Catch my First Interview Ever, only on @PatriotsSoapbox TODAY at Noon, EST. #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Redpill78 leads off today, and I’ll be on after him at 12! See you there!

UPDATE: Here’s the whole interview:


Here’s Redpill’s interview as well, from the hour before:1




21 thoughts on “Catch my First Interview Ever, only on @PatriotsSoapbox TODAY at Noon, EST. #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Love your awesome work, NR! You rock! Great to hear you talk, hopefully you’ll be doing it regularly.

    • Wow superb first interview great ‘radio’ voice too. Oh man the ET stuff is absolutely integral and unavoidable and very hard to come to terms with. I started with The Disclosure Project National Press Club event on yt and eventually found Aug Tellez on wordpress/yt for what is really behind the veil.

  2. Never feel like my time has been wasted by reading what you write. Always informative. Excellent interview as well.

  3. Neon! I absolutely love reading your articles! I am definitely a reader rather than a video watcher/listener so I just want to say that I absolutely love your work. Your articles are so well done and so easy to follow and they are always packed with detail. I have been reading your content for a little over 2 years and hopefully am able to pre-order your book tomorrow. As a single mother I had to wait until my bills were paid so now I can finally pre order, hopefully you still have some available. Congratulations on the book, I love the cover and the fact it’s in color! I’m sure I will not be disappointed and I hope Q gets a copy to read as well! You truly are a blessing to this movement! May God bless you! QarmyAnon22

  4. Nice Job, Would never know it was your first time. so thoughtful you included Red Pill 2. I have been searching for it.
    Bravo your a special man

  5. Great interview, looking forward to the ET stuff!

    When people freak out on ETs I always tell them there are a lot of things you didn’t know or believe until it was announced. For example, everybody was surprised when they learned about there was an airplane which was undetectable by radar. Before that it was just ‘fantasy’ or ‘made up stuff’, after that it became trivial.This is the same with ETs. In the Q community it is even easier to accept it, 3 years ago most of us would have laughed at the stuff you write and now look at yourselves!

    Btw Neon, if in your research you stumble upon a Hungarian source and need a translation, reach out for me. I read your posts from Hungary.

  6. Nice to put a voice to what I am reading in my head. Have to say, your voice is nothing like what was in my head before lolololol.

  7. As of this morning, it looks like all conservatives have been shut down on youtube, so your video is no longer available for viewing!!!

  8. That was a great interview! You don’t sound anything like I imagined. I have a picture in my mind what you must look like, but that’s probably totally wrong, too.

  9. I take it you don’t like Q nor Trump. Now take your meds. Your language style doesn’t recommend you to sane people, Q and Trump aside.

  10. Get a life you loser! No one here supports your vitriol. You’re insane; the only Pay-Op I see is you trying to plant seeds of hate within a place that stands for truth and justice – probably in an attempt to sabotage NEON! Get lost.

  11. Neon I am so incredibly proud of this interview. And I’m so happy you finally did one to allow us to get to know you a little better. You’re one of the most compassionate people and the way that you write makes it so much easier for a lot of people to understand where we’re at with all the topics you talk about. Thank you for letting us into your world. Much love Nancy Tripp

  12. i went to indiegogo, signed up, went to your page, and tried to select a perk – they are all grayed out
    am i too late to get a book? if so, can you please update the page so say the offer has expired or somehting

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