Site Updates + Book Updates + Christmas Sale! #NEONREVOLT

Hi guys,

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the state of the site, and my efforts over the past few weeks. Those who follow me on Gab will already know what’s up, but not everyone follows me there just yet, so I wanted to make sure all my readers understand the current situation.

I know for a fact that many out there have been awaiting another QAnon article, and this post explains why you haven’t seen one yet… and why you won’t be, for a while:

A lot of people think that, because of the size and scope of Neon Revolt (between the writing, the Gab, the telegram channel, the MeWe, the original research, the (potentially upcoming) podcast, the book, the shirts and hats, and maintaining the security of it all, that there’s a team working on all this.

Nope. Just one guy with a computer. That’s all there’s ever been.

So yeah, unfortunately, I’m running into a situation where I, myself, am the bottleneck. If I had more hours in the day, that wouldn’t be enough. I would need to not sleep to keep up with everything at this point.

And while I like writing articles immensely, I must prioritize.

And to be clear, this isn’t some measly ebook. This is going to be a physical item, available in bookstores all over. (Ideally, Q team will see it as yet another asset they can leverage themselves, if they want).

And right now, the book is top priority for me. We are on the verge of Q going bigger than he’s ever gone before, and the masses having their “rude” awakening. Like I said above, they’re going to need answers very soon, very fast, and sorting through just shy of 3000 Q drops, and hundreds of articles (on this site alone) isn’t really going to be an option for most.

But I’m not giving up by any means, no!

Like I said in the post above, I have been keeping up on Gab, posting and commenting on all the Qdrops on a rolling basis, instead of in gigantic, long-form blog posts. And that includes posting any interesting and relevant items I find from Anons on the research boards.

So if you haven’t hopped over and followed me on Gab yet, now is the perfect time!

ALSO, I’m running a yuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Christmas sale on everything I offer, from now, until the 7th of January.

This is what I had to say on Gab about the sale:

So, if you’ve been on the fence about picking anything up, now is a great time. These are the deepest discounts I’ve ever offered, so snag what you want while you can!

Alright guys, that’s all the updates there are for now. Thanks again for supporting my efforts with the site. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your support. I’m excited to wrap up this year, and see what 2019 will bring.

And I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 

67 thoughts on “Site Updates + Book Updates + Christmas Sale! #NEONREVOLT”

  1. Merry Christmas Neon!! I don’t know how you do what you do with just ONE PERSON!! Looking forward to reading your book!! Thank You for ALL you do for us Patriots!

  2. I totally appreciate what you are doing NR and grateful for it. It is difficult trying to explain the entire phenomenon to others who have no concept of Q at all or what The Great Awakening is about. Having lost half my friends and most of my family to the matrix based consensus I will be one of the first cabs off the rank to buy your book! Keep up the great work and if you need assistance with anything all please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  3. I have to remember to go check gab now and then I guess. I don’t open it often because that croaking frog noise it makes drives me nuts.

  4. Thanks for the update, NR, as I was wondering what happened to you and your fine writing since the beginning of December.

    That’s actually a very good idea: have a book immediately available once the Storm breaks. I can’t tell you about all the paperback books that I have encountered once some earth-shattering news event has transpired, and most of them are poorly researched with repetitive writing designed to fill out word-counts for author payment. I wish you a plethora of strong paragraphs and informative chapters, and please take all the time you need to get it accurate.

    It’s also a great idea to help frame the debate in a way that Q and the community can agree upon. Something this big/traumatic will have a lot of voices–many of them bad or with hidden agendas trying to survive intact–attempting to spin what happened across the Storm. At least I know yours is attempting to honestly interpret the background and results.

    And if things turn out to be otherwise with Q and the past year, I think you can still salvage much of the content to explain how we got to where we are today. It would still be a good read, especially if you include a lot of the background to the conspiracy.

  5. Hi Neonrevolt – thank you so much for all your efforts helping us all in understanding this momentous time in history. You are doing a fantastic job which is very much appreciated. The power of evil over this world being broken is so exhilarating. A once seemingly distant dream now becoming a reality before our eyes, and most importantly, exchanging the malaise of despair with a great Hope for this and subsequent generations as they are set free! This world is in the process of tremendous change for a very bright future. Saw your request for prayer, which I will do, as well as alerting some trusted friends to also do. Isaiah 54:17 comes to mind, for you:

    17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
    And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
    You shall condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
    And their righteousness is from Me,”
    Says the Lord.


  6. Merry Christmas Neon! I think your focus on the book is a great idea. Just let us know when it’s available. I don’t go to Gab that often, but I’ll switch over to reading your posts over there now.

    During your break, I’ve been busy reading the Majestic-12 twitter feed as they’ve been keeping us busy with information about ultimate disclosure plans (yes alien). I’m convinced they are legit, so for a Sci Fi geek like me it’s been a dream come true. They say their operation is separate from, but complemented by Q team, and that there are some MJ-12 members on Q team. (Including Potus). They said that Q+++ was a reference to ET involvement in the Q operation.

    You may think I’m naive, but what they post is resonating with my discernment filters.

    Neon, you’ve done a great service for the movement with your analyses of events and Q drops. I truly hope you get the recognition for all your hard work when this is breaks out into the MSM.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  7. You have the fervent prayers of an entire Awakening Army! Take care to rest as the battle is of great importance. Godspeed.
    Folks… Gab is great and safe- do sign up. You will be able to access NR and other patriot groups daily. Together we are unstoppable- we will be victorious!

  8. Hi Neon! Wishing you a Merry Christmas. I thoroughly enjoy all your work and always look forward to more. I wanted to offer assistance to you through proofing or editing, or any administrative needs that may help you focus on not be distracted by the trivial but important items. This service would be in gratitude to what you do. I have a gab account if you wanted to contact me. Tambanow

  9. Thanks NeonRevolt and prayers/supportive intentions for inspiration sent.

    Agree X22 Report (YouTube and website same name) just gets better and better with cutting edge analyses of Q and related events.

    Another Q analyst whose good plus delivers with panache and humour is In Pursuit of Truth (IPOT).

    On a very worrying note, the globalist NWO Cabal seem to be lining up a false flag of an explosion in a chemical plant in Mariupol in Ukrainian Kiev regime controlled part of Donetsk province to blame on the pro-Russian separatists of DNR. The Ukrainian army is poised to launch an invasion with 12,000 troops this week on the back of this false flag. Presumably the Mockingbird media is poised to scream ‘Russian aggression”.


    All this will distract from the Congress hearings to expose the hoax of ‘Russiagate’.

    There are thousands more Ukrainian troops and Nazi paramilitary brigades poised around Lugansk separatist republic to north of Donetsk. All rearmed by NATO. A full scale attack will probably force regular Russian troops to finally after all these years cross the border to defend the ethnic Russians in Ukraine from an ethnic cleansing bloodbath.

    The Cabal look like they’re going to push their WW-III option to derail the Great Awakening.
    Need to pray and share this news.

  10. Merry Christmas to you! Thank you so much for working hard all year long. I look forward to reading your book. -God Speed

  11. Thank you for the update. I do follow on Gab. But it isn’t very mobile friendly. So I dont often check there. Although I missed you and went to check a couple days ago on Gab. I was suspiciously unsubscribed from your .com once so I hafta make sure the puppet masters haven’t messed with me.

  12. By all means, Merry Christmas indeed.

    But, damn it, S O D O M I Z E “podcasts.” They are useless to people with impaired hearimg.

  13. We have been praying for you, Neon already on a national prayer line, already. Thanks for the insight on how to pray more targeted for you. I can relate to your situation. It is not easy to work when challenged so much from all directions, including health issues. Godspeed, Patriot. WWG1WGA!!!

  14. Thank you Neon Revolt. I check your comments on Gab every time there is a new Q drop and look very forward to your book Maybe you can make it available for us to pre-order. That would be great. Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. God Bless you with Wisdom in all you do.

  15. OF ONE of the T[A]rgets is the r[A]nk and file. The martial law thing is starting to take place. Get ready, [T]he God Emperor is not getting out of this alive. He is [A]LL in.
    The coup was to come in two phases: an assertion of control in French Algeria’s major cities Algiers, Oran and Constantine. The metropolitan operation would be led by Col. Antoine Argoud, with French paratroopers descending on strategic airfields. —>The commanders in Oran and Constantine, however, refused to follow Challe’s demand <– that they join the coup. At the same time information about the metropolitan phase came to Prime Minister Debré’s attention through the intelligence service

    Big fan

  16. Godspeed, Neon – you will soar, God is with you. Don’t worry about getting every little detail in the book, I think getting the major points across is what is important at first, maybe a second book down the road – something not too long because some people have a very short attention span. Q spoon-fed us over the past year, right? People will be impatient and want fast answers. I have also thought long ago that a video documentary is much needed – that is what speaks to many people – like the ones Joe M has done, with inspiring music in the background – I think the combination of a professional video, or set of videos – and your book – will be much needed. I’ve tweeted this thought to POTUS but who knows if it got to him. I thank God for people like you, I can’t imagine the work and stress ahead of you but know it is a work of love for your fellow man. You will be blessed and encouraged by the Almighty. Just know we are all behind you and don’t expect your wonderful articles right now – just get that book finished the best way you know how. It will be read by us all for years to come. Sending love and encouragement, and much gratitude and hope too. We’ll be following you on GAB.

  17. You should consider hiring people to write for your blog. Also, I think this blog better serves the QArmy, so try to consider your priorities in this very REAL war.

  18. Neon,

    I can’t thank you enough for sparing your time and energy into helping us newbies absorb and understand Q. I knew nothing about Q but I stumbled up you and I was hooked. I’ve been a person of few words lately. Lol. This whole “Great Awakening” is really, really blowing my mind. And everybody around me is asleep. I MEAN EVERYBODY. My online life is all there is right now. I’m a hermit. I love it.

    Prayers for you.
    I follow you on Gab.

    Can’t WAIT FOR THE BOOK!!!!!!!!

  19. Q said about Adam Schiff…”hope the 7.8mm was worth it.” 8mm 8MM is the name of a Nicholas Cage movie about a PI investigating a SNUFF FILM.

  20. Thanks for the heads up, Neon! I was missing your insight these last few weeks. Of course, a book makes tons of sense, and it’s a hell of a way to make your mark on history and maybe make a little money from this massive project you’ve been doing for free. Good luck, patriot! I look forward to the book!

  21. “The Q Book” – (nice title!) is a good idea. One advice based on your Q “explain all” article – it was complicated and in some places hard to read. Make it simple, do not go into too many details. It is not about that. It is not about making every person in USA a Q follower. Just explain what is going on. I know you will do an amazing job. Good luck and full speed ahead! You are the best! Please do not prove me wrong!

  22. Dear Neon,
    I am very concerned about bridging the basically good but not illumined normies from their limited world view to the far vistas and truth that the Q Team and Anons are revealing. Many will have no idea of what is going on when the plan manifests . Thank you for writing it! May it win over all like Common Sense; and like Dickens Christmas Carol. These books and many more hit a reset button for the world. So will yours. will be a Manifesto for Souls of light and freedom. We will work to get it in the right hands. WWG1WGA

  23. Oh how Ive enjoyed your site and writings Neon and I Thankyou so much for it….May your book go smoothly for you ..Ill be purchasing it for sure for as these are historical times we’re in…G Luck and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you

  24. As the Q hoax continues to unravel,those who did profit from it will find another audience to sell to…Trump never did declassify,no October surprise,no red wave,lost the House,Republicans grandstanding before the Democratic party takes over…Kabuki theater for the masses…Bolton, Pompeo pushing the NeoCon Zionist agenda…lot of tweets, support for Saudi Arabia… Trust the plan was the big lie…like Josef Goebbels… just madness and T shirts…

  25. Neon, Did you see the photo of the man on the South Pole who had the Q sign? What do you think about this??NEW YORK (AP) — The National Science Foundation says two technicians working on a fire-suppression system at an Antarctica scientific station were found unconscious and died.
    The foundation said Wednesday the two had been working in a building at McMurdo Station, which is on Ross Island. It says they were found on the floor by a helicopter pilot who had landed after spotting what appeared to be smoke from the building.
    Both were taken from the building and given CPR. One died at the scene. The other was flown to a clinic and pronounced dead shortly after. It happened Tuesday Eastern time.
    They were employed by a Virginia-based subcontractor. The foundation says it is not immediately releasing any personal information about the pair. The deaths are under investigation.

  26. Hey, NR, Brother! You do what you need to do. We will be here when you return. Best of luck on your new book–you already have a host of customers right here.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Cheers! South Texas

  27. Wow…D5 turned out to be nothing…HUber offered up nothing at the hearing….He has been covering for the Trump inauguration is being investigated…Q psyop never delivered… more BS……disgraceful…Whittaker Mr.Clean another sham…

  28. Trump now considering Jared Kushner chief of staff… What does Q think? Trump is done…No longer deserves support…2 years controlled Senate and House and nothing…D5 nothing… Huber nothing…what a disgrace….no wonder Neon packed up because all the Q nonsense fell off…

  29. Neon…I can’t tell you the significance of your work..when someone asks me an intelligent question I immediately sent them to you…you into to Q is brilliant and although you delve into the hard truths do it in a way that they don’t feel like they’ve been hit in the head.. I always say”the choice to know is yours”so from that article alone you’ve red pilled many…〰❤️〰. As far as the book..thank God..for as you say most will be lost and in disbelief…. I will personally buy MANY copies to give to those who need as my gift to ease the pain…Bless you Neon..what you have done for me I will pass on to solemn promise..〰➰〰️
    On a side note I’m finally seeing videos on the Payseurs…something I learned from you long ago..
    I truly believe you started that rolling off peoples tongues for the first time.. and as Q says ..
    Saving them for last “P”. Love you so…your in my prayers..God be with you.〰 Marianna〰

  30. All of you Q psyop,Trump supporters are fake…bunch of hypocrites who support the racist chabad lubavitch Jews and think you are Christians…Kushner is a racist Zionazi..

  31. You kill it man! Try not to get overwhelmed. I’ll buy a book when it comes out. You have my word on that. I hope things go smoothly! And you make a profit and continue to help with this movement! Thanks for all you do! It means a great deal to all of us!

  32. Neon forgot to write that Trump is merely a puppet for the greater Israel project…all of you Q lackeys slobbering over the NeoCon Zionazi… some plan…

  33. Ed. You do realize how much time you waste here. We all have read your posts, but can’t understand why you waste your time posting on a site that you clearly don’t believe in. You aren’t going to sway anyone here. Even though I share some of your sentiments, there really is no harm in looking into this. We have been psyop’ed our entire lives, most of us are hopeful and want to believe in q because at the end of the day, if q is bs, then nothing is really going to change, and we are going to continue on this road to hell we have been on. If q is real, then I think we can get some real progress for humanity and some payback for hundred of years of lies and control. Like I said, I am hopeful, because I want my child to grow up in a better world.

    • Yaya why are you concerned with how I spend my time?My posts are my choice… You have made a choice to believe in the whole Q recruiting movement…There are many people who benefit financially from the continued Q hoax…T shirts,hats etc.Critical thinking is more effective than your echo chamber hope…There are other posters on this board who have also addressed the Trump and Q disappointment.Neon moved on to write a so called book if you choose to believe that… You and many others continue the belief in the Kabuki theater… you speak of your children and yet you support the NeoCon Zionazi government policies that kill children in Gaza,Yemen, Syria…but that is ok because they are not your children..

    • Yaya what you are doing is following…I believe in leading… You are following a trust the plan Kabuki theater…there is work to do…teach your children to use critical thinking and not to follow trust the plan..Why do you think Neon packed up?

  34. Prayers and Merry Christmas. I understand your need for focus 100%. I look forward to your book beyond a shadow of a doubt it will be impressive. Godspeed, wwg1wga!

  35. I’ve been an avid follower for almost a year now and I must say that you amaze me and have inspired me to finally try to write my own story! I have multiple health issues/spinal deformities and have endured multiple surgeries, as well as miscarriages, and I understand how difficult it can be to try to maintain a seemingly ‘normal’, productive life(I am all titanium in my neck now!!)! I must say that you are doing a phenomenal job keeping up with everything, despite the challenges, and I am grateful for your diligence and commitment (plus I love your style!)! You are always on my ‘Q prayer list’! Godspeed, Patriot! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! Aloha!

  36. Well that was a stupid decision. No one is going to care about your book it will be old news. Big things are going to happen the q plan is about to come to fruition in part and instead of participating you will be writing your pissy little book.

    • Robert, Neon realizes the Q psyop is kaput..Trump and Q and the not following through on promises doomed the whole recruiting Q psyop… Trump no longer deserves support..Look at all the NeoCon Zionazi government appointments… Same as the old boss…2 years and then the so called D5..Lol…Huber did not even show up…The red flag was trust the plan…think Josef Goebbels..

  37. Ed ~ although the usual biggest posting idiot here along with his GA psyop’s buddy ~ is really showing his true psychotic nature.

    May the force be with u Eddie boy. U r going
    to really need it

    Ps Neon – “Make Atlantis Great Again” might be a great slogan to sell more stuff we Qanon fans might really enjoy

    • Leland being skeptical and questioning is the best part of the human existence…Leland what happened to the superman prosecutor Huber that Q was touting?Did you even watch the Kabuki theater hearing? Trump is controlled and the Q is a psyop… You so called Patriots can not tolerate Patriots who use their God given critical thinking skills…. With all of the deadlines passed and empty threats by Trump,the serial amnesiacs are all that is left…that and the T shirt,ball cap hucksters..

  38. Thank you for working on the book! I’ve been following Q since end of May, and I still haven’t been able to get up to speed on everything from Dec 2017 – May 2018. I look forward to this book!

  39. Think for yourself.
    Trust yourself.
    Research for yourself.
    Be in control of yourself.
    NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU.
    Those who try to DRIVE YOU are not your friend.
    Q [2604]

    • Human beings are skeptical…Trust is earned… Trump lost our soon as he said the Clintons are nice people…fact..Kavanaugh voted for medicaid funding for abortion…fact….no wall fact…no declassified documents fact…the DOJ is Trump’s DOJ..Qs prosecutor superman Huber no show and twice lost the documents….fact…The JFK Jr charade was idiotic…had 2 years and nothing….lost the House….the Q hoax was to placate people…when Trump fell for the chemical attack and bombed Syria and shared that his daughter was upset,the bull was thick…his daughter turned her back on Christianity and converted to chabad lubavitch Judaism..a racist, supremacist ideology… just fact…Netanyahu, Bolton Pompeo Haspel Haley Mnuchin Israeli foreign policy agents.. disgrace that this country continues to be a servant to Jews in Israel and Muslims in Saudi Arabia.. brainwashed by Bush, Clinton, Obama and now Trump..

  40. [Repost from comment section of Ben Fulford last Monday’s report]


    First & foremost it must be remembered that JFK stated his intention to co-operate with the Russians in space & lunar exploration, including the threat of unknowns. (Deep State now had serious motive for assassination).

    All the Hemingway papers after his death went to the JFK Library.

    According to Gertrude Stein (1874-1946 novelist, playwright, art collector, living in Paris) Hemingway was obsessed with 5 dimensional time.

    Cayce gave Hemingway (through his mother) a reading. It says he was a mystic in Egyptian times & could be used for good or bad.

    Hemingway spent all of his time around Bimini, Key West & Cuba, & Cayce said that the old Atlantis was rising where it could be recognised, a New Atlantis – ‘Bimini Rising’ discovered in 1968.

    Think of the literary giants associated with the Orphic circle in the late 19th century, re. Hemingway.

    JFK & Hemingway corresponded. He had a ‘vault’ in Cuba where he had a ranch, a ‘time capsule’.
    Throughout his life Hemingway was tracked by the CIA & the FBI, for reasons not fully understood at the time.

    After his suicide, his wife Mary contacts JFK & he sends her in to Cuba where she hands a note to Fidel Castro at Hemingway’s ranch. She is allowed to leave, with the capsule, where she is smuggled back in to the USA on a shrimp boat.

    The capsule was given to Jackie Kennedy & hence to the JFK Library.

    His brother felt Ernest had been suicided by the CIA; he was beginning to be paranoid towards the end & felt ‘they’ were closing in.

    Cayce said there were three places for the Hall of Records: the Sphinx, in the Yucatan set up by Iltar from Atlantis. Lastly where his brother Lester was looking for a sunken temple of Poseidia off Bimini, that would ‘rise’.

    There was another discovery off Cuba, over 2000 feet deep with three distinct pyramids where Paulina Zelitsky & her husband announced in 2001 that they had found an underwater city. She found Atlantean hieroglyphics which could have led to the development of Mayan hieroglyphics.
    Did the Soviets also go into Cuba to control that Atlantean site?

    The grandfather, Lester his brother, & Margot his granddaughter also committed suicide, supposedly of their own volition.

    More to come [Ben Fulford comments section…ps I met Jack Hemingway Xmas 1975 thru my uncle who was his best friend…My dad knew his actress daughters)

  41. Regardless of what one thinks of Ed, his observations have to be addressed. We have interpreted Trump’s actions possibly in light of wishful thinking…or we could be legitimately correct, but, as Ann Coulter has noted: ‘where’s the wall’? Not to mention the massive influence of (((certain))) groups. How many of Q’s predictions have been incorrect? Can they all be attributed to deliberate disinfo?

    Still hanging on here as a Q supporter…but what if Ed is right?

    No worries if I get burned for this post…I’m a big boy…

  42. Hemingway very self destructive with his alcoholism….shock therapy created more depression and paranoia…Alcohol is undefeated…

  43. Neon,

    I’m deeply appreciative of your work and I offer the following as my attempted, novice contribution, to repay your steadfast analysis of Q with what you might truly find valuable: another angle for interpreting Q’s drops.

    I noticed on Gab your report of the unusual flight path of AF1. I would suggest that both the flight path and the allusion to Arlington are intentionally chosen and represent brackets – )) – and that Q has, for some time, been communicating via at least two conceptual channels, to covey meaning via different forms or patterns of information.

    (a) The content of the messages

    (b) The container of the messages – the patterns, repetitions, intratextual allusions, “echoes”, coincidences, signatures, the (you)s (self-referencing) of the messages.

    As a rough idea consider Plato’s Matter vs. Forms distinction. Could Q communicate to anons using containers, literary forms or structures, intracommunity markers, to which they would pay attention? Yes.

    The chans have intracultural “rituals”, “traditions” and signifiers that draw attention and interest and are deemed relevant or auspicious. For example: Dubs, Trips, Echoes, Coincidences, and …((())).

    I offer for consideration that the flight pattern of AF1 and Trump’s allusion to expanding Arlington are oblique references to nested parentheses (()). The Q team is using the pre-existing comms of the anons – coincidences, patterns, repetition, dubs, trips, etc. – to communicate (TALKING DIRECTLY TO THIS BOARD) – in a way that extends beyond the primary understanding of the message and would be decoded/noted, and especially enjoyed by anons.

    The literary, intratextual structure of Q’s drops is important and there are allusions to: keystone, arch form, antanaclasis (literary trope; Greek for “reflection”),…etc. An example is the phrase/question “why is this relevant?”. At least two meanings: question? (primary understanding) and it is a self-referential (you) [question] – a self-unpacking question that can be asked about the question itself. 2 levels of meaning. Coincidence (())?

    If we have nested parentheses – nested meaning – then our secondary interpretation process involves expansion (expand your thinking). So…why is [the question] “why is this relevant” relevant? If the phrase itself is seen as a building block in the literary structure, then what does it mean?

    The phrase “why is this relevant?” is used too many times, too repetitiously, too frequently and clustered too intentionally to be random or a stylistic quirk.

    Levels of nested meaning emerge: ((())); hmm, how to note for anons, like a legend on a map, like a picture (pictograph) that would be a signifier for nested meaning requiring expansion – (((+)))…

    primary/standard meaning- why is this relevant? – just a question; expected reader understanding.
    secondary – why is this relevant? – what does this particular question signify? – As a building block, a literary unit itself, why is [“why is this relevant”] relevant? – it is a marker, a signifier with two possible adjacent levels of meaning (ie. dubs/antanaclasis).
    tertiary – things get complex, so I hope this will be clear…

    Why is it relevant that one is seeing this literary unit, this message phrase [building block] occur in a patterned, deliberate way: repeatedly embedded and clustered amongst Q asking strings of questions? Expand your thinking. The levels of meaning ((())) are nested, echoing….and deliberately chosen to mirror, in a literary manner, markers and signifiers in chan culture.

    In essence, Q is asking the reader to unpack the ambiguous referent of the word this, moving from the word to: the sentence, the type of pattern, the repeating structure over ensuing drops, the intratextual associations, the role or type of a particular drop, and on it goes…(I’ll probably be freaked out if I find an infinity loop – 8chan symbol – structure in the drops, and yet, given AF1 flight paths…it’s probably there). Possibly the most expansive of the possible interpretations: why is this [the Q movement itself] relevant? Because WWG1WGA!!

    This is my working theory and I’ve shared it with /qresearch/:
    Post: Anonymous 12/16/18 (Sun) 09:07:05 ID: f3b50c (1) No.4334818
    Thread: Q Research General #5524: Pull My DECLAS Finger Edition

    It’s difficult to clearly express this idea of intratextual communication and expanding meaning, particularly in the context of threads focusing on extratextuality – how do Q’s messages (the contents) link up to events, news, happenings, digging results, etc.? Asking anons to focus on repetitions, patterns, coincidences, echoes, expanding levels of meaning, signifiers and the patterning or “packaging” of Q’s messages is going to look bizarre given the typical focus of /qresearch/. It’s an unusual or unexpected method to trigger weaponized autism.

    I’ve tried to tackle this idea/theory/strategy for approaching Q’s drops from two angles in the /qresearch/ post: the post itself and an attached document to the post.

    Is this a viable, testable hypothesis about an additional structural level of communication/confirmation in Q drops, one that is attuned to the niche comms of chan culture? Or, am I just the type of goof who could find levels of hidden and expanding meaning in the instructions on a bottle of shampoo? Just too obsessed with frame narratives, fixated on conceptually nested or recursive arrangements?

    How literally is Q /ourguy/, truly one of the anons and speaking our language?

    Such speculation will be verified the best way possible in our current world: by the band of anons.

    Look forward to the media spinning this interpretation: joint international psyops by Russian (RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, nesting dolls) and China (CHINA CHINA CHINA, Chinese boxes) leaves identifying stylistic recursive “fingerprints” all over their cyber troll job but still deludes naive Trump base who don’t notice the ((())) pattern about which chan culture is so passionate.

    Or, the perhaps too optimistic Hollywood movie I hope for:


    Plot: A joint operation by the USA [(((+)))], Russia (nesting dolls) and China (Chinese boxes), to topple the World Mafia was telegraphed as underway to the anons of the world via messaging structured to hint at the 3 allied nations shared cultural markers for recursion. Trump, famous for putting his name on projects, and the keystone leader, both nationally and internationally, chose the recursive style marker (((Trump))), simplified to (((+))) by Q team forces to serve as the signature marker of the movement.

    This action was the biggest advanced drop of military intelligence to the public in history.

    Recruited for this silent war were world-wide Anons, “windtalkers” who could interpret the signature coded communication structure and give guidance and comfort to a largely unaware, confused, or distraught public.

    It was the first global conflict during which weaponized autism was deployed by the US military, via recruited civilian “special” forces who oversaw and contributed to intracivilian communication, relaying world wide messaging in the cyber domain to an initially unaware global citizenry.

    Would be a good movie, an enjoyable show…

    Would Q grant Neon Revolt casting-approval?

    God bless and thanks again Neon.

    • No..just pointing out Hemingways challenges…. Can’t trust a man who uses lawyers to pay off women and yet is not man enough to follow through on things like declassify…the people have been betrayed again.. not the first mindful of a person’s behavior and not what they say..

  44. Neon, if you would like I would enjoy giving you a hand on anything you need to take pressure off of you. Honestly I have been thinking about doing my own podcast show for a while now. I’m a voracious reader of Alt media since long recognizing that MSM was lacking in accuracy or truthfulness. Keep up the good work, Godspeed and have a Merry Christmas, especially too all those autists out there!

  45. I’m a freelance writer, editor & proofreader, Neon. If you need any help with the book, my services would of course be free. #WWG1WGA


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