Project Hedonia, Bob Heath, and #DeepState Experiments in Mass Mind Control – #Hollywood #CIA #CDAN #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

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And with that, we now move on to the article:

The famous horror and suspense director, Alfred Hitchcock once said:

“The audience is like a giant organ that you and I are playing. At one moment we play this note on them and get this reaction, and then we plat that chord and they react that way. And someday we won’t even have to make a movie- they’ll be electrodes implanted in their brains, and we’ll just press different buttons and they’ll go ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ and we’ll frighten them…Won’t that be wonderful?”

After researching this subject I think I can say with some confidence that perhaps Alfred knew quite a bit more than he was letting on at the time. I say this because #CDAN published an absolute mind-blowing Blind Item today, which lead me down a massive rabbit hole few can rightly comprehend. But to even attempt to fully understand it, you really need to first read my previous article on the subject, because without it, you won’t have the points of reference to fully understand everything we’re going to talk about in this article:

But the quick, 40,000 foot summary of that article is:

There was a Rothschild-backed Honeypot in New Orleans that specialized in entrapping Hollywood celebs, which had ties to the Deep State and mind control experimentation. It was burned down, following wider knowledge of it spreading online, to hide its relation to many crimes.

So that’s the basic-basic-basic background. (Really, go read the first article if you haven’t already, and then come back to this).

Today, Enty drops a bomb on his website:

That’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?

You have a Monarch Mind Control programmer working in close proximity to to the House on St. Charles Street, looking for a way to perform Electrical Brain Stimulation (EBS), without invasive surgical procedures (which almost always utilized electrodes placed into different regions of the brain), and this technology being leveraged by Hollywood and the Deep State for mass programming.

So, first thing’s first: Who is the doctor in question here?

The most likely candidate is none other Robert Galbraith Heath:

So who was Dr. Heath?

The doctor is perhaps most notable for founding Tulane’s Department of Psychiatry and Neurology in 1949, where he would spend his entire career. He is notable for his research into EBS; really, a pioneer of the field (and I don’t say that as a form of flattery, because, as you’ll soon see, his experimentation had a rather amoral bend to it), working with the “biological model” of the brain, which roughly says that all mental illness is a result of physical disorders, or chemical imbalances, and thus, can be cured with physical treatments.

Indeed, Dr. Heath would be quoted in an interview with The Virginia Lighthouse as saying:

“With the use of chemical brain-control agents it may be possible to control the individual and the masses and to do this unobtrusively and without the active cooperation of the victims — not a question for the future — it is here.”

AHRP has a stunning write up on his body of experimentation (of which the public is aware):

Dr. Robert Galbraith Heath was the chairman of the Dept. of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University; his invasive surgical brain physiology experiments were at the outer limits of existing neurophysiological knowledge. He surgically implanted electrodes into is psychiatric patients’ brains to test the effects of electrical brain stimulation (EBS). The first 19 patients who were subjected to EBS were diagnosed with schizophrenia. The published reports clearly indicate that the surgical procedures used were unsafe: “four had seizures, six of the nineteen schizophrenia patients developed infections, three had other neurologic sequela, one had acute cardiac failure, and two died from causes related to intracerebral infections.” (Baumeister, 2000)

The CIA and military provided funding for the Tulane experiments; and in 1954, Heath was the principal speaker about electrical stimulation at Edgewood Arsenal. In 1956, he reported that he and his colleagues had discovered a protein they called taraxein in the blood of schizophrenic patients and that when injected into healthy “volunteers” caused symptoms of schizophrenia. His claim received wide public and professional attention. But for forty years no one has duplicated that finding. (Baumeister, Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, 2011)

By 1968, Heath’s team had implanted deep brain electrodes into 52 patients — 42 with schizophrenia, 6 with intractable pain, and 4 with epilepsy. An additional 5 patients underwent the surgical procedure; one developed infection, one had a seizure during stimulation, and one who had been diagnosed with melancholia died six weeks after surgery from brain trauma. Heath claimed these were “harmless.” The experiments were medical travesties. Nevertheless, Heath continued to conduct EBS experiments for 30 years, inflicting pain, brain damage and degrading the humanity of 100 victims whom he turned into living human pincushions. As many as 125 electrodes and small tubes were implanted into the each of these patients’ brains to arouse the emotional core of their subjects. Heath and his team injected a wide variety of drugs directly into the brain tissue including LSD and bulbocapnine. In large doses, bulbocapnine was known to produce “catatonia and stupor.” According to one memo, the CIA sought information as to whether the drug could cause “loss of speech, loss of sensitivity to pain, loss of memory, loss of will power and an increase in toxicity in persons with a weak type of central nervous system.”

The patients’ emotional reactions to EBS and the drugs were observed and documented on film using one-way mirrors. Heath used the films showing patients’ reactions to EBS to illustrate his marvelous advance in neuroscience: ‘His face twists suddenly into a terrible grimace. One eye turns out and his features contort as though in the spasm of a horrible science-fiction metamorphosis. ‘It’s knocking me out. . . I just want to claw. . . I’ll kill you. . . I’ll kill you, Dr. Lawrence.”

Heath justified these cruel and inhumane experiments as being “therapeutic” in nature. The researchers’ “near-evangelical” enthusiasm for their technique falls within psychiatry’s tradition of brutal brain damaging procedures that over the decades have been promoted as “cures” for schizophrenia — e.g., ice pick lobotomies, electroshock, insulin coma, and currently prescribed drug cocktails. Heath’s experiments included lurid electronic sexual stimulation and response. In “Electrical Self-stimulation of the Brain” he described some patients who would self-stimulate 1,000 orgasms an hour. He publicized his work both in the scientific and popular literature. His abominable human experiments were mostly lauded during the first twenty years. And he was elected President of the Society for Biological Psychiatry in 1969. Dr. Peter Breggin reports that in Heath’s presidential address, “Perspectives in Biological Psychiatry,” he attributes all significant advances in psychiatry to be biological, and asserts that so-called mental patients suffer from “inappropriate anxiety” whose “instantaneous” cure is by psychosurgical techniques. As for drug addiction, Heath attributes it to a “neurological defect in their pleasure centers” that can be cured with corrective surgery. (Breggin. Return of Lobotomy, 1982)

1950-1980: Dr. Robert Heath: Surgical Explorations in Brain Physiology – AHRP

Dr. Robert Galbraith Heath was the chairman of the Dept. of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University; his invasive surgical brain physiology experiments were at the outer limits of existing neurophysiological knowledge. He surgically implanted electrodes into is psychiatric patients’ brains to . . . Continue reading →

You’ll probably recall that this was happening at a time when the CIA was also experimenting with the same kind of tech in animals; the most famous example of which was recently declassified, showing that the CIA had successfully created six “remote controlled” dogs, by implanting a number of electrodes inside the brains of man’s best friend:

How the CIA used brain surgery to make six remote control dogs

Newly released files from “behavior modification,” or mind control, projects conducted as part of the infamous Project MKUltra reveal the CIA experimented in more than controlling humans with psychotropic drugs, electrical shocks and radio waves-they also created field operational, remote-controlled dogs.

Dr. Heath was essentially doing the same kind of work, albeit on humans. He often recorded his work with his patients, and one such archive is presented, in part, in this video clip:


A previous Blind Item – also noted in the previous “House on St. Charles Street” article – further confirms Dr. Heath as the likely suspect:

In the original article, I explored the TulaneLink website, focusing on the names of the victims – eventually finding their Congressional testimonies – which you can find in the previous article.

But imagine my shock when the name of one of those victims (Claudia Mullen) cited Dr. Heath, as one of the Mind controllers, right at the top of yet another TulaneLink page:

What’s staggering to me about this is that this is an admission that Dr. Heath was working on Project Artichoke, which would later become what we now know as MK Ultra.

And it’s just out there, in the open.

But the site continues, detailing the many different… shall we say, “lines of inquiry,” taken up by Dr. Heath (at the behest of the CIA and the Deep State). These include not just insertion of electrodes into the brain, but chemical experimentation, with compounds like LSD, mescaline, and bulbocapnine:

The site also gives a bit of history of the CIA’s activities at Tulane, as well as the creation of the IDA (which hands out research grants to other top universities at the behest of the US Government).

It goes on to explain how the IDA is the sister-org of DARPA:

I’m sure there are more nuggets of info buried in the bowels of that Tulane Link site, but I think that’s enough for now, for our purposes. (Feel free to drop any other info you may find on the site in the comments below).

But perhaps most notably, Bob Heath is most remembered for his experiment where he claims to have successfully cured a homosexual man of, well, his homosexuality, by implanting a ton of electrodes, and then basically activating regions of the brain associated with pleasure and orgasm when in the presence of, at first, heterosexual pornography, before hiring a female prostitute to, well – you get the idea.

Heath considered experiment was a resounding success. This is an extended excerpt from an Ars Technica article about Heath, but worth reading in its entirety to get a better sense of what Heath was working on:

The 1970s “gay-cure” experiments written out of scientific history

Robert Heath claimed to have cured homosexuality by implanting electrodes into the pleasure centre of the brain. Robert Colvile reports on one of the forgotten stories of neuroscience for Mosaic. For the first hour, they just talked. He was nervous; he’d never done this before.

The year was 1970, and the man was a 24-year-old psychiatric patient. The woman, 21, was a prostitute from the French Quarter of New Orleans, hired by special permission of the attorney general of Louisiana. And they had just become part of one of the strangest experiments in scientific history: an attempt to use pleasure conditioning to turn a gay man straight.

The patient—codenamed B-19—was, according to the two academic papers that catalogued the course of the research, a “single, white male of unremarkable gestation and birth.” He came from a military family and had had an unhappy childhood. He had, the papers said, entered the military but had been expelled for “homosexual tendencies” within a month. He had a five-year history of homosexuality, and a three-year history of drug abuse: he had tried glues, paints, thinners, sedatives, marijuana, LSD, amphetamines, even nutmeg and vanilla extract. He had temporal lobe epilepsy. He was depressive, suicidal, insecure, procrastinating, self-pitying and narcissistic. “All of his relationships,” wrote his doctors, with an unsparing lack of sympathy, “have been characterised by coercion, manipulation and demand.”

In 1970, B-19 ended up in the care of Robert Galbraith Heath, chair of the department of psychiatry and neurology at Tulane University, New Orleans. Heath’s prescription was drastic. He and his team implanted stainless steel, Teflon-coated electrodes into nine separate regions of B-19’s brain, with wires leading back out of his skull. Once he had recovered from the operation, a control box was attached which enabled him, under his doctors’ supervision, to provide a one-second jolt to the brain area of his choice.

Before being given control of the electrodes, B-19 had been shown a film “displaying heterosexual foreplay and intercourse.” He reacted with anger and revulsion. But then the stimulation sessions started, delivered via the button that felt most pleasurable to him. Over the next few days, he found that it could arouse him, and he would press the button to stimulate himself “to a point that, both behaviorally and introspectively, he was experiencing an almost overwhelming euphoria and elation and had to be disconnected, despite his vigorous protests.” He would hit the button up to 1,500 times over a three-hour session. “He protested each time the unit was taken from him,” said one of the papers, “pleading to self-stimulate just a few more times.”

Ten days into his treatment, the doctors suggested that B-19 watch the porn film again. “He agreed without reluctance… and during its showing became sexually aroused, had an erection, and masturbated to orgasm.” He started talking about wanting to have sex with women—and so Heath got permission to hire what he later referred to as a “lady of the evening.” “We paid her $50,” he said. “I told her it might be a little weird, but the room would be completely blacked out with curtains.”

She certainly did her job, guiding B-19 through the process and encouraging him to gradually build up his confidence. “As the second hour began, she relates that his attitude took an even more positive shift to which she reacted by removing her bra and panties and lying down next to him. Then, in a patient and supportive manner, she encouraged him to spend some time in a manual exploration and examination of her body.” Despite his initial shyness, he ended up having such a good time that—much to his doctors’ delight—he often paused before the moment of orgasm, in order to prolong his pleasure.

By 1955, Heath had stopped the study, on the grounds that “the lasting beneficial effects in the patient group… have not been significant.” But this did not mean that he was done with his electrodes. He was just getting started.

He noticed that the same jolt to the septal area, in depressed but non-schizophrenic patients, resulted in an intense sensation of pleasure, almost ecstasy. Given the chance to stimulate themselves, some of his patients would do so hundreds of times an hour, just as rats did in similar experiments (and as patient B-19 later would). In one of Heath’s films, a man who has just tried to kill himself starts to smile when his electrodes activate, saying: “I feel good. I don’t know why. I just suddenly felt good.” He adds: “When I get mad, if I push the button I feel better… that’s a real good button… I would buy one if I could.”

Soon, Heath was coming up with all manner of uses for those buttons. In 1963, he reported that he was treating two new types of patient. One, with epilepsy, had 51 electrodes implanted into 17 separate brain sites in an attempt to disrupt seizures before they happened. The other, a 28-year-old nightclub entertainer with narcolepsy, was given a self-stimulation unit with three buttons, each linked via electrodes to a different part of the brain. Like B-19 later on, he quickly settled on the button connected to the septal area as his preferred option. If he felt himself falling asleep, he would push the button—or his friends would give him a jolt to wake him up. But he also learned another use for the button: to push it in a “frantic” fashion. “It built him up toward a feeling of orgasm that he was never quite able to consummate,” writes Peter Breggin in his book The Return of Lobotomy and Psychosurgery.

Heath’s was a time in which damaging or experimental procedures were commonplace: there were almost none of the controls or restrictions that we have today. But even so, his radicalism stood out.

Other doctors would implant a few electrodes for a few days; Heath implanted dozens, and left them in for years. Others experimented with animals; Heath experimented with people and animals both, feeding the findings from one set of tests into the next. Others tested the pleasure reflex under carefully controlled laboratory conditions; Heath handed patients the control boxes and set them loose to juice themselves as they saw fit. One of them ended up in Chicago, trying to sell himself and his hardware to the university for $5,000; another popped up in New York, whose police force called Heath on the grounds that he was the only one anyone could think of whose patients had wires coming out of their heads.

He experimented with dripping drugs deep into the brain down tiny pipes called cannulae, targeting the same regions as his electrodes. He tested a ‘brainwashing’ drug called bulbocapnine for the CIA, on both animals and (although he denied it for decades) on a human prisoner, as a small part of the vast and largely illegal ‘MK-ULTRA’ programme to explore the limits and limitations of the American body.

Essentially, this guy was at the cutting edge of pyschosurgery for a very long time, and among the most prominent in his field. He didn’t seem to have any real moral qualms when it came to exercising his curiosity. He would later give this interview:

So, this guy was basically the master at implanting electrodes and using them to affect all sorts of changes in the mental states of his patients. He developed new stereotactic techniques for keeping the electrodes in place (where before, electrodes would be displaced by the body), and then recording all the results, eventually being able to leave the electrodes in for up to a year-and-a-half at a time.

And this is where Enty says the public knowledge of his research basically ends. What he claims is not publicly known is the extent of his research into non-invasive techniques for stimulating regions of the brain, which caused Hollywood and the Deep State to take notice – especially with the advent of 3D films.

Real quick, watered-down physics lesson for anyone who needs it:

“3D” films work by projecting two images simultaneously, and offsetting them to a degree that simulates the way your eyes feed offset images to your brain. Think about it: you have your left eye and your right eye, and while they’re seeing similar images, they’re not seeing the same image all the time. One sits further to the left, and the other to the right.

The optical centers of the brain then rectify any discrepancies, and this enables you to see in 3D.

Close one eye, and you lose depth perception.

3D exploits this by projecting one image to one eye, and a similar image to another eye.

To accomplish this, the earliest 3D films projected in Red and Blue wavelengths. The iconic Red and Blue glasses people wore to these films filtered out either the red image or the blue image (depending on the color of the lens), separating the images on a per-eye basis.

Now, if I recall correctly, modern 3D is a bit more savvy, because we figured out how to polarize lenses, allowing for full color and minimal “ghosting.” Essentially, one lens sits at a horizontal, and the other vertical, and you have two images being projected – one with along a horizontal axis, and another at a vertical axis. The lenses only allows one wavelength through, so one eye sees the “vertical” light, and the other the “horizontal” light, and boom – you have two different images entering each eye.

Modern VR systems work along these lines, albeit with no real filtering whatsoever. They basically take cell phone screen technology, place it right in front of your eyes, and make sure the images are physically separated – while still being in sync.

VR is the best version of this tech right now.

(Hint: This is why Facebook [aka DARPA] invested in Oculus).

Now, let’s just review this part of the Blind Item before we continue:


3D is important here, because the question arises: What if you could change the brainwaves of a viewer by showing the left side of the brain one image, and the right side, another?

I ask this, because I was immediately reminded of the “Mind Control” documents that got accidentally declassified when they were included in an unrelated FOIA request by a researcher at These files show that, at the very least, the government was looking at how to remotely affect brain-waves, up-to and including remote hypnotism using implanted electrodes:


Let’s be clear here, though: all this is decades-old tech. You’ll remember that back in ’77 was when MKULTRA was first officially disclosed to the American people, following a FOIA request. So it fits with Enty’s timeline here about the 80’s being a tough time for the CIA to operate with this program.

And Enty tells us that they were looking for a visual effect that mimics what Dr. Heath was doing with electrodes, and to accomplish this, they need, basically, a test film and, for lack of a better term, a “control” film.

(Because all good science operates with a control group).

Jaws 3 is the most likely candidate for a film that would get tend of thousands of people into theaters, while also causing them stress (read: inflict mental trauma).

The Control film was most likely The Man Who Wasn’t There – a film which had no reason for being 3D.

And this is where it gets weird for me, personally, because many years back, I visited the production offices of David Brown – the legendary producer in control of the Jaws franchise (alongside quite a few other recognizable names). This was the guy who basically got Spielberg working in the first place.

Combine this with what Enty says about the actors in these films being compromised (in this case, Dennis Quaid in Jaws 3, and Steve Gutenberg in The Man Who Wasn’t There) – and this leaves me wondering if David Brown wasn’t “MEGA 1.0,” paving the path for “MEGA 2.0” – the Mossad-affiliated blackmail group which included Wexner, Geffen, Epstein, and Bronfman (along with several others).

David Brown (producer)

David Brown (July 28, 1916 – February 1, 2010) was an American film and theatre producer and writer who was best known for coproducing the 1975 film based on the best-selling novel by Peter Benchley. He was born in New York City, the son of Lillian ( née Baren) and Edward Fisher Brown.

I think #TheCabal goes back farther and deeper than most realize.

But we have a few questions here, if we’re going to to try to figure out what they were tying to accomplish with Jaws 3.

Remember: the Doctor was trying to stimulate regions of the brain to study the effects they would produce. Previously he had focused on the pleasure centers of the brain.

What if he could elicit a response from the fear centers of the brain?

Dr Heath’s work on mind-control at Tulane was partly funded by the US military and the CIA. Dr Heath’s subjects were African Americans. In the words of Heath’s collaborator Australian psychiatrist Harry Bailey, this was “because they were everywhere and cheap experimental animals”. Following the discovery by Olds and Milner of the “pleasure centres” of the brain [James Olds and Peter Milner, “Positive Reinforcement Produced by Electrical Stimulation of the Septal Area and Other Regions of the Rat Brain,” Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology 47 (1954): 419-28.], Dr Heath was the main speaker at a seminar conducted by the Army Chemical Corps at its Edgewood Arsenal medical laboratories. Dr Heath’s topic was “Some Aspects of Electrical Stimulation and Recording in the Brain of Man.” Details of Dr Heath’s own involvement in the MK-ULTRA project remain unclear; but Tulane University continues to enjoy close ties with the CIA. Dr Heath also conducted numerous experiments with mescaline, LSD and cannabis.

In November 1962, CIA physician Dr. E. Manifield Gunn allegedly offered Dr Heath CIA funding for study of the brain’s “pain center”. 



After all, fear is a great motivator. It ties into the survival response of an organism – especially under times of great stress.

Do you see why an MKULTRA mind programmer might want to make use of non-invasive procedures to foster a fear response in people?

Enty gives this project a name. I don’t know if this is an official name for it, or something he concocted himself, but the name is very fitting.


If you want to get into the nuts and bolts of it – the fear of being eaten by larger predators is built in to all Mammalian brains. We have the same brain structures as smaller mammals, so that fear is still very-much hardwired into us, despite humanity being, for all intents and purposes, the apex predators of the entire planet. And Jaws is a story which exploits that fear in a way few series do. Heck, it’s in the name of the movie. The only way it could get more blatant is if you named you film “HUMAN-DEVOURING-BEAST-3000.”

And if I had to guess what scene it is that they were looking to track, primarily… it would have to be…

Okay UPDATE folks:

I made a mistake when I wrote this. This clip is from Jaws: The Revenge, not Jaws 3D. Full disclosure: I’ve never seen a Jaws movie past the first one, because I heard they were all terrible. I basically went through all the FX clips I could find in a long list and pulled a what I thought was a likely candidate for what we’re looking for, and ended up… pulling from the wrong movie!

So I’m going to leave this here, because the actual analysis of the clip is still relevant, buuuut, I’m going to go on and try to find the other shot Enty was talking about and include it AFTER this section:

So, here’s the wrong clip:


This scene has everything a trauma-induction expert could want. You start from the perspective of the predator. Then you switch the prey (in this case, mostly children).

There’s the build-up, with helpless women reacting from the shoreline.

Then, probably because of content ratings, the shark veers at the last moment and devours a fully grown woman.

But for the majority of this scene, you’re seeing these children from the eyes of a predatory animal. It’s not just a reaction shot. It’s literally a POV shot that makes you, the viewer, into Jaws.

And all this “fear-based” programming affects the amygdala, and this is part of what Dr. Heath was studying at the time.

Normally, I’d call this Fear Conditioning, but the POV shot makes me think there was another intention here, and that was to awaken predatory desires within a certain subset of the population; perhaps those prone to pyschopathy.

See, most people will naturally empathize with the people in the shot. I’m talking about those who have a fully functional vagus nerve and ample mirror neurons. But psychopaths have the ability to turn empathy on and off – most notably, when they are instructed to do so. Now I’ve never watched the film in full (mostly because I always heard it was dumb) but perhaps there was a “trigger” (by which I mean a story prompt) earlier in the film that essentially told the psychopaths in the audience to stop feeling any empathy for these victims.

And considering these screenings were recording, perhaps those testing were looking for a different kind of response from these viewers. The average, empathetic person would cringe.

The pyschopath may chuckle or smile.

They could then track and monitor this particular subset of people, and perhaps commandeer them for future studies/clandestine purposes.

Okay, so that was my oh-so-cogent analysis of THE WRONG MOVIE.


Let’s rewind and see if we can find the right clip.

In reviewing literally all the FX shots from the film… the most “traumatizing” one is probably this shot, where the body of one of Jaw’s victims is found floating in the Sea World waters:

And they intro it by having it float into view and then having a young girl’s face shoved in front of the dead body.

That’s kind of classic trauma infliction. You hear about MK victims being forced to occupy the same space as dead and mauled bodies.

Another possible FX candidate is the one where the shark attacks the underwater attraction, forcing the occupants into a small, sealed off room which suddenly goes dark, and starts to fill with water, trapping the tourists inside:

I include this, because it resembles something Springmeier talks about in his Illuminati formula books, known as “Water Trauma,” which he first talks about during his minute-by-minute breakdown of the Disney film, Fantasia:

In truth, I think both clips are designed to traumatize the viewer. Part of that is just by virtue of Jaws being a horror franchise (and as a horror fan myself, I’m not necessarily condemning all these cinematic techniques). I’m just trying to figure out what the Deep State angle and intention was, here.

Short of an actual film reel, and enough time to examine the movie on a frame-by-frame basis, the best we can do in trying to discern the Deep State’s intentions and direction with this is taking educated guesses.

But combine all of this with this line from Heath’s interview:

We found that if we put the chemicals directly into the basal forebrain, and particularly, acetylcholine, that we could produce- we could fire those cells, and produce sort of a “focal discharge” in the septal region, which had the ability to inhibit discharges in the hippocampus, with which it was connected.

“Indelible in the hippocampus.”

Hello. Sound familiar?

That was Christine Blasey Ford’s line about her own memory of the Kavanaugh “assault.” Now, Q already told us she was an MKULTRA victim herself, but right here – if you’re paying attention – is Dr. Heath all but admitting he found a way to stop the creation of memories by inhibiting the functionality of the hippocampus, when he injected a chemical into another site of the brain.

He doesn’t frame it like that, but anyone who understand the anatomy understands the radical implications of what he’s talking about here. And make no mistake, the ability to subject a person to trauma, and then even prevent a memory of the trauma from forming is a pretty classic thing we hear from MKULTRA victims.

Dr. Heath is describing here the mechanics of how it works.

This was, most likely, an accidental discovery (much like how the team who discovered Viagra was looking for a new vasodialator to help with heart disease, only to discover its particular “side effect” – which, as we all know, became the main selling point of that little blue pill). He says as much that it was used to treat seizures – but the other “use case” cannot be ignored here.

And remember the quote from Claudia Mullen – one of the women who testified before Congress in 1995 about being a mind control victim:

“By the time I left to go home – just like every time from then on – I would recall nothing of my tests or the different doctors. I would only rememeber whatever explanations Dr. Robert G. Heath (of Tulane Medical School) gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head and fingers and even the genital soreness. I had no reason to believe otherwise. Already they had begun to control my mind!”

Now compare this to what Dr. Heath is recorded as saying, here, starting at 49: 41:

Dr. Heath: There were these exaggerated concerns about what could be done by physical manipulation of the brain-

Interviewer: Mind control sort of thing-

Dr. Heath: The “mind control issue” was a highly emotional one. That we would make zombies out of people, and put them under our control, and so on, none of which can happen, of course-

Interviewer: No, it’s not-

Dr. Heath: But it, uh, stirred emotional… stirred emotions in our profession, to say the least.

Bob Heath would die in 1999 – just four years after Mullen’s Congressional testimony, and in his obituary the New York Times would write:

Robert G. Heath, 84, Researcher Into the Causes of Schizophrenia

Dr. Robert G. Heath, a physician and medical researcher at Tulane University who was best known for his ground-breaking work on schizophrenia, died on Tuesday at his home in St. Petersburg, Fla. He was 84. In 1957, Dr. Heath found a protein antibody called taraxein in the blood of schizophrenics that was capable of inducing schizophrenic-like symptoms in monkeys and healthy human volunteers.

Dr. Heath also provided a footnote to investigations in the 1970’s concerning the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of private institutions in a secret effort to develop mind-control techniques.

In 1962, Dr. Heath said, a doctor for the agency approached him while he was doing experiments on pleasure centers in the brain, and asked if he would be interested in exploring the ”pain center.”

Dr. Heath called the request ”abhorrent.”

”If I wanted to be a spy, I’d be a spy,” he said in an interview in The New York Times in 1977. ”I wanted to be a doctor and practice medicine.”


You can bet he certainly was.

If anyone wants to file some FOIAs on this subject, I would suggest asking them for information about Dr. Robert Galbraith Heath, Jaws 3, and Tulane and Mind Control. Both the CIA and the FBI have their own FOIA system, and I’m sure you would get some interesting results:

76 thoughts on “Project Hedonia, Bob Heath, and #DeepState Experiments in Mass Mind Control – #Hollywood #CIA #CDAN #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Hey, I didn’t get a direct email from you about the book status and I bought one. I double checked my spam folder and didn’t see anything there from you but did find other emails that should NOT have been spam!. I am not complaining, just letting you know I didn’t get an email.

    • The interviews with Dr. Heath show a well-intentioned but dangerously naive man who was passionate about healing patients suffering the worst mental illnesses. While I can see how easy it is to justify certain practices with the intention of seeking a cure, it shows how important it is to have orthodox Christian moral authorities navigating such research, to prevent abuses and weaponization. Heath suffered from the typical arrogance and delusions of his era; that he knew what would best benefit the future of mankind – emotional control of the masses. BREAKING NEWS: IT IS CALLED (GOOD) RELIGION.

      Add to this scenario our currently actively evil, selfish group of “elite” , aka rich criminals, seeking to hijack and weaponize these discoveries, hiding potentially wonderful cures from the common man, trying to destroy groups of select others who threaten them, harnessing the benefits for only their own advantage and we have a glimpse of what we are dealing with today. The age of Antichrist suddenly seems much closer with all these revelations than it did just a few years ago. Christ, have mercy on us all.

  2. Another great article, Neon. But, one tiny, insignificant nitpick: the movie scene you have guessed at is from Jaws: The Revenge, the fourth film in the series, which was not in 3-D, although your analysis of the scene’s content is spot on. It’s been decades since I saw Jaws 3-D (yeah, my father dragged all of us to see that one in the theater, and I’m sure he would have been thrilled to have been part of a government experiment ) but I have no doubt that the 3-D entry in the series has a scene with similar content. It’s interesting to note that some promotional material for Jaws: The Revenge refer to it as “the third film of the remarkable Jaws trilogy.” I wonder why Universal would want us to forget that there was a film sandwiched between the second and fourth entries in the franchise?

  3. The Amygdala is responsible for the path human history has taken, it’s really that important.

    TV/Movies atrophy the Amygdala because the brain cannot differentiate between TV/Movies and the real world.

    If you are watching traumatic scenes, whilst knowing you are safe. …the Amygdala stops responding as it should…

    And then people vote Democrat/Labour (UK)!

    Also, lookup “Toxima Plasmosis” [T Gondii]
    And wonder…if 30% of the world’s population ate infected with it…

    Does that explain Libtards? Particularly the “Rapefugees welcome” muppet?

    • Makes me wonder about the Game of Thrones series….that was popular around the world. I watched the first first few series and was disturbed by the violence and totally unnecessary sex. But season 4 or 5 I nearly quit watching because it was so over the top. And interestingly I did not finish the series as it just began to feel like the producers were looking for a quick but not necessarily satisfactory resolution to the series. And the fact that people were so upset by the ending makes me think I was right. Now this is going to sound strange, but I wonder if the original ending was changed because a large portion of the country did not buy into the lefts vision for the country. If there was some type of programming coded into the show that was rejected by the viewers???

  4. Let’s not forget why Indiegogo held it back… you extended the deadline by 2 days to sell more books even though you were well over $100 thousand past your goal… that little tid bit of information might help in accepting some responsibility on your part as to why the printing is delayed… you point the final someone you gotta answer for this three point back at you..m

    • Yall need some patience. Books aren’t going to show up any quicker from your complaining. We should all be wanting each other to succeed, that includes Neons book.

    • I wasn’t 100k past my goal when I extended it. I was around 70k when I extended it. The SGT Report interview really raised awareness, and ended up basically DOUBLING the campaign, so yeah, it was worth the wait.

      But IG actually withheld that bit of info from me, about holding the money longer – so I had literally no way of knowing up front. They could have sent it earlier, but did not.

      I’m not complaining or making excuses. I’m giving people perspective. This book is basically just one mere month “late.”

      And in the crowdfunding world, that’s stellar performance.

      • $70k $100k not an issue on semantics. The point was it was you who made the decision to extend by two days which was the catalist for the delay. As I’ve stated before hope all the world of success for this endeavor but again: point the finger one must answer for the 3 fingers pointing back… this is what happens when you have thousands of bosses who pay your salary with multiple perspectives and expectations with an ignorant impatient gold fish mentality society

        • What part of “They didn’t tell me if would delay the payment by weeks” do you not understand?

          And I didn’t “neglect” to admit that. I’ve kept people updated the entire way through multiple channels. There’s no “neglect” here at all, actually.

          If I had known that they would delay payment beforehand, I might have reconsidered. But they didn’t tell me, and there was literally no indication of this anywhere.

          Also, moron, because economies of scale are so hard for you to understand – if I had ended two days early, I would have only been able to print about 5,000 copies.

          Now, with the extra haul, those two days mean I’m able to print 15,000 copies.

          That’s a BIG difference – especially for someone like me, who is doing this ALL independently. That means I have supply for retailers. That means anyone can now order it from an online store. That means Barnes and Noble can stock it around the nation for grandma and grandpa to pick up.

          That means I’ll be able to move these and afford ANOTHER printing down the road.

          Oh, but maybe you’d rather things stay small and ineffective, and keep Q out of the mainstream.

          See, so you think you’re leaving smart comments here, somehow demonstrating your oneupsmanship – but really, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

          You know what you are? You’re the kind of Conservative that cuts your nose off to spite your face, because you think you’ve caught a whiff of fiscal irresponsibility, when in actuality you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. You’re like the Republicans in Congress who didn’t vote for the Wall, because of the cost, failing to realize the ACTUAL cost of illegal immigration adding up, every single day.

          The simple fact of the matter is this: you don’t know the costs, you don’t understand the realities of printing and distribution, you’ve never handled the logistics of a campaign like this, heck, you’ve never even written a book (let alone a nearly 500 page book) and yet you somehow feel entitled to backseat drive because the CROWNDFUNDING CAMPAIGN ended up being ONE MONTH late.

          I am really sick of belligerent know-nothings lecturing me on subjects upon which they have no grasp whatsoever.

          Like, really, have you ever run a crowdfunding campaign before? Have you ever written a book? Have you even attempted to run a SITE like this?

          No, you don’t do anything but sit there, complain, and mischaracterize me and my efforts.

          And even just the whiff of jealousy in your other comments is so transparent. “Millionaire?”

          I’ve barely made anything off this because I’m trying to print as many copies as I can (which, you know, costs more money), because I’m trying to spread Q’s information far and wide. So you throw speculative aspersions against me, when once again, you have no clue what you’re talking about.

          Furthermore, you’ve had just as much time, energy, information, and daylight as I have had. You could have written a book like me. But you chose not to, instead.

          So you sit there, uninformed and envious, posting slanderous comments on my site because I accomplished – with the help of God- what you never even attempted.

          And FFS, even if I somehow did end up making a billion dollars off this, what exactly is wrong with that?

          Wouldn’t you want someone like me empowered with wealth so that I could do good in the world?? Everything I’ve done, I’ve done on an absolute shoestring budget. There are PLENTY of things I’d love to do for this movement, which I can’t exactly afford right now.

          No, it seems like you’re so petty, and so poverty-minded, you want everyone stuck in the muck and mire with you; never accomplishing anything, or even attempting anything other than leaving a passive-aggressive comments on other people’s sites, like turds in the seat of your bathroom toilet.

          Get your head screwed on right. Your complaints are absolutely absurd.

  5. Folks, with all the costs associated with producing a book, Neon is not getting rich on this first offering. With all the work, time and effort he has put into it, it is truly a labor of love. I’m happy to be a part of it and excited that I will have a copy soon.

    Articles like this, makes me wonder, how much is me and how much is programmed? I would like to think I’m in control of me, that I’m 100% authentic but you know crap seeps in from all sorts of sources. Wouldn’t we all have been programmed to love obama, lol? The cabal has no respect, they treat people like cattle, it is sickening the lives that have been ruined. Thank you for pulling this together, Neon, super interesting.

    • It’s articles like this that show how much the population is programmed. If you think about it, this all started back in the late 50’s. When you take this program and combine it with programmed agenda-driven education at all levels, advertising, fake journalism, political theater, Hollywood, etc, then I am surprised that more people (and not just liberals) aren’t victims. Thank God not everyone is wired the same, where some of us have been resistant, and able to see through the tactics. Gives a whole new perspective on liberalism being a mental disorder.

  6. Christopher Bulger, so what? Wouldn’t you? He updated everyone at the time and has been very transparent about the process. He isn’t even profiting by the end of this endeavour, although I think he ought to. There are ALWAYS delays in these projects. Duh

    • Q was 25 most influential people in Time magazine. There was a Q best sellers book. He hasn’t tapped in the world market… France and yellow vest, uk hing kong Spain, Canada. Give your head a shake if you think/believe/entertain the notion neon will not be a millionaire with this book.

      • deservedly so…what exactly is your point dude…and why are you stinking up the place? Go elsewhere if you have issues w the situation.

        • I understand neons frustration on many levels dealing with the incompetence of every day society and trying to educate them, but that’s a horse of another color.

          My issue is as thorough as he is, he neglected to admit that ultimately it was his decision to add 2 days to sell more books which put back him getting paid by 3 weeks. $70k— $100k above his goal still would of allowed him to do all those extras I’m sure…

          Anyone here who does not understand the concept of right wing left wing same birs same shit and looks upon themselves as a open minded free thinker needs6to reevaluate their self characterization because you are all susceptible to the same talking point propaganda.

          I appreciate what neon has done and his work. I don’t totally agree with some of his methods and have no problem questioning them. This does not equate as contemp. There is a fine line between confidence and cockiness and support is needed when one stays from said path in an egotistical driving society. Cooper walked that line. What neon is doing is ot necessarily trailblazin. Its it as if he’s dumb up new undisclosed information. Which is not saying what he’s doing isn’t hard work, but I can assure you that in a pie chart, the second biggest slice or motivation for writing this book was money as this great awakening is world wide, world wide, and he has become somewhat of an expert on Q related/inspired/telling you where to look topics.

          You got a problem with people questioning the narrative? You need your own save space to make you feel secure? That’s what good leaders do. Create other good/better leaders. Not more blind benevolent sheep that regurgitating talking points. Just goes to show the level of brainwashing you’re under and why said talking points/propaganda are used on both sides and the success they have.

  7. Interesting, that in all of this information outlined in the available literature, and the “good” doctor’s interview, there is no indication of the nefarious, and even evil acts Dr. Heath either committed or allowed to occur, particularly on Claudia Mullen, who testified extensively about being raped and tortured from the age of 7, and the doctors using her as part of the CIA honeypot that entrapped politicians and potential funders in Heath’s program, the program that they told her was “therapy” to cure her childhood schizophrenia.

  8. Great info as always buddy, don’t let these idiots get you down. Remember you are a marked man and will get hate from every which way imaginable for the research that you put out. Keep up the great work!!

  9. “EM effects on human”

    This is gangstalking. This is 5g.

    “I think TheCabal goes back farther and deeper than most realize.”

    Y’got that right. Back 4365 years to the war that accidentally knocked Earth’s rotation a’wobble. (George F. Dodwell proved the event happened and the Vedas partially explain the war).

    These immoral assholes have been in power ever since by instilling, employing, and maintaining a knowledge differential: knowledge of occult sciences used for evil while keepin’ the populace completely ignorant of the occult (like gettin’ people to cower in fear over the word itself).

    The defenders in the war were scattered and some turned to the dark occult sciences themselves. The rash of God-Kings in history explained.

    “Many leading universities have a Central Intelligence Agency officer working on campus…”

    …nearly every scientist on fhe frontiers of brain research found men from the secret agencies looking over his shoulders impinging on the research.”

    Big hints! The true priest class resides at the top of every government intelligence agency on the planet. They don’t want money; they want total human slavery. Bush senior and his wife were practitioners for instance.

    The cabal is controlled by dark occultists taught through occult societies. The cabal are just the psychopathic hedonists who can still be steered by vice, sex, money, and status.

    The dark occult priest class are above these incentives and are acting in unison to achieve one thing; to create a planet where they are insulated from the law of Source (as they wrongly believe) and become slave-masters over a human farming operation forever generating the energetic food for their own master… the black sun/the adversary.

    Learn the occult sciences and listen to your heart as you use the knowledge for light/Source/God, Neon. Pull all those pieces together and finally see the big picture. I ain’t sayin’ this to impress people or sound like a guru; I just recognize that you’d be a powerful addition to the ultimate force of love in all the multiverse
    if you’d just come online.

    Q is fun an everything, but your information retention and recall abilities could take you a lot further along in consciousness than just endlessly describing the prison walls.

  10. No updates from publisher ever, and I bought 5 copies. I cannot log in to gab either. Not for days. So sump in going on u r missing. I am a lurker, comment sometimes. I am just a stupid boomer,

    • Wrong. There have been MULTIPLE updates, and they’ve all been publicly posted and timestamped on Indiegogo, as well as emailed to every backer.

      • My sincere apologies. Family member deleted ALL update emails. Thought it was spam. I really am sorry NR. Promise I will buy 5 of Part 2.

  11. Neon, I would really like a copy of your book, but seem to have missed the deadline. I hope you will offer copies for sale in the future for those that missed out. Thanks!

    • Not exactly on topic but Tulane University, in New Orleans, was also part of nefarious cancer studies, in llegal labs, that contaminated the first polio vaccines with a cancer virus. Read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” and / zor “Me and Lee”. How Lee Oswald was part of these experiments and set up as a patsy in the JFK assassination. Sounds crazy but it is all documented. Both books are well-sourced.

  12. One month late two months late who cares ! As long as it is written and printed as long as it is out there for anyone to read. Getting the truth out is what’s important.

  13. The only email I’ve gotten is the initial receipt from IndieGoGo, so it certainly seems like some of the notification emails that were sent have gone astray. But what’s with all the whining and angst about the wait? Buying something that isn’t published, or even edited yet, is not like buying an existing book off Amazon. Really, people–get a grip. You’d think Neon was one of those pleasure buttons in the article, all wired to provide you with instant gratification at the push of a button. And while I’m at it, unless you personally work for free (because, you know, profit BAD!), you’ve got no business complaining that someone who creates a product using his time, research, knowledge, effort, and skill, is somehow committing a disgraceful act for being, in Jesus’ own words, “a workman worthy of his hire.” (Luke 10:7)

  14. I wonder if there is a subset cohort of kids who were movie ushers during the late 70’s and early 80’s who are more inclined to be schizophrenic or psychotic. I was one and I have watched the last 10 minutes of the original Jaws about 100 times. It got so we could predict when people would scream and cheer in the audience while being out in the lobby.


  15. I’m guessing this isn’t the doctor that was used to perform psyco-surgery on Joe Biden to cure his pedophelia, because it failed miserably. As horrible as this “research” is, he is the one person who could have eliminated those urges from Biden’s brain.

  16. In reference to the comment to the POV seen in the Jaws movie, and the potentiality of triggering the predatory regions of the brain in psychopaths, what are your thoughts on the potential of the same technology being used in the video game industry, vis-a-vis first-person shooters (FPS) like DOOM, Call of Duty, etc.?

  17. Hey, Neon, did you realize that your books will be shipped by the same date that one of the actual Q team is taking the helm as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs? This is a momentous date. After a lot of research on my own, I believe both Nakasone (took over for Patriot Mike Rogers) and Milley (taking control from Deep State Dunford) are two of the actual MI that are on the Q team. There is no doxxing Q anymore. The DS knows who is on the Q team. And they have won already. Patriots are in control. We are watching the end of the movie. By Christmas, this will all be common knowledge and the credits will be rolling.

  18. Thank you for everything! I’ve received every update via email. Not worried about when it comes at all though. Thank you for the hard work, it’s much appreciated!

  19. Neon,
    i get you pal, i have an autoimmune disease and they literally take you out when they strike. It takes time and rest to get it back under control. i sure hope you feel better and stronger soon.

  20. Thanks for putting this together Neon. The connections, and exposure are fascinating.

    The article triggered a couple of memories (what a choice of words!)

    Do you remember the Jim Jones “religious group” that committed mass “suicide” in “Jonestown” in the 70’s. It appears the whole thing was an MK Ultra experiment that was exposed, and the members were put to death as part of the coverup. The evidence I’ve seen is a compilation of video clips with the title “Evidence of Revision” which covers JFK, RFK, MLK and Jonestown.
    Speaking of induced trauma I’m reminded that my kids, and perhaps most school children in America, were subjected to horrendous holocaust images (like bodies being bulldozed into mass graves) at a very impressionable age (around 7th and 8th grades I believe). It’s considered an essential part of their education. Thanks MK Ultra!!

    PS Please get a LIghtcoin wallet like Exodus and post the public key for direct contributions if possible.

  21. I was baffled by the post asking about the book. It actually pissed me off and i went off on the idiot. it was right after we recieved an update. The retard posted to his timeline, Something like that deserves to be in a message cause the guy made a fool out of himself.

  22. I am late to your readership. I’m not on social media so I found my way here organically after Q research went down.
    Anyhow, I’d be happy to take the place of anyone who cancels on your book.

  23. Shame on people getting their panties in a wad over the book. I would gladly have given you the money just to support all the work you have done for us in many venues as well as writing the book. Neon Revolt, you have opened my eyes and given me a place to go for truth, a place that I trust. I think of all the sleepless nights you have endured, all the stress of dealing with stupid people, and the hours of back-breaking work you have done to dig up the truth. I honor you and support you! Patience, people, things like this always take longer than you plan on. Get a life and support this good man. You will get your book when it’s ready.

  24. “Robert Galbraith” is the pseudonym JK Rowling wrote her latest crime series under. And here I thought that was just another of her many made up names/characters…

  25. Hi Neon, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/Epstein Barr related bugs, and others can be reduced quite a bit by taking 1/4 tsp of Borax with one liter/quart of water (purified is best) per day. Sip it throughout the day. (I don’t always drink the whole liter everyday but have fewer sensitivities, or can be exposed to fragrances and solvents for longer periods before getting sore throat, coughing, headaches, etc., resulting in sinus infections and flu/cold. If you have a healing crisis (Like flu or sinus infection, etc.) treat accordingly but don’t stop the Borax. Maybe take less each day but don’t stop, and build up to 1/4 tsp. For ladies, 1/8 tsp. Another simple addition that might help with Fibromyalgia (FMS) brain fog, if that’s a problem, is extra virgin coconut oil, 1-3 or more tbs a day. (Great for Alzheimers to. More is better for that (Build up)). The Borax has been a Godsend for my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which is often co-morbid with CFS and/or FMS. Stay with it, these help. Perhaps I’ll add I also take Fulvic Acid. It can cause a healing crisis to; and, I also take 12 grams of Vit. C (not for CFS and FMS or MCS). I have searched for almost 40 years something to help, Borax and Coconut Oil have turned out to be the most effective for me, very powerful. I have been them consistently now for approx. 9 months. Blessings…

    • Hi J… I am a nurse and I have a lot of patients with immune disorders, chemical sensitivity, likely Lyme or other viruses, POTS, all over pain, severe CFS, FMS… maybe we can connect on Twitter…I’d like to get some more info from you.I have a young patient right now with POTS/CFS/FMS/myalgic encephalomyopathy (chronic migraine, severe neck pain)…. She is not even getting out of bed! She uses wheelchair to go to bathroom and this is bad! Seeing lots of young women especially with these mystery syndromes where life becomes impossible. you can email me at [email protected]. Twitter is @Nurse_Sherri

      • Here is a really good program that can help with all the conditions you mentioned. It helps a person retrain their amygdala, and is the most amazing treatment for a lot of illness. I am not a spokesperson. Just a person who has benefited from the information. It costs $350, but is worth every penny. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee. What doctor offers that??? Try the free trial and decide for yourself. The information is profound and can help us all deprogram ourselves and learn how to use our brains to improve our health.

        FYI, there is a second program called

        Both are really good and offer online programs that are affordable. I have done both programs and like the Gupta Program a bit better. This information has the potential to put western medicine out of business!

        Treats: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) | M.E. | Fibromyalgia | Multiple Chemical Sensitivities | Electrical/Mold Sensitivities/CIRS | Pain Syndromes | Anxiety/Panic | Adrenal Fatigue | Irritable Bowel Syndrome I Burnout | Lyme, Viruses | POTS/ Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or any Related conditions.

  26. Keep up the trail blazing NR. I will wait on purchasing your book this cycle, but the moment you put personalized hard back cover on line, I will be more than happy to give a Benjamin+ for it. Prayers for you daily, better days, greater wealth, blessed with more wisdom and better health! Cheers!

    • Don’t think a hardback is going to happen any time soon, for the record, but thanks.

      God will have to make some kind of deal happen with a bigger publisher for that to occur. I’ve pretty much taken this as far as I can.

  27. Re; EB Virus. You may want to check out books by Anthony William Medical Medium. He basically redefines medical “science” based on viruses – specifically Epstein Barr. His books may resonate with you. Would be surprised if you got a diagnosis of EBV, I had to figure it out myself. Cheers to the success of your book and improved health!

    • I suspect Anthony Williams is a shill and should be avoided at all costs. He is part of the fake white light that leads people down the wrong path. Although it is obviously a good idea to eat fruits and veggies.

  28. Oh my life, Neon. Haven’t been able to post for months. Or get on gab either. Says have I disabled cookies. Don’t know how so don’t think so. Any way, tried to order your book but as I live in England, it wouldn’t let me. Grrrr. Never mind, I will wait for the ebook. Unless you can afford to expand the shipping at a future date. Thank you for the work you have done. Loved the interviews you did on SGT and, I think, RedPill78.

  29. Before reading the article, I’m not upset, or worried, at all, about the books delivery date. I know you’re doing it as fast as you can and that’s good enough for me. And I for one appreciate the extras that were augmented onto the deal “in exchange for” the 3 week delay in funds.

    I’m very sorry about your medical condition. I hope a lot of secret cures will be released soon. I think about that sort of thing a lot. And I dream of the poisons being removed from our air, water, food, etc,

  30. Hi Neon look into the Medical Medium specifically celery juicing for Epstein Barr Virus issues you may find it interesting.
    I’m from Ontario Canada and wanted to purchase your book so wondering if your going to have International orders in 2nd printing?
    I’ve followed your work for the last couple of years and appreciate your excellent research, love what you do, THANKYOU.

  31. I am interested in the connnection between Canadian MK Ultra Doctor Cameron, and Canadian film director James Cameron. Believe the film Avatar used for further mind control experiments. Believe director’s career wholey green-lit as a thank you by Cabal to Dr. Cameron for nefarious services rendered to Cee-eye-Aye.
    Both Camerons are monsters.

  32. Neon you had better retire…

    They do not like you revealing their secrets….

    If I would have told my stories, I would have died…


  33. IS THIS THE END ? Apparently nothing came of the 8 chan hearing.I don’t mean to be a “sunshine patriot”,but WHERE IS “Q”??? I really struggle with myself to “keep hope alive”,but more and more it seems like a lost cause.And the detractors and scoffers will have the last guffaw.I f it WAS a hoax,I don’t believe you were a part of it,NEON.I am very aware of all the effort and hard work you put into this collective effort and I THANK YOU !(sorry,I’m afraid that I’m getting all,”TO SIR WITH LOVE HERE………or is it,”TO Q WITH,”HUH?” “) WHERE IS HE/SHE/OR THEY???I understand that 8 chan is down,but FOR GOD’S SAKES THERE ARE MANY,MANY,WAYS AND MEANS,AND FORUMS THAT “Q”COULD COMMUNICATE WITH THOSE OF US THAT TOOK AND SOME OF US THAT ARE STILL WILLING TO TAKE “Q”SERIOUSLY .THE FACT THAT HE/SHE HAS CHOSEN NOT TO TENDS TO TIP THE NEEDLE TOWARDS HOAX.And if it WAS a hoax,I don’t believe for a nano second that you were a witting accomplice ,NEON.I REMEMBER THE TIMES OF YOUR IMPATIENCE WITH THE MADDENING RIDDLES AND INSCRUTABLE CLUES AS WERE WE ALL AT TIMES.AND I AM PAINFULLY AWARE OF THE BIND THAT ALL OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS HAVE PUT YOU IN.And in closing,may I suggest that if we truely have played and betrayed by “Q”,that we look him him up or HUNT HIM DOWN and call him to ACCOUNT !!! p.s. THANKS AGAIN NEON .YOU KNOW,”THE HUNT FOR “Q”WOULD MAKE A VERY APT AND FITTING SEQUEL !!!

      • It wouldn’t prove that it wasn’t a hoax either.It’s never foolish to retain a modicum of scepticism.These are very serious matters that we all are researching and pondering and Q’s disappearance and continued silence is mysterious and troubling .In the land of the blind,the one eyed man is king.

  34. I believe that it would be quite fitting were Neon to profit monetarily from this endeavor. God Knows who He can trust with money, and since Neon clearly continues to retain custody of his passions and mind,
    his servant’s heart would make great use of any enrichment that comes his way.


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