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“Dig Deeper” the headline read…

So I did.

When I first snagged this recent #CDAN entry to repost on Social Media, my initial thought was this had a lot to do with “The Church,” which is that Mormon-offshoot we went over in deeper detail during my recent article.

Turns off… that connection was somewhat tangential, and the real story here is much more involved.

But first things first, guys. Yes, I know there’s been a lot of #NewQ lately. Yes, I’m very much aware of the whole Mueller debacle (I watched the whole thing – both disastrous sessions), and the manifold “happenings” going on right now.

I’ll cover those all, soon.


But we’ve simply got to talk about this Blind Item because this is so much bigger than people understand right now.

Initially, I thought this had to do with the recent food stamp eligibility requirements being altered by the Trump administration. To be sure, I wasn’t the only one. But something about that answer just didn’t fit, so I returned to dig more, the next day. And so, I started over from square one, mentally erasing all my previous assumptions and starting from square one.

As with any good Blind Item, the first question we have to answer is who is this really about?

We have a few hints to help get us started:

  • The event happened recently, but was overshadowed by all the other news.
  • It’s connected to a religious cult (most likely “The Church” – that is, FLDS – in some way).
  • They stole a HUGE amount of money from the government.
  • They were involved in human trafficking.
  • They have a presence in the Middle East.

And then, of course, there’s always the comments section (Hey, any good detective always tries to listen to the chatter he overhears in the “streets) “where one comment in particular stood out:

Washakie Renewable Energy?

I had never heard of it. I’m sure most reading this haven’t, either.

A bit of digging later, and my jaw hit the floor. Read on:

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Two executives of a Salt Lake City biodiesel company linked to a polygamous group have pleaded guilty to charges filed in what prosecutors have called a $511 million tax credit scheme, according to documents made public Friday.

Washakie Renewable Energy once described itself as the largest producer of clean burning and sustainable biodiesel in Utah, but prosecutors said the company was actually creating fake production records to get renewable-fuel tax credits, then laundering the proceeds from 2010 through 2016.

Prosecutors plan to seize items including a $3.6 million home in Huntington Beach, California, as well as a Bugatti and Lamborghini as a result of the pleas.

Company CEO Jacob Kingston pleaded guilty Thursday to more than three dozen counts, including mail fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice. His brother and company CFO Isaiah Kingston pleaded guilty to more than a dozen similar counts.

What’s unusual about all this is the involvement of yet another hyper-polygamous Mormon sect known as the “Latter Day Church of Christ,” “The Co-op,” or more commonly, “The Kingston Group.”

As I was piecing this story together, I went to the boards to see if Q had any input:


Q didn’t have anything to add, but one Anon directed my attention to this recent, “coincidental” tweet from 1st Daughter Ivanka:


Ya did good, Ivanka.

Now I knew I was on the right track.

So what is the Kingston Group?

The Kingston group is a splinter group that spun off by Charles Kingston from the more mainstream Mormon church (much like the FLDS) in the wake of them banning polygamist practice. It’s possible in the Kingston group for some men can have a double-digit number of wives, with each having that dozens of children to their name.

The two Kingston brothers charged here are, I believe (though without explicit records it’s hard to verify, given the size and scope of these families), 5th or 6th generation Kingstons. They are definitely the sons of John Daniel Kingston, who is one of the more prominent members of the sect today.

Photo Source:

And this guy… is not a nice guy at all… Deseret News reported on the abuse taking place within his own family, when two of his daughters fled to the authorities and gave their testimonies against their father:

Deseret News Deseret News

Details of an abusive, dirty and neglected Kingston home surfaced Tuesday as transcripts of the testimony of two of polygamist John Daniel Kingston’s teenage daughters were released.

According to testimony from his 13-year-old daughter, Kingston beat her, her mother and her siblings and forced his children to eat rotten food he dug out of the garbage, drink rotten milk and worse.

“He’s . . . let them throw up and (made) them drink it,” the girl said. “Arrest my dad and have him be in jail forever, or else do to him what he’s done to us.”

Kingston was in 3rd District Court on Tuesday with one of his wives, Heidi Foster, for a third day of child abuse and neglect hearings. The next hearing is scheduled for June 3.

In her testimony, the 13-year-old alleges that when she was just 4 or 5, Kingston hit her in the face for neglecting to say “hi” to his mother. And on one occasion, Kingston hit his children one at a time with a 2-by-4, the girl said.

According to testimony, Kingston once grabbed a 5-year-old son by the hair and slapped the boy for scratching the family’s van. When asked what happened to the boy’s face, the girl responded, “(It) got bruised for a while.”

On another occasion, the 13-year-old testified, Kingston slapped her sister, resulting in a bloody nose and a blood-smeared face.

Kingston allegedly dragged Foster, who was pregnant, down a set of stairs by her hair, according to the 13-year-old. When confronted about the incident in February, the girl said Kingston told her, “Oh, are you sure it wasn’t a dream?” The girl later testified she had seen Kingston hit Foster with an open hand.

The girl also testified Kingston regularly slaps children when they are crying, saying, “Quit crying or I’m going to do it again.”

Girls in the group are often forced into marriages as young teenagers, and sometimes to first cousins.

Currently leading the Kingston group is Paul Elden Kingston – and this is why I’m not sure whether the men being charged in this case are 5th or 6th generation, because I’m not sure if John Daniel Kingston is Paul’s brother, or his son. It’s at least a 4 generation minimum with John Daniel, though, because Paul Elden Kingston is the son of John Ortell Kingston, who was the son of Elden Kingston, who was the son of the founder of the sect, Charles W. Kingston.

Currently, Paul Elden Kingston has at least 27 wives, and has sired up to 300 children.

Of course, this kind of system inextricably leads to systemic poverty among those in the “lower ranks” (read: the laity, and not the church leadership), where one man could feasibly sire tens, of not potentially hundreds of children between dozens of women. There’s a standard practice in the community where all the wives will “go gardening” when supplies run short, which really means… they pick through local garbage bins for anything edible, as a group.

And while the Kingston leaders of the group are quite well off, the systemic poverty has also caused the group to engage in something akin to pooling all their resources, but at a sort of “macro” communal level – like a kind of pre-first-Thanksgiving-at-Plymouth-Rock, “Religiously inspired” Socialism. This practice is called a “United Order.”

Proceeds from businesses, and often individual paychecks, are pooled in the Kingston version of the old Mormon practice known as a united order. Prosecutors believe money fraudulently obtained by Jacob and Isaiah Kingston went to lending companies that lent money to other members of the sect to purchase the properties.


This also leads to them having a kind of… for lack of a better term, business and investment fund, wherein they buy up tons of businesses in the area, which ostensibly makes the group “stronger” but which never seems to actually solve the systemic poverty the women and children endure – even as the Kingstons’ coffers grow fatter:

Prosecutors have said both men are members of the northern Utah-based Davis County Cooperative Society, also known as the Kingston Group, which practices polygamy and owns hundreds of businesses. Group leaders have condemned fraudulent business practices.

Wikipedia actually gives us a decent sampling of some of the businesses they own:

The Utah holdings of the Davis County Cooperative are estimated at more than $2 million, including the following:

  • A-1 Disposal
  • AAA Alarm
  • AAA Security
  • Advanced Copy (located next to Family Stores True Value)
  • Advance Vending
  • AM Security Alarm Co.
  • American Digital Systems
  • ANR Company Inc.
  • Arrow Real Estate
  • Bail Bond Specialists
  • Best Distributing Amusement Games
  • C.O.P. Coal Development Co.
  • C.W. Mining Co. (Related entities: Co-Op Mine; CoOp Mining Co.)
  • Coalt Inc.
  • D.U. Company Inc.
  • Davis County Cooperative Society Inc.
  • Desert Tech
  • Johns Market
  • Family Stores True Value
  • Fidelity Funding Corp.
  • Fountain of Youth Health & Athletic Club
  • Garco Industrial Park
  • H.K. Engineering Inc.
  • Hiawatha Coal Co. Inc.
  • Holtz Inc.
  • IA Castle Corp.
  • Kalvin Property Company
  • Kingston Dairy
  • Little Red School House Montessori
  • L.P.M. Corporation
  • Men’s Shoe Repair and Men’s Store
  • Mountain Vendors Machine Distributors
  • Mountain Coin Machine Distributors
  • N.U.B. Corp.
  • National Business Management Inc.
  • P.M.C. Inc
  • PGAC Inc.
  • Premier Catering
  • RE Company Inc.
  • Speciality Consulting Services Inc.
  • Spezialized Inc.
  • Sportsman’s Bail Bond Specialists
  • Sportsman’s Fast Cash
  • Sportsman’s Pawn Shops
  • Standard Industries Inc.
  • Standard Restaurant Equipment Company
  • Stevens Wearhouse (located also by Family Stores on the opposite side)
  • The Larken Ranch
  • U.P.C. Inc
  • North Low Creek Irrigation & Power Co.
  • Westmark Inc.
  • Western Enterprises
  • Washakie Ranch
  • Washakie Renewable Energy


Everything from retail, to mining, to security companies, and more.

And then there’s Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE).

(Keep in mind, as you’re watching this, that pretty much everything this company is presenting in this video is a lie):

Furthermore, businesses owned by the sect generally put the profits from the businesses (minus the operating expenses) back into a church fund – where it can then be sheltered and used for whatever the church leadership (read: the Kingstons) deems fit. So is this a way of laundering money? Well, the charges would indicate so.

The story about Washakie broke in 2016, when a Kingston-employee-turned-whistleblower exposed the tax scheme:

The Kingston clan has dozens, possibly even more than 100 businesses that they run across the Salt Lake Valley, many of them in South Salt Lake City. Washakie, is one of the biggest. It claim to produce a bio-diesel, known as B-99. The company can get a dollar in tax credits for each gallon they produce, but this former employee says she isn’t even sure the company was producing any of the fuel.

“There was very little fuel that came out of Washakie while I was there,” said the woman, who wants to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisals from her former bosses.

She says the company would purchase B-99 from outside vendors, store it, repackage it, sell it, then get the tax credits.

“I think initially they might have done some production in bio-diesels but when they realized it wasn’t as profitable as they were trying to make it. They found they had more profits off the tax credits,” said the former employee. She also says her bosses, Washakie founders Isiah and Jacob Kingston, would sell one shipment of B-99 to an outsider company, then turn around, and on paper only, resell the same shipment up to four more times to a Kingston shell company.

The company would get not one, but five times the tax credits.

The woman, who worked for the company for a year, before quitting when she felt the company might be involved with illegal activities, provided us with documents that appear to substantiate her claims.

It’s since come out that the whistleblower’s name was Mary Nelson, a former member of the Kingston Group:


Her testimony lead to a raid on Washakie Renewable Energy in 2016 – literally about a month after Trump took the oath of office (give or take a few days) –  but inserted into the first article is this troubling line, which indicates that perhaps something much bigger is going on behind-the-scenes with this group:

Jacob Kingston also had an unidentified contact who tipped him off ahead of a federal raid 2016, allowing the brothers to remove their hard drives from their computers and one belonging to their mother, according to plea documents.

That tip-off means someone in Law enforcement knew about the whistleblower and the raid beforehand – and was working with the Kingstons to keep their criminal activities under-wraps.

Which, well, as you’ll see later, this is human trafficking-related. So that shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that corrupt government officials would want to keep this up and running.

Details emerge about how the fraud was carried out in the first article. Essentially, the company maintained a number of fuel depots around the world and simply moved their supply of B99 around these different depots in order to make it look like they were producing this biofuel fuel, for which they would then receive tax credits. But really, it was just a shell game.

The men’s mother, Rachel Kingston, would help “the men rotate the same fuel between tanks in Texas, Louisiana and Panama to create the false appearance of buying biodiesel, then helping them launder the money and purge records.”

So now we’re talking about John Daniel Kingston’s 62-year-old wife facing up to 40 years in prison. (Are we really going to pretend he didn’t know what was going on?)

Now these guys stole 500+ mil in tax credits, laundered it, and then used it to buy playthings for themselves. From the first article:

Prosecutors plan to seize items including a $3.6 million home in Huntington Beach, California, as well as a Bugatti and Lamborghini as a result of the pleas.

The article also notes, further down:

The money was used to buy houses and property in Turkey and Belize as well as Utah and Arizona, according to plea documents.

Turkey and Belize??

Buying an LA mansion with your stolen tax dollars is pretty much a cliche at this point. But buying properties in Turkey and Belize??

What’s going on there?

Tuck that question in the back of your mind, moving forward, because, as our first article tells us… there’s another man charged in all of this. Thus far, everyone who plead guilty to all this has been a member of the Kingston clan… but this guy…

This is where things get really interesting.

A fifth person charged in the case, California businessman Lev Aslan Dermen, has pleaded not guilty to charges including mail fraud and money laundering.

Lev Aslan Derman is also know as Levon Termendzhyan (he had his name changed in 2019). Normally, at this point I’d ask “Who is this guy, and how does he connect to all this?”

But then… I read the next line in the report:

That hasn’t changed, his lawyer Mark Geragos said.

Wait, MARK GERAGOS is involved in this case?!?

(Oh, and the emphasis here is mine, in case that wasn’t clear).

For those who don’t know who Geragos is, he’s a big-shot Hollywood lawyer who has repped all manner of celebrities over the years, including Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder. He first rose to prominence during the Whitewater scandal, where he secured a presidential pardon from Bill Clinton for his client, Susan McDougal.

who is currently representing Clare Bronfman in the #NXIVM scandal

AND representing Jussie Smollett

AND he’s currently listed as unindicted co-conspirator (CC-1) in the SDNY case against Michael Avenatti.

YEAH. You get all that?

I’ve highlighted the relevant sections of that indictment below:


(Fun fact: Geragos was ALSO Colin Kapernick’s attorney).

So, let’s just review:

The guy who got a presidential pardon for his client who was convicted during the Whitewater scandal, repped numerous celebs, repped Kapernick, who is currently involved in the defense of the NXIVM sex-and-human-trafficking-cult, and who is also trying to protect Kamala Harris and Cory Booker (through his proxy defense of Smollett), AND who is implicated in a plot to extort Nike…

Is also representing this random guy in this case… which Enty says is really about cover for human trafficking.

What are the odds?

So now back to our original question: Who is “Lev Derman?”

Well, the guy doesn’t exactly hide out, at least online. He’s got a number of online profiles that read roughly like the example below:


And from his CakeResume page, we learn he was born in Armenia:

I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental that, just a few years ago, Geragos was producing and acting in a film called Lost and Found in Armenia, which was also shot in LA and Armenia, by a production company calling itself “Red Tie.”

Note the plot, first. A senator’s son gets mistaken for a spy in Armenia.

HMMMM, wonder how they came up with that zinger of a plot!

Honestly…. This is the kind of crap film you make when you have someone who wants to sleep with the lead actress – or if you need cover for other nefarious deeds, like money laundering, “sex tourism,” etc.

(And just for those who may be joining us now, who don’t realize the significance of this, Q told us back in early 2018 that Armenia is the foreign nation with the highest amount of CIA [Clown] activity):

As for the “Red Tie” mention, well… think red scarf, red tie, red belt.

Think celebrity “suicide.”

I’m sure this is all just coincidental, however.

So what does the actual indictment say in all this, but especially in regards to Derman?

First thing to note, the indictment was previously sealed and comes to us directly from the desk of none other than the walking special counsel himself, John Huber, Destroyer of Worlds:

Points five and six are where we learn some specifics about Derman and his history:


So one of the Kingston brothers first owned this SBK Holding company, and then then transferred it over to Derman.

SBK Holdings USA is the US-based “sister company” of SBK Holding, based out of Istanbul.

So Lev Derman ultimately answers to the owner of SBK Holding.

And who owns SBK Holding?

SBK Holding is owned by Sezgin Baran Korkmaz… whose name may sound familiar, because it’s precisely who Mueller subpoenaed in order to try and get at Flynn back in 2017, supposedly because Mueller was hoping to find out how Ekim Alptekin paid Flynn for his work with FIG.

Turkish multimillionaire Sezgin Baran Korkmaz has denied alleged business links with another Turkish businessman believed to be under investigation over the hiring of former U.S. National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s company to research Turkey and the Gülenists. Korkmaz was reportedly subpoenaed by the U.S. Special Counsel investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

“I have no business partnership with Ekim Alptekin whatsoever. This is completely false. We are just friends,” Korkmaz said in a phone call.

A spokesman for Ekim Alptekin also said the two businessmen weren’t partners.

Except… that contradicts his earlier testimony:

Since 2013, Korkmaz’s SBK has managed $500 million of investments in Turkey from another of Termendzhyan’s companies and from a third American company called Washakie Renewable Energy. The latter is part of a conglomerate controlled by the Kingston Group, a fundamentalist Mormon clan.

In a radio interview, Korkmaz said he convinced the Kingstons to invest in Turkey, and Alptekin is on the board of a Kingston entity that invests in Turkey. Kingston Group did not respond to requests for comment.

Emphasis mine.

Here’s a photo from September 2017 where Jacob Kingston met with Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, Turkish President Erdogan, and the president of Mega Varlik Corp, Caglar Sendil.

So yeah. These guys are all connected.

And this is really where you should go back and read my previous article on Flynn if you haven’t already, because it will give you enough background on the case here (and because both Gen. Flynn’s brother and sister both liked the article on Twitter, with his sister proclaiming that it was “TRUE!!!):”

I think we’re beginning to see the anatomy of this sting operation Flynn was running, and how much of a long-term play this has been.

To put it succinctly: I firmly believe that Flynn was running a government-sanctioned sting against the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration.

By working with the “white hats” (if you can call them that) aligned with Erdogan, Flynn gained intel on the joint operation/dark money kickback scheme perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation and this radical Islamic cleric Fetulleh Gulen.

I believe Flynn was bound by an NDA, and therefore couldn’t defend himself/had to lie when questioned in order to protect the sensitive info obtained by this operation.

Later in the comments of the article I had to clarify that I didn’t believe Erdogan was a good guy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just that he wasn’t aligned with the Clinton Cabal. I assumed that since Obama and Clinton were working together, they must have both approved sheltering Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen.

That may have been a poor assumption on my part.

Remember, the Cabal is not monolithic. As much as we like to chalk evil happenings up as the responsibility of “the Cabal,” these bad actors are rarely functioning as a unified front. What I now think is more likely in this scenario is while the Obama faction was sheltering Gulen, the Clinton faction (and Foundation) was working with Erdogan.

That also doesn’t mean the Obama faction was working against the Clinton faction. Rather, I think quite the opposite. All these federal biofuel credits came into existence during the Obama years.

If anything, I wouldn’t be shocked if Obama was knowingly facilitating this kind of fraud, in order to pay off Washakie Renewable Energy for the trafficking they were conducting – if indeed, CDAN is right (and CDAN is pretty much always right, folks).

So now, allow me to heavily speculate on what’s really going on, once again:

Obama sets up biofuel credits in order to “legally” fund human trafficking operations (and other nefarious endeavors).

Washakie sets up their operation to defraud the government with the help of government insiders (a fact attested to by the tip-off they received about the raid), and with foreign help/investment from Turkish businessmen and elites.

Why do they do this? Because they know of what the FLDS group has been doing, and think they can not only replicate it, but surpass it. (There are connections between the Kingston group and FLDS, which are outside the scope of this article).

Lev Derman is the US point of contact/man-on-the-ground for Sezgin Baran Korkmaz.

Korkmaz is aware of all that is going on, and Alptekin must too, since he sits on the board of one of a Kingston-owned investment company.

Given Alptekin’s proximity to the Turkish Government, its likely Erdogan knows about all that is going on, as well.

Washakie proceeds to launder minors to Turkey for years, where they are raped, tortured, and executed – most likely.

They get most, if not all of these minors, from their home-grown population of child-bearing women, who pop these babies out with extreme regularity. Because when your founder himself has over 300 children, who is really going to notice or care when one or two “troublemakers” disappears overseas for “mission work” or “rehabilitation” or whatever excuse they use.

The wealth of the Kingston clan explodes, since white children fetch higher prices on the human trafficking markets.

Meanwhile, Korkmaz launders his share of the money from the US Gov’t biofuel credits and trafficking operation through his holding company in Turkey.

Some of this money goes to Alptekin.

Alptekin hires Flynn to help with the Gulen Issue, since megalomaniacs are always trying to deal with perceived threats to their power.

But really, Flynn knows about the trafficking, and dives in to attempt to route out all this evil.

Which means… Mueller’s interview was probably an attempt to control the narrative. IF he had to charge someone with something in order to get at Flynn, it would have been some relatively minor crime, like, idk, money laundering or something. It certainly wouldn’t have been for human trafficking.

Which means, follow me here:

Mueller was working to keep that supply line of minors from Utah to Turkey open and operational.

Do you see now why Q calls Flynn a hero?

Now look, it’s highly highly highly probable I’m missing some chunks of information here. I’m doing the best I can with an internet connection at my disposal, but I’m willing to bet there are at least a few pieces missing from what I’ve managed to assemble here. As such, this last section where I speculate on the nature of this case should not be read authoritatively, but as (informed) speculation.

Remember, the only reason we’re even tipped off to the fact that this is a human trafficking operation in the first place is because Enty over at CDAN said so.

And while the evidence I’ve laid out here today certainly seems to support that – such as this being one of Huber’s sealed indictments, and Flynn’s proximity to the whole thing – we definitely need to keep our heads on a swivel and watch for any emerging details about this particular story and the players involved.

Because this, frankly, has gotten completely lost in all the hustle and bustle surrounding Mueller and other happenings. And it shouldn’t have, because it’s one of the most important developing stories right now.

Because this is the kind of story which, if revealed to the public in its entirety, could bring down the entire American Cabal in one fell swoop.


This is a sprawling topic with many facets to it, and while I’ve done my best to synthesize everything into something understandable and digestible, there’s much more research that can be done. And I can’t do it all by myself.

So here are some related articles which have some leads inside that some Anons may feel are worth pursuing:


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  1. Wow! Another swerve in the road. I’m stunned that human & child trafficking appears to be standard practice in every group of this DS Cabal, regardless of where they operate globally. I’m hopeful that, after seeing Mr Mueller appearance at the hearing yesterday, more people will wake from their slumber. ThankQ for sharing your summations & thoughts Neon. They are greatly appreciated ☮️

    • Interesting aside is the show Escaping Polygamy. These are the children who were abused by John Daniel Kingston and fought in court to be emancipated. They help others who wish to leave these types of situations. Very interesting info about the “lifestyle”, the treatment of women and children, the handling of money, and the reach of their businesses. Always suspected there is a whole lot more going on with these groups! Thanks so much for the great dig!

    • Which property in Belize? Which real estate in Belize was involved? Which Ministers from Belize are involved?

  2. dang, Neon, you really hit the target on this one. Huber has been very busy, and we know he’s also working on U1 and the CF. I wonder if old Harry Reid has a part in all of this? Great research, as always. Thank Q for all that you do!

  3. Also,what about that very strange and disturbing picture that surfaced a few months ago of what appears to be very young girls in a room that was characterized as a cross between a Turkish bath house and a temple?Someone even commented at the time that it looked like a room in a luxury hotel in Turkey that sits on the Mediterranean Sea right across from Greece.On an unrelated note(for now)we mustn’t forget that Richard Branson has his own island very close to Epstein Island in the British portion of the Virgin Islands chain,Necker Island.If I’m not mistaken Ghislaine Maxwell is a close friend of his as well.Many of these multi millionaire/billionaires have their own islands including Johnny Depp,Claire Bronfman,Bill Gates,Oprah Winfrey,to name just the ones I’m aware of.And Ghislaine Maxwell as part of the Terramar group was advocating for island groups to form new independent countries.And she also has trained to operate submersibles .It all reminds me of the book,”THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME”,which according to Cathy O’brien,Dick Cheney subjected her to participate in on property in Wyoming.Fiona Barnett or Barrett said as did others that she was forced to do so at Bohemian Grove,And allegedly the Dutch and Belgian Royals have done on their private estates in Europe for many,many years.

    • With regard to the support for the island groups to form a new country, Corey’s Digs did an article on how the Clintons are tied to an initiative to provide independent energy to all of the same islands. At the time, I thought it very odd that in a hurricane ridden area that they would be really dedicated to wind and sun power, but this adds new depth.

      • I can’t remember where I saw this but it was somewhere in all the Q links look up Evergreen. You will find many things related to HC as this is her code name. I saw a large shipping vessel with large containers on it. This could possibly answer your question?

  4. I wonder how the children are being transported to the ME? There is plenty of room in that operation for whole new cast of dastards. I’ll try my hand at digging on that question, but I’ve a hunch that both Epstein and Soros (who never seems to surface in any of the CDAN inspired digs) may be in there somewhere.

  5. That’s another great news story in which you go out and find something no one else was looking at. Most people are just too damn busy just trying to figure out what you said and clever ways to copy one another. You have become a first class journalist. Incredibly rare these days. If there was a prize out there worthy of having, you could surely win it.

  6. Hmmm “Romney’s father, the late Michigan governor George Romney, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, in 1907 to American citizens living in a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints colony. The Romney family had left the U.S. to avoid being prosecuted for polygamy after laws against the practice were enforced, and returned to the U.S. after the Mexican Revolution broke out.” The church is wack.

    Thank you for this research Neon, head spinning…God bless General Flynn.

    • Does this connection to AZ somehow tie Romney to what McNoName left behind? Is that why he ran for a senate seat because other contacts were no longer in place?

  7. It was 1890 when the Mormon Church banned polygamy, not the 1960s, and the article you quoted is from Deseret News, not Desert News.

      • The Order/Kingston clan
        Let me know if there’s any info you need about the Order! My family has Charles Kingston’s original documents about the Order! The United Order of consecration! The Kingston’s name of the group or what they go by is (The Order)

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  13. My God, the amount of criminal activity and down right f¥ckery that has and is taking place within our government and globally is absolutely mind-boggling. And you know what, it all ties back to money. Money is power. I honestly don’t see how anything will change until we get rid of the criminal, central banks and their counterfeiting operations. Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws! Our society is Luciferian.

  14. Excellent article, Neon! Definitely explains CDAN’s blind item on the subject.

    I would like to ask though, are you giving Mueller credit for the nefarious activities of his minions within the SC? Even though his “act” on Tuesday at the hearings is the usual M.O. of the Left in order to have their actions deemed as clutzy instead of premeditated, Mueller obviously wasn’t calling the shots.

    Mueller reminds me of a recent article re: the 70’s artist Peter Max. His family had painters churning out “Peter Max” paintings, would bring an elderly, confused Max up to inscribe them, and tout them as authentic Peter Max paintings. Mueller clearly was just the window dressing, while Weissman(?) or others were fulfilling their plans to protect DS/Clinton interests and simultaneously attempt to destroy Trump.

  15. Great dig, Neon. It seems to all tie together and explain many actions and reactions of the various parties involved. This had to be a sting. It helps to explain Mittens going off the rails even worse during the time period the snare was being pulled in by DOJ.

  16. Wow Neon……my mind is swirling on all of this!! Why is it people with MILLIONS & BILLIONS turn to this kind of nasty cesspool activity? Absolutely Disgusting! Pray, pray and keep praying Patriots! Sooner or later all of this will come to the top! The TRUTH will be known. Neon YOU ARE A GREAT SLEUTH PATRIOT! THANK YOU for all of your hard work…….Blessings!

    • This is why I have no sympathy for million/billionaires when asked……even those that die in a ‘tragic’ event especially with all the ‘good’ work he/she/they have done for ‘charateeeees’… don’t become a million/billionaire by doing good things…..period

  17. Hey Neon, Great article. Not related I’m sure but “double meanings do exist”, Was doing some checking yesterday and noticed that Kingston, British Virgin Islands, is 17 about miles from Little St James Island and 17 Miles from Necker Island. Coinkydink I’m sure.

  18. Great article Neon!

    That company ownership list includes “Little Red Schoolhouse Montessori”. Hmmmm.

  19. Do not trust Erdogan.
    Walid Shoebat wrote about him, the rabia sign and the muslim brotherhood.
    May symbolism add to their downfall.

  20. One question on the money laundering details that I don’t understand. A tax credit is not a grant of cash but simply allows a taxpayer to reduce taxable income by the amount of the credit. So if Washakie Renewable was not actually making biofuel, and thus did not have cash flow from a legitimate business, how would the tax credits actually benefit them?

    • Great question. They had to show income from somewhere in order to take the tax credits. Perhaps “Misc Service” income from services rendered to (fill in name of any sister business they can bill).

    • Let’s see how this would work. First, you need a large legitimate business that already has a certain amount of cash flow coming in. Then, you inflate revenues to increase the amount of tax credits that you get, plus you re-categorize operating expenses as investments, which allows you to maximize accelerated depreciation, thus increasing paper profitability. Then, you leverage that business to the hilt. You then take the bank proceeds and pay inflated salaries along with inflated payroll taxes, which is offset by carbon credits. IOW, you are maximizing cash back from the IRS to slow down the bleeding.

      Basically, this kind of fraud depends heavily on bank fraud as well. The bank loans money against your fraudulent accounting of assets, revenue and cash flow. The loans become the stock and flow of cash that is paid out as salaries to the fraudsters. The salaries pay payroll taxes to the IRS, and large ones, because they are so high, but the cost of this payroll tax is offset by the biofuel tax credits that result in inflated cash refunds to the company. These cash refunds offset the bleed from both payroll taxes and bank loan payments.

      A fraud like this can go on forever. The IRS won’t notice because it is getting corporate taxes and payroll taxes every month from the firm. The banks won’t notice because they are getting monthly loan payments without incident. The borrowed pile of cash is not shrinking too quickly because the biofuel tax credits are compensating for the slow bleed from payroll, corporate taxes and loan payments.

      Meanwhile, the fraudsters get to enjoy the income they make.

      At the same time, the level of fraud can be huge without all the money going to consumption. A lot of that $500 million was spent on appearances of a legitimate company.

      Remember, the IRS allows companies to keep two sets of books: one for shareholders like banks and the other for the IRS. On the IRS side, you can maximize depreciation and make your company look like it is not making as much money for tax purposes. On the shareholder/loan side, you can make the company look as profitable as possible to encourage investment. Because of this, frauds can go one forever unless a whistle blower shows up.

  21. Once again, I am floored by this web! You are the best, Neon! As a small side note, I remember during the aftermath of the Sandy Hook saga in Newtown, CT, it kept being reported about some of the parents/players having traveled to Turkey and thought it odd it kept getting mentioned…

  22. Leftoids cannot deny that our porous southern border allows drugs and children to be trafficked. (But they’ll claim it’s a very small problem that we can FIX if we let the hordes in – which is a lie).

    Why do they refuse to protect the border and stop this? (They love the money, drugs, and child-sex is the answer).

    Leftoids also LOVE to dish out free money to “alternative energy” companies to “save the planet.” But you and I know they have no interest in saving the planet. These companies are shells and fronts. What the leftoids want to do is perpetuate the money-laundering schemes.

    Anybody remember Solyndra? Where’d all that seed money go, Mr. Obama?

    The formula seems pretty clear by now. If the left LOVES something freakishly too much, and tenaciously defends that thing even after it’s proven to be a fraud – it means it’s likely tied to their supply of money, drugs, and child-sex.

    And if you find a Repub that sides with a leftoid on any one of these issues – you know he is controlled and a fraud himself. See the cruise ship cucks.

    • You’ve just identified “r selection”

      A Genetic reproductive strategy based on resource availability?

      The resources being Green whether that’s Grass, Money…..subsidies…. or CHILDREN!

      Check this out.

  23. NR,

    Bountiful, Canada FLDS get their brides (tweens/teens) from Hilldale, Short Creek and Little Colorado City (W. Jeff Sect) on the AZ/Utah border.
    The Mennonites of Chihuala (not sure about name/spelling), located at about 1 1/2 hrs SE of Chihuahua, Mexico. This group is also known as the “Mennonite Drug Cartel” who also has connections with El Chapo. They use the Oklahoma drug pipeline that runs into a Mennonite border community on the Canada side. They use the transit visa which gives them free movement between Canada, US and Mexico.
    Green tax flourished during the Obama years that originated under Clinton years headed by his VP Al Gore ( I know you’re aware of this). Imagine compiling every green energy tax subsidies and grants, DOE, USDA (CBDG block grants) HUD and others, that would put it in the Billions of dollars up for grab. The FLDS sects call taking advantage of tax breaks as ‘bleeding the beast”.

    Just some tid bits I’ve compiled over the last 34 years. hopefully I’ll be getting some physical help digging my files out of storage when my kid returns. NR stay the course young man.

  24. Neon I have a thank you letter I wrote to the anons and independent journalists like yourself. Please feel free to share with them.

    Dear Anons and Independent Journalist,
    For years many Americans have been concerned with the direction our country was being lead in. We have felt duped by inadequate, inept, dishonest, immoral politicians who promise us one thing only to turn around to do another. We saw little to no distinction between the Republican and Democrat parties. We only saw men and women who were out to rape and destroy our beloved country. Weakening the United States every chance they could. Their traitorous behavior worried us for the fate of our children. We were made to feel shameful of the American Dream and our American Values as our disgraceful president went on his apologetic world tour. Our children were misled and lied to by the school system who pushed socialist ideas as they dumbed down our future.
    Many of us felt something was wrong as the media fill our ears with vicious untruths to hide their crimes. They made us feel alone and ignorant when we clung to wisdom and common sense. They stole from us. They took our wealth, our knowledge, self-worth and in some cases our lives. The one thing they were unable to rip from our hearts was pride. Pride in the greatest country in the world. Pride in the country many of our forefathers fought and died for. Pride in Old Glory. Patriot Pride. It ran deep in our hearts. It flowed through our veins.
    We all asked ourselves the same question. “What can I do? I’m only one person.” We had families to feed and creditors to pay. Writing the occasional letter to our representatives did little to nothing. We needed a champion. A champion of the people. We needed truth. We needed to unite.
    When Donald J Trump announced his run for President, I knew I’d vote for him and was determined to do whatever I could to make sure others did the same. I, like many others, lost many friendships in the process but I knew there was much more at stake. I didn’t feel this strongly because I knew he was going to be the champion we so desperately needed. It was because he wasn’t a career politician. He was strong, fearless. He was a fighter. DC needed to be shaken up. I thought he was the best candidate to do just that. Little did I know when I hopped on this train, I was apart of a huge movement who felt the same. Over the next few months something incredible began to happen. America was becoming united again. The more the left cried the stronger we grew. Walls that the shadow government built to divide us were being torn down.
    Independent journalist began popping up all over social media. Slowly we turned off mainstream news, and television programs trading them for words of truth-seekers who were as fed up as we were. We were no longer alone. A seed of hope was planted in each of us.
    Then it happened. Q dropped. Q’s first drop was an explosion that shook the entire world. Our movement went viral. People in other countries united with their countrymen and began fighting back too.
    Normal people who had never heard of the chans suddenly became aware of this secret place where freedom of speech still existed. I, being a normie myself, would like to apologize with my whole heart for those who invaded your space and disrupted your work there. We had no idea there was a magical place like the chans where independent, original thought and speech was still flowing freely. That excited some of us more than Q’s drop. The independent journalist we fervently watched began to warn their followers not to intrude without being educated on how the chans worked. Most listened and respected the important work you were doing there.
    With all that said I’d like to let you know on behalf of all Patriots how grateful we are to all of you who selflessly spend hours of your lives bringing truth to the world. You may think we (normies) don’t realize how this movement has changed your personal lives and relationships but we do. Q could have dropped and yes, we would have carved out a few minutes of our busy day to investigate the information. Most us wouldn’t have done the kind of research you do though. I know we wouldn’t have been as united as we are now had it not been for the independent journalist who use a lot of the anon’s work in their reports.
    Autists, I personally put you all on the same level as our military and maybe a hair above. Every day you fight for this country with little recognition or compensation. Social media journalists, you have helped to awaken a sleeping giant. You bring truth to the world and united us making us stronger than we ever thought we could be. Many people are concerned what will happen after President Trump’s 8 years in the White House. What will happen to us? Will things go back to the way they were before? I can honestly say, no. I don’t believe they will. I am comforted knowing that with true patriots like you we will remain united and continue to know the truth they try so desperately to hide from us. From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of many, we thank you so very much for your service to the United States of America.
    An American Patriot

  25. Boss…outstanding research and superb writing, as always…Gateway Pundit should hire you as a paid reporter….I’ll bet their reading this right now

  26. I think we’re in the era that Jesus said “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”
    So many things being exposed that most had no clue about. Re Mormonism – there’re connections to occultism also – excerpts:
    The evidence of Joseph Smith’s close connection to occultism and Freemasonry, and how this influenced the origin and development of the LDS Church is not well known outside of scholarly circles.

    Both Joseph Smith and his father were involved in the occult practice known as “money digging.” This involved special rituals and ceremonies which were performed for the purpose of obtaining buried treasure thought to be guarded by evil spirits

    So we see that when the occult is involved, there is usually pedophilia/sexual perversions/sacrifice going on. So shouldn’t be surprising about this cult.
    Re Erdogan – Muslim
    We see how Epstein’s Temple of Horrors is a copy of the Turkish Bath House, which is Islamic, which is occultism. ExMuslims say Islam goes back to worship of Baal (Satan).
    Then we have Islam connections to Catholicism/Vatican – whose leaderships are Satanists, which is occultism. That’s why priests are pedophiles. They just found some bones of the bones from their secret rituals at the Vatican:

    Both severely corrupted the Scriptures. Vid re the Islamic Connection to Catholicism:

    No coincidences.

  27. Great Research, I live in Utah and have many ex FLDS friends. The Kingston Group is by far one of the more abusive groups. They are pleading guilty to try to avoid further investigation is what the ex-flds are saying. They do believe in the United Order, most children are working for one of the businesses by age 9. All income earned, goes into a controlled Kingston Bank. If you need money, they tell you how much. If you leave, your money doesn’t follow you. They believe in ‘pure blood lines’, that is why 1st cousins marry. There is a horribly high birth defect rate because of generational inbreeding. They do own a lot of business’s here. and contribute heavily to political campaigns. Polygamy is still a 3rd degree felony, and is NEVER PROSECUTED. The AG has said, it will only go after polygamists if they are violating other laws. We have seen multiple court cases- where that is not the case. Utah is a breading ground for these groups. There are probably 18 known independent polygamist sects in UT. Rocky Ridge is the closest to me. Most of the independent FLDS dress like everyday people. Only a few groups do the long hair, blue dress. Mormons started the white slave trade in Europe converting single woman abroad to convert, and join Zion. They didn’t understand it was under the mantle of polygamy, as a 6th wife. Flds in my opinion have just evolved the playbook .. they don’t convert, they breed.

  28. I had to stop reading for a moment and collect myself when suddenly Geragos showed up in your piece. I’ll be retweeting this one everywhere.

  29. Is this the first long form piece where you definitively acknowledge Mueller’s depravity? If so, congratulations. Not that you care, but that was something I couldn’t abide with, and am glad that it is finally resolved in your mind. As far as RM=RR and all that, time will tell. I’m agnostic on that point.

  30. The Kingston’s are my family many are so brain washed! Let me know if there’s something I can answer! I can tell you more threw email or private message!

  31. Neon I am way off topic I apologize. If you read this and have time to respond do you think the extent of this evil will be revealed to the general public?

    Do you thnik the extent of the evil will be made public? Paraphrasing Q the choice to know will be yours.

  32. Hey Neon, we don’t know how else to reach you without creating a gab account, so we thought we could leave a comment here.

    We live in the Flathead Valley in MT and were suspicious of a burger chain called Mudman’s. When you walk into the restaurant, it just felt too crisp and clean, like a doctor’s facility, a bit too fake. On the walls, they plastered tons of pictures of their charity work in Africa (big-time virtue signaling). Just on a speculative note, their floors were checkered large black and white – sure, many diners have that look, but something felt different here.

    Turns out, the entire chain just closed immediately this week. They’re owned by Potter’s Filed Ministry, who also closed their doors, after employees accused the owners of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and lengthy work shifts with little pay. One of the staff reported it felt like a cult.

    I don’t know to what connection, but I sense nefarious behavior, and thought you might like the tip. My understanding is child-trafficking is everywhere, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case.

    Potter’s Field had many missionaries abroad. The only information now available on both Mudman’s and Potter’s Field’s websites is a note of regret for the closing, with the line: “We are asking that you would continue in prayer with us for those that are hurting and also those that are continuing to minister to the children around the world with God’s love.”

    “minister to the children around the world”…I’m a bit skeptical.

    Here are the website links:

    Here’s one of the news articles about the closing:

  33. When Jon Huntsman was running in the Republican primary in 2012, I was a little suspicious of the glowing family history of his father/grandfather. He was ‘dirt poor’ and became of the wealthiest men in the world. I found the letter he wrote thanking Armand Hammer for flying him on Hammer’s private jet to Russia to introduce him to industrialists. Huntsman’s chemical company made the McDonald’s foam container that protected the burgers. Still suspicious of that family wealth.

    • Armand Hammer was a POS. He fired my father-in-law in the late 1960s and then tried to steal his idea for the company he created, which netted $1 million in its first year. My father in law sued him and I can’t remember if he won or they settled out of court, but the company is alive and well today

  34. What you’ve said here makes Mueller a black hat, but the prevailing speculation right now is that he was part of the show all along, the feeble-mindedness an act. That 6 hour meeting in the Oval Office Mueller had with Trump the day before he was appointed SC, was not Mueller trying to get the Director job back. He knew he was ineligible. That meeting was Trump sealing a deal with the traitor. He’ll be charged for Uranium 1, but nothing else, and it won’t be public. If he failed to perform as agreed, he would be charged with a lot more, and he would no longer be guaranteed “privacy”.

  35. I always wondered why the “powers that be” literally just gave the great city of Constantinople and what was part of the Christian Byzantine Empire (now Turkey) over to the Muslims after World War I. When I look at the map, I see that Turkey is a much more direct route out of Europe to traffic white children into the Middle East. With the Black Sea to the north and the Mediterranean to the south, it is the perfect land bridge into hell for these children. By giving it over to muslim control, they ensured a hassle-free, corrupt system into the future. Thank you turning on the light in my head on this and many other topics.

  36. FINALLY my weird love of reality TV intersects with my real life love of Q and country. I’ve been watching Escaping Polygamy on TLC for years. As I said over on Gab a while back, it mainly focuses on 4 or 5 sisters (daughters of Daniel) who managed to escape & now help others escape from the Kingstons (The Order). The past 2-3 seasons they’ve had an “insider” helping them, sending them proof of shady dealings, secret recordings of meetings, etc. The insider herself (or a very small himself) is interviewed in shadow with voice garbling. NOTHING has been done, even when one of those sisters took her parents to court & got emancipated. They live in plain sight (no prairie dresses) and own 99.9% businesses and banks (referred to as “Order businesses or Order banks) in & around town. I’ve seen episodes where young girls try to escape & the Order banks won’t let them get their money out of the banks. That raid in this article? It made an episode. And the insider said someone was tipped off before the raid. “Someone in law enforcement” is an understatement. Most of the cops are in the Order.
    Also, speaking of reality TV, look at all the shows in the last decade trying to normalize or humanize or desensitize us to polygamy.

    • Yes, I watched that show too and was going to post some information about it. Thanks for saving me the time. These ladies would have a wealth of information.

  37. FYI: Kate Spade was into 2 charities dealing with abused/impoverished children…maybe she stumbled on to something she shouldn’t have…

    Delivering Good & New York Center for Children

  38. The site won’t Load. A message comes up:

    This page is having a problem loading
    We tried to load this page for you a few times, but there is still a problem with this site. We know you have better things to do than to watch this page reload over and over again so try coming back to this page later.

    Try this
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    There doesn’t seem to be a way to “report the issue”

  39. Hmmmmmm….I’m new to this site and a LOT of the stories. That said…..there’s a Little Red School House located in Metairie, La. They claim to have been in operation since the mid 70’s. There aren’t many, if any polygamy sects here (to my knowledge) but after all of the reading I’ve been doing these past few months……I’d DEFINITELY not be surprised if they were connected at some point (or still are?). Honestly, that’s a VERY odd name IMO.

  40. First of all,
    Neon you are the definition of a true investigative reporter, everytime i read an article of yours i think to myself how the MSM has completely and utterly dropped the ball on what it is to be a true reporter! Such a HUGE fan of your work. I Pray you gain a Much Much bigger audience in time.

    As for the article, connecting all the heavy hitters relating to how these networks operate is absolutley astonishing, especially the turky connection as It also gives a little more context to Kappy’s Deadman switch Pictures of little kids in a bathhouse somewhere in Turkey. Up until this article, that always seemed a little strange that he would post vids and pics relating to some “fancy” bathhouse within a luxury hotel somewhere in turkey.

  41. This is amazing work. This ties together so much for me… Baby farms… the deeper we go comes the the conspiracy label. That’s why they are trying to get out ahead of Epstein saying he was trying to create a master race. No he wasn’t, he was farming humans for sale and sacrifice. And if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on NXIVM doing the same thing. But I feel in my bones that there is an element coming, that has not yet been disclosed, that some will struggle with.. the spiritual element. Who are the “real masters”? Why are these children being sacrificed? That’s what all this leading to and I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy.

    God Bless for your work Patriot!

    Grade A+ digs anon

  42. MInd Blown 8/2/2019
    Not sure how to post comments / but two other dots to connect:

    Wexner associated with Epstein (and owner of Victoria’s Secret) also high up in Cemex cement – Tucson AZ?
    McStain/ Jeff Flake … child trafficking ring?

    Thanks for the work you do NEON REVOLT

  43. More dots that didn’t make it (user error):

    UHaul Headquartered in AZ

    Epstein Zoro ranch in AZ (large parcel of land and large circular structure – like particle beam/CERN/Tyler TX generator

    Muslim brotherhood now working with Scientology (see A&E channel Leah Remini)
    Scientology worldwide child abuse

  44. Speaking of Turks and Armenians…I went down this rabbit hole regarding some raids and arrests in Burbank in January 2019. Do you remember that? I have business records and property records where I followed some parts of the web, but I eventually gave up because I couldn’t find anything.

    Here’s the link to the article: written by none other than ANDY NGUYEN, a recent victim of ANTIFA.

  45. REALLY should be looking into these religious connected (large organized/women subverted) groups in Northern Arizona-Prescott and surrounding cities. Masons here are very dug in as well-which HAS to not be coincidental…

  46. Neon, what a fantastic amount o research. I watched the bS show “Whistleblower” about this family. Thank you for doing the hard work exposing this disease family.
    Has you heard about the secret society “The Pilgrims Society”? They are based in England and the American counterpart is the SES, Senior Executive Service. They were resp for approaching General Smedley to overthrow Roosevelt and become the de facto government for the Pilgrims Society. Would love your keen investigative analysis of who these secretive elites really are and how they control America. American Intelligence Media is where I first heard about this group. Just a thought

  47. It’s important to note the names of 17 people, including US ‘politicians, bureaucrats & academics’ caught in Turkey’s failed coup attempt. It’s also important to research turkeys open border, allowing Isis through to the Middle East, in exchange for stolen Syrian oil.
    Turkey filed a criminal complaint against:
    ‪#JohnBrennan‬, ‪#ChuckSchumer‬, ‪#PreetBharara‬, and ‪#DavidCohen‬ are among the suspects.

  48. The Kingston indictment was during the Obama administration in 2016. Your post says Trump took office in Jan of 2016, but that’s not true. He took office in Jan if 2017.

  49. I’m just now catching up on your articles, this was great!!! If not for you so many would be lost. This is the most intertwined abhorrent mess I’ve ever seen. They’ve had all their dirty deeds overlapping more dirty deeds and so on and so on like the Faberge Organics commercial!!! I can’t help but remember that everytime I learn something new. Amazing work and God Bless you! ❤️❤️


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