The Forerunners of Freedom! On /g/GreatAwakening and why #Dissenter is a Revolutionary Platform. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Group

Just a quick announcement after the vid, guys!

I made this quick 30 second “bumper” vid late last night, and I hope you not only enjoy it, but use it to spread the word about the Great Awakening group on Gab!

The group is absolutely flourishing, adding over a thousand users in just a couple days after I announced it here on my site.

But one of the, well, I hesitate to call it a “complaint…” – but one of the issues I kept hearing was that people couldn’t get on to Gab to use the new /g/GreatAwakening group, because, well… Gab registration was closed at the time I went public with the group!

You guys know I’ve been a BIG advocate for Gab over the past year, as it’s probably the last platform out there that will allow us all to connect and speak freely, and who won’t censor our conversations – which is exactly why it’s been targeted for such a long time – including the deadly false-flag attack the Deep State facilitated, in order to deplatform the entire site itself.

That effort failed, and we’ve pushed forward spectacularly!

Which is why I wanted to make the /g/GreatAwakening group on Gab – so people could connect and interface and bring everything they could to the great #QAnon community.

But when I launched the group, the big issue at hand was that Gab was getting attacked by Bots DDOSing the site, bringing everything down, so they had to turn off new user registration for a bit.

Which mean new users couldn’t register without an invite code. Which meant they couldn’t read or participate in anything.

However, that has now changed. Gab registration is once again open to the public.

So if you haven’t already, I would suggest getting in while the getting is good. We have some real superstars in the group, tracking everything Q-related. I’ve said it often in the past, but I really want to underscore this today, because it’s more true than ever: no single one of us is smarter than all of us, so we’re always gonna do better the more we connect and share info.

So go! Join the group! Here’s a link, but you’ll notice I ALSO added it to the menu bar here on the site, in case you ever need to find the link:

Great Awakening

Dedicated to #QAnon and QResearch

ALSO, since you’re getting a Gab account, you should know about a brand new, revolutionary feature they launched called “Dissenter.”

If you’re not familiar, the basic idea behind Dissenter is to put comments on every site in the internet, and it works brilliantly.

Why is this necessary?

Because it removes control from the leftist Tech-oligarchs. More and more, the big tech companies are censoring and trying to control the conversation by simply tearing out your tongue and making it so you don’t have a voice. There’s also the transparent, dehumanizing shaming tactic they use, of calling anyone who dissents a “troll” (instead of, you know, a living, breathing person who disagrees with the “mainstream” narrative).

Rotten Tomatoes, for instance, recently removed the entire comment section from the Captain Marvel page.

Youtube is disabling comments on entire channels.

And Facebook and Twitter continue to deplatform and censor anyone they deem guilty of wrongthink, with Project Veritas publishing leaked documents revealing Facebooks “deboosting” algorithm – finally, officially, demonstrably confirming what many of us in this space have suspected for a long time.

Heck, I watched Twitter censor and delete this meme in real-time yesterday, which was posted in a comment under one of President Trump’s latest tweets:


This particular image was first hidden behind a “sensitive content” warning, which forces you to click to see it.

And after I had clicked it – and this is something I’ve never seen Twitter do before – but the page displayed the image for a couple of seconds, and then, of its own accord, refreshed the entire page, before displaying a notification that the “selected tweet no longer exists.”

First, they lied about the image. There’s nothing “sensitive” about this. The was no reason to hide it. It’s just listing the facts.

And then I watched them censor this image in real-time.

And until very recently, we had no real recourse. Sure, you could take your comments to your microblog somewhere, but the effect was that you were no longer part of the conversation. You were effectively shouting into the void – because these oligarchs controlled the conversation.

No more!

Dissenter RIPS CONTROL away from these oligarchs, and gives it back to you, the people – by allowing anyone to add whatever comment they want, to whatever page they want.

The effect of this is that there’s a brand new comment section for every page on the internet.

And it’s got all the right people screaming blue, bloody, butthurt.

#SorosRentBoy Jared Holt (of Right Wing Watch) was particularly mad, and once again demonstrated his economic illiteracy, advancing the crackpot lie that Gab had somehow lied on its SEC filings, and thus… was in some kind of legal trouble.

It’s not.

Jared is just an idiot.

A literal idiot who is paid to lie:

Jared Holt on Twitter

Gab made some glitchy stupid commenting system that no one who doesn’t have it installed can read. But more importantly, Gab lied to its investors which is a *crime* in the U.S.


Metro tried the “anchoring” tactic, of trying to associate a “controversial” public figure, with Dissenter.

Tommy Robinson fans find new way to get round Facebook and Twitter bans

Tommy Robinson supporters are using a new ‘freedom of speech’ tool to get around media ‘censors’ and social media bans. Just as the far-right activist was purged from Facebook and…


Vice’s “editors” didn’t have to go through their usual editorial process, and were able to spare their “throwing arms.”

Users of far-right social network Gab can now comment on the entire internet

Gab, the social network of the far right, has extended its free-speech platform with a tool that allows users to bypass “rampant corporate censorship” and comment on almost anything, the company said Tuesday. Called Dissenter, the new service lets users comment on news articles, YouTube videos and even individual social media posts – even if those sites don’t have comment sections or have comments switched off.


(For those who many not get the joke… see here):


And some tranny over at the Daily Dot really didn’t like the fact that people will now be able to remind “her” nonstop that she’ll never be able to chop off that pesky Y-chromosome, even if “she” pays thousands upon thousands to get surgically mutilated.

Meet ‘Dissenter’: A far-right ‘comment section’ for hating on journalists

Have you ever hated journalists so much that you wanted to create an online commenting system just so you could complain about them behind their backs? Well, we have good news for you. If you’re a card-carrying member of the far-right, you can now shout into the void with Gab’s new social media platform Dissenter, the self-described “comment section of the internet.”


So yeah. All the right types are really mad about this. And that’s because Dissenter represents a genuine paradigm shift (which is rare, in this day and age). And it accomplishes this by tipping the scales of power back to the User.


Like… this is an issue that’s near and dear to my heart, but the reason computing used to be so revolutionary was that it was fundamentally designed to empower the individual user.

But as these tech companies grew larger and larger, they wrested that natural control away from the user, and started making it so, for instance, you didn’t have administrator rights to your phones, or the devices you bought.

Now, they sell literal spybots under the guise of security – such as the microphone that was built in to Google’s “Nest” products, which wasn’t disclosed until after it was already in everyone’s homes:

Google says Nest’s secret microphone was ‘never intended to be a secret’

Google said there’s absolutely, positively nothing to worry about the secret microphone in your Nest Secure smart home hub that it didn’t tell you about. Nope, not at all. Just an oversight, said Google. No need to be alarmed. Everything is just fine. When Google announced earlier this …

If tech isn’t empowering the user, the owner, it’s empowering someone else by default.

And those “someones” aren’t to be trusted, because they’ve been shown, time and time again, to abuse this power and use it to create Leftist systems of control and coercion.

And this old post from 4chan clearly articulates why the Left relies on these systems of control:


Dissenter brings freedom back to every site on the internet.

Essentially, you use Dissenter in two ways: with the browser extension and with the main site at

You can just use, but you’re missing out on half the experience without the extension, because the extension puts the comments right over the website you’re currently visiting.

So for instance, here I am using the Dissenter extension on Gab. I click the extension, and it brings up a comment list of what people have said about this particular URL (in this case,, and it’s pretty funny.


Alternatively, if I want to use the Dissenter site, I can enter a URL on the homepage, and be taken to the associated comments in an instant.


So let’s take a look at what people have said about #SorosRentBoy Jared Holt’s dumb tweet from earlier – and keep in mind, many of the people using Dissenter have been unfairly deplatformed from Twitter, so they would have no other way to say what they wanted to say.

Here’s the actual link, in case you want to join the fray:

And this is why Dissenter is so revolutionary. Its wildly entertaining and destroys Silicon Valley’s hegemony in one fell swoop.



And as Andrew Torba himself pointed out, The Financial Times had a spectacular write-up on Dissenter today, calling it a “billion dollar idea”


Introducing the shadow comment sector | FT Alphaville

A public platform is much like a public house. Everyone gets to come in by default. But on occasion a proprietor is forced to ban those who don’t respect house rules or the wider laws of the land. Things get trickier for the landlord in instances where guests (in the process of speaking their minds) simply offend other guests.

In response to the bans they too have tried or are trying to take their significant volumes of followers to rival platforms to undermine the businesses of those who banned them. But the communities which support them aren’t just stopping there. They’re also innovating.
The most recent innovation is Dissenter, the brainchild of the Gab community, a would-be free-speech rival to Twitter. Thus far the core platform has failed to gain the traction desired by the de-platformed.
Hence Gab has come up with Dissenter, a plug-in which developers hope will forge a truly Habermasian comment section of the internet that basically rides atop of any website you visit in ghostly shadowy style.
It’s hard to question the elegance of the idea. Dissenter travels with you wherever you go on the internet. If you’re plugged into the Dissenter community, a person can theoretically comment at will on any story without fear of blocking, muting, editing, bozo-ing, or banning by the website proprietors in question.
There is a clear demand for this sort of freedom. Some argue the concept is therefore a billion dollar idea with the potential to completely disrupt conventional media’s control of its comment real estate.
If it does take off, house rules could become a thing of the past. And bad or offensive feedback could become unsuppressable.

Leftists HATE this because it utterly guts the artificial, entrenched system they’ve built up over the years. It showcases their loss of control, and forces they to have to step into the arena of ideas again.

And that is where they always lose.

Which is why Dissenter is more important than ever, and couldn’t come at a more critical time.

Anyway, I hope you’ll come join us at “/g/GreatAwakening” and subsequently have a blast using Dissenter. We’re already a force to be reckoned with, which is why the Cabal is spending so much energy composing these negative hit-pieces against us. Little do they realize, they’ve already lost. They’ve tried to plug up their ears and screech in the face of this new, Trumpian reality they live in, entertaining delusions of impeachment and a 2020 victory.

Little do they know they’ve already been beaten in the arena of ideas.

The tables have turned in the digital space, and soon they will realize their leftie hugboxes, their echo chambers, their safe spaces are already crumbling before their very eyes.

And there’s no preserving it or going back.

The only question is how long it will take for them to catch up to the rest of us, the forerunners of freedom.


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20 thoughts on “The Forerunners of Freedom! On /g/GreatAwakening and why #Dissenter is a Revolutionary Platform. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Group”

  1. Ha so i was right the motherfuckers at test tube are deliberately disabling the comment sections man i wish Q would kick their asses and take their toys away and give it to someone who loves free speech

  2. Neon…….I’ve tried several times to open an account at Gab. It won’t let me. How do I go about resolving this issue? Can you help me or tell me what I need to do?

    Thank You!

      • SATURDAY 3/2 @ 9:06 am “Gab is currently in an closed, invite-only state. In order to create an account, someone from inside the Gab community will need to send you an invitation code. If you do not know anyone who is already on Gab, please email us at [email protected].

      • Why such an off hand comment? are we all suppose to be tech heads to join GAB? I have just signed up. What next? do I really want to look at posts of Woman drinking whiskey? Dogs? Cooking? is the great awakening? I like women, whiskey, dogs and cooking as much as the next men but how do I find this dissenter extension and link it to social media?

        • Because this is Internetting 101, and I’m not your instructor.

          I’m not going to hold your hand and teach you how to do one of the most basic and elementary things on the internet.

          Go to a Library and take a remedial computer course if you have to. It’s literally not my job.

    • : GAB STATUS AS OF 3/2 @9:05 “Gab is currently in an closed, invite-only state. In order to create an account, someone from inside the Gab community will need to send you an invitation code. If you do not know anyone who is already on Gab, please email us at [email protected].”

  3. We are back in the saddle again. Power should be in the hands of the people, not in the hands of corporations or government. Time to have a voice again that cannot be blocked or banned.

  4. SC — I Know!! the comments were what kept me off TV in the beginning (I was a reader always) now I don’t care about their stories…they don’t spell check + it’s all audio recorded-fed-copied…it’s all crap…then they have stopped google+ I am convinced they hated that Trump groups took it over…it was bigger than twitter…but they are scared ..please be strong bros and you all! #MAGA. Thank you neonrevolt!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I, ashamedly, have not been spending much time on Gab and so your notification made me aware of this important development.

    Disabled comments sections has been one of the Deep States most effective tools and this provides an easy work around for those of us interested in being a part of the conversation, and those of us who desire multiple points of view and a well rounded perspective, and those of us who have information to share, whether you are an insider or just happen to have a valid point to make that may not have been considered.

    I can see this taking over all comments sections including this one I am typing on now. No offense to Neon, I have faith in him, and I don’t see any immediate need for it here, now or in the near future, but, im just saying, at the end of the day… people will say, “why give Anyone control to moderate your comments, when you could chose not to…?”

  6. Oh hell this is a great idea! Sadly it will mostly be an echo chamber until lefties download it and get red pilled, But it will still be helpful for us who are already awake but need a little more help from other voices.

  7. I am not all that technically savvy so Dissenter is somewhat of a miracle to me. Thank you thank you thank you, Andrew Torba for creating a way for us to be heard despite the efforts of the left to censor us and thank you, Neon, for all you do toward that end. WWG1WGA!

  8. It sounds like a good idea but a few weeks in and it will be so full of perverts and foul language that ‘normies’ who need to see the truth won’t go there.

  9. That meme of the reduction in NK missile test launches from Obama to Trump gives me hope after the disappointment of no peace deal in the summit in Vietnam.

    However, Venezuela concerns me. Q is pretty much silent. I’m reposting this because it was off topic on the IATSE thread.

    Changing topic – I’ve been following Q with hope. No doubt that Q is indeed military intelligence at the highest level. I’ve been encouraged by talk of peace on earth and bringing the troops home. But it seems the Deep State is so entrenched this is gonna take years – the breakdown of the Korea talks being an example.

    What also worries me is the typical regime change playbook against Venezuela. Now you might not like the Maduro government and the Chavez government before it because they are socialist. But by nationalising the oil industry and putting the money into social programs they pulled millions of citizens out of destitute poverty. Hence Maduro still has majority support of military and the poorer section of the population.

    So the Trump government seems to just be going along with Bush/Obama era crippling sanctions and now attempting coup, next will come the death squads and then a proxy civil war, possibly leading to a US invasion if that not enough, that likely would rival a quagmire like Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq. Even without US troops the result could be a failed state like that other regime change effort where Africa’s most prosperous country Libya was reduced to Mad Max terrorist mayhem. The result for millions of Venezuelans and South and Central Americans will be war, death, poverty, trauma, refugees. The US will need a bloody good wall!!!

    Without sanctions and pressures of regime change coups etc – then as Chavez and Maduro’s party policies lifted people out of poverty into middle class, a more natural evolution to a free market economy might have been possible. With rampant inflation induced by the two decades of sanctions, it makes it hard for any country to prosper and develop. SEE:

    Just because ideologically don’t like ‘socialism’ (even in a developing country) does it mean it is moral to cause a situation where thousands or even millions may die?

    Q has said pretty much zilch on Venezuela. So are the patriots for destabilising and destroying a large South American nation just like the Satanic globalists, or is it just ‘optics’ and playing for time? What are your thoughts? Can someone on 8Chan ask Q, please?

    I’d be grateful for your thoughts Neon.

  10. Well this wasn’t the article to read while enjoying an afternoon snack of doritos and french onion dip. Damnit Neon, I almost choked 3 times laughing.
    I installed the extension as soon as it was available but I haven’t tried it out yet. About to now!

  11. Excuse my technical ignorance but won’t websites just say ‘It looks like you are using an unapproved extension which is not compatible with our site – please disable to continue’ like they do with Adblocker ?


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