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UPDATE: This article is getting a TON of attention – especially from Twitter users, who are still shocked to find out that may account is still suspended by Twitter. (Thank you all for sharing, by the way. Much appreciated!)

That’s (probably) not going to change, considering I called out @Jack to his face about his sockpuppet accounts ages ago, and was getting a ton of attention via that vector (at a time when, frankly, there really wasn’t anyone else publishing Q-related content).

They thought they had crippled me by locking my account in such a manner.

What they didn’t anticipate was me moving everything over to Gab (where I had already had an account) – and convincing over 18,000 Patriots to come along with me – essentially erecting an entirely new network of influence that was ENTIRELY outside their control.

We now have a thriving #QAnon community over on Gab, so I encourage you to check us out over there – especially the /g/GreatAwakening group that’s just popping every single minute of the day.

Gab has become so important now, that you’ll recall they actually tried to take us out with the Robert Bowers/Tree of Life #FalseFlag shooting. All that bloodshed just to justify deplatforming Gab and stopping us!

Well they FAILED and we are THRIVING!

And I’m not saying leave Twitter. But you should be checking out both (in fact, the Gab browser extension can help out with simulposting across both platforms, allowing you to post to both Gab and Twitter at the same time, at the click of a button!)

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Okay – back to your regularly scheduled article!

So, I have a larger article I’ve been working on, but this is BREAKING and potentially HUGE, so I wanted to write a “mini” article on a something I unearthed today, completely by accident.

This mini-article will concern exactly ONE #QAnon drop from early this morning, but I think you’ll agreee… this is huge!

Let’s begin, with #Qdrop 3195:

So Q gives us a link to the Supreme Court’s oral argument from 3/20/19, and directs us to listen to #RBG’s questions at the time listed above.

Here’s Q’s link:

Flowers v. Mississippi Oral Argument

The U.S. Supreme Court hears the oral argument in Flowers v. Mississippi, a case on racial bias in jury selection.

I listened last night as was immediately discouraged because, frankly, I’m hoping RBG kicks the bucket soon. She has had some recent health scares, as I’m sure you’re all aware, but here, she sounded cogent, coherent, and quite vocal.

And unlike some who thought this was the result of a “voice double,” this sounded exactly like RBG to me. Here’s an interview clip for reference:

So yeah, that’s her on the Supreme Court clip, as far as I know. (And if it’s not, it’s a heckuva voice actress, because she’s a dead-ringer for RBG).

But something was bothering me about this clip, and I wasn’t sure what it was exactly, so I returned to it early this afternoon…

I had it playing in a tab on my browser when I clicked ahead, and suddenly heard what I thought was a repeat of audio I had just heard.

“Huh, that’s weird…” I thought to myself.

I clicked back and listened again.

There was that voice again.

Kagan’s voice!

I clicked forward…

Kagan AGAIN!

Listen for yourself. Start at ~21:25 and wait for Kagan to come in and say:

Ms. Johnson, some-

And then click forward to ~22:38. Again, you’ll hear:

Ms. Johnson, some-

I had to see what was going on, so I went to the Supreme Court’s site, and pulled the MP3 of the arguments from there:

Oral Argument – Audio File

No Description

I then isolated the audio clips, one after the other:

You’ll hear Kagan interrupt in the first clip, some silence in between, and then Kagan speaking again.

(And for the record, yes, this is a lossy MP3. I was working with a WAV file on my own computer, which you can gab here, if you want to repeat this analysis manually, yourself:

One of my readers on Gab, @jhomes55 did me a favor of aligning the two clips on top of each other, so you can hear it even better:


Sounds an AWFUL lot like editing, right?

Well, the only way to be 100% sure is to look at the spectral graph of the waveforms.

So I did.

Here’s from the “interruption” clip:

And here’s from the Kagan solo clip:


The similarities are astounding. But to be sure, I had to overlay the two clips:

See that “spiral” on the right?

Yeah, this is the same clip.

Which means…

Someone is EDITING the oral arguments heard at SCOTUS in a way we’ve never been publicly aware of, before.

They inserted RBG’s audio.

The waveforms PROVE that beyond a shadow of a doubt, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you a bill of goods.


Why did they do this? I don’t know.

But it’s astounding to consider what they’re hiding. Cameras aren’t allowed in the Supreme Court right now, but whatever deception they’re pulling over there needs to be exposed. If there’s a Justice sitting on the court who can’t function due to failing health, and they’re going to such lengths to cover it up, that Justice needs to step down immediately!

Because now we have hard, numbers-based evidence that they’re hiding something, pulled directly from SCOTUS’ own website. And the only way to hold the highest court in the land accountable is by making the public aware of what exactly is going on!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

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66 thoughts on “BREAKING: #SCOTUS’ Big Secret! #RBG #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

    • Actually, they have been several times, or did you forget watching the oral arguments during the Bush Gore election controversy? If I am remembering correctly, was the last time cameras were allowed in the court.

  1. The crazy thing is that if there is really some hanky panky going on re RBG, ALL of the other SC justices are going along with it! WTF!

    • It is odd, isn’t it John?

      A few days ago it was announced that President Trump’s 2 appointments would be travelling to Europe in July-August for the summer break to teach/study.

      Justice Kavaugh will be teaching a course at the Antonin Scalia Law School in the UK, and Justice Gorsuch in Italy (IIRC?).

      It struck me as notable, although I’m not sure why yet. Perhaps July-August is when RGB will be replaced, and they’re ensuring Trump’s 2 picks are safely out of the US when it happens, expecting riots in the streets? Just a theory. Time will tell!

    • I would guess she wasnt there and was doing teleconference.. Or had pre-recorded questions.
      Sorry.. We need proof of life..a real life picture or video with means of dating it.

  2. RBG has been gone since December 2018!!!! Now we just need to PROVE IT!! AMERICANS have a right to know one way or the other……IS RUTH DEAD OR ALIVE??

    • Several ideas on this subject. One, there is a body double who is being coached by someone. Two, if they are aware, it’s possible they are in contact with the White House privately. They may be unable to speak publicly about another justice concerning this as there may be an investigation ongoing into this very subject.

  3. I’ll be the dunce in the room, and say that I listened repeatedly to the C-Span clips on their site. It sounds like Justice Kagan pipes up to ask Ms Johnson a question, but fails to do so loudly enough to interrupt Justice Ginsberg from asking hers. After Johnson answers RBG, Kagan proceeds to ask her question in a louder and clearer voice. I am going with a continuous sound track, rather than an edited one, for now.

    I do have my doubts about her health and life status, though… I enjoy your work. No slight is meant here at all. Thank you very much for bringing this out. It is puzzling.

  4. I do believe they’re covering up RBG’s condition (whether room temperature or otherwise). I’m wondering about the people actually there in the courtroom I went once long ago and they let people wait for a seat. What do they do with that? Also, what about the other Justices? Are they all complicit? Thanks for this great discovery. I’m obsessed with finding out what’s really going on with her and what they’re putting over on us.

  5. She is D-E-D KEK. It would be interesting to find whether the questions asked by her (allegedly) were general enough to have been drawn from another audio of a separate case…

  6. This is strong proof of a conspiracy regardless of the motive. We are the news now. So let’s get it out there. This is a huge discovery and awesome evidence to support it. Great Job !!!!!!

  7. One question: I don’t know if this would be allowed, but say RBG is at home and participating remotely. That might be a reason for editing in her voice, say for quality reasons.

  8. She’s dead and they all know it – other SCOTUS, Trump, Dems/Repubs, all the leadership know it. Dead or maybe in a coma (I think she’s dead). They don’t want to come out with it because they’re afraid of the reaction from the Left when Trump gets to appoint another judge. Also, the Dems probably want to hold off as long as possible anyway until they get to 2020 and then they can say that like Garden Merrick or wtf his name was, you can’t appoint him in an election year.

    I believe there is also technology now where they can FAKE SOMEONE’S VOICE so that it sounds just like the individual – you could not tell the difference. They could have you or me admitting to killing Abe Lincoln, it would sound just like that. Now my question here would be about the flow – are these spontaneous questions or remarks being responded to, or everything submitted in advance so a RESPONSE CAN BE PREPARED IN ADVANCE AND INSERTED?

    • That’s a very important question. It will tell us, if this really is happening, then who is really in on it… It’s possible she said the same thing twice, in the same part of the same room, facing the same way, and it recorded the same… but we definitely need to look at all possibilities especially with the suspicion surrounding RBG and we know the Ds are desperate to keep her seat occupied until the next election in about 20 months. They are desperate for any chance that Trump might not win so they can fill that seat. ITS REALLY CRAZY IN HERE RIGHT NOW! (in the USA)

  9. A lot of people stutter at the beginning of a statement or question. It’s a way to signal their turn to speak. I hear it on conference calls all the time, and most people repeat the stutter with the exact same tone, especially when their thought is “loaded” for delivery.

    The tone of each “some” is slightly different. But, the way it was said each time would produce a similar waveform.

    Also, if it was truly a cut on Kagan’s voice, you’d likely not see a fade-off in the waveform. It’d be a more defined line. Which means that either there’s a very detail-oriented editor, or you’re seeing reverb inherent to the room.

    Anything’s possible, but I don’t see anything huge here.

  10. If Q said she wasn’t dead maybe the post and picture claiming she’s being kept on life support is true. I don’t think people will let this slide until the election. They’re hoping Trump won’t win so he can’t appoint another SC Justice.

  11. I am wondering if there is a written transcript and if it matches this audio. Was there an independent court reporter present to record the arguments and transcribe to text document? How does their recording compare?

  12. Neon- we have Ginsberg’s voice on this tape and on the other tape you have – is it possible to compare voices? I don’t know if AI (if that’s what they used) would distinguish the difference. I’m assuming she’s on a conference call or Skype (if she’s alive).

  13. The Clarion Chronicles has a post from someone says she is close to Ruth. And a very dark picture. She says RBG is very ill , infections from her injury and pneumonia so she is in a medically induced coma to aid her healing. The pic is the back of 2 nurses coming in to turn her to prevent sores. Then goes on to say the Dems said to keep her alive even if it meant life support.. Don’t know if you can isolate the IP or any info from the post.

  14. A point to ponder is, if this is really true then the other justices HAVE to be aware that she is not present, but that she will be presented to the public as present. Think about why they would be ok with agreeing to that deception. I wonder?

  15. One thing I think of is why is no justice speaking up. The. I remember they like to hang things over people’s heads. Like, hey kavagnah<sp?> Want all this shit with investing you to go away, then keep it quiet .because if I remember they were going to investigate his worthiness to be a justice again or some lame shit, and I’m sure he’s done with him and his family being dragged through the mud. Considering almost all the justices were surely spied on during Mr. And Mr. Obama’s white house residency they probably have something on everyone of them .

  16. Why wouldn’t one of the other Justices say something? Leak that RBG is not present or something? That’s the part I don’t get …

  17. I’m not so sure that SCOTUS voice is RBG’s.

    If you listen closely to the CBS puff piece in which RBG speaks frequently,and compare to the tenor of the recent SCOTUS questioning, RBG’s voice seems to be both stronger AND significantly deeper in tone. In short, it does not sound like her and when you consider her recent medical difficulties, it’s very odd to think they strengthened her vocal cords, as most people’s voices become notably raspier and weaker with illness.

    (And I pride myself in picking out old Swing-Era vocalists, including comparing early recordings to later ones, where a change in vocal tonality has occurred. My friends are amazed I can point out early Frank Sinatra vocals,from obscure early recordings.)

  18. Love your work and would appreciate you being right, but I looked further.
    Noted: at 35:33 on the govt website audio, there is an obvious blank and cut. Sometimes the Justice is announced and other times, just a new voice is heard. This is the case when RBG suddenly speaks at 34:38, plus another voice is heard beginning to speak over the attorney who stops, the attorney ends and out of nowhere RBG interjects. Then at 33:06, another woman begins with the attorney’s name (Miss Johnson …) and then it cuts to RBG asking another question which references “Ms. Wright’s case” – a juror in the Flowers case.
    The transcript does not show the other Justice being interrupted the first time by RBG on page 24, but does reflect it on page 26. On page 24, it shows RBG being cut off by the attorney which I don’t hear on the tape. I hear a different voice. I worked for court reporters as a teenager and they dictated everything from their tapes. I just typed what the reporter said.
    RBG also asks questions on page 10, 17, 33, and 53, with an answer by the attorney referencing ‘Justice Ginsberg’. So, he thinks he’s looking at RBG.
    Conclusion, there is at least one discrepancy but the questions make sense with the answers given which leads me to believe this is RBG. She had to be present in order to be part of the transcript.
    But, we will never put this to rest until RBG makes a public appearance on a news program and tells the audience what day it is and other current information. Then we can assess if that person is really RBG.

  19. I hope Brett K breaks silence and gets the information out. The liberal mob who tried to destroy his life is long overdue for some bayback. He could announce (with a big smile on his face) there is a vacancy at the SCOTUS and that he is looking forward to working with a new Trump appointed patriotic judge soon. The meltdown will be epic. Karma is a b*tch 🙂

  20. Someone should probably take the transcripts of all SCOTUS arguments with [RBG] in them and parse out identical phrases with this transcript, then take the spectrograph of the audio and see if this session was pieced together from prior audio sources.

  21. Great work …..again, Neon!
    They can try to drag out the truth about RGB but it is going to come out…..”they can’t stop this!”
    Things are in motion and God is truly in control! As per Q’s post (3240) I am a bit surprised that he/they did not catch what God had one of His servants do! Being led by the Spirit of God to prophetically walk out the will of God….pointing to the fall of the monetary system and to bless POTUS… of His servants walked downtown NYC almost two weeks ago….wearing a yellow vest with “Q” on front pocket and “WWG1WGA” on the back. Walked directly in front of the NYSE, Fed Reserve Bank and….stood in front of the statue of Washington! Even led to enter Trump Bldg on Wall St to bless what POTUS is doing! As a word given to me for you, Sir, ….”POTUS, go and do what is on your heart to do for God has anointed this!”

    WWG1WGA!! TY Q, Q+ and all patriots!! Glory to the Most High God!

  22. P.S. Neon to my last comment…..
    Why would this have any meaning for God to have one of His prophetically walk this out??
    As per Q….we are in a spiritual fight!
    And…..”symbolism will be their downfall”

    Thank you for allowing me to share.
    God bless you and what you are doing, Neon!

  23. The Key is Roberts. As Chief Justice, he is encumbered with the responsibility to maintain the integrity of the court. ? Oh by the way, he is also singularly responsible for overseeing the FISA courts as well. Johnny has some splaining to do…

  24. Haven’t visited your site in a while Neon but am glad to see that you’re back posting. I’m going to have to read all your new articles now. Been kinda out of the loop since I have been working on my project car “Melania SS (AKA Terminatrix MAGA)”, an 1984 Chevy MC SS I have been custom building for a long while but funding is tough and my gofundme has gone nowhere. But it’s all good, I will get it done. I do listen to a lot of YouTube videos while I work on her to keep up on Q related subjects though. Anyways keep up the good work man!

  25. Late reply, but the first occurrence of “miss johnson …” sounds like an accidental insert of a sound clip which was rapidly cut off in the middle of a word.
    It’s also some 6% higher speed than the 2nd occurrence, which makes me doubt it’s the same piece of audio.
    But that doesn’t even matter too much i.m.o. because the accidental, cut off clip is suspect in and of itself.

  26. Why are there female judges when the true sense of the word author within authority is father?

    author (n.)
    mid-14c., auctor, autour, autor “father, creator, one who brings about, one who makes or creates” someone or something, from Old French auctor, acteor “author, originator, creator, instigator” (12c., Modern French auteur) and directly from Latin auctor “promoter, producer, father, progenitor; builder, founder; trustworthy writer, authority; historian; performer, doer; responsible person, teacher,” literally “one who causes to grow,” agent noun from auctus, past participle of augere “to increase,” from PIE root *aug- (1) “to increase.”

    justice (n.)
    mid-12c., “the exercise of authority (FATHERHOOD) in vindication of right by assigning reward or punishment;” also “quality of being fair and just; moral soundness and conformity to truth,” from Old French justice “justice, legal rights, jurisdiction” (11c.), from Latin iustitia “righteousness, equity,” from iustus “upright, just” (see just (adj.)).

    Justice (FATHERHOOD) is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit. [“The Federalist,” No. 51]

  27. Neon, you’re forgetting that voice doubles aren’t nessesary any more. There’s tech for that, they could’ve used this software:

  28. So why is the president allowing this scam to continue. If anyone has the power to absolutely know it is the president.

  29. Will somebody please post a link to a story about someone impersonating someone else. I don’t mean a person pretending they have a medical or law degree; I mean someone who pretends to be a person well known to a group (family, workplace, social) who takes that person’s place and interacts with that group in the same way. I’d like to see a report of how everyone was fooled by that body double and what a great job they did of copying the original person’s height, weight, gait, hair thickness and length and style, face shape, timbre of voice, speech patterns, insider knowledge, etc. Waiting with anticipation….


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