Deep State Attack on 8Chan! @FBI Special Agent Caught Manipulating the Boards! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

The FBI recently issued a warrant in April regarding the thread John Earnest made on infinitypol before shooting up the Chabad in Poway where one woman would die as a result, and three were injured, including the Rabbi serving that day.

The #LegacyMedia immediately attempted to tie the shooting back to the (at the time) recent Christchurch shooting (where the shooter posted on 8chan), and the earlier Tree of Life Synagogue shooting (where the shooter posted on Gab), and the conventional narrative being pushed was that 8chan was a threat, that memes were being “weaponized” in real life, and these dangerous sites which allow unfettered free speech needed to be policed and shut down. And while these terrible tragedies are horrible, the ultimate target of these shootings has always been these sites – in order to shut down any talk of QAnon.

In other words, these #FalseFlags were committed in order to try to break Q’s comms and muzzle the good Anons fighting for freedom every day. Every attack thus far has failed, thank God, but these scorched earth tactics show the lengths the deep state is willing to go to in order to try and shut down all-things-Q-related.

When the moderators were made aware of the thread, they immediately took it down. As a result, the post was only up for nine minutes total, and I can personally attest to the fact that no archives were made of this posting (which has a side effect of making it very difficult to find out what was said that day, apart from a scattered handful of screenshots floating around Twitter and social media.

The full, 37-page unsealed affidavit, filed by one FBI Special Agent Michael J. Rod, can be read here, and is concerning for a number of reasons:

Click to access gov.uscourts.casd_.626722.1.0.pdf

Most tellingly are these lines, where Special Agent J-Rod requests the keys to the kingdom. He wants everything on every user who even so much as commented on the thread, even if they committed no crime themselves:

What this means is that the FBI could, potentially, find other comments from these users on other boards.

And the thing you have to understand about this is that… /pol/ gets threads like this from time-to-time. More often than not, they’re not serious: it’s just someone being edgy. The problem is that every so often, one is real. Mods generally delete these threads, but in the meantime, Anons just don’t know if the threat contained within is credible or not.

So say someone posted a Pepe meme in the thread in response to John Earnest.

The FBI is now requesting info on that user, and will (probably) be able to figure out where else he posted on the site.

Which means… potentially, someone posted on both /pol/ and, say… /Qresearch/.

See the attack vector?

This would be like someone on Facebook saying they’re going to rob a store. Maybe you post something silly because you don’t believe they’re going to do it, and then you turn on the TV to suddenly see them on the News, running down the street, bags of cash in-hand, being pursued by the cops.

Then you get a ring at your doorbell and suddenly YOUR HOME is getting searched by the police because you dared to comment on that Facebook post, even though you didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s ridiculous – and sets a VERY dangerous precedent.

The affidavit goes on to say that yes, the FBI can identify people, even though posting on the boards is ostensibly “anonymous.”

Honestly, with this information in hand, I would recommend getting a VPN going if you plan on posting on the Chans now, ever. Why? Because if someone else does something wrong, the precedent is they can now go after YOU, too.

And not just any VPN will do. You need a no-log VPN, because if the FBI traces back your activity to your VPN, they can request logs from them… but if your VPN doesn’t keep logs, the VPN company just kind of shrugs and goes, “Sorry m8, can’t help ya. ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

And getting a VPN up and running these days is super simple.

Honestly, I would recommend NordVPN, but in case you want to check out alternatives, make sure you look at the feature set of the different VPN vendors here:


VPN Comparison

Welcome to the VPN Comparison! This section is meant to be a resource to those who value their privacy, specifically those looking for information on VPNs (that isn’t disguised advertising). When I started down the path of retaking my own privacy, there was very little unbiased and reliable information with regard to VPNs.


Other than that, Epik launched a free VPN service (with a capped speed), which you can try here:

Anonymize VPN –

Download the Anonymize VPN configuration file of your choice from the link below Go to the Google Play App store. Tap on the search button in the App store. Search for the app called OpenVPN Connect. Install the application into your device. Accept to the pop-out terms. Open the application.

Honestly, having a VPN is mandatory these days for visiting the Chans after this warrant.

The affidavit then goes a bit wonky, referring to a “” where I think Special Agent J-Rod actually means

It’s unclear as… I’ve never heard of, and when you visit the page, you get a message that looks like this:

Odd, right? And the affidavit goes on to talk about a mail service for… “subscribers” (???), and how Special Agent J-Rod wants to get IP logs and such from it…


Like… this is just weird. was where the posting took place. I have no idea what this page is supposed to be. Never used it. Never seen it used. Doesn’t seem to be much of anything, and it doesn’t look organizationally related to 8ch in any way. is registered to GoDaddy by a Markus Wild, and has two nameservers affiliated with it: and gives this:

And seems to be a German hosting/IT company.


So… all-in-all… I have to think Special Agent J-Rod is showing the world how “special” he is by mistaking for, and ordering an unrelated website to fork over a ton of data.

And when news of this unsealed affidavit landed, resident NBC media hack Ben Collins was practically giddy, posting selected excerpts on Twitter:

And oh look, he “just realized” what this means for QAnon:

Uh-huh. Real quick on the uptake there, aren’t ya Benny-boy?

Of course, while Ben was busy confirming his bias to prepare for his next schlep over to MSNBC studios to record a segment no one will ever watch, he missed the story of the century which was right under his nose, in the Appendix of the affidavit…

And that’s because it appears that Special Agent J-Rod was on the boards that day that John Earnest made his own infamous thread.

How do we know this?

Because much like how MAGA Coalition Crony Doug Stewart outed himself as one of the biggest 8ch spammers when he took a screenshot which included a (you) tag, allowing Anons to find his ID and see every other post he had made, this very “Special” Agent has made the same mistake!

(Sidenote: Doug Stewart was recently outed as being Microchip, along with being accused of cyberstalking a woman, exploiting her for risque photos, leveraging his bot network / AI network against her, and eventually threatening to murder her. You can read all about that here by clicking the image below):


Anyway, here are the posts from the affidavit where “Special” Agent J-Rod outed himself:


Now, Special Agent J-Rod was not posting in the original thread by shooter John Earnest. Instead, he was posting in a thread he believed was related to the shooting… which makes this warrant all the more astounding because not only does it mean he’s requesting information on his own IP address, but he’s requesting info on people who weren’t even involved in the original thread.

And from these photocopied screenshots (why photocopied, though? Why not just include the original screenshots?) we know from these posts that “Special” Agent J-Rod was posting under the ID 8f4812 – or if it wasn’t J-Rod himself, it was certainly someone else at the FBI – because the only way to get that (You) tag on a post (which you can see in the top corner, next to where it says “Anonymous” – is if you post something and then take a screenshot of it YOURSELF.

This agent at the FBI also posted “memetic talk” typical of the chans, when he/she posts:

“inb4 shooter in san diego bread”

But these screenshots are crap. Barely readable.

Luckily for us, unlike the included screenshots, the original thread has been archived, allowing me to screenshot all of Special Agent J-Rod’s posts from that day (which you can see for yourself at this link):

/pol/ – Inspired by Tarrant shooting muslims

8chan /pol/ – Politically Incorrect – Inspired by Tarrant shooting muslims

So let’s take a look at everything “Special” Agent J-Rod had to say that day, shall we, by looking at all the comments listed with the ID of 8f4812:

At this point, it looks like J-Rod is trying to follow what he believes is a follow-up, or copycat attack, while trying to narrow down the location.

He also encourages others to read the manifesto left behind by John Earnest in the original thread.

This is a post from Anon, that J-Rod will respond to in the following comment:

A fed admittedly “sh*tposting” on the job, while also admitting that he figured out the Poway shooting 15 minutes before it happened?

Why didn’t he say anything?

Why didn’t he do anything to stop or prevent it?

Here he is, next talking about the potential copycat:

And here he is asking an Anon to back up a video on John Earnest:

He then says that it needs to be backed up, because otherwise the Jews will take it down:

For those unfamiliar, the (((echoes))) around a word are a way to say Jews are behind something. So now this Special Agent of the FBI is engaging in casual Antisemitism while encouraging other Anons to back up the video of the Synagogue shooter just HOURS after the attack had occurred, and at least one worshiper had died.

He then begs again for the video to be backed up:

Anon backs it up to Youtube (the link has since been removed by Youtube):

Special Agent J-Rod thanks Anon for the backup:

Special Agent J-Rod comments on Earnest’s piano-playing ability (from the video):

An Anon then makes an edgy post:

J-Rod suspects Earnest of making the above comment… (I think). I thought Earnest had been arrested at this point in time, but perhaps not, so he might have still been on the loose.

J-rod then says a particular ID in the thread, which made 7 posts, most with edgy memes (the NZ/Facebook Shooter), is also Earnest despite the posts having a different idea because… idk, he thinks he recognizes a stylistic commonality or something. (He’s probably wrong).

Errybody in the thread is Earnest, in J-Rod’s mind:

SIXTY-POSTS I TELL YA! On top of the other ID’s.

Your FBI, ladies and gentlemen.


Given the warrant, I highly doubt Special Agent J-Rod actually believes what he’s about to say. He’s just trying to stir the pot:

Anon then proceeds to call Special Agent J-Rod a moron, because ID 078285 was posting an hour after Earnest was arrested.

J-Rod tries to save face by baselessly asserting that Earnest had some kind of helper in the thread because… reasons!

Anons proceed to call Special Agent J-Rod stupid:

J-Rod responds quite ominously:

Okay, now remember, Special Agent J-Rod is posting in a thread he believes is related to the shooting earlier that day, and populated by the shooter himself, or people working with him. This particular thread says to:

Kill your local muslim drugs dealer

So Special Agent J-Rod is looking for anything he can latch on to. Here’s Anons talking amongst themselves:

Special Agent J-Rod then interjects and accuses two random Anons of being part of this whatever this next attack is that he’s anticipating (which never comes to pass):

I think Special Agent J-Rod gets frustrated here, because he basically starts writing up a manifesto of his own. He also blames… Russia for this.

Which at this point should speak volumes about where he stands in relation to serving under the Trump administration.

And look at the gaslighting:

I’d blame Mossad, the CIA and FBI too, but this time I am not so sure.

Uh-huh. Suuuuuure you would.

And there are those (((echoes))) again.

Anon then posts about the screencap of the original thread made by Earnest:

Special Agent J-Rod goes on to implicate Ukraine and Russia in his response for…. reasons?

More-than-likely, he’s trying to set up a narrative, rather than pursing evidence anywhere meaningful.

Anon’s spider-sense is tingling. He accuses Special Agent J-Rod of working for Mossad.

Close, Anon. Close…

Now look at J-Rod’s response to Anon’s accusation:

LOL, “Sloppy Job, Putin.”

How original.

Anon responds:

And “Special” Agent J-Rod tellingly goes for the “Muh Russia” angle again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the FBI at work.

This is where your tax dollars are going.

And on top of it all, Special Agent J-Rod is so staggeringly stupid, he didn’t even bother to cover up his tracks in his affidavit. He could have taken screenshots from another computer and no one would have ever known it was him (or another FBI agent) posting, but he was either too lazy or too stupid to do so.

Thankfully, this is all now part of the public record.

And the shills in the #FakeNews like Ben Collins are too stupid to realize any of this in the process, and are more interested in advancing their own preferred narrative, in order to try and take down Q with this new attack vector, provided by Deep State actors like Special Agent J-Rod.

And you know… I have to wonder if we can find any direct ties between Special Agent Michael J. Rod to members of media. I’m sure that would be a very fascinating line of inquiry for other Weaponized Autists to dig on.

For now, all I’m gonna say is this:


Thanks for reading today, guys! There’s just TEN DAYS LEFT to join the #RevolutionQ campaign. It’ll be a while before the book is available anywhere else, so get in while you can!

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  1. WOW! I am so glad you were able to get the screen shots.

    Fine job, Sir. Really fine job. This is HUGE!

    • Right? Someone needs to tell Hannity before he talks up the “rank and file” like he does on a nightly basis

  2. O.M.G. Just when you think this crap can’t get any deeper? ThankQ Neon for your tireless efforts!!! It’s like living the middle of a spy novel. You my dear, are the best James Bond of this new age that I have discovered.

    • Probably more Francis Walsingham or Walter Schellenberger than Bond. This is ace counter-intelligence reporting. Neon Revolt is a Mae Brussel for our time. If we’d had Neon in December 1963, we might be living in a different world.

  3. Good Lord, glad you posted this idiocy. Tthis is concerning because, as you say, this is OUR FBI not only being stupid beyond words but attacking freedom fighters still. It is good that evil seems to lower IQs.
    It is disheartening, though. The Swamp is not drained, FISA still not declassed…. good guys getting exhausted. Trust Wray??? No…

  4. Nothing gets by anons ! Definitely time to straighten up or do away with the FBI probably the latter , think it’s to corrupt to save at this point !

  5. This is exactly how the FISA warrants were acquired in that they used “evidence” that was created by a paid asset and then, with that “data”, they applied for said warrant. This is literally planting material and then using said material to gain a warrant. How is this legal?

  6. Good work and good share Neon Revolt! I’m pissed that we still have anti-Trumpers working in the FBI that are trying to take down 8chan! There is still stonewalling at the DOJ, Chris Wray is accused of not cooperating with Barr and meanwhile the criminals are walking about freely! Before we know it 2020 will be here and the leftists are moving ahead with their agenda! It is very discouraging, but the only thing holding me is my faith in Jesus Christ, knowing God was involved in our 2016 election and that He is not finished yet! WWG1WGA

    • Other anons speculate that Wray is withholding documents because Schiff and Nadler would see them, then leak selected parts and lies to the media. It’s too soon for some of this to come out yet, so in order to keep it from the Demonrat leakers, it has to be kept from everyone.

  7. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a disturbing uptick in posts over there with instructions for homemade explosives and other stuff of questionable legality. People have joked about “glowing CIA” shills on the chans for years, but it’s getting seriously spooky over there. The sudden push in violent rhetoric doesn’t feel organic. It really does feel like they’re trying to goad people into violence.

  8. The actions of this “Special Agent” J-Rod is classic Andrew McCabe 101 JTTF ideology. The word “entrapment” used to be used to describe it but that’s incorrect. This tactic of creating the narrative has ruined so many lives and left many in Federal Prison. It will take years to cleanse the FBI of this disease, if even possible.

  9. Neon…This is a bit off topic but the only way I can get this information to you as I am not on Gab….This is in reference to Stephanie Williams (@Pinnylaine). I understand she has cancer. I want to direct you to a website blog of a gentleman who had small cell lung cancer and after spending over $1 million on treatment at MD Anderson clinic was told he had less than a 10% chance of survival. That was almost 3 years ago. THIS IS NOT A LARP. He is still cancer free. Take 15 minutes and read the blog. What he did may sound crazy but when you understand the science behind the medication he took you will understand why he no longer has cancer. Here is the blog:

    Don’t shoot the messenger. By the way, there are more and more testimonials every day of people who are using the same protocol he did with the same results.

  10. it looks like sPeCiAl aGeNt laid his laptop down on a Xerox machine to get a “screenshot”. Really, how does a person in a modern office get such bad xerox copies… unless that’s what you want.

  11. Hmmmm….FBI agent plants own evidence, then points to said evidence in a sworn affidavit to get a search warrant. Where have we heard this before?

  12. My God are you freakin kidding me? How disturbing is this?? Neon, I am forever grateful and thankful for you sir. Thank you for your service patriot!

  13. Take your meds. LOLOLOL, I love anons. Russia because REASONS, lololol, this is the rote speech of every TDS person. This report reminds of the old time movies where the bootleggers with all the money are in charge but they are as dumb as dirt.

  14. I’d say…. Unbelievable! But it’s not. S.A. J. Rod, what a mess. He gave himself away to me with one word, which I will not say because chances are those evil people are on this board too. They have so polluted the chans it’s a shit show and to top it off [THEY] really do think they’re pulling one over on Anons when in reality we’ve got their number. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised that this “special” guy is possibly a setter upper of f.f. He reminds of the agent telling that Texas church shooter to, “Tear It Up!” , prior to the shooting.
    Makes me sick!
    “Special” should have been arrested or at the very least been stripped of his career. If I was in charge of corruption at the bureau I’d be doing a deep dive in this one. Just have a strong feeling there’s evil in them thar veins!
    Excellent work Neon!! Do share it you find out anything more about this “special” guy.
    Thanks fren.


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