Spartans in Darkness – #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


My brother had his eyes focused on the TV screen as he leapt from edifice to rooftop in the game he was playing that night – though you wouldn’t have guessed that if you were to listen in on our conversation, given how much attention he was paying to the subject at hand: that the Clintons and other elites around the globe were engaged in human trafficking, ritual sacrifice, and cannibalism.

“Don’t you understand what that SOUNDS like??”

If only I could get him to mentally leap from one idea to another with as much aplomb as his on-screen avatar.

“There’s no way they could just GET AWAY with that! SOMEONE would have said SOMETHING along the way.”

My brother is, in a word, very bluepilled right now. I don’t say that as an insult, as he’s very intelligent and capable of understanding all this. He’s just not ready to accept it all, right now.

“I wouldn’t want to live in that world! IN-SANE” he repeated at me, raising his voice with each repetition. “Where did you even first hear of that? 4Chan? 8Chan? Some random forum??”

I tried to explain that he could look up most of what I was saying himself, and independently verify it.

“I won’t believe it until I see it in a CREDIBLE news source. Even Fox News!”

I tried to explain, best as I could: Epstein’s Island temple, how Laura Silsby was caught with 33 children she had abducted at the Dominican border, the tangled web of elites involved in this system, and more – but he wasn’t having any of it.

“You’re just using these communities as a substitute for real communities in your life. You have digital friends, not real ones. And you’ve always been into Conspiracy theories! You just go deeper and deeper into them. It’s not healthy, and I worry about you!”

Funny how, within 10 hours of that very conversation, Epstein would be found dead in his jail cell.

Upon hearing the news, my brother would go:

“What!? No… No way. How??”

And it was in that moment, I could tell… something had changed. It was like a crack had appeared in the wall. He may not have wanted to admit it then and there, but everything we had been talking about the night before suddenly came flooding back into his mind. I could see it on his face.

He wouldn’t admit it… and I can tell he’s still not ready to handle what’s coming.

Before we ended the conversation, he asked me:

“And what if you’re wrong? What will you do? Will you admit it and come out of all this? Or will you just go deeper, into crazier theories?”

I had to answer honestly: I’m not sure. But I turned the question around – since that’s only fair: What would he do, if he were wrong.

He said he’d be mad. He’d be disillusioned because he’d been lied to this whole time. But he still thinks I’m wrong, so he’s not just not at that point of anger right now.

It was a good reminder that really, you never “redpill” anyone – no matter how hard you try.

REALITY ITSELF redpills people.

Epstein suddenly dying was a moment of reality that caused an uncomfortable moment of dissonance for him that forced him to confront the narrative he previously assumed was true and “sane.”

I think there will be many more moments like this in store for my brother before he finally comes around to the truth and gets on-board with the #GreatAwakening – but bit-by-bit, reality itself is redpilling more people with each passing day. Even those on the far Left roll their eyes at the official narrative: that Epstein committed suicide in prison. Virtually everyone – not matter where they land on the political spectrum – scoffs at the official narrative surrounding Epstein.

And Epstein’s death, rather than slowing things down, has cause an acceleration in this movement. Now you have everyone noting how odd it is that Ghislaine Maxwell would appear in a “candid” photo outside an In-and-Out in California, reading a book about how various CIA spies suffered untimely demises around the globe – and every day, more and more people are waking up to the fact that – yes – there is a gigantic “Conspiracy” revolving around the world’s elites and a system of ritual abuse.


It’s been over a year and a half since Q dropped the post above, where he answered the question:

Why are we here?

Since then, Anons have become a finely-tuned, decentralized army of Patriots, who not only posses incredible skills of reason and deduction, but, more importantly, have been trained how to think, act, and move together. We can read between the lines, decipher the codes passed by operators in plain-sight, and react autonomously, as information is passed along from one Anon to the next; the ultimate resilient network.

I remember not that long ago, when we were not as well trained and less independent, many would lament periods of self-imposed, voluntary silence from Q.

Now, with 8chan taken offline, after the initial shock wore off, I’ve seen Anons begin to work to coordinate their efforts and carry on in a way I’ve not seen before. Oh sure, we’ve always come together on forums and such, but but we’ve always had Q around during those times.

Now, we’re functioning on our own, and keeping to the mission.

Which is something I think the Cabal wasn’t expecting.

With our “leader” ostensibly gone, and us effectively “cut off” from him – I think the Cabal was expecting us to scatter and fall away. For days, the #Quislings in the MSM – all the usual suspects – gloated about 8chan being taken offline. They thought they had claimed a victory, and now, it was only a matter of time before the movement would lose momentum and fizzle out.

That didn’t happen, and so far, there’s been no slow-down in the amount of research, or efforts put forth by Anons. True, we may not have direct comms from Q – but that doesn’t matter much. “Q+” still speaks. We still get intel dumps from the likes of John Solomon and Sarah Carter. We still watch for letters from Sen. Grassley, and declassifications from Rep. Collins. And we keep our collective heads on a swivel, paying attention to each little murmuration in the news – picking up on signals and ideas few others recognize – all as we eagerly await Q’s return.

Oh, and Q will return, because 8chan itself will return.

That’s not an “if,” but a when. To all the traitorous Quislings in the media tasked with following my writings – understand – 8chan is going to return. I know certiain things you don’t right now – and as much as it pains me to keep you in the dark on this matter, I’m afraid I must keep you languishing in your ignorance… because I’m not about to give you a free attack vector any time soon.

But mark my words: 8chan is already functional once more. As 8chan’s owner Jim Watkins said in a recent video: they’re down voluntarily until after he speaks at the House Homeland Security Committee on September 5th. And while we all know that’s going to be an absolute circus, what with the likes of Pedophile Rep. Jackson-Lee on the committee, mustering up every last ounce of faux righteous indignation to hurl from her desk – even as 8ch is, from a legal perspective, guaranteed safe harbor protections, as one of the last, truly neutral, free speech platforms online.

So I guess you Quislings have got three more weeks of “freedom” from Q, roughly speaking.

That is, unless Watkins drops a carpet-bomb or two during the committee.

After that: GAME ON!

Because here’s the truth of the matter: Every attack against this army, against our sites, our resources, our people only makes us more resilient.

Gab was the case study, last year.

The Cabal HATED that Gab was where I decided to plant a major portion of the QAnon community.

They HATED that I had found a base of operations, and was converting MILLIONS to the cause, with each passing day.

They HATED it so much they decided to leverage a deranged asset to not only post on Gab about going to shoot people, but then turn around and actually commit the horrendous deed against innocents worshiping in the Tree of Life Synagogue.

The Cabal shed innocent blood in order to go after its real target:

Gab was deplatformed by every single service in rapid sequence within hours of the Quislings in the media gleefully running with the news; dragging the the memories of those who hadn’t even gone cold yet to parade them around like bloody marionettes, weaving their twisted tale – all so they could CUT OUT OUR TONGUES.

And it worked… for a little while, at least.

Gab went down for a bit, but soon returned – limping at first, but determined to rise again.

And rise it did. Since then, Gab has become near unstoppable, having finally switched their from their legacy codebase, to one which enables complete decentralization – meaning Gab can never be knocked offline – ever again. Even if the central Gab server went down again – I’d just spin up another of my own, somewhere online. I already have the codebase downloaded, in case I ever need it. And I’d import all my data, and open up registration, building the community all over again – keeping the signal going.

And the Media is slowly catching on to the fact that Gab is an important battleground in this fight. It’s why they’re freaking out over it now, in the wake of 8chan going down – because frankly, more than a few Anons know my work, and more than a few of them have decided to check out what’s going on, over on the Great Awakening group on Gab.

And they’re completely helpless to do anything about it, other than hurl idiotic slander its way to try to dissuade others from joining up and seeing what it’s all about:

Traffic to Gab’s website between January and July this year has grown almost 200% while unique visitors to the site are up 180%, according to figures provided by SimilarWeb to VICE News. The company, which estimates traffic based on a wide array of data sets combined with machine learning algorithms, says the visitor numbers for the month of July were just shy of 1 million.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba claims Gab had 1.8 million unique visitors in the 30-days ending August 7, and claims the network now has over a million accounts.

The disparity may be down to an influx of users from 8chan in early August, but either way, the fact remains there are now a lot more people using Gab than the 330,000 who were visiting it in January — and Torba believes that this is just the beginning.

One of those targeted was President Donald Trump’s son, Eric, after he began following Gab’s official Twitter account. Torba encouraged his members to mass-message the president’s son and urge him to join the social network.

Yeah, about that: For those who didn’t quite catch that last sentence: Eric Trump started following Gab’s official Twitter account just a couple days ago.
For those in the QAnon movement, that is all but an explicit an acknowledgement that the Trumps see our efforts on Gab, appreciate what we’re doing – and will extend their protection there (most likely by having one of them make an official account, at some point), should such a move be necessary.
Because, let’s face it, while other social media is great – Gab has become a home where Anons can express themselves freely, and share intel with each other – just like on QResearch. I’m not joking when I say that I often see research pop up in the Great Awakening group first, before I see it on the boards. We’ve got an entire on Gab now – and while it may be tempting for these companies to look for an excuse to deplatform Gab in the future (God forbid) – that decision suddenly becomes MUCH more costly when, say, the President’s son is suddenly using the site on a daily basis.
So yes, I believe Eric Trump followed Gab to signal a level of protection for Gab.
Obviously, nothing is guaranteed in this life, but it sure is reassuring to see.
So Anons will continue to hold down the fort – especially on Gab – while 8chan is taking a breather. And hey, I’m sure the bakers are grateful for the summer vacation, as well.
Gab grew more resilient when it came under fire. And I can say the same has happened to 8chan, even if the media doesn’t realize this, yet.

But the broader point I’m trying to make is that we, the Anons, have become a highly trained, well-adapted army, fearsome to contend against, and formidable in battle. We punch much higher than our weight, and are an overwhelming force when coordinated. True, there was a time when we needed training wheels, but we are well past that now.

We’ve become Spartans.

There’s a quote from Herodotus to which I’d like to draw your attention, which I’ve pulled from the Spartans in Darkness pdf Q referenced a while back, when speaking directly to Snowden:

The encounter was dramatized in the 2006 flick, 300, originally written by Frank Miller:

And after some molṑn labe…

They were finally met with that onslaught of promised “darkness” which they lit up with that laconic wit for which Spartans are so famous:

We, like the Spartans, are now in a time of darkness – with Q no longer able to speak to us directly for the time being.

But you know what?

I’m rather enjoying my time in the shade.

In fact, you might say…

…that I’m downright /comfy/ right now.


Because we Anons have trained for this moment. We’ve spent over a year and a half in intensive bootcamp, learning how to fight, preparing for this moment. And now we are here in the midst of battle. Our hearts will not grow dark when the skies darken, but like those brave warriors of old, we have learned to laugh in shade.

We fight until Q’s inevitable return.

And mark my words. It is inevitable, my friends.

Towards this end, over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be attempting something relatively new on the site, and that’s going to be publishing lists of “notables” on a daily (or nearly daily) basis.

I was inspired by what the QAnonNotables account on Twitter has been doing, and thought I could lend a hand in that direction as well – especially considering the boards are down right now and people are hungry for information.  And I only scour the web all day for news along Q-lines, so who’s better suited to the task?

I’ll be drawing from all manner of sources, and attempting to add bits of info where relevant, so as to keep things focused and clear.

I’ll be publishing the first set of “Neon Notables” within the next day or so, so stay tuned!

#RevolutionQ BOOK UPDATE!

The book has officially gone to print!

If you need to update your shipping address and haven’t done so already – please follow the link below for instructions on how to do so. It’s important you get your correct address in ASAP, as I will be locking all orders soon, meaning you won’t be able to change it after I lock it.

Right now, printing and shipping takes about 3-4 weeks, so we’re looking at the first or second week of September, depending on how fast my team can mail them out. I was really hoping for an August release, but as you know, things got pushed back a bit with Indiegogo taking several weeks to first disburse the funds to me, and then some extra time needed for image upscaling and hiring a proofreader to come onboard and clean up any little lingering typos or grammatical errors. These were not initially planned for the book release, but I decided to pay extra for them, out of my own pocket.

I also upgraded the weight and kind of paper it will be printed on, so now everyone is getting 70 lb coated – which will work much better for the printing of the images, and just feels much nicer than other kinds of paper. It’s really one of the best you can get for books.

Your support for me in this has been tremendous, and I want to make sure that I’m delivering the best quality book to you guys in return. And you guys can’t see it while it’s happening, but I’ve been back and forth with my print team all week, finalizing everything, and I’m really proud of the way the book turned out. The final page count is 483 pages – almost an inch thick – and man… did it feel great getting to authorize my team to run the final typeset on the presses.

I started this project last May, in an attempt to take Q out of “cyberspace” and translate it into something tangible for the real world. It’s been a long, often exhausting journey, but


30 thoughts on “Spartans in Darkness – #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. ThankQ for the update. You are one of the few I follow (almost) religiously.
    Looking forward to your Neon Notable updates. God bless ☮️

  2. Thank you, Sir. This leadership opportunity called you and you stepped up. Many prayers are said for you to keep strong to the Word and lead strong.

  3. Sir, i am of the mind there is a fake dialectic going on here,first we have the majority of people saying he was murdered,and rest saying he killed himself,and msm playing around with both these options. My thought’s are he is alive,and that Maxwell is part of it,in light of the fact that “staged photo” At the In-N-Out restaurant (Geddit) and reading a book about CIA operatives (Geddit) We have been had,as always!!

  4. Thank you, Neon. I’ve been learning to follow you on Gab to, at least, get updates on 8chan’s progress. I saw enough, early on, to put me at ease.

    In the 24 hours before 8chan went down, I remember some troll mocking us, to which an Anon replied something like, ‘We don’t need Q anymore. We can keep ourselves going.’ Indeed that is true! But Q isn’t gone forever.

  5. I love this! A wonderful rallying cry for the troops, a chilling reminder for the cabal, and what a perfect autobio opening to pull the reader in. The book, like Q, is worth waiting for and Neon Notables is already looking terrific.

  6. I’m very excited to finally receive your book! I’ve been following your work for a long time and I’m expecting an exceptional book! #WWG1WGA #UnitedNotDivided #QAnon

  7. Neon you are so inspiring. I can’t wait to read-your notables and I can’t until the cabal is dismantled. We are still in for a long haul to take down this evil. Once you are awake you can never walk away from
    the truth. God Bless Anons and God Bless America.

  8. Forever grateful for all your work and research.
    I wear my hat and shirt !
    Looking forward to the book .
    Neon Notables is great and something too I can easily forward to people in my life (who I am trying to red pill which is still most everyone !) But as you say one can not “red pill” they need to themselves.
    All best to you Neon.

  9. Truly enjoy your posts. Everyday I check your blog for a new entry to enlighten my understanding of this sick and twisted drama we are witnessing.Thank you for your continued efforts at leading this effort to defeat the deep state. You are gifted in many ways, friend. Thank you for sharing these gifts with the rest of us.

  10. Neon, I really need to post this somewhere and am coming here. Q had made mentions of book deals. With the latest picture of G. Maxwell and a book, Enoch posted a related comment under the book on Amazon that had the world “higher loyalty”, which of course, smacks of Comey. I started to muse this and then started reading comment sections under books. Not being able to actually discern anything other than what seems to be a list of ‘search terms’ I think it is possible they are passing comms in the reviews. This led me for some reason to investigate the new Kindle Fire 10. Included with the Fire is a connection to the Alexa device app. The number one question under the item is related to certain types of software that can be downloaded to enhance this tablet to do other things. IT appears that it is possible for this Kindle to make/place phone calls and send messages with the integrated apps and it would all go through the Amazon service. Since we know who is in charge of Amazon, is this the DS new way of communication, bypassing normal cellular, etc? I am not technical enough to piece it together and now that 8chan is offline, don’t know where else to take this info. Can you make you magic on this and get it into the hands of the peeps who can decode how it works? Book deals launder money. Book deals also allow for pre-sale which creates the interactive account. What am I missing? Help please!!

  11. Neon, for the brother self-redpill, I respectfully recommend three articles:

    Long history of Brit INTEL pedo-control networks (Ghislaine Maxwell is the link of such to Epstein):
    Brit Monarchy’s occult / INTEL ties date back to at least Queen Elizabeth 1st and occultist John Dee (i.e., there have been the necessary centuries to build global pedophile/occult control networks):
    If we accept that fiction may be a way to disclose classified information to the masses, perhaps unconsciously, then we must consider Stanley Kubrik’s work, especially EYES WIDE SHUT.

    For further redpill, consider historian Christopher Lasch’s classic 1979 book “The Culture of Narcissism.” Lasch observed that American (and by extension Western) culture was becoming progressively more narcissistic. (Culture is the personality of the collective.) Lasch articulated the principle that to understand narcissistic culture, we had to extrapolate from psychoanalytic interpretation of the individual.

    Ask your bro to consider the case of rapist-murderer RCAF Colonel Russ Williams. If we extrapolate his personality disorder (assumed to be Hare Psychopathy Checklist Factor One: Aggressive Narcissism) to Western culture, what would we expect to find?

    Something that purports to be about justice and freedom and democracy and human rights, but underneath the facade lies something that is exactly the opposite, something very dark and demented, but which hides its true nature. Sometime controlling and lacking in empathy, but which can be superficially charming (all clinical traits of narcissism

    Love to you and bro.

    P.S. If bro wants to explore further back in (corrupted) history, the Miles Mathis articles are interesting: e.g., chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/ &

  12. Sounds like a story of classic cognitive dissonance. We all have it. But we are at different levels of affect. I came across MKUltra docs when I was around 20 or less. A long time ago. It was a bunch of zeroxed pages that had been mimeographed in the past. Different levels of quality, different sources. I didn’t immediately accept it, but it was interesting, so I read it all. But it just need more confirmations.

    Getting hit with the whole load all at once is not going to ‘take.’ It’ll just bounce off. It does take independent confirmations, and events like where you SEE a press conference live, and then hear CBS news relate an entirely fake version of it. Then you can accept that the news IS fake. And if you accept that, then you know you have to look at a much wider range of sources and piece things together yourself.

    Epstein feels like that is going to be that event for a LOT more people. He’s attacked in his cell, alleged to be a suicide attempt, but his lawyers claim it was an attack, and get him off of suicide watch, and THEN he dies of ‘suicide?’ An enormous number of people refuse to accept that, including Epstein’s criminal defense lawyers. More red-pills.

  13. NR, just wanted to add that many of the major conservative news outlets are browsing the Gab sites and am finding a lot of the comments/research posted on gab being reprinted almost word for word on these news sites which I think is great. I think many of them go there first to look for starting points to begin the construct of their reporting and do their own fact checking thereafter. General Flynn and Q can take comfort in the fact his digital soldiers have evolved….evolved to Digital Spartacus. The left have not grasped the fact that the more they scratch the inflamed area, the faster it spreads forming new cells. Hats off to you, Anons and Project 17!

  14. Looks like your going to be writing another book Neon ,Q AND THE DIGITAL SPARTAN WARRIORS ! Thanks for all you do Patriot !

  15. Been monitoring your comms and figured you were busy doing digs. I enjoyed the human part of this that we all sometimes miss. It’s our family at stake even though some or many can’t see. The truth comes out under the light. @55true4u on twatter is a source I follow over there. He may seem quirky but he opens the mind.
    Not an autist here, just a critical thinker. I love Neon not for his personality but for his digs. I think he is one of the 300.
    I really enjoyed the family touch too. We all experience this in our families and reality is the real redpill. We point, we alert, but each is control of their own mind. Some do not exercise that right.

  16. 1–Neon, how do you do your constant multitasking commentary in such captivating quasi-screenwriting-historical-journalistic style? Do you ever sleep? And the chores, who takes out your garbage? Your highly enjoyable writing is what snared me but your prolific posting/publishing has me spellbound. Q anons, Q+, and we Neon legions are so lucky to have you chronicle our battles. Thanks a million.
    2–Actually, your comprehensive Neon Notables, for future researchers, will replace the NYT as “the [paper] thread of record” while they have become “the paper of wrecks.” So you are already starting a second book with this Neon Notables first edition!
    3–Final thought, too bad your Q book cannot get the promotion it deserves on offering signed copies for online purchase. . . maybe by your second printing? Best wishes for bountiful rewards for all you do for us Spartans.

  17. I think I would love for us to be proven wrong. It is so painful living in such a malevolent, evil world. I fear however that we are not being pessimistic in our view of what is true and real, and it is a heavy burden to carry; knowing that many have no clue just how disgustingly sick so many are with positions of power in this world

  18. Neon – God Blesses You. I hereby nominate Neon Leonides as your Nom de Guerre. May your shields be strong and protect you in your sleeptime. We are your army and will fight with you and dance in the shade of multitudinous aspersions. F them all! We are coming for THEM! Be strong Patriots. We will win this War through your efforts and mine, shoulder to shoulder – Where We Go One, We Go Al l!!!


  19. HA, that conversation with your brother is like some I’ve had with my sister… “They would NEVER do that, I can’t even let myself THINK about such horrible things, that’s not POSSIBLE!, why do you even THINK about such things…” Yup, it’s gonna be a hard crash when all these people can’t escape reality – thanks Neon!!

  20. Not only are the awakened fighting a digital war, which you so straightforwardly present, buy for certain we are waging a spiritual war with very powerful dark entities that came to our Earth long long ago with a plan to make us their slave sheep. The even bigger piece of the puzzle has to do with our loving connection to Mother Earth, the Universe and our Acsension. One of the reasons they(The Archons) vaccinate, poison the water, create our food (GMO’s) and spray chemicals in our air is to keep us asleep. These said chemicals when detoxed from the human body start the spirit on a journey to “the awakening”. All of the programming they present to us on TV, radio, computer, in our schools and of course from our government guide us to believe all of their skullduggery and shenanigans. As the chaos continues the Ascension process also continues and when your brother and those loved ones we all have who are still asleep will start to awaken from the spell they are under. It won’t be easy and many will not be spiritually aware when the shift occurs…but all will be exactly the way it was planned to be in the spiritual contract each of us signed long long ago to come here to this great planet Earth and be a part of The Great Awakening! Believe in God, pray for yourself and those still asleep and pray for our great President. There is a war on for the light, for the good and for our Dear Mother Earth. Show gratitude, offer peace and spread love to all of those in your life. The light is winning!✨✨

  21. Whilst Spartans we may be, let’s not forget the Thebes who defeated them out of desperation against Spartan rule

  22. The horrible battles that have plagued the planet for 10,000 years are ending. Replaced by trade deals, negotiations, diplomacy and true global alliances. After so much senseless violence man has finally realized that the same thing over and over is going nowhere new and never has. In many cases just the opposite of the present reactions to current problems are the solution. The main cause of global violence and destruction is to be found everywhere there are violent emotional reactions generators programming the populace. Violent sports ,games, entertainment, substantial alcohol use,music,art and the constant drumming of absolute law abidance with violent penalties for violations. Present day society worldwide is surfeited violence programming that still is not even recognized as such and masquerades as superficial mindless entertainment.


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