#RejectRamtha is Having a Wonderful Time, thanks to @InTheMatrixxx and @Shadygrooove’s “Perception Management!” #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


Welp… Looks like JZ Knight didn’t like my video very much. She went and issued a false copyright claim, since the use of the footage very clearly falls under fair usage statues, and would stand in any court of law.

Perhaps I should issue a counter-claim, and then initiate a lawsuit against Knight? She’d lose. She’d lose so hard, and on such a great public scale, especially because no court would ever allow “Ramtha” to come and take the stand.

No matter. Here you go:

[iframe src=”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/3FuFwbWsTXgv/” width=”640″ height=”480″]


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And if you don’t know what this is about yet, get caught up with the preliminaries, here:

That video above was just for keks, but this remains a very serious issue plaguing the #QAnon community, thanks to chucklenuts InTheMatrixxx and Shadygroove. Up to this point, some people still haven’t quite understood why I’m going on about this issue, but hopefully, after seeing the video, they’ll understand why I’ve called out Shady and Matrix for partnering with this kind of darkness.

Because in case it wasn’t clear from the video above, that’s JZ Knight who was talking in that middle bit there. The same JZ Knight who runs the Ramtha compound by claiming to channel a 35,000 Lemurian spirit by the name of Ramtha.

The same JZ Knight that has paid Matrix and Shady THOUSANDS of dollars.

The same JZ Knight who was a mega Democrat donor for YEARS, and who served on Obama’s re-election committee.

The same JZ Knight who recently either deleted her twitter, or had it deleted in the wake of this whole scandal emerging.

The same JZ Knight who, apparently, has a Ramtha Discord server of her own, who went on this incoherent rant to whomever was in that server with her:


Yes, because somehow convincing people you channel a 35,000 year old spirit for the past 40 years, while raking in millions of dollars from them somehow makes YOU the victim in all this, JZ Knight.

Astounding logic.


I think Matrix and Shady have made their position very clear; they’re not backing down.

In fact, they’ve idiotically doubled-down at every turn, and instead, tried to deflect and equivocate whenever pressed on the issue, as the appalling interview they give Redpill78 demonstrates in no uncertain terms:

Matrix’s most common deflection is to say that people voicing concerns over his absolutely braindead decision to speak at the Ramtha Compound are somehow impeding upon free speech, because they secretly don’t want the message of the Payseurs getting out there. Of course, that’s not true at all. It’s that those people understand the harm Matrix is inflicting on the movement by choosing to associate at the Ramtha Compound.

Matrix likes to say he’d go anywhere, and speak with anyone – because that’s outreach, man. That’s how you “reach the lost.”

But when Redpill78 pressed both Matrix and Shady on the subject, it was clear that they had limits to where they were willing to speak. When asked about if they would speak at a White Nationalist rally, they both went silent. I wonder if they would go to a KKK event? Or perhaps a NAMBLA event?

Perhaps if the money were good enough.

At any rate, it’s clear that Matrix and Shady have a very low standard, and are willing to harm the optics of the movement, in order to enrich themselves – either in the form of monetary compensation, or by gaining new followers.

His other big deflection is to accuse others of “judging,” at which point he quotes half a Bible verse while conveniently leaving off the end of the verse, and the ENTIRE CONTENXT of the verse.

I addressed Matrix’s Biblical illiteracy over on Gab, and how he’s conflating “judgement” with “discernment,” when the two are not the same at all. This also demonstrates that Matrix probably doesn’t actually believe in much of anything, despite claiming to be some kind of Christian, while also being willing to spin even Holy Scripture to try and make himself look somehow morally superior.


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I mean, really, let’s just be honest here: such treatment of Scripture is akin to sacrilege.

So I don’t know how Matrix can claim to be a Christian of any stripe when he’s willing to throw the Bible under the bus, and play so fast and loose with Jesus’ very own words.

Looks more like perception management to me.

And if there’s one thing that’s become clear to me in watching Matrix over these past few weeks, he’s excellent at managing people’s perceptions of himself.

But the truth always wins, in the end.

The last objection Matrix and Shady like to throw out is that by going to this event, they’re going to reach a “whole new audience” because they’ll be getting access to the Ramtha streaming platform, which will broadcast worldwide, and expose all these new people to the message of the Payseurs.

Yes, Matrix and Shady want you to believe that there’s this mythical audience out there who don’t have access to Youtube, and haven’t, somehow, watched the other five-hundred-billion vidoes Matrix and Shady have produced on the Payseurs already, because that’s literally all they ever talk about.

What a joke.

I mean, really, on what planet does this “new audience” only watch the “Ramtha Channel” but somehow not have access to Youtube.

What is this, 1995?

Are we tracking broadcast satellites in geo-synchronous orbit so that we can stream this “groundbreaking talk” via RealPlayer in 144p across Dial-up, Matrix?

Again, it’s all just “perception management.”

In the meantime, Matrix continues to throw notable figures in the QAnon community under-the-bus, having stolen letter Q Anon’s Q-designs to sell on his online store, alongside overpriced print-outs of Anon’s research infographics. Thankfully, Letter Q Anon was able to appeal to Teesping and get those stolen designs taken down:

On top of all that, Matrix continues to label anyone who is posting information he doesn’t like (yet information which is objectively and demonstrably true) as “Trolls,” rather than addressing the serious claims they are making.

Matrix even continues to advance the lie that I’m somehow working for MAGA Coalition, because Ginger McQueen and Doug Stewart and Adam Gingrich all said so, despite them being lying vipers.

“Oh BuT wE cAn TrUsT wHaT tHeY SaY aBoUt NeOn!”

For the record, I’ve written extensively on Gab denouncing these lies, pointing out why they were wrong (Ginger called me a “she,” for instance. I’m 100% man. Doug claimed to have paid me in Bitcoin. I’ve only ever taken Ethereum. Etc, etc, etc), and I’m thinking of bringing out something special against the whole MAGA Co gang in the near future. We’ll see. That will take some time and effort, and I’ve got other irons in the fire right now.

But really, as I said before, the truth will always come out. People will realize that Matrix is all about perception management


Because the people aren’t stupid.

They can tell when you’re spreading BS around, because eventually, everyone will catch a whiff!

(Hope you’ve been having a GREAT WEEK, Matrix. I know I have)!


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31 thoughts on “#RejectRamtha is Having a Wonderful Time, thanks to @InTheMatrixxx and @Shadygrooove’s “Perception Management!” #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. All I know is that a Bible believing Christian wouldn’t have anything to do with people who are teaching the doctrines of demons, unless they were going to expose them as false prophets/teachers.

  2. All you can do is keep putting out the word that these two have become ‘paytriots’, not patriots. Aligning with the Deep State, through JZ Knight, and the occult, shows their true colors, and they cannot discern the fallout that comes from that, to the entire Q movement. They’re blind, leading the blind.

  3. Right on Neon. I have been defending you every opportunity, especially to the brain dead denizens on the Research Board who, with out knowing any of the facts, are calling you a traitor. Also explaining to these morons on Twatter exactly who JZ Knight and Ramtha is. Matrixxx and Shady would join the DS for a couple of thousand dollars. No shame. Certainly NOT patriots. Thanks NR. We’ve got your back.

  4. Hi Neon. I have unsubbed to Matrixxx and Shady. I commented about them seeming to want to take over the Q movement on your great awakening on gab.
    I haven’t been able to sign in to gab for weeks, keeps coming up error. I don’t know what’s wrong. Tried a thousand times.
    Anyway, I have had my suspicions about those two so, glad you brought them up.
    I still believe Praying Medic, though. My choice

  5. Claims as to objective accuracy of so-called “channeled ‘informattion are in need of proof. Absent that, I am intrinsically suspicious of that “channeled ‘information,'” that it arises from the “channeler’s” imagination; if the channeler knowingly emits falsehood, it is grift; but if the “channeler” actually believes the “information,” it is delusion.

  6. It was truly shocking, that SpaceShot76 interview. SpaceShot76 simply asked questions that the broader audience would naturally want the answers to, and Matrix and Shady attacked him for even asking! That alone was enough to decide against them.

  7. I still cringe for poor Redpill78. That was truly painful to listen to. What shocked me most was Shady basically taking a dump all over MAGA’s Christian conservative base.
    Matrixxx throwing Q drops around like parables is unhelpful too.
    Keep going hard Neon…

  8. You do realize that you are using a term that we hear everyday since the beginning of Q. Q is a cult. Doesn’t make it true. You aren’t getting my email. I suspect you have been comped. See you.

  9. I personally believe Matrixx and Shady stole the Payseur info they have from you, Neon. It was just too much of a coincidence and the timing was also so suspicious. Agree that no Christian would have anything to do with this demonic/satanic woman/cult. They’ve outed themselves with their behavior and attitude. Thanks for all your great research and writings. Looking forward to your book. God bless you and yours.

  10. Matrixx and Shady are grifters trading for money/popularity on the information Fritz Springmeier and others of his standing spent many, many years investigating. They’re in serious denial and deserve to be outed and rebuked for their participation in this demonic event. “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” “Sheep” in regards to this context means those that follow The Shepherd and who are commanded to walk among the wolves with spiritual discernment and simultaneously to cause no spiritual harm either to their fellow believers or to those goats who are yet ignorant of the Truth. This is a Biblical example of those that walk as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” either out of being deceived “leaning unto their own understanding” and/or they simply are the very “wolves” they claim to stand against. As Neon said, there is a HUGE difference between spiritual discernment and rebuking a fellow believer and passing judgment. Only the ignorant or those deceived throw out the “Judge not lest you be judged” as a deflection against being called out for questionable or obviously sinful behavior.

  11. Neon, your work made the news again this morning at The Gateway Pundit. Also, JZ Knight has had the video you linked taken down due to a copyright violation.

  12. Talk loud, interrupt, accuse, its all ridiculous rationalizations and juvenile defenses. You wouldn’t be that defensive if you knew what you were doing was the right thing. All means all? No, it doesn’t. Pedophiles? Murderers? Rapists? Stick them with some cannibals and see if they still say all means All. They are purposefully making the Q people look crazy. Shows how easily some can be corrupted. Thanks for standing up to this embarrassment. Make no mistake, they are an embarrassment.

  13. I missed the reason praying medic is on your list of nogoodniks. What exactly is his offense. Im not disagreeing, I have never listened to Matrixx or Shady, but I have listened to PM. I like his videos, but am never sure when someome is adding preaching and healing videos along with the rest.

  14. #1 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (Eph 5:11). These two aren’t reproving they are defending.
    #2 Giving a lecture on occultic bloodlines to those who practice the occult? That is the crux of the issue for me. These ppl practice the occult, they aren’t genuinely looking to expose elite occultic bloodlines that would jeopardize their own practices.
    #3 JZKnight is an infiltrator. Anyone with an ounce of discernment can see that the DS has evolved in strategies from attacking to infiltrating.
    #4 There is no Ramtha audience compared to that of the Q movement. Never heard of them before, what little I know is ridiculously profane and anti-Christ, by their own admission. It’s not judgment if you believe their own testimony. You point out that they all have the internet today, I’m going to say they are a very minute new age group, holding very little influence.
    #5 Spreading Q is not the goal to saving our republic/world. Spreading Jesus Christ our Lord is. God is on the march and He is exposing all whose hearts are not turned perfectly towards Him. Q/Trump is a tool in the hands of the Lord. Let’s not get it twisted.

  15. Man oh man who is gullible enough to believe in a lizard spirit or whatever that witch is claiming she channels as far as i can see she only channels dollars into her bank account thanks for the heads up and i thought they were reliable damn i hate being suckered but luckily couldn’t afford any of their merch so no loss there besides here in South Africa we really have the tip of the spear up against our throats at the moment and are trying our best to stand up the fight back here has only now begun so i can’t afford the time or money to listen to charlatans keep the information coming Neon bye bye matrixxx

  16. I admire your work. I have limited my following to Spaceshot, red pill 78, serial brain and you. I can not imagine how much time you must spend preparing your articles, but I thank you for your work. I am also glad you separate the online drama from your work, needless to say I enjoy the work and make an effort to avoid those who bear false prophets. I think the fruit of you’alls labor will be ripe for harvest in the very near future. Italy, UK, Australia, and who’s next.

  17. When they laughed at the fact that “conservatives” read The Daily Beast, I LOL at them!!! I’m a 65 yr old independent & read ALL points of view ; something these “youngsters” need to learn to do!!! They need to not only learn to read opposing points of view but to LISTEN as well! Keep on keepin’, Neon!!

  18. I always am so blessed to read your posts here. I can’t imagine the time and effort it takes to create these glorious pieces. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. What in the hell did I just see? JZ in a chair with a mic spouting some inane evil crap with her affected accent. I’m actually feeling sorry for her “followers”. You’d have to be operating with a severely damaged IQ, both intellectually and emotionally to believe anything the charlatan has to say.
    This woman is a grifter, absolutely. It boggles the mind that folks can not see through her SHTICK. So many souls are completely lost and latch on to whatever feels mommy or daddy-ish.
    JZ recognized that long, long ago and has been padding her bank accounts with $$ from the lost and longing.
    Am I correct in believing the man, on stage with the guitar…waving the group with Q shirts up to the stage is part and parcel of this ramtha cult? If so I am beyond DISGUSTED, but not really surprised. Did y’all notice their collective blank, ga ga faces as they blindly followed along with whatever he was spewing?
    For those of us researching by digging 24/7/365 even prior to Oct 2017 but becoming laser focused since Q stepped on to the scene……I take massive offense when cheaters, grifters and charlatans attach themselves to us as they pick and choose a post here, a post there. These liars want in and will weasel themselves a space by spouting allegiance knowing pretty much nothing but $ signs. Can they even navigate the chans? Doubtful!

    WORSE even than [THEIR] fake support and allegiance to Q is their PROFITING from ANONS arduous and ongoing work. It incenses me more than I could ever explain. These were those snotty nosed spoiled A.F. BRATS who cheated their way through school and life in general. They are the icd.9 NARCISSISTS, SOCIOPATHS with definite PSYCHOPATHY underlying every action they will take in order to not just get a piece of the pie but, the entire pie!
    These certifiables could have been most dangerous to the entire almost 3 years of unending work and it makes me furious!
    As in M.I. I could not have developed and deployed a better way to destroy a movement as large as this.
    Knight/ramtha or whoever these Jim Jones’ are just wreaks of clowns and/or moss, secret circle crap or whatever stench.

    Yep, kinda brilliant or I should say…. “It COULD have been brilliant”….
    I laughably end this by saying “TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE…LOSERS”.
    Thankfully, we’ve got Neon & other originals on our side. We also have TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY. Yeehaw.
    Because (and y’all can take this to the bank)…
    I praise him every single day of my life. Even more so since learning the disgusting SRA/pedos/pedovore/organ trafficking truth…..and so on.
    Thank you Neon, from my heart.


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