Leave the #QULT, @InTheMatrixxx and @Shadygrooove! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Leave the #QULT, @InTheMatrixxx and @Shadygrooove! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

I swear, I’ve been prepared for this journey into Qland in ways I never could have ever foreseen or imagined…

Occasionally, I find it useful to reference popular works of fiction in my writings, and it gives me a launching pad that’s sometimes easier for an audience to relate to, rather than just opening up with heavier concepts. Q often does this with movies, and I’ve used a fair share of video game references over time. Deus Ex and X-Com spring immediately to mind, which is no surprise given the subject matter of both those series delves into “conspiratorial” territory. (Speaking of which, the Navy just launched a satellite and named it X-COM, in honor of the game. I felt like I was getting a shout out for that. Read more about that here).

But even with all that in mind, I never thought I’d be referencing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis in any of my lead-ins to any of my Q-related articles, that’s for sure.

For those unfamiliar, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is what the fourth Indiana Jones movie should have been, which takes you on an adventure around the world, before ultimately landing you in a race against the Nazis to find the lost city of Atlantis. It’s a great concept, littered with actual historical references, tense scenarios, and great characters.

One of those characters is a medium by the name of Sophia Hapgood; an ex of Indy’s and expert on Atlantean culture who has recently pivoted to “channeling” the spirit of an Atlantean demigod she calls Nur-ab-sal.

She’s a charlatan, she knows she’s a charlatan, but after ruining her conference and outing her as a fraud, Indy still needs her help to find an ancient artifact, when they both find her apartment ransacked by the Nazis. They get caught up in this adventure together, and well… anyway, watch the scene below. (The video should cue up for you at the right spot, but if it doesn’t, jump to 10:07 and watch a bit from there. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, but skip around between the 10 and 20 minute mark to get the general idea):


Got all that?

Now meet the woman who, I believe, inspired the character of Sophia Hapgood: one JZ Knight, as she was on the Merv Griffin show, back in the day:

Now, the first warning bell that should be flashing in your head right now is the fact that she was on Merv Griffin’s show in the first place. For those who don’t know. Griffin was a member of the Bohemian Grove, and one which was particularly vital towards its operations. According to CDAN, it was at Griffin’s home where they would store blackmail files on all the members, and where they would hold the boys they procured for their yearly events. We would talk about this on Gab to some extent, but I think it’s safe to say that Griffin was something of an “activist” (recall what Obama called Jimmy Kimmel in his RED video) in his time, promoting Cabal-affiliated people through the media.


If you want another example of what I mean, recall Oprah’s reporting on John-of-God, in Brazil.

Of course, we all know how that turned out:

‘John of God’ cult leader allegedly ran child sex slave farm

A cult leader known as “John of God” has been accused of running a sex slave farm and selling babies to the highest bidder on the black market. Joao Teixeira de Faria was arrested a week after over 600 allegations were made against him in what prosecutors say could be the worst serial crimes case in Brazil’s history.

In essence, the tactic here is to get “Activists” to promote “Jonestown-type” cult leaders on the airwaves, and rope in potential followers who otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to these “leaders” and their “teachings” any other way. We’re talking about casting a wide net here, so bored, lonely, weak-minded, or otherwise wounded people get reeled in by a charismatic leader. So its questionable as to why Griffin would have Knight on in the first place.

But for those unfamiliar, JZ Knight is a woman who claims to channel an entity known as “Ramtha,” who she claims is some 35,000 years old, and who originally hailed from the lost continent of Mu. (It’s easy to see where the game designers might have gotten their “inspiration” for their Hapgood character, seeing as this interview came out some five years before the game was initially developed. Instead of Ramtha, make the character channel Nur-ab-sal. Instead of Mu, make this entity come from Atlantis. Instead of dressing like a Mormon reject, make the character more like Rita Hayworth, and throw her in a leather bomber jacket).

Knight would go on to start Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in 1987, out near Yelm, Washington, and today her program boasts thousands of students, many of whom live on-site at the gated compound (called “The Farm),” as “Capstone members” of the community.

Knight herself lives in a 12,800 sq-foot home, next to the 80 acre compound, and, from Ramtha.com”

To become a Current Student of RSE you must first Attend or Stream a Class 101: Remarkable Mind Event. After completing the Class 101 event you must complete one of Step 2 event options to become a Current Student

Of course, you have to pay to take these classes, but not before handing over your personal information, at which point you can either attend in person, or stream her classes online.

To become a capstone member, my understanding is that you have to first pay for the Step 1 and Step 2 classes, and then pay $600 dollars per Capstone event.

Definitive prices are hard to find, but my source says that living on the compound itself costs upwards of $5000 per year.

So… yeah, people pay to take these classes, they pay to live in a compound, and they pay to take more classes while living on the compound.

From the Wikipedia page on Ramtha’s school of Enlightenment:

Former students of the school have accused the RSE of practicing brain-washing and mind-control, as well as using intimidation and fear techniques to keep students in the school. David McCarthy, a student of the RSE between 1989 and 1996, calls Knight a “spiritual predator”, and he mentions various parts of the teachings which had an intimidative character, such as the prophecy that unless students remain faithful to Ramtha, they will become prey of the “lizard people”, and that the ancient figure of Jehovah would return to earth accompanied by lizard people, in a spaceship. The former students (including David McCarthy and Joe Szimhart) have formed an online community, Life After RSE (LARSE), to provide support for people who have quit the school and find themselves lost.

Here’s a 2-part interview with Glen Cunningham, JZ Knight’s former bodyguard. These are lengthy, so if you don’t have the time to watch them, a written summary follows below, after the videos:


Megan Hansen, writing for the Cult Education Institute, would say this of the interview:

An online interview with a former Ramtha School of Enlightenment “insider” is taking a critical jab at channeler JZ Knight.

The group Life After RSE, or LARSE, plans to post a taped interview this week with Glen Cunningham, a former bodyguard for JZ Knight.

Members of LARSE said they are hoping Cunningham’s video will prompt others to step forward and share experiences.

Cunningham, a former Yelm councilman and current president-elect of the Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce, was a student at RSE in the 1980s, but left in 1991.

In the video, he claims that throughout his time at the school he knew Ramtha didn’t exist.

“I met JZ too fast,” Cunningham said. “Once you meet JZ you know Ramtha isn’t real.”

“I never saw Ramtha do anything supernatural or extraordinary.”

“(Knight) is a very charismatic person,” he said. “You want to be around her until you get to know her.”

“(But) she’s a drama queen; she likes to have drama in her life.”

Cunningham said he believes that Knight has a photographic memory.

Cunningham said he once found books under Knight’s bed, with sections highlighted. The next week, he said he heard Ramtha repeat those phrases, verbatim, during an event.

“Someone who has a memory like that is incredible,” Cunningham said.

“I think she reads and knows what she’s doing and gets lost in Ramtha.”

Cunningham also talks about instances he claims revealed that Knight was “acting” as Ramtha.

One day, out in a field, Cunningham said he saw Knight, as Ramtha, scratch her eye in an ultra-feminine way.

When Knight noticed Cunningham watching, he said, she immediately stopped, like she knew she messed up.

“The more tired Ramtha gets, the more JZ comes out,” he said.

While Cunningham admits he never believed Ramtha was real, he did learn things while attending RSE.

“I thought the philosophies were fantastic,” Cunningham said.

“I realized you’re never mad at anyone else, always yourself.”

Cunningham also said that he considers RSE to be a cult.

“It’s just like any other cult,” he said. “All the things they do now are cult activities.”

“I saw 1,200 people who would drink the Kool-Aid,” he said in the online video.

One-time insider tells RSE experience

An online interview with a former Ramtha School of Enlightenment “insider” is taking a critical jab at channeler JZ Knight. The group Life After RSE, or LARSE, plans to post a taped interview this week with Glen Cunningham, a former bodyguard for JZ Knight.


Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment primarily supports itself by selling these classes at which JZ Knight “channels” Ramtha, and then Ramtha speaks, dispensing “wisdom” to the audience. They also sell a ton of merchandise; DVDs, books, etc.

One of these books is The Last Waltz of the Tyrants, written by “Ramtha,” which Knight has taken to promoting on her personal site by saying that it’s the number one book according to #QAnon’s Tripcode book list:

QAnon’s Tripcode book list?

What’s that, you night be wondering?

Well… it was something I never really covered last year because I didn’t put too much stock in it, but basically, it was a theory that was being tossed around by various Qresearchers at the time, suggesting that Q’s ID’s and Tripcodes would all point to various books, if you were to enter them in to a Google Books search, and that these books were somehow tangentially related to the subjects Q was talking about at the time.

Jordan Sather put together a video on the subject last year, but like I said, I thought it was a load of hooey, so I just filtered it out and moved on with more important stuff, rather than bogging my readers down with it.

But some in the wider Q-community clung to this notion and started compiling lists of books… Evidently over a thousand at this point.

Well, it seems JZ Knight took notice of this, and started to sell her own book (excuse me, “Ramtha’s” book), by claiming it was “number 1” on Q’s list. Here’s an archive of her post on her website where she makes this claim:

JZ Knight.com is JZ Knight’s Official Web Site ” Ramtha’s Last Waltz …

JZ Knight.com is JZ Knight’s Official Web Site, Contact Information, and Blog where you can find personal information about JZ Knight, President of JZK, Inc., as well as radio and TV interviews, press releases, media articles, and current news reports about her and her public activities.

To be 100% clear, I think the “Q book list” theory is trash, and it has never once been recognized or confirmed by Q himself.

But here’s JZ Knight using it to market her book anyway.

Furthermore, JZ Knight would go on to actually invite singer/songwriter JT Wilde to perform some of his original Q-related music at an event on “the Farm” recently.

Here’s the WWG1WGA song Wilde put together a while back, for reference, if you need that to jostle your memory:

I have no idea how much it cost to join this event, nor where all these people got the same Q-shirts from, but needless to say…

I find this very disturbing:

Here’s a screenshot advertising the event at Ramtha.com, which states that Wilde’s appearance was in conjunction with an event entitled “Genesis,” at which “Ramtha,” that 35,000 year old entity from Mu, would be channeled by Knight, live:


So clearly, Knight is trying to move into the Q-space and hitch her Ramtha-wagon to Q.

Which I find… just… so profoundly disturbing in and of itself.

Whether she’s genuine in her beliefs (and perhaps suffering under some kind of mental disorder), or if she’s a cynical charlatan exploiting the weakminded for profit, or if she’s just another CIA-backed Jim Jones clone (that is, a Monarch Mind Control experiment), well… I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

What can not be denied is that many, many, many people over the years have called this Ramtha School a cult, and JZ Knight, a cult leader.

All this is out there, in the open, and has been reported and repeated in many venues…

Which makes what I have to say next the most disturbing thing I’ve seen yet, because it involves two prominent members of the Qcommunity who should have known better than to get involved with this organization.

Both have agreed to travel to “The Farm” and speak at a for-profit event there, which is, as of this writing, a little under a month-and-a-half away. From the Ramtha School’s Website:



For whatever reason, InTheMatrixxx and ShadyGroove have decided that it would be a good idea for them to hook up with what some have called a “cult” and spread Q-related messages there, on stage, for exorbitant fees.

I mean, really, just break down the cost alone. We don’t have the price for the 101 class, but a Capstone membership costs 600 dollars.

With the 20% discount, that’s an 80 dollar ticket on top of the 600 dollar membership, all to hear InTheMatrixxx and ShadyGroove prattle on about the Payseurs for an hour, hour-and-a-half, or whatever.

That’s almost 700 dollars for info that’s already everywhere, for free.

And how did Knight hook up with InTheMatrixxx and Shadygroove?

Well, she started splashing that cash in their direction on their livestreams, donating money in repeated hundred-dollar chunks:

I think that money got their attention.

(And I’m not against making money, folks. Not by any stretch of the imagination. People have to eat and pay the bills. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it).

Of course, Shady and Matrixxx are welcome to clarify how they got involved with JZ Knight and the Ramtha school, if they would like.

But really, Matrixxx, Shady, you should absolutely not under any circumstance be affiliating with that school, or with Knight herself.

(And just a sidenote for Matrixxx and Shady here: I realize the Payseur stuff was something of a “home-run” in terms of research, but be honest: you guys weren’t the only ones [or even the original ones] to dig that info up, and it’s been almost a year old at this point. The rest of the researchers moved on to other digs long ago. You can’t keep reliving your “glory days).”

But beyond that, you guys just have to know how this looks.

You have to know how often Qresearchers get maligned as joining a #Qult.

You have to be aware of how often the #MediaScabs have relentlessly attacked Q-followers as being Cultists, or rather, #Qultists.

And now you two, both very prominent members of the QCommunity, are going to go to the gated headquarters of an “organization” run by a woman who claims to be channeling a 35,000 year old spirit, and whose members have to pay for the privilege of living onsite and attending classes, to the tunes of thousands of dollars every year?

This image doesn’t adequately convey my rage over this, but…

I’m just going to say it:

I don’t care what it costs you guys, but you both need to immediately cancel your appearance there and cut off all contact with Knight and the Ramtha school moving forward. This can be in no uncertain terms. Full stop. It has to end.

Because you can’t legitimately go on a stage and rail against the Payseurs, when that stage is owned by an organization that has friggin’ THIS as their logo:

Oh, what’s that, you want me to say it louder?


What’s the matter, am I not coming through?

Well let me try again…



I mean, really, Matrixxx and Shady?


I wish I didn’t have to write crap like this, but if you guys don’t cancel this appearance and sever all ties with this organization, I’ll consider you enemies of the Qmovement moving forward.

And that brings the grand total of prominent, respected Qresearchers I’ve “attacked” in the past few months to THREE.

And right before the release of my book, too.


Seriously guys, I could have kept my mouth shut about all of them and likely reeled in endorsements for my book.

But I’m glad to lose the endorsements if it means keeping the community health and safe, heading off potential deep-state attacks, and keeping my integrity intact.

Make your choice, Matrixxx and Shady, and make it quick. I shouldn’t have even had to write this in the first place.


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53 thoughts on “Leave the #QULT, @InTheMatrixxx and @Shadygrooove! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Damn… I think the money probably caught the eye of matrixxx. Something in that guys voice rubs me the wrong way. Much prefer Qlounge. You’re right about the Payseur stuff, it’s gone nowhere since.

  2. Ahhhhhh JZ Knight…when we were stationed at Ft Lewis we lived in Yelm..all the locals thought she was crazy with her “lizard people coming out of Mt Ranier talk”..Shirley McClain was one of her groupies at one time..small world hearing her name again..she also had or maybe still has a boutique in Yelm..beautiful things but super expensive..

  3. Don’t know Shady too much, but Matrixxx?? I remember this woman on Merv Griffin. I thought it was an act. Now I KNOW it’s an act and they are falling for it. I’m really dissappointed.

    • I think they are falling for the money rather than the act. I mean such stupid people would not have been able to fool the clever Q community would they?

  4. I feel like I have been violated. Being disturbed is an understatement. Lately, many of the posts on the Research Board have caused me quite a bit of concern. Between the shills and the those who still can’t decide if Q is a larp, after all this time, I sometimes don’t know who or what to believe. Don’t get me wrong–I’m as loyal to Q as any anon, but I guess what I am looking for is some kind of guidance. I trust you completely NR, and my words could never quite express my thanks to you for writing the truth. I pray that Matrixxx and Shady follow your advice, but How will I know their decisions? Thanks for everything. When my SS check comes in, I will be sure to support you in as much as I can.

  5. Neon, I like that you question others that follow Q. That cult sounds like bad news that I never heard from IntheM as to their “special announcements”… I listen to IntheM…YT vids each day with a kernel of doubt in my mind as to their real intentions. They may be pure as the driven snow, IDK. But the red shoes, the slick website and the lack of real answers about Pederson red shoes event made me to never donate to them.
    The only one to make me crack open up my dusty spider webbed wallet is you at the lowest level. Also, I have a nice hat and will buy the book. Tell the printer to hurry the f up.
    Thanks bro from someone who commented I would take you over my knee for acting up. Just spreading some love.

  6. Wow, just wow. This is very disturbing to me. I came across JZ Knight some years ago. And yeah, It didn’t take me long to peg her as a charlatan.

    Thank you NeonRevolt for bringing it to our attention.

  7. JUST WOW. I did not know THIS!! JZ is trying to compromise our movement. I always suspected her to be a DS operation. Hell Her place is literally called “The Farm” Why would they agree to go in to such a place. The More U know.

  8. Wow, what a shame. Shady and Matrixxx are definitely going to lose support if they go ahead with this. Hey guys, please cancel!!

  9. I can’t even begin to thank you enough!! My Husband and I have been so disturbed by how we felt towards them lately. They were one of our first we followed. This can be tricky but if we are patient it always comes to light! Again…Thanks so very much. I know this has weighed heavy on you and I pray you will trust your heart at all times.
    Loyal to the end and your Frenz
    Beth and Michael

  10. InTheMatrix is a lame controlled opposition paytriot shill… I told u this already neon…

    Why do u think he pushes the lame muh “payseur runs the world” crap STILL to this day?

    Payseur doesn’t run sh*t and is essentially just a faceless holding company for assets transferred long ago…

    Do you really think Q is saying “focus on Payseurs, the Payseurs are the key, the Paseurs are the top of the pyramid”, all because he reposted someone’s question asking “is P = Payseur”?

    Why is disinfo necessary?
    Why does Q never come back and get Anons to focus on P = paysuer if it were such a big deal?
    Who sits in a literal chair and runs a satanic world church that Q focuses on much more than some dead French holding company family that dumb shills like shady and matrixx push???

    • I do not follow J.Z. Knight (et al) precisely BECAUSE I understand what she is doing. Yes, she is shearing the sheep. BUT… she is doing it by channeling a very real “entity” (a.k.a. a devil).

      For more insight see the documentary “Megiddo 2: The New Age” by Chris Pinto of Adullam Films.


  11. What a shame. Shady and Matrixxx are going to lose support if they go through with this. Guys, please cancel!!!

  12. Funny JZ Knight donated $10 grand to the Go Fund Me for Trump’s Border Wall. Merv gave great pillowtalk interviews.

  13. If as many people claim to be Christian as i often see in the posts how is it possible to be fooled into believing a woman can channel spirits especially since it clearly states in any Bible God has warned us these things are to be avoided at all costs it’s that simple a true Christian would never fall for it as they should know that God has warned his people to have nothing to do with magicians, palm readers, fortune tellers, mystics etc and she clearly falls into one of those categories i’m extremely surprised that Matrixx and Shady have bought into this crap but i suppose the lure of easy money is used as bait to entice them into being unwittingly and unknowingly used by the cabal to sow doubt and dissent among the patriot movement at least i hope they are being duped but i guess you’ll find out by their response to your expose of this fraudulent charlatan whether or not they exercise caution and ditch their plans to participate btw what is the verdict on praying medic since you dropped that bomb i haven’t seen anything definitive about his true nature with regards to the patriot movement is he is or is he ain’t

    • Stay away from those 2, period. I had been hearing they are not good several months ago and they have fooled a whole lot of people. Follow this one on twitter, @bigredwave and @msmogul…He is close to President Trump and gives warnings of who should not be trusted.. And yes, warn others if you can to avoid those and about PM. I hate that some good Ytubers and others that I like got hooked and can’t see the fraud. We are seeing way to many charlatans out there and you have to find multiple sources to know who you can trust..You really can’t just stick with one or 2, I was deceived with some also.. You have to go on Ytube and twitter, but if you follow those above on twitter you will learn the fakes. I think he is on the inside and just watch to see who he retweets, that is the best I can tell you.. Also Watch Abel Danger, he may talk rough, but he is in the KNOW on many things, listen to his agents call him ( they are insiders too). Rough language does not bother my ears as a believer, but lies do. God hates lying lips.
      Flee from those others as fast as you can and do not go back whatever they choose to do. So, we do need more vocal people to step up and make it loud and clear who they really are. We have been deceived for too long to let some fake Q people lead us astray. As Q says, be careful who you follow.
      This is discernment, you think they are only into making money and they show up at a cult??? Be wiser than that, they must be a part something worse. Use your judgement.

  14. Shady and InTheMatrixx also spent some time with War Drummer after he stopped reading SerialBrain2. When War Drummer started going off SB2 script, I got a creepy feeling from him. Shady and InTheMatrixx association with WD put me off on them. I listened to their site recently and had a nagging thought that something not quite right with them.

    • Same here. SB2 wants nothing to do with WD and I can see why. It’s important not to support or appear associated with someone who is going against the movement you are working to help grow. Not only that, but when you go to one of these paytriot’s personal platforms, you expose yourself to hacking & tracking software like Capstone and Angelfire. I believe Q is using Capstone to get intel from blackhats (such malware tracks keystrokes, too). If there is infiltration in the real Qult and they are using Angelfire there’s no cure for your computer once it’s infected. jus sayin

  15. Can hardly wait for the book!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah, guys, there are better ways to make a living and promote Q than helping a freaking cult. Sheesh.

  16. Years ago, I heard that Kissinger was creating ways to “capture” people’s minds after the 60s movement proved that religion wasn’t going to be able to be used to manipulate so much anymore, so he came up w The New Age, (rehashed it from Blavatsky, really) and one of the people involved in tweaking minds was Ramtha, among others of that era…

  17. My brother lived in Yelm, and I lived in Oly for a year visiting him. Yeah, we saw the compound and figured a lot of freaks from Evergreen State (Go Geoducks!) would end up there eventually, lol.
    As a Boomer Prot who is supposedly wrong about everything, I’ll just leave me $.02 and move along. There is a Qult essence in too much of the “Great Awakening” without even getting into charlatans. We see infighting developing, true and false patriots (paytriots?), and cliquish behavior outside of the boards where anonymity ends. My main beef is and always has been appropriation of religious terms for temporal political gains, no matter how significant. “The Greatest Story Ever Told” is not a Q video, it is a movie about the life of Christ from 1965. “The Great Awakening” was a massive revival in in the 1700s, and Jonathan Edwards’ “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God” is one of the legacies handed down to us from it. Powerfull sermon that left ’em weeping, back when Anglicans cared about such things. I just saw a video from a 23 yo woman, Probably Alexandra, former Marilyn Manson acolyte less than a decade removed, and although I don’t subscribe to all she believes bible prophecy wise, she makes valid points about the “cult of Kek (Egyptian frog god) and Pepe”. If the Apostle John didn’t say he saw frogs coming out of the mouths of false prophets it would all be moot. Except he did. Probably a coincidence but a reminder to stay vigilant in all things.
    Root for the good, work for the good, but don’t put your faith in men. Especially not now. No matter what is revealed, no matter how many are imprisoned or swing, the pendulum will also swing, and this so called Great Awakening will be (again) temporal.

  18. Maybe they plan to show up with some huge digs on this JZ Knight lady and her donors/paymasters, Bohemian Grove/Griffin etc. I’d admire their stones if they did.

    If we never hear from them after the event maybe that’s what they planned to do.

  19. i love your work, your humor, your authentic language, your warnings, your humility, your hat and your entire catalog, and will pledge today on SubscribeStar. Each article i run with scissors through the gamut of feels.

  20. Neon Revolt, you are an awesome researcher! But you truly need to learn how to be a TEAM PLAYER.
    Did you bother to contact Inthe Matrixxx and Shady Grove in PRIVATE about their error before shaming them in public? And in the form of a permanent record like this? How would you feel if someone did that to you?
    Bad form, Neon!
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    ““If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the [community]; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.” (Matt. 18:15-17)
    You know, Where we go one, we go ALL.
    Did you know they honored you in their broadcast yesterday.
    Your method for dealing with this is very disappointing..

  21. Didn’t know JZ Knight was still around since the 80’s. Now she’s courting Q. Great. :/
    Disagreed about the PM post previously, and I think I’ve been proven right, but this is legit.
    Hooking up with JZ Knight is poison.
    Any serious person should know better.
    But then there are people that follow Serial Brain 2 gematria idiocy, so… what can you do?
    Just point it out and explain why it’s bad.

  22. Great. Anons get trashed enough without this crap.
    Lets just hand the MSM a reason to call us psychos.

  23. Embarrassing and disturbing. I believe its meant to be. Either they are showing who they have always been or they are showing how easily they are corrupted. There is no getting around that. Just another way to attack Q. At least we are aware of this.

  24. Look. I’m not one for slamming other Q followers.

    But NeonRevolt makes some excellent points.

    And, frankly, if you are making money off of Q by doing ANYTHING other than selling T-Shirts, coffee cups, and other swag with cool memes, then you are missing the boat.

    I have made exactly $0 from Q.

    I spend an easy 4-6 hours a day posting and researching.

    I’m not super well known, but I like to think I contribute: https://twitter.com/RUAnonymous1/status/1118603625687855105


    Because this is my country.

    We are in an existential fight for the soul of America itself.

    Our freedom and Constitutional liberties are at stake.

    This is not about profit.

    This is about saving the nation.

    For ourselves.

    For our children.

    For our neighbors.

    For the American Dream itself.

    So nobody should hate on NeonRevolt for pointing out sketchy activity.

    I happen to think the Q Book Club is the real deal (not flawless or infallible [read with a grain of salt], just public domain info on topics that Q knows has some validity).

    But that does not validate the shyster New Age crap.

    Yes, there is stuff we don’t understand.

    Definitely aliens.

    Maybe a secret space program.

    Maybe psychic powers, angels, demons, spirits, and all the woo-woo.

    It’s fairly obvious the Electrical Engineering and Physics textbooks have been fucked with and various patents suppressed.

    So, who knows?

    Not me.

    But, if we don’t stay FACT FOCUSED and deal with the PRIORITIES immediately in front of us, we LOSE.

    I’m not going out like that.

    I’m a Christian. Not a fundamentalist literalist aliens must be demons Christian. But a Jesus had an awesome message and probably was divine Christian. I’m down with Buddhism and Judaism. Great paths to God.

    Other than that, I don’t know.

    And neither does anyone else.

    Without tangible proof it’s just a sales job.

    Don’t get sold.

    Don’t get distracted.

    Stay focused on God and Country.

    That’s how we WIN.

    NeonRevolt- Keep up the good work.

    #maga #qanon #wwg1wga

    • The definition of Christian is that one believes for SURE that Jesus Christ was who He said He was — Son of God, Deity – God, etc. and therefore have surrendered your life to His teachings of the gospel and such as depicted in the New Testament of the Bible. Jesus said Himself that if we’re not “for” Him totally, we’re against Him (Matthew 12). No middle ground. It cannot be “probably”. The Bible/Christianity is unique in it’s claims re Jesus being resurrected from the dead and prophesied about thousands of years before in detail (Old Testament). It can be proven to be true without reasonable doubt (look up “Apologetics”). No other religion claims such things….for a reason.
      All other religions are contradictory when it comes to our “salvation” – where we spend eternity and not “paths to God” of the Bible.

  25. What about their close affiliates who stick up for their legitimacy like Lisa Mey and Joe M? I heard Sather has recently gone off the rails for $$$$ too. Then, that poisons things he’s involved with like Edge of Wonder…We need to watch and see who stays with Shady and Paytrixxx to sort this Qult out.

  26. Good news! Pray, thank God and proclaim:

    Isaiah 44:24, 25, where He shows His Sovereignty and destroys the works and influence of diviners and false prophets.

    Ezekiel 13, where God promises to utterly destroy the Structures of Witchcraft/Sorcery, the Builders, Deceivers and their false “power”.
    AND He promises to Rescue His People Who Listen To Lies.

  27. That came as a shock to me! Wow, how on earth can these two fall for this rouse to clearly paint Q followers as members of a conspiracy far right supremacist cult called Q! Neon is right! DON’T DO IT…

  28. For the Q anon book theory to be trash would require a staggering number of incredibly improbable coincidences, and we all know what Q thinks of those.

    Not a fan of Ramtha, but saying JZ must be connected to the cabal because she appeared on Merv Griffin’s talk show is surprisingly weak coming from you. One might as well accuse Trump of the same on the basis of him having had business dealings with the man.

    JZ is no Edgar Cayce, but she did in fact prophesize that Trump was here to neutralize the deep state before Q came along.

  29. I agree with Sylvie310. Not everyone is on the up and up. It’s hard to figure out who’s who. Who’s accusing who of posting as Q. Who’s accusing who of ripping people off. I asked someone I follow her opinion about Praying Medic being accused of posting as Q… She never answered and neither did her followers. That’s why I appreciate when you do articles like this. I already knew inthematrixx was just using Q as a moneymaker. Thank you Neon!

  30. Neon, I heartily applaud your fervor for keeping the movement pure. Like you, my initial reaction was one of shock and revulsion. After some sober contemplation, however, I concluded you may be treating Matrix and Shady a bit unfairly on this issue, for the following reasons:
    1. Where do we go to ‘evangelize’ if not to the lost? This could be an opportunity to red-pill a lot of semi-cloistered folk.
    2. Mere association does not imply endorsement. Would we not rail, you or I, if someone were to judge us by the company we keep or the business associations we create? Now, if they come back from the speaking gig and start spouting a bunch of Ramtha crap, I’m out, no question. But can’t we give them an opportunity here and see how they comport themselves?
    3. OK, they’re getting paid. Fine. Is it not written, “do not muzzle the ox when he is treading out the grain,” and, “the workman is worthy of his hire?”
    4. According to Shady, you had a means of messaging him and could have voiced your concern privately without putting the whole movement in an uproar. Why didn’t you? As a previous poster mentioned, that would have been much more gracious, fair, and quite possibly more effective than a public dressing-down. I think you got a little out over your skis on this one, bud.
    5. I’ll give you this: Matrix can be a little self-indulgent at times. And the decodes have been a little on the weak side lately if you ask me. And yes, the Payseur stuff may be wearing a bit thin at this point. In their defense, however, these guys are doing a fantastic job of building community, which is something the movement desperately needs. I also believe they have a heart to serve that community, our anon community. In my mind that goes a long way toward covering a few missteps and possible errors in discernment. So, I don’t know, maybe the “enemy of the movement” thing is a bit too harsh? Just sayin’.

    Parting thought: yes, we get called Qultists, and I appreciate your deep frustration over prominent members of the movement freely associating with those in a true cult. But the shills are going to say what the shills are going to say, regardless of the reality of what WE say or do! Nothing we can do about that, so we might as well go, say, and do where we can have the greatest impact.

    Thanks for all you do Neon, for your keen insights and hard work,and for taking the time to read this. Be blessed!

  31. Neon, love the article but you went too easy on Matrix and Shady. They have been abusing patriots on Discord servers for months now. It’s all about the money with them….they don’t care about the research or the movement. His former research team can tell you all about what they have done.

  32. Agree their association not wise and warned against in the Bible but who knows their true intent and that doesn’t negate some of the truths they post, etc. Countless people who profess to be Christians don’t know the scriptures hardly at all and they may truly think this is “good” somehow by going into the “lions den” that would enlighten others & bring them to their senses – which I doubt very much but…..
    on the surface looks like it’s the money, yes.
    For me, I don’t donate any money to any of them but do check for anything of “value”, not automatically believing unless I have other sources/common sense tells me otherwise. We all need to be super careful about what we spread. That’s what is harmful. A lot of Q posts are purposeful, necessary disinformation to fool the Deep State. The stuff that’s helpful are the subjects he brings up that we can research to get the truth about re the Illuminati, & politicians, Constitution facts, etc. and the things that prove they are legit so we can have more encouragement and spread patriotism, etc.

  33. Funny how 99% of the folks with the Paytriot accusations are the ones with the YT streams, and unabashedly put out their hats. What are the chances?

    There’s nothing wrong with readers/viewers showing their appreciation by backing folks, but vote with your wallets – everything you need is free, people…

    • But, but, but…. the ytubers seem so sincere and want to keep us informed and they just need a little help…… I help a bunch of them. Can’t help myself. But I see your point VoxDawg and agree with you on this. In a gentle and loving way, my son calls me an enabler. I’m 74 and he is 54.

  34. I invariably suspect so-called “channelers” of foisting the products of their own imaginations.

  35. Is John Brennan the one Isaac kappy sold out America to, gave John Brennan some info about Trump/Q?
    Didn’t Isaac Kappy say he got a phone call from John Brennan after he was running from Seth Green and his friend?

  36. JZ Knight created a lot of controversy and hard feelings when she got into a high-level position at MUFON. Think what you will of UFOs, but MUFON and its predecessors have been serious, “nuts-and-bolts” types of researchers, and the installment of a woo-woo New Ager to an insider position rankled a lot of members.

  37. I guess we could have expected something like this, but it took me by surprise. Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul had incidents where people channeling demons tried to “help promote” their ministry.
    Q certainly does not need demonic promotion. Q does not need political-party promotion either, (which is often just a subset of the other).

  38. On a slightly different topic, I have been rehashing the “hacking” of the Sony emails in Hollyweird and also the hacking of celebrities photos to mine for embarrassing pix. I wondered if you neon had any thoughts about this? In hindsight knowing what I do now about the entertainment industry it seems like it might have been a warning to celebrities or industry insiders who were thinking about going off the reservation….

  39. Paying $5K a year ($416/mo) for room and board sounds pretty awesome, so I’m not sure this is the angle to take if you’re trying to demonstrate the “pay to play” concept. But that logo, man….anyone from the Q community who associates themselves with an organization that openly sports Illuminati symbolism is dead in the water.

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