Digging through the Ashes of the House on St. Charles Street #CDAN #GreatAwakening

So, my longtime readers will know that I’m a huge fan of #CDAN and the rare “conspiratorial” drops he releases, pulling back the curtain just that much more on the global elites. Whether its his series on “The Church,” his exposes on The Geffen family, or his posts about the serial abusers lurking in plain daylight in Hollywood… CDAN is always a fascinating and important read, which is why I’ve shared so much of his content over the years.

And for those just joining us, CDAN is an abbreviation for CrazyDaysAndNights.net, and technically… it’s a gossip site run by a high-level entertainment lawyer in Hollywood. Thus, he utilizes the “Blind Item” format, where basically all the names and any other other directly identifying descriptors are removed from the write-up. However, really savvy readers will almost always be able to read between the lines and figure out who/what/where he’s talking about.

(And if that’s not enough, you can always lurk in the comments to see who other people think is involved).

All that said, you can imagine my shock late last week, when I read:

He didn’t mean… No… not that house… Did he?

Sure enough…


And for those of you wondering what house I’m talking about, well, catch up here with this older blind item about The House on St. Charles street:

So this is a famous honeypot that’s been used for years and years, mostly to catch Celebs and other important figures in compromising film and video.

From the comments, one person suggested that:

A+ with 13 year old girl: Ben Affleck
Disgraced Producer: Harvey Weinstein
A+ lister who ratted him out: Brad Pitt. Exes are Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow
Consolation Prize: Chris Christie or Ben Carson
Movie filmed in New Orleans: Bad Moms
$3 mil A lister: Ashton Kutcher (wife Mila Kunis)
$5/$7 mil A+ lister: Will Smith (wife Jada Pinkett Smith)

There is disagreement about these names, however, so I don’t want to present them as “THE” correct answers. Many, for instance, suggested Jeb(!) or Rubio (more likely, in my opinion) for the politician.

And the person killed in the freak accident? Well… I think you need look no further than the collision over the Rothschild estate, where Captain Mike Green perished. You’ll recall those events from the early Qdrops.

And if that’s true, that means this Honeypot house was a Rothschild operation.

And, well, with the house burning down, I foolishly figured that was the end of that.



This video gives a good look at the extensive damage:

This all lead to some cursory digs into the REX society as a result over with the folks over on /g/GreatAwakening, and while we saw the initial connection to the annual Mardi Gras celebrations down in New Orleans, and I want to highlight #Anon’s excellent digs on this subject:

Here’s Part 2 of Anon’s digs:

So, quite a few secret societies involved in these events, historically speaking. God that? Lots of pseudo-pagan symbols flying around, too – such as the Bull – which, I think, requires no real explanation on my part.

This has got #TheCabal written all over it, right?

So when I saw this CDAN today, I was immediately floored:


How could I have been so stupid!

Well, maybe I wasn’t. I was very busy with the book (and still am, frankly). But I was kicking myself because of course – of course! – I should have dug deeper in to this.

Anyway, following Enty’s lead here, the owner of this home is William Grace, and if you search his name, you’ll find a page, just like Enty says:

(Archive link: https://archive.fo/klJz5)

As per Enty’s instructions, we click “Home” on the bottom left. That brings us to a page that looks like this. Remember, this is not an official Tulane page.

This is something… else:

(Archive Link: https://archive.fo/fJSFk)

And I’m sure you’ve already seen it by now, but Enty directs our attention to the link at the bottom of this page, entitled:

Tulane’s CIA-Sponsored Mind Control Experiments Is Another Dirty Little Secret

Clicking on it, we find a massive interview given by a therapist and two previous subjects of CIA mind control experimentation…


The link is, frankly, too large to replicate here, so if you want to read the whole thing, go to the archive page:

Here’s a selection.

Will Snodgrass:

Do both of you now remember going into laboratories or clinics or being involved in immersion therapies, or dark rooms, those kinds of things?

Chris DeNicola Ebner:

I remember being in a laboratory in 1966. I was four years old, and I was strapped down on a table, on my back. I was naked, I had electrodes all over my body … my head, temples, chest, stomach, back, legs. Dr. Greene was there, and there were other children in the room as well. It was a laboratory at Tennessee University. I remember he had what looked like an overhead projector, it had a red flashing light. He was saying that he was going burn images in my brain, and I would do whatever he told me to do, and how the images would go deeper and deeper into my brain. Just consistently repeating the information along with electric shock, and he would use the electroshock and then the imagery and then more shock, and drugs to make me drowsy. Sometimes I would pass out … yes, I do remember that. I remember being in a dark room as well. Actually a lot of the experiments took place in a dark room out in the desert in Tucson, Arizona. Most of the experiments took place there with Dr. Greene.

Will Snodgrass:

People today at the Hearing asked, “Where were your parents? How could this happen? How could you be taken out from your home or the place where you lived and brought into this situation…”

Chris DeNicola Ebner:

My parents were divorced when I was around four years old. My Mom had no knowledge, but my father, Donald Richard Ebner, was involved in the experiments with Dr. Greene. And he would sneak me out of the house in the middle of the night. I remember feeling drugged in the house and these men coming in, and they would sneak me out of the house, and my Mom would be asleep. That’s how he gained access to me, and visits, things like that. They did most of the experiments in the middle of the night. He just found his way into the home. My Mom had no knowledge of it at the time. She divorced him because I was afraid of him, and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He had to be sneaky in order to get a hold of me, and that’s how he would do that. He would just … he got the key from me … and he would sneak in in the middle of the night, and drag me out, and bring me back before my Mom woke up, and that’s when most of the experiments took place. I have talked to my Mom since then, since the memories have surfaced, and she confirms that she absolutely believes that he was capable and did in fact participate in these experiments.

Will Snodgrass:

So Dr. Greene was operating at Tulane University and also at Kansas?

Valerie Wolf:

And at Tucson. Dr. Greene has been reported — he is probably the most consistent figure or doctor that’s been reported by almost everybody. He went under the names of Dr. Green, Dr. Greenbaum, Greentree, Greenberg. But always with the Green in his name. He travelled throughout the country, training people, doing consultation and also doing stuff on his own, I think, as Chris experienced.

Chris DeNicola Ebner:

He used disguise with me as well. I never saw him without a surgical mask, usually something on his head, and all I ever saw was a little bit of the black rimmed glasses and whatever. He was just a sadistic, evil man, and he hated me because I would not comply with what he wanted me to do.

Will Snodgrass:

We have memories that have surfaced here at some point in time. Did both of you, or either of you, recall these memories before you got into therapy? Were there some memories at all of what had happened to you?

Claudia Mullen:

Well, there would be times in my life over the years … I guess the last time I was actually involved in the projects was 1983. After that, I was supposed to be monitored by a family doctor who was a family friend who was to keep track and make sure I didn’t get any memory back. And if I was, he was to report it to them, to Dr. Greene. I had started to get somatic symptoms. I would end up in the hospital and they couldn’t find any reason for the illness. They would call in this Dr. Brown and he would notify the other doctors, and they would make sure my amnesia was reinforced.

Will Snodgrass:

Valerie what is the significance of these organic symptoms that presented?

Valerie Wolf:

Basically, what you have to understand is how trauma memories are encoded, and that is sort of a technical term for how memories are remembered. There has been a lot of controversy lately about research on memory. There has been a lot of research done on memory, and what they are finding is a lot of the information that is in the public is about normal memory. One of the things that those of us who work with traumatic memory have found is that it is very different, even as to where it is stored in the brain. Regular memories are stored in the part of the brain called the hippocampus.

Trauma memories — I saw a recent article — are stored in a more primitive part of the brain called the amygdala. Basically, what happens is, if there is information to remember, and there is pain associated with the information, then the two get stored together in the brain. In order to remember the information, you also have to remember the pain. What happens with these clients is that there was so much pain from the electric shock, from the other things they did, or drug effects — because sometimes you get drug effect or very drugged kind of memory. But in terms of the physical pain — Claudia for example — in order for her to “remember,” the first thing she is going to remember is the pain … wherever it was in her body. It is stored with the information. If you intervene and reinforce the amnesia, the pain before the information comes; you don’t remember the information. In order for them to remember, they have to go through the pain first and then the information comes.

That bold line remind you of anyone in particular?



This ties back to this testimony given by Valerie Wolf during the Clinton years on the President’s Council on Radiation, alongside her two patients. The video is blurry and old, yes, but the audio is clear enough.


What follows are the testimonies of Wolf’s two patients:

Astounding testimony, is it not?

I’ve only just begun to take a crack at understanding this subject, but for a much deeper dive into this particular story, I recommend reading this page:

Beyond Dutroux ties to 1950s-era CIA covert operation: Plus: the mysterious “Dr. Green” identified

Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP).

But the connection #CDAN gives us here can not be missed: from the Rothschilds, to the CIA, to Hollywood, they’re all part of the same sick cult!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

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37 thoughts on “Digging through the Ashes of the House on St. Charles Street #CDAN #GreatAwakening”

  1. https://greenmont.blog/2017/03/28/more-on-the-downmans/ This blog ties the House in Charles Street to Tulane University right from the get go …

    ““2525”, as it was known, has been inhabited by Downman descendants since it was purchased in 1906. The most current article I could find on the house is from 2011 when it was on a house tour. Anne Kock Montgomery was quoted in that Article. She is the grand daughter of Robert H. Downman (the brother of Harriot Jane Downman (Fleming) of Green Mont).

    Robert Downman was a big wheel in New Orleans, and had been “King” of Mardi Gras on one occasion. He was also ”The Cyprus King”. He milled and sold a lot of Cyprus. R. H. Downman was one of 200 individuals and businesses responsible for the founding of the College of Commerce and Business Administration of Tulane University (the kind of thing you can find on the internet). There is even a street named for him.”

    Downman was the Carnival REX on one occasion – in 1907 – and started the tradition of the REX thereafter stopping at the house to pay court. Downman bought the house from the man who built it John Albert Morris (or rather his heirs) there is a possible link to Payseur/Rothschild in Morris’ background !

  2. That house looks very familiar, like the one they used in the cult hit series AHS -Coven, Is It?
    And Is it also the house in the famous song by The Animals?

    There is a house in New Orleans
    They call the Rising Sun
    And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God I know I’m one
    My mother was a tailor

    She sewed my new bluejeans
    My father was a gamblin’ man
    Down in New Orleans
    Now the only thing a gambler needs
    Is a suitcase and trunk
    And the only time he’s satisfied

    Is when, he’s on, a drug
    Oh mother, tell your children
    Not to do what I have done
    Spend your lives in sin and misery
    In the House of the Rising Sun

    Well, I got one foot on the platform
    The other foot on the train
    I’m goin’ back to New Orleans
    To wear that ball and chain
    Well, there is a house in New Orleans

    They call the Rising Sun
    And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God I know I’m one

  3. Neon, I stumbled upon CDAN about the same time this blind was posted. It was my first awakening of the evil connection between celebritres, poiliticans and how they are kept in line. I was utterly shocked at the time.

  4. MKULTRA is well known. Clowns in America were doing all kinds of things, including Col Aquino. Max Spiers was disclosing a lot of this, before he was poisoned.

    The only important Rothechilds connect is the Clowns. The own the Clowns, via Federal Reserve Bank and the International Banking cartels. They also own most nations.

    The worst part of all this, as it evolved is that now, they are grabbing children, teens and other young people for organ theft. The parts are worth more than the whole child. They need stem cells as well. Of course they outlawed stem cell therapy here, bc they want that to remain in the hands of the elite.

    Did you realize that David Rockefeller had 10 heart transplants? Seriously. Dick Cheney is looking spry after his last “medical treatment”. You can travel to the Islands, have stem cell developed based on your DNA in Israel, have it injected while you vaca in the Islands, and come home fixed for about 40K US.

    There are even better treatments. Notice Kissinger. They need young blood, organs and parts.
    In the old days, they wanted sex slaves. Now, the women and children do it for free. Other than as slave labor, their parts being so valuable, makes it hard to find cheap victims for further testing.

    Maybe that is another function of allowing the 3rd World to invade the USA? They need more unknown people that they can funnel into their network. They seem to panic at the idea of a closed border. I think the reason is bigger than just wanting the illegal alien vote. They want their kids to part out. The adults can be wage slaves, and they will believe any lies bc they have no other choice for survival once they get here.

    • Never even thought of the chance that they might want unknown illegals here that no one would miss or search for.

  5. NolaAnon here…

    I can tell you that the Rex parade is very popular among all the Mardi Gras parades, not the most popular, but still high up there. High profile individuals are chosen to be King Rex. The Rex Ball after the parade is not mentioned as often as MOM’s Ball, which is filled with debauchery and any drugs you want. Well-to-do people attend MOM’s Ball… i.e. politicans, city officials, celebrities, athletes, and business owners. You can’t take pictures inside the ball, and tourists cannot get tickets to it Having said that, I don’t know how exclusive the Rex Ball is. I don’t hear much about it, so it’s either super secret or really lame.

    The St. Charles Avenue mansion is not well known in the city, because its history is not celebrated or reported, as there are numerous other buildings and landmarks with more historical significance. I know the mansion very well, I live a few blocks from it on St. Charles Ave I would’ve never have known the house if it wasn’t for its address, 2525, which is the day I was born. Nothing stands out about the house other than it’s a mansion on St. Charles Ave. New Orleans has a rich history of corruption, think the Big Machine back in Louisiana’s political heyday with Huey P. Long and others. There is definitely something here as everything in this city wreaks of shady handshakes and backdoor dealings. I think Louisiana has sent more politicans and business owners to federal prison than any other state. Anons have done a great job of digging, and I’ve been looking into it as well. If I find something, I will post it, but I feel other Anons are already 12 steps ahead of me.

    Great job Neon and Anons!!!

  6. Wow !!! I have this family member and her husband is UT alumni. They lived in NOLA and Baton Rouge and also Houston over my life time. He is a chemical engineer i believe, at Exxon for many years. They travel to Europe a LOT ! They always threw strange parties and were very secretive if their lives but very wealthy. I admit their behaviors were strange. The wife often took in family members girls during summers and i personally dont have much recollection of those times spent though old enough to. Just puzzle pieces. Thing is they had 2 sons. Never were around during summers. The oldest close to his 50s at least has one messed up life but no real details are out. Never married no kids highly possibly gay the father highly possibly gay as well as the hub and wife have lived in different states at times. I cannot express their time in europe, germany and france as they are fluent in the languages. The last name is Edgar MOHUNDRO. He is long retired but gets upwards 150,000 for lectures still all over. I have always had suspicions of who they really are and tied to. Im no good at research as ive been able to find nothing other than his linked in page. I remember the youngest son had a pure blk and wht checkerboard room. I mean everything in it was blk white checkerboard. Can any amazing anons find out who these family memebers are for me. Who theyre tied to. Ive got nothing and no one else in family does either. Great article neonrevolt. Im only a lurker on boards never posting as im not protected to be able to do so. They have always worshipped Mardi Gras like religion. So naturally this article brought this stuff out. Too many questions unanswered.

  7. For all these satanic crimes only the death penalty is what these criminals deserve! God bless these people for their strength to stand up and to bring dark to light. I hope they are still alive to this day.

  8. I was unable to share, twitter account suspended and facebook just said an error had been made and I tried it again and it said the same thing. Nothing surprises me anymore. Everything I hear and learn is horrible. I think the CIA needs to be disbanded and a different foreign intelligence put in and children not put into this situation, even prisoners. Thank you for your digging!

  9. I can think of nothing more evil and destructive that one can do to a fellow human being than what these psychiatric ghouls did to these poor children. Hanging them would be merciful compared with what they have done, but those who paid and approved their horrible work deserve even worse.

  10. Great to have you writing articles again NR! Do you remember a CDAN article or reveal that implied George Soros was behind Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson was paid $1million to “service” Assange while he is stuck in the Embassy? After that article I started thinking about JA’s role. Is he really a publisher or a spook? Now we know definitively that Snowden is a spook and Brennan was going to bring him home after HRC win in 2016. Q also implied WikiLeaks is in the clowns control. Did JA drop the NSA key code to Snowden in his MIA tweet who then sold it to the Russians? What about Manning is he really a spook? Didn’t he just try running for the Senate but when that failed he found himself on a ledge ready to jump? Who killed Barlow? I am assuming another spook killed him in order to get control of Freedom of the Press and warn Snowden to shut up about the plan. There was a notable the other day on the boards that I of course can’t find now but it connected many dots. The singer of MIA was engaged to a Bronfman who was connected to Snowden and Barlow. So was WikiLeaks set up to expose military secrets, the NSA, provide Russia with new missle technology, but predominantly to help start WW III with the “Russia bad” narrative? I just find it hard to believe JA is not a spook if CDAN is right about Soros! I also wonder if Seth Rich wasn’t a spook. I honestly think the sick “elites” like Obama, Podesta, Clinton’s never thought she would loose despite the emails being leaked. I mean they had the voting machines rigged to win and the October “grab em by the pussy” surprise. I wonder if Crossfire Hurricane was started not to use to impeach President Trump but to make him and his family suffer after the loss. That is why Page, McCabe, Strozk, or Comey didn’t leak it to the press that they started an investigation into Trump. If they thought HRC wasnt going to win and they could help turn that around Lyin Leakin Comey would have been all over that. The FBI was a sieve at that time! If CDAN is right about JA I think we need to look at his role in all of this. Is JA a clown and was WikiLeaks playing a role of “Russian Collusion” to help start WW III? I think Ukraine certainly helps pushes the narrative of aggressive Russia and same with Crimea. I could never figure out why “Kansas” as CIA director would say WikiLeaks/ JA is one of our biggest threats if they weren’t working for Soros, Saudis, or Rothschild. What do you think?

  11. They continued this brainwashing, just under different pretenses over the years in the 80’s it was drug rehab, today it is the gay conversion therapy. In the 80’s I was subjected to inhumane practices, jail would have been better. Let the assholes burn and die slowly for what took place at places like Straight Inc., just because my parents could not take responsibility and dumped me like rubbage to the curb.

    • I was looking into the old asylum system and they loved locking up young women. One guy, since we’re going back to Victorians, made his money on quack remedies (con man) and founded an asylum AND a women’s college…. that’s kinda suspicious, isn’t it? His wife also mysteriously died, apparently from suicide, nobody knows why.

  12. I was hoping you’d do a Gab post on this- what a treat to get a full NR article!
    Been following Enty since ’06 and usually posts are fairly easy to decipher (especially if- as you say- you check out the comments).
    But these big ones… it’s a lot.
    As always- thanks for all you do!

  13. Tulane University is mentioned a bit in “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”, by Edward T. Haslam. Has interesting links to JFK assassination and cancer research (possibly the beginning of the Special Virus Cancer Program, if I’m not mistaken.)

  14. Brother in Arms (Respect)!

    Loving your words of wisdom for a year+ now.
    Q guy since 11-2017.

    Can not wait to buy your book as I have many to share it with.
    Most are on the edge and there are some of the 3 to 4 percent that will never understand (GOD help them).


    Little Brother worked DIRECTLY For Trump in a HUGE way during the campaign!

  15. Is owner of Grace the same family as W.R. Grace, 33rd degree mason and oil mogul? Currently re-reading Jim Garrison’s 1988 amazing book “On the Trail of the Assassins”. He went to law school at Tulane, but apparently was quite uninformed until the aftermath of Nov, 1963.

    • Interesting. While reading this article about the Mardi Gras parades, I keep picturing the brief scene in Oliver Stone’s “JFK” where Ferrie, Shaw, and the Kevin Bacon character were dressed up for a masquerade…The movie, as you probably know, used a lot of Garrison’s material.

  16. My mother went to school with the Claudia Mullen mentioned in this article.

    She confirms that Claudia was very sickly and often suffered strange long absences from school.

  17. Yes, I each time I see Tulane I think of the narrative in “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” and what a cesspool of CIA operations that place has been for half a century…and now here’s more!

    • Unfortunately, Springmeier was mistaken on this claim. The link included in this article goes into why he was mistaken.

  18. After reading today’s CDAN drop concerning this house I googled “neon revolt house on charles street” and got nothing… I then googled “neon revolt” and got nothing again…

    On the target, NR!

    Thank you for your work!

  19. Blind Items Revealed #13 – Anniversary Month

    March 24, 2020

    It has been several years ago now when this A list mostly movie actress used to spend a great deal of her time in the city with the House On St. Charles. What is interesting though, is her history with the house goes back much further than that specific time period. In fact, when she was visiting so often with her significant other, she never visited the house. Her work had been completed long before that. A decade prior to her spending so much tie in the city, our actress was contacted by, at that point in time a high ranking member of the government who controlled the house. He later became its head of government. The two became very close and shared a bed on a number of occasions. He financed all her pet projects and put her in touch with people who could help her with her thirst projects. In the city, because of its location and geography are a number of consulates. The foreign consuls of the city often become Ambassadors for their specific countries. Over the course of a year, our actress entertained four such men and one woman at the House. All of the activities were recorded for posterity. Three of the five became Ambassadors for their respective countries, all of which are very large or influential and all feed secrets directly to the man who arranged the liaisons with the actress. The leader and the actress had a falling out but she stays quiet because of the things they did together other than her activities in the House. Those activities outside the House would bring down her career.

    Angelina Jolie/New Orleans/Brad Pitt



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