Vox Day – Contact Me

Hi Vox.

Congrats on the new film endeavor.

We should talk ASAP.

Tried the email in your sidebar before; didn’t get a response so I assumed I couldn’t get through.

You can PM me on Gab, preferably. Comment below if you need another system of communication, and we’ll figure something out.

Update: Apparently PMs are gone on Gab for about a week thanks to the new system roll-out. We can try Keybase instead.

And yes, I published this “article” just to get your attention lol.


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  1. Hey, Neon, fyi. I vacationed in Montana at Glacier NP this summer, and stayed in the lodge on the West side of the park there. You website is inaccessible from their Wifi because it is classified as “hate speech”. I was furious, and expressed my concerns about free speech to the desk manager. He was totally taken aback. He didn’t know that was going on. He said they had “some company” managing the Wifi for them.

  2. Try him again at voxday at gmail dot com. I’ve emailed him before and gotten responses no problem. Hell, hundreds of “Bears” emailed him last night during Owen Benjamin’s stream to express interest in supporting Vox and Owen’s comedy movie.

  3. Not a fan of new gab. Cannot locate Qanon great awakening forum. Need help. Why does it feel the great awakening market vement is constantly under attack – all for a larp.

    • Torba is rolling out all the groups and favorites over the week. Apparently it’s not all up and running completely yet.

  4. Hijacking this thread to ask anyone willing to help us to join Infogalactic.com, Vox’s online encyclopedia and the alternative to Wikipedia.

  5. Take this as you will:
    You may know a lot of this, or maybe not.

    Vox is a very smart guy. Very high IQ. I’ve read his stuff and bought his books. I know this 100%

    BUT the man has a “Social IQ” of about 9.

    Great, he’s principled, and will never back down on those principles.

    Someone can agree with him 80%, even 90%, or more!
    And yet Vox Day will end up attacking that person on the one thing they don’t agree on, and attack hard and viciously. Suddenly, this 90% ally is a ‘shill,’ a moron, etc.

    Politically, I agree a LOT with the guy. He’s an ethno-nationalist ‘realist,’ is the best way I can describe it. He is not necessarily running around advocating that the US must become white-only, or establish an apartheid. But he definitely will point out that many successful nations are in fact ethno-nationalist, and go on to predict that all nations ultimately trend to ethno-nationalist over time. For the US, specifically, it means that as whites are reduced, there WILL be a break-up of the US which will divide up on ethnic lines. It’s not like a large chunk of Hispanics haven’t been advocating and pushing for that for over 2 or 3 decades now. (La Raza; the Atzlan movement; MEChA; Reconquista)

    Now, if he just allied with all who agree with him generally, to the degree that they agree with him, and good-humoredly addressed the differences of opinion, he’d still be on Twitter, Gab, and other Social Media. But no, everyone’s his enemy, since they don’t agree 100%. He’s ‘right,’ and if you don’t agree with him 100% within five minutes of meeting him, you’re insulting him. That’s not as hyperbolic as you might think. Yes, he can do an initial interview with someone that seems polite and accommodating. But it will only be a matter of time before he is attacking that person publicly in writing and on video. And it all appears to be calculated, an attempt to peel-off support from that person to be exclusive to himself.

    This “low-Social-IQ” thing goes much further. He has attempted to apply the name “alt-Right” to his particular political view, exclusively. Nothing new about that. Milo Yiannopoulos attempted something similar in 2016, applying “alt-Right” to the “anti-globalist” non-establishment side of the Right as a whole.

    Neither of those attempts worked because the National Socialist White-supremacist ‘right’ in America claimed it for themselves, while publicly performing the Roman Salute, and of course, it was the PERFECT label to smear all of the right, AND the center-Left as “alt-Right,” synonymous with Nazi-racist-bigoted-homophobic-misogynists. So-called journalists have had a field-day with that particular weapon.

    Most of the right, Milo, and everyone else immediately distanced themselves from the term “alt-Right.” It probably would have been widely-worn proudly as a badge of honor, EXCEPT that the real Nazi-racist-bigoted-homophobic-misogynists, all ~20K of them in the US, proudly take the name, and make enough of a stink to chase everyone else with any sense away from claiming the label.

    Except for Vox Day. He’s still fighting for that label. And his rather tame take on non-socialist, ethno-nationalism, combined with his acerbic, confrontational style with anyone that disagrees with his take, led to a fight between WS-Nazi types on Gab, and himself, and he demanded that Andrew Torba hand him information on those enemies of his so that he could bring defamation suits and the like. While Torba has taken heat for banning some WS-Nazi types on Gab (for things crossing the line into illegality, I think), he also did NOT turn over any info to Vox Day, and Vox quit Gab in a huff. (Gab being one of the free-est platforms on the internet, which would have absolutely stuck by Vox Day in terms of keeping him on.) So, of course Gab is ‘evil!’ according to Vox Day.

    So Vox has literally self-exiled himself from open and free Social Media, from the United States, and from #Comicsgate and any other allied movement, because he literally cannot ally himself with anyone that is up to 80% or 90% in agreement with him. He couldn’t let #Comicsgate be a parallel ally. He had to try to take it over, and then became petty and abusive when the PREDOMINANTLY-NON-POLITICAL #Comicsgate movement didn’t want politics, especially ethno-nationalist politics, injected into it. And Vox has yet to find a bridge he can’t burn or blow-up.

    I agree with Vox at least 80%, and maybe OVER 90%, yet I can’t stand the guy for his treacherous nature and abusive tactics. I like people that work with him or who are published by his imprints. But it would help if he would stop talking and let the quality of the works sell the books. 🙁

    • In case it wasn’t clear, he takes all the brunt of the “alt-Right” label, despite being hated by the real alt-Right, and he’s become a pariah everywhere for that one thing alone. Even though his politics are just a bit right of “Civic Nationalist” as far as I can tell. He’s certainly only about ~20% “alt-Right” IMO. BUT he won’t give up that label, even though it has done irreparable harm to his own cause and brand, and his bottom line. (That is the heart of his “low Social IQ.”) Ironically, he was one of the first anti-SJWs to speak of the “Get Woke, Go Broke” principle. It (his alt-Right self-labeling) was arguably the reason why his Q-Hero book was wiped from IndieGoGo. Some might say it was the ‘Q’ part, but I don’t think that was 1/10th of the reason he could be unceremoniously erased from IndieGoGo. He also likes to give intrusive and snarky replies if you cancel your purchase on IndieGoGo, and I have that receipt, too. It’s possible that the fear of doxing that comes from that kind of behavior might have gotten him reported to IGG, so maybe that will come out in the court case that I think he is pursuing against IGG for effectively stealing about $150K in gross sales from him.

      I wish him ‘Good Luck’ on that, but I’m done giving him my monetary support.

      • Wow, such huge walls of text to telegraph that Gamma you’re emanating.

        Also, I recall Point 12 out of 16. Personally, it should be Point 1 and repeated, but if you choose nothing else to follow out of that list, life will be so much better.

    • If you are gonna dirt someone, have the balls to dirt them to their face. Do you really think Neon wants to hear your bullshit opinion? Maybe Vox just dislikes you.

  6. I reject the right/left monikers as non-descriptive. The old (para) phrase, “if a man has his boot on your neck does it really matter what he calls himself”? Equality under the law and thus individual liberty is the key to “American exceptionalism”. To the extent law is applied based one equality we are a free people.anything less is tyrannical and thus unacceptable. Nazi, Fascist, Communist, Socialist, all the same and on the same end of the spectrum. Rule by law sets us (America) apart on the other end (of the spectrum). Anarchy is not a type of government, but always results in loss of individual liberty, again unacceptable. If I committed a faux pas by posting this comment here, I apologize. I just discovered your site.


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