Compulsive Liar @realDougStewart CAUGHT Posting Anti-Semitic Memes and a Photo of Dismembered Child to 8chan, trying to FRAME Anons! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #SloppyJobMossad! #NEONREVOLT

DISCLAIMER: This article contains Anti-Semitic imagery, which was being posted by a media figure in order frame innocent people:

UPDATE: I’ve issued a correction to this article, here. Please read the followup correction at this link:


It’s really funny when you catch someone in a blatant lie, especially when they’re trying to frame someone else.

It’s EVEN BETTER when you catch the liars in the media actively promoting the aforementioned liar, as part of a coordinated media campaign.

Let’s break it down:

For those who haven’t had the displeasure of interacting with @RealDougStewart online, here’s some need-to-know info:

Doug was one of #Microchip’s lackeys who tried to run interference for Microchip on Gab, as I was in the process of I utterly obliterating Micro’s sorry behind and his totally unbelievable/easily debunked story about inventing  QAnon as a prank (#SloppyJobMossad!)

If you’re not familiar with that whole part of the QAnon saga, just search Microchip in the sidebar, and you’ll find a few articles on that subject, but the main point is this:

Microchip is a drug-addled liar/loser who was working with Mossad proxies, and messed up when he started fabricating “evidence” to substantiate his story.

As I was ripping Microchip’s story to shreds, Doug tried to insert himself into the fray, but really, he’s a peasant offering nothing but bluster, outrage, and lies, so he didn’t matter.

And as you can imagine, this effort didn’t go over so well for him.

The atomic verbal beatdown Doug received from me basically chased him off Gab entirely for months.

And so, with nothing else filling the gaping void that is his life, Doug beat a hasty retreat back to the relative safety and comfort of the Digitial Hugbox that is Twitter, where he quickly found solace and acceptance in the arms of #SorosRentBoys like @Travis_View, among others, who inspired him to once again try to take on QAnon, and where they rewarded him with lavish retweets, which translated to social standing for Doug (something he’s never experienced in real life).

But to understand that, you have to look back at some recent history with some recent QAnon drops where basically, Q was calling out the MAGA coalition:


The “problem” arose when it turned out that Praying Medic and Bill Mitchell both had previous ties to the MAGA Coalition, which is something the #FreelanceScabs picked up on and tried to exploit, in conjunction with this narrative push that QAnon was “dangerous” and causing his followers to become violent:


Here’s the “oh-so-terrifying” video of Praying Medic stating the obvious to Bill: That thousands of Anons will be searching the internet for info about you, if Q brings you up:

Lia on Twitter

@GingerMcQueen People need to watch his eyes.

Of course, emphasis on the “previous ties.” As far as I can tell, yeah, PrayingMedic and Mitchell had previous ties to the MAGA Coalition, but those ended a long time ago, before Q hit the scene. I may be wrong on this, because frankly, I haven’t had the time or wherewithal to sort through the financial records (been too busy exposing Clown Candidate Pete Buttigieg, and looking into his spooky past), and I haven’t seen anything to indicate otherwise on the boards.

So to me, it looks like Mitchell and Medic are innocent in all this (especially when you consider who is attacking them nonstop, and how they’re attacking them).

(Q PLEASE correct this if I’m wrong).

But this has since morphed and devolved into all the various anti-Q folks saying PrayingMedic was “threatening” people with Q, and absolutely losing their minds as they twisted and misrepresented his words. Notably, David Seaman had a complete meltdown on Periscope the other night, repeatedly calling PrayingMedic a “Glazed donut,” criticizing the fact that some people support themselves while covering Q as independent journalists. The kicker? David said all this while repeatedly shilling his “30 dollar deal” for his insider newsletter (which normally runs 120 dollars a year, dontchyaknow)!

Not only that, but Seaman ACCUSED PrayingMedic of actually being QAnon, and sort of, you know, working both ends to “get back” at people for past, unspecified grievances.

The funniest had to be, though, when Seaman was calling PrayingMedic a fake Christian, all while dropping F-bombs the whole time.

Class act, David. Real authoritative.

Feel free to check out that trainwreck of a broadcast here:

FULCRUM @Fulcrum__News

FULCRUM (@Fulcrum__News). We Report the TRUTH.

And of course, Will Sommer never misses a beat. He had to repeat the lie that PrayingMedic was “threatening” people:

QAnon Turns on Sebastian Gorka After He Calls Them ‘Garbage’

This story originally appeared in Right Richter, a newsletter by Will Sommer. Subscribe now to see what’s happening in right-wing media from the safety of your inbox. Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka is no stranger to conspiracy theories. In January, for example, he suggested that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was secretly dead.

Given that QAnon followers have been tied to two recent murders, the attacks on Gorka have the potential to become more than casual doxxing on the internet. Then a major figure in QAnon world took it further.

Dave Hayes, a religious “healer” and QAnon personality who goes by the handle “Praying Medic,” went on Trump superfan Bill Mitchell’s show this week to threaten Gorka more directly. Hayes has become a powerful figure in QAnon-world by blending evangelical Christianity with an obsession with Q’s mythos.

“You may want to be careful with what you say and what you do,” Hayes said. “Q put somebody on the radar yesterday, and you probably don’t want 10,000 anons from 8chan digging through your personal life.

“Right,” Mitchell said.

Just… Lies on top of more lies.

And if these people were really concerned with all this, why haven’t they asked Trump to publicly condemn QAnon?

How quick were they to demand he condemn “White Nationalism” in the wake of things like Charlottesville? Days? Hours?

QAnon has been around since late 2017, and I can’t recall a SINGLE journalist demanding Trump and his administration publicly condemn QAnon.

Huh, wonder why that is??


And of course, Doug, in his perpetual struggle for relevance and attention, once again tried to insert himself into the fray:

And Travis View rewarded him with retweets!

Good duggie! Gud boy! Sit! Speak! Roll over!

And he would, of course, double down on the lie, because… attention.

Oh, but he expanded his efforts as well! Not content to slander two innocent men, here he is trying to doxx all the 8chan bakers and board volunteers the very same day.

He also repeatedly attacked “Stealth Jeff” Brian Cates, despite Cates having absolutely nothing to do with QAnon:


The only rationale for this is either Doug’s own stupidity stemming from his inability to differentiate independent journalistic efforts being cited by Anons from Journalists support QAnon.

They’re two different things, Doug.

But I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this had less to do with vicious stupidity, and more to do with disgruntled vindictiveness, seeing as Brian Cates had exposed the whole MAGA Coalition operation months back. See his twitter thread here:

Thread link for those who want to read/retweet it on Twitter:

Brian Cates on Twitter

OK let’s take a quick look at the timeline here. On Jan. 31, 2013, this notice appeared on the Fed. Prosecutor for NJ’s website: One GREGORY CICCIONE was indicted for defrauding 17 charities out of more than $267,000 & causing $750,000 in losses.

But Dougie didn’t stop there! No, he started lashing out at anyone and everyone proximal to Q – including fan-favorite @EducatingLiberals:

He also lashed out at Patriot’s Soapbox, trying to portray them as murderers-in-the-making:

He then went after Mark Taylor (writer of the The Trump Prophecy) and said Bill Mitchell supported Hitler… which, honestly, Bill, sue this clown for defamation already, please.

Why, Dougie even had the gall to advance the utterly laughable notion that QAnon followers were flipping on Trump himself!

Really, Doug? You’ve won bigger fights than this?

Because you’ve never beaten me.

And now, I’m going to make sure you never live this one down.

Because… Dougie… you done screwed up this time.

OBSERVE his twitter post from a few days ago:


I have to thank the eagle-eyed #Anons who caught this, this morning.

You see that green (You) circled next to the arrow in that image?

That is what gets generate by the boards when an Anon is quoting themselves.

See, Dougie was running something of a home-cooked psy-op on the boards that night in early March.

What he did was spam up the thread with memes, essentially creating a fake argument with himself. To accomplish this, he started seeding anti-Semitic memes on the boards, would switch IP address with a VPN, and then respond to himself with a fresh IP, to make it look like a fight was erupting.

And THEN, he took screenshots of the Anti-Semitic memes he posted himself to run to twitter where he could collect his #GoodBoyPoints and go, “Oh, oh! Look at how mean and rotten the Anons are! We need to ban 8ch from the Internet!”

So here’s the post that gave Doug away. Once again, notice the Green (You) in the top pic.

Simply put, that means Doug took this screenshot himself, and tried to hide it by using a piece of software to switch his IP address.

But he’s so stupid, and so incapable of using 8chan, that much like Microchip faking his Discord screenshots, Dougie screwed up his screenshots and outed himself:

And if you follow his ID back to the thread, you now see it has a (17) next to it:

That means Doug made 17 other posts in that thread under this ID.

Let’s take a look at the kind of content Dougie was posting that night, starting with this video link he posted about the “Synagogue of Satan:”

He then went on to post this about “Sayanim.”

He would also respond to Anons by calling them Jews:

Now, I don’t know if this was Dougie or not, because the ID changed (and as we all know, Dougie was hopping IPs):

But this definitely was Dougie:

Anon then tried to call out the anti-Jewish shilling:

And Dougie responded, by once again, calling him a Jew:

Now this was the other account Dougie was using, this time to call out the antisemitic shilling:

And Dougie responded to himself, to try and foment more conflict:

Doug responded to himself once again:

At which point, he once again argued with himself:

Beginning to see how this works?

Of course, a good Anon tried to correct the “anon” posting all the anti-Jew hate, by quoting Q:

Douglas Matthew Stewart responded by posting a Swastika coin and calling Anon a “Kike.”

Douglas Matthew Stewart then went on to post pictures of a dead and dismembered child (which I’ve taken the liberty of censoring, since… you don’t need to see that), while implying that this was all part of some Jewish ritual:

And he threw in some Hitler “memes” for good measure:

And then Doug hopped over to Reddit, where… it looks like he was using yet another alt account to try and advocate for the wholesale banning of 8ch from the United States, claiming that it harbors “Nazis.”

All while posting these Antisemitic memes himself.

r/ChapoTrapHouse – Ban 8chan from the United States After what happened in New Zealand it’s clear that 8chan is nothing more than a breeding ground for terrorists, racists and pedophiles and any other vile thing you can think of. This is one of their networks, this is how they engage and “red pill” isolated individuals.

Archive link, in case lil’ Dougie tries to delete the evidence:

Ban 8chan from the United States : ChapoTrapHouse

After what happened in New Zealand it’s clear that 8chan is nothing more than a breeding ground for terrorists, racists and pedophiles and any other vile thing you can think of. This is one of their networks, this is how they engage and “red pill” isolated individuals.

And here’s one particularly insightful comment chain:


Caught ya, Dougie. Dead to rights. Time to pack it up and go home.

Kudos though, on waiting like a month to try and expend the ammo you planted for yourself. That shows some degree of self-restraint. I mean, nowhere near the 6-months I waited for my #BlackListAnon op, but still, you passed the Marshmallow test here.

Oh, and every “journalist” citing and retweeting Doug?

Do the right thing and issue corrections.

But the best part is, we wouldn’t have discovered any of this, but for Dougie’s fateful mistake, which Anon sums up here:


But in case you’re still having trouble understanding exactly what’s transpired here:

But lil Dougie is already starting to be confronted for his blatant lies, and is attempting to spin them:

No Doug. That’s not how the system works. Nice try, though.

You took that screenshot yourself and posted it yourself, thinking clicking on your little VPN switch would keep the system from realizing you were posting from the same machine.

It doesn’t work that way, and you’re the idiot who messed up.

You’re the one who doesn’t know how the site works, as evidenced by your COLOSSAL SCREW UP, thus outing yourself as a serial, lunatic, compulsive liar with an agenda.

And the really evil thing is we wouldn’t have known, but for this screw up. And this is the “problem” with Anonymous forums.


But some of those people a running back to social media after posting vile crap themselves, and trying to use it to persuade the masses that these sites are bad.

Which is why you should ALWAYS be suspicious when you see posts such as this one, from Travis View… which also just happened to coincide with Dougie’s False Flag attack on the Chans.

Because, you know, it’s just totally coincidental:

Anyway, before we go, I want to make sure you know what lil Dougie actually looks like, because his obnoxious cartoonified head isn’t an accurate representation:

No, follow that Keybase link to his real profile…

dmstewart (Douglas M. Stewart) | Keybase

dmstewart (Douglas M. Stewart) is now on Keybase, an open source app for encryption and cryptography.

Where you can get a better look at what the face of this hateful little homunculus looks like:

This is the man who tried to #FalseFlag 8chan, but who is so dense, he accidentally outed himself.

And why? Why this sudden surge in hate from Doug and his crew?

I imagine we will discover a real treasure trove of information if we keep tugging at that MAGA Coalition thread.

Let’s get to it Anons!

Oh, and once again, #SloppyJobMossad!

Neon Revolt: 2
Dougie Stewart: 0

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  1. Lol rekt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone out themselves with a (You) so blatantly.

    Dougie’s fanciful avatar looks like Crowder gave himself a soy enema, kek

  2. Mossad seems to be realy challenged at recruiting quality social media contractors. It must be a little more demanding then hiring hitmen.

    • This is outstanding. Thank you for clearing things up. I will share this with a group of Twitter friends who will be relieved to see this, not that they ever speak badly of anyone, because they don’t, but nonetheless, it needs to be shared. Thank you for the research.

  3. Good job as usual, But Neon! Don’t you know calling out the Mossad is Anti-Semitic?!?! YOU NAZI! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! /Sarcasm is obvious/

  4. Thanks much Neon Revolt! Kudos to the Anons, too! Truth and justice will prevail! WWG1WGA

  5. Awesome work here! i am fairly new to this and I am curious about all this Mossad intervention. I realize Mossad is much like the CIA and may actually only be loyal to itself, but the many connections do not make sense. I propose you do a story on Mossad. Who is on their side and who isn’t?

  6. Well done ol chap. I found this article to be hilarious…. Keep exposing the shills.. soy boys are in panic mode these days. Storm’s a comin’.

  7. Have you guys not used 8ch before? this is what it looks like when you post on 8ch. The (OP) is referring to the fact that the guy I posted a reply to is the original poster. I replied to myself, and this is what it looks like notice the ID’s are the same.

    The (you) is someone replying to themselves. Not the twitter faggot putting a message up themselves.

  8. This is great work as always man! I never really got a good vibe from David Seaman. I think I watched a couple vids early on. I don’t believe I’ve watched a single Praying Medic vid, I’m not remotely religious and I guess the name throws me off. While I’m not remotely religious, I think Christianity definitely gets a bad wrap worldwide and Luciferians really worry me. Condensed couple cents.

  9. I hope his bosses EXECUTE HIM for messing this up. He deserves a traitor’s fate, I don’t care by who’s hand he falls.

    Guys this is big. They are trying to ELIMINATE us from the entire internet. Even the dark nooks and crannies weve been forced into, the places they never even go to or care about…

    If we spread this around to every website you visit, put NEONS link or post the image with an explanation, or even better do both, we can blow this up right in their faces!

    On Twitter and Gab use the #qanon and #fakehate and #Trump2020 and #MAGA hashtags together to make sure the right people see this, any other suggestions are welcome!

    Even if each of us only spent 20-30 minutes a day spreading awareness on this article, we can push back enough to put them on the defensive… which means their desperation INCREASES and they make MORE MISTAKES.

    Keep your eyes OPEN. This could’ve easily gone unnoticed… Just imagine what else we mightve missed.

    OVER & OUT

  10. This maroon showed up in QRV trying to sell his crap with several sock puppet accounts and on the greatawakening also. I jumped dead in the middle of his.#[email protected]&. I recognized his posts. Same as on the chans. I told a few anons they were arguing with one guy. He and I had a 3 day thread. Eventually I think he tired. Called him out and not just me. A few more jumped in. I found be has a thin skin. Just insult him and he looses what somewhat passes for his mind. And you can tell its the same person. We all tend to use cognative tendencies when we talk or write. Observing such reveals all and its really evident when a person gets triggered. Good work

  11. Warren Kimbel has similar profile pic on Twit. Eyes and nose but mouth is covered. Came across it today after reading this. Go figure. I see Dougie everywhere. But what struck me as an uncanny similarity were the fingers.
    I took a screen shot but cant attach. Hope this helps.

  12. Praying Medic seems to be a really sincere guy. However, when speaking about God and the Bible he has misquoted the Bible a lot. He follows Sid Roth who has been proven to be a fake. There are people that God uses to heal people, but it is God that does the healing. But he lost me when he started talking about entering the outer courts of Heaven, yada yada yada. That does not make him a bad person, but possibly a victim of poor teachings.


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