The Google Whistleblower’s Message from #QAnon. #GreatAwakening

Guys, I’m really excited to be able to help break this news along with Thomas at TruReporting, and Redpill78.

I recently had the chance to talk to the #GoogleWhistleblower, Zach Vorhies, who you’ll recall recently dumped a ton of incriminating documents he had saved over the years working at Google with Project Veritas, leading to a number of stunning revelations about the way Google is manipulating the public’s access to certain kinds of information they unilaterally deem unacceptable, on top of interfering in elections world-wide. Zach was also able to submit tons of materials to the DOJ, and had, at one point, police sniper rifles trained at him from the rooftops where he lived, following Google’s attempt to paint Zach as mentally unstable. In response, Zach not only set up a dead-man’s switch was forced to go public, where the spotlight of the press would provide him some much-needed protection, and mitigate Google’s sinister escalation of the matter.

In talking to Zach, I learned a number of things, but naturally, being who I am and what I do, the conversation soon turned to the subject of #QAnon. I asked him his thoughts about the level of censorship Q is experiencing (and likely going to experience in the future), as well as his own thoughts on the movement, and that’s when he dropped a bombshell on me.

The very day that Vorhies went public with Project Veritas, he gets a text message out-of-the-blue.

It’s from a number he has never seen before, and has never had any contact with.

And it is startling:

Zach shows me this conversation, and of course all kinds of questions run through our minds. Is this legit? Is there anyway to verify this? Should we, uhhhhh, call back the number it came from?

Now, I’m not about to publish that number that it came from. I have no desire to “doxx” Q, or anyone potentially related to the operation. And besides, I advised Zach to pretty much forget the number. If this is legit, and this is actually originating from Military Intelligence, they can spoof numbers anyway. For all we know, it could be a number they selected at random. It might also be from a burner.

I also tell him I will not be calling back the number because if this is legit, I do not need spooks showing up at my doorstep. (Not that that would stop them in this particular scenario, per se).

Guys, I’m not saying this is 100% beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt legit… but I will say right now, I’m definitely leaning towards this being legit. And this isn’t exactly unprecedented.

I realize Q has said “no outside comms” in the past, but this kind of thing, you’ll recall, has happened before, and Q has told it it has happened him/herself:

There will be a day (within the next few months) that a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions.

And then, after this post, Frederick “Based Hotwheels” Brennan (who shall heretofore be known as “Betrayer Hotwheels,” given his recent media appearances) posted this:

So yeah, I’m leaning towards the text Vorhies received as being one of those rare, legit occurrences – especially considering his incredible contributions to the movement, and especially considering 8chan was down at the time Vorhies would have received this message, so Q didn’t have his normal channels through which he could communicate.

Vorhies was very hesitant to let me share this at first, and I understand why. He didn’t want this to be used against him in any way by his enemies, especially if it was some kind of trap; say, for instance, by someone related to Google, trying to trick him in some way. I told him I thought it was fine to share the content of the message, as he’s not doxxing anyone, and literally just conveying something he personally experienced. And that’s when he agreed to let me post this.

If the boards were up, I’m sure we could all talk about this there.

But seeing as they’re not right now, well…

We’re going to have to wait a bit to see if Q will either confirm or deny. If it is actually Q, this will be very cool, indeed. If this is a bad operator imitating Q, it’s better we all know and understand their tactics.

Vorhies will be on TruReporting later tonight, and Redpill78 will be covering this as well, this evening. I’ll update this post with links to both here, so you can hear more straight from Vorhies.


As promised, here’s the two videos:


Well done, lads.

With all that said, we are rapidly approaching the time when Jim Watkins, owner of 8ch, will be testifying before the democrat-run clown circus known as the House Homeland Security Committee, where he will be forced to endure a grilling from the likes of Sheila Jackson-Lee, who is perhaps best known in the Qcommunity for wearing a pedophile symbol ring in Congress, and who Q said was “Part of the club.”

Make no mistake, folks. The only real reason they want 8chan offline is to protect their power. Collectively, we are a threat to their hegemony.

Watkins did something very smart when he took the site offline prior to this hearing. As I’ve stated before, the site has had the ability to come back online for some time now. It’s not a question of capability. Watkins was, smartly, looking to deprive the Deep State of any more false-flag ammo. Because you just know the Deep State would just loooove to get some other shooter posting some other manifesto on 8ch prior to this hearing. Clearly, the better course of action was to keep the site offline for the time being.

Pray for supernatural wisdom for Jim Watkins. He’s going to need every ounce of it he can muster. We’ve got a handful of good guys on the committee, but this is like going into the lion’s den. You can bet I’ll be up and watching every moment of the hearing on C-SPAN. I’m sure there will be more than a few surprises in store.

Okay, shorter article here today, but I hope it offers some reassurance that Q is still out there, still watching, and still active.

I wanted to take some time at the end of this article to talk about a member of the community who was recently in a very bad car wreck, totaling his new truck.

Sean Cordicon has been in the ranks of the QArmy for quite some time, and for many, he needs no introduction. He has been “Q’ed” himself (in drop 3469), speaks to General Flynn, and now, he could really use some help following his devastating accident, in which he broke many ribs, part of his back, collapses a lung, shattered his spleen, and required 8 quarts of blood during a life-saving transfusion.

Judging by his twitter feed, Cordicon is in relatively good spirits, but this is no easy thing.

If you feel so led, you can donate to Cordicon via Paypal, and help him on his road to recovery:

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)



44 thoughts on “The Google Whistleblower’s Message from #QAnon. #GreatAwakening”

    • It was not a “comm”.

      When Q made that post, Q was basically telling anons “don’t waste your time looking for secret hidden comms anywhere else besides here (4chan>8chan) + POTUS Tweets. Q didn’t want people to waste time poring over some some obscure article/tweet/etc and think there was a “Bonus Q Drop” hidden somewhere if they only decode it hard enough…

      There was much confusion in the before-time. We had a guy running around calling himself “R” and people were thinking he was part of the QAnon team. Q had to tell people “There is only Q”.

      Why would Q limit themselves from reaching out to people? This is not a game of . They Need to win. No do-overs like there would be in a game. They aren’t gonna sit there and I can raadsay “well, we better not give this whistleblower a hand, or any encouragement…cause remember we said ‘no outside comms’?”

      That’s ridiculous. This was not a comm from Q to anons. This was a private correspondence between QTeam and another Player on the board.

      God bless you and have a wonderful day, sir. No disrespect was intended.

  1. Neon,

    Should we reach out to the good guys on the House Homeland Security Committee via e-mail maybe to let them know of the real purpose of 8chan?

  2. Between all the ultra boomer posting on the gab page and now this, I don’t know, man. I think I have to check out for a while. No outside comms. Good luck.

  3. With all that’s beem happening, the crazy way things like that hurricane and other inexplicable seeming “coincidences”, and the way Q can predict things a year in advance to the day, I’m wondering if those guardian angels that the message mentions are just that.

  4. I am so glad you added the cordicon link in this post. You’re awesome. He’s a lot of the reason we have people wait to do I believe. Thank you Neon

  5. Two more ppl to follow on YouTube. I’ve been lost without 8ch. Thanks Neon, I look forward to your posts to help me understand just what the hell is going on.

  6. Um, this: Pray for supernatural wisdom for Jim Watkins. He’s going to need every ounce of it he can muster.
    If I were your editor, I would point out that ‘supernatural’ wisdom is not mustered on one’s own but gifted by God. Nevertheless, the point is clear and we shall be praying that his cup overflows with not only wisdom but goodness and mercy as well.

    (and for some reason the name of my old blog is showing instead of my user name)

  7. Whoa!!! That is so cool!! Prayers for God’s wisdom for Jim, and claiming God’s promise of no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

  8. Sure it’s all PSYOP. If Trump was a shill why do they have media and politicians wasting so much time and money, they have nothing better to do than go against themselves? Why did Trump bust thousands of pedos if he is one of them. Epstein isn’t in public eyes who has him? After one suicide event, how stupid are they?

  9. Aw, there’s that Ed we know and love.

    You know, I’m disgusted by voodoo. Can’t stand it or the people that believe in it and put so much faith and energy into it. I think it’s laughable and the people that paint their faces up and march around in circles lighting candles and chanting and sticking pins in dollies, all a bunch of weirdos. And you know how the average person would know that about me Ed? They don’t see me lurking on voodoo blogs, reading every word written and constantly putting my 2 cents in. I just ignore it. You should try it some time.

    • Amber…Q is the pied Piper to hell… Military tribunals, indictments, Whittaker,IG report…Barr the deep state fixer…How about another report, investigation.. 3 years in lots of tweets.. Buy the t shirt…obey the scripted narrative..

  10. From a Southern with: a Fed Reserve-trained bank founder bro-in-law (sold bank early 2000s), NASA space shuttle engineer, and a few (un-named) family stories, the James Bond movies weren’t prescient; they were (IMO) celebratory films of techno-dominance status.

    Of course, by submitting my e-mail, etc., I am exposing myself. I am no one. By (their) design. So, I should not matter.

  11. Trump needs to get BARR indicting ..NOW…. delay is hurting more than helping….as excuse after excuse is keeping the Deep State afloat….and the CONgress in line to push us into conflict inside this country…Q and Trump need more than just tweets and drops to save this country…time IS running out

  12. I watched Zach on TRUreporting w/ RP78. Zach’s body language was totally ‘off’!! Can’t put my finger on it, just yet, but something just isn’t ringing true with this guy. When he 1st started talking he made a big display with his hands (big smile) about Q being so great. However, when he then started talking ‘jokingly’ about Q being a sysop to lull us all in for a grand NWO take-over… his body language got VERY quiet & weird! Now, maybe it’s because that’s a thought many of us have also had & it’s a frightening thought, but it struck my truth detecting sensors oddly. His video w/ Alex Jones is also suspect, for me. Wasn’t AJ’s go-to source named Zach? Would love to hear Mandy @ Bombard’s thoughts on him. RedPill78, TRUreport & Neon Revolt are trusted QAnons, for me, but I just can’t get past his body language in the video & the one of his news interview at the YT shooting…. he’s body doesn’t ‘sing’ with his words. I don’t think it’s him being nervous, afraid, or paranoid either… there’s something else that’s just ‘off’ with him! Additionally, he said he was w/ Issac Kappy’s tech guy when he got a text from Q, yet he then states that he didn’t know Issac??? The way he behaved (BL) & talked; seemed to be ‘milking’ RP78 for Kappy info. That seemed super odd to me as anyone who’s been following Q knows about it – especially, since he’s a tech guy by profession & surely (if he knows Kappy’s friend) he’d know all about it already. As for some other guy getting a blue Q left at his house??? Come on? Why was it not Republican Red Q? I’m not buying it, just yet. Q said, “No outside coms!” Those are not very convincing coms, in my opinion. I hope he’s the real deal & I’m wrong! Be careful who you follow, Patriots! Reagan told us, “Trust everyone, but always cut the deck.” He may be legit, but (for now) I’m smelling a double-agent. JMHO!

  13. What is wrong with you neon Q SAID NO OUT SIDE COMMS. Posts 465,475,513, PAST PRESENT or FUTURE. COMMS UNDERSTOOD.

    • That was not a “comm”. I replied to someone near the top of this, I’m not gonna type it all again. But furthermore, Neon has the phone number it came from…

      Also, maybe it Wasnt really Q. Did Neon say “This is really Q you guys.” ?? No. He merely reported to us something which HE HIMSELF experienced. And he said he doesn’t know if it’s really Q.

      You think he should’ve just kept this relevant Q related info to himself? Or, you think he should’ve immediately recoiled in horror when Zach showed him the text, and shrieked “NO OUTSIDE COMMS!!!!” and ended the meeting immediately and reported to us that Zach is an obvious shill?

      Please tell us, what you think is wrong with Neon? What did he do wrong here exactly?

      Maybe the question you should be asking yourself is, what is “wrong with” You, that you would admonish Neon for sharing this, along with his genuine feelings, with us?

      He said he feels it may be real. He was honest and told us what He feels. You are a human being with free will. Your feelings don’t have to always match with Neons. You are free to say you dont believe Zach. And Neon is free to report to us what he experienced and let us make our own decisions like adults.

      At this point, it kinda seems, from my perspective, that you are just beating up the messenger.

  14. This is Awesome!!

    I think under these circumstances, Q would make a ONE time exception to let Zach know he’s got protective eyes on him.

    • Personally, I think Q is allowed to make as many of these what you call “exceptions” as they want, because this was not a comm from Q to anons.

      It was a private correspondence between Q and another Player on the board.

      The “no outside comms” directive was to help anons so they don’t waste time scouring the entire internet hoping to find “extra BONUS Q Drops” somewhere. Remember in the beginning we had some guy calling himself R who was dropping info as well and people were beginning to think he was with Q, and if he was with Q, how many others were there? Q simplified it for us by letting us know, there is only Q, and, don’t bother looking anywhere for comms meant for anons except the chans and also POTUS tweets obviously.

      Q would not limit themselves by saying they aren’t allowed to communicate with anyone. That was Not the purpose of No Outside Comms. They were Not saying “hmm, saving the world is gonna be too easy so lets make it a little more challenging by say…never communicating outside of 8chan.” No the Q team is definitely communicating, with eachother, with the enemy, with operatives, with Trump, and of course, with new players/new recruits as they make themselves known and they’re doing it any damn way they feel like it, not limited to only 8chan… 8chan is down for Gods sakes!

  15. Sure… supposed military intelligence is gonna say “No outside comms”… and then proceed to do what…engage in outside comms? Makes sense.

    With this guy being interviewed as a witness to the shooting at YT last year, crisis actor style…and also conspicuously sitting in front of buddha “art” with a pizzagate symbol on its forehead for redbill78’s interview with him, that he decided to cover up for his later interview with SGTreport.. nah, nothing at all to be questioned .

  16. Hey, I wanted to know when the book would be shipping out to us. I ordered two of them. Not even sure that this is the appropriate place to inquire, or if you have already updated on this, but let me know please.

    Thank you

  17. I agree that we were Told Not Outside comms-However, things are swerving in different directions and one thing Q Cannot predict is how JohnQ public will react. Sooooo Yeah, I do believe Q has been UberSelective in choosing when/how to leave a quick note! Please tell Sean, Cordicon, I sent a small PayPal donation as I am banned from Twitter-no longer DO FB- and don’t know any other way to let him know “praying hard for his swift recovery and he had Angels protecting him from worse”….Thanks Neon! ColoKat

  18. I’ll NEVER blindly follow any Party, religion, government, Trump, Zach, Neon, 8 Chan, or anyone else again! Q taught us well to ‘think for ourselves’, to use our own God-given discernment, & not go down every Q claimer’s or snake charmer’s path. For that I’ll be forever grateful!!! If Q is a LARP, POTUS, military intelligence or some divine intervention I know not, but I’m grateful to have been awoken from my hypnotized slumber by TRUTH. Whether Q returns by some other method or is gone forever matters not to this cause now. We’ve finally been awakened & we know the truth; never to be deceived again by anyone!!! No matter the arguments, for the defense of those guilty, it’s too late for them; we know too much now! ThanQ!!!

  19. Outside, inside it does not matter…We are winning! That is the main thing! Look arround! There are more good people everywhere! The off-world interfierence has stopped a while ago. There are only few million bad pupets left on Earth. And few Masters, who are running out of money, power, influence. Their end is near! The Lion will be unleashed in 2020!

  20. I can’t figure out why you, or the Anons, have not jumped on this This true story is unbelievable how Eric Schmidt sold IP’s he stole and Dragonfly, his credit scoring system, to communist China. They poisoned him and his daughters and when he resisted them, they refused to give his daughter Alison the antidote. Look up her obituary online and you will see for yourself. Furthermore, I would like to know how Bill Richardson, former Gov of New Mexico, is involved, as he was connected to Jeffrey Epstein and the cryogenics etc.. at his Santa Fe ranch…there is definitely some “there, there” One other thing, she exposes is Hillary Clinton and her plan to use 5G to kill us…. After reading this you may feel, as I do, we are all barking up the wrong tree.

  21. Hi all,
    I live in New Zealand and we are experiencing Spring here. I will get to my point quick like eh. We are in a socially government issue straight jacket as to food injustice with toxic laws that restrict so many organic little gardening hobbyist to make an extra buck on the side. I am an old guy of 67 and may be a bit of a fossil. Yet I hold the values of social justice as close to my heart and have been a victim of crime a few times over is unfair as it can possibly get when you have stuff hanging around your neck like this taxation home invasion for two disabled people you wonder how you are going to make ends meet. I am not YET under but many are. A few websites you may be familiar with I want to make popular. and and read about the medical mafia side of the system that memes and and gags us and they have really great Youtubes and articles solutions etc. I am new to Neon OK so I don’t know the ropes yet. Please go easy as I am addressing a huge audience here about social issues as I am not important here and the issues are.and eventually you may find faults and chips in my Armour and like anybody am not perfect by far. I am trying very hard and work hard to change the world or it will run us into the ground. Please remember that I am 67 and DO want to make a difference.

    God bless you in your efforts to get social justice from Nico Vegt a Dutch born Canadian married to a Kiwi.


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