#GafferAnon Takes us Backstage to Uncover #HollywoodCorruption! #ShutDownHollywood #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

So, this will be the THIRD article from me in roughly 24 hours, at a time when I’m officially “not writing any articles until the book is done,”

But things are just popping off left and right, and some of this stuff, I just can’t ignore, so here I am, once again.

Evidently that article I wrote a little while back is making some major waves:


As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, the Oscars were just a few hours ago (as of this writing), and it was full degeneracy on display at every turn, with the Cabal trotting out near-Marxist Congressional mainstays, garish, gender-bending monstrosities, and an endless parade of SJW’s trying to out-social-justice each other in order to score more “oppression points” as Hollywood continues its downward trajectory into cultural irrelevance.

So my article outlining an actual strategy to #ShutDownHollywood and starve the beast couldn’t have landed at a more perfect time. The article has absolutely exploded over the past day, and gone completely viral on Twitter and other platforms. And tonight, people got to see exactly what we’re up against.

And in case you haven’t heard yet, a film called Green Book took the top prize at the Oscars this year. Now, personally, I wasn’t expecting that. With all the money Netflix was throwing at Academy members, I was expecting Roma to win, but even if it didn’t win Best Picture, it did end up taking home three Oscars (IIRC).

But I had to stop and wonder “Why?” With Netflix spending more in bribes than had ever been spent before… why didn’t it “win?”

And then I remembered:

Obama’s “pet.”

Yeah, she has a role in this film.

Catch up on that subject if you need to:

But that’s not what I want to focus on tonight.

I want to focus on an yet another insider who came to the boards tonight after reading my article and a bunch of other #QAnon-related pieces.

This insider is named #GafferAnon, and as you’ll soon see, he’s a member of the IATSE union we’re trying to encourage to #ShutDownHollywood.

GafferAnon stayed for quite a while, dropped quite a bit, and had more than a few interesting things to say, so I capped all his responses on the boards across several threads, and now, I’m going to present them all here, starting with his very first post:

Anon asked the first question:

Can’t have a functional set without a gaffer!

Next question:

I actually believe all of that.

Yes. There’s an army of them, because 1) they’re so necessary and 2) it actually pays decently.

Side-effect of the article I wrote that I should have anticipated: it would introduce a whole loooooot of IATSE guys to #QAnon.

If you’re one of those types reading this now, and hearing about Q for the first time – check up in the menu bar. There’s an article I wrote up there some months ago laying out all the basics. It’s a lot to digest, but it’s all 100% true, and mind-blowing. And feel free to reach out here, in the comments, or over on Gab (I tend to prefer Gab, tbqh).

We said as much in the original article. IATSE will NEVER strike over pedo-stuff (unless, perhaps, there were a huge public outcry).

They can strike over working conditions and such, like Netflix is imposing on them.

This can be done strategically.

He’s right, you know. A ton of cable TV production is done either in Georgia, or in Toronto (which serves as “generic city backdrop” in pretty much everything).

Georgia just shells out all the tax breaks to these companies, and Hollywood pockets those sweet Georgian dollars.

That’s the big irony about the business right now. They all turned California into a tax-ridden hellhole, and yet, THEY can’t even survive there any more. It’s untenable!

I had to laugh at this, too. I could tell GafferAnon was legit from the way he was talking earlier, but this sealed the deal.

Dunno why he wanted to give this away, but he did. Hope he doesn’t get blacklisted as a result.

Apple boxes, for those who don’t know, are the crates they stand short actors/actresses on, in order to make them look taller, especially in any scene that involves kissing and a height difference between the person opposite them.

It’s that kind of turn-of-phrase that tells me this guy is genuine industry.

Well, Tom Hanks is rapist according to #CDAN.

So, there’s that.

The Sony hack happened a couple of years back. Some scalps were claimed from it. This was right around the time Sony was going to release that movie The Interview, where Seth Rogen and James Franco blew up a Kim Jong-Un character – so naturally they accused North Korea of hacking them.

I think Amy Pascal, a big Sony exec, getting fired was the biggest thing to (publicly) come out of that. And that’s… fantastic, because she’s connected to some real swamp creatures, and was dead-set on making a #GamerGate movie based on the book Crash Override, which basically means they would have painted Zoe Quinn as some feminist hero besieged by “internet trolls,” instead of, you know, a girl who couldn’t program who instead decided to trade sexual favors with five different “games journalists” for positive reviews of her game, Depression Quest.

I’m not joking. The Sony hack totally derailed that totally manipulative and biased project. (Thank God).

Amy Pascal’s Hollywood Ending, Complete With Comeback Twist

LOS ANGELES – After 18 years at Sony Pictures, the last 11 as studio boss, a position that made her one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, Amy Pascal had her life blown apart. First came the 2014 cyberattack that ravaged Sony. Her private emails were stolen, published online and picked apart by the news media.

Yeah, gotta keep this kind of thing in mind. If a strike is to be successful, the participants need to be provided for. It’s a daunting challenge – especially given the damage the Obama administration did to people’s savings and health insurance costs.

Definitely a strategic challenge, and I don’t have a good answer for it right now. Perhaps crowdfunding? Maybe the Union can think of something better.


The W hotel. We’ll talk about that in a bit.

Local 479 might be a good place to target for an email campaign.

He’s probably pretty close with those estimates.

seriously doubt Jack Black. And Ed Helms.

That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be digging. Dig away!

GafferAnon will explain the game project later. It wasn’t an actual game, but a series for the Playstation.

Man with a plan. Good.


I mean, he’s the dude, dude.

Anons started to hassle him, here:

Anons start talking about James Franco and the W hotel here, following from GafferAnon’s previous lead:

GafferAnon, we’re all retarded:

Anon decides to be a dick because he can’t tell that GafferAnon is legit. But, new, actionable info is always appreciated.

I don’t know who that guy is with Channing Tatum, but he does have… “the look,” if you catch my drift.

Perhaps someone can answer who he is in the comments, because GafferAnon points him out again:

UPDATE: It’s Roland Emmerich. I should have known that, but despite hearing his names thousands of times, his face wasn’t in my memory.

And for the life of me, I can’t remember the guy’s name above, either. I’m kicking myself over this one.

Update: Jeff Daniels.

What can I say? I was up at 5:30 AM writing this and I’ve always hated Dumb and Dumber.

But then GafferAnon posts yet another picture of the same creepy Roland Emmerich again:

Enty is “mainstream” now.

You’re welcome. =)

If you’re talented enough, they officially “adopt” you, once you’re compromised enough.

I know enough about Jim to say… whatever they have on him probably didn’t happen until after ’93. Maybe around ’96. Maybe around the time he was filming Man on the Moon. Hard to say. But I know enough to make a guess in that direction.

FYI: Night Trap was a SegaCD FMV game from the mid-90’s. That’s not what GafferAnon was referencing earlier.

Sony threw a bunch of money at this sort of… experimental, Playstation exclusive series, just so execs and talent would have an excuse to party:

PlayStation’s superhero cop drama Powers casts a Reservoir Dog for season 2

For its second season, PlayStation-exclusive show Powers will add Michael Madsen to its cast of stars, which already includes the likes of Sharlto Copley (District 9) and Eddie Izzard (The Riches). Brian Michael Bendis, executive producer of the show and writer of the comic on which Powers is based, announced the news earlier today via the PlayStation Blog.

Which is probably why no one’s ever heard of it.

I just want to say I’m happy to have GafferAnon here, no matter what stage of “awakening” he’s at. And of course, I’ve written so much on this site to help people like him on his journey.

Hopefully he’ll dive in and explore some of what’s on offer here.

Yeah, the Nahash stuff isn’t out-in-the-open. You’re not going to, idk, witness a Thelemic orgy just… in a board room or on a studio lot.


There’s some stuff, at least, that I know of. But it’s kind of run-of-the-mill and tame, to be quite honest. Like, for instance, he dated a 20 year old when he was 66, I think.

Sure, not the best thing in the world. But certainly not criminal, and the woman involved knew what she was doing. 20 isn’t a child.

It’s nowhere NEAR the level of degeneracy you’ve read about elsewhere, like what Spielberg or the Gettys have done. He’s not raping anyone, like Tom Hanks above.

There should be a dedicated thread for W hotel digs, I think.

Anon noticed a major connection:

And GafferAnon confirmed. Obama, HRC, and the CFR!

There’s also the Pharos Fund. I didn’t blow these images up, because they didn’t show a ton, but there’s certainly a lot of symbolism going on here.

Here’s the link to the page:

Pharos Capital Group, LLC

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Dallas and Nashville, Pharos Capital Group is a physician-founded private equity firm which invests $25 to $50 million in growing healthcare companies that improve patient outcomes or lower the total cost of care.


Crazy connections coming out:


Oh, and it connects back to Mittens! How convenient!

He is not me, and I am not him.

I would never want to be a gaffer, frankly. I’ll stick with screenwriting, thanks.

Dems. All Dems.

Again, they’ve turned California into a Hellhole. So it’s not surprising that Lefties relocate, and then vote for the same policies that turned the place they just left, into a hellhole all over again.

Here’s one such politician the PGA donates to:

GafferAnon responds:

And then:

Yes, he is:

Anon then asks a question:


They smiled for an Instagram video just before a helicopter tour. Minutes later, a deadly crash.

March 13, 2018 Trevor Cadigan was smiling and laughing as the helicopter ascended. His friend, Brian McDaniel, was sitting behind him, flashing a thumbs-up. Cadigan had just moved to New York, and McDaniel, his friend from back home in Dallas, was visiting.

The next logical question would be to find out who the victims were, and if they had any notable connections…

That’s when someone who I consider a LARP started interjecting: HWAnon2.

This is someone who has been posting very vague posts on the boards, so vague they’re essentially meaningless. Personally, I think it’s a LARP and a distraction until proven otherwise, and all his sudden (and only) appearance did in these threads was serve to confuse many Anons, which you’ll see, subsequently.

Then, there was a gap, as far as I could tell, between GafferAnon posts, for about an hour and a half.

But then, if I’m tracking correctly, it looks like he came back (though naturally, it’s hard to tell with such a gap in time, and especially when ID’s change across threads).

But still, this was a doozy of a post; one which implicated Oprah in the recent Smollett #HateHoax:

Anon then compiled a list of all of GafferAnon’s previous posts, and GafferAnon responded:

Doesn’t surprise me. Jives with everything I’ve heard.

But then, Anon decided to be an idiot to GafferAnon:

More idiocy. Almost like, at this point, someone was trying to chase him off the board.

And then this is where some confusion started to hit, confusing HWAnon2 with GafferAnon:

Again, some Anons can’t seem to grasp that the gaffer, the guy who does a ton of grunt-work on set, isn’t at the Oscars:


Thankfully, a good Anon stepped in and explained the situation. GafferAnon was able to verify his identity as the guy who posted in the previous threads, thanks to all the (you)’s highlighted in the links below.

All he had to do was take a screenshot and post it as proof. That was enough to satisfy Anons:

That didn’t stop some clowns from trolling him, however:

Others were trying to stay on target:

I could see that.

Not sure he’s familiar enough yet with the drops to quite understand what he was saying…

Anon then presents a list with some questions:

Here’s who he highlighted:

He then drops yet another Smollett-Oprah connection:

Anon confuses Smollett’s sister for his mom:

And GafferAnon corrects him:

Again, he’s not familiar enough with the terminology, but come on Anon… The only thing we’ve ever seen covered in gold are the dead babies from Asia that were smuggled in that crate.

What do you think Celebs are doing, pouring MOLTEN gold over their living tissues?

Just because they’re evil doesn’t mean they don’t burn.

Then came more harassment. At this point, it was pretty clear he was being shilled against, and that it wasn’t organic.

Anon tried to tell GafferAnon not to respond to them:

We’re trying.

One Anon thinks he’s funny:

Another is polite, thankfully, which allows GafferAnon to get into some political realities of the day-to-day:

This is the kind of thing the IATSE NEEDS to protest!

This is the kind of thing you guys need protection from, GafferAnon!!

You can’t allow them to dictate this kind of stuff unilaterally.

GafferAnon is legit.

But I’m not a fan of three point lighting. It’s either generally not dramatic, interesting, or natural enough.

More shilling.

Idk why Baker didn’t put GafferAnon in notables. Anons made buns and everything. It should have been in there.

One anon then tried again to advise GafferAnon:


He started to get the picture, I think.

Blackmail process.

Don’t know how right he is about the Black Eye stuff, though.

Again, I think HWAnon2 is a LARP, so take what he says with a grain of salt.


Many are there willingly.

I know that’s hard for some people to grasp, still.

Again, another shill:

And another shill trying to out him. GafferAnon catches it, though:

I stepped in around this time:

Evidently he had seen my article and my site, because he responded in short order:

I think it’s more a matter of framing than it is about crusading for the welfare of children.

There are plenty of organic grievances the IATSE could compile and leverage in the meantime.

Anyway, I’m still hopeful, but the point is taken.

Such a turn of events would require, well…

A #GreatAwakening!


They’re evil.

Not stupid.

(Or at least… that stupid).

Oh, and look, more shilling:

Anon then asks about Tom and Nicole:

This is not that much of an unusual request, actually.

Anon goes back to the “Black Eye” issue:

Yeah, there’s more going on here than just “messing up” I think…



I’ve heard this elsewhere, too.

It’s true. The IATSE guys are tough. They know their jobs and when they’re on call, they’re on call. And he’s right. James would say that, himself.

And that’s the last drop I saw of GafferAnon’s.

Needless to say, I think my article provided the impetus for an absolute metric ton of Hollywood workers a vector to hop on the #QAnon movement and join the #GreatAwakening.

I’m still hopeful that we can convince enough of these Union guys to walk away and #ShutDownHollywood, but if the only thing that ever comes out of this is a bunch of Union guys now talking about #QAnon, I’ll be very pleased.

It’s one step at a time. Every day progress is made. Every day, new people are being awakened. We’re building that critical mass, and one day soon, we will succeed, because soon, everyone is going to be on-board.

It’s not a matter of “if” but of “when.”

The sooner more people realize that, the better!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

Want to support my efforts with the site? One way you can do that is through the purchase of a shirt or an awesome QAnon Hat, which you can order in the Neon Revolt Shop! These hats are great, with 3D puff embroidery, and I’m working with great manufacturer to get these made and distributed. People love the hats when they get them.

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49 thoughts on “#GafferAnon Takes us Backstage to Uncover #HollywoodCorruption! #ShutDownHollywood #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Hi Neon

    Excellent 3 articles over the last 24 hours! Welcome back.

    I’m not 100% sure, but the man pictured with Channing Tatum appears to be Director/Producer Roland Emmerich, who GafferAnon included in his list of Pedowood players. Here’s an image of Channing & Emmerich:


    Also, the pic below him is Jeff Daniels.

  2. All unions are run like a mafia with the top brass and lieutenants heavily involved in corruption. Great to have you back Neon even if it’s only a temporary break from your book. Keep up the fight!

  3. In the 2016 session, the Georgia House UNANIMOUSLY passed HB 757. Unanimously! It was a pretty bland bill to amend/clarify the intent of existing law: religious officials shall not be required to perform marriage ceremonies in violation of their legal right to free exercise of religion. It would not have changed anyone’s daily life, but it would have kept set-up lawsuits from pushing pastors and small churches into oblivion under the weight of legal defense. It was not particularly anti-gay, in that it would also cover a wide range of religious belief from prohibitions against incestual marriage to “yoking” believers with unbelievers. The state senate made some tweaks and the bill passed with strong support.
    … But then-Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed it. The leading public reason given was that the NFL had said they would pull the 2019 Super Bowl out of Atlanta. He ‘saved’ it, and curiously, for five days leading up to this year’s SB, local media carried a ton of stories about the efforts of the Human Trafficking Taskforce, most with the angle of “Be assured, we’re on the job,” and not so much, “Look who we caught!”
    Many who followed the legislation and saw it go from unanimous to vetoed think the Real reason that Nathan Deal refused to protect pastors and congregations from weaponized lawsuits had much more to do with Georgia’s film industry and protecting the money. I hope whoever “got to” the ex-governor is exposed. ‘Sooner the better.

  4. That is some community. Someone hops aboard to shed some light (pun intended) and gets treated like that. They hurt the movement they endorse.

  5. wow ,this is great !!!! hw should b shut down..(BOYCOT THEM FOR 10YRS OR MORE NOW)

    NEON — COULD U please ASK NEXT TIME (GRAF/HW ANONS),, SHOWS UP ABOUT THE DEATHS OF THE YOUNG ACTORS WE LOST OVER THE YEARS !!? if They knows anything !! ? to clear up any bs thats outthere ,,and does they know anything about Keanu reeves / Elvis if they r bad or good guys??
    how deep is oprah in this shitte..cause she has fooled so many i stop watchin her after her school got busted bc iwas woke… shame on her..
    ON THE CHANS i find it hard to post !! i try and it always says full and i like to b part of these talks even on Q i cant get on only 750 allow to post by the time itry forget it full,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pisses me off . awake since 2011 and been with q since the start and would luv 2 share !!! keep up the great job u do ,,NEON cant wait 4 your book !!!! u make it easy to read and understand whats going on .. ( layman terms not lawyer talk haha..)

  6. I went against my better judgement and resubbed to Netflix so my kid could have soemthing to watch. But its all crap. Suicide attempt in the very beginning of The Incredibles. Little Foot mocking the Old Testament. Despicable Me 3 has a total gay agenda. The list goes on, there’s nothing to watch. This has moved me to cancel and just purchase old films that are not blatantly pushing a sick agenda.

    I don’t see anything coming from IATSE, but I do feel HW’s days are numbered. One can hope.

  7. I would have liked to ask him about Tom Selleck. I always thought he was a good dude. Clint Eastwood too. Neon, to what board was gafferanon posting? I may have missed it. Thanks

  8. Jeff Daniels…Hey, I was surprised even I caught that one!

    Fascinating stuff…Remember Soul is eternal & ALL is illusion @ some level in this realm, but certainly some MASSIVE EVIL is slowly being outed via current & former HW workers who have had enough♡

    Thanks Neon for all that u do♡

  9. I don’t think I would last 30 minutes in Hollywood. I would be in jail for knocking the crap out of these sick , sick people. Could not work for these nut jobs.

  10. Neon, Your hard work, excellent research and writing style is to be commended.
    Sort of thought I’ve been “awake” for a while now but you really fill in some gaps.
    Well done Brotha. Truly hope you’re rewarded as you should be.

  11. Pro costumer here. Local 479. Move to atl in 08 to follow tax incentives for film. Low on pole – below the line Set Costumer and Seamstress. Was working up the ladder to costume designer from 2006-2014. Birth of first child in 2013 led me to decide to go on “sabbatical” to be home with her rather than working 15 hour days and not seeing her grow up. I am a conservative Christian This was my fourth career late in life. I still hope to go back some day bc I Love using my skills and creativity at costume Design to help tell a story. I can attest to the No God Talk on set, the vanity of female talent who are easily controlled (read actresses), the push of the SJW crowd, the weird behavior of above the line producers, directors, etc. I was on set to do my job, learn from those above on the costume design ladder and move up that ladder. I lost an Assitant Design job to a POC bc one of the talent complained the costume dept was “too white”. Yes I was told this was the reason I didn’t get it. This was in 2012 about a year before I got pregnant. This would have been my first union film as an asst designer that would have pushed me up the ladder. Until that point all my positions were as Set Costumer or Lead Set Costumer (on set costumers who are responsible for costume continuity and daily costume care such as cleaning, mending, helping actors to dress). It’s a grueling and physical job dealing up close and personal with the actors. Moving racks of wardrobe to locations, Standing up to 15 hours per day. Costumes, makeup and hair always have a closer relationship with the actors bc of the nature of our jobs. Hence talent would share very personal things with us sometimes. While nothing shared was of a criminal nature, some of it was downright horrifying like how they were treated by directors etc. I never witnessed any crimes against children and I did work on several shows with minors. I did witness a producer hiring hookers for the b and c list cast of an indie i worked on in NJ back on 2006 tho. I also witnessed drug use on a few indie sets up north. I never saw that on the union sets here in atl tho I’m sure it was going on behind closed doors. Most of the above the line production crews I worked with also stayed at the W downtown. I used to go to the the swanky bar there in my single days on a Friday night with friends. Never saw anything unusual but 08 and 09 into 10 were the early days of the film biz here. There was a vibrant local crew community here. With the LA folks taking over and GA being a right to work state, a lot of locals got pushed out or gave up bc gettinghired is so hard. If the industry could be cleaned up I would go back. So glad I took my sabbatical when I did bc I have heard some awful stories in the last few years. It was like God was protecting me before I even knew what was going on in th industry. But I think back now and am so thankful I didn’t have to be in any of those toxic working conditions. I got a call back in 2016/17. Sometime in there for a wardrobe supervisor job on Queer Eye for the Striaght Guy being rebooted by Netflix. I’m so glad I flat out said no to them. Ugh. Im always respectful of others no matter what they believe but I would have hated working on that show with stupid rules. I also would have hated all the women on crew too. i would have been there for the job, not to call sexual harassment on everyone if they looked at me. Geesh.

  12. A few things:
    I thought the same thing when he used “apple box”, not many people know that outside of the industry. But when he started firing off the names of his gear I LOL’d
    Years ago actress friend picked us up from LAX (she’d just been in one of the Chainsaw Massacre movies & a bit part on a legal show where she fell apart on the stand & admitted guilt – meh) and she talked the whole way in the car about how her “#1 goal” was to be in a Spike movie. When I offered my opinion she looked at me like I had 2 heads.
    Jussie’s sister is on a period series on Oprah’s network about slaves. Not a stretch to figure Oprah’s involved.
    Some of the shill attacks were industry you could tell (snide KeyGripAnon comment), others no clue, like the jackass saying gaffers were pussies. I got to set early once after a location move & helped those guys unload their trucks for 5 damn minutes & it was enough for me.
    Much love Neon!!

  13. Thank you for this! GafferAnon is the real deal. I work occasionally as background in Georgia. Here are a few observations from my time on the sets.

    -The crew generally treats the extras with dignity as if they were from the same background, and often, they are as most of the crew are Georgia locals. Some crew, if you’re polite and ask, and the number of background is pretty small, will look the other way when you take some crew crafty.

    -Not all, but many of the non-tech, non-acting crew (PA’s, casting people, wardrobe, makeup, etc) treat background as second class citizens and look broken and traumatized with weird blue and pink hair and garish tattoos with satanic symbols. The women are butch and coarse and the males, severely effeminate, soy-raised. Sometimes it’s hard to tell gender. These non techs strike me as the ones who are looking to curry favor the most with the above-the-liners so they imitate their behavior to the peons in their charge. You can tell who’s from LA.

    -Gay content is HEAVY. The scripts are cringey af. I was on three different comic book shows where the gays and trans are the heroes and the cops/LE are the bad ones. I have not been on a single set where there wasn’t at least one gay character and storyline. It’s a bizarro world.

    -I saw an ambiguously gay PA become unambiguous real quick during a heavy gay bar scene. He was giddy at the prospect of manipulating background guys, most of whom were not gay, including me, to slow dance and even kiss! Many sheepishly danced, but everyone, even the gay background players refused to kiss and that was scratched from the script. This ain’t Cali (yet)! I watched as this same PA held hands with one background guy as they walked to set from holding. Even crew were like, “DUDE!”

    -In period pieces from the 60s, 70s and 80s they portray a mainstream integration of whites and minorities that just didn’t exist in those days. Women from those periods are also portrayed as way more aggressive, sexually loose, and disrespectful toward males than what actually happened in those days.

    -During the election for GA governor, PAs and many others openly campaigned for Stacey Abrams. Some even were spreading rumors that Gov. Kemp would end the movie industry in GA if elected, when in fact, he was expanding it. My house district in the burbs has been now hacked by blue state money twice and has narrowly escaped both times.

    -The movie people advocate for $15 min wage for fast food workers then they turn around and pay extras $9/hr before taxes. They advocate for open borders, then they turn around and make us fill out 4 pages of US Customs and Immigration forms to make sure we are citizens. WTF? I see few, if any, Latinos on set outside of crafty and that is an outsourced position.

    Hope this helps. Go get ’em Q!

  14. I think the dude is legit. I worked as an electric/grip in HW from 92-00. Films and music videos. Never joined the union. Never saw anything that made me think about what I now understand is the Cabal. I just ran into alot of assholes. Mostly all above the line. Also some great people. Like Famous name actors, who go out of their way to shake the hand of a 20 something, day player, standing by a light stand. Hello Harvey Keitel. More good people than bad. Even in HW. Crew people are generally awesome. Fun, creative and extremely hard working.
    I couldnt imagine doing it now, but in my 20s, I had many great times working on set. Worked on Wag the Dog for all you Anons. lol.

  15. I hope he was not doxing himself to much. I am a Gaffer as well, in Germany. We have to deal with drugs and alcohol. The other Things are up the line.

  16. I guess you already knew/noticed this, since you expressed a familiarity with “Mittens”… But did everyone else notice, the pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt is the only company in the U.S. that can legally import cocaine. That must be convenient for the elites who are connected with this company… Especially if they wanted to control Hollywood and the music industry. Apparently cocaine never really stopped being popular among the wealthy. Its “perfect” for entertainers and businessmen, they can just keep going. When you see guys like Jim Carrey, that’s how they are always energetic, quick thinking and witty…I suspect that’s why he and a Lot of others are so “talented”…

  17. I think you are making a mistake in your assessment of Carrey. He would have been compromised long before 93. No way he becomes the highest paid actor without it. In 93 he showed signs of moving toward Enlightenment, which many see as strange. It happens to people with massive guilt sometimes. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have guilt, and he’s likely fiddling his cartoons for fear of his past being exposed. He could be turned to the light. Enlightenment is not evil, and is the teaching in Jonah and Jacob’s story.

  18. For Your Eyes Only Neon: Here is a something that came out in 2012 on GLP board (US). A Rothschild calling himself “a black sheep in wolf’s clothes” offered Q&A to all who can ask a correct Question. The info is 100% true (for bette or for worst ). And it correlates 100% with the info I already have from two other sources. Vladimir Pyatibrat “The Guide Book” (Glubinnaya Kniga in rus.). And “The Walking Stick of the Traveler” written by a guy born in 300 AD and dead in 1975. This last one is “hand written” with a type writer. Came across to me in the 80s in The Soviet Union. Never published. Goes from hand to hand to only to those who are ready. Enjoy the Show from the Roths: http://ia802300.us.archive.org/8/items/rofschildv1/IAmARofschildAxeMeAQuestion.html

  19. I was in the industry for over a decade. I can confirm he is or was in the industry. I contacted all of my friends in the union currently. There is no word buzzing about what you are talking about.

  20. I went to lunch on the Hoboken waterfront the day of the chopper crash, not knowing it had happened only a few minutes before we got there. Saw the NYPD Harbor guys retrieving the bodies. Pretty surreal. Having worked overseas I had no reservations flying in helicopters in Iraq, but always thought those sight seeing flights were an accident in the making.

  21. What happened to your Gab account? I used to be able to review without being a member of Gab but now only get an error message.

  22. Off topic here. I haven’t been able to access Gab for the last 2 days. It says “500 This one is our fault. But everyone makes mistakes right? “.

    Is anyone else having problems?

    Oh and Neon, as always, great writing!!! 🙂

  23. Yeah, I’m getting the 500 fault. Follow it all and it goes to a gab login page. Which I refuse to do. Looks like gab is on a body hunt for new blood. Sad.

    • Never mind. It looks like you have to become a Gab user to see any content. I finally signed up and all is well.

  24. For many years I worked as a film “Grip” (who also works alongside the DP on set) and I can say that because of the detailed and obscure lingo (from “Apple Box” to a “20 x 20 Solid” etc.) that Gaffer Anon used there is ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION that he is an industry insider.
    I can’t even begin to convey how sad and pathetic it is to see him being doubted and confronted by oblivious and ignorant fools because he is not at the friggin Oscars.
    (Because the real HARD and GRUNT WORK is done by the workers on set, not the “above the line” people, let alone the “talent”).

    This was a GREAT synopsis and brought back some memories.


  25. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judd_Apatow#Television 1991 Jim Carrey: Unnatural Act
    Surprised no one has mentioned the Sun Valley conference since Oprah attends with other, political figures.
    The mansions with altars would be easy to raid.
    Jolie bought genocidal land in Cambodia, human slavery hub.
    The Mask could’ve been an MKUltra reference? Carrey paints a lot of degenerate art.
    https://hollowverse.com/charlize-theron/ Kabbalah +pagan.
    The process is just a combination of BDSM (normalised abuse), date rape and gaslighting. Phrased as “parties”, orgies are the form of Satanic worship, no other. A lot of business types supposedly host orgies.
    Wiccan was invented in the 20s, a cover for Blavatsky Satanism.

  26. Surprised no one has mentioned the Sun Valley conference since Oprah attends with other figures.
    The mansions with altars would be easy to raid.
    The Mask could’ve been an MKUltra reference? Carrey paints a lot of degenerate art.
    https://hollowverse.com/charlize-theron/ Kabbalah +pagan.
    The process is just a combination of BDSM (normalised abuse), date r*pe and gaslighting.
    Wiccan was invented in the 20s, a cover for Blavatsky Satanism.

  27. It’s so funny I run across this thread now…
    Theyre filming some HBO ‘Outsiders’ show in my lil Barrow County, Winder as I type this. Changing the old historic courthouse name to Cherokee County. Lol
    Look it up on Barrow county Govt fb page

  28. “I’m still hopeful that we can convince enough of these Union guys to walk away and #ShutDownHollywood, but if the only thing that ever comes out of this is a bunch of Union guys now talking about #QAnon, I’ll be very pleased.”

    I think that the best course of action should there be enhanced interactions with the below the line HW people would be to get them to document everything they see. Names, dates, place, times, whatever that help put them away or be introduced into court down the road. Think about it, there could be people close to the inside.


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