UPDATE: Already censored within 5 minutes of going up on Youtube. Please use the other links to view instead!


I also uploaded the video to /r/The_Donald, where hopefully, #POTUS will get to see it himself! LOL could you imagine if he tweets it out??

Show it some love! I want it to go absolutely VIRAL!



My MAGA Academia

You guys have noooooo idea how long this took, lol. Days upon days of editing and keyframing.

That translated means I had to do most of this manually, adjusting every little thing frame-by-frame. Thousands upon thousands of little clicks over the course of several days.

The result, I can say, I’m thoroughly satisfied with. I wanted to channel some of that old-school, 2016 high energy and make something really memorable and current, so, this is the result of that effort. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the source material. If you are, great! It’ll be even funnier for you. If not, no worries! You’re still bound to bust a laugh or two!

I’ve also uploaded it to Bitchute, which you can find here, once it gets processed:

A big part of the reason I made this, too, is to prepare the general public for what’s coming next: FISA Declassification. I don’t think there’s quite enough awareness yet, so I’m hoping this video can spread awareness of that, even if it’s just to good-old MAGA Patriots!

So, please enjoy and please share EVERYWHERE on social media!!


Thanks much, guys!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

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9 thoughts on “My #MAGA Academia! #QANON #NEONREVOLT”

  1. There is only one way …
    The Truth Way.
    Any other way just decends into havoc, you cant keep up with lies everything eventually becomes unreal ,un acceptable and self defeating .

  2. Reminds me of E;R’s video from back in 2016, which is the same idea but shorter.

    Just to prove to you that it really was because it was you posting it and what it contained thats why it was taken down.

  3. I’d never heard the dub before. Huge BNHA fan here, and this was brilliant! Loved it, and the “casting” was 100% perfect. Including Mineta, lol.


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