The 2018 #BohemianGrove Visitor List! #GreatAwakening

This list comes to us courtesy of Enty over at CrazyDaysAndNights.Net (AKA #CDAN).

I refer to CDAN quite a bit in my posts, both here on the site, and on social media, so many of my long-time readers will already be familiar with him. And the other day, Enty shocked many of his readers by saying he was in possession of a full list of the 2018 #BohemianGrove visitors – which most of my readers will be familiar with due to all these male, world elites participating in the “cremation of care” ceremony, which takes place in front of a giant, concrete owl statue each year – as well as all the persistent rumors of human trafficking and rampant ritualistic homosexual degeneracy taking place on the grounds.

Prior to dropping this list, Enty had a bit to say about the Bohemian Grove:

Here’s the actual list itself. Quite a few surprising, and perhaps not-so-surprising names are featured on it:

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Here’s another format, which some may find easier to read:

Bohemian Grove 2018


Download link: Bohemian Grove 2018

49 thoughts on “The 2018 #BohemianGrove Visitor List! #GreatAwakening”

  1. Sixty pages of names! May God have the souls of the innocent in his arms … I pray the wrath of the righteous strike hard, strike forcefully & with a finality this world has never before seen on those who perpetrated such evil ☮️

    • ART LINKLETTER ; heartbreaking, he was famous for his talk show program featuring children: Kids say the darndest things.

      • Victor Davis Hanson has been attending since at least 2008. He’s a clean dude and I suppose this place is so big that you can limit or be limited in your exposure to any crazy shit going on. Clint Eastwood’s probably seen it all over his 60+ years in Hollywood and is desensitized. Hangs out with people he knows. I see Hollywood, Wall Streeters, Music, Politicians and Military. Interesting that Athletes aren’t really represented from what I can see.

    • He WAS the 45th governor of Tennessee from 1979 to 1987 and the 5th United States Secretary of Education from 1991 to 1993. He is currently serving as the senior United States Senator from Tennessee, a seat he has held since 2003. Ashamed to see his name on the list.

  2. David Wyatt Dorman

    Many telecom fags should immediately recognize that name, most notably him nearly bankrupting ATT, negotiating its buy out to SBC, who then showed him the door.

    • Buffett is extremely wealthy from multiple business investments. I always admired him for this. Maybe rethinking now. His whole schtick is yachting, fishing, drinking, islands, who knows what else.

      • Read Kathy O’Brien’s book the the Trans-formation of America. She is a MK Ultra Victim and she named Jimmy Buffet as one of the handlers she encounter in smuggling drugs. Many country singers because most of the drugs were ran through Nashville. Many country singers were CIA operatives. It was easier to run the drug however, through Branson and suddenly it becomes a haven for country music celebrity.

  3. It would be a good idea for some baker to go through the list and document who each person is, where they work, what boards they serve on, and so forth. It would be a huge undertaking, but worth the effort.

    I was surprised Cheney wasn’t on the list…..

    • this is why i stoped going to see movies Hollywood is evil and the people of America is making them rich and able to do it

  4. There was someone in WH claimed HRC went to witch meeting there. I wonder if there’s anything to that?

  5. Herman Wouk, one of my favorite WW 2 authors is on this list. It’s heartbreaking. Seeing Clint Eastwood’s name and many other famous names is also disappointing. Smh in disgust.

  6. not all are evil. Some just skirt the edges. Eastwood would fit the latter.

    It had quite a reputation in those circles for some time. There will be some collateral damage here. But for the most part, this is not a good list to be on…

  7. Get this into excel and sort by camp name – interesting networks appear, i.e., Rumsfeld and Bush are in Hill Boys

  8. randomly googled a few names, but page reloaded, lost track of my paste and copies. one guy was former president of dreamworks, another a ceo of visa usa. a few doctors, musicians, lawyers, and the like.

    highly suggest others try googling these guys, i had best luck with people who had longer names and or uncommon names.

  9. I’ve actually been there. Only during the day as a guest. Looks like a summers camp in the redwoods for adults.

  10. I have a feeling this is much more innocent than Qooks think.

    I would bet this is a summer camp for these people to get away from prying eyes. Just for the sake of being like when they were young and troumble-free.

    Also note the apparent sparcity of zios.

  11. other than henry Kissinger I am not that impressed do you really think eastwood and belushi are bad
    is this a psy op by the darkside to throw people off the scent
    GEORGE hw Bush bad or is he a doiuble agent to find out what darkside is doing you must partake with them
    who has blatantly been doing that and even lost an election

    • Bush is evil. Research Prescott Bush. Killed JFK as CIA director. Took out Reagan as VP. Planned 911 with Cheney. Barbara offspring of Crowley. Evil. Just inbred insane rich ‘wackAdos’ my term, everywhere facing justice. Not soon enough for everyone trapped in the system.
      God bless all patriots. Exciting time to be alive 🙂

  12. What is it about men wanting to diddle little children and under age girls?? ABSOLUTELY SICKENING!!

  13. Neon – I know this is going to sound crazy from a long time lurker… I am a huge fan and preordered 2 or your books. Can’t wait! I was reading your chapter you posted on gab, and I could be wrong, but I think there is an edit needed on page 280. If you need more detail, tell me how to DM you. I believe it hasn’t yet gone to print.

  14. Not everyone that attends is evil, not all susceptible to the wickedness, at least the ones I knew who attended in the 1990’s weren’t. I suspect those who wanted to be with the “in crowd” were entrapped and blackmailed. The ones I knew were likely presented the opportunity but declined partaking in the rituals possibly due to being elderly and having achieved the pinnacle of success, one being a Nobel Laureate. At the time you could buy your way in, although you had to be vouched for. One I knew that did was a Saudi “industrialist”. He would hit on anything with two legs and a vagina which proclivity, I suspect, respected no age.

  15. I knew Bob Weir (from The Grateful Dead) went before; but since he is on the list, it looks like he might be a regular.
    Here is an interview from 2012 talking about going to Bohemian Grove.
    I just hope Jerry Garcia never went, I would be crushed.
    These guys are dead to me now.

  16. I see plenty of comments ignorant of the occult, in general. Of course, wikipedia and all other sources are compromised when relating to the old religion (satanism is thousands of years older than christianity).

    Satanism is the DARK occult. It is about ego gratification: putting yourself above god while making yourself king(s) of your perceived prison. (Dark occultists consider the universe under god’s immutable, objective law to be a prison, so they enslave all around them -government/religion/money- to become kings of the prison).

    This ritual is called The Cremation of Care. The effigy is known as Dull Care. The owl entity is symbolic and is called Molech.

    These people at Bohemian Grove are the cabal… not the dark occultist priest class. They typically engage in the exoteric understanding of the old religion and indulge in homosexual, kink sex, or drugs of various sorts. There are SOME pedophiles in attendance, but not all of them are pedophiles. For instance, G.W.Bush is too uninitiated and common-minded to be in the same esoteric circles as his mom and dad were in. Kissenger and Rumsfeld are upper level cabal, but not dark occultists. The actual priests are holding simultaneous rituals (where pedophilia and murder DO occur) in conjunction with this play-acted Cremation of Care in mansions, out in the forest near bohemian grove, etc. allllll along the dragon ley line.

    The ritual is symbolic of getting all cabal and dark priests to hone their focus to burn away the CARE of the slaves. The care to learn the occult sciences, the care to turn off the games and tv shows to pay attention to their machinations, the care to watch what you’re eating/drinking/breathing, the care to realize all government is slavery, and (most of all) the care and the will to use just force against their violence. Burning away the care of the slaves to fight back.

    Even now, you guys all want alliance efforts/trump/Q/autists to research, or fight back to save you from yourselves. Thing is, you are ALL indoctrinated into their system of slavery. You all are initiated into their satanic mind-set of ego gratification, indulgence, and the immoral perception of the legitimacy of government, military, religion, police, and money.

    This is why the dark occult priests and their cabal are entrenched so firmly… because of rituals like these, they are allllll on the same page and bringing their vision of the future (slaves and masters) manifest in reality. Similarly, this is why the Q movement is proving to be a thorn in their side; because it’s getting the good people (ignorant of the occult as you may be) on the same page to, AT LEAST, start paying attention. You are still relying on the alliance to fight for you.

    Thanks for your attention Neon Revolt. I maintain that knowledge of LIGHT occultism and God’s natural, cosmic, immutable OBJECTIVE law will make your research more fruitful. Y’know those Q posts that frustrate you? Keystones? 4:49?

    Those would not confuse you with the appropriate knowledge.

  17. Notable name on the list: Paul Francis Pelosi Sr. (born April 15, 1940) is an American businessman who owns and operates Financial Leasing Services, Inc., a San Francisco-based real estate and venture capital investment and consulting firm. In addition, he was the owner of the now-defunct Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.[1] He is the husband of the current U.S. House speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

  18. Sorry Neon, but the list is bogus. Here’s why: This event took place in summer 2018. It lists David Rockefeller as an attendee (Sr and Jr). David Rockefeller Sr died in March 2017.

    • Derek, I believe the date is a notation of when the list was actually released, and from the length of it, would probably be a roster of all those who attended. Past and present.


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