It is our long term job to shrink US gov agencies in addition to all of the other large institutions. Always be vigilant about leadership changes at large institutions.

    • I remember Obama firing a lot of Navy Brass because they would not go along with some of his ideas. Was hoping that Trump would try to lure some of them back in to clean up the mess.

      • Not just NAVY. He scalped all branches of any grizzled Patriots at the Command Staff level. If you would recall, this was about the same time a questionnaire was circulated among the grunts in all branches asking if given the order to do so by superior officers, would they fire on American Citizens on American soil. I was in at that time. Take comfort that whoever created that questionnaire, they definitely did not get the responses they were hoping for. I’d estimate 97% said hell no.

        • I do remember that and it really pissed me off. I retired from the Navy in 89 as Naval Intel so it saddens me to see all the branches being dragged through the mud because of some assholes. Thanks for remembering it.

    • You think Obama changed the agency heads to launder money? I wonder if the priorities are actually reversed…. Money could be laundered lots of places. Maybe he changed agency heads to destroy the military and the bonus money was the second bird from the casting of that stone?

  11. Thanks for assembling this from the boards. Sheesh . . . it’s difficult to navigate over there.

    The following may or may not relate; however, where do the FLETC feds go when not at the “gay bar” on the installation?

    [Dr.] Jekyll Island, wherein TPTB (Bilderberg) met in 1908 to conspire on the hijacking of the American economy (fed res.), or St. Simons Island, where (((they))) met again in 1957.

    These two locations are a quick skip from Glynco.

  12. Thanks for making sense out of this for “we non-autists” Neon – very interesting and sadly, not surprising at all. Funny, but since the advent of Q, I’ve watched the likes of ‘Downton Abby with a different perspective, thinking, “they never really gave up their power now, did they? Let;s see where the crumbs lead. AND NOTA BENE: From my pro-gun, hunter, marksman husband – (who once brought a stag down with a old-school bow and arrow): BUY AMMUNITION! They are trying to stop the flow of ammunition. You can still get guns, but ammunition is becoming scarcer and scarcer in some parts of the country.

    • Here are some crumbs to get you started…ask any lawyer friend you know what the term “esquire” after their name means…then ask them what it really means. Ask them why there is a gold fringe around the American Flag in every US Courtroom. Look up the oath each attorney takes before being admitted to the BAR. You won’t like what you learn.

  13. I love when Anons can’t stand it and feel compelled to share, no wonder the cabal wants to take away the ability to spill anonymously. I’m feeling a bit blackpilled lately unfortunately. I miss Q! Mucho money going to the german UK royalty, egads, don’t they have enough money already? What do they do with it? There are a lot of ‘black’ programs that don’t get a lot of oversight, lots of money changing hands. You’d think we’d be in poverty by now with all the money that’s been drained from us, maybe it is a house of cards with…what is it now? 12 trillion in debt? The fed should be supporting a military to protect us and that is it, all the other crap should never have been allowed. It sounds like this op, if stopped, would plug a big drain on our money. Hope this guy stays safe. They seem to just want to story out and then self preservation kicks in (green socks).

    Not sure how owning a team implies everything is fixed. Although we’ve all long suspected rigging, there was never definitive proof. The only ‘sport’ I like is ice skating and we all know that is political, the voting, the winners. But I still like to watch.

    I have no problem with that salad comb eating Amy feeling the heat, she sounds like one mean hombre. That has no business with being anywhere near a position of power.

    Appreciate your insight, Neon, you can unravel spaghetti like no one I have ever seen. I was reading your gab postings but not really understanding what was going on. You have quite the talent. Much appreciated!!!!

  14. Georgia may not have Navy shipyards anymore but they do have a BIG submarine base on the South coast. Family worked at the barracks. Was told they were having a lot of trouble there. Like, sailors were not coping well i.e. drugs, violence. Not typical for a Navy base at all. This was 2009-2015 or so. When I went there, it felt off. I know my Navy bases.

  15. Don’t be a coward….. reptilians exist. Those of us in contact with the Galactic Alliance KNOW they are real. I’ve seen them shape shift with my own two fucking eyes. Don’t be so ignorant that you think the rabbit hole ends with the 13 Bloodlines. Wake up MORE than you’ve allowed yourself to already. “Think of the vastness of space” as Q has mentioned. We’ve never been alone and the bloodines ARE the puppets for their agenda and rule over humanity. Good news is, we have allies and the space force is just the beginning of the disclosure long over due.

    • Not being a coward. I’ve been down this rabbit hole.

      I just think its a retarded rabbit hole with no evidence to support the claims.

      • I honestly don’t know but the amount of information and detail shared by the likes of Corey Goode who has spoken extensively about reptilians seems impossible to make up. I do believe extra-terrestrials roam among us. I also believe that aliens have in fact enslaved humanity for centuries and that they are using Illuminati bloodlines as their puppets to control us. The fact that so much of this is now being exposed leads me to believe that there is divine intervention that ultimately will lead to the exposure and demise of these demonic ruling classes. They are so powerful that Trump must be divinely protected for him to be out of their reach. The more they try to take him out, the stronger he emerges. This is by design.

  16. When it comes to sports, it’s really done by the owners, or just the manager / coach. Or a big player with some pictures and a 15 yr old. It doesn’t take much to affect a game, and it likely wouldn’t happen every game. I had a brother play in the NHL and there’s zero hint of it there, but look at the casinos position when the Vegas Knights lost in the Cup final. Fleury (goalie) went from unreal to terrible, especially at home. Every guy and his dog threw out a few bucks when the expansion team was 500:1 at the start of the year, to the point where in the second and third round of playoffs casinos were offering to buy out the bets, I’ve never heard of that happen. A couple of their league min defencemen were atrocious that series as well.
    That was not a coincidence, and I’m going to guess the lengths that a casino owner would go to, to ensure he does not lose his casino.

    • When Vegas lost in the Stanley Cup, that proved to me that the NHL and the Stanley Cup playoffs were fixed. Vegas was playing in their 1st year in the league, having a miracle season destroying everybody in the 1st 3 rounds of the playoffs, and then BOOM! They suddenly played terribly after playing flawlessly all year long and lose in the Stanley Cup final round to an average/ unimpressive team like the Washington Capitals, who barely squeaked through the 1st 3 rounds of the playoffs. The NHL Commissioner (((Gary Bettman))) obviously wanted the league MVP Alex Ovechkin to secure a Stanley Cup because otherwise Ovechkin might have left the NHL at that point to play in the KHL in his home country, Russia. So, DODAnon was right when he said any sport can be fixed. Nothing is ever out of the realm of possibility.

  17. There seems to be a discrepancy in the time DODAnon is supposedly going to appear on Fox. In one of the first posts, he says 14:30 CST (2:30pm CST or 12:30pm PST for us west-coasters). Two of his later posts indicate he’ll be on at 3pm (assuming CST). It’s also interesting that he first says the time in 24hr format, then switches to standard (14:30 vs 3pm). That’s two red flags for me, but it could be nothing. I’ll keep my eyes peeled starting at 2:30pm CST.

  18. It may not or may hit the 3pm talking heads, but there are going to be some bodies running for cover. WW eyeballs on pretty much every conservative/Amer 1st/MAGA etc sites. Pick a point man (DoDanon) to make the drop, the other team starts watching the surrounding of the drop and see who starts making unexpected moves. Just what Q team would do to throw flash bangs & smoke screens (truth bombs) to the right, but slide in on left side under the cover of the smoke screen. The info seems solid and its a very shiny object, the focus will always fall on the shiny object, but no one watches the outer edges. Where’s the focus and where are the happenings, a hell of a lot going on these past few days and it has many of us hopping.

  19. Another thing, if Klobuchar has figured this frauding the system out, how many others are doing the same thing? Reminds me of a statement I read ‘you don’t think CNN gets billions of dollars from advertising?’ Assface, twatter, google, etc…. likely what Q means when talking about the taxpayer funding all this.

  20. NR, this is Trader Moe. Great post. Sorry I got Coconut Milk Mommy wrong (probably just got it wrong again.).

    Just trying to get people over to Gab and here to read you. Your stuff is important.

  21. Talk about synchronicity… New guy at work has Q stickers on car. I mention them, find out he’s a fellow anon. He recommended I read “The Killing of Uncle Sam”. Recently started it; only a few chapters in. The book is about Cecil Rhodes and his attempt to make the British Empire permanent through his wealth and power and influence. From what I’ve read so far, it seems to tie in with what DoDAnon is saying about a coming war with Britain.

  22. Another great article Neon, thanks. Question, anyway you can eliminate that dam notification bell, it covers too much on the right side and is annoying as hell, especially since I already get notices. Other question, ever hear of a site called Izrael Zeuz? He had a site that gave out so much info on the elites and the various bloodlines but WordPress eliminated his sites. Another one was La Rouche (RIP), he kept telling anyone who would listen that the UK was our #1 enemy. Thanks again.

  23. NR, Steve Pieczenik, who revealed the Democrat election rigging and coup attempt about a week before the 2016 election, says his CIA sources have confirmed a full-out coup attempt is going on right now run by the CIA through Adam Schiff. Confirms Schiff was caught in a pedophile sex trafficking ring run out of a hotel in Los Angeles:

  24. Thank you, I think NR. I have been able to absorb a great deal of information over the past 21/2 years. This article & the posts was extremely difficult. What stunned me was the thought of a war with UK, the utter leechiness of the commies and my perception of the DoDAnon’s tude. Miserable situations must create individual responses. I had to re-read later without my state of shock. Second reading, digested. Sadly.

    My mind wandered to the tweets I saw yesterday-now, by Podesta of a forest picture. Along with pic of Harry & Megan in a forest. As if it is already planned, only a matter of time.

    I miss Q.

  25. Another good article, Neon.

    I’ve been mulling for a few weeks whether to send you this potential connection, but your mention of MegaAnon compelled me to do so!

    I’ve lurked on /pol/ for 3 years, avidly reading Mega when she hit the board May 2017; watched her skirmishes with Q when he first appeared October 2017, becoming engrossed in Q for that intense first month until Q was pushed to 8chan in November.

    Do you have that first month of Q on 4chan archived?

    I distinctly recall then Q & autists discussed MATTRESSES, Mayo Clinic + McCain Institute, saying mattresses were used to ship the bodies/body parts etc via ship to Europe etc. (Also discussed who controls the US ports where they’re sent from).

    Recall a month ago, out of the blue, President Trump slapped a crazy 1,000% tax on mattresses from China?

    DoDAnon says “they ruled by the sea, and they still do”.

    We know about shipping art as a commodity. I’ve just never seen the shipping mattress thing discussed again, so wanted to raise it.

    PS: Aussie here. 6 months after the NZ mosque shooting, our Government has finally lifted the IP ban on 4chan. I got a GAB-approved ISP in the meantime.

  26. Great article Neon!!

    So the MANTIS “tactical infrastructure” used by the NSA is kinda interdasting. Don’t know if it means anything.

    “IAP’s MANTIS Team develops and tailors secure wireless network and handheld protection solutions (IAW NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified, or CSfC, program) to enable the hosting, processing, and dissemination of classified data at the tactical edge. The MANTIS capability allows mission-focused NSA-governed information security solutions to be developed that are molded to a specific end user’s CONOP and use cases, and fit within an existing (or native/indigenous) comms architecture, or are architected into existing architectures in a minimally invasive way.”


  27. Another truly awesome article, Neon. I would, however, like to ask a favor of you.
    Neon, can you please ask Torba and everyone at Gab to create a forum like Voat or Reddit where conservatives can post articles, opinions and bits of info in a list format where people can comment?
    I know they have A LOT on their plate right now creating all kinds of projects from the ground up, but I think a forum like that would be huge and extremely important for followers of Q to find info since 8chan is gone, Reddit shut down the Donald subverse, and Voat banned all non-registered readers like me(even though I never commented and just read and saved articles).
    Even Q would be able to post there safely because there really isn’t anywhere else to go anymore.
    Only Gab has the infrastructure to create a forum like that so it would really be amazing if they could create that because the only website where I can get that type of format is even posts some of your articles).
    Torba and the Gab crew seem to really value and respect your input so it would go a long way towards convincing them to create a much-needed forum like that.
    Take care, I hope you’re feeling better after your Epstein-Barr flare-up, and I look forward to reading your book soon, Neon.

  28. Neon I remember several months ago Trump speaking on board a ship to Navy people and he’s strangely inserted information about elevators in his speech your article mentioned elevators does that mean he knows all the stuff you’re digging on now?

  29. Mr. NR, I received my copy of your book and have been trying to figure how to message u since u are not on Twitter so hopefully this works. I downloaded Telegram but looks like it is just a “push” service for whatever channel. Shrugs. Ok – the book – MAJOR KUDOS to u! The HIGH QUALITY professional publication experience you have provided for the purchaser/reader is very, very impressive. I have started reading it and been following Q for the past year and a half. So, all that to say, KUDOS on the publication of your work

  30. Totally off topic here, but I received my copy of “Q Revolution” a couple of days ago and am thrilled with it. Thank you Neon, the book looks great, and it’s hard to put down once you start! I’ve been following Q drops and the Anons since about the Nov 1, 2017, and even so, I’m seeing how much I’ve missed in what was there. As a boomer gen woman, I’ve never played computer games nor heard of or visited either 4chan or 8chan before Q. I went there following a link seeking answers to the Las Vegas carnage, and have been following Q ever since. It’s been an incredible eye-opening process, not to mention learning to understand the lingo (Anon comms style). We live in amazing times and I hope to see the plan come to fruition!

  31. 80 families isn’t much, probably names and like 50 families. Those types are usually Londoners, not English, and are international, not nationalist. A lot have oddly large investment trusts and land they own seems to magically make money while doing nothing. I wonder if the Queen’s bank Coutts is a sticking point, Jewish obviously. BOE is also not English nor national.

  32. I come here to read interesting information. i take everything with a grain of salt because there is so much BS going on you can only believe and trust one source and that is the Word of God. We all know how it ends. God wins. However, it do get tired of the Holier than thou attitude and the constant reference to “Boomers”. I pay good money to this site and for anyone to post ignorant comments about fellow patriots regardless of their age or what they are categorized as is the epitome of arrogance and immaturity. I have posted on here only a couple of times since being a member for well over a year, and to be rebutted by a rude and condescending remark shows me there is still a lot for some to learn about how to treat other people. God Bless and remember the Word of God does speak on humility and who shall inherit the Earth. We are all God’s children and he does not play favorites and neither should you.

  33. Please remove the comment made above. It was not made by me, but someone using my computer and they don’t have a clue what they are talking about concerning donations or anything else. I am sorry this happened. I will log out in the future so this doesn’t happen again. Thanks

  34. From Spain with gratitude,

    Subjects worth researching in connection, isolated, in no particular order

    Connections between John Dee, Empire of Angels, Crowley and Plymouth Brethren.
    The Brethren connected to Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, Bannon and The Rapture
    Chaos Magic, Julius Evola, Bannon, 4th Turning
    Eye the Spy, Chaos magick, Julius Evola, Cicada 3301, Rapture, John Dee, Piercing the Darkness
    A∴A∴ Meme Egregores
    Kali Yuga / Julius Evola / Rapture


  35. It appears Qanon is done. Q is not coming back. It seems 8chan or 8kun is not going to get back online. All the rumors about government support seem to be just that rumors. There may have been some inside info as Q was probably some ex military intel. They have no more and clearly have no desire to post anywhere else so it means q is effectively dead! It was fun while it lasted,

  36. Did this by any chance have a tie-in to Pearl Harbor DOD Dec 4 incident? Happened around 2:30- locked down till 4:00?


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