Check Out My New Interview with @Redpill78, and New Material from @g_Occhionero on #TheSilentOnes and Italy’s Role in Spygate! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

I was lucky enough to be invited on Redpill78’s show, and boy did we have a good time talking together. At the end of my interview, you’ll find a whole segment where the one, the only Guilio Occhionero (whose name I have to learn to pronounce correctly, still – though hopefully the rest of my Italian was up-to-snuff) was kind enough to answer a litany of questions for Redpill, and where I get to read the answers in Guilio’s stead.

If you don’t listen to any other part of the interview, listen to that. You’ll also find the questions and answers below:

Here’s Redpill’s questions for Occhionero and their subsequent answers:

1. Both you and Q mentioned the silent ones, can you tell us where that phrase originated?  Was it a commonly used term for Italian intelligence? Or did you connect it to your own situation after reading the Q post?
1) I was unaware of the “Silent Ones” phrase in Q‘s literature and I am unaware of its usage among Italian intelligence officers; though it is more than likely the term has now made its way into that circuit. I used it on my own, referring to an attitude of several people who are interconnected in some failed plot, but who then think of silence as the best cover-up strategy. A strategy that ultimately collapses.
2. Who exactly are the silent ones?
2) There is no objective definition of the term, so I will attempt one: those who know about the plot but wouldn’t say a word unless legally coerced.
3.  What were you and your sister specifically charged with and what was the evidence presented against you?
3) Despite the many stories given to the MSM, and then reported by them, Francesca and I were accused of two allegations:
A) hacking into the email of a former member of Consiglio Superiore della MagistraturaErnesto Stajano, to use his account to launch an attack versus ENAV Security Chief Francesco Di Maio on January 26, 2016.
B) Hacking into an uncounted number of emails whose details remain, however, unknown so far. In fact not only Albamonte and CNAIPIC were unable to define when these accounts would have been hacked, but they didn’t specify the very accounts as well. Item B only contains the domains we supposedly attacked like:,, etc.
By this very principle, it could be possible in the future to accuse someone of a homicide without specifying “who” was killed. Concerning the evidence, regarding item A, Albamonte produced some evidence that turned out to have been fabricated on January 21, 2016; so 5 days before the crime was committed. Concerning item B, Albamonte and CNAIPIC never produced any log files in court. But when Procura di Perugia acquired and then examined log files (because of my complaint against Albamonte/CNAIPIC) they discovered that it was Ramondino (the IT consultant of Albamonte and ENAV) hacking into these accounts; reason why they are facing a trial now. You have it all (check Neon’s docs) in the allegations raised by Perugia:
Concerning item A instead, those who entered the account used a Tor Browser to hide traces but we identified a way to backtrace who they were, by the email headers. So, immediately in January 2017 my lawyer Stefano Parretta asked Albamonte to acquire the log files of Stajano’s email; to proceed to identify the real culprit. Albamonte waited till May 2017 to ask these logs, when he was perfectly aware data retention had expired; so we will never see them. Possibly, this is one more reason why Albamonte has been indicted now.
There is a more disturbing fact about item A. Di Maio received this infected email on Jan. 26, 2016 at 10:43:51 but he testified he didn’t read it till afternoon when he got back to office. Then, he appointed Ramondino to investigate on this, on the same afternoon/evening. However, Albamonte has produced evidence that Ramondino was already downloading material on this attack at 10:46:15, so less than 3 minutes after the attack happened. So, how could Ramondino know about the attack if he was only going to be informed that evening?
4.  And just to be clear the charges against you were in fact baseless? You were not hacking rich and powerful people?
4) I think you can get the picture from my previous answer.
5.  If you were not hacking why do you think you were chosen as patsies?
5) The full picture still escapes me but surely targeting was done on a political basis. Even in the fabrication of proofs against us, CNAIPIC affirms receiving the Occhionero name in April 2016 from the FBI; as I was traced back to the famous MailBee license. However, CNAIPIC has produced a document in court where they made an informative doc on Giulio and Francesca Occhionero in March 2016; when they should have not even known our names. Moreover, they only received “Delegation to Investigation” from Albamonte in May 2016; so investigating in absence of delegation was also a crime. Someone had great appetite for the Occhionero’s.
6.  In the first Neon Revolt article, it’s mentioned that in your defense you point to several contradictions and suspicious circumstance,  can you detail any of them for us?
6) There are bunches of contraditions but, most of all, false statements. I have filed  a complaint against the judge Antonella Bencivinni as well; because in her motivations for the sentence she made 21 different false statements. Check Neon’s doc:
20190114 Nuovo Esposto ed Integrazioni Perugia.pdf
However, my lawyers want me to leave this here because an appeal is pending.
7.  When you wrote to Devin Nunes and Congress did you or your lawyers receive any communications back?
7) They got no correspondence back from Congress. They only got back the delivery receipts as it was all delivered by “posta raccomandata”. Only Vice Admiral Nancy Norton at the Defense Information Systems Agency was emailed directly.
8.  Do you have firsthand information related to HRC campaign asking  Italian intelligence to help frame the Trump team using your infrastructure?  Or is this a theory only?
8) This is obviously a theory and surely there hasn’t been a “direct” request from HRC to Italian intelligence. Any such request must have gone through the government of the time. The many political links, circumstances and even tweets/videos lead into this very direction. However, someone may always say it’s all coincidence.
9.  In your letter to Congress, you describe in detail the means and methods used by a sophisticated group (and Italian authorities) to gain control of your server and presumably plant evidence. Have you been able to uncover any additional evidence since that time of further hacking or illegal information gathering by these agencies?
9) Unfortunately the servers (e.g. the very hardware) are now in the possession of Albamonte and CNAIPIC. It is disturbing to think that the FBI has handed over the hardware rather than just a copy of the hard disks, but that is. To these dazzling picture, you should add that, contrary to dozens of investigations, my servers were delivered to Italy via a diplomatic bag. So the Italian Embassy in Washington and Italian Ambassador Varricchio had some very role in this; which looks like an overkill, for the limited scope of sending a package to Rome.
10.  What can you tell us about EternalBlue and EyePyramid and how they were used against you in your case?
10) I can say that CNAIPIC has affirmed using EternalBlue in its investigative docs, against my servers. Concerning EyePyramid there is still a wild misconception out there: there has been no EyePyramid malware deposited in court by Albamonte; only a script that would “supposedly” download the malware. The entire trial has been conducted in EyePyramid’s absentia; without the judge Bencivinni ever raising an eyebrow for this. I think the very reason why they coined the name EyePyramid is because I have been owner of that domain for more than 15 years; so that would link to me. That domain was widely used (as it is presumable) for Lodge correspondence; so it was well known to hundreds of people. But again, one thing is a domain, one thing is a malware name, one thing is who really hacks into what.
11.  Recently there have been several resignations of high-level Italian authorities.  In your opinion, have these been directly related to evidence you have provided or reporting done by Neon Revolt ?
11) Resignations in Italian intelligence have been asked by PM Conte before Neon’s articles; but it is my understanding it is well linked to the matter. The Silent Ones usually go for silent turmoil in these cases.
12. In the Neon Revolt article you help layout of the direct connections between Joseph Mifsud and several key players included in your own case. Have you yourself ever met or interacted with Joseph Mifsud or any of these individuals who can be identified as the Silent Ones?
12) Roberto Di Legami, who is Mifsud’s friend, was the head of the investigation against me. Then, these people, including Albamonte, happen to teach at Link Campus now and then. Check again Neon’s file:
20190114 Nuovo Esposto ed Integrazioni Perugia.pdf
Furthermore, Francesco Di Maio of ENAV is now surfacing to be somewhat involved in the monitoring of Trump campaign associates’ flights to/from Italy.
X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)
In addition, Giuseppe Esposito was Vice Chairman of COPASIR, the Italian parliamentary supervisory cmte on intelligence. He was the one I wanted to meet when I saw CNAIPIC attempting to hack into US servers in front of me. At the time, I all but thought he was playing on their side. George Papadopoulos affirms meeting both Di Legami and Esposito, along with Mifsud, at Link Campus.
As for Mifsud, I never met or knew him. But, as a son of university professors, i can tell you I don’t ever recall my parents going to a hotel abroad, with one of their students; supposedly presented as the Putin’s niece. So, it looks like the Occhionero family still has a lot to learn about academics; beyond perhaps the current subjects of theoretical physics and sociology.
13.  You speculate that Gianni De Gennaro is the redacted CHS in the Bill Priestap testimony, based on Gennaro’s comfy relationship with Mueller and the way the testimony could indicate  the FBI CHS is a member of a foreign government.  Gennaro connects directly to Mueller, Polizia Italiana, Department Infermazionie Sicurezza, Centro Studi Americani, Leonardo/Finmeccanica and is an FBI medal of honor recipient.  Now that Mueller’s appointment has ended and we seem to be seeing fallout from this operation among Italian intelligence, does Gennaro have a current active role in the Italian government?
13) De Gennaro is currently Chairman of Leonardo (Finmeccanica) which is Italian’s weapons conglomerate. Even though this is not a government role in the strict sense, it is however still a company controlled by the government; so the chairman is appointed by the government. This very fact, and De Gennaro’s renewal circumstances in his charge, I leave to your speculation:
X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)
De Gennaro’s mandate is going to expire shortly and he is said to be aiming at a seat on Consiglio Nazionale di Difesa. So the very matter I raised in my letter to Congress, saying that it all entails to NATO and its security, is apparently not a joke.
14. Do you predict any future resignations and who might you see stepping down?
14) It is hard to predict when resignations and beheadings will begin to flow; but I am sure we will see more than one.
15.  Any predictions on the upcoming press conference scheduled for 6:15 today?
15) Conte’s conference has now gone with little show.
As a final consideration, I want to emphasize that media diversions like Russiagate and EyePyramid have the wider scope of distracting attention from covert operations of those who need some chaos to stay below detection threshold. In this very way, a foreign police force has been hacking into US cyber space (a bit more in this Twitter discussion) for now three years at least.
X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)
In this effort they have both impersonated Microsoft’s digital identity and uploaded dozens of infected apps to Google PlayStore. They have attempted taking control of a server owned by a US company in front of me, by the most blatant and arrogant of hacks: attempting a Remote Desktop session, from their laptops and IPs.
While this was ongoing, and while Politico and The Guardian were more than happy to celebrate the EyePyramid/Russiagate cases, foreign agents went in and out of US; within the framework of some ops the American people should possibly know aboutSo, don’t let them fool you.
Sorry if I have been short here and there, but I have to balance it all with my own defense.

And that’s all for this article, guys!

I’m still working on the MJ12 article I mentioned in my previous interview on Patriot’s Soapbox – that’s a very complicated subject and I want to make sure I do it justice, so stay tuned for that.

And BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ll also be on SGT Report in the coming days. We record on this upcoming Tuesday, but as for when it’s going to hit the airwaves, well… I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Alright guys, thanks so much for watching/reading today.
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  1. When I first became acquainted with Q and the anons and started learning about The Plan and got to watch it unfold, I was struck with it’s resemblance to the intricate and deadly web of Italian Renaissance politics and diplomacy. I thought, as have others, that the MI guys working for Trump had a super computer running game theory scenarios to map out the defeat of the Cabal.
    And now it turns out that Italian spys and conniving Italian politicians whete in the thick of things. Just amazing!

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