#QAnon is GARBAGE! + #FreeTheBoomers? How about #ARRESTADAMGINGRICH (@Gingrich_of_PA) Instead!! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

An update before we get to the real meat, first! This is necessary, as it concerns what I previously wrote about Dougie Stewart, but I’ll try to make it as quick and as funny as possible before moving on.

Okay, okay, okay. I have to admit:

Turns out… I WAS WRONG!

And it’s true! I need to own it! See, unlike the Parasites working for outlets like The Daily Hambeast and the Washington Compost, I actually admit when I am wrong, and try to explain to my readers what happened in no uncertain terms. I don’t tuck my corrections away, never to be seen by anyone, and let my audience go away thinking the wrong thing. But Pobody’s Nerfect, and that includes yours truly, so I need to correct this discrepancy.

I jumped the gun a bit with the last article. It wasn’t intentional (as some will undoubtedly now claim) but upon seeing the (You) in the images lil’ Dougie Stewart tweeted out, I failed to check for a (You) next to the poster’s ID, which would indicate that he was actually the one posting.

Turns out, he was just being quoted in those images he posted.

In other words, we have no direct proof that Dougie posted those Antisemitic and violent images. So he’s vindicated on that front, for now.

However, we aren’t left empty-handed here. More on that in a moment.

I will say this much: the absolute panic that befell Dougie in the wake of my article coming out was hilarious to watch. Even when I’m demonstrably wrong, he still runs away like a coward. Just like how he ran away from Gab after I chased him away the first time! This time he again ran away from Twitter for hours upon hours only just making a reappearance after that span of time, (probably emboldened by the fact that the censors-that-be have locked my Twitter account for some time now, so he never has to face me head-on). But this time he retreated to Facebook, where he was apparently networking with “whales,” whatever that means these days (because Facebook is a burning dumpster fire which has no engagement and which no one uses any more).

But I’m curious… Hey Dougie, what’s your next fallback? Gonna go back to Myspace and try to convince Tom I’m some kind of villain?

Gonna hit up all your “pals” on Grindr?

Of course, that didn’t stop Dougie from sounding like someone pulling a sopping wet tampon from betwixt his legs, resorting to – get this – “incel” as like… a legitimate insult, before stopping up his flow with a wad of toilet paper because the dispenser at the Buzzfeed editorial bathroom was jammed:

Seriously Dougie, all that’s missing from this is calling yourself a #Pizzaslut and asking, “Aww, who hurt you, sweetie?”

Behold, the true face of Dougie Stewart, everyone!

Kinda looks like him, too, dontchya think?!

I kid, I kid…

But notice the #FreeTheBoomers hashtag at the end.

Funny how he followed that tweet up just two+ short hours later with some sick fantasy about pouring out vengeance out upon the heads of a thousand boomers!

Remarkable internal consistency, Dougie. Simply remarkable.

And the thing about the “Boomer” criticism you guys all use these days: just admit it. You Cabal-types would have never been clued in to the term if I hadn’t used it myself for the first time months ago, to criticize some bad habits some from that particular age group exhibit online. You guys aren’t even creative enough to think of your own insults. You have to even plagiarize me on that front, because your creative writing skills and pattern recognition are that poor! What a sad state of affairs! Really, I should charge you guys royalties, but let’s be honest:

No one reads or watches your crap anyway.

They’re all reading mine.

But I’m not here to talk about Doug’s dumb insults and contradictory thought processes.

I’m here to talk about how he actually messed up yet again in the wake of my article coming out.

See, I made an honest mistake in my article (which, upon further inspection, wasn’t even that far off base), but what I didn’t anticipate was that my article would then provoke Dougie into making further disastrous mistakes as a result of the spiraling panic he experienced upon it hitting the web. In truth, I should have expected it, considering how consistently stupid Dougie’s been over these many months, but all the same, I’m glad he’s still screwing up, because it gives me the perfect opportunity to expose this slimeball even more.

See, because what Dougie did was inadvertently doxx his chan ID, in his resulting panic across Twitter:

Replying to you, you say, Dougie?

Ahhhh, so then, by your own admission, you are ID 72240c in thread 6978!

After all, if he was responding to you…

That means, he was responding to this post, post >>5458439, which shows your ID as 72240c – same as the image above:

For those following along at home, this means Dougie’s ID in that thread – by his own admission, remember – had 31 equally pointless posts responding to the shill that night, bringing the grand total of wasted thread space up to 48 posts for that thread alone! You’re talking just shy of 10% of the thread volume wasted on these two windowlickers.

You can look at all the posts yourself on the thread link if you want, but they’re mostly all just shill bait, but there area few times worth noting where Dougie deviates from posting his crappy, half-baked “memes.”

A few times, for instance, he goes on to try and dissect QAnon posts, in order to make them say what he wants them to say. Here’s a perfect example:

Odd behavior for someone who claims Q is fake/dangerous, and needs to be taken offline, huh?

I also want to draw your attention to a series of posts here, wherein Doug takes on the role of “Spambot Analyst,” and where he admits to purposely “baiting” a “spambot” for the purposes of trying to determine if it has a human operator or not.

How noble of him, right?

Apart from the fact that he can’t link correctly on the chans, we now have a forensic posting history across multiple threads now thanks to Dougie’s inadvertent self-doxxing.

And again, he repeats himself, going over his efforts to “expose” this “bot operator.”


Now that’s strange…

Here, Dougie is presenting himself like he’s doing Anons and Q a favor by trying to “expose” a shill.

Why, he’s even gone to the trouble of tracking of tracking the shill across 5 threads:

So Dougie is presenting himself as some kind of helper here, doing noble work.

Meanwhile, at the same time, he’s posting over on Reddit about how he wants 8ch banned from the internet:

Very odd that Dougie would go to all the trouble of trying to help expose a shill, and thus help keep a “neo Nazi site online” (his words).

See, Dougie rages and rages and rages against Q and 8chan from the safety of his hugbox, but he wasn’t counting on having his efforts exposed by Anons. Prior to his inadvertent self-doxx, we only had a hunch he was posting as one of the shills in that thread. We had no hard proof.

Now, we have hard proof:

See how that works?

And this makes Dougie a very dishonest person, because on the boards, he tries to present himself one way – even actively twisting around Q’s words to suit his own purposes – but in public, he presents himself as this righteous crusader working hard to deplatform the “neo Nazis” and expose the “QLarp” in order to “#FreeTheBoomers.”

At the very least, he’s being profoundly dishonest.

At worst, he’s part of a larger, possibly state-funded disruption operation.

And if the latter is true, the question then becomes… Who is he working for? Given the subject matter he was posting that night, I think I have a decent idea… but I’ll reserve those thoughts for the time being.

(Better be careful and not let any more (You)‘s slip, Dougie).

Oh, I have no doubt that Dougie Stewart is actually working in tandem with the shill to disrupt the boards as I proposed in my original article, but it’s important to distinguish a hunch from hard evidence. True, we have no direct evidence implicating him as the Antisemitic poster, but Dougie still knows exactly what he’s doing by constantly responding to the shill, and it wouldn’t shock me at all to learn that it was someone posting right alongside Dougie, possibly even in the same exact room, or otherwise coordinating online via some kind of third party system, like Discord, or Slack, or what have you.

Because it boils down to this: every good Anon knows you never respond to the shills. The shills are often just bots that automatically respond to whoever takes the bait, so by responding to them, you multiply the problem and waste space on the boards, forcing the bakers to make new threads, faster. It’s obnoxious, it’s bad form, so real Anons don’t do that.

With Doug, he was deliberately responding to the shills in order to provoke responses (again, by his own admission).

And he was lying about his motives for doing so, while also lying about being an Anon.

Doug is not an Anon. He’s a disruptive loser, and a shill in his own right.

I noted on Gab that the shill has recently appended this line to their copypasta:

Pretty funny if you ask me.

So, thanks for playing the game, Dougie.  Consider this a mea culpa, but not an apology.

Go stick your head in a garbage disposal and flip the switch, Dougie. Especially given this, your most recent endeavor:

Seriously, you have all the optics of a toddler throwing a tantrum in the middle of a supermarket aisle because he didn’t get his Capri Suns.

Call it a wild hunch, but something tells me Q won’t bother with your demands, given that you’re about as intimidating as a… Microchip’s Ice cream cone. KEK.


Lest Dougie think his threat has intimidated me into backing down or blinking somehow…

…He should know this article was in development loooong before he started huffing and puffing and issuing empty threats. I have the Gab posts and server logs to prove it. Mere honest mistakes don’t amount to a hill of beans in any court of law – especially when a correction and clarification is issued – and especially after what you’ve already admitted to with your own words. So I’ll say this much: Judges tend not to have much patience for cartoon characters like you wasting their time, and who knows where this could really end up going, if, say, legal discovery were suddenly granted.

I’d also say the score of 2- 0 still stands, but nah. You’ve been bested again, even while I’ve owned up to my own unintentional mistakes; mistakes which, I’ll remind everyone once more, I wasn’t alone in thinking.

So let’s revisit the scoreboard, shall we?

Dougie Stewart: 0
Neon Revolt: 3

Believe me, Dougie, you’re a loser, and you’ll remain a loser so long as you choose to remain on this track. You’d lose any hypothetical case you presented because the real world isn’t the internet and actual judges aren’t impressed by your huffing and puffing, and no one cares about your bruised ego. Shockingly, actual society doesn’t function like a Kindergarten playground, where you can go running back to the teacher whenever someone exposes you as the fool you actually are. And after digging into everything much deeper since our last interaction, I think I have enough info in this article that, once in the hands of the proper authorities, could lead to your arrest any day now, Dougie.

That’s a fun thought; you, with your cartoon bobblehead, locked in a concrete cell, crying for mommy as you now consider joining up with literal skinheads just to preserve what’s left of your lower sphincter.

So what exactly do I know now?

Guess you’ll have to read on to find out.

Oh boy, we might even have to up that victory counter to 4 in short order! But who can really say!? If you choose to proceed, I’ll be more than happy to counter-sue you for every last dollar, given your malicious litigation. So now you’d be locked in a concrete cell, AND poor.

Oh, wait, that’s still gonna happen anyway…

But we can make it happen sooner, vs. later! That is, only if you want! =D


I’ve struggled massively with this article, and the twisted subject-matter within, for several days now, going over all the potential and likely angles in my head; trying to get to something that resembles some semblance of the truth. I’ll say this much up-front: I’ve certainly tried my best to cut through the cacophony of voices all screaming different narratives and stitch together the disparate pieces into something that made sense. I’m not sure I’ve accomplished that here, but… hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll see what I’m seeing.

Before we dive in, some necessary context, first. If you haven’t read my article on Michael Anton possibly being on QTeam, you absolutely need to first, before trying to tackle this one – at the very least, because we’ll be following someone who is (probably) the same Anon as before, for at least portions of this article. It shouldn’t take you long to digest at all, but it will help you understand where this article is coming from:

We also talked in the previous article about the recent controversy surrounding MAGA Coalition following #Qdrop 3222, which, if you need a reminder, looks like this:

And the earlier drop just two days prior:


I’ll try to avoid speculating too much here about who is in the wrong here, and just try to list the facts we know so far.

The first fact I think pretty much anyone following Q can agree on here is that Q is clearly highlighting MAGA Coalition as bad actors in all of this.

The question then becomes… who is connected to MAGACo? And this has been the point of contention among many Anons for the past two weeks or so, since these drops first landed. Among the characters “affiliated” with MAGACo (though, perhaps not organizationally) are:

  • Sebastian Gorka
  • Bill Mitchell and Ann Vandersteel (Your Voice America)
  • Praying Medic
  • Defango
  • Doug Stewart
  • Jack Posobiec

(And when I say “affiliated” here, I don’t necessarily mean Organizationally-affiliated).

A few of those names should raise more than a few eyebrows, and the most controversial among them is, perhaps, Sebastian Gorka himself, who has recently taken to Twitter, to repeatedly call #QAnon “Garbage.”

This, of course, greatly pleased #PaleWilly of The Daily Hambeast, who simply couldn’t resist running with this purpose-built headline, designed to sow division and demoralize the QArmy:

QAnon Turns on Sebastian Gorka After He Calls Them ‘Garbage’

This story originally appeared in Right Richter, a newsletter by Will Sommer. Subscribe now to see what’s happening in right-wing media from the safety of your inbox. Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka is no stranger to conspiracy theories. In January, for example, he suggested that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was secretly dead.

And this has confused #Anons and many in the larger Q-sphere quite a bit, because just days after Q had seemingly incriminated him in his drops, Don Jr. posts this to Twitter:

#MAGA to the core, huh?

There’s much more going on here than what it seems to be at first glance.

Let’s talk about Gorka, first.

For those unfamiliar, Gorka was a Trump White House adviser until he resigned in August of 2017, with many in the #FakeNews media reporting that he was either fired or forced out, seemingly substantiated by the fact that John Kelly revoked his security clearance. Some whispered allegations that he was a leaker, and was thus, found out and being removed.

In September, 2017, Sebastian Gorka joined the MAGA Coalition as Chief Strategist and stayed there for, really, two months, pulling in some $40,000 dollars from them during this time, paid out to his Threat Knowledge Group – Gorka’s Mclean, Virginia-based think tank. Now, this has lead some to conclude that Gorka is a clown! Why, just look at the location. While its certainly clear he has a background in intelligence, the clown accusation is, in my view, wrong-headed, not least of which because his group has previously worked with the DoD and the FBI, consulting with them in regards to how to combat the domestic activities of ISIS in America.

And when you read this article, you might notice something else: Gorka’s wife, Katherine, previously headed up the group…

“The scope and lethality of the Paris attack changes everything. The U.S. will have to take the domestic threat of ISIS much more seriously now,” Threat Knowledge Group President Katherine Gorka told Breitbart News.

“We wanted to do this study because we felt that the Administration was downplaying the domestic threat of ISIS, focusing instead on ‘right-wing extremism.’ The problem with that is that it means law enforcement is not prepared. They’re looking out the window while the threat is coming in the door,” she added.

Threat Knowledge Group supports the Defense Department and FBI with strategic analysis and training, and this latest report unveils the Islamic State’s recruitment network inside of the United States.

They found that over 250 people from the United States have attempted to join ISIS, according to a report from the House Homeland Security Committee. Also, some 82 individuals in the United States have been interdicted by federal agents as part of ISIS plots, according to a database compiled by Threat Knowledge Group.

But that was before she was appointed by Trump to the DHS:

This was my first clue that those accusing Gorka of being corrupt were in the wrong. If Gorka was really a leaker, do you really think Trump would keep his wife working at the DHS? That would have to be the most strained marriage on the face of the planet (next to Kellyanne Conway’s!) But there’s a big difference between disagreeing with the ideology of your spouse… and committing near-treasonous acts of subterfuge against their preferred candidates administration. George may not like Trump, but I highly doubt he’s leaking anything!

And while I was reading this, I was getting flashbacks to when I was reviewing the history of Rod Rosenstein and saying to myself “this supposed targetting of [RR] makes no sense!,” leading me to the conclusion that he was actually a #WhiteHat… That assertion was, you’ll recall, a very unpopular one at the time, but one which has seemingly played out, thus far.

But back to Gorka and MAGACo.

Gorka’s payments can be seen plainly in the itemized disbursements on the FEC’s site that Q linked in drop 3222:

That last payment of 20,000 was refunded just 6 days later, if you look at the receipts on the FEC’s page, bringing the grand total to $40,000. So, effectively, he was paid for two months of consulting.

Gorka would soon leave in November of that same year, prompting this hilarious piece of fiction from MAGA Coalition almost a year and a half later. And I’m linking it because I want to highlight two passages in particular:


Archive link.

After taking over $40,000 from the MAGA Coalition he wouldn’t even do us the courtesy of an adult dialogue. He simply cut and ran like a coward.

Todays news that he is no longer darkening the hallways of FOX News comes as no surprise to the senior members of the MAGA Coalition who knew him personally. In short, we found him to be an unlikable, selfish coward with little ability to raise money or fill a hall.

(Emphasis mine). 

Why… it almost sounds like MAGA Coalition was angry that Gorka didn’t raise funds for them, or fill auditoriums – as though that were some kind of unspoken expectation…

Compare to what Q said in drop 3222:

Monthly installment payments made to ‘names’ who can attract ‘more donations’? (the “wheel”)

Clearly, Gorka didn’t “deliver” on those unspoken expectations.

And that “Article” you see written on MAGACo’s website was posted on March 4th, 2019, by a “Herman Gingrich.”

Less than a month later, MAGACo VP Adam Gingrich would post this to Twitter. Amazing how consistent these guys are with their messaging, huh?

Remind me of Doug. One moment he says he’s going to “own the Boomers.” Next he’s going to “#FreetheBoomers.”

With MAGACo, one moment, Sebastian Gorka is a fiend who didn’t deliver. Next moment, they’re all buddy-buddy again.

That lack of consistency should be a major red flag to all – signalling not only a high degree of desperation, but a willingness to manipulate an audience upon a whim.

These are not honest people we’re dealing with, here.

But I want to ask you this…

What if Qteam was weaponizing the “Wheel” against MAGACo, in order to legally impede their efforts all the way back in 2017, before QAnon even landed on the scene later that year in late October? After all, “incompetence” over unspoken, non-contractual obligations isn’t illegal anywhere. It’s not illegal to be “bad” at your job, and infuriate your boss.

And if this is the case… why move against this particular organization?

hints at the answer in his earlier drop, when he referenced the #StealthJeff (Brian Cates, of the Epoch Times) thread regarding MAGACo’s outflows to Platinum Enterprises – which was paid some $60,000 dollars, for what Cates thinks is actually money laundering purposes.

Here’s the full thread, but the TLDR is, pay a shady contractor overinflated prices for various “services,” and they kick back the bulk of the money back to you under-the-table, so you can spend it freely on other things. Read the full thread if you haven’t already, because it is illuminating:

But as good as that is… this is only half the story.

After all, money laundering requires outflows AND inflows.

But let’s go back a ways and set their stage a bit, shall we?

Because if you follow the communications back and forth between the FEC and MAGACo… they had more than a few questions about the organization’s filing practices, starting with some filing peculiarities – notably, that they were filing monthly, instead of quarterly.

Now, ask yourself, what professional treasurer would make more paperwork for themselves when they don’t have to? As far as I’m aware, every single financial professional on the planet always wants to reduce paperwork and reduce opening themselves up to, potentially, more regulatory scrutiny by filing unnecessary paperwork.

What purpose would multiplying the amount of paperwork involved serve?


But of what?

We’re looking at both inflows and outflows, remember.

So… what about their donations? Where were they getting all their money from?

How about from “anonymous” Paypal accounts, with no real traceable info attached to them?

Might explain why their first treasurer, Carrie Lockhart, left MAGACo, after all:


Might also explain these strange deviations from all established financial professional practices:

It looks like MAGACo tried to change their filing schedule from quarterly to monthly, because, well, they had this telephone conversation, where the FEC was just like, “Nah bruh. Keep filing quarterly.”

So it looks like MAGACo then relented, and just decided, “Okay, guess we’re gonna hafta do Quarterly filings, then.”

But of course, when they go to file, they get “errors.”

(Read: The dog ate my homework, teacher! Honest!)

But they somehow, miraculously fight out how to file two April quarterly Amendments, numbered 14 and 12 pages respectively, on both April 18th and 19th… which is a bit later than the April 15th date cited above.

Why would they do this?

Perhaps stalling for time?

I’ll let other, finance-and-tax-minded Anons tackle any line-item discrepancies, if they want to delve into that question (as that’s really not my wheelhouse, and I’m already up to my eyeballs in government financial docs already – which as my longtime readers know… makes me want to self-trephinate with a rusty screwdriver and no anesthesia).

Anyway, here’s April 18th:

Click to access 201804189110343304.pdf

And here’s April 19th:

Click to access 201804199110352937.pdf

Let me know if you find anything noteworthy, because I’m digging enough here, already.

After that, the FEC sends them quite the letter regarding their yearly filing for 2017:

The FEC really didn’t like what they saw. Itemized 21b filings for MAGACo for this time period can be found here.

And in their scramble for cover, they wait until the very last day to file (6/28/2018). This is where the Paypal issue crops up big-time. They swear they’re continuing their outreach. Really. Truly. It’s just a few missing lines! (Please believe us!!)

This does bring up a good point: Hassine was the guy who came in to “clean up” the mess presumably left behind by the former treasurer… Carrie Lockhart.

How convenient, right?

Hassine would eventually step down as well, with Ginger McQueen taking over his role as Treasurer at MAGACo.

Source: https://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/forms/C00654343/1205696/sa/ALL

And how much do all these unnamed Paypal donations add up to?

Some $29,269.39

And all of this would seemingly come to a head with this last and latest viewable message from the FEC, available on the FEC’s website. Here, they note discrepancies in their Amended April quarterly reports, as well as

As far as I can tell, no other paperwork attempting to amend these issues has been filed since this last request, and you can see this for yourself on the FEC’s website, here.

But do you see the MASSIVE problem going on here?

This is looking more and more like big sums of money being laundered through a PAC. You simply don’t make these kinds of mistakes, and burn through three Treasurers in under two years, if you were being honest.

Brian Cates outlined the outflow, so I’m attempting here to show how the inflow may be working.

If I had to speculate, it looks like MAGA Coalition thought they could get lots of “smaller” donations through Paypal, and skirt around the normal filing requirements by claiming that they didn’t have knowledge of where the money actually came from. They could claim they “made their best efforts” to find out, suck down almost 30k (again, from where, exactly??) and then, as Cates suggests, launder it back out through the use of shady operators like Platinum Enterprises, who would then give them the cash back, under the table, to spend as they pleased.

So where did this money come from?

Well… I have my guesses, but that’s all they are: guesses.


And where did they spend it?

Or… perhaps, more specifically, upon whom did they spend it?

Well… I have a few guesses there, too.

(cough-cough-Microchip/Defango/Doug StewartcoughJackPosobieccough*)

Gorka was not the subject of those blinds.

Gorka was the judo move the Trump administration leveraged on the MAGA Coalition, in order to drain them of their cash reserves. Think about it: in two months, with doing next to nothing for the group, Gorka deprived them of 10+k more than they had (speculatively) laundered in.

Which is why I want to bring you back to this tweet cap by Anon:

Anon then responds:

Anon also notes that POTUS himself has promoted Gorka twice – as recently as January 1st.

Keep in mind, by January 31st, Gorka would be tweeting:

But recall for a moment, what exactly was going on in DC during this time. The Government was shut down. The #LegacyMedia was crowing about how DC was “covered in garbage.”

The Government Shutdown Has Left DC Covered In Trash

As the government shutdown went into its 12th day on Wednesday, the nation’s capital was covered in trash. Due to the shutdown, open-air national landmarks such as the National Mall remain open, but with services – like bathroom access and trash cleanup – suspended.

And what had just made an appearance in a certain White House window…….?

It’s funny; this was all over twitter and the media, but try searching for this now. It’s like it’s been scrubbed from the internet. But I myself posted about it happening at the time, so I remember the incident quite well. This random GARBAGE can was sitting in the window of the White House for days, as the media was complaining about DC being covered in garbage…

And as Gorka was proclaiming that Q is Garbage!

If I may take a stab at “decoding” this – I think it’s pretty obvious:

The Elites consider us “lesser men” to be the human equivalent of “garbage.” See Q’s previous posts about “the fly” and “the feeder.” Garbage might just be another name for “the people,” the “unwashed masses,” if you will.

So to suddenly have the people – in the form of Anons – disrupting business as usual in DC… and to suddenly have Q – a representative of the People – in the White House, well…

I think you see where I’m going with this.

No wonder a random “anon” would come on as post this, in response to some of the speculation:

And here’s where we start bringing Michael Anton back into the discussion, because the first hint that something is up comes from this Anon, who makes a keen observation from Trump’s tweet:

Anon then thinks he sees something in Trump’s “Ag day” tweet. Its easy to assume it was just code for AG Barr… but Anon think it means Anton/Gorka.

Another Anon extrapolates, pulling in a recently published article by Anton into the mix, relating Soros’ devastation of Hungary to Gorka’s heritage (Gorka’s family is from Hungary).

The whole article is worth reading, when you get the chance:

The Washington Post Snuggles with a Racist Security Blanket

Over the last three evenings, Americans watched Tucker Carlson refuse to be cowed by the sophisticated, well-funded, coordinated information operation designed to chase him off the air and make him unemployable for life.

Another Anon then notices yet another “coincidence.”

And to be clear, much of this seems to be coming from the very same Anon who proposed Anton as a member of QTeam some weeks ago now. That’s why I had you review the previous article in the beginning, to provide the necessary context to understand what comes next.

Anon also sees visual metaphors in the placement of this particular trash can:

Anon would return a few days later, and extrapolate quite a bit more:

I’m going to interrupt Anon here, because he’s a liiiiiittle hard to follow as he jumps around, and just… isolate this one portion of his drop (post #6040579, for the completionists), where he refers to Anton as “the baker” and Gorka as “the garbageman.”

Anon here is of course, also referencing Linda McMahon leaving the White House to work on Trump’s Super PAC:

Linda McMahon to leave Cabinet for Trump 2020 PAC

Linda McMahon is stepping down as head of Small Business Administration to chair the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action, according to three people familiar with the move. Trump allies have spent weeks searching for someone to chair the super PAC, which officials view as a key plank in the president’s reelection campaign.

Linda McMahon is, of course, the wife of Vince McMahon, who chairs the WWE, and who, of course, brought us this gem:


In other words, the Anon here is trying to interpret the various “signals” he’s seeing (and you’re free to disagree with him here, if you want). But with Linda leaving, he asserts that the “show” is now over, and with Gorka talking about Garbage, he’s signalling, too.

To this post, Anon received this one response (which he’ll reference in his next post):

Interesting thought, no? I think the anon responding to him actually is referencing QDrop 3165, not QDrop 1415

Jumping back to Anon’s posts on 4/5:

Anon continues:

And here is where Anon begins to explain how the Anton rollout was actually #DeepState Bait!

I have to include the Donna Zuckerberg item here that Anon references above (but my longtime readers will, undoubtedly, already be familiar with this otherwise unrelated tidbit):

Back to the Anton-fueled bait, now:

Here’s the section from Anton’s article that Anon is referencing:

And if you clicked that link, you ended up on a Google Books preview of Churchill, the biography by Andrew Roberts, with this section highlighted, about Churchill now going on the offensive, following perhaps one of Hitler’s greatest strategic blunders:

Sound like Trump finally going on the offensive, now that the Mueller report was (almost, at the time) out of the way?

Seeing as this article was published on the 14th, and the “last Friday” referenced in Q’s drop was the 15th… that lines up perfectly with the New Zealand #FacebookShooter attack:

New Zealand mosque shootings kill 49

Forty-nine people have been killed and 48 wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in the nation’s deadliest attack. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described it as a terrorist attack and one of New Zealand’s “darkest days”. A gunman identifying himself as an Australian live-streamed the rampage at Al Noor mosque to Facebook.

I know Anon is a bit hard to track with (re-read his posts later, if you have to), but given that last bit, I think Anon’s theory is highly plausible here.

After all – we’d be foolish to think Q was only sending signals via 8chan. No, these spooks have all sorts of means of communication. They lay traps, Spy vs. Spy style, for each other all the time. Recall the ancient Qdrop where Q highlighted the CIA’s kiddie page as a comms page for rogue operators:

Clandestine stuff is going on all the time, so if the White Hats were to lay a trap… it would make sense for them to do so like this.

And ALL OF THAT is to say… I’m in agreement with Anon. My own research seems to dovetail with Anon’s theory that Gorka really is /ourguy/.

So I wouldn’t worry too much about him in relation to MAGA Coalition. In fact, I got major Flynn/Flynn Intelligence Group vibes off Gorka when I was digging in to this. Recall how FIG was working in Turkey in order to, in all likelihood, catch the Obama administration in illicit dealings (which he later reported to Mueller, as part of the three separate investigations he was helping on). Gorka has his own intelligence agency dedicated to fighting the domestic threat of ISIS. He’s no stranger to that world. If there was anyone who could help expose a group… a group perhaps posing as a front for a foreign influence op run by International Intelligence agencies like, for instance, Mossad… It would seemingly be someone like Gorka.

But what about the others involved with MAGACo? Ann Vandersteel, Bill Mitchell, and Praying Medic?

Praying Medic, in particular, has been attacked relentlessly by all those on the side of MAGA Coalition, with all manner of ridiculous assertions leveled against him – such as Praying Medic actually being QAnon himself. We covered some of this in the previous article, but people like Travis View, Ginger McQueen (current treasurer of MAGA Coalition), and David Seaman (among many, many other usual suspects) were all synched in their attacks against Praying Medic, often repeating the same lines back and forth, such as “Praying Medic threatened people” when anyone with common sense could tell that he clearly didn’t.

It was just these #FreelanceScabs repeating the same lie, ad infinitum, and laundering information to form a facsimile of consensus.

You know, like they always do.

But I need to remind folks here of this drop from 10 days ago now, which really explains most, if not all, of what we’re seeing at play now:

Q would add in the next drop:

It’s nice to know that all this is all a result of these folks completely losing their minds. But it sure ain’t easy unraveling these twisted narratives in the meantime. And this segues in the next bit of info I want to address:

For those unaware, John Kreuger is Ann Vandersteel’s husband, and he’s the original COO of MAGA Coalition:


No Title

No Description

But it is important to note… He was there just a few days before almost immediately resigning:


Click to access 201709110300173816.pdf

So what happened? Why leave so quickly?

The Daily Hambeast unironically has (part of) the answer, for once:

Seb Gorka Joins Pro-Trump Group Founded by Pizzagate Truthers and a Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist

Seb Gorka may have left the Trump White House. But he’s still working for a conspiracy theorist. The controversial former White House adviser has officially signed on with a new pro-Trump super PAC founded and run by people who have promoted conspiracy theories about the 2016 murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich and outlandish falsehoods regarding a Democratic Party child-rape ring known in the right-wing fever swamps as “Pizzagate.”

Reached by phone on Tuesday, Kreuger said that he is not affiliated with the MAGA Coalition but had simply helped incorporate the group as a favor to a friend. That friend is Gingrich, who frequently interacts with Vandersteel online and has joined her on internet broadcasts on the conservative website YourVoice America, which was founded by pro-Trump media personality Bill Mitchell.

That’s a… polite way of putting it.

Ann Vandersteel clarifies the whole situation here, in this short clip:

So what we glean from this is actually that Adam Gingrich was clinging on to the #DixieMAGA movement, attended a party in Georgia in early August of 2017, and by the end of the month, Ann’s husband was helping Adam create this new PAC, the MAGA Coalition.

Praying Medic was in attendance, as well as Roger Stone, and… Jack Posobiec. Here’s a video to Praying Medic’s recordings of the speech that night, and if you look at 13 seconds in, Posobiec can be clearly seen on the Lefthand side of the frame:


Posobiec would maintain his relationship with MAGA Coalition for quite some time:

And I’ll briefly remind you of what Q had to say about Jack, way-back-when all the Microchip nonsense was transpiring:

Sound familiar?

So, in all this, I tend to think any attempts to link Praying Medic to the MAGA Coalition by way of John Kreuger or Carrie Lockhart are pretty frivolous and dishonest, at best. Kreuger/Lockhart and others left almost immediately as the org got underway. We’re talking mere days here, and they all left because it was immediately clear to them that Gingrich was up to no good.

Gingrich then, through some financial maneuvering, took control of the PAC and turned it into what it is today – an absolute mess with money problems out the wazoo that make it look like little more than a money-laundering front.

And in a rare deviation from his usual modus operandi Praying Medic actually took to twitter to address some of these concerns today:


And Adam Gingrich took the time to respond to Medic’s thread, later this same day:

And believe it or not, Adam does bring up some legitimate issues: First, that the MAGA Coalition didn’t exist at the time of the Georgia rally. The FEC docs demonstrate that much to be factual. But the big issue brought up is that Praying Medic advertises himself as a 508(c)(1)(a) “Free church” on his website, and says all donations to his “ministry” are tax-deductible.

And some of the Anti-Q scabs out there have hit upon this issue in recent days. And they’re right about this much: it is an issue, because they can’t find any real record of this organization legally existing, and neither can I.

(And to cover all possible bases here, I suppose there’s the remote possibility that some paperwork is still legally pending… but again, I think that’s a very remote possibility).

So what to make of all of this?

This… is the hard part, and something I’ve agonized about for days, because right now… I see no other real way around this, so I have to just come out and say it:

I think Praying Medic is working with the MAGA Coalition as part of a controlled opposition operation.

And before anyone freaks out and tunes out, please understand how much I hate to say something like this.

Think of how many times I’ve defended Praying Medic in the past – even just this past week.

I know saying something like this is, on its face, very controversial, and will likely cost me a lot…

But I have to go where the evidence leads me, and right now, I’m thinking this is the only logical conclusion to which the evidence points, as painful as it may be for some to hear.

And believe me; I’ve gone over this over and over in my head for the past few days, trying to work out every angle here, and this… this is the only one that makes any sense to me right now.

Go back to the recent drops, for a second:

We’ve seen this play out exactly as Q has said over the past week – with the members of a corrupt PAC and their media cohorts waging a full-on assault against Praying Medic.

But what if Praying Medic were a willing participant in all that?

What if Praying Medic was just another Jerome #NoNeck Corsi lying in wait, attempting to co-opt the movement?

PM claims he cut off contact all in November of 2017 – just around the time QAnon was hitting the scene… but what if that’s a lie, and instead was being paid under-the-table by the MAGA Coalition to act as a sort of pied piper? His job would be to lay low, don’t say anything too cutting edge or controversial, and just… manipulate the masses not only to funding him this whole time, but lead them towards a final, terminal moment in the future?

What if Praying Medic agreed to be framed as QAnon, deny it at first, and then, come out later and “admit” it at a later date?

Let me back up for a moment and explain how I arrived at this conclusion.

We know from previous drops and discussion that Microchip was working with Jack Posobiec when he first claimed he started QAnon. The goal was to scatter the Anons by spreading confusion and disinfo which would discourage us, and try to get us to throw up our hands in disgust and go home.

That operation failed. See my old post here, for reference (and keep the title in mind):

But… what if it wasn’t just these two, Microchip and Posobiec, colluding together?

What if they had financial backing by a third party?

Who could possibly fill that role?

Hmm… who could possibly act as a shady, corrupt organization who just happened to have tens of thousands of pre-laundered dollars on hand, and who was able to pay out cash, under-the-table?

(Big think time here, folks).

Big Think

Microchip’s right-hand-man at this time was a guy by the name of Defango – a balding, pre-diabetic poseur who thought at one time that he literally owned the Spear of Destiny. At the time, he delivered this incoherent trainwreck of a rebuttal to my article exposing the Microchip op. Note the title, and just for fun, see if you can make it past five minutes of his disjointed rambling:

Well, guess who’s suddenly showing up now, again, alongside MAGA Coalition!

And just for further corroboration of this data point about Micro/Defango/and MAGACo all working together, here’s Ginger McQueen tweeting out screencaps of Microchip posting in my /g/GreatAwakening group on Gab because, I’ve been living in his head rent-free for the better part of 8 months now (and where he was promptly banned after-the-fact).

Also, hi Ginger! Nice that you’re lurking in my group, I suppose.

Oh hey, I just thought of something. Ginger… like the color orange!

Like orange jumpsuits!

Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll look great on you! 🔒🤣🔒🤣🔒🤣🔒

But I think you, dear reader, are catching my larger point here: Assuming the whole Microchip affair was something of a “soft scapegoating” operation, wherein they attempted to convince the masses that Q was not who he really said he was by finding a willing scapegoat to pose as Q… why not try it again with someone else?

Perhaps someone more prominent in the larger Q-community?

Someone with a very large following and a good reputation in the community, especially among the older QAnon followers out there (aka, the Boomers)?

Is it any coincidence now, that all these Anti-Q folks and supposedly pro-maga folks are now tweeting about #FreeTheBoomers?

That’s your keyword, in case you hadn’t picked up on that yet. Recall from the drop, yet again:

Look for keywords to be repeated by many (controller & coordinated roll out).

Don’t believe me? Look for yourself:

How disgusting are these bullies?

I just want to say, God bless this granny in particular. Vital work going on right there.

But my point is, you can find countless examples of this, over and over and over. And what’s distinct about this push is I think this is the first real attempt to “weaponize” hashtags against QAnon. Note how they don’t overtly mention Q. They attack a tangentially related Q-group instead.

But back to the Praying Medic issue at hand.

Their first attempt to scapegoat QAnon failed… but the point I was trying to make earlier was… what if they tried it again?

I now think Q was trying to warn us, all the way back in January of 2018, when he posted this cryptic drop:


What if Praying Medic is “Preying” on innocent, faithful, pro-MAGA people? What if he was another “Corsi” in the making?

Now some may object here saying, “Why Neon! You’ve taken donations, too! Isn’t this hypocritical of you?”

  1. I never claimed I was a non-profit, let alone present myself as any sort of tax-exempt organization (when I was not).
  2. Donations got taken down back in October following Gab’s deplatforming in the wake of a literal #FalseFlag attack being launched against it. I only got a few months in, and have been subsisting on a minor product sales during the intervening 6-7 months. (That’s right. Contrary to what the Scabs in the media might say, I haven’t been making much at all on this QAnon stuff; just living off savings and a handful of hat and T-shirt sales).
  3. Donations aren’t the point. It’s the misrepresentation that’s the issue.


It would certainly make more sense of this recent drop…

It took me a long time to piece this bit together… but that’s a screencap of one of PrayingMedic’s videos.

This one, in fact:


And the “Did you enjoy the interview?” question?

I don’t believe Q wasn’t just asking about Trump’s interview with Hannity, where he says “This [treason] can never be allowed to happen again.”

I now believe that was a message aimed directly at Praying Medic, because just a day prior, he was giving an interview on Bill Mitchell’s Your Voice America show:


If this is the case, “Did you enjoy the interview?” starts to take on an entirely different tenor here.

Don’t mistake me here: I don’t think Q is calling out Bill Mitchell or Ann Vandersteel here. In fact, Q has posted an interview between Vandersteel and Bill Binney, which I covered back in September:

Although, in all fairness to Praying Medic, Q has also cited him once as well, too:

And what’s more is that this drop is conveniently missing from Praying Medic’s twitter threads, where he famously goes over all the drops in sequential order.

I can find no mention of this drop on his timeline anywhere!

He ends one thread here, with the pics of the watches on 3/27: https://twitter.com/prayingmedic/status/1111357083335581696

And he picks up here, with talk of “reflections” before highlighting all the rally folks: https://twitter.com/prayingmedic/status/1111357090545745921

You would think if Q noted your graphics in one of his drops, it would warrant at least a passing mention… but there’s no such thing to be found anywhere on Praying Medic’s timeline now, as far as I can see!

He does cover the drop here, around 19:40 – which shows something pulled from Twitter (which I couldn’t locate) – but then…

He doesn’t even mention the fact that Q just used his artwork in the drop at all!

You’ve seen it countless times: when someone gets “Q’d” they generally jump up and down and cheer! They make a note of it somewhere! We’ve seen that kind of reaction over and over.

And here, with Praying Medic… it doesn’t even register.

And if that’s not weird enough, there’s the issue of the Fake QDrop Praying Medic posted some months ago.

Oh, have you not heard of that before? It’s true. I was aware of it at the time, but I wasn’t sure what to make of it then. I also don’t make a habit out of “punching right,” so I just chalked it up to some kind of user error.

But the fact remains that Praying Medic posted an edited drop, and to my knowledge, never addressed this (though I’m willing to be proven wrong on this front).



Link with timecode.

Here’s the actual text of the full drop. You’ll note, the lines –

Will Iran expose the names of corrupt officials?

-Are completely absent from Praying Medic’s drop:

So… why is that particular line missing? Where did PM even get this edited image, in the first place? Did he make it himself, or did someone else provide him with it?? And what would be the motivation for removing that line in particular?

Who could Iran squeal on?

Mossad, perhaps?

Ironic, then, that PM should post this today. Pay attention to #3:


People often ask me, because of what I do, who I follow, hoping to find more voices from which to learn more.

My answer is always the same: literally nobody.

Oh, don’t get me wrong; I pay attention to everything I can – but I don’t follow anyone in this movement by virtue of the simple fact that I simply don’t know who I can trust. I try to find the facts and reach my own conclusions, judging by the data I have available at my fingertips at any given time.

This is why, you’ll notice, I never personally attacked Praying Medic. I take no pleasure in having to “out” someone ostensibly on my side – and frankly, I hope I’m flat out wrong.

But what I did do is present the data points I’m seeing, and try to help you, the reader, understand how I reached my (tentative) conclusion.

And even if I am wrong about Medic being a willing participant in all this (again, I certainly hope I am), there’s no doubt in my mind that we are now witnessing secondary “scapegoating” operation being perpetrated by the same individuals who failed the first time they tried this kind of thing with that daft dimwit Microchip at the helm.

I’m willing to bet that none of this #FreeTheBoomers crap you’re seeing is organic, and all the evidence I’m seeing leads me to think it’s the MAGA Coalition behind it all.

If Cates is right about Adam Gingrich and Co. laundering funds – a conclusion which my digs into the FEC records certainly seem to support – Is Adam the one paying these different internet “personalities” under-the-table with laundered funds, in order to attack the QAnon movement?

Is he paying Praying Medic to be a secondary scapegoat, since the first one failed?

Is he paying Dougie Stewart to shill on the boards and bluster and harass people on Twitter?

Did he pay Microchip and Defango to lie?

Is he the one behind Posobiec’s “reporting?”

And what about all those funds coming in via Paypal from undisclosed donors?

Are those coming from foreign governments or intelligence agencies? (Note the T-shirt, and the chat message from Ginger, highlighted below):


If the answer to any of those questions above is “yes,” all those involved are criminals, and need to be arrested and thrown in a cage for a very long time.

Regardless of where you land on these questions right now, frankly I think one thing is already clear: there’s more than enough evidence at hand already #ArrestAdamGingrich and everyone helping him perpetuate any crimes he may be involved in.

And the only way we’re really going to get answers to these questions is through proper investigations by the proper authorities.  If we want to find out where all this money is coming from and where it’s going, Adam Gingrich needs to be arrested and investigated by the proper authorities.

So with the evidence that I and others have collected and presented to you here today, I am urging Anons to help me in my efforts to report these discrepancies (and any others you may discover along the way) to the proper authorities.

(And one last note to Praying Medic: Sincere apologies if I’m wrong on this. I hope I am. But I won’t be surprised if I’m not).

Before we go, there’s on new thing I want to do here, and that’s introduce a Notable Gab posts section here at the end of this article.

I post a ton on Gab, but I know not everyone tracks with me there, every day, so I want to be able to post some of the more important highlights, along with a brief summary of what I’ve found recently – so that my readers and Anons will be able to see and share the kind of things I’m unearthing, that while important, interesting, or otherwise entertaining, might not warrant gigantic articles like I post here on my main site. These should all be fresh, in that they will not be repeats of the Notables hosted on 8ch, but things that have been grabbing my attention, so you may find something here you haven’t see anywhere else!

Even if you follow me on Gab, you may have missed some of these, so be sure to check them out!

  • Following up on my Pete Buttigieg expose, potential ties to the Knights of Malta have been found re: the Buttigieg Bloodline. I release a relevant page of my upcoming book in response: link.
  • /Pol/lack pays for a Pagliacci cameo outside Assange’s embassy: link.
  • Dissenter is bringing LIVE CHAT to every single URL on the web. Potentially a GREAT tool for free speech: link.
  • #CDAN posts a #BigBlind followup on #TheChurch. I dissect and postulate on who this group is, and where they’re located: link.
  • #CDAN also posts a #BigBlind about (best guesses) Oprah/Geffen/Weinstein: link.
  • Newly released docs on Iranian DUMBs for Nuclear Testing: link.
  • I explain my rationale for referring to Pete Buttigieg as the #DeepStateCandidate and #ObamaInWhiteface: link.
  • Highlighting a great infographic on Buttigieg and all his Deep State connections: link.
  • Good quote to remember from St. John Chrysostom: link.
  • Imperator Rex goes into the legal basis for Obama’s recent terrified visage: link.
  • I share another excerpt from my forthcoming book, regarding Angel Merkel’s true ancestry, after Anons expressed some confusion on the boards: link.

And where can you find these posts and so much more?

Why, over in /g/GreatAwakening, of course!

We just broke over 4,000 members in the group, and show no signs of slowing down. Whether you just want to lurk and read posts in the background, or join in the discussion, /g/GreatAwakening is quickly growing into one of my favorite QAnon related hangouts online!

Click the image, or follow the link in the menu, and come check us out!

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  1. I stopped listening to Praying Medic about six months ago. Not because I thought he was comped, but because some of his logic, opinions and conclusions just didn’t seem consistent. The first red flag was when he commented over a year ago about how he wasn’t interested in the prosecution of these criminals. That is not the thought process of a true patriot or someone who really understands that this evil must be destroyed, not just exposed. I hope you’re wrong too Neon, but I’m not at all surprised by your research and conclusions here.

  2. Dig more. You’ll find our 508(c)(1)(a) paperwork. Hint: Think of where I worked as a medic. (Others have already located it.)

    Fake Q posts?
    You do realize I cut and paste all Q posts to fit Twitter dimensions, don’t you? Why has no one seen or mentioned the many other accidental cut and paste errors I’ve made in my posts?

    • I don’t know where you worked as a Medic.

      Furthermore, no one should really have to go digging for that kind of stuff. It should be readily available.

      Furthermore – it makes no sense that the image would be cropped there, excluding those lines in particular.

      Not buying it, and not even buying that this is the real Praying Medic, frankly.

      • Michael Anton appears to be a brilliant guy – I just don’t think he’s Q. Here’s why:

        I’ve actually come to the conclusion that not only is Q+ Trump, Q is Trump. Occam’s Razor here – the simplest solution is usually the correct solution. Oh, I’m pretty sure social media guru Jared Kushner set him up at 4chan and then 8chan and has probably helped research and edit many of the Q posts. Likewise, I have no doubt that Stephen Miller has contributed greatly in the writing, researching and editing of the now thousands of Q posts. And isn’t that funny? Trump, Kushner and Miller make three. Q has stated that the Q team is made up of 3 civilians and 7 military. I’m guessing that other than maybe Lt. General Mike Flynn, we’ll never know the other six military figures who make up the team. Make no mistake about it though, Trump is the boss, and as such, what he says goes as to the final draft of a Q post, and that technically makes him Q.

        There are a myriad of reasons that Trump being Q makes sense. Who is ALWAYS present on Air Force 1 when Q posts a window pic from there? Who is always present when a pic of Trump’s watch and pen end up as a Q post? How easy would it be for Trump to drop a Q post and then Tweet a twat with a one minute delta? Are you telling me you haven’t noticed that Trump’s Tweets and Q’s drops follow the same pattern of wording, tone, style and message? Who else but President Trump would say, as Q, “You’re not going to believe who is talking to you”? I’m pretty sure if you studied President Trump’s past schedule and compared to a history of Q’s posts something obvious might pop up – like when Q goes quiet!

  3. Just an incredible article. I have “followed” you for quite some time and I am a Boomer….65. I followed PM for a very short time but my gut has been screaming at me for quite awhile and I have not read or watched anything for the last several months. I am with you. He is one big phony and a liar and scammer. Lots of people are going to be hurt when they find out. There is something about him that is off…I’d like to list my suspicions but you covered it pretty well. Am looking forward to your book. You and IPOT are “my guys” and am so grateful for you.

    DAK Investment >>100K donor DAK Investment = Game Loot Network
    bkgrnd of CEO? ((Nebraska))

  5. This is really low, Neon. I know Praying Medic’s name, I don’t know yours. He’s level, your’re hysterical.
    So who am I gonna trust?

    • Hysterical? Really? If you don’t know his name, perhaps you should do some research on him before commenting. Especially cringeworthy name calling. I hope Praying Medic isn’t bad but, that’s up to me to find out. FREE WILL and all that.

  6. dang son, my wife is calling me to bed and I had made it halfway through, so I scrolled and caught glimpses of the rest. Praying Medic is controlled opposition, that’s heavy. Gonna take me days to read this article.

  7. Personally, he was gold when I started following Q. But after a couple of months I drifted away on You’reScrewed and Twitter. Back in spring of ’18 i got turned onto Neon from @trureporting. Been hooked ever since.
    I don’t want disparage @prayingmedic but there needs to be a response that will hold up in court. Fraud is just that. Ball is in his court. Neon, I don’t think this reflects a bit on the Q community since MSM loves to link to Praying Medic. He states he is doing so much digging he always takes a day or two to post on Q drops but does not show up with the goods when he finally posts. So I went elsewhere.
    I would rather here possibilities and put them in my “Maybe” file in my mind. Looking forward to his response when I linked your article on Twatter.

  8. 1)Kidon LLC >> MAGACO

    2)Largest Donor to MAGACO? DAK Investment Group 100K.
    CEO? CEO of other companies? Crypto? Scam?

    bkgrnd of CEO Kidon?

    bkgrnd of CEO DAK? ((NEBRASKA))

  9. Learn to discern the truth for yourself.

    Truth Resonates within

    Once you have learned to discern the truth you will know when people are lying to you.

  10. You had me jumping up and down with the Gorka reveal! Super exciting!! What is confusing to me is, the deep state goes after opposition and Praying Medic makes his identity no secret. So why has he been left alone, not banned or faced any serious attacks? This isn’t a game and there is a high level of danger. So that gives me pause. Not that I wish anyone harm from the deep state, they just scare the fool out of me, look how they went after GAB, seriously evil ppl out there. Thanks, Neon, for all you do. Please everyone, buy a T shirt!!! Buy two!!

  11. WOW a complete shocker if you’re right luckily i only follow three Anons you and in the Matrixxx with Shady grooove and IPOT but i watch many other sites not necessarily Anons just to get a broader picture of everything not just Q related posts

  12. Regardless, Praying Medic is a weirdo when talking about his dreams and how a Mr. Miyagi look-alike asked him questions about history. His monotone voice puts me to sleep and I’ve never really been wowed by any of his stuff. He’s a waste of time. Neon Revolt is by far the best resource outside of the boards. It’s not even close.

  13. Wow! What an emotional roller coaster ride. Great stuff, Neon. Speaking of Mr. Anton, I’m a subscriber to the Hillsdale College YT channel. Michael Anton is a lecturer and research fellow at Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship. Back around March 20 (publish date) Michael Anton gave a speech titled “After the Flight 93 Election.” I have yet to watch it but it looks like I’m going to have to dedicated the hour+ to watching it and listening very closely.

    Here’s a link if any other Neon readers would like also like to watch Q (potentially) speak.

    Michael Anton | After the Flight 93 Election

    Also the “More Info” link under the video opens a nice resume on Michael Anton.

  14. Y not just link to the research boards, if you are going to post this much crap? It’s sad that you have turned into a nasty bitch. There will come a time when you burn out, bc you are at that point of negative BS that you no longer have relevance.
    I don’t really listen to PM, but the guy tries, people like him, and what is it to you? There is hardly a person that has some limited success as a commenter that you do not spend hours, trying to detract from whatever they are doing. You spend hours hollering back and forth with shills, for no good reason, other than to get that bile out of your heart and attack someone, anyone.

    The only one who really does anything as far as actual “news” is “You are Free TV” She does a decent job of research and running the news. Jordan Sather used to be the best, with his whiteboard, but he got too famous and his head swelled, and now he only posts occasionally, and with far too much emphasis on space, and secret space programs for my personal interests. I still watch his other videos, but he is always behind on the Q research and mostly only reads and repeats the anons.

    But, you have become meaner and meaner. You love to put down entire groups of people, and God forbid you should get a person in your crosshairs, you are the biggest troll of all time.

    You used to be better, before you started counting the words in your so called “book” on Q. Better late than never? Word count does not make a good book, by the way.

    Meanwhile, you have all these sycophants who suck up to you and give your ego the feed it does not need. If you are truly a Christian, you would live by the words of Jesus who said “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

    I can’t be bothered to read all your copy/pasted threads. I already read the research boards for myself. I don’t see any brilliance coming from you, even though all you ever do is talk yourself up, and give yourself props for being the “one” who red pilled someone famous, or the like. You love credit, but you give no credit to anyone.

    I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings, but seriously? I know what I do know, and I don’t need you to tell me who is worthy or not. Even people like Alex Jones have some validity, bc he stood behind Ron Paul, and Donald Trump, and devoted a lot of time to try to get both of them elected. He has been around for a long time, and although he is a limited hideout, he does help some people get a clue. At least he called it on 911, an event that you apparently have no interest in. Perhaps you were not even born at that time, so to you, it’s ancient history?

    You need to grow up, and stay in your lane. Stop trying to “out” people all the time and get serious about doing some real research, and I don’t mean about how the Blacks are controlling the scripts in Hollyweird.

    I see nothing meaningful about the child trafficking, or any real horror that is ongoing. Instead, you spend your time in board argument with shills and others who jump to your bait.

    If you say you are Christian, then act like it.

    • A lie is best hidden between two truths. I am tired of people making excuses for people who “tried”. Stalin tried. Mao tried. Castro tried. History is filled with those whose ostensibly good intentions led to hell.

      • He who has no sin, cast the first stone. The rest of you, need to check yourself, bc you are infighting for no reason. That, in itself, makes NR a questionable site. United we stand, divided we fall. NR may be what he pretends others, to be. This whole thing is smelling like a set up. His entire focus is degrading others, and pointing fingers at others. Some of it is warranted, and some of it is pure BS.

  15. I am so grateful for you Neon. I do follow you on GAB. Seems you really represent truth and fact. Makes me understand so much I did not see. Thank you.

  16. Neon-
    You are the guy I have followed since the beginning. Dabbled in PM but was ALWAYS apprehensive of his religiosity. I know it must have been difficult for you to openly identify PM as opposition. To me, a seemingly virtuous character energizes me and give me a sense of hope when we are fighting together. However, the reality is, PM is simply an actor. Even if we find out he is not deceitful, his past record shows he is anything BUT virtuous. He appears to be a broken individual, unworthy of respect, and too weak to manage his life without accepting the “donations” of others. With each coin in his open palm he denigrates himself bit by bit. Those who mimmic GOD deserve the harshest of consequences.
    This journey has been incredible. The beauty of our humanness is awe-inspiring and the dark ugliness in some stuns me to silence. I try to gravitate towards good, I revel in and admire the discipline and strength it takes to perpetuate light and love and truth. You, my friend, are someone with whom I admire for doing to your best to follow that path. Thank you for all of your excellent work.

  17. If your hunch about Praying Medic is accurate, then that would explain why he has been persistently hawked by Eddie Bravo as the “unofficial Q resource” at the exclusion of all others. As much as we all find Bravo’s consistent questioning of official narratives endearing, everyone should keep in mind that he’s tight with the entire Joe Rogan-Alex Jones-so-called “Intellectual Dark Web” controlled opposition clique. The research elaborated upon in this video, albeit a little long, does a good job of explaining these links for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1i5Jefxw-E

    A lot of the stuff elaborated herein re: MAGA Coalition has, I hate to say it, Jewish dialectical controlled opposition games written all over it. So it’s no shock to see “Ginger McQueen” donning a Hebrew shirt with menorah. Why do they always opt for the most obviously contrived Irish-sounding names? It’s really offensive to us authentic Hibernians. Where are all of the other progressive Jews seizing the opportunity to call out such cultural appropriation?

    If I’m reading this right: the #FreeBoomer people are the ones themselves targeting patriotic boomers, hoping to secure their following for the potential donation stream they represent. So here we are with another case of projection and your run-of-the-mill neokahn-esque tactic of working overtime to keep the patriotic Heartland Christian-folk in line with a rudder-less “kosher” alternative here to “really” represent the interests of the salt-of-the-earth net tax producing folk. Anyone who proclaims “sheep no more” is throwing a wrench into the designs of such people. The left-wing is represented by folks like Miss Zuckerberg, who sees the “red-pill” phenomenon as an expression of the neo-fascist manosphere. The right-wing of the same interests is represented by those with the fake goy dead celeb names like McQueen, who are the “real” patriotic MAGA crowd – the “real” red pill – fighting to #FreeTheBoomers from the evil chan LARPers of all stripes.

    The players change, but the playbook doesn’t. It’s all so old by this point.

  18. Really appreciate the no nonsense commentary Neon and the density of data…WOW so jam packed, no wasted space here. I am a believer and I’ve listened to P-Medic with high interest. I was a combat lifesaver (not even close to a real medic) and I was in an assault helo unit (P-Medic has a helo avatar) so I have things in common and I’d hoped (still do, reserving judgment) that P-Medic was legit. But here’s my issue: When we’re born again believers receive gifts, one of them is discernment. Simply put it’s a bit of a sixth sense to truth and other spiritual things. I admit that it’s subjective but believers will know what I mean; think of the excitement in your hearts when you’re in the presence of other believers or when you’re hearing the truth no matter if the person is present or not, whether it’s a recording or an article, you can relate to the sensation. If you aren’t a believer no problem, disregard that part of the comment, my point is Neon’s articles despite not claiming a religious purpose give me that sensation; unashamedly open devil-may-care truth. But P-Medic, who claims faith as his foundation, lacks the punch of excitement I expect when hearing the truth. I don’t say I’ve noticed any errors but his decodes don’t hold my interest, it’s kind of vanilla start to finish. It feels like school, I’m making myself listen. This is another area that’s subjective but his prayers don’t connect like someone fighting to the death for freedom against evil forces who hate us. I really hope I’m wrong and I’ll chalk it to personal preference and praise God for giving us an ally if I am, but as Neon said; I won’t be surprised if I’m not.

  19. There are likely to be any number of these fake MAGAs that will be exposed and then shut down. I think it is human nature to want to ‘join’ in community and the evil ones know that and actually set up fake groups to lure us into and then slowly twist the truth until it is backward again. This is an echo of the format of InfoWrs. It’s always the same plot, different players. Not really very creative, huh? Thank you Neon for standing strong and wise.

  20. Interesting about Gorka & PM. To date, though, I think your article on Payseur family the best. I think all of us need to know about that more than whether Q is legit argument.
    I believe and follow but IMO I don’t understand why so many think it’s so important. To me, it doesn’t matter if Q is legit or not. It wouldn’t change the results of what we’re trying to accomplish in bringing down the Deep State, etc. Arrests/exposure should be coming out but if we are all wrong about Q, that doesn’t jeopardize anything.
    Some say if we believe it, it’s helping our enemies bc we are “trusting the plan” and won’t “do anything” to stop our destruction. I have to ask just what could we do?? The hard truth is we can’t. The tech “they” have can stop any serious “conventional” militias that people speak of, etc. it’s not like the old days where that could happen. We are at God’s mercy (as usual) about what happens. If Trump is who many of us think he is, the arrests/exposures will come out; economy will be good, etc. and we don’t have to worry about 2020.

  21. I liked PM starting out but haven’t been watching him recently as I’ve become much better at understanding and decoding the Q drops than PM. I come here to get the down low but take everything everyone says with a grain of salt and a great deal of discernment. I personally think Dave Janda on X22Report is generally on the money with President DJT, Q, and political/geopolitical/financial tie-ins. Gotta Be Wise As A Serpent these days.

  22. Neon wouldn’t the right thing to do is reach out to Dave on these pretty brutal accusations. Has someone given you $$$ to go out and trash Dave? I know you have a Q book coming out, do these accusations stem from looking at him as competition? I think you have some questions to answer yourself.

  23. I read your article and…let me get this straight, the only ‘evidence’ you have of your allegations is that we are just going to take the word of this adam gingrich? A guy who cannot discuss any of the persons who walked away from his coalition w/o resorting to personal attacks and childish name calling against them?
    And Yeah we are seeing the same kind of “scapegoating” op and thanks to you its working somewhat.
    I mean c’mon man, remember the “peanut farmer?” – I laughed my ass off on that one, that was a pretty elaborate chase you went on that one.
    I have to agree w/ every word/point made by uknowme ditto, in spades! Btw: remember how many times last year you cried b/c Q would not give you a mention? I wondered this last year – maybe this is why.
    I have to agree w/ every word/point made by Judgement Coming your’re hysterical.
    “Out the window, fabu!” you’re done.

    • I read your article and…let me get this straight, the only ‘evidence’ you have of your allegations is that we are just going to take the word of this adam gingrich?

      If you really believed I was saying that, you’d have to reconcile that with the fact that I advocated that, oh, idk, ADAM SHOULD BE ARRESTED!!

      Seriously, use more than two neurons sometime. Put an ice-cube on the top of your head if you think your brain is overheating.

      Btw: remember how many times last year you cried b/c Q would not give you a mention?

      Literally never. In fact, I’ve said the opposite many times: that I’m grateful Q hasn’t mentioned me (directly). Anyone can see that plainly in my Gab history.

  24. Hmmm! Neon. Very interesting about Gorka. I didn’t think he was bad but was puzzled by the Q is garbage quote. I couldn’t work it out. Good job we’ve got Anons like you. It does make sense.
    As for Praying Medic, that’s a hard pill to swallow. Although I am not Christian, so you could argue it doesn’t affect me as much, I believe all people are humans and individual. I liked his calm voice and he seems so kind. He puts me off a bit with his healing lark so I don’t watch that.
    If he is genuine then, surely he can produce these abused staff at MAGAco.
    Never mind, we’ll see if people report to the proper Authorities about all of them.
    As a 65 year old boomer, I say they can stick their #FreetheBoomers or whatever it is. Thanks for the thought provoking article, as per usual.

    • “I believe all people are humans” That’s as good a starting point as any to make an evaluation. 🙂 Although, sometimes, I wonder …

  25. Welcome to the intelligence game, where everyday is a wilderness of mirrors. It’s a great quote: “We’re through the looking glass. White is black. And black is white…”

    Don’t forget the lesson of the infamous James J. Angelton, either. He never found “K,” but he did destroy the Agency’s Soviet Bloc division. And he was never even an agent of the opposition; it was something else driving his search. But with the same results as if the GRU or KGB actually ran the op.



    Looking forward to the book, NR. Great work, as always. Thanks for your time to sift through all of these details. Hopefully it brings all of us a bit closer to the truth.

  26. Seems like you’re reaching, NR. Regardless, we know a tree by its fruits. If PM makes an “I’m Q” move, all that does is toast his cred into black ash, just like it toasted microCv**’s cred. Micro didn’t have so much to lose as a fairly anonymous troll that he wouldn’t take $20K, but do you really think MagCol’s tens of thousands is enough to cause PM to lose his publishing cred, which is based on Christian followers? That is a counter-point you have to consider when you are reaching for some pretty weak points in favor of your assertion. He’s certainly mentioned the many times that Q has used some of his graphics in posts before today. Maybe he’s a scammer. Wouldn’t be the first. But I’m not buying your sales-pitch based on what you have so far.

  27. Seems like you’re reaching, NR. Regardless, we know a tree by its fruits. If PM makes an “I’m Q” move, all that does is toast his cred into black ash, just like it toasted microCv**’s cred. Micro didn’t have so much to lose as a fairly anonymous troll that he wouldn’t take $20K, but do you really think MagCol’s tens of thousands is enough to cause PM to lose his publishing cred, which is based on Christian followers? That is a counter-point you have to consider when you are reaching for some pretty weak points in favor of your assertion. Maybe he’s a scammer. Wouldn’t be the first. But I’m not buying your sales-pitch based on what you have.

    And then look at all the comments. People going off of ‘gut feelings.’ That’s anti-Q rhetoric. The opposite of Q’s tone. I need something solid, and until then, I won’t go sowing discord and division over what you yourself “hope” is nothing. Good grief.

  28. Thanks for the food for thought Neon. I’m on the fence about PM, haven’t listened to him in months. Like you. I hope he’s not a scammer.
    Defango and his clan are just repulsive people.

  29. Praying Medic DID address the edited Q post, he said he was copying the image link from another poster on twitter at the time and did not notice it had an edited line, he didnt mean to use a bad image he was not the maker of the bad image, and he did not know the meaning of the edit. that was his comment about the event.

    he said this a week or two after it occured, which was a year ago, so forgive me for not remembering exactly where, but it was either on his twitter account, or one of the times he spoke on PSB (often through a messenger)

  30. This post brought to mind Q post 918 from 10 Mar 18 where Q closed with “Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.” https://qmap.pub/read/918 I figured whether Q was GEOTUS himself, Don Jr, a Military Intel officer, Gen Flynn, or anybody else it would blow our minds.

    Sometimes I wonder if Q goes silent for a while to weed out people. I’ve seen plenty of people lose their minds and walk away from the movement, or even become anti-Q during a period of darkness. I never followed Praying Medic. I’m sure I’ve seen his content, but nothing drew me in. I followed you because somebody who I trust started linking your content, and you’ve been fairly steady. I know you got frustrated a few times (we all have), but you haven’t started shilling against the movement but remained consistent.

  31. You picked up some shills on this article. Must be close to home. I’ve never paid much attention to Praying Medic (I don’t care for videos; introvert likes text).

    I think all your points are well reasoned, but I’ll admit, it seems like an awful lot of Q connections for something as proportionally minor as scamming Q community. That’s the only part that seems a little off. Maybe if it connected a little more to something bigger…any way to know if this money was being sent to fund something like Antifa or another really problematic group?

  32. NR, Like you, I hope you are wrong about PM. I admit he was the one who got me paying attention to Q in the first place. But, if he is what you think, it’s possible he may have shot himself in the foot when he kept saying “do your own research” because before long I was and I suspect others have as well. Because of this, I now only occasionally read his threads or watch his videos. Again, I hope you are wrong if only because it is so frustrating to live in a world where everything and almost everybody is suspect, where deception and lies seem to be the order of the day. The only thing I know to do in such circumstance, is to do what I do everyday, pray for truth to prevail over lies and deception, pray that truth would always make itself known, pray that truth would rise, rise, rise as the sun rises every morning to dispel the darkness. So whatever is truth in this, I fully expect it to be revealed in a way that cannot be disputed.

  33. Neon,
    Two points.
    One, I don’t understand how it could possibly be put forth that Praying Medic is being set up to be a scapegoat for Q. Why would anyone think he is? It seems nonsensical on its face.
    Two, maybe I’m showing naivete about how such things are run but is it certain that the unidentified paypal donations are the money from donors and not the return payments from Ciccione(sp?). Coming through paypal it would be laundered. It wouldn’t be in the form of a check easily traced and it wouldn’t be in the form of physical cash that might be hard to explain (but would, of course, work as well).

    • Firstly, there’s rumors going around of a particular QAnon-related personality being investigated by the IRS to the tune of 2.6 MILLION dollars.

      I can tell you for a FACT, my shirt and hat sales + donations were NOWHERE near that. Not even 1% of that.

      There are only so many individuals who that could apply to…

      Second question: It could be Ciccione, but it seems cash would be easier in that scenario, considering he’s domestic. I tend to lean to this being above and beyond that, but I’ll admit, it’s a possibility. And they’d have to be doubly stupid to do it that way, but you never know!

  34. Gorka made angry twitter rants against Praying Medic. Gorka has many Q references in his tweets including tweeting think for yourself whilst saying Q was a fraud. Gorka even teased that many people were saying he was Q. Joe M @stormisuponus picked up on this a few months back but I can’t find.

  35. I’m naturally skeptical. After a few videos I wasn’t getting the right vibe from PM. It didn’t help that he bores me to tears. But that’s just me.

  36. Never felt good about PM, It was a certain feeling of dishonesty and pretending to be something he’s not, This is just intuition and not much more.

  37. Just bad optics. You could be correct about PM, but it doesn’t matter. Both of you are bringing out a Q book shortly, so unless you get complete confirmation, this WILL come off as a hit piece against a competitor. And, I am a bigger fan of yours than PM, but this will hurt your brand with many. What’s done is done, best to you.

  38. This is ridiculous and very upsetting. Leave PM alone. I was following him way before Q came on the scene. He is legit. He didn’t even believe in Q at first. He prayed about it and came around (so did I). He is an honest, humble man and this attack on his character pisses me off. We should be attacking the enemy, NOT our own!

    • It is NOT an attack on PM’s character…do you understand critical thinking at all?…NR is only laying out a different scenario of possibilities due to evidence he has collected…please…do stay away from juries…(eye roll)

  39. NR,
    I appreciate that you are willing to write what you believe and are willing to admit being wrong. As for PM or others….videos are NOT my thing. I cannot stand to have someone read to me as though I were some elementary child (follow the bouncing ball and read along with me…..or in today’s situations….follow the mouse point….) so if there is a link for a video….odds are I do not ever look at it. I have never seen nor heard any of his thoughts. As we know….time will tell…..at least you were daring enough to take a stand on what you believe.

    Also, this may be of some interest to you?? You have a “theory” that RR is a white hat? You are not alone, I suppose….

    I will be praying for you and PM. God will reveal the truth as we keep our eyes on HIM….not people.

  40. My head hurts. I suppose if PM starts shouting he’s Q and it’s all BS, than we KNOW he’s a black hat. Has he done anything to hurt Q? Has he attacked the message or the messenger? Haven’t seen it. I trust Q and the plan. That’s it. Been there since the beginning. I guess thats why Gen. Flynn follows me on twitter. An account with less than 230 followers. I’ve had my bad days and weeks, where I’ve fell into despair. But I’ve always shook off the gloom and doom, because we are winning and this is the fucking Great Awakening. The shits know this too. How sad to be a shallow, money sucking scab to pure evil at this point in history! wwg1wga.

  41. Tremendous work, Neon. You’re a formidable investigator. And great idea to add the Notable Gab posts.

  42. I don’t think it truly matters who, what, where or why “Qanon” is. This phenom has transformed the awareness in our country, check that…our WORLD in such a way that there is now can ARMY of human beings that have opened their eyes in such a way that will make it harder and harder for “them” to get away with the shenanigans they’ve easily gotten away with in the past. This is “Q’s” Legacy. So, regardless of your POV, “Q” is NOT a theory, but a fact. And a FACT that truly MATTERED! Good on you, Q! Peace…

  43. First @TrueEyeTheSpy attacks Praying Medic (many ppl jump ” O, do not do that, we trust him”) and now Neon Revolt does the same. TheSpy mentions that Praying Medic is now under investigation for fraud (donations to him are not tax exempt) Neon gives us a screen shot of PM statement. With two solid sources confiming the same thing I am now off PMedic Train. By the way @TrueEyeTheSpy mentioned that some of his previous acc on Twitter got highjacked by bad LARP’s. He is at the moment 100% Q and Trump. He left NSA and looks like he is Secret Service now(posting unic pic taken from inside the White House). Also Gen. Flynn is his ex- boss and the spy prises the General all the time. AND GEN FLYNN FOLLOWS @TrueEyeTheSpy on TWITTER!!! NEON and THESPY are on the same site of the fence! 100%.

  44. Neon,
    Off topic of this article but, in reference to your Gab post concerning “emcels”….was this “purposeful design”??





    Thank you for all that you are doing!
    Bless you and bless POTUS, FLOTUS, Q and Q Army!

  45. What makes PM suspicious to me is this fact: There’s sooooo many Q followers that got their Q “start” by watching his videos. Like, YouTubbie was promoting him, hardcore.

  46. So a paramedic who learns to hear from God as he’s learning how to pray for people to be healed and started a ministry from his experience, quit his job as a paramedic to become an author, and then starts Q decoding is a black hat because he integrated his Q research into huis already established ministry.
    I’m not buying it.

    So which Q decoder is next on your hit list? 😮


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