#RejectRamtha and ALL TRAITORS Associated: @InTheMatrixxx and @Shadygrooove. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

I’m done.

I am absolutely done with @InTheMatrixxx and his serial lies. Gloves are now off.  I need to expose the darkness of the Ramtha Organization, and show you exactly what the fat, 50-something, middle aged car used-salesman LARPing-as-an-Anon every day on his daily Youtube livestreams (while reaping thousands in “Superchat” donations from the likes of JZ Knight), has chosen to partner with.

I’ll address the latest salvo of lies he’s fired my way during his livestream today at the end of this article, but now… we need to get into the real Victims of the “Ramtha School of Enlightment,” because the wider QAnon community needs to see how this organization operates, who it has promoted in the past, and how much damage it has done to people in the past.

And we’re going to start with the biggest #NXIVM connection to-date.

I think by now we all basically know by now that Matrix and Shady have doubled-down on their position as they get ready to fly out to the Ramtha Compound in Yelm, Washington in two weeks. When they get there, they will be ushered out to speak on JZ Knight’s stage where they will be part of an 8+ hour presentation on information that’s already been in the public domain for decades – the Payseur bloodline…

Unbeknownst to Matrix and Shady, however, is that the stage they will be speaking on is the exact same stage where Keith Raniere, the leader of the #NXIVM sex-cult got his start.

Many who have been following the ongoing NXIVM trials know that Mark Vincente testified to being a member of the Ramtha group before joining up with NXIVM. But in the past, Matrix and Shady have simply tried to wave this away as one random guy. No big deal. Just the membership of a known sex cult overlapping with the Ramtha compound.

But to have the LEADER of NXIVM getting his start at the Ramtha school, well… That’s entirely different now, isn’t it?

Matrix and Shady will be standing and “teaching” in the exact same spot where Raniere himself stood and “taught.”

Previously, the only public link to The Ramtha School and NXIVM was Mark Vincente, a videographer who worked with JZ Knight on her “documentary” What the Bleep Do We Know!? But now we have a resident of the area saying that Raniere was actually speaking at the school years ago.

So remember that when you’re up on stage there, Matrix, staring out at the vacant eyes of Ramtha’s acolytes.

I also want you to think about how many potential Virginia Coverdales will be sitting in that audience that night, because that’s the reality of what we’re dealing with here.

Oh, what’s that Matrix? You don’t know the story of Virginia Coverdale, or how she connects to Ramtha and JZ Knight?

Well allow me to lift the veil here, and recount the story of Virginia Coverdale in front of the entire QCommunity.

Virginia Coverdale was a student at the Ramtha School in 2006.

Eager to learn, and happy to join the community, as a student Coverdale signed a document the Ramtha school gave her, in which was embedded an NDA clause (of dubious legality), where it stated:

The information and techniques taught here are for your knowledge only. You are licensed to use this information and techniques for your personal use only. By signing these Conditions of Participation, you agree not to teach or otherwise disseminate through speeches, books, articles, media interviews, or other forms of mass or group distribution (collectively, to “Teach or Disseminate”) any information or techniques that you learn or are Below are taught at the School, and for teachers, that you teach at the School, nor will you assist or facilitate other persons in doing so without the prior written consent of the School. You further agree not to Teach or Disseminate anything you BELIEVE you received from Ramtha in a dream a vision or discipline, or any other source.

In 2007, or 2008, Coverdale cuckqueaned JZ Knight when she began an affair with Knight’s then-boyfriend, James Flick. (From what I understand, Knight has had many boyfriends).

Coverdale was subsequently expelled and estranged from the Ramtha School as a result.

Despite this ostracization, Coverdale would return for several events at the Ramtha School, and in 2012, when Knight was allegedly channeling Ramtha on stage, Knight would begin to call Coverdale a “whore” in front of the whole Ramtha community at the event.

Expecting to receive love and acceptance from the “all-wise” Ramtha spirit, Coverdale was shocked to find nothing but disdain and pain. It was at this point that Coverdale finally became disillusioned with the Ramtha School and started speaking out against it.

From the official court records of the case:

Coverdale claimed that J.Z. Knight, JZK and RSE engaged in a number of practices that were injurious to RSE’s students: alleged fire code
violations at RSE’s compound in Yelm, financial scams, instructing students to take the pharmaceutical Prozac and encouraging them to ingest a concoction that involved sea water and Red Devil lye. Coverdale believes that RSE is a religious cult and has concerns that RSE’s
followers could be harmed by J.Z. Knight, JZK, and RSE. Michael Wright, the JZK legal affairs liaison, admitted in testimony that there had been a fire in the JZK assembly hall when an amplifier caught fire, and that the JZK fire suppression system did not use smoke detectors. He also admitted that JZK had been involved in a Limited Offering for investment in an effort to
develop international RSE schools.

Coverdale went to local officials, but as we know, Knight has quite the history of political donations both locally and nationally. So no one should be surprised to leanr that the local officials did nothing to help Coverdale. Undeterred, this inspired Coverdale to try to expose “Ramtha’s” teachings by publishing video footage of Knight allegedly channeling Ramtha, and posting the clip to Youtube.

Coverdale edited the video footage down to a short clip and posted the video on YouTube on October 18, 2012. The video posted by
Coverdale showed J.Z. Knight disparaging various groups, including Mexicans, Jews, Catholics and homosexuals, among others.

JZ Knight filed a Cease ad Desist with Youtube, and when Coverdale didn’t comply, Knight initiated a lawsuit against her and a number of members of the post-RSE recovery group to which she now belonged called “Enlighten Me Free:”

The Complaint alleged claims for breach of contract and an injunction under the terms of the confidentiality clause contained in the CoP

The court summary of the case would later say:

Michael Wright, the legal liaison officer for JZK, contacted members of the group. He also sent a general email to former students, including members of EMF announcing the litigation with Coverdale. Wright was disingenuous about the reason for these efforts, which the Court finds were attempts to intimidate and suppress individuals who might oppose J.Z. Knight and JZK. In the JZK Lawsuit, JZK sought reimbursement for expenses of $42,319 for a private investigator, Linda Montgomery.
Knight would then file for a restraining order against Coverdale. The court would soon grant it.
After this, Knight would begin a media effort to disparage and discredit Virginia Coverdale. Knight enlisted Coverdale’s brother, David Champage, to…
send a letter to a reporter who was thought to be sympathetic with J.Z.Knight and JZK, disparaging Coverdale. To encourage Champagne to write the letter, JZK put pressure on him and induced him to make a statement by offering him three tickets to a Ramtha “feast” for his mother, his wife and him. A “feast” is a special event where Ramtha purportedly channels through J.Z. Knight for an elaborate dinner with a small number of invitees. The charge for attending a “feast” with Ramtha is normally $5,000 per person, but the invitation to Champagne and his guests was free of charge. So Champagne obtained a benefit of $15,000 at the same time that they were attempting to get him to write a letter to a local paper disparaging his sister.
A month later, in November of 2012, Knight would obtain a preliminary injunction against Coverdale.  From Coverdale’s counterclaims during this time, we learn that not only does Knight claim to channel Ramtha, but at the time-
J.Z. Knight allegedly represented that she “channeled” Ramtha and Jesus.
Ramtha AND Jesus.
(Don’t worry. I won’t blame you if that last bit made you raise an eyebrow).
Between November and February of 2013, the case carried on and eventually Coverdale lost her legal representation. JKZ’s (JKZ is Knight’s legal corporation she uses to run the Ramtha School) counsel Eric Gilman emailed Coverdale a settlement offer. Coverdale was to never be involved in the production or dissemination of any other RSE information, she would have to return all RSE videos and information, and agree to pay JKZ $200,000.
The entire time, Coverdale was essentially arguing that she didn’t violate the agreement because she was no longer in the school, and because the agreement was a violation of certain pre-existing statues.

But clearly this was taking a financial toll on Coverdale. Knight had a lot of money to throw at a case like this. Coverdale was just one woman. And so, having lost her lawyer, she (somewhat naively) wrote back to Gilman herself, stating she had seen a bankruptcy attorney and-

[I] did not break the CoP. JZ will end up paying her increasing legal fees no matter what. I still have a counterclaims [sic] and from what I understand there are many stories yet to break in the press. I think your client still has dreams of victories long ago when her clients included other charlatans and an uneducated community. I truly have nothing to lose but time and frankly I feel this is now my calling. I guess I am just too dumb to be scared. See you in court.

In other words, Coverdale was going to declare bankruptcy.

As per the court docs:
When Coverdale filed a voluntary Ch. 7 petition for bankruptcy relief, JZK’s entire debt stood to be discharged pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §727.
But by announcing it, this gave Knight and her attorneys time to react. They argued:
In an effort to avoid the discharge of its attorney’s fee award, JZK has attempted to recast Coverdale’s conduct during its lawsuit as an “abuse of process,” which could potentially form the basis of a “willful and malicious” injury pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(6).
In other words, they were trying to establish malice as a motive against Coverdale, which would open up a whole host of legal consequences for Coverdale.
By April, Coverdale had secured new representation, but by the summer of 2013, she had basically lost her case.
On June 28, 2013, the Court orally granted summary judgment for JZK and denied Coverdale’s motion for summary judgment… The written order granted JZK’s motion for partial summary judgment and dismissed Coverdale’s affirmative defenses and all of her remaining counterclaims.
Shortly thereafter, JZK filed a motion for attorney’s fees and costs, seeking fees and costs for two law firms, Gordon Thomas Honeywell LLP (“Gordon Thomas”) and Skellenger Bender PS, totaling $723,536.30 in attorney’s fees and costs, and the aforementioned investigator’s costs. Ex. P77. The Court reduced the attorney’s fees and expenses award down to $600,021.00, broken down by $515,000 in attorney’s fees and $85,021.00 in expenses.
When Coverdale couldn’t pay, JZ Knight tried to seize her car using a court-issued writ.

Coverdale moved to quash the writ, claiming that the value of the car did not exceed the $3,250 personal property exemption under RCW 6.15.010(1)(c)(iii). Id. The Court denied Coverdale’s motion to quash, and instead ordered the parties to follow a procedure where they were each to obtain an appraisal of the car, and if they did not agree, the appraisers were to appoint a third-party to appraise the car.



The initial appraisals came back far apart. Before a third-party appraiser could be appointed, Coverdale sold her car for $3,500 to a friend, Kevin O’Sullivan, and used the proceeds for basic household needs.
The 2004 Nissan Xterra had a trade-in value of $2,652.00. JKZ would claim in court that the value was “over $7,000.”
Knight would continue legal action against Coverdale from 2014-2016, suing Coverdale over things like Facebook posts, which JKZ argued was a violation of the permanent injunction that had been placed on Coverdale by the court system previously.
On November 21, 2014, the Court granted the Motion for Contempt and Coverdale was ordered to pay to JZK $9,017.87, representing JZK’s fees and costs for the motion, within 30 days of the entry of the order.
The posts in question read, according to court documents:
The Court finds that these were mostly harmless posts intended to be informative and humorous to Coverdale’s friends and supporters, or to emphasize that she was “judgment-proof.” For example, in response to a comment on Facebook inquiring “Does this mean the drunkard is coming for your kid’s pets and the toilet paper?” Coverdale responded “LOLOLOLOL, I hope so…costs her more money every time and still…she gets, NADA.”
Coverdale would also write of JZK’s attorney fees:
[H]e reduced the legal fees by about 100,000. Whew. I was so worried about that extra 100,000. Then Jeff Grant whined about me not having anything to lose so therefore as we keep going we are ringing up bills I can’t pay. Breckan and I wept for him and his client realizing how unfair it is THEY sued a women [sic] with no money and what a bad position that has put them in.
Coverdale would file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition on October 27th, 2016. The courts would write:
In her Ch. 7 case, Coverdale moved to avoid JZK’s $600,021 judicial lien against Coverdale’s residence, which motion was granted on February 3, 2017.
The Washington State court of appeals would pile on additional rulings of $82,928 and $697.07 in attorney’s fees and costs on November 3rd, 2016.
Essentially, what you’re seeing here is JZ Knight using her vast financial resources to outspend and bully her way through a court system, in an area where she just so happened to have made major political donations through the years. You had Knight suing Coverdale into the ground, in order to keep her enslaved in perpetual debt – going after even her meager means of transportation in the process.
Thankfully, by December of 2017, however, the tides seemed to have shifted, and Federal Judge Brian Lynch would finally rule in Coverdales favor following an appeal, where, after examining the entire legal history of the case, he would end up writing in a 31-page report:
“Overall, this Court’s conclusion is that JZK was intent on suppressing efforts by Coverdale to expose tenets and practices of RSE because it might cause serious damage to its reputation.  JZK attempted to use its superior financial resources to intimidate its dissident ex-students by its lawsuit.  Coverdale had the temerity to defend herself in a lawsuit pursued vigorously by J.Z. Knight and JZK.”
The judge would also write:
While JZK attempts to portray Coverdale’s primary purpose as an attempt to expose and discredit J.Z. Knight and RSE, that is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. There is more evidence that JZK used the lawsuit and the damages award as an attempt to dissuade Coverdale and other ex-RSE members from speaking out about RSE and J.Z. Knight’s statements, teachings and behaviors. J.Z. Knight also used the JZK Lawsuit as a means of seeking revenge on Coverdale for interfering in her relationship with James Flick.
(Emphasis mine).
All the quotes above are from that 31 page document filed by Judge Lynch in December of 2017, and are a matter of public record:

Click to access Virginia-Coverdale.pdf

So now we have established a direct history with NXIVM based on witness testimony, and a vengeful litigious history, as established by court records.

So I ask all of InTheMatrixxx’s fans reading this now, does this sound like a good organization for the QAnon movement to be affiliated with to you?

And are you aware that Knight has already paid Matrix and Shady literally thousands of dollars in the form of Superchat donations during their livestreams?

But we need to continue, because the rabbit hole doesn’t end there. Major kudos to The Frank Report for publishing this next bit, because the Frank Report details underground bunkers, weapons caches, rapes and murders all relating to the Ramtha compound:

Guest View: Ramtha Cult Is Bullshit; Its Followers Potentially Dangerous

The Ramtha cult and NXIVM both use patents to justify spurious claims that they have special tech. Ramtha has some “blue light” thing going, check the patent, it’s copied and pasted straight from a hodgepodge of journals. It’s all bullshit. They claim miracle cures. They’ve been claiming this for years.

The Ramtha cult is lethally dangerous and it has attached itself to the Q phenomenon like a leech.

Please read this page from an article in the South Thurston Journal in Washington:

It’s the story of two Ramtha followers in South Africa who murdered a cop in cold blood and went on the run, committing suicide when they were cornered.

Ramtha followers live in underground bunkers in Yelm. One follower personally helped build 40 such bunkers. Some are interconnected. Several sources say they all stockpile weapons.

Now read this quote from the article:

— Thurston County Assessor Steven Drew Tells Staff to Take On Local RSE Sovereignists

Thurston County Assessor Steven Drew stated in 2013 that he would send his employees to enter and inspect the underground bunkers of JZ Knight’s RSE sovereignist followers in the Yelm area.

The same bunkers where Knight’s followers stash their gold and weapons, preparing for Knight’s terrifying, bizarre prophecies.

The same prophecies that drove Knight’s followers to shoot two police officers in South Africa, and to try to kill four other people.

Assessor Drew was quoted in the Nisqually Valley News that, in recent years, he had noticed a large influx of detailed “No Trespassing” signs that speak directly to government employees.

We can only guess that Drew didn’t believe the signs. Even after the international publicity following the 2011 shootings of police officers Boleme and duToit—and the connection to JZ Knight and RSE [Ramtha School of Enlightenment] Sc. —

The next page of this article quotes JZ Knight saying, two months after these shootings, “We’re going out in a blaze of glory in this life.”

What could draw an investigation from the authorities that might lead to a shootout and siege? Look at the stories of condoned rape and sexual assault at the RSE compound:

— According to ex-Knight followers, rape was not that unusual at RSE—particularly after wine ceremonies.

Until five years ago, this kind of managerial responsibility had been assigned to JZ Knight’s succession of live-in lovers.

It may seem unusual for a business to have an internal policy for handling violent crimes on the premise, that doesn’t include calling the police and letting them handle it. —

The article details how, when one rape of a 16-year-old unaccompanied girl became common knowledge, Ramtha’s “rape manager” eventually put up the alleged rapist’s name on a board, making him no longer welcome at RSE events. That was it.

There was another internal “rape trial” presided over by JZ Knight herself, acting as Ramtha. When the case went to a real court, JZ Knight said she had no recall of this internal trial, as she was in trance at the time. Very convenient.

And a big associate of hers, Miceal Ledwith, is a self-confessed abuser of boys and young men, going back to his days in the Catholic church, before he was defrocked:

This abuse is all condoned by the Ramtha creed:

—As JZ Knight’s Ramtha—The White Book states, “Thus the one who needs to molest and the one who needs to be molested—because he needs to understand it—are brought together for the experience.”—

Anons: This is a really sick C_A cult and it is being closely tied to Q just as it self-destructs. Over a hundred underground bunkers stocked with weapons and food, planning to go out in a blaze of glory?

[if you are in this cult] “You need to find some really effective way of distancing yourself from these toxic nuts.”

(Emphasis mine).

Rapes, Murders, Debt Slaves, and promoting the leader of the NXIVM Sex Cult Keith Raniere on the very stage where Matrix and Shady will be standing.

And somehow Matrix and Shady want you to believe that I’m the bad guy for calling them out for teaming up with this group, while hurling serial lies about me in my direction?

It was funny today, because at one point Matrix actually said, within the span of five minutes during his livestream that he was “praying for me” but that he was also going to “spit in [my] face again, brother.”

In fact, maybe it’s best if people listen to the last ten minutes of the show, because they’ll get to hear this all for themselves:


But I have to address some of his serial lies about me, because not only is Matrix continuing to repeat the lie about me working for MAGA Coalition (ironically, by posting a thread where Brian Cates comes to the conclusion that I’m NOT working for MAGA Coalition – which Matrix would realize if only he would read the whole thread, but hey, he’s never been much for reading and research, and relies on others to do that pesky “heavy lifting” for him), but now, he’s making up new lies as well, which he just belched out on his livestream today – which you can hear for yourself in the stream above.

The latest lies are that:

1) I used trolls against him,
2) that I’m mining visitor’s information for bitcoin, and that
3) I’m somehow mining people’s information on qmap.pub

1) This is just not true. Matrix is just labeling anyone who says or does anything he doesn’t like as “troll,” as he has shown himself wont to do over the past month.

In fact, he just did this yesterday again on Discord when he called Breaking Spectre a “traitor.”

Or maybe the reality of the situation is that you’re a traitor, Matrix, and have pissed A LOT of good people off with your ridiculous, idiotic, utterly-selfish, manipulative ways.

So let’s go through the list:

You’ve got Redpill78, Spaceshot76, WarDrummer, Bill Smith, Breaking Spectre, Southern Comfort, and who else, Matrix?

Who else is a “traitor” now, because they dared speak out against your idiotic business arrangement with the Ramtha School?

2) As far as the lie that I’m mining user’s info for Bitcoin… Matrix doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, and is repeating a convoluted lie he heard from Voat shills ages ago, and shows that as a tech-illiterate boomer who thinks technology works more like magic than anything else, and that he doesn’t understand how Bitcoin even works in the first place.

Firstly, no one on planet earth can mine a bitcoin with user info. That’s just… not how it works at all. And I mention this, because this is how you can know Matrix is lying.

Bitcoin mining is done by solving math problems, and it’s really esoteric cryptographic stuff that spooks the average user, but essentially, bitcoin miners solve math problems to mine bitcoins. No one on planet earth uses personal information to mine bitcoins.


Because that’s just not how it works. That would be like trying to put maple syrup in your car’s gas tank.  It just… doesn’t work. Matrix is talking utter nonsense because he’s tech illiterate when it comes to using anything more difficult than facebook, youtube, or a smartphone.

Look, I’ll try to explain it as quickly as I can:

The fundamental problem cryptocurrency needed to solve to work is that when things are digital, they are not scarce. Think about how Napster and the MP3 file disrupted the music industry. Prior to Napster, you could spend 20 dollars on a CD. After Napster, those songs could be COPIED as MP3s and suddenly, there were millions of copies.

Digital files are, by definition, not scarce. You can copy digital files. If you tried to make “digital dollars,” well, anyone could turn into a counterfeiter overnight and just copy all their hundred-dollar-bills over and over and over. We’d have mad inflation, because when you go from analog to digital, you remove scarcity.

So how can you create a digital token that has value, if you can just copy and paste those digital tokens?

You have to create scarcity, and build it into the system.

The way this was done was by creating the bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain is actually the first solution to a really old compsci problem called the “Byzantine General’s Problem.” I’m not going too much into that, but essentially, the blockchain ensures there are a LIMITED amount of digital tokens on a network, that they can’t simply be duplicated by anyone with a computer.

A limited amount of bitcoins are contained within each “block” on the blockchain, which serves as a reward for the miners who are processing all the transactions on the network. And essentially, a block works almost like Jeopardy, but with math:

The block gives an answer, and then it challenges miners to solve for the inputs.

So if I was to water it down, pretend we’re in a group, and I tell the group that I have a fifty dollar prize for whoever can tell me what two numbers I combined to give me an answer of 100.

The first person who solves for the two inputs wins the 50 bucks…

So now it’s a race!

One person guesses that the two inputs were 90 plus 10. Wrong!

Another guesses that it was 2 times 50. Also wrong!

Another says that it was 200 divided by 2. Still wrong!

The permutations are huge here, and this is pretty much how bitcoin mining works. It’s a competition and the miner who gets the right answer wins and is rewarded with the block reward.

The more powerful your hardware, the more CPU cycles you have, which means the more guesses you can submit to the network before the other guys out there do.

No personal information is EVER used in the process, by anyone on the planet because that’s just not how it works.

Matrix doesn’t know this, because he’s an absolute moron, and just spouts off whatever he thinks sounds scary and incriminating, even if it makes no sense.

In the early days of bitcoin mining, this was really just limited to personal computers, but as the video shows above, hardware improved and now, there are entire server farms dedicated solely to Bitcoin mining:


And as you can imagine, this sucks down a ton of power, and there’s a problem right now with a vast amount of mining power being consolidated in China, where they have cheap, coal-powered energy, and can potentially manipulate the entire network itself.

This has lead to the creation of other cryptocurrencies which run on similar archicture, but which attempt to innovate around this problem in a number of ways.

One of these currencies is Monero.

Now, this will undoubtedly be the part Matrix runs with to try and defame me again, but the truth is that ages ago, when I started my site, I was literally the only guy in this space, and I had a hard time affording the costs associated with running my site. So I experimented with different ideas, and one of those was to use a mining plugin that was freely available on the WordPress plugin repository that would use spare CPU cycles from my readers to mine Monero.

The idea was that readers would allow the plugin to run while they were reading my site, and that would help support what I did, without me having to sell anything or advertise or whatever. And remember how the more CPU cycles you have, the more guesses you can make at the block rewards? Well, with readers loaning me spare CPU cycles, it would theoretically provide me with a lot of power for a lot of guesses on the Monero network.

In theory.

At the time, I wasn’t the only site experimenting with this setup. The biggest mainstream site at the time was Salon.com, who had installed the exact same thing for their site.

And when I installed the plugin, I had made numerous posts across social media and on this site notifying people that this was now running here. In fact, it’s in the very first post I ever made to this site:

The reader always had FULL control over this script, and could turn it off entirely if they wanted to, using the embedded control panel I put on the site itself.  This is what the control panel looked like:

I would go on to remind people about this multiple times:


But I finally ended and uninstalled the mining application in April, less than two months after I started, because people are dumb and easily spooked and kept getting false positives from their retarded McAfee crapware applications:

I ended up mining a grand total of like… 90 cents worth of Monero during this time.

But somehow, this has transmuted into “Muh Neon is using personal information to mine for bitcoin.”

And I’m just sitting here like…

Seriously, Matrix is just pants-on-head retarded for thinking anyone can use personal info to mine for anything in the first place. He’s just hoping his listeners are dumb enough to take the bait and not understand the actual situation.

Which, frankly, I think many of them are right now, unfortunately.

Look folks, this is a WordPress site, and that’s no secret. WordPress is one of the oldest and best established open source publishing softwares available today, runs on something like 90% of the major media pages online, and anyone can drill down to whatever they want in the guts of my site and see what’s running in it. They’ll need a knowledge of coding, of course, but it’s really easy for anyone equipped with that knowledge to see that there’s nothing malicious here. It’s all pretty standard stuff, like php and mysql databases.

Really, Matrix is hoping to exploit his listeners ignorance on this front by spitting out a scary-sounding lie shrouded in technobabble that sounds correct to the uneducated listener, but is ridiculous to anyone who knows the real deal.

Actually, if you want to talk about potential data mining operations, you need look no further than Matrix himself. I recently opened up the guts of his browser extension, which he keeps pushing, and this is what I saw.

Honestly, this is a stupid extension. Basically, all it does is take highlighted text, and copies it over in a string query onto his site. Nothing malicious about it.

However, this is a potential attack vector in that down the road, this browser extension could be updated to collect and mine information on its users, with just a few more lines of code and permission tweaks. True, the browser would probably alert the user that it needs new permissions to function, but most people simply click “yes” without thinking any further.

With my plugin, it was contained to my site. It didn’t live anywhere on your local machine.

With this, you’re basically handing Matrix the keys to the kingdom… and all so you wouldn’t have to, idk, type in your search on a reputable site like Qmap.pub

Okay, let’s move on to his last lie about me: That I’m somehow mining people’s information on qmap.pub.

This was a wild one out of left-field… and is on par with the time Matrix shouted that I was from the Bahamas and told me to “get out of [his] country.” (Because Matrix was attempting to doxx me by looking at my site’s WHOIS information, and seeing that my domain privacy corp was registered in the Bahamas).

I honestly don’t know where he got this from, and I’ve never had anything to do with the operations of qmap.pub, which is a reputable QAnon post aggregator, and one which has been around for a very long time.

QAnon himself has referenced screenshots from QMap.pub, such as in post 3321, 3249, 3205, 3161, 3093, 3092, 3048, and many, many, many other times.

And this is a great example of how Matrix contradicts himself, because he likes to say that he’s been “Q’d” 17 times in the past and that I’ve never been “Q’d,” (and therefore, he is somehow more trustworthy).

But if he was telling the truth about me running QMap.pub, that would imply that it’s one which Q himself has “Q’d” me LITERALLY DOZENS of times – probably far more than anyone else.

I mean, really, go to qanon.pub if you don’t trust me on this, and scroll through and see how many times Q himself has used the distinctive dark screenshots from QMap.pub.

But I don’t run QMap.pub. I’ve never been in contact with the person (or people) running it, and I have nothing to do with any of the operations. I think it’s a great site. I’ve used the screenshots from it on many an occasion, but yeah… It’s not mine and I have nothing to do with it.

Really, Pederson just wants you to use his (profoundly ugly) Qaggregator hosted on his own site, and is willing to throw the hard-working creator of Qmap.pub under the bus in the process if it means he can hurl another half-baked lie my way.

And really, this should tell you something right here and now.

Everything I’ve “attacked” Matrix and Shady with has been true.

Everything they’ve attacked me with has been a transparent lie oft’ repeated.

Really folks, at the end of the day, it comes down to this:

Benedict Arnold was a patriot… right up until the moment he wasn’t.

“Where We Go One, We Go All” simply does not apply to Traitors.

Matrix and Shady’s treachery and subversion against this community is now plain for all to see.

The acts perpetrated by the Ramtha Compound have been plainly chronicled here.

Everyone in this QMovement needs to #RejectRamtha and all the traitors, like Matrix and like Shady, associated with it.

GUYS! THERE ARE TWO WEEKS LEFT to join the #REVOLUTIONQ Crowdfunding campaign! It’s been a great success so far, but I want to see this spread far and wide! I’d like to be able to send out 4,000 books by the time this campaign ends, so please help me reach this goal by signing up and sharing the indiegogo link across social media! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me get this far already! The response has been absolutely tremendous!


40 thoughts on “#RejectRamtha and ALL TRAITORS Associated: @InTheMatrixxx and @Shadygrooove. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Both of those clowns exposed themselves in the interview with redpill76. Neither wanted to answer basic and legit questions and were just defensive and deflected when pressed. Jackasses.

    I bought 2 books when you started the campaign, looking forward to reading one and giving the other to a a family member.

    Thanks for all you do! Keep it up!

  2. I didn’t like the sound of these guys from the first I heard them talking with WD. Only people that will follow Matrix and Shady are low IQ or just want to believe their lies. Awesome article Neon Revolt!

  3. What these two numbskulls have done, and they don’t even realize it, because as Judas Iscariot didn’t know, until after Jesus had been put to death, was that Satan had used him to skew Father’s plan. These two, for basically, the same means… 30 pieces of silver (SuperChat donations by J.Z. Knight and her organization)… have become Judas to the Q movement. Their actions is what Satan is going to use to discredit the Q movement, which is Father’s Plan to expose Satan and his activities from the people of the world that Satan has worked so hard to keep hidden. This betrayal is what Father will decide to walk away, snatch His people up, and turn the rest of those that scoff at Q Anon followers over to their reprobate minds. And these two don’t have a CLUE as to what they have done, until it’s too late.

  4. “Where We Go One, We Go All” simply does not apply to Traitors. . . . . .No it does not! Love your site.

  5. Never latch on to a channeler that throws dollars at you and tries to get their claws in you. If you are a true anon you would do the dig on him/her after big “donations”, take them for whatever they give voluntarily and when they bitch that you not taking instruction you BLOCK their azzes.
    This didn’t happen with IntheMatrixx. The claws must be deep about now.

    • When you accept the money is when they get their claws into you. That’s when the ‘blackmailing’ begins, because now you’re beholden to them. Neither of them should have accepted money from Satan’s minions.

  6. Well Neon, I believe you! Most of what you have explained is clear, detailed and pure common sense. You offered plenty of proof. It’s unfathomable that Matrix and Shady have not rejected Ramtha. It is surely a cult, sadly, very close to becoming history like “Jim Jones!” The Matrix video has proof right in it, as you said. BTW, whoever the guy is that is interrupting by laughing off and on, yuck, what a demonic laugh! Seriously, keep warning #RejectRamtha

  7. I know that it’s important and neccessary to expos these fuads and their connection to this wich, but one thing that they and the Clowns who, no doubt, set this situation up have succeeded in doing, is distract you from anything you would have written about otherwise. Perhaps that is one of the real values of the Cabal’s controlled opposition op: to use efforts to protect the movement from these activated plantes as meams to distract the leaders and confuse and discurage everyone else. Thankfully, in this case, that by hooking up with this evil woman, Matrix has served to highlight an important and formerly obscure DS op and you have helped to revile it’s connections to other Cabal assets.
    Knolage of the truth by the people is the deadliest threat to the satanic elite.

  8. I just don’t understand HOW we have SO MUCH TIME to attack one another? Did we forget who we were fighting? If your fighting patriots, then your not solving the problem. JESUS went to the temples to teach… you preach Jesus, but yet are exactly the opposite. I am really surprised… I really thought you were more than this.

    • I just don’t understand HOW you can be so blind and idiotic.

      Matrixxx ATTACKED the MOVEMENT when he partnered with Ramtha. And you’re sitting there like a good little hand-wringing cuckservative going “Ohhh, we’re not allowed to fight back ever!”

      Seriously, if we want to keep LOSING for the next 50 years, we’d listen to people like you who lack all discernment and can’t handle the conflict.

      As for me, I’m in the arena doing what you either can’t do, or won’t do.

    • Jesus also went to the temples to remind people that they were getting sidetracked and forgetting who they were supposed to be focusing on. He grabbed the money off the tables and threw it against the wall then flipped over the tables. Ephesians 5:11″ Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of evil but instead expose them”.
      NOT to mention that we have been fighting to prove that Q is not a cult and now we have 2 braindead guys taking the Q message to a cult. A cult that channels demons no less.

  9. I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul song is playing in my head now. These fools are idiots to try and take on Neon. All they had to do is renounce the cult and move on. But no, they had to go the CNN route of Neon called a girl fat. Well Trump really did call a girl fat, it’s a metaphor folks. Womp womp to the traitors, you won’t win, the second you hooked your wagon to ramtha, you already lost. Go Neon, you ROCK!!

  10. As i have stated on previous occasions i’m South African and have on many occasions wondered is the deep state responsible for the current state of affairs in South Africa from the little information i have managed to find i have to conclude MOST DEFINITELY i’m not a researcher so i wonder if you or anyone of the researchers that read this could dig on NASPERS and the CEO Koos Bekker why you might ask if you look up his wine estate in Paarl in the Western Cape look at the name of it Babylonstoering in English Tower of Babylon if that isn’t a dead giveaway i don’t know what is as Q says symbolism will be their downfall and secondly NASPERS is short for National Press in English in Afrikaans it’s Natsionale Pers hence Naspers i believe the seventh largest and one of the wealthiest companies world wide i would also like to thank you Neon for the great content you put out it is truly eye opening and informative thanks brother btw if you are interested check out a vid that the channel END TIME NEWS put out a day or two ago it will give you a great introduction into the reasons South Africa is in the state it currently is and serves as a warning to all conservative American patriots not to ignore what is happening in the U.S.and to trust and support President Trump in 2020 with everything you have if you don’t you’ll end up like South Africa and believe me i’m not exaggerating this vid will prove exactly how the D.S.does it

    • Most definitely the Deep State/NWO has had control over South Africa. Nelson Mandela was one of their operatives… wonder why so many members, like Barack Obama, showed up for his funeral? He was one of their own! Mandela was a member of the Knights Order of Malta. This order is comprised of members and supporters of the New World Order (NWO), and are puppets of the Steering Committee of 300 of which Queen Elizabeth II is the chairwoman of. South Africa was once a part of the British Empire, and the goal is to restore ALL of the colonies that were once under the empire, back to the empire… hence, the NWO.

      • I think one of things President Trump told the Queen while he was there, was that we were exiting their empire for good.

  11. Defective humans make life interesting. Tear your hair out frustrating at times, but interesting. ‘Perfect’ people are boring as rocks. No, I take that back; many rocks are far more interesting..

  12. Occam’s razor

    Raniere and NXIVM are on trial and that rabbit hole is about to go from dark to LIGHT.
    As Neon has pointed out, Raniere and NXIVM have a history with Knight/Ramtha.

    What would be a better way to take out the Q movement than placing them(especially financially) at the bottom of the NXIVM rabbit hole? The Q movement has been called a cult and has been accused as a profiteering scheme, of which these two accusations are the biggest and most used by “them”.

    So what have matrixxx and shady effectively done?

    They have created the narrative that couples the Q movement with a known cult, who is tied to another cult that is currently on trial(which includes financial crimes), and have publicly shown the financial transactions that further the argument that Q is all about profiting.

    The only real question/s left is: are matrixxx and shady just a couple of shallow morons that see the Q movement as a profiting opportunity and narcissistic ego-booster, or is there something more sinister going on and these two are the trojan horse to ultimately take down the Q movement?

  13. How many times has Q reposted you, Neon?
    How many times has Q reposted Matrixx?

    You are ALL mucking this movement up.
    None of you are worth following anymore.

    • If you have to ask this, you haven’t been paying attention. Q has ripped images DIRECTLY FROM MY SITE, on top of talking about topics immediately after I cover them. See my articles on Bill Maher and GafferAnon as examples.

      Heck, they just had the Navy name an entire satellite after a series I highlighted here on the site.

      And maybe you’re too dumb to grasp this the first time around, so I’ll repeat it for you: Benedict Arnold was a patriot right up until the moment he wasn’t.

      Seriously, you can do all the good in the world and have all the trophies, etc, but if you turn around and choose to stab the movement in the back, then all those previous accolades are meaningless.

      • Right. I’m too dumb to grasp that Arnold, much like you condescending know it all faggots, got caught up in his own righteousness and was more interested in elevating himself than staying true to the country he had so bravely fought for. Your behavior is embarrassing, your rambling posts are reminiscent of a psychotic soon to be ex girlfriend, and your conclusions are premature. I am leaving the door open for Matrixx, because he has proven himself, thus far. Where he goes from here? We’ll see, won’t we?

        • That’s nice. Nobody cares. Have fun with your pied piper, moron. You’re welcome to come back when you’ve learned a modicum of discernment and are ready to give the apology you already owe me.

  14. Great read. The litigiousness, secretiveness, monetary control, and ridiculousness of what you’re supposed to believe and do to survive in NXIUM and RSE sounds…. just… like… L Ron’s $cientology.

  15. Thank you, Neon! Have followed you for years. Tried to contribute last time you posted but the site I clicked through to kicked me off before I could get cc#. PayPal would be soooo much easier. Has this happened to others?

  16. Wow. I’d never heard inthematrixx and the other guy’s show before. Just read your article then went over to youtube. Ugh. Their show was disjointed and stupid. Someone asked them a question about JZ Knight and they sort of reacted angrily but didn’t actually answer. Then that guy asked them a couple more question, polite but pointed, something like “if you really think the Q message is so important why risk it being associated in the public’s mind with a con artist like JZ Knight?”. They wouldn’t touch it.

    Their show was so dumb I left after about 10 minutes.

    I guess every movement gets hucksters leaching on to it as soon as they see a crowd gathering. It’s just disappointing with this message.

    Keep up the good work, Neon.

  17. Knight was a nutcase when she debuted on Merv if I recall. She then made the rounds on the talk show circuit ala oprahish.
    Kind of stunned she’s had so many minions for far too long. Though I was a youngster, seeing through her bullshit was beyond easy. Apparently she’s still nutty. Also her face has changed greatly and she’s got to be in her 70’s.
    She was and is obviously one of [THEM].

    The other 2 nutjobs are in NO WAY looking to move the Q movement forward. [THEY] are in it for fame and fortune, (they think). Desperate to install themselves as leaders for Q and I guarantee it’s not going to work out for those Charlatans.
    Keep on, keeping on Neon!

  18. Very interesting. This is why I do not rely on one source.

    I’m not seeing any malicious code on this site.


  19. Neon, I read your articles and find them very irritating. I wanted to check the information you gave and did some research. I found a letter from Ms. Coverdale’s brother where he explained that Ms. Coverdale is taking her revenge on JZ, motivated by her hurt feelings.


    I found a statement of Mark Vincente who directed the film “What the Bleep do we know”. He was a student at Ramtha’s school and a member of this NXIVM cult. He did not take part in enslaving women but declared the cult to the authorities, correct? Would we know about this organization today, if he hadn’t ?


    Did you know, that Ramtha and JZ were tested by scientists who came to the conclusion that they consider this channeling a phenomenon. They can’t explain how it is done, but it is not a fraud? How come, you don’t mention these things?


    And – as you point out in your article, Q refers via tripcodes to the Ramtha book “The Last Waltz of the Tyrants”. So, obviously, there is a connection between Ramtha and his message and Q.

    “…One of these books is The Last Waltz of the Tyrants, written by “Ramtha,” which Knight has taken to promoting on her personal site by saying that it’s the number one book according to #QAnon’s Tripcode book list…”

    What does that mean now? Are you going to leave the Q movement, since you certainly don’t want to be related to this Ramtha “cult”? I don’t understand. What is your motivation? And even if you don’t approve of Shady and Inthematrixxx for their not turning their back on JZ, although YOU had urged them to, why can’t you just credit them for the work they do and have done?

    All the best,

    • 1) Your first source is from the Ramtha School. If you read through the Coverdale court doc, this was the letter the RSE bribed David to write, in exchange for free tickets to a Ramtha Feast. I didn’t focus on this point in the article, but this tells me you didn’t read the court document, lack discernment when it comes to using biased sources, and don’t research things very thoroughly.

      2) Mark Vincente was called to testify during the trial. He is not a whistleblower, as you tried to make him out to be with that bit of mental gymnastics.

      3) The DNA test was faked – reason being, the test they used for ancestral DNA only tests on Y-DNA. That is, it only works on Male DNA (Y-DNA). In other words, the same test literally wouldn’t work for both JZ and “Ramtha.” You can’t just administer it to a man and a woman; it doesn’t work for women. They were too stupid to realize this. Either she had some male friend submit male DNA for her, or JZ is a transvestite.

      Now, I know this because I’ve actually extracted and tested DNA before, myself. But if you don’t want to believe me, you can ask the doctor we were speaking with last night, here on Gab: https://gab.com/Jejurns

      Or you can go to literally any reputable genealogist on the planet.

      4) Also, Q’s tripcodes do not refer to “Ramtha’s” Book. Ramtha’s book is a hodgepodge of crap, and JZ has latched on to this “Q tripcode” idea (which Q has never, ever endorsed) in order to sell more books to gullible idiots like you.

      Anyway, keep drinking the kool-aide if you want, Diana. Q often said there’s an estimated 4-6% who will never be saved, and it’s pretty clear from talking to you that you’re only looking for information that will confirm your biases, and not challenge them. You’re welcome to come back when you’re ready to engage in critical thinking.

      And I’ll be right here, doing actual hard-hitting Q-research like I have been from the very beginning of this thing – long before “Ramtha” was even aware Q existed.

      Funny point, that. You would think the All-knowing Ramtha would have picked up on Q very early on – or at least “prophecied” specifically about it. But it seems “Ramtha” didn’t know a thing about Q until a year-and-a-half into the whole operation. Why… it’s almost like Ramtha doesn’t know anything at all!

  20. You know me… I just want everyone to get along. I went ahead and had an intimate fireside chat with the two individuals. They wanted me to tell you this:

    But, NEEEEOOOON…. JZ promised us our pick from her loyal inner stable of slaves! She has learned a lot from Master Kieth you know. And we Really wanted to lose our virginities! I mean, sure, we have had our share of prostitutes, wide eyed twitter groupies, and frightened, submissive massage parlor girls, but they say its a whole different experience having your way with a mind control slave who isnt capable of testifying without engaging a self destruct protocol… Neon, do you realize what this means, we would be free and clear to live out our most depraved fantasies with basically zero repurcussions or consequences! I mean, yeah, JZ will have it all recorded for blackmail purposes, but as long as she provides us with what we sadistically crave, we will just go along with whatever she wants anyway, so, may as well make it official!

  21. I thought it was established anyone (whoever is behind this trip code/book thing) could just do a search on google/books with the book name and the trip code, so that, when someone else comes along and searches for Just the tripcode, the search engine already has that tripcode associated with the book because of the previous person searching (repeatedly? to solidify the association?) for both together in one search?

    I’m only a few degrees above a “tech illiterate boomer” but this is my basic understanding of how the Q Tripcode = Books thing could have been done by any random person. Anyone feel free to correct/educate me.

    “In the beginning…” people were trying to figure out all the different ways Qs drops could have meaning. So it wouldn’t be difficult for someone with just a couple of degrees of tech knowledge above mine to anticipate that before long, people would be entering the tripcodes to a search to see what happens. The anon who first “noticed it” was probably the one who did it.

    Also, Q doesn’t need to “secretly” point us to vaguely conspiracy related books. I just don’t see the point.

    As Neon stated, Q has never confirmed it. Q has never even made any vague references to “the books” that I can recall. He has made specific references to other things, like The Map, Wind The Clock, Watch The Water, Follow The Watch… no books though.

    As a matter of fact, has Q ever made any post that could be considered “a book recommendation” of any kind? He’s quoted Scripture, we know That… But… anything else we know of?

  22. NEON – this is
    I admire you’re tenacity and willingness to go up against Ramtha, Matrix, Shady, their goons and the lot.
    Looking forward to reading the copy of the book I ordered.
    Take care!

  23. NEON I am a normie in progress.

    Followed you until the spat started between Reddit & VOAT cause any dissension in the Q movement I want no part of. Yes AJ was one I followed for years and actually the one that woke me up. There have been many others but when all the fighting starts they all show their true colors and ugly hands. They give you enough to hook you then they flip and try to subvert Q and the movement. Not down with that cause this is a spiritual awakening as much as a physical one. The enemy is out and about to kill, steal and destroy.

    I have come back cause of my favorite QTuber Katie G. I followed Martixx when Q posted a link but never really liked Shady. Felt Matrixx did good on the Paysur stuff. Shady talks a lot about food and health but never really tells you how or what so it is just hot air. After the RedPill 78 interview that was it for me they showed their hand and it wasn’t pretty.

    There are a lot of us out here that do not have the time to research all this we want to but we just cannot. Taking care of a 81yr old w/dementia and a 7 yr old with autism does not leave much time. Don’t fault all of us cause of our ignorance.

    Thank you for this article and appreciate your work and passion.

    • This is the kind of thinking I just can’t understand, though, and it’s immensely frustrating when I hear it from people. Like, I had TONS of lies and slander being hurled my way, and so what? You just… shut your ears and refused to listen because it was too difficult for you to sort through what you were hearing for yourself and make up your own mind? Are you really that unable to think for yourself, that you NEED everyone to be happy-pappy and singing kum-bay-ya together all the time?

      The shills on voat accused me of having alt-accounts, of really being a moderator on the different subs (when I wasn’t), of having a bot army, of being an MI6 agent, and even of threatening to kill the kid of moderator and rape the moderator (when they were writing those comments themselves).

      And you just… what? Closed your eyes and ears and went “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!”

      So many people just ABANDONED me during that time because they didn’t think for themselves, and ended up going where they felt it was “safe.” Into the arms of those offering “comfort,” like Matrix and Shady.

      I suppose I’m glad you found your way back (eventually) but man… this is so disappointing.

  24. I appreciate you Neon Revolt, not only are you highly intelligent, you have true heart and are fighting hard against the opposition, who wants us to fail…May the Lord continue to equip you with the tools you need to continue the fight and revealing the truth…and as far as the negative publicity of late and some of the discord, please know, that discord caused me to do my own research that included IntheMatrixxx, etc. I have now found your website, hoping to purchase your book, and will be a Neon Revolt follower whereas before I was not! So, as they say, sometimes bad publicity can become good publicity!!

    I read this entire article and do wish I was techy. Or at the least had a person like that in my life to help me survive these remaining fast and ever changing years. I have wanted to create my own channel with the subject matter of losing my daughter to the Beast System. Hoping to give support to those whose children are so different and so brainwashed that they have walked away. I guess I could start a hash tag of sorts, But, don’t even know how to do that. But, guess what? I can learn. I need to contribute to the movement more. I, too, see Q people, as I put it, and love to ask that question of others, “Do you see Q people?” and they just look at me like I’m nuts, lol! Which, of course, answers my question :)…

    I am 58. My mother taught me critical thinking and she is the one who red pilled me, but we didn’t call it that.back then She simply thought for herself as a single mother of 4. That right there tells you, she was different than the main stream and highly intelligent like yourself.

    Well, I am rambling…sorry ’bout that ;)…

    I look forward to reading more of your articles. The world is worth saving, I am a grandmother, have no idea how else to keep her safe than to fight, fight, fight by communicating the truth. And not being afraid to do so…May the Lord show us the way. And may we be awake to see. Amen.


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