Check out my Latest Interview with the One, the Only @SGTReport! #QAnon #NEONREVOLT #RevolutionQ

Had an absolute blast talking to the legend himself, Sean over at the SGT Report! Sean does such incredible work and has been a friend of this site from very early on. It was great getting to be on his show, and we got to touch on a whole host of topics, so tune in and take a listen!

And here’s a Bitchute link, in case you prefer that:

Sean has his mainsite at but also be sure to subscribe to his channel at Youtube AND at Bitchute! That last one is so important, because with Mass Censorship on the rise from these Silicon Valley Oligarchs, we absolutely have to make sure to support platforms that support Free Speech! And the more we use and support these platforms, they better they will become!

Good News! I was able to extend the Revolution Q Campaign for just TWO MORE DAYS (as of this writing). I will not be able to extend it further, so if you wanted to join in, you gotta do so now! This will be the only chance to get the book for quite some time, so get your order in, and I’ll get hard at work getting these shipped to your front door!

23 thoughts on “Check out my Latest Interview with the One, the Only @SGTReport! #QAnon #NEONREVOLT #RevolutionQ”

  1. Just watched the SGT Report and instantly wanted to get myself a few copies of your book, looks great btw, unfortunaly as I’m in the UK and can’t order I got myself signed up for a US postal address with Parcel bound, logged into Idiegoggo and reserved the fourpack but as the postal address doesn’t match my card address I still can’t get them, is there any way I can order and pay with my UK address and then have it shipped to the US address of Parcelbound in New jersey?, I know I’m being a pain and the straight answer is no, but I really, really want a copy of your book. Any help greatly appreciated and if I have to wait for a more general release then so be it. Thanks.

  2. Enjoyed this and the previous two interview’s Sean is a great source of info i hope you’ll eventually get your book sold in South Africa i’m definitely interested but can’t afford it because our currency is so crap just like the current government a bunch of commie idiots that are destroying our beautiful country

  3. SGT. Is one of my favorites, the only way to get too people you want to listen to is through recommendations from your favorite channels. I will follow your channel, very impressed with your interview, great job.

  4. Just listened to your interview with SGT report. I loved every second of it and immediately went and ordered a double pack. Keep on fighting, Patriot!!

  5. Great interview, NR. You’re one of the few people that is great at taking the Q community 10 levels deeper into each drop. Looking forward to reading your book.

  6. Hi Neon. Books ordered, thanks and congrats on getting it done as promised. What is the best way to contact you privately?

  7. I really enjoyed this interview. You two had a great time comparing notes that I hound both informative and entertaining.
    As for the reason for the blood liners sense of superiority and entitlement, that’s just (fallen) human nature. In my experence, any old, wealthy, powerful, and tight knit group, be they family, tribe, or nation, tends to feel that way about themselves.

  8. Very Grateful for SGT Report! Sean has introduced many great Anon’s and unknown information to me and others. Through his trusted show’s I have learned much and I’m like a sponge, soaking up truth. Trusted because he is like many of us….Truth seakers! Thank you Sean. Now I have many and another source for info. Look forward to getting my book. Also thank you, NeonRevolt.

  9. I never heard of you before. Nice job waiting until the last day to do an interview with SGT with instructions how to order the book. I work all week and only catch up on my video watching on weekends. Watched SGT this morning, immediately came here to order two copies of this book. and lo and behold, I’m shit out of luck. The link at the top of the page does nothing and now I see that apparently it was a short term opportunity. Thanks a lot. Now what do I do to get a copy? Or have I simply missed the boat? I really like what you have to say and really want a copy of the book.

    • For the record, there were two days after the SGT Interview was released – and 23 days before that. Can’t help when the campaign ends, and I extended it as long as I could.

      You’ll have to wait for the book to appear on Retail channels like Amazon, which will be a little while.

  10. Neon,
    Wonderful interview! I must however be honest, it was WAY TOO SHORT!!
    You and SGT are two of my most trusted sources.
    Thank you so much!
    P.S. Has anyone ever told you, you sound very much like DJT Jr.? Same inflections and same laugh.???

  11. Interesting about Greta Van Sustren’s comment about Comet Pizza since she and her lawyer husband funded an girls’ school in Haiti after the last natural disaster there where Silsby was trying to take 30+ children out of the country with no papers per the request of Mama Clinton. They are all in bed together. Sad.

  12. I just found both this podcast and your site and I’m sick in my stomach that I missed the indiegogo. Please shoot me an email if there is anyway I can get two or three copies of this book. Thanks for the work you’re doing!

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