#JrSenatorAnon Heralds Legal Revelations for #QResearchers + Advent of the #QMarch?? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

I know I said “no new articles” while I write my book, but this was quick to produce. Normally, I can fit a handful of images into shorter Gab posts, but this was too long to squash into Gab. (And let’s face it. Though there have been a slew of #NewQ posts I haven’t covered, they haven’t needed much decoding. The posts that got me most excited were his “earthquake post” and the post about the Fed – and the post that got me the most skeptical was when #QAnon “confirmed” that the baker was wearing a frog pin… when she was clearly wearing a St. Jude’s pin. Idk if Q didn’t know himself, but it reminded me of the time when he talked about the photoshopped flag as though it were real. Not good, Q!)

But we’re not here to talk about Q today (at least… not yet).

No, we were visiting by another insider, who left some interesting drops worth reviewing.

Essentially, someone calling themselves #JrSenatorAnon landed on /pol/ tonight, and started a Q and A.

/pol/lacks jumped onboard, and after reviewing everything, I would say this was a visit from a legit insider. Obviously, feel free to disagree. This comes with all the standard disclaimers and YMMV.

What follows are all the questions asked by #Anons and which were then answered by #JrSenatorAnon.

Expect all sorts of offensive language ahead, because it’s /pol/, so put on your big-boy pants and learn to mentally filter and not get offended and start whining like, well, #Crybaby Jared Holt or #SorosRentBoy Jordan Uhl. I’m more interested in JrSenatorAnon, and what he had to say. But also, realize, this isn’t going to be like QAnon, either. This isn’t someone with a high level security clearance leaking stuff. It’s someone with a very close, on-the-ground perspective answering random questions on the fly. Still interesting. Still worth noting.

But the big revelation hits home at the end, once QResearch Anons start talking about what they were just told in light of recent events.

I’ll be keeping commentary to a minimum here, only when absolutely necessary. I’ll trust most of you are familiar with the formatting as well, but JrSenatorAnon’s id is L2cGmwkr, and generally speaking, the questions and context will be embedded within his responses. You’ll see. It’s easy to follow once you get the hang of it:

Consistent with what I’ve heard about them having to pull something from Samsung Knox – which is a security program on Samsung devices.

I think he’s very wrong on this front. The market looks set-up for a spectacular crash here; one which only requires a little push… perhaps from a Payseur sell-off.

Hard to say, of course, but that’s just my personal opinion.

I would hope, at the very least, that we could expunge CIA and MOSSAD influence from Hollywood. And maybe ban pornography on public health grounds.


THIS^^^ was the post that attracted the most attention.

I posted these images to Gab on Friday, because, yeah, you may have heard, an entire court floor was sealed off for a mystery case:

We’ll get to what Anons discovered about this at the end of the drops:

Lame, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I’m not surprised a JrSenatorAnon doesn’t know the details of #ThePlan.


The Foundation is just the beginning. It will lead to many, many more things coming to light.

Yeah, same here, but don’t underestimate the Left’s collective stupidity.

Interesting to see JrSenatorAnon basically advocating for ethnic Balkanization of the US. Might be inevitable, honestly. Tribalism is a powerful instinct, ingrained in humanity. It creates high-trust-societies.

That’s hard to overcome.

That’s the most annoying thing about Californians right now. They turned their state into a burning hellhole, and now they’re exporting the same ideas to “nicer” areas, with absolutely ZERO self-awareness. Austin is basically Little Ventura at this point.

I mean, to be fair, she looks like she’s ready to croak at any moment.


He can’t, really. I mean, he’d have to establish his credibility somehow, but even then, without a tripcode, it’s a crap-shoot.

That said, go back to that post where JrSenatorAnon confirmed that the case was getting moved from an Article 3 court to an Article 1 court.

(Article 1 are basically military courts [created by Congress given the powers granted to it by Article 1 of the Constitution; thus, it’s name]. Article 3 courts are more what we normally think of as regular courts – from the Supreme Court, down to the District courts; the Judicial Branch of things).

In other words, a Military case was getting converted into a Judicial case.

Now who could require such treatment?

Anons expanded their thinking over on /QResearch/:

Here’s the link Anon referenced, if you want to see the EO for yourself:

Sounds awfully Mueller-related, if you ask me – especially considering the recently recovered texts from Strzok’s phone.

This could be very big. And I think this, if nothing else, is the biggest take-away from it all:

Wild, huh?

Well, I just wanted to make you all aware of that, seeing as none of it would have been picked up upon by any Q aggregators. Again, YMMV, but I thought this was compelling enough to report on, and naturally, I hope you agree.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight some recent Gab threads I’ve composed, in order to fill you in on some major happenings.

I know I harp on and on about following me on Gab, but there’s a good reason for it. Big articles take a lot of time to put together. With Gab, I can respond very quickly to whatever is happening, and build threads as things progress.

I want to highlight some of those worthwhile threads, starting with this wild three-part dig on Arlington National Cemetery. Each link will take you to an individual, subsequent post:




Here’s a thread talking about why a #GovernmentShutdown may be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered:


Here’s a thread about Stefan Molyneux’s absolutely stellar new documentary on Poland:


And here’s a major two parter that started off with an intentional misspelling from Rudy Giuliani, that inevitably lead to much bigger discoveries:



(You may have to download, or otherwise zoom in, on that last big screenshot there).

And I’ll tell you again, give me a follow over on Gab. I realize it’s not quite the same as getting massive articles that take you anywhere from 1 – 6 hours to read, but it does allow me to create nice, digestible, mini-blogs of a sort, on a rolling, up-to-the-minute basis.

Plus, we have a lot of fun there, too.

Quick book update:

Things are moving right along with the book. I’m generally able to crank out a couple thousand words a night, but I’m certainly struck by how much of a moving target this all is – especially with things like the recent Arlington Cemetery revelations (should they turn out to be true).

I should crack 50,000 words shortly, and am on target, with a minimum goal of 80,000 words (think between 200-250 pages, depending on the margins and typesettings).

And before you ask, yes, I have a title in mind.

No, I’m not ready to reveal that just yet.

Oh, there’s also one other thing I’d like to talk to you guys about…

This is an idea I was playing around with the other night, but I was thinking…

How cool would it be if we held a QAnon March in Washington D.C.?


Now, honestly, I’d love to get some direct feedback, not only from the QArmy and Anons out there, but also from Q himself.

In my mind, I’m just sick of seeing all the #LunaticLeftist marches getting all the attention, and I’m tired of hearing (some) patriots out there despair. WE can help in this scenario, and what better way to make our presence undeniable than by taking to the Capitol?

I honestly believe we could EASILY get over a million people (if not multiple millions) peacefully marching through the District.  And boy, wouldn’t that force the question. Could you imagine if a MILLION QAnon patriots descended upon DC, and the likes of CNN just closed their eyes and ears and pretended like it wasn’t happening?

After all, we don’t have to sit here, and just… wait all the time. Wait for confirmation, for other players to take action, for other researchers to dig up something interesting. We can take action ourselves, and organize something spectacular!

But I also am aware of what kind of a target such an event would be, how so many security issues there are, and how much opportunities there would be for subterfuge. I wouldn’t want a group of spooks infiltrating with Qshirts, and then instigating violence or something horrible – or worse. And that’s the kind of reality we’re talking about here.

I’m also keenly aware of the level of planning and coordination that goes into something like this. So it’s CERTAINLY not something I could pull off by my lonesome.

But there are a lot of possibilities here, and if anyone is a specialist in this kind of thing, hey, reach out. Best way to do that, again, is through Gab.

And once more, if Q wanted to chime in on this particular idea, I’d be all ears. If he gives the green-light, let’s go for it. If he pumps the brakes, we’ll respect that, absolutely.

But I wanted to field this idea with you guys here; to sort of inject it into the conversation and get a feel for what’s possible.

Needless to say, I think a lot of people are going to like this idea.

One more thing before we go, and that’s a reminder of the CHRISTMAS SALE:

That’s right guys, all my hats, shirts, mugs – everything – is on sale right now for Christmas.

Following the link will get you all the details you need.


Thanks so much, guys!

147 thoughts on “#JrSenatorAnon Heralds Legal Revelations for #QResearchers + Advent of the #QMarch?? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Lots of quote-ables in the /pol thread. Especially on The Patriot Act (which is anything but) “FUCK THAT” – my sentiments exactly. Nice to see patriots asking the right questions. Remember some of us are still here in CA, and thanks for posting Neon!

    • Another Commiefornian, here. It is painfully ironic that our liberal ex-pats to TX don’t get it that THEY made it unlivable here, thus they continue vote the same way there. TX needs a wall. It’s so much like our nationwide liberals believing that importing millions of illegals would not lower our standard of living for citizens and illegals, alike, but level an eternally-abundant, grassy-green playing field. Q said to “watch CA” and, perhaps, vote fraud here will be exposed, leading to voter ID next year, but, meanwhile, we’re stuck with the same old lunatics, plus a new governor who promises to be even worse than the last.

      • I have a friend in Oxnard who’s told me the illegals migrating in have turned everything south into a ghetto and the local Walmarts only carry trashy gang style clothing. So yeah I don’t know what it will take before CA liberals get the memo.

        • Personally I think all the illegals should move to Hollyweird’s home towns and reside right outside their doors. Additionally a few Congress/Reps homes that have walls (they must open the gates sometimes) and camp outside their gates. Then action would be superfast.
          Pull down their walls and ban personal security. National security only. They should like that, they can live with their preferred, non-citizen, humans.

  2. The Q anon march sounds like a good idea but why limit it to only the U.S.set it up globally that way you get it out there for everyone to see it’s real

    • It’s happening globally. Look up “yellow vests” and you’ll see the freedom/destroy the NWO globalists movement is world-wide. Canada, France, UK, Belgium, etc. have all joined in. If you follow Q, you know there are patriots from every part of the globe that in this. The Great Awakening is taking place for the entire earth, not just the USA. This is of God – He’s answered prayer to come save us once again.
      Merry Christmas to NR and all fellow white hat patriots! We have a glorious future ahead.

  3. Very grateful for this update, Neon. People really should migrate to Gab to keep up with you and it’s exciting you’re doing a book. Of course, Q interpretation has to take a back seat, but it’s great to have another taste of what’s happening on the boards. I hope Q “replies” about the march and I do hope the MSM would not go full treason about arrests. If they did, I’m not as certain as JrSenatorAnon that this would finish off their credibility. The court floor sealing is way intriguing…. Godspeed.

  4. Nice work Neon as usual. I thought I had a busy day!
    Whatever we are organizing it needs a face. I can do the planning and coordinating if you would like. But a Boom is needed to attract Soc.Media figures. I do have one interested with 100k+ followers that just responded to what you proposed in your original gab. Kind of thinking it’s time for you two to link up and let me know what you want to see/envision. Let’s let the Q Evolution decide where we go.

    A spark in right environment that we know has oxygen just needs a little more flammable material.

  5. I hope senator anon is legit which would be fantastic for knowing that all is moving faster towards that day of justice for which we are waiting to see these corrupt treasonous POS, HRC, Obama & Co. but i have my doubts about his authenticity…

  6. Curious to know what happened to the superman prosecutor Huber?Q continues to disappoint and Trump is on the ropes… When is the declassify happening?No wall,No troop withdrawals, Pompeo,Bolton,Haspel,Mnunchin, Wilbur Ross, Haley,Jared Kushner hired which gives the Goldman Sachs Israel first crowd much joy…Trump appears to be heavily compromised and will soon be under seige from multiple investigations….Guiliani tipped his hand by broadcasting his next move… what started out with some great campaign promises has crashed and burned and all that is left is vague follow the plan crumbs and Trump tweets…..along with the Q industry coffee mugs on sale…Why is it when you question the Q and Trump,you are vilified?

    • You’re still prattling on, Ed?

      Good grief, you’re persistent, I’ll give you that. But critically thinking? Forgetaboutit.

      Hey, a question: When was that last military tribunal you saw mentioned in the media?

      That’s right. This isn’t trial by media. This isn’t CNN. Why are you pretending that it is? There’s no Nuremberg trial going on here that’s going to be publicized for your… Ahem.. EDification.

      Heh. You’re shtick is old and busted. I’m probably the one that told that to you last, but it’s true. You’re like one of the liberals screaming at their TV screen everyday because Trump isn’t being arrested, which I’m sure you’re wanting. Your online persona is screaming for it. Yet here you are, day after day, advertising your stupidity and ignorance for everybody who happens to come by, and yet openly question why you’re being taken to task?

      Because you;re NOT a logical thinker, Ed. Much less a critical one. Just whiny. It’s old. And busted.

      Huber is INVESTIGATING. What kind of investigation updates all the time through easily accessible media before a court case is even begun? That would jeopardize it on many levels, surely, yet we’ve got you kranging on day after day as if it makes any difference, much less sense. Huber will NOT turn up to places that he DOES NOT NEED TO.

      Therefore giving his own subjects (i.e. the Clintons) any insight into what he has found. That’s for a courtroom, Ed. You’ve even seen EVIDENCE in this article of what happens when the legal system DOES NOT WANT NOSY REPORTERS gaining access to the particulars of a legal maneuver before it is necessary.

      i.e. OVER.

      And even then, only if it includes the PUBLIC court system. What that means, Ed, is that we may never hear publicly what Hillary (or indeed, Bill) Clinton is responsible for on the treason front, unless the information is declassified for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION, which would likely mean trials at Supreme Court or lower levels.

      You simply cannot expect them to not TRY and keep their name sacred at the public level, as they’d surely want thier precious daughter to take the White House some day.

      FAT CHANCE, I say. If it does happen, just know that the US of A are completely screwed. In the meantime, perhaps you can ELABORATE as to why you think the people that you mentioned are doing America damage, with examples – with a caveat – which are still in their roles? Haley is gone now, so that’s a misnomer. but Wilbur Ross? What? You’re seriously complaining about the Secretary of commerce at a time when America has the best unemployment rates for minorities and women?

      You’re a waste, Ed.

      • Yes…the hoax continues…You stated you are not an American?Why are you concerned for America?Concern yourself with your side of the street….Why do you fear and vilify people who confront and question?That is the big red flag and reveals the limits of your life…You want the hoax to continue because you profit from the sale of as you say gear… Huber lost the documents twice…Barr is deep state…Still no declassified documents…..You still believe in the right/left construct and that Q and Trump will save the day,while you profit from the sale of gear…Kabuki theater…there are many people who gave Trump their support and he did not deliver…the Q hoax was created to recruit because Trump and others need to placate and distract….while maintaining the Kabuki theater…you missed when Trump said the Clintons are nice people….or did not follow through with the declassified documents..bombed Syria..let Rosenstein off the hook… appointment of Barr, Bolton Pompeo Haspel…on and on..

        • Well, there’s your typical route one reply from yet another American that takes exception to having their bigoted view dismantled publicly.
          You have no idea what you’re doing.

          1) The QAnon is a worldwide movement, not just an American one. You’d know this already if you actually paid attention. Mentioned by Q many times.
          2) You don’t own it. You are certainly not some kind of gatekeeper to it. Why try to pretend that you are?
          3) I AM from the same side of the street as you. Being a citizen of a fellow FIVEYZ partner country (ANZAC here). So, using your own bad analogy, I’m not only on the same side of the street, I’m your next-door neighbour. Normal convention says that friends ought to be the only ones (aside from family) that get to tell you that your butt stinks without any real penalty, but that doesn’t apply here, because your own countrymen (and women) are telling you the same thing, and it just doesn’t register. Friends must be a very foreign concept to you, if your own conduct is anything to go by.

          So why not use your own incorrigible stupidity against you? Don’t cry to me about it. I did say I’m here to share information, right? Nobody said that had to be you. I certainly don’t have merch to sell. I’m here to learn, and if you want to be taken seriously, you need to source your postulations (this is now the third time I’m asking you to do so, see?). Calling you out every time you stick your foot in it, is more of an opportunity, really. But even in the short time of our acquaintance, it’s a running gag, already:

          Again, Huber is investigating Clinton’s capacity as Secretary of State. The Clinton FOundation investigation is being handled by the FBI with a grand jury being held in Little Rock AK. This is why he isn’t compelled to turn up to a hearing to do with the foundation. The only one that is likely to be published in a public light is the Federal one, with the only exception perhaps being the pay-to-play access to ALLIES (both Anzac countries are complicit in this). There’s so much chicanery that has gone on with the CLinton’s that I’m sure that Hillary will have to face justice at some point for all kinds of stupidity, publicly, and I’d say JrSenatorAnon has it right: Tax evasion may be the most obvious, along with misappropriation of funding, and pay for play schemes. But the rest? Supplying arms and aid to ISIS (even if it was a self made booogeyman) i.e. treason et al? Well, I reiterate, when was the last time you witnessed a military court session on the TV?

          But we won’t hear a peep about it, until the investigation is OVER. If it makes it to a public court room, then I’m sure we will. Otherwise poor Ed is going to have a waah about it, because like every spoiled baby, he wants everything right now.

          You’re having rings run around you, Ed.

          • Yes Q is a world wide phenomenal con job recruiting ploy…Red wave,D5,all the indictments,the list of Q bull goes on and on… Keep up with the nonsense as you sell more gear and return to your demolition derby place of employment…you and your fellow group think drones can’t withstand critical thinking… just shout down any examination of Trump and Q broken promises…must be terrible living in your anti truth brain, how does your therapist cope with it? Another Trump flip flop on Syria…

          • Notselling anything, Ed, just like I’m not buynig anything you say,

            Bring PROOF. You hear me? Then you’ll have something. Until then, nobody here is buying it. A word of warning: If all you have is MSM sources for your perusal, then you’re already losing. WATCH. Then LEARN. THEN say something.

          • I see you’ve been waiting a long time for this particular opportunity to comment, Ed.

            This means that you take this affront personally. A crack in the defenses, rentboy? Keeping in mind that I’m actually not invested on either side of the American war on terror (that’s from the very beginning), you’ll perhaps come to appreciate the unique point of view that comes from someone foreign telling you, that the will of the Syrian people should stand, and that no interference of that will (domestic or foreign) should get in the way of that will.

            Careful. You don’t want to know what ought to happen next, regardless of what you hear from third parties.

          • Happy New year Qincidence..I enjoy the back and forth with our discussion..Fact is I read all sources, including the propaganda from the MSM…what I find interesting is all the empty threats from Q and Trump…red wave coming,D5,Huber, declassified documents,60k indictments,11/11…need a score card to keep up…..Syria problem belongs to Rothschild Zionist Bankers,British,Trump bag man Adelson,Satanyahoo,Likud ZioNaZis like Kushner… My guess is you are British or a British subject.. maybe Israeli…. Trump gets his marching orders from the so called deep state ..As he said the Clintons are nice people… He lost the house after failure with campaign promises…. now 2 more years of threats via tweets.. Q and Trump continue to lose support…

          • “Fact is I read all sources, including the propaganda from the MSM”

            Yet provide none to show how you arrive at your point of view. Then you seem no better than the Anons on 8Chan that go off on random, wild tangents in a misguided effort to look like a “weaponized autist”, instead of employing logical thinking. I get if this isn’t your forte, Ed, no matter how often you scream that you’re critically thinking.

            The NPC meme was definitely made for people like you. Despite you calling the MSM propaganda, you sure are repeating a lot of it.

            Here’s the newest example of your critical thinking at play, Ed:

            “My guess is you are British or a British subject.. maybe Israeli…”


            “I AM from the same side of the street as you. Being a citizen of a fellow FIVEYZ partner country (ANZAC here)”

            See how this works? In one cyber-ear, and out the other. Completely clueless.

            FIVEYZ Countries (Because there’s, you know… FIVE of them):
            USA (and you know I don’t live there)
            UK (British subjects)
            Canada (British subjects)
            Australia (British subjects)
            New Zealand (British subjects)

            Nice Google-Fu, Ed.

            I even told you where I’m from (ANZAC is more than a big clue). But Noooooooooooo. I’m still suspected of being Israeli, according to you, even though they’re not even an option.


            Q is an insider. Not a Prophet. More important to link the history and put it together, but hey! You want to whine all day like a big baby: So, explain 53-47 to us. Then you’ll notice that nobody is listening. Not even me, Ed.

            “Syria problem belongs to Rothschild Zionist Bankers”

            Wrong. Otherwise Putin would have been more than happy to let the West run roughshod in Syria. Instead he kicked the Rothchilds out. Trump seems to have agreed, which is why ISIS is now silent.

            But But “Also said the Clintons are nice people”
            Sarcasm, Ed. It’s way over your head.

            Do you really think he’s going to pardon them for what happens? Let me know how that works out.

            “He lost the house after failure with campaign promises”
            You think that’s cause and effect, Ed? No rigging at all?
            You must be lost. Must be all those rings you have run around you day after day. Until next time ^^

          • Finally Q has been exposed as a deep state disinformation campaign….Qincidence and others promote this sham psyop…all the professional trolls like Qincidence have attempted to co-opt the liberty movement and try to shut down the people who Question Q and all the nonsense with it…Lol…

          • “Finally Q has been exposed as a deep state disinformation campaign”

            Proof? Keep asking you… You keep failing at it. If you’re going to question, then you need proof, Ed. I’ll wait.

      • Must be Quincidence has an answer for everything that Trump and Q do not deliver on…Wonder what the next excuse will be?If you question the narrative you will get a response that reveals the Trump Q administration is back pedaling…who in their right mind would believe the JFK Jr. misdirection?White hat,black hat…..the construct is designed to choose sides and sideline independent critical thinking…Must be Quincidence and others profit from herding followers into empty pastures while promising the next big event coming up….next big event coming up is a t shirt for sale…complete hucksterism at the core of their con job…

        • Next excuse? No surprise you don’t present any for your backward thinking, eh Ed?

          Nope, just another ShareBlue Rentboy, aren’t you? Soros would be proud. Until he isn’t.

          “who in their right mind would believe the JFK Jr. misdirection?”

          The same people that decided to listen to an imposter who was narcissistic enough to style themselves after Q for some “credibility”. Be that as it may, many in the QAnon community know who this person is. Including me. She’s (yes, she) a Facebook moderator of a particular Q Group lead by a former CIA agent (is there ever such a thing?).

          When it comes to being pathetic, I think they even give you a run for your money, Ed.

  7. Beware of politicians that suddenly feel the wind changing and jump on the bandwagon. Is he a real senator? Maybe. Maybe not. Could he be sent by the Deep State to establish trust and lead people astray? Maybe. Just beware and stay skeptical. Q has many proofs, this guy doesn’t. Fun read though.

  8. Just a nitpick Neon, right after your explanation of Art 1 and Art 3, you state that someone is interested in moving a case from Military to fed court (paraphrase) when I think you mean that in reverse? Someone is moving a case from Fed court to Miltary court (art 3 to art 1).

  9. Thanks NR…
    My understanding was this was an appeal hearing? If so doesn’t that suggest who ever is making it has already failed once with a grand jury?
    I also remember how adamant Q was that all grand jury hearings needed to be held outside of D.C. to avoid corrupt judges and biased grand jury members…. so why is this in DC….
    I’m also not so sure this is related to a transfer from article 3 to article 1 …. mainly because if that was part of the plan surely our first setting up of the sealed indictment would have been done under article 1….
    To me I tend to read this as a Mueller move against our white hats maybe even POTUS…. I read it that Mueller tried to get a sealed grand jury indictment and failed so he decided to appeal that as we are seeing now…. why would Huber bring one of his grand jury decisions into D.C.?
    Right now I’m seeing this as a DS move against our White Hats…

    • Leland good morning…Yes if you disagree they are dumb old posts..Try being tolerant…It is a red flag when people try to vilify you for questioning a prepared script or anything for that matter…All senators represent the interests of the people who write the big checks….The left/right construct is a good distraction…Q, Trump,Neon part of the Kabuki theater…Rudy Guiliani major deep state operative running interference for Trump…Buy more Q gear…Huber a no show…same as it ever was… Don’t be mad at me…It is Trump and Q who have missed the people…Now Trump is making idle threats through Rudy… just pathetic… bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul…your hero..

      • Ed, you are pathetic. I do believe that you are an NPC. (no joke) The things that you repeat appear to be the same words……..with dots between. You are unresponsive to anyone who attempts to discuss anything with you. It is like you are a computer character with certain points that you make over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……………and over……and over…..and over…….I used to get frustrated with you, Ed…but over time, and the constant refrain…..I have to ask myself what is your point?? You hate Trump, so you come here for what???????…..then you pretend to be a victim bc you are so ignorant and so completely worthless in what you have to say…….but I have to notice that your point is to prey on people’s doubts……and prey on people’s frustrations…..and try to somehow undermine NR. However, NR is not to be confused by you…and you are so meaningless to him that he never answers you……never seems to even delete your posts….so little attention to whatever you repeat……………….I would wish you a Merry Christmas, but I don’t think you are a real person…………………..se la vie.

        • Katzenbootz I enjoy reading Neon and wish you a Merry Christmas…try not to define who I am…..there are many people who are disappointed by president Trump and question the purpose for Q…why are you and others so thin skinned and defensive to criticism?

  10. Man! I just want to give you a big hug.

    Been hanging with you since late Spring and it has been like Christmas morning ever since. Puts baby! I totally jumped on your suggestion back then and ended up with enough cash to finally get a T-shirt (BTW it’s soooo NICE & COMFY) !

    Still in the game and having so much fun. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Your words truly helped this American family this year and THIS Sir, is something YOU should know. You didn’t have to do that. But you did. Your character has bled through your words. I just happened to be there back then and like capillary action, absorbed it. That was very sweet of you and I will never forget.

    Merry Christmas to you, Neon!

    p.s. Would there ever be a circumstance where you would not post a reply? Or, is it automatic?

  11. Appreciate your comment on Boomers; it is spot-on for a certain percentage, but Boomers are far from being a monolith. I am seeing many Boomer friends self-segregate into either I’m-getting-old thinking -or- Thank-You-Jesus-I’ve-waited-decades-for-this thinking. The second group hardly ever takes personal offense, or if they do, they’re over it by sundown and are excited about the future.

    • Some of us are Liberty/Conspiracy boomers. Fox produced a documentary series on the Goldwater movement and showed a newspaper headline that said it was a ‘youth movement.’ We are young at heart and will wait forever for the truth to shine light on evil. The John Birch members knew that there was an Illuminati and global govt was the plan. We were the Anons back in the day, but with no internet and no real American president. Thank you to our president, the Anons, the military patriots and most of all to the Lord. He may be allowing the light to finally shine on true evil. Good health and prosperity to all, and above all LONG AWAITED JUSTICE!

  12. I hate to be disparaging if this is not dealt with swiftly and the cabal is not taken out (at least 75%) on the first round than this is for naught. It will be like a hydra two more heads will grow. Citizens have to see justice served on a full level starting with the Goverment public offices, courts, ABC depts, schools, Hollywood, and most certainly the media. If they are all dealt with on a profound level the other 25% will fall in line or expect the same consequences. I know everyone will not be awake but to save this country we have no choice to to tip the sleeeping sheep.

    • The Trump Q has failed…and when you question it you are vilified…what happened to the declassified documents?the wall?D5?Huber?the red wave?11/11? Sure there are plenty of T shirts for sale and Neons book…but what about lock her up?Just a big Q industry to placate and distract..Rudy is deep state…

      • Either Q takes care of this or there will be a civil war that will destroy this country. That is exactly what the cabal ants.

          • Maybe this time, the right side will win. I think we may have to hope for a complete Swamp cleaning no matter what.

  13. Identity > Culture > Politics

    Racial tensions exist because of identity politics, which are a Pandora’s box. Once people start playing with them, there cannot ever be peace until there is unity in identity again. You can’t just “stop”, or choose not to participate, because that’s akin to saying that there can only a war if both sides are actively fighting.

    There are only two ways to stop the use of identity politics, and in reality they’re just two ways to reach the same state of homogeneity.

    The first is that everyone is grouped under a new identity, think like the movie Independence Day, where some great “other” makes the distinctions we currently respect seem petty in comparison. Humans versus aliens means that the differences in skin color, language, politics, religion, etc are all needing to be put aside to deal with the “other” that seeks to end every human in every iteration that any of those distinctions can manifest.

    The second is like the first Civil War, where existing identities compete and those who belong to the identity with the greatest strength and power will destroy all competing identities, for better or worse. The identity which permits the most savage and decisive action will confer benefits to those that align with it, and peace will be found once all other identities have been purged from the lands.

    Q and Trump and WWG1WGA are attempts to manifest the first path to avoid the second. Civic Nationalism is the byproduct of a culture whose identity is unified, which is why it was so easily undermined by “the left” playing against that identity by playing up the identities of minorities, whether racial or religious. If successful, and the MAGA team can re-create a unifying identity, then while things won’t be peachy, the nature and scope of the coming conflicts will be muted in comparison.

    The default path is the second, as recorded history bears ample evidence of.

    The fighting in the former Yugoslavia at the end of the 80’s and start of the 90’s was between two Slavic ethnic groups, and it was still extremely brutal.

    In the United States, we no longer have a single ethnic category to which a majority of the population belongs to.

    World War III could just be fought entirely within the borders of the United States of America.

    Pray for Trump, for the Q team, for MAGA, that we can find a way to avert the unnecessary tragedy that awaits us all, should we fail.

    • Pray and do not be obedient to people who say trust the plan….. just one big recruiting hoax…do not trust anyone that questions your patriotism because you question and challenge the current situation…

    • “The fighting in the former Yugoslavia at the end of the 80’s and start of the 90’s was between two Slavic ethnic groups, and it was still extremely brutal.”

      Worked with a Bosnian refugee once. He told me the distinction between the Serbs and the Croatians was akin to Yankee vs Southerner.

  14. Neon, keep in mind that it could take months to get a permit for any planned March. Remember the fake March by the Parkland students that was allegedly planned by the students themselves but was not? A permit for the March had actually been applied for several months before the alleged shootings at the Parkland school took place.How prescient. Many people = lots of piss & poop so Port-A-Potty rentals would most likely be needed = Permits & $$$$$. There may also be a fee for Sanitation post-March clean up and Law Enforcement overtime.

  15. March is a bad idea. We call them retard rallies for a reason. All your doing is giving your enemies a target to operate against. A time and a place where they know they can fuck with you and all the cameras in the world to record it going down. Look at how they made Charlottesville into a circus, look at how they tanked the tea party movement. We have won the meme war for a reason, were anonymous, were decentralized, we have no time nor place, we simply are. We win so long as we fight on the psychic front and let those whose job it is to operate in meatspace do their jobs without us ducking the whole thing up.

  16. Food for thought: In the Q MEGA MEME Folder Q has just dropped a lot of MEMES about “No Name” funeral being fake.

    • This is as good a place as any, I suppose, to catch me up with these Megamemes. Where and how did they originate? Do they definitely originate from Q? Is there a source that discusses all this?

  17. Would a cult that uses human sacrifice design their ultimate sacrificial grounds as a keystone? How many more deaths would be needed to completely fill the current footprint?

    If the 16 year plan was followed, would it have been enough as some kind of sick symbolic milestone?

  18. [
    2018-12-17 Secret head of world finance, Cardinal Pell, fired and big changes comingBy Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports, White Dragon Society  12 Comments
    Last week Cardinal George Pell was found guilty of sexually abusing children by an Australian court and was subsequently fired by Pope Francis because he was “elderly.”

    This is huge news in the secret world of finance, because Pell was the person in charge of financial matters at the Vatican and thus was a secret controller of most world government leaders, P2 Freemason and CIA sources say.  This is because when most world rulers take power, they get a visit from an official of the Vatican Bank who hands them a bank book with an astronomical number written in it (a billion dollars or more for big countries;  less for smaller countries).  They are then told, “Welcome to the world of the rich,” and are gently reminded that if they refuse to accept the money they will be “removed.”

    This is the choice of silver or lead that has allowed the Vatican P2 Freemason Lodge, run by descendants of the Caesars, to secretly rule most world governments.  The 200 leaders who last week affirmed the fraudulent “carbon causes global warming” agreement are all slaves of this system, P2 Freemason and CIA sources agree.

    Thus, the removal of the head of this secret control system will have huge repercussions for world finance and politics, depending on who is selected to replace him, and also depending on whether or not this secret system will be allowed to continue.]

  19. Go see what Larry Nichols has to say about this. He’s an old codger, (“clinton insider”) from the Arkansas days… Jason goodman’s been interviewing him… you won’t find a more determined or battlescarred patriot. Nichols live.com

  20. I agree that we should have the #QMarch globally. Every large city in America. How could they ignore that? Thanks Neon! Another great post!

  21. Waves of socialist influenced people from around the world come to California (and other liberal areas such as NY). The foreign born socialists push out the native liberal-socialists (housing crisis, small business strangulation, high taxes, traffic, crappy schools etc.). They then proceed in their own waves across the country. Socialism propagated by displacement which is facilitated by mass immigration of people who care not, nor understand, American principals.

    Of course, as has been pointed out, the American liberal/socialists AKA regressives who are driven to conservative areas always vote for the very same ruinous policies that drove them out in the first place (what is one definition of insanity?).

    The insanity is due to their inheritance of programming (no, it doesn’t always start in the schools – for regressives it starts at home, in early – very early – childhood).

    Break the programming – win the war.

  22. I’ve posted an overview of a working theory over at /qresearch/, that Q drops have a secondary level of meaning based on the intratextual literary structure of Q’s messages.

    12/17/18 (Mon) 11:37:53 ID 6bf1fa (4) No.4348476

    In the thread:

    Q Research General #5542: Boarder Security Edition

    Unfortunately I am inept at using 8chan.Two Anons successively intervened to kindly nudge me into realizing the two other Anons dismissing my post we both bots. They wisely advised I focus on talking to real people. Hence why I’m here with (hopefully) real people.

    I tried submitting similar material to this blog earlier, but my message was probably too darn long for posting.

    If anyone has the time or interest in scrutinizing my theory I would appreciate it. Any feedback, positive or negative is welcome.

    I’ve already been told by a bot to “stop with the drugs”, so feedback from real human beings, regardless of tone, would be a step in the right direction.

    God bless you Neon!

  23. Merry Christmas Neon…Thank you for the update. I wish the jrsenatoranon knew what was in those envelopes! I’m so curious about that. So, how do you know what ‘little Ventura’ is like? Are you from around here???

  24. Great article NR! have been going through withdrawals! I bought NR Q shirts and sweatshirts for my husband and me for Christmas! I bought them but can not guarantee my husband will wear them at least until POTUS confirms Q and arrests are reported. I will wear mine proudly!

  25. I appreciate all your work, Neon.

    I got confused when you said “In other words, a Military case was getting converted into a Judicial case.” The rest of your text led be to think the other way around — a Judicial case ( article 3) was being converted to a Military case (article 1).

  26. While a Q Anon March sounds like a great idea, in reality it would be a nightmare. First, the Marxist Media would spin it as a racist, fascist, alt-right hate rally. Then, the Deep State would position assassins, snipers and Antifa all around the march resulting in so many fatalities it would be the biggest mass shooting in the history of the world. It would be the Las Vegas concert shooting times 10 or more. I watched the entire Stefan Molyneaux documentary and while the Q march would proceed beautifully in a civilized, unified society like Poland, it would never even get approved for permits here in the U.S. As long as the Deep State is in control and as long as Marxist Media is controlling the narrative, things will never change for the better in this country.

  27. Not sure a march of any kind is purposeful for anyone except the nutcase marxist hypocrites of the left. They like to gather together and tell each other they’re changing the world — when in fact all they are doing is littering and making an ugly scene. Non-hypocrite marches are antifa magnets anyway. And the sniveling renfields and gollums scheming on the fringes of the corporate media live to report such events to antifa scum, much in the way Rwanda radio was used to out Tutsis in hiding in 1994. The result are far fewer attendees than expected, and far too many leftist lemmings. The time is not yet ripe for yellow vest actions. Things are bad, but not that bad. Yet.

  28. This book was an early version of a Catholic Q, warning other priests and bishops about a Cabal take over, and it tells even more than Archbishop Lefebvre’s book. It is called The Plot Againt the Church by Maurice Pinay.

  29. Also, a note about Californians: I’m a 3rd generation Californian and Boomer. We were conservative until the freaking New Yorkers took over!! I suspect we still are a majority if they didnt cheat and supress us. It isn’t just Californians ruining other states, it is the schools Hollywood and MSM.

    • Also unrestricted immigration, legal and illegal. We tried to save our state in the 90s with multiple propositions, all overturned by the courts. California bashing is like a sport – but honest people have to recognize the federal government’s role. CA was the experiment. Now they are doing it to every other state.

  30. Once again Neon Revolt comes through with “news and insight” that most Patriots have no clue about. We might not always like the answers, but it sure helps us understand the subtle issues that that most if us have given no thought to. Thanks for your efforts NR. Always here for you

  31. JrSenatorAnon is JFK Jr. I watched some old interviews with him, and by reading these answers I can almost hear his voice. We need him out asap, that will change many minds, specially stubborn once … with God help.

  32. Only few anons comment on the Q Mega Meme Folder. McAllister TV and Dustin Nemos. They have posted the links. It seems legit. In one of the Q posts last year Q linked to an article. The link was inside the article. Yes no one else can post in there it is locked. Read/download only. I have asked Neon for a run on it but Neon has too much on his plate already.

  33. the way Trump is tweeting today, leads me to believe he will NEVER DECLAS….he is intend on letting the ‘criminals’ walk away…since we will have 2 more years of the House investigating HIM …which HE seems to enjoy….even Q can not get thru to him to DECLAS

    • Also said the Clintons are nice people…no wall…no troop withdrawals, Israel and Saudi Arabia agent…lot of tweets…Q psyop to placate…

      • Q also stated “Disinfo is necessary.” Doubt you’ll do this, if you are a real person and not just another stupid bot but read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” and you’ll understand.

    • Trump wants to play the role of the victim…blame Cohen,yet he hired Cohen…just never ending Q predictions that do not have enough and a few crumbs sprinkled in…Must be Quincidence has all the answers as most lap dogs do…

    • Poor Trump…bankruptcy prone son of a real estate mogul…will not declassify because the American people have a right to know…only if he is investigated…that says it all….

  34. “the post that got me the most skeptical was when #QAnon ‘confirmed’ that the baker was wearing a frog pin… when she was clearly wearing a St. Jude’s pin. Idk if Q didn’t know himself…”

    Q is fond of saying, “Logical thinking.” Isn’t the logical conclusion of (or at least the most reasonable explanation for ) this glaring error that Q is untrustworthy. I mean, after months of building up Sessions as the guy who was going to drop the hammer, Trump fired him…and that was explained away as Sessions shifting into another role we don’t know for sure about yet. Okay, fine. Maybe. But what is the explanation for Q verifying the baker was wearing a frog pin when she wasn’t? If it was an intentional lie, what does it accomplish that hurts the Deep State more than it hurts Q’s own credibility? And remember, Q chose to answer the question about the frog. He didn’t have to. So, when he chooses to answer and is allegedly using his insider knowledge to answer and he gets it 100% wrong, how is that not a serious blow to his credibility?

    This is a key problem with Q. If he gets something right, it’s pointed to as proof. If he gets something wrong, it is explained away or ignored by most Q followers (to NR’s credit, he highlighted it).

    Note: Ed, I’m not asking you. You’re just trolling here and aren’t being intellectually honest.

      • I didn’t focus on the lapel pin. Q did. Out of all the posts and comments he could have responded to, he responded to that one…and was wrong. Q confirmed something that was 100% untrue. Why? And, if confirming things that are 100% untrue doesn’t undermine his credibility, what could?

    • Yes…everything that confronts and questions is trolling…Q is a psyop and you just pointed it out… Trust the plan is the big red flag..Q is an industry and a recruiting movement…

      • Ed, you are not a troll, you are an NPC. You hate Trump, we get that. So what? Who cares? You also seem to be threatened by Q. oh well………………get over it or not…….but, don’t pretend to be a victim bc you are posting over and over and over and all your posts are shitposts.

        • Katzenbootz good morning…. Wrong… pointing out the difference between candidate Trump and president Trump is not hate,it is called holding someone accountable… Q was created as a recruitment technique…. do you have a financial stake in the Q industry?

          • What you post is NOT holding anyone accountable. Neither President Trump, nor Q anon is even reading your posts. Only those who read Q anon are posting here. We here, have no ability to question the Feds, and that point has been obvious since the public execution of JFK, the demise of the Towers on 911, and the subsequent constant wars of aggression that have resulted since. All of these wars violate Article 1, section 8 of the US Constitution that states explicitly that ONLY CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR. So, they mess around and allow the military industrial complex to profit at taxpayer expense.

            The difference is that now we have a President with BALLS, who owes no one for his Presidency except for the People of this nation. We love to see someone do what he says he will do, and we love it that this man loves this nation, as much as we do. That is a distinct change from W, and Obama/Soetoro.

            You presume that this road to eliminate the Deep State is easy? Seriously?

            Well, whomever Q is, they/he/she is not perfect, as none of us are. Same w Trump. We knew for decades that he liked women, as we recall an incident in Colorado when his first wife was confronted by his future second wife regarding their being in love. We were all mad at him for cheating on Ivanna, but she did well in the divorce and went on to find a new husband. He married Marla Maples to make an honest woman out of her, and their daughter is in law school. He has supported all his children and been a good father.

            I wish he was my father. He amazes me, bc he is so brave and smart. I like that he calls them as he sees them. That also reminds me of my father. I don’t want another professional politician in the White House bc they are all cut outs and puppets of the Deep State.

            What you do, Ed, is squander an opportunity to learn from others here.

  35. Didn’t read all of the posts so this could be repetition – My apologies. From – to. From Article 3 to Article 1. From regular judical system courts to military and other special courts created by Congress – that is how I read it. I did some poking around. It seems that normal activities of these courts don’t delve into treason or sedition. Seems. Not all clauses of the courts capacities are presented typically in articles. So much information is hitting us and so little of the implications are known. We are trying to guess what happens next, we listen to so-called “experts” opine on bits and pieces as this progresses, but we really don’t know what will transpire. That is the rub with this whole thing – sitting in the dark trying to see the light around the corner, trying to stay positive while our republic is being pulled out from under us by (let’s face it) people we would not invite to our house and share a meal with. We want justice – but it is so slow!!!! We have people not getting this all around us – not getting that while they ignore it all watching football and playing darts at the local bar that their country is being taken away while they ignore it all; The “hey what happened?” moment looming in the not too distant future. The rest of us want to take action – but we are told to wait. Wait, wait, wait, wai, wa, w… We are all wondering when will be too late to act? It is good to see France, England, Canada, some in Germany – all beginning to wake the hell up. But they also are waiting for what happens here in the USA to a degree. It is a mess here, but is it really so entrenched that it has to be intricately unraveled. Will the economy survive – will we still have our savings when this is over? What is the tipping point? So many unanswered questions – so little to go on. Wait, wait, wai, wa, w… Mr. President – you have a pressure cooker here – I hope you can appreciate that. I don’t care what courts you use – I care about not being pacified any more. Something is better than nothing. I get what you are up against with the corrupt. But there are 10s of millions that are close to being done waiting. You are also up against that. It is time to give the public something they can feel a sense of relief from. Firing just doesn’t do it. Epstein – off SCOTT FREE. People walking who might pop back up raping some 8 year old. Not acceptable. The heat is building – we need some justice to relieve the pressure. Think hard about it.

    • My first thought was sen Rand Paul, but I didn’t know that this anon might actually be a senator. The Catholic suggestion made me wonder. Mike Lee is Mormon, so same question about the Catholic book. How about the Marlboro Reds? I like to think about Rand’s three sons enjoying the Q movement.

  36. Is there a way we could do a ‘Virtual March’? I once saw a video about 1000’s of singers doing a ‘Virtual Choir’. Who knows, it might take days for all the ‘marchers’ to get uploaded 😉 Might even turn into an ‘eternal flame’ ?Not sure how that would all work or where it could be posted (on all the MSM sites maybe? We’d need a mole 😉 Maybe POTUS could tweet it? 😉 Anyway, just a thought <3

  37. This Jr. Senator anon is completely full of shit. Anyone who does not denounce the illegitimate Zionist state of Israel is a shill. They are not our greatest ally polar opposite of that to be exact. They are our greatest enemy. Yes this country needs a purge of these third world invaders. Mass deportations. They came here illegally and should not be allowed to stay. The people of this country should have the final
    Say in this matter. Not Donald Trump or some bogus Jr Senator.

  38. Actually I could care-less about the frog bs….Yet it is fascinating how some here & there do. 2625 Qanon posts & a non-frog pin trips them over….very, very funny♡

    Just think now how we now have another extremely ‘qualified’ intel fellow(s) to shut & club down those even nuttier & quite relentless flat earthers♧

    [Earth is Not Flat
    12 Dec 2018 – 6:12:00 PM
    12 Dec 2018 – 6:10:19 PM

    Just to shut the Flat Earthers up Q,
    Is the Earth flat?

    • Leland,
      I didn’t care about “the frog BS” until Q did. Out of all the questions and comments he could have responded to, he chose that one…and was wrong. Q confirmed something that was 100% untrue. Why? And, if confirming things that are 100% untrue doesn’t undermine his credibility, what could?

      The problem is, some have created a situation where it’s impossible to DISprove Q’s legitimately no matter what. When he’s right, it’s proof he is what he says he is. When he’s wrong, we’re told it’s no big deal or he’s using disinformation to confuse the Cabal. What is the disinformation value of Q being wrong about the “frog” pin?

  39. IMHO, Mueller is not only dirty, he is a cretin, and a loser, and a corrupt bastard who has sold us out. He should have to pay for his entire attempt at a coup et tat, all MILLIONS of wasted Taxpayer dollars on his fake investigation, and he should have to pay all his victims’ legal fees and reimburse them for any and all expenses that they had to incur to deal with his lies and BS.

    • You are correct…Mueller is the quintessential bag man….Declassified documents blow him out of the water…..Why is Trump reluctant? Fire Rosenstein….do not hire Barr…

      • Oh Ed you show signs of intelligence but you still cling to the Declas fantasy. We have had multiple releases of material about the original FISA warrents. Every single thing that has been released has been clean and proper. Every. Single. Thing.

        There is NOTHING to declas that will help tRump. If there was he would do it in a heartbeat.

        You are halfway to the truth. I hope you make it the rest of the way.

  40. As always the Catholic bashing continues. While I dont discount wrongdoing by the Church and leaders (there are some good books about communist & gay lavender mafia infiltrating the church over the past 100 years), the anti-Catholic rhetoric is media created to divide Christians from the true faith into offshoots of Christianity or disavowing Christianity all together. It is saddening. There are something like half a million Catholic priests worldwide and just a small handful have committed terrible acts. The abuse rate by Catholic priests is actually much LESS than other professions that are surrounded by kids… teachers, bus drivers, gym coaches, doctors, therapists, and also lower than other religious leaders like jews, LDS, bapists and others. Make no mistake this is a full mainstream media attack every single day against the one true faith. The Catholic church.

  41. I suspect Ed & Rickyboy haven’t read many of Q’s 2625 posts…but by golly in here they r giving themselves some idiotic notions they have proven Q to be 100% wrong about some idiotic pin bs.

    The only post I really, REALLY give a rip about is this one.

    “Israel is last.”


    • Leland you rascal… Merry Christmas…yes I have not read a lot of Q posts…after so many that did not pan out and the red flag trust the plan,sidelined that nonsense…what people do and results more revealing than talk and half baked promises…I do recall Trump saying the Clintons are nice people… Trump is the one who put up Flynn to influence Russia on Israel’s behalf regarding settlements… it’s what they do… Kushner, Pompeo Bolton Haley Adelson… greater Israel project… started with the NeoCon Zionists Nuland,Wolfowitz,Bremer,Kagan,all the dual citizenship Jews in Congress…chabad lubavitch Zionazi Kushner and Trump daughter… racist supremacist ideology….America controlled by AIPAC/Saudis…Zionism is Racism…

    • I’m disappointed, Leland. You’re hiding under the bed rather than answer my questions. You’re playing the old, “I could beat you up if I wanted to. I just don’t want to” game that cowardly schoolboys play.

      First, I’m not the first one on this page that pointed out that Q had verified the pin was a frog when it wasn’t. NR did that. And it is not an “idiotic notion.” It is an objective fact. It isn’t a frog pin and Q said it was.

      Second, my point isn’t to disprove Q. I’m not sure what I think about Q anymore. My point is simply to point out that some people (like you, apparently) are so invested in Q that it is literally impossible for them to admit there is evidence that he has been proven trustworthy about things that don’t make sense as disinformation.

      I’ll give you another chance to play the man and stop huffing and puffing at me. As I said,

      “I didn’t care about ‘the frog BS’ until Q did. Out of all the questions and comments he could have responded to, he chose that one…and was wrong. Q confirmed something that was 100% untrue. Why?”

      [It’s not a rhetorical question. Answer it or admit you can’t]

      “And, if confirming things that are 100% untrue doesn’t undermine his credibility, what could?”

      [It’s not a rhetorical question. Answer it or admit you can’t]

      “The problem is, some have created a situation where it’s impossible to DISprove Q’s legitimacy no matter what. When he’s right, it’s proof he is what he says he is. When he’s wrong, we’re told it’s no big deal or he’s using disinformation to confuse the Cabal. What is the disinformation value of Q being wrong about the ‘frog’ pin?”

      [It’s not a rhetorical question. Answer it or admit you can’t]

      I doubt you’ll answer the questions, and that’s fine. I won’t ask you again. Unlike Ed, I have no agenda here other than discovering what is and isn’t true regarding Q. Thus, I ask genuine questions and see if anyone can/will answer them. For instance, I was curious about how Sessions firing could be reconciled with Q’s posts. Someone here suggested he still might play a role in a military trial. It’s a stretch and strikes me as an ad hoc excuse, but it could be true. I have heard no similar justification for Q falsely confirming the frog pin. No obvious answer springs to my mind, so I thought I’d ask the folks here.

  42. What if the Article 3 to 1 move is about Major Matt Golsteyn, the Green Beret that was cleared by the military tribunal in 2010? Now they’re trying to charge him again. His wife was on with Dan Bongino filling in for Hannity tonight. Just a thought…

    Would be much happier to see that it’s about Mueller/HRC/BHO getting taken down some notches.

  43. This article is why we still need your posts over here. I’m on 8chan but rarely on 4chan. And it’s a confusing read as you know. I never would have found this and it’s fascinating. I’ve shared it a few times in fact.. because I can’t be the only newfag over there missing things.


  45. NR, glad to hear the book is moving along. Instead of coming here daily now, just once a wk which is fine. Wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Glad to know you as a fellow Patriot. Cheers!

  46. This is a suggestion to any anon’s who can post during Q’s Q&A sessions. We are seeing a lot of good scientific and photographic evidence of “stellar cores” or other planetary bodies in the neighborhood of the sun. This has been linked to the increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, weather extremes, odd orientation of the moon, that odd business of the Solar Observatory in New Mexico and multilayered obfuscation technologies being used to conceal something. We’ve hear that disaster planning has been done around this and people in government are aware of the developing scenario. Can someone ask Q about this? It’s a whole lot more relevant than the flat earth issue.

  47. Please stop blaming Californians for the things that the cabal and their socialist sycophants have done. These noxious shitbags poison everything they touch, but they come from every state, not just CA. California used to be solidly conservative. Do you think that Californians just got stupid all of a sudden? Or is it maybe just possible that we were blindsided by voter fraud and cabal subversion agents on a massive scale?

    Are those libtards that flock to places like Austin are just braindead liberal idiots? Or are they maybe a cabal invasion force trying to poison and weaken those states like a cancerous tumor?

    And not all of those that do flee to other states are socialist shitbags. Mane of them are patriots who want to move to a freer state (and these patriots are NOT voting for the same shit they fled from… they may well be MORE convervative than the average voter in their new state).There are also plenty of patriots that are still trapped behind enemy lines in this miserable shithole that they’ve made of a once great state.

    • As I predicted, you didn’t answer my questions, Leland. You’re just a blind follower and of no value. Feel free to skip my posts in the future. You are no different than Ed. You two are just two sides of the same unthinking coin.

      • Trust the plan was the red flag…Kabuki theater for all those going to their demolition derby jobs every day…..Here comes the Declassify in 3,2,1….the Q thing industry…read the book,buy the coffee mug….freedom is slavery,war is peace…Question everything all the time…

  48. Rick did u say something intelligent than I missed before?♡

    [Below is from comment section of Ben Fulford’s report]



    Intruth, what is this android invasion of Detroit? How do you tell if it’s an android? What are they doing it for if it’s true? These are a controllable subservient mob that has ‘just enough human attributes’ so as to be ‘useful’ to insectoids or AI or wtf?


    2018-12-23 7:31 AM



    Flakewinds you are something else. Here are just some of the more positive achievements:

    Trump is not necessarily a good man, otherwise he would never have made President, but he is the right man for this job of take down. His money (be it from dubious sources) allows him independence to be a maverick to get the job done. Even then it surely won’t be perfect.

    He does not accept a salary. For the last quarter (2017) he gave it to the Transportation Department for infrastructure rebuilding.

    The ongoing arrests across USA against pedophilia & associated networks is in marked contrast to when Obama was in charge.

    On his first day he signed executive order withdrawing the USA from the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal where multinational corporations could override national laws.

    Exec. order on Dec. 22 2017 to freeze assets of those who enable or those who have committed crimes of human rights abuse.

    Trump’s anti illegal & mass immigration position.

    Allegedly Trump has also stopped the stock market from crashing. In the past all stock market crashes were engineered by the US Treasury. The Exchange Stabilisation Fund has infinite resources; recently it gave several trillion to the Federal Reserve who proceeded to call it ‘off ledger’.
 Trump has stopped the Plunge Protection Team (part of the ESF that works out of the NY Fed.) that has caused the continuous rise of the stock market thru creating every manipulated downturn.

    Repealed the mandate which required Americans to carry health insurance or pay an annual penalty as part of Obamacare.

    Canceled or delayed more than 1,500 regulations.

    The first audit of the Pentagon announced Dec.2017 under Trump.

    An executive order directing every federal agency to determine “where money is being wasted [and] how services can be improved.

    President Trump has created a new division within the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights, with the express purpose of banning mandatory vaccinations across the country, and ensuring citizens have a right to choose their own healthcare.

    Something very profound happened in the U.S. on December 21 with the passage of President Donald Trump’s “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”. The order declared a state of national emergency concerning human rights and corruption, and named specific individuals and organizations that would have their bank accounts and assets frozen regardless of where in the world the abuses had occurred.

    Team TRUMP vs. NWO Criminal Cabal: What’s the real intel telling us?
    Posted on March 6, 2018 by State of the Nation
    There is a new report by the Inspector General on the DOJ. It is 1.2 million pages (this is not a typo). Congress has copies, and it outlines and proves fraud and criminal activity at the FBI and Department of Justice. It will likely be the foundation that sends many in high office in both departments to jail for their crimes. March 2018.

    Spreadsheet document of notable human trafficking…
    In putting this list together, it’s important to note that MANY cases have been sitting for YEARS without sentencing. Not only are the existing cases finally being processed for sentencing, but the arrests that have taken place since @POTUS took office have not only seen a HUGE increase in numbers, but time frame from arrest to sentencing has been expedited tremendously.




    Trump has now presided over the stopping of US government funding of the ‘White Helmets’ proxy relief organisation in Syria.

    The draining of the swamp

MilitaryTribunals Coming: How You Can Help On March 1, 2018, President Donald Trump signed an executive order titled:
2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
The following is why President Trump found it necessary to do so:
The political reality throughout the USA is that the legal profession is overwhelmingly populated by card-carrying Democrats, liberal lawyers, progressive corporate attorneys, activist judges and left-wing DAs. …

    The White House said Wednesday it has pledges from companies to create more than 6 million job-training opportunities, part of an initiative to address job market changes and a shortage of qualified workers. Source

    A report from his own White House shows how faster approvals at the Food and Drug Administration are lowering prices. The FDA has over 20 months of the Trump Administration approved an astounding 1,617 generic drugs, which are identical to branded versions but sold at commodity prices after patents expire. That works out to 81 a month on average—an 17% increase over the preceding 20 months. The Council of Economic Advisers in October tried to tally the savings from new entrants: $26 billion.

    Requires Federal courts to order mandatory restitution against a defendant who is convicted for trafficking in child pornography.


    The bill would help federal inmates readjust to society after completing their
    sentences, addressing concerns that too many Americans have been imprisoned for nonviolent crimes, without support later on. Trump has been a major backer of the bill.

    All State Department staff will also evacuate from Syria within 24 hours, and the armed forces will be withdrawn in a period of 60 to 100 days.
    Reports are that he has also ordered the return of half the 14,000 troops in Afghanistan as well.

    Sealed Indictments soon to be revealed?


    2018-12-23 7:12 AM



    From Alternet:

    Here’s why Trump is a great gift to America

    … Trump is the absolute best, the greatest, the most tremendous negative role model we could ask for. He is the e-z reader of sleazy leaders, the large print edition, the 1st grader’s Where’s Waldo or word finder puzzle for spotting assholes.

    Sure we’ve had other asshole leaders before. But even the worst, the ones who killed the most people and lasted the longest could be mistaken for their ideology. Stalin could be mistaken for a Communist. Hitler for a Nationalist. Assholes wear camouflage. They dress up their tyranny in poser principles.

    Trump is different. He’s generic. He has no ideology to distract us. He’s essence of asshole, authoritarian distillate. He’s pure, uncut, unalloyed, unadulterated by any tinge of cover-story ideology. Eau de asshole.

    It goes on. Click the headline for the full think piece.


    2018-12-23 6:20 AM] [ from Ben Fulford comments section of the latest report]

    • That article that Leland linked to was a real eye-opener. It really lays out how all these “investigations” into Hillary, Obama and the Deep State were all bullshit because the Deep State was in charge the entire time and still are.
      It seems like this whole Q-Anon ruse was a honeypot trap to find out who and where all the conservative white people, Christians and patriots are so the Deep State could make a map and subsequently round up and slaughter them to weed out all the “troublemakers” when it comes time to usher in their Satanic New World Order, which is coming very soon.
      It’s all starting to make sense.
      Q Anon most likely is the entire NSA, which is tracking all the Q Anon followers.
      “Trust the Plan” meant trust the plan that Illuminati Freemason Albert Pike devised about 150 years ago for the New World Order.
      Huber, Horowitz, Wray and Sessions are all Deep State as well so don’t trust them either.
      The 63,000 indictments are probably going to consist of Trump, his family, his friends, his business associates, conservative politicians, journalists, bloggers and patriots because I haven’t seen a single Demonrat get put away yet, despite all their obvious crimes of treason.
      The forced migrant invasions in Europe and America are being implemented because the globalists want to eliminate and replace the whites and nationalists with uneducated and easily programmable foreign races with no sense of pride in their new host countries since they are from foreign countries.
      Plus, since non-whites usually produce many offspring it provides the pedovore Deep State with lots of children to sacrifice to Lucifer, rape, eat, sell to other countries for sex-trafficking, and ultimately sell their organs for big money on the black market.
      The Demonrat-majority House is set to begin on January 4, 2019, I believe, and that’s probably the 1st official day of their much-anticipated Satanic New World Order.
      All I can say is we are in really dangerous times right now and you better find ways to protect yourself because the Deep State is coming for Trump and all true American patriots on D-Day(Jan. 4th).
      I really hope something happens between now and Jan. 4th to strike a lethal blow to the Deep State but it’s looking like we’re on our own in this ground war so don’t count on Trump, Q or some supposed white-hats to come save us now.
      Good Luck Patriots

  49. “I really hope something happens between now and Jan. 4th to strike a lethal blow to the Deep State but it’s looking like we’re on our own in this ground war so don’t count on Trump, Q or some supposed white-hats to come save us now.” Warrior 777

    I certainly don’t see it that way ^ Warrior, but I can understand how one could construe such a possibility.

    What’s missing in your neocon/deepstate heaven narrative is the ET & Alliance p.o.v. ~ among others imo◇

    But we shall see soon enough how events in the near future will play out.

    Thanks for your worst case scenario warnings just the same, though, a mite too ‘white’ people oriented from my perspective.

    • You’re entitled to believe whatever you want, but there’s no way you can deny there’s at least an ideological global war against white people going on right now. In South Africa they’re literally killing all white people and going into full genocide mode. As far as the ET and Alliance p.o.v, I’d like you to explain a little more what you’re getting at. Do you really think ET’s and some Alliance are going to stop the globalists? Although I believe in aliens and would love to see them get involved, I don’t think they’re allowed to interfere in earthly disputes unless nuclear missiles are launched. The Alliance issue is really sketchy because I don’t buy into all that Benjamin Fulford disinfo that’s very outlandish and usually wrong most of the time.

  50. I like the idea of a Q march, though I am in Socal so it would be a hike to get there. How about we all wear yellow vests with a big Q. We could march past Comet Pizza and Obama’s place just for effect, kind of message sent.

  51. Warrior…apparently u haven’t been reading Fulford much of late….He’s been batting .750 for awhile◇

    U apparently also missed a recent VACCINES report, too■

    “Dr. Hooker’s study, published August 8 in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Translational Neurodegeneration, shows that African-American boys receiving their first MMR vaccine before 36 months of age are 3.4 times more likely to develop autism vs. after 36 months.”
    https://www.naturalnews.com/046552_MMR_vaccine_autism_CDC_whistleblower.html ♭♯

    Hey, I am big on holohaux 101 links, too.

    Remember Qanon says “Israel is last’♡


    “Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die

    Here are a few of the reasons why most grown-ups know the so-called “Holocaust” is an outrageous hoax, a colossal fraud and a malicious libel that defames the memory of those who really did die. We’ll examine some of these facts in detail below. More people died on the back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick than in any “gas chambers” throughout WWII.

    (1) Insufficient time to cremate more than 400,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers claim more than a million were murdered there (after abandoning their claim of “four million” in the 1990s!).
    (2) Insufficient fuel to cremate more than 100,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers allege more than a million were murdered there.
    (3) Insufficient firebrick durability to cremate more than 108,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers contend more than a million were murdered there.


    Last but certainly not least is Senator Rand Paul roasting warmongers♡

    Well, actually…let’s talk about John Bolton. I don’t have a grievance. I just really would have liked to have been in the room when the POTUS told him to END a war. How many times do you think he made the President repeat it because he didn’t even know what the words meant?

    — Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2018

    I opposed John Bolton being hired. But I really can’t think of anything that makes me happier then thinking of him having to end wars for the rest of his time in the White House.

    — Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2018

    I hear they’re piping this into his office now for the entire Christmas season. .https://t.co/KLPpLHavSy

    — Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 23, 2018

  52. Here’s ANOTHER post for u Neon not to allow to be posted/&/or blame Akismet for it not appearing here♡ Merry Xmas☆

    “His research investigated multiple hundreds of children who claimed to recall past lives and there are many examples. These children are able to give remarkable details about their past lives, and in some cases include describing how they died, locating past family members of who they used to be that are still living, and more details that would otherwise be impossible to describe.” https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2018/12/50-years-of-near-death-experience-research-suggests-that-the-soul-is-real/

    Ps Q ♡u

    • I’ve already read that article before you put it on here , Leland. I find the Sorcha articles interesting and they make a lot of interesting connections but I don’t think they’re exactly legit. It’s a lot like beforeitsnews.com where it’s very interesting tidbits of information but not really true many times.

  53. It is 9:44 pm EST; weren’t there supposed to be a lot of Deep Swamp arrests today? Or was it February 3…no, wait, it’ll be Jan 22 2021; yeah that is the ticket.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, the Democrats have filed the first of scores of impeachment bills in order to destroy Trump and any chance that he might really mean what he says. They are doing what they declared they would do from day one.

    When are we going to get a mea culpa from you and your Qanon fools?

  54. We value you articles and insights on Q we could care less about your crap a$$ book that will be old news. But if you think it is a quick way to make a buck then go for it but to those in the q movement it will be old news.

  55. I just remembered this so now I’m here reminding everyone that the Grammys have just taken place and #renegadeanon said he would be there in green coloured socks. Anyone spotted him yet?

    Remember according to his post hes a black actor that was mostly active during the 1980s. Keen to hear if anyone finds him there!

  56. “If a woman is selected as the nominee does that eliminate the wrap up smear re: sexual assault? ”
    “Enjoy the show”

    Who did [T]he God Emperor meet with, first.


    the hero,

    the unifier.

    What matters is to govern,

    the source, the first, do not care,
    there were 2 there will always be two,

    victory or death.
    two horns, an opposite when channeled

    He is [T]he one.

    12 instead of 8, for 4.

    Total victory.

  57. Re – Q March

    Need at least 2 months to plan, promote.

    Concept –

    I’d lean for a broader concept like Patriots Day – Drain The Swamp March – and then acknowledge subgroups. Q could be featured. Others: #Walkaway etc.

    Try to get those asleep awakened. Q is positioned as a group of ppl who ask questions and research for Truth Vs a Right vs Left issue. PPl could ware their brand alliegiance (Walkaway, Q, Etc) as (Shirts/Hats), but the end mission is all the same.


    Must Edu ppl on the corruption.

    Dinesh D’souza should be a key speaker exposing dem demsung since slavery, the new deal, lbj welfare and the rest. Kids have to wake up.

    Questions have to be asked

    Why would the Edu Ind complex hide your history?
    Why is their no accountability of your tax dollars? Where does it go?
    How do gov get black ops money?
    Why are dems for open borders, sanctuary cities?

    If it had a fact based foundation and message, might draw in a wider audience and coverage. A website could list all the corruption for easy red pilling. I’d contribute on that team.

    Others: Brandon #Walkaway, Candice Owens

    • You’re the 2nd person to say that. I have no problem seeing him on GAB. Did you select ‘Follow’ when you originally saw his entries? Just curious.

  58. I haven’t been able to access Neon’s GAB page for the last 2 or 3 days either. I tried it on Internet Explorer and Opera and both are not loading. Can anyone write which browsers are working for Neon’s GAB page at the moment?

    • Strange that some people aren’t getting on Gab. I use Waterfox myself and no problems. I think Neon said to use Firefox, maybe that’s the problem.

        • I changed to Waterfox about two years ago because Firefox was getting too much like the others. Waterfox is basically the old version of Firefox before they modernized & monetized. You might give it a try, its free and familiar.

  59. I have also not been able to view Neon’s Gab content for several days now. All I see is his first (pinned) post:
    “I’m sure this announcement will ruffle a few feathers, but for the next few weeks, I don’t see myself writing any articles…”

    And then a static circle below, with no further follow-up posts.

    I’m normally a Firefox user, but I have since tried Chrome, IE, Safari, and now Waterfox (which I’d never heard of before), with the same results. I’ve even tried it on different devices; Apple, Windows, etc. with the same outcome everytime.

    If anyone figures out what’s going on, please let us know.

  60. I just tried accessing Neon’s GAB page in the Brave and Tor browsers and it doesn’t work on those 2 either. It looks like I’m shit out of luck following Neon on Gab anymore. I wish he’s just post everything on neonrevolt.com because that’s the only way I can keep up with him lately.

  61. It looks like somebody finally fixed Neon’s Gab page so if anyone else had problems they can head over to GAB because the problem is solved.

  62. HRC is to be arrest; Flynn is going to be exonerated; and Mueller’s probe will end soon.

    Yeah, right. The only place Mueller’s probe is going to end is up Trump’s ass if Trump doesn’t stand up and behave like a real president.

    Mueller probe: Fully armed FBI agents arrest Trump’s ex-adviser Roger Stone in pre-dawn raid :

    Q is a psyop and now jrsenatoranon has you chasing squirrels

  63. Attention my Dear Neon! This should be a major chapter in your Q Book! Read the MegaAnon posts on the chans. May 2017-Jan 2018. How she turned from “anti Q” in Oct 2017 to “Q only”. See Jan 13 posts. Amazing story where Q was directly talking to her and made her dig and prove to her self that Q is not a LARP. Took me a week to read it all. Now it is your turn Neon. It will answer for you many things that were unexplained especialy with the “codes” Q posted. I found the link on voat QRV. ENJOY THE SHOW: http://www.rumormillnews.com/texts/MegaAnon.txt

  64. Pass the popcorn…enjoy the show… so tired of this nonsense. What show? Looks like re-runs to me and I hate popcorn. I wouldn’t pay a dime for this hucksters book either. We been played.None of what Q or neon writes of has transpired. No arrests. No tribunals.Oh yeah, that’s right, trust the plan. It was nice to dream though. It sure seems like it’s all been a bunch of bullshit.


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