The Revolution Q Book Launch is Finally Here! #NEONREVOLT


The Crowdfunding Pre-Order campaign for Revolution Q is NOW LIVE!!

It will remain live for the next 23 days, and after that, there’s no telling when the book is going to become available again – so if you intend to buy, do so now, because you may not get another chance for a long, long time.

Follow the link to Indiegogo and reserve your copy (or copies) today!

Thank you guys, so much, for the support and the kind words as I’ve endeavored to bring this to you. Let’s make this campaign a tremendous success. Help me by spreading the word wherever you can.

I’ll also be posting updates through Indiegogo, Gab, and at

But yeah, this is it. We’re finally here. This is real. It’s actually happening.

Let’s make this a campaign Indiegogo will never forget!



65 thoughts on “The Revolution Q Book Launch is Finally Here! #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Congratulations, Neon! now for the book tour, cant wait to meet you. I got two! Phila/Valley Forge area, site of the first revolution great kick off for your tour! .. Lady Lydia Darragh

  2. C’mon Neon, throw your Canadian followers a bone. I’ll pay for the shipping, just make it an option to send to Canada.

      • New Zealand NR fan here, just did it , Im in & super excited. NZ Post offers a service called YouShop where they give you american shipping address and forward the parcel to your house, for a fee of course but who cares. Quick google search there are a ton of companies offering this service worldwide & the fee for a book should be minimal. Let nothing stand in the way of this opportunity friends. BTW I ordered 2 of Neons Q Anon hats (1 black 1 red) from here and they are really excellent quality, a photo of my young daughter & I wearing them is a treasured snapshot in time. Love ya bro

      • Can’t get in to order b/c I do not want to update my browser to THEIR option. hate Microsoft, never update, but E??

      • Can’t use MSFT E b/c I don’t have windows 10, nor do I want. Please add mailing address for money order payments direct to you, name can be left blank 4 U to add once MO rec’d. Even Timcast/Poole has a mailing address 4 donations, gifts. Nothing smart in my house but me. I watch thru Roku machine with utube app via wireless internet to TV. Only use ‘puter 4 x year. TV viewing thru Roku not tracked like ‘puter. I watch RedPill78 via Utube. Don’t do email.

        • With the encryption and alt tech options available today, you really need to step back and assess what you are needlessly doing to yourself.

    • Have an American friend order it for you via his US postal address, and then ship it to you. I order UK-only restricted items all the time with my London-based friends’ help, and then they ship it to America with about 10 days extra in shipment time.

      It costs a bit more in pounds and time, but some items are worth the hassle. This is probably one of them.

  3. Be aware that Indiegogo tried stitching up Vox Day, Vox Day is gonna have Indiegogo for breakfast, indiegogo may be terminal.

    Just a heads up and a nod towards making other contingency plans should they indiegogopop.

  4. OMG!!! Feel like I’m late to the announcement- but holy fkg cool!! My heart started pounding reading the news. This is really it. Amazing. Yay!!

  5. I’ve got mine ordered! This is so excited.

    NR I’m assuming you read Vox Day regularly and know about their Indigogo issues? Just wanted to make sure you were up to speed on that and have a plan be regarding getting the book out. Also I would love to see you talk to Castalia House about future editions of the book going out.

  6. No please, not Indiegogo, a SJW organization. There are hundreds of arbitrations leveled right now against them. They are used to sell overpriced items, on the rare chance that they will end up being “collector’s items. Worse, Indiegogo betrays people like you.

    Just sell on Amazon, less money, but they do run it as a business. Yes, Indiegogo is far worse than Amazon.

  7. This will presumably be more than a copy and paste of your articles, right? SO looking forward to this. I’ve already been alerting the masses. Also, you have a fantastic voice. Please consider recording an audiobook version to be sold as a bonus on Indiegogo…

    • Absolutely so much more than just my articles. I review where necessary, but the content is fresh.

  8. ThanQ You Dr. Neon Revolt! I’m so glad you’ve helped so many of us decipher all the complexities encountered along this journey. I’m just so very grateful that someone who is a truly gifted journalist, a devout Christian, among the most Brilliant people I’ve encountered anywhere(And I’ve been blessed to meet and work with some beautiful minds all over this country), and most of all Dr. Neon Revolt has been selfless & wise in delivering hard truths to anyone who wants to read about them. You are an invaluable member of the Q movement, I bought 5 copies because I know there are going to be many people who I love that will be confused and hurting that will need the simplicity & clarity that Dr. Neon Revolt has always provided us with when news broke or Q dropped a message that needed to be looked at by someone with a broader understanding of the chan’s or cabal’s history, or required some intensive research in order to find the answer. . Thank You Dr. Neon Revolt, you’re the professor I wish I stidied under in college. God Bless.

    Your Friend,

  9. I’ve been waiting for your launch and am so sorry but I cannot support you via Indiegogo. They will not receive another penny from me. Gutted. I look forward to hearing about other opportunities to purchase.

  10. So happy and excited for you Neon. Ordered a triple. I’ll have to draw straws out of a hat, a Neon Revolt Q Anon hat.

  11. $15,100 at 61% of the way to the goal, in just 24 hours. Not bad, NR, not bad at all. At this rate…well, the first day’s take is never sustained across these crowdfunding campaigns. But I predict in 23 days you’ll be well over $40,000, however.

    Looking forward to perusing your prose, when your hard work is printed and shipped. It really is an amazing feeling to hold your work in printed form. I’ve never had book-length features published, just 1,500-word articles in trade magazines. But it is pretty cool to flip paper pages and see your work suddenly appear amidst the ads for industry machinery. And then notice all the places you could have edited your article further…or perhaps worked just a little bit harder. An author is never satisfied…

  12. Your Indigogo page has Blank Screen Syndrome. You might want to get that checked as you arę definitely losing customers.

  13. Neon, would you please consider narrating your book and selling it as an audio version? My mom is legally blind and would love your book, but cannot read it. I also would love to listen to an audio version when I work out! Please let us know if that’s an option!

  14. Congrats Neon! This is fantastic news, and adds something very concrete to the movement. Been following you since beginning and know very few could have written it like you have. Thank you for having the perseverance and talent to see this to completion.

  15. Sometimes it sucks to live in Australia. I can buy your hats but not your book.
    Way to piss of your international readers NEON.

  16. The guy named “I Ride With Trump” just bought your book. I wish you had access to that Amazon cheat, so i could get some of that “free” shipping.

  17. Bottom line…..I want 4 of your books!! But, what is this contribution campaign deal with Indiegogo? I am not familiar with Indiegogo and their campaign contribution. Please explain??

  18. Neon: daddydragon broadcasted your breakthrough reporting! Excellent work! Keep it up. This is a blessing to Patriot’s no matter where they strive for TRUTH! Go forward into the LIGHT.

  19. Neon your work is exceptional and I am so very happy for your continued success.
    I do look forward to reading your book but I have a special request and I do not know if it’s an option for you.
    I pay cash for everything and hoping that I can send you cash for the preorder.
    Please let me know if a possibility.
    Best Regards,

  20. Would like to pre-order but am unable to get your link to work – I see that you are presently over your goal…may mean I’m too late? Thanks, T49

  21. This is not black pilling, as I like Neon’s writing, and wish his book well. Yet, my prediction — Neon will never see a dime from Indbiegogo, nor will a single copy of his Q book ever get mailed out by them. Neon likely has a backup plan, and I will buy when sane choices prevail.

    Indiegogo IS a comped SJW company, and will act accordingly.

  22. Very excited! My order number ends in 17!!! Looking forward to this book. Plus one for a friend ✌

  23. “The current attorney general’s comments also reveal another reality: Sessions snookered conservatives, who had been clamoring for a second special counsel to investigate FISA abuse, by naming Huber, while knowing the Utah-based U.S. attorney’s hands would be tied under normal DOJ procedures.”

    Nothing Q hinted at regarding Sessions or Huber proved to be true. I don’t know who or what Q is, but his predictions have frequently proven to be less reliable than those of others (people that Q supporters attacked for contradicting Q). And, amazingly enough, Q argues that people who point out his failures are proving that he is who he says he is. Otherwise, the argument goes, why are they spending time “attacking” him? C’mon. That makes no sense. Does pointing out that Ramtha is fake prove that it is real (otherwise, why “attack” her?).

    I appreciate that Q is pro-Trump and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is working with Trump, but what he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  24. Neon you are as big a mystery as Q. You are the touchstone to Q. Who is going to write the book about you?

  25. Sir Neon,

    I appreciate your involvement and how you channel your script writing abilities toward a useful and noble cause.

    Congratulations with your book fundraising campaign, that has already reached more than the established goal.

    As a suggestion, since this movement requires a worldwide awakening to reach fruition and change the paradigm; making this book available worldwide, in a .pdf format at a widely accessible price, would allow more people to gain access to the information, along with granting you with a great potential gain for your work.

    Thanks for pursuing your great work and consider the great potential of enlightened individuals which greatly exceed the borders of the United States of America.

    Best regards,

    Out of the USA Anon.

  26. Congratulations, NeonRevolt! I am super proud of you. Thank you for all you do and have done during this very special time in history. WWG1WGA!!!

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