Clandestine #QAnon Lurking on the Boards? #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

What follows are a set of posts from the past few days that seem to be from what I’ll term “Clandestine” Q posts.

What do I mean by that?

#QAnon doesn’t always post with his Tripcode. You may recall back around March 2019, when there were a bunch of “sec_tests” which were linked to Q’s device ID, but which lacked Q’s tripcode.

If I recall correctly, Q previously told us that this was important for future proofs (though I’m having trouble locating the specific drop where this was said). However, 8ch bakers all agreed to not list the posts when they tracked Q’s posts:

In other words, there’s a slew of QAnon posts floating out there on the boards, which don’t have his Tripcode in place, and we don’t entirely know what they are right now.

That said, sometimes we get a good idea. Device IDs are definitive proof (because no one can post from the same device as Q), and sometimes, the content of particular drops is compelling enough to make Anons wonder if this was really Q posting, minus a tripcode.

We have several instances from the past few days of potential “Clandestine Q” posts, and I wanted to track them here on my site, so that the wider-Q-community was aware. If you follow me on Gab, you’ve already seen this, but yeah, wanted to make sure everyone saw these here, today (because not everyone follows me on Gab).

One important caveat before we begin:

I’m NOT saying this is Q beyond a shadow of a doubt. For all we know, this may just be a really impressive LARP. But at the same time, there is a possibility this isn’t. So, I have to cover this with the caveat/warning/disclaiming that this is for informational purposes only.

So, starting from 4 days ago, on the 29th, we get this pic from the DMZ between North Korea and South Korea:


Anons did a reverse image search on the image, and nothing came up at the time.

Later Anons noticed that the season was “wrong” in this photo… And true, this isn’t a “current” photo, but I don’t think that particularly matters. What matters is what’s being communicated with this photo and the fact that it didn’t appear anywhere online until the 29th of June.

So what is this photo communicating?

Read on, for the next day, we get four drops, starting with this:

This was right after Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong-Un, where he stepped into North Korea while all the cameras were rolling.  I’m sure everyone is well aware of this event by now:


The poster, our potential “Clandestine-Q” then referred back to the DMZ post from yesterday, with a bit of message clarification:

Some people at the time mistook the hand gesture for Baphomet horns, but yeah, it’s actually the relatively benign “surfs-up” gesture.

Or as “Clandestine-Q” clarifies, here, “Hang 10.”

10 days, perhaps? That would be the 10th of July.

“Clandestine-Q” then posts the image again, with some additional commentary:

And that was the end of the posts on Day 2.

Day 3 we get two more posts, starting with a familiar “sec_test.”

The same ID then makes this post:

Now obviously, this post is in relation to the violence and domestic terrorism we all witnessed in Portland just a few days ago. Many were attacked, notably Journalist Andy Ngo, who suffered a brain bleed after being attacked by an Antifa mob, where he was beaten, had his equipment stolen, and had a “cement milkshake” thrown on his head.

And Portland is a real nightmare hotbed for this kind of Antifa activity, because not only are some cops literal Antifa (sporting their stickers on the bumpers of their police vehicles), but the Mayor told the Chief of Police to have her forces stand down, which she did.

The violence was so bad, that Ted Cruz started to call for the prosecution of Portland’s mayor:

Thankfully, Anons have begun to identify the attackers and submit their information to the proper authorities, so hopefully, we’ll see some justice on this front, soon.

However, in regards to the “Clandestine Q” drop, a number of “misspellings” were concerning to Anons, notably a “Bronx Tail” (should be Tale), and the double “is” in the line:

“Is the show is about to begin?”

Others pointed out the “yous” in:

“Now yous can’t leave.”

Not realizing it was a line from the scene “Clandestine-Q” was quoting:

Not to insult anyone by spelling it out, but “Clandestine Q” is using this clip to illustrate how Trump is shutting down the border-related machinations of Antifa (with Antifa being the Bikers, and “Trump” being played by Chazz Palminteri, the gangster who locks the door/”secures the border.”

Note, also, the “Iron Cross” on the Biker’s jackets. That’s the patch symbolism “Clandestine Q” is talking about here, and which I’m sure you’ll recognize by now from other, past Q-drops.

In my humble opinion, given Q’s penchant from quoting movies from this era, this seems to be a fit for Q, and the misspellings don’t bother me so much (especially given the penchant of mobile devices to “autocorrect” every little thing).

So now, the million-dollar-question: Are these posts actually from Q?

It’s tough to say.

Whether you believe they are, or they aren’t, I wanted to bring them to your attention because they were very easy to miss, regardless. Not everyone lurks on the boards all day. Many in the Q-community rely on aggregators like, or in order to pull the Qdrops down to them. Others use similar apps on mobile devices. So these folks don’t touch the boards at all, and would have never seen these posts otherwise.

At any rate, I think these “drops” paint an interesting and compelling picture, and I wanted you to be aware of them.

Because ultimately, you never know where Q might be lurking…

That’s it for the post today, folks. A relatively short piece, but hopefully you found it worthwhile.

Quick update on #RevolutionQ. We’re still in the typesetting phase as we await the passing of certain milestones, behind-the-scenes. After this is done, perhaps in a week or two (that’s speculation on my part), we start printing. There really isn’t anything holding us back now. It’ll be full-steam ahead before you know it!

And with regards to people who missed the chance to pre-order on Indiegogo – yes, the book will be available through retail channels soon. We’ll be opening up for pre-orders through traditional retailers shortly. But don’t worry, Indiegogo backers – the plan is to get you your books before anyone else!

As for the Mega-backers – a huge thanks goes out to them. I’ll be in contact with you shortly, and we’ll get you down on a schedule in short order so I can fulfill your other reward tiers.

58 thoughts on “Clandestine #QAnon Lurking on the Boards? #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to compile this. I wouldn’t have known about these possible Q posts, otherwise.

  2. What are the bikers wearing?
    In the movie they are wearing patches with the number 13.
    Always thought Antifa related to MS13.
    (Sorry if already mentioned.)

    • for clarification: The “13” , “8” or “3” often seen on biker patches: Those are worn by the drug dealers in the organization. 13 is the 13th letter (M) for Marijuana…8 if H for Heroin, 3 is C, cocaine. Heroin is heavily frowned upon within most gangs so you seldom see it. It was my job to know this stuff.

      • Hi Neon, so glad I get notifications here when you post a new article, getting 404’d on gab for your page. Hope all is ok? Strange goings on today
        Reading now!! Thank you

  3. Yep, that is good to know. And like President Trump, “they” always get a chance to do the right thing. “They” don’t realize they missed their chance until it is too late. Thanks NeonRevolt.

  4. Dang – that movie clip is way exciting if it means Trump is locking the doors. Reason being, Trump tweeted about Migrants and Immigrants in the same tweet a few days ago – immigrants come to stay – migrants come for a while and then go back when their job is done. In reading the posts from the Qanon, it makes me wonder if the Antifa are entering our country to do their bad deeds then heading back across the border. Doesn’t have to be the southern border. But if you look at the ‘colors’ these bikers were wearing – it was Satan’s something (sorry, missed the bottom half). And the Nazi cross! This is definitely a hint regarding Antifa and somehow FBI Wray is in charge of their beat down. The Sea misspelling could indicate that they are entering our country illegally by sea ports? Funny that AOC is the rep from the Bronx. Could also indicate more coming?

    Odd that today Pence returned to DC under emergency order, and the EU called a meeting. Also, Putin called his military leaders together after the sub crisis. Things are VERY odd right now. Quite a show!

  5. if all you posted was that scene it would have been a great article, the Q tidbits made it even tastier, thanks for the heads up on the “clandestine-Q” im not on Gab too often.

  6. Thanks. I’m less concerned with this mystry Q being a larp, but I took the Hang Ten to refer to 10 necks, not 10 days. Could the storm start with ten high level arrests?

  7. This is fantastic. I choose to believe it because we can only be encouraged by it, style, subject choice as well as the necessary plausible deniability.

  8. Missed the rollout window! Hope to order my copy as soon as it becomes available. Know it will be awesome.

  9. Q said they monitor the boards. It wouldn’t surprise me if Q posts in an informal capacity at times. But didn’t you imitate Q’s style as Blacklist Anon? It doesn’t seem that hard to do if you have inside information to get out.

    It’s a good thing I’ve seen “Bronx Tale”. I finally got around to watching “White Squall” recently. It was a very good movie. I wish I’d heard of it when it was out.

    • Hi Neon,
      So glad I get notifications here when you post new articles, getting 404’d on gab. Strange habbenings today . Hope all is restored soon.
      Reading now, thank you once again!

      • I have no idea. I keep reminding myself that Q doesn’t work for us. I assume any communication from an official capacity requires the trip code. I don’t know if there’s any policy in place preventing the team from participating in the discussion on a personal level. Or it could be somebody from outside whatever circle Q is in providing drops. I think “LARP” is the least likely scenario, but it’s still possible.

  10. I’m curious about the pic at the DMZ. If you look carefully behind the Z is a person’s leg. Looks like the person is mid stride. You only see one foot and leg. I would think you should be able to see the person’s head in the gap at the top of the Z if you think of normal human proportions. Makes me question if it is a photo shop job. Adding the 4 people in front but forgetting to remove that person’s leg in the background.

    • Looking at the leg and pants I think the person could easily be hidden behind the letter.

  11. As much as I appreciate the visual Q (pun intended), I hate pseudo bad-ass Satanic bikers just as equally as I hate linguine chomp’in Italian mobsters…whom I might add, can kiss my white Irish ass.

    I just want this all to end. To be perfectly honest, I’m tired of “watching the movie,” and I just want to see the credits roll already.

    The arrests aren’t coming because nothing has been declassified yet, so we must wait for that event. A lot of people are getting all worked up for the 4th of July but I don’t think anything of great significance will happen. I hope to God I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

  12. ThankQ Neon!!! The Clandestine Q post are classic Q style. After a period of time, you really do “learn the comms”, and I feel certain you are onto something here. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Thanks Neon. Things have been a bit like being on a roller coaster lately. But then you do this Clandestine Q thing, and my confidence is restored. But like Dan’s reply, things need to happen soon. Friends and family are looking at some of us like we’re crazy, because the lack of arrests, and the constant drumbeat of the MSM and unfriendly judges. Just hoping that something great happens soon. You keep a lot of us grounded. Thanks.

    • With respect… can you begin to fathom the magnitude of this operation? No doubt the mil has been working this for many years/decades. There are over 100K sealed indictments. Think of the manhours involved investigating and prosecuting those alone. Each indictment required someone to appear before a grand jury to make the case. Think about the FISA abuse case which was certainly not part of the original mission. Think about how nimble and effective they were at destroying that case despite the constant roadblocks and failure to act within FBI and DOJ. No how, no way could they have solved and stopped that, or even effectively investigated the FISA abuse with the official FBI, DOJ crew. It had to be military. Don’t forget, we had 2 years of Special Counsel going on as well. A dirty SC at that. I’m not aware of any Pres coming off clean after a SC. Mueller had to realize he was trapped and had to play ball. So, we all are chomping at the bit to see heads roll but this is a massive and historic undertaking. I’ve been involved with investigations that lasted more than 5 years because that’s how long it took to climb the ladder and compile the evidence. That was only one network. Then it took years to prosecute and convict. And our mil/Q/POTUS is dealing with an enemy who no doubt have doomsday plans in effect so there’s another aspect to worry about. If you never saw the Jericho series, I highly recommend you do. The cabal is very much similar to that. There were 18 nukes set off in all major cities across the country including DC in Jericho. The grid and the gov ceased to exist in an instant. Q said the cabal had an extinction level event planned for us so I have no doubt that is what we were up against. This has to be done right because we won’t get a second chance.

  14. Would sinking a sub be a nice way to hide bodies? Hang 10/hang loose indeed.
    Who are the 16 sailors?

    • or was it one of the DS subs that was sunk and was Russia helping us?…one that has been touching off missiles in Hawaii, NK and Washington State perhaps? Maybe Iran too? Could these earthquakes really be underground explosions? Are white hats destroying the DS DUMBs? Food for thought

  15. If the borders are secure, just be sure to watch out for those with dual-passports and their tendency to scream oppressed victim-hood at the slightest provocation. Ideally you’d act before the new year, or they’ll claim pilgrimage.

  16. The borders will be closed…

    Also when District of Columbia and other sovereign “sanctuaries” become their inescapable prisons. Enjoy the “Fireworks”.

    Also note the allusion to the Hells Angels. This will be important;)

  17. Thanks for the posts from 8chan. Australians have been blocked access to 8chan and a number of other sites since the “shootings” in New Zealand mosques.

  18. Thanks…your instincts are sharp. These resonates at legit to me. Appreciate your sharing this.
    Happy Independence Day All!

  19. Yup – “Satan’s Messengers” – also the patch “1%er” – the MC with the 13 in the skull crossed by daggers. LOTS of symbolism in those lol. But there are several movies like that that nobody pays attention to.

  20. I prob should go back and check…but if the DMZ picture has anything to do with the Bronx vid-do you think he’s hinting that the Clowns in N. Korea have been caught and? (Hang-10)? Bad guys “locked in” as it were, courtesy of new/ongoing relations w/Kim?

  21. Let Justice Prevail Tho The Heavens May Fall! Been waiting since Oswald was off-ed by Jacob Rubenstein right in front of everyone.

    • I could be wrong, BUT

      A couple of things jumped right off the page for me.


      “Is the show is about to begin?”

      Bill Clinton famous quote “It depends what your definition of the word “is” is.

      In between is and is…. The show


      Tale vs tail…..tail is 42 in gematria

      42nd President is Bill Clinton.

      Feels like a boom! to me.

  22. Thanks Neon, I tried to pre order your book on indiegogo but unfortunately no deliveries to this part of the world. But I see that you will be distributing through bookshops soon. The Mueller report made it to our neck of the woods prominently displayed in a shopfront then lets see if we can see your book on the shelves here. I opened up a Gab account and was going through your posts but suddenly cloudfare wants a login to get access

    • Gab is transitioning to new software right now, so expect all sorts of bugs until they get things sorted. More book info will be forthcoming in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

  23. Neon,
    Perhaps more “signaling”??? So much! First….from Harris….we have this….
    What does a “predator” do?? They hunt!
    And then this?!
    …”unforeseen circumstance”???
    Look at the parade…..distraction! And grab and go?? (see my link above!) Kek!
    Mb that is part of the “hang 10”?? If so….9 more to go!!??

  24. Nice catch NEON, as I did not see this on 8ch or others places. I don’t go to 8ch everyday. I think it could be Q team for sure.Also thanks for pointing this out for me and others. I believe Q is at times communicating with other team members by using these channels (8ch) and probable doesn’t want Qmaps or others to post it.The black hats are watching. Maybe at times Q is sending mark, set, go messages? Rats are running, what a show!!

  25. Thanks for this post. Keep those of us who don’t “touch the chan boards” posted on the latest Q drops done incognito. We appreciate it!
    The Qmmunity


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