24 Hours Left to Pre-Order #RevolutionQ!

We’re coming down the home-stretch, folks! Over 1,700 backers have turned the #RevolutionQ campaign into a MASSIVE success! But if you haven’t joined yet, there’s still time to make sure you sign up and reserve your copy!

How much time?

Literally just 24 hours as of this posting (and probably less by the time most see this)! After that, well… there’s no telling when it will become available again! So be sure to secure your copy today!

And if you’ve already ordered (BIG THANK YOU!) please help me spread the word on Social Media!

Thanks so much for supporting my efforts in this gigantic endeavor. The book is a product of a year’s worth of research, writing, compiling, and effort. We’re going into final typesetting soon, I can’t wait to finally get this behemoth printed, and out into your hands!

Thank you, and God Bless!

33 thoughts on “24 Hours Left to Pre-Order #RevolutionQ!”

  1. Get to delivery address … ‘not available for shipping to Australia’ … but … maybe … one day … here, there & everywhere ☮️

  2. I can’t either as it doesn’t ship to Australia. What about the rest of the world – you’d sell thousands! ☺☺

  3. Please Please Please NEON……..I wanted to get 4 copies because the MEGA pack was sold out….otherwise I would have got that one, but it doesn’t ship to the Netherlands:(:(:( ……..

    Is INDIGOGO trying to stop THE GREAT AWAKENING worldwide????

    I’ll pay extra for the shipping!!

  4. I want to buy the 2 x pack of your book…you don’t ship to ireland….please take my order and charge the extra shipping….please. Thanks Owen

  5. im in australia and unable to buy 🙁
    am willing to pay using paypal if anyone would be will to help me
    either way i do hope this book goes world wide MR Revolt your research just makes my head spin

  6. I’m in the UK, it won'[t let me buy it as I cannot have it shipped anywhere outside of the UK 🙁

  7. I can’t even get the indiegogo site to show anything, it’s just a white screen! Refreshing doesn’t help.

  8. I just ordered mine with seven hours to spare. I listened to your interview on youtube by SGT. When I first tried to find out about Q, google did everything they could to block my research. I went to youtube to find the same blocking was in place. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember how I found my first link to Q, but, thank God, I did. Blessings from WV+++

  9. Hey Neon Revolt. Please extend your Pre-Order deadline. I want to pre-order a copy of your book but I live in Australia. I have PayPal. I have a friend in the USA you can ship it to and they can post it to me. Please let me know how I can Pre-Order a copy of your book. Thanks.

  10. Oh bummer! I’m too late. Been sick with the flu and when I got here, the pre-ordering is already closed. Any way, are you going to extend it or will you make enough copies for the rest of us to order it? I love your articles and look forward to reading your book so much. Been with “Q” almost from the beginning but still struggle to understand everything, doesn’t help that I’m 72, lol.

  11. I too, missed ordering! I was going to get my sister and I both a copy, as she lives in the US and she can send mine to me in the UK! I look forward to receiving a notification to buy, once you have sorted out the retail of this great book! Thanks!

  12. Darn it! I missed it. Please keep us all posted on the next round of orders. I wish I could have made this round!

    • When are you going to ship the book to foreign countries…..meet the deadline to be only greeted no shipping to ireland….whats the your answer….get the finger out folks.? Want my orginal order this week and pay for shipping.
      Serious pissed. Over a week and no reply to my first email….no very professional.

  13. Mr Neon Revolt, I hope to be able to purchase your book! Thank you for your love of America and educating us on Q !! My husband and I are attending the TRUMP rally in NC on July 17th maybe we will meet you there!

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